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Guest Sosuke0549




Height: 5'6

Appearance: Has a few scars on his legs and arms from playing basketball. He also has a small birth mark on his lower back that looks like a rabbit.

Name: Asta Akiyama

Age: 19

Position: Uke

Occupation: College Student / Basketball player

Background: Asta was always bullied in school because of his height. He was considered a troublemaker since he got into fights often. However, Asta was the type of kid to fight only when he was getting bullied, or when he saw others. He grew up in a middle class family, so he always got what he needed vs what he wanted. When he was 14 his father was killed during a hit and run. Asta and his mother were devastated. Shorty after his father's funeral, Asta began doing all the chorus in the house, on top of getting a job, continuing school, and playing basketball whenever he could. He has always been hardworking, outgoing , and friendly. Since he no longer has his father Asta is very close with his mother and practically sends her any and all his money. He currently works at his college's library during class breaks. Asta loves kids, so he often volunteers at the YMCA teaching kids how to play basketball.






Height: 6'2

Appearance: No tattos or piercings. Has claw mark scars on his chest and his back is covered with slash marks, as if he was whipped...repeatedly.

Name: Fang Suoh

Age: 25

Occupation : Host/ Bartender

Background : Fang had a good childhood up until he turned 11. His family was suddenly attacked by hunters. They killed his parents and took him and his six year old little sister hostage. For 3 years he was beaten and tortured, forced to put on a show in a circus for humans and hunters a like. His sister was killed during the torture, do to the beatings and starvation. One night, he was able to escape his cage, and with zero hesitation , he killed ever last one of the humans and hunters who had forced him and his sister into the circus.

Abilities: Highten sense of smell/sound, quick reflexes, self healing , able to command dogs as well as transform into a large black werewolf. Can sense peoples emotions / feelings.

Strengthens: Speed , Sense of spell, Transformation, full moon.

Weaknesses : Dismemberment, Sulphate Gas, Other supernatural creatures, Silver bullets, Human flesh.



Beginning Post :


Asta sighed softly sitting on a park bench waiting patiently for Leon. Actully he was so excited that he arrived twenty-five minutes early for their third date, and yes...he was keeping track. Even though him and Leon haven't been dating long he was starting to feel...some type of way about him .They had met about two months ago and they recently started dating a week ago. To be honest there first date was nothing special, just a simple dinner and a movie but that was the very first time Loen kissed him...and well... Asta had never felt anything like it. That was his first time kissing another male, and he didn't find it gross or appalling but...good. He use to think he was a good kisser but....boy was he wrong. No girl had ever kissed him like that before. He would never tell Loen that there first basic kiss gave him butterflies. There second date ended up at an arcade, which resulted in the two of them making out in an alley way afterwords. It felt so amazingly good, so good in fact that it was scary. Are we moving too fast? Ugh...I really wanna see him..


This was his first relationship with a man so he was a little hesitant about it all, as well as inexperienced but so far it was going better than he ever imaged.

I wonder what we'll do next...

Asta started to feel like a girl, maybe he should try and make the first move. I mean...so far is was always Loen making advances toward him.

When I see him, I'll run up and kiss him! He wont be excepting it, and afterwords I'll say something slick...like...' Tasty ' or ...or 'I've been wanting to do that all day~" ooo yeah! I like that one. I'll show him.

He thought, getting excited and smirking like a little kid.


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Fang cringed at the sunlight that came threw his window. He had slept in, and now it was noon. He yawned as he climbed out of bed. He hadn't gotten home till late last night, since he slept with one of the regulars at the bar. With a long and exhausted sigh he quickly hopped into the shower, beginning his morning routines. Fang didn't really like going out. He was considered a shut in by his co-workers however, he was running out of food and needed to go to the grocery store. He threw on a plain black shirt and jeans, tieing his air back in a small pony tail. He grabbed his wallet and locked the door behind him.


The handsome male quickly slipped on his sunglasses and began his ten minute walk to the store.

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Guest M-jow



Name: Leon which is short for Liam Edmund Oliver Noiret.

Height: 6'0

Other: Got a par of wings tatooed on his back. He often wears makeup and high heels, both on and outside of work. (But he doesn't do that because eb thinks of himself as a woman, