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  1. ilija

    lena's yaoiposting

    hi and hello all, it's been a while since i've posted on a forum so i hope i remember how to do this. since i'm currently into naruto this will (probably) be naruto-centric fanart, with madara/tobirama being the focus since they're my otp. i'll post a head's up when/if that changes. also to ease up on the post length i'll post multi-part comics later for now... hope you like my stuff! time ranges from february of this year to now ^p^ -- -- --
  2. Summary: Naruto knew the inevitable end; Sasuke and him were never meant to be.. A story of moving on, struggling to live again when the life you planned out came crashing down, all in one night. Notes: Warnings: PLEASE READ THE WARNINGS! This story contains MPREG. In this AU, male pregnancy is risky, hence not common. Please keep an open mind. Slow-burn, mutual pining, mentions of abortion, attempted rape, mental health issues, suicide, depression, unresolved sexual tension, unresolved romantic tension, controversial issues, family problems, angst, hurt and comfort, swearing [a lot of it], gay sex, casual sex, characters basically licking each others wound, polyamory, OOC[ish], long chapters, not beta read - please forgive the mistakes! every chapter was inspired with song/s. ITANARU, former SASUNARU THERE'S ABSOLUTELY NO CHARACTER BASHING HERE! they all have issues and problems to bear. Chapter 1: Fall out ~I know you're fine but what do I do? I'm awake, and trying While you're sleeping like a babe Beside him I'm on the ledge while you're so God damn polite and composed And I know you see me, And you're making it look so easy What comes and goes, I'd go without I know you're fine but what about (Fallout), Fallout (fallout), fallout (fallout), fallout Through the Fallout (Fallout), Fallout (fallout), fallout (fallout) You're the fallout~ ~0~ Naruto got out of the bed one morning, feeling the cold on his feet. Just a few minutes ago, his lover was still beside him. That guy always wakes up earlier before him and must've forgotten to cover the blond's feet like he used to. Then again, his lover rarely do the things he used to do for and to Naruto anymore. They both know they were headed to an inevitable end. With heavy body, Naruto dragged himself out of slumber and stretched a bit. The clock said it was 8:05 am. He snorted. That was a record today, Sasuke got up and left earlier than the other days. Nothing new, Naruto said to himself. As he was headed to take a shower, he tried his best not to look at his reflection. He felt so ugly, dirty even. He guessed that this was the depression acting up. Pills these days doesn't work for the blond like they used to. Then again, his doctor also said it's important for him to pick up a hobby or have someone to talk to. He doesn't have those. His life revolved around Sasuke, it made him smile and sad at the same time after he realized that. Turning the knobs of the shower, he tested the water a few times, trying to get the right temperature. After a few minutes of rinsing himself, he grabbed the shampoo bottle and quickly worked his way and do punishing scrubs over his scalp. The stress these past months that'd itching through him, somehow manifested on his hair. The shiny blond locks now lack its luster, underneath also had patches of bald spots. "Damn, I need to buy new conditioner. The old one doesn't work anymore!" Naruto cried out. After he was done with what seemed like a blur of moment, he got out of the shower, still refusing to look at the mirror. Getting dressed was swift too. It was not like there was anything new to his ensemble. Just a pair of pants, a shirt he grabbed in haste and a cream colored tailored jacket. He matched it with the same sneakers he wore everyday. Same old thing. He went back to the bedroom, checking if he needed to charge his phone. He didn't. He grabbed his toothbrush, he cleaned his teeth using the kitchen sink. 'Gross, I know. It's easier this way'. He thought. After he felt like he was already clean enough, he grabbed the things he needed. He doesn't have a class today, thankfully. He asked himself what to do? Where to go? He felt his phone vibrated, looking at the screen, a frown crept his face. "What do you want?" he asked as he called Sasuke liked the man asked. "I was thinking of asking you if you want to have dinner together. I think I can come home tonight," he said, sounding apologetic. He often sound apologetic these days, Naruto thought. The man sighed, "Sure. Usual place?" "Yeah! What're you going to do today? I'll come pick you up if you want.." The bastard sounded cheerful now. Somehow it made Naruto a bit happier as well, "Well, I think I'll go head over to Gaara. See if he wants to hang out." At the mention of the red haired male's name, Sasuke always expresses his anger, irritation, and open hate for the man. Lately, he doesn't anymore. Naruto felt Sasuke restrained himself for doing so, because he felt he has no right. That saddened Naruto even more. "Okay. Send me a message then... See you..." was the standard reply Naruto had just as he expected. Naruto heaved a long suffering sigh before he moved on to start his day. He grabbed his keys and went straight to Gaara's place, reaching it by foot under 45 minutes. It was not really that far, Naruto just felt like walking leisurely. He spent whole 15 minutes at a convenience store too, picking up random snacks for the redhead. Gaara would expect Naruto to bring some if the blond planned on staying at his place. Naruto often finds himself running towards the place, lounging at his said best friend's living room while Gaara snores peacefully till late afternoon. Lucky, Gaara was nice enough to give him the spare key. Naruto knew Gaara most likely just didn't want to be disturbed during his precious rest. After all, he was a bit of nocturnal, sleeping when the sun rises. Though Naruto don't mind. Gaara's place, though messy, offered some kind of sanctuary for the blond. This place has been his 'go to' whenever the situation with his Sasuke got so suffocating. He paused for a while as he dropped the bags of snacks on top of Gaara's kitchen counter, seeing Gaara's place was dirty, he deduced Gaara's boyfriend - Neji, didn't come last night. He sighed, he wondered how in the hell could Neji put up with such mess. "Guess that's love for 'yah.." he said and a frowned once again found its way on his face. He wondered if he can call Sasuke his boyfriend out loud without feeling the bile rising from his throat. Naruto shook his head and smiled bitterly. He doubt he still could. He swatted a few wrappers of potato chips to the floor and invaded Gaara's living room, flipping through the channels mindlessly and stared at the flickering TV screen without having the image register. He admitted, he slowly withered away. 'If a love can't move forward and grow, isn't it about time to let things go?' 'No. No, no. I can't. I admit that I can't! I love Sasuke too much, I mean I've been with the bastard since I learned how to walk? How can I leave him?' Naruto started his inner monologue again. 'Am I being selfish? I don't think I am. Even Sasuke continues to cling to our relationship. He loves me, despite everything. Sure, things this time 'round were tense, and probably wouldn't be settled until Sakura gives birth.' 'How long do I have to wait? Three months? Two? I lost count.' "Heh..." a dry laughed caught his throat. 'Who am I kidding? I know exactly how far long is she.' A little over 29 weeks. "Oh, hey. How long have you been here?" a voice stopped Naruto's stupor. Gaara's hair was wet, having a small towel wrap over his shoulders. He wore khaki colored shorts and blue T-shirt that says 'Hug me'. Naruto smiled remembering he was the one who gave it to the redhead as Christmas gift last year. "I didn't hear anything.. How long have you been in the showers?" Naruto asked and Gaara answered him, though he wasn't listening and absentmindedly gave Gaara a noncommittal hum as answer. He felt so drained to even let his brain process basic language. "..you brought too many snacks," Gaara said as he checked the contents of the plastic bags littered on top of his kitchen counter. "Gaara.. what do I do? I'm not happy about this anymore.." The look from Gaara's face said he was shocked with Naruto's question. Naruto too, was shocked about what he just blurted out. He didn't mean to, it was just things like this slipped his mind and mouth. He guessed his cup was full. "This is the first time you're willing to talk about it. I'll listen, go on." the redhead opened up and bag of chips and popped up a few in his mouth, looking at the blond seated at his sofa. 'What's this? He's willing to listen calmly? Alright, that's new. Maybe the new potato chip flavor is working. Though I doubt it's a good thing to eat for breakfast, or meal replacement for that matter.' The offer was tempting for Naruto. Oh, so tempting. He shook his head for a second. He was ready to tell this for a while but didn't know how and when to start. He was ashamed, to be honest. No one wants to exposed your dirty laundry to other people, no matter how much you trust them. Little part of yourself still wanted to hold on to your pride. Since this is Gaara, he decided to cave. He yearned for someone to talk to anyways. Very few of their friends knew about Sasuke's and Naruto's situation, and Naruto's sure Gaara would want the whole details. "I guess I'm ready to talk.. Sit with me? Grab some drinks." he said which Gaara agreed and brought the plastic with the canned iced tea and sat beside Naruto. The freshly showered man smelled like the shampoo Naruto recommended last week. Somehow that made Naruto happy. "So?" "Ah, yes. Well, you know Sasuke is married to Haruno Sakura now, right?" He saw Gaara's lips twitched. The redhead really wasn't happy with Sasuke ever since, especially with the recent happenings. "We all do," he answered with a taste of disgust in his tone. He was right, all of their friends⁠?Sasuke's included⁠?knew that. "Well.. few months ago, Sasuke and I fought at that drinking party Ino hosted? I went home before him because I was pissed. I heard he continued drinking and stayed there that night..." Gaara saw that this was hard for Naruto, so being the sweetheart that he is, he opened up the drink for his friend and let Naruto compose himself, waiting patiently for man to continue. "The next day, Sasuke and Sakura found themselves naked and sleeping in Ino's spare bedroom. They already deduced what happened from the condition they were in. That afternoon, Sasuke came home with Sakura and came to grovel at my feet. Apologizing nonstop. Fucks sakes!" Naruto groaned and continued. "They told me what happened was an accident! A drunken haze? They weren't even aware of what they did? Hah! Though.. that part was a lie and I know it was.. I mean," Naruto could not even finish that and skipped the part where he punched Sasuke and slapped Sakura silly. "I went to our room, ready to leave the house and packed my bags and all. I don't wanna even look at his face! I mean, this is Sakura! She's our friend! Damn! You know what? I was ready and packed my things, yeah?" Naruto looked at Gaara's face, the blond used his hand with his animated story telling⁠?and Gaara thought he was kinda cute. He wouldn't say it to Naruto's face though, so he kept his usual stoic expression. Naruto continued after Gaara nodded. "I'm moving the fuck away from there! Then teme hugged me with all his might, he was ready to trap me there! We had a screaming match, he let me beat him black and blue, we cried and broke down." 'Geez, this is fucking hard to do.' Naruto said to himself and he wiped a rouge tear he tried so hard suppress. "Are you sure you can continue?" Gaara asked, stroking Naruto's scarred cheeks. Naruto smiled at Gaara for a second, he was glad Gaara's a sweetheart.. "Yeah," he nodded. Continuing, "The weakling that I am, I decided to forgive them, though after that, things got a little weird. Sasuke, the bastard, became cold after three weeks. He looked like he was hiding something from me and whenever we're alone, He looked and acted like he was guilty from something.." "That's when you guys knew Sakura was pregnant?" Gaara asked. Naruto nodded and gripped the iced tea now going warm. "We three talked and decided that Sakura will give birth to the baby and asked us to be involve with the child's life. She knew we both love each other and she wasn't going to be in the middle of that. Who would?! Sakura has been our friend since forever! She knew how long Sasuke and I been dating!" The fake smile Naruto wore crumbled. He felt his chest tightened, but guessed he needed to let this out of his system. It was slowly eating away his soul for months and it wouldn't be good to let this go on. "That sounded like a good plan, right? Since I don't want to carry Sasuke's kids. You know very well how dangerous it is for males to carry babies. Only 1 out 10 survives. Sasuke doesn't want that too. Sakura's baby was the only chance we have to have a child in our lives.." Naruto coughed a bit and felt the burn inside. Gaara wrapped his arm around his friend's shoulder, and with his free hand, wiped the tears that trickled down those scarred cheeks Naruto has. 