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I'll make a bet

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Summary: Atsuki is following a squad whose leader is a girl. The squad is ambushed and the girl is taken. He must rescue her.

Status: In progress


Chapter 1



Indent A blond Akatsuki watched a girl from a white clay bird. Watching her every move, more intrigued by the very sight of this young beauty. With her long black hair, did up in a pony tail, a mask, a black cloak thrown over her shoulders. He only caught glimpse of her bare arms, as she did fast hand signs to her squad. The blond gave a slight sigh, he'd been watching this squad for more then three days now. He's yet to know what they are doing, and for some reason he didn't care what they were doing or why they were doing it. That and he only looks at that girl always in the lead, so fast, skilled, and as he only guessed, beautiful.


Indent His scope zoomed in on the girl alone, seeing that the others have stayed behind and started to make a camp. He watched her move so agile through the trees, and he followed along willingly. He seen the girl suddenly stop, and he glanced around her to make sure that he was seeing the same thing she was. He activated the heat vision and seen ninja's start to surround her, he glanced back at the camp and also seen ninja's surround them as well. 'Ambush, un!' he thought in slight panic as he looked back at his mystery beauty. He wondered how she would handle herself against such numbers, it looks as if he got his wish.


Indent He watched as she retreated back to warn her squad, and he heard the fighting going on in camp, he guessed she heard it too. He switched back to normal vision, and watched her move skillfully away from the ambush and towards her men. He watched as she gave her orders to her squad, and only speaking in the smallest voices. He couldn't make out her voice, since she spoke so low. He figured he had to be down there to hear her voice. A bit disappointing, but more alluring. She certainly knew how to keep him guessing about her. Her looks, her body, her voice, and her attacks. He was only given so little, and even now he was given so little because of the trees.


Deolureium, is the name of a guy.

From the time he lost his memory.


Indent Attack with such precised movements the ANBU with the oddly mask, and black ponytail slashed at the attacking ninja's. Knowing fully well that the squad they were on were split in three, because there can't be this many in one squad. The ANBU trusted the squad to know what to do, and they would help each other out in any way possible.


Indent “Kyu!” an ANBU said to the ponytail warningly. Kyu, glanced back at the squad and seen that they were forced back while Kyu pushed forward. Giving a forceful kick to the attacker, Kyu rushed back to help the squad.


Indent “We should retreat, Kyu!” one other said, sounding scared. Kyu shook their head, and attacked once more. The others were forced to push forward and follow their squad leader, and was shocked to actually be doing it.


Indent Kyu flung a kunai at one, and the attacker did the same, only the attackers actually hit its mark, causing Kyu to double over for a split second. One of Kyu's men saw this and went to help attacking with such force it drove, what he guessed the leader away. That caused others to fall back, but one stayed behind to attack Kyu in their weakened state.


Indent Kyu glanced up just in time to dodge a shiriken and take out a kunai and stabbed the single man in the heart. Kyu watched as the man fell and land on his back while Kyu sat down leaning against the trunk of the tree, breathing heavily.


Indent “Kyu! Are you alright?” one asked running up to assist the fallen leader. Kyu held up a hand to stop them. Gathering up some healing chakra and placed the palm near the wound, Kyu slowly pulled out the weapon lodged in the side past the armor Kyu wore. Once that was done, Kyu unzipped the vest and looked past the black tight knit mesh. Pulling up the dark material to reveal smooth light tanned, and toned skin. The healing chakra was called upon once again, to heal where the knife had struck.


To the life of Slaves, and Masters,

to another time completely.


Indent The Akatsuki wiped his mouth free from drool as he looked at the skin of 'Kyu' as he later found out, from hearing it being called. His eyes wandered the shown skin, seeing how smooth and soft it looked while it had slight toned muscles. If only he could see more of it, he wanted to see more of 'Kyu's' skin, he wanted to see all of her. He seen that the skin would be scared, and he knew the story behind it, and admired the scaring. He watched as 'Kyu' stabbed the already dead body beside her multiple times, and had to chuckle at that. He watched as 'Kyu' stayed down to watch the squad set up the rest of camp, 'Kyu' lowered the mesh, and did up the vest once more. The blond was disappointed once more as he continued to watch his mystery 'Kyu'.


Indent The squad had started a fire, and that was when 'Kyu' started to move. He watched as 'Kyu' spoke, again he couldn't determine the voice, and walk away from the squad. His eyes followed his 'Kyu' gliding the clay bird to follow ever so slightly so he would stay out of eye sight. 'Kyu, what are you doing, hm?' he thought seeing that 'Kyu' was walking towards the river. He seen that 'Kyu' was losing the dark cloak, and realized that 'Kyu' was going to bathe. His heart hammered as he continued to watch as 'Kyu' started to take off the vest. He heard talking and quickly looked back at the squad, his eyes being teared away from his 'Kyu'.


Indent “Kyu!” The Akatsuki glanced back at his 'Kyu' and seen that she was in the middle of taking off the mesh. He glared at the interrupter, but listened to the reason for the interruption. 'Kyu' gave a slight nod at the other for them to continue. “The squad went under attack and were killed! They came back for you! You have to leave right now!” Bunching his brows together he looked back at the squad expecting swarms of ninja's around them. But saw none.


Indent “It's a trap, un!” He said to himself urgently and looked down at his 'Kyu' he figured that she wanted to go and fight, but the man refused to let her go back.


Indent “You have to leave! Follow the river, and you will come to an old abandoned house. Wait there, I'll be there when I have lead them off your tracks.” He seen that 'Kyu' was hesitant but gave a nod and started to put on the vest and cloak. He gritted his teeth and heard the man laugh and head back to camp. He heard what the man said, and wasn't too happy.


Indent “Kyu was stolen!” the others wanted to follow, but the man stopped them, “Kyu wanted us to go on with the mission.” He'd had enough of this and followed his beloved 'Kyu', he figured that there was an ambush waiting for his love at the destination. He needed to protect her!


Can not treason on thee,

for thy are not worthy.


((This is with an original character. Don't worry, it'll get interesting. I've pre-written the story and it's been sitting in my files for a while. I thought now should be a good time to bring this one out.))

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