'Embarrassing...' "Then Sasuke's parents heard the news. Though they knew our relationship, guess they were blinded by the fact that Sasuke can have a chance of a regular family. Sakura? She? She's from a family with businesses and all that shit.. What about me? Who am I? A fucking orphan.. poor grades and shit..." Naruto let out a choked sob, "What about me?!" Gaara rocked him back and forth, while he let Naruto say what he needed to let out. "We three talked again, Sasuke decided to marry her and he will come home to our place. He'll only to come to Sakura's when the in-laws visits on weekends, or whenever he needed appearances." "Huh?" Gaara let go of the blond for a second to look at him, "You allowed that to happened? Why didn't you just let him go? Isn't that the easiest?" "What you say made sense! I know it does!" Naruto cried out. "But Sasuke is mine! As long as he too, doesn't want to let go, then I won't! His marriage is just an appearance! He still comes home to me..." he moaned the last part out of his quivering mouth. That sounded desperate, as if he was convincing himself, seeking comfort from the truth he deluded himself to have. There was silence between the two. After a few minutes, Naruto let out the thing that has been hurting him. "Lately, Sasuke looks tired. He looks guilty. Whenever he kiss and made loved to me, he has this sad eyes. Whenever his phone rings and Sakura's name pops up, he grovel? Yes! Fucking kneels and all, asking for forgiveness because his wife needs him!" he almost spit those words up. That was the hardest thing he had to admit that it took all of him. He knew Gaara would not judge, but it still hurt his ego. Another uncomfortable silence, then Gaara decided to puncture that, "Naruto, you already know what you have to do, right?" "Yeah.. That's the sad part." he smiled while he pursed his lips. 'Raising a kid with all three of us? How idealistic!" A sob still escaped despite his efforts to control himself. . It was seven in the evening and the lovers were currently enjoying the appetizer that was served to them. Naruto admitted this was a pleasant ambiance. How long has it been since they were out like this? He already forgot. Weekends were spent with Sakura and those were only the days Naruto was free. He's still in school finishing up college, unlike Sasuke who already had his Bachelors degree. He belongs to the Uchiha Corp. a big shot company. Studying the ways of the company was the only thing he needed to learn. The degree was basically a formality; Sasuke has always been set from the day he was born. The Uchiha were kind people, Naruto couldn't complain. Sasuke's parents and older brother adored him. They were equally broken and saddened by the news that Sasuke cheated on him. The Uchiha parents' gave Sasuke a stern scolding and Mikoto was kind enough to visit their home and cooked for Naruto his favorite Ramen. Winds changed, however, when news of their grandchild landed their ears. Though they pity Naruto, Sakura holds their vote. She, after all, was carrying an Uchiha heir. Sure, there's Itachi⁠?Sasuke's older brother⁠?who can produce kids as well. Though they weren't expecting much from him. He was broken and gave up on love years ago after he lost his lover. Naruto didn't asked much details, but he got an idea that it was Shisui: their cousin and closest person to Itachi. There was also the fact that the Uchiha never dishonor their family that was why Fugaku asked their youngest to marry Sakura. Sasuke knocking-up someone and doesn't take responsibility? It was inexcusable, unheard off, and just damn looked down upon. "Yeah.. I guess that's how it should be.." Naruto muttered, resting his soup spoon. "Excuse me?" Sasuke asked, raising an elegant, ebony eyebrow. His eyes always on Naruto, gauging the blond's expression. He knew Naruto went to the doctor for his anxiety and panic attacks. He also saw some new pills on their medicine cabinet. He asked his brother to check what was that for and found out it was an anti-depressant pill. Sasuke didn't like how this situation was straining his ever sunny beloved. He couldn't be more sorry for causing the man grief. "hmm.." Naruto shook his head, eyes darted towards the waiter approaching them, ready to serve the main course. The raven haired had no choice but to let Naruto be. He doesn't want to pressure him more than he should. Whenever he pressed the wrong button, Naruto ends up having his attacks and Sasuke's soul was ripped in pieces every time. It was3 as if he was afraid to even touch the blond without fearing the man would explode on him. Sasuke's physically, emotional, and mentally tired as well. . Naruto looked at raven haired man in front of him, the usual flawless skin Sasuke has was now blemished by eye bags, ruining his face. His complexion was paler than the usual. Naruto was sure Sasuke wasn't sleeping well, especially when he was forced to share Sakura's bed. Naruto knew at some degree that Sakura loves Sasuke, but Sasuke loves him, not her. Above all the crazy things that has happened between them, Naruto was sure that Sasuke's heart belongs to him and no one else. 'Not for long though.' Naruto thought when his mind wandered to the unborn child, soon making Sasuke happy. He can't helped but laugh... He was this man's lover since middle school. Now he was reduced to be the paramour. "What is it, dobe?" Sasuke asked, his tone has a color of annoyance in it. "Sasuke, I'm tired.." he said in a raspy voice. True to what Naruto said, Sasuke saw Naruto's eyes detached and half-lidded. "Okay, I'll bill out..." Naruto only gazed at the wall behind Sasuke, chin rested on his wrist. Even though Sasuke wanted to ask what was the Naruto's problem, he knew he shouldn't. It was obvious this was all too much for his beloved. After they settled their bill, Sasuke silently escorted Naruto to their car, he opened the door for him like he usually do whenever Naruto is in the mood to be treated as a princess. Though, the Naruto now just wanted to get home and rest. He cried so much earlier that his energy was drained. When they reached their home, Sasuke took a quick shower. After he was done, he saw Naruto already covered himself under the duvet, resting on their bed. He sat besides the blond and ran his hand through those silky locks. "Naruto, why don't you take a shower?" "I'm tired." was all the reply he received. Sasuke can't helped but sigh. He let Naruto do as he pleased, hoping his lover would adjust to the situation soon. "It's weekend, aren't you going to sleep at Sakura's place?" Naruto asked surprising Sasuke. "Well.. there were complications.. You don't want me to sleep here?" Sasuke leaned down and kissed Naruto's shoulder that was exposed from the covers. Naruto sat straight and frowned, "Stop that!" he raised his voice that scared Sasuke for a moment. "Stop what?" he hissed back. Sasuke didn't like how this looked like it was going to be another fight. "Stop hiding things from me! Didn't we already agreed we three are going to raise the kid?! So tell me, why the fuck are you hiding things? Tell me! Tell me how her check-up goes, how's the kid? What's happening now?! I don't have a fucking clue!" By the time Naruto was done with his outburst, he was panting heavier and he was rubbing his chest vigorously. Sasuke panicked for a second before he decided to turn on the lights, temporary blinding Naruto. He ran to the kitchen to fetch water and let Naruto took few big gulps. "I understand.. I'm sorry.." Sasuke said. After Naruto calmed down, with a little help of Sasuke massaging the man's chest and letting him lie down, Sasuke started. "Sakura, she.. she said she changed her mind about allowing you to be part of us. She said she loves and me and tried to convince me that it would be best for us to start a real family. I don't want to stay there, so I asked her to calm a bit. It was probably the hormones talking.." "Haha!" Naruto laughed and covered his eyes with his right forearm while his left hand clenched the sheets. Sasuke saw the tears streaming down the sides of Naruto's temples. It was wetting the pillow covers as well. Grabbing the blond's arm, he yanked it out of the man's face. Wanting to see the Naruto's face. What he saw broke his heart. The blue orbs that were warmly greeting him with shine whenever he comes home all tired from the days' weary, were now broken and hurt. "Naruto, what do I do, baby? Tell me," Sasuke buried his face on the blond's neck. "I don't fucking know, Sasuke!" Naruto hissed back. He tried to pushed Sasuke off the bed, he was not in the mood for him, but the raven was relentless. Amidst Naruto's muffled sobs, Sasuke showered him with apologies, and promising that everything would be alright soon. The kisses Sasuke gave him felt desperate and hungry that Naruto couldn't helped but give in. It was far too long since he felt that hungry kiss. "Mhm," a moaned escaped Naruto's throat as Sasuke pushed his tongue inside the blond's mouth while he pressed the blond's chin to force the man in opening his mouth. Naruto welcomed it after a few seconds, making Sasuke release his hold⁠?battling tongues inside. The kiss was not sweet, romantic or anything like they used to do. It was lonely, impatiently; trying to fix the gap that has wormed its way between them. Sasuke's slowly made his way on top of the blond, separating his lover's legs and situating himself between them. He caressed Naruto's thigh while the man under him writhe. The moans became louder when he started to assault Naruto's nipples, palming one while he nibbled on the other. Naruto's tanned hand ran through Sasuke's midnight locks, bucking his hips, needing the friction between them. He was not disappointed when Sasuke started dry humping him, slowly rubbing their growing erections pressed together. "Naruto.. I love you so much.." was whispered to Naruto and the latter can't helped but shiver. Damn he missed this so much, he needed Sasuke so much. Sasuke littered his neck with kisses, sucking and biting in between. They continued to rub each other, feeling the friction and hot breaths in each others' skin. Naruto's hands worked its way under Sasuke's shirt, already ready to remove the offending clothes between them, when he was stopped and startled by a knocked on their door. "Open up, Sasuke!" They recognized the voice, it was from Itachi. The lovers stopped what they were doing and hastily tidied themselves, before Sasuke answered the door nervously. Naruto lingered behind. Knowing Itachi, this must be serious, for the said older Uchiha never visits without purpose. He's a busy man after all. "Wh-what is it, nii-san?" "It's Sakura, she's in labor.. We've been calling you, but you turned off you phone and I don't have Naruto-kun's number as well." Itachi said with his cold, seemingly uncaring voice. His ebony eyes darted a glance towards Naruto and nodded once. Even his greetings were short and cold that Naruto was used to it. He knew Itachi is a good man, and always placed his brother's happiness over his. His attitude doesn't bother Naruto.. he was used to the Uchiha brothers answering with nods or 'Hn,' after all. "I...I'm..." Sasuke stuttered and Naruto slapped his lover's shoulder a bit harder than he intended to, causing his palm to stung. "Calm down, teme! Go and change clothes, now! Bring your IDs with you!" Naruto yelled and Sasuke blinked once before he left in a hurry to get changed. "Naruto-kun, our parents' aren't here, so you can come if you want to. I know your arrangement with Haruno-san. I'm sure Sasuke would like you to come as well," Itachi said that caught Naruto by surprised. "Thank you," Naruto really wanted to come, and he was glad Itachi understood their situation. He also appreciates the fact that Itachi addresses Sakura as 'Haruno-san' even if this was only done whenever they were alone. This still means so much to Naruto. It made him feel Itachi was his supporter, and not on Sakura's side. Though there wasn't a competition to begin with. Not a moment too soon, Naruto and Sasuke was dressed and ready to go to the hospital. Itachi gave them a ride; the two passenger were nervous and fidgety all throughout their short journey. When they reached the hospital, Sasuke and Naruto stormed inside, leaving Itachi to look for parking. "Uchiha Sakura, where is she?" Sasuke asked the receptionist, still trying to catch his breath. "And you are?" the nurse asked while she looked for the information asked. "Uchiha Sasuke, she's my wi..wife.." Sasuke stumbled over the words, and Naruto behind him turned his gaze away. He bled every time he heard that word. "She's still in delivery, she had preeclampsia. The doctors had no choice but to do a Caesarian operation on her. Please go to left and wait outside Delivery Operating room: A." She handed Sasuke some information slip he needed to sign - and soon Itachi was behind them, making calls. It seemed like Sakura's condition was worse than they thought it would be. They were silent for a while, Sasuke tapping his foot while Naruto bit his finger nails. Naruto was genuinely worried for Sakura and her daughter. Despite everything, he also loves the pink-haired woman. Sakura was somewhat a part of Naruto's life before this whole thing with Sasuke. She was one of his close friends, taught him many things at school, protect him from bullies, ate lunch at school together. They laughed and cried over silly things. They fought and made up; they were friends. What hurts Naruto too, was the fact that he really can't hate Sakura. Even though she seemed brash, she is a sweet and caring girl. Often misunderstood because she has a bit of temper. Naruto knew Sakura loves Sasuke. Then again, he really can't blame Sakura for loving Sasuke. He's a bastard, but an easy to love one once you get to know him. That, and there's also the fact that being a mother to a child while you have to see your husband goes home to someone else must hurt like hell, too. Naruto sighed. All four of them, the kid included, were really unfortunate. No matter what they do, they would end up hurting everyone else. They were quiet for a while, waiting on the news when Itachi tapped his shoulder and gave him a cup of coffee, the same one Sasuke has. Naruto thanked him and they seated together, while Sasuke paced the floor. Sakura's parents together with the Uchiha elders were out for a short vacation when she called Itachi. She was throwing up that afternoon, and was emotional when Sasuke said he needed to spend time with Naruto, for the said man was having a hard time. Little did they know that she was suffering from high blood pressure that'd caused her status now. She was losing proteins by the minute from throwing it up and peeing it. Lucky, she was well enough to call Itachi and he immediately went to her place to rushed her to the ER. It was understandable that Sasuke feels guilty. After a few hours, the doctors stepped outside the ER carting a very tiny, pale, baby girl being pumped with ambu bag. She can't breathe on her own, for her lungs was still weak. "Oh, God." Sasuke gasped. In pain as they followed the cart in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit. They were asked to wait outside, for they carried germs. Hurting as they did, for they can see⁠?from the glass window⁠?the doctors attached tubes on the baby's feet. She was really small, and scary tiny; being under-develop. She needed to stay in the incubators to mature herself, immediate concerns for her lungs. Sasuke broke down. He felt the pain, saying his 'if only's' like a prayer, while he stared at his daughter. His tiny, weak looking baby girl. All the while, Naruto stood back and cried behind. Itachi rubbing the said blond's shoulder for comfort. . Few hours later, they were allowed to see Sakura. They were broken too, when they saw her. She was pale, her eyes had dark circles over it. She has oxygen tubes wrapped around her ears and stuck on her nose. She's thin, scary thin. Naruto had no idea she looked like this. All this time he thought he was the only one suffering. He couldn't be so wrong. "Sa.." Sakura opened her eyes and saw Sasuke and Naruto together, she gasped and started crying as well. "I'm so sorry. I'm sorry, Sakura-chan.." Naruto grabbed her hand and kissed it as he wailed. "Naru.." she was overwhelmed. It has been a while since she was called 'Sakura-chan' by Naruto, she admitted it was rather lonely to be called 'Sakura' by his blond friend. There were tears of joy, and sadness in that room. All three knew where they were headed now, but can't put it in words. Sasuke was the one being affected the most. He knew the moment Naruto kissed Sakura's hand was the moment he lost his beloved. Naruto had given him his unwanted freedom. "Nii-san..." he called to his brother while the two Uchihas' left Sakura and Naruto to talk. "Yes?" Itachi said, looking over his exhausted little brother with eyes that were, surprisingly, softer. Uncharacteristic of the older brother. "Please, look after Naruto while I look after my family. He needs someone to be with him.." Sasuke said with a sob. It was killing him too, but his girls needed him. Sadly, he can't really juggle two lives together, now he knew. He needed to do what was right for the sake of their sanity. "Alright," Itachi said as he let Sasuke used his shoulder to release his anguish. Today, life has not been kind to four lives that revolved around Itachi. At least, he can offer a little bit of help. a/n; song is Fall out by Marianas Trench. note of interest: Preeclampsia is a pregnancy complication characterized by high blood pressure and signs of damage to another organ system, often the kidneys. Preeclampsia usually begins after 20 weeks of pregnancy in a woman whose blood pressure had been normal. Even a slight rise in blood pressure may be a sign of preeclampsia. signs and symptoms of preeclampsia may include: -Excess protein in your urine (proteinuria) or additional signs of kidney problem, Severe headached, Changes in vision, including temporary loss of vision, blurred vision or light sensitivity, Upper abdominal pain, usually under your ribs on the right side, Nausea or vomiting, Decreased urine output, Decreased levels of platelets in your blood (thrombocytopenia), impaired liver function, Shortness of breath, caused by fluid in your lungs source: mayoclinic.org
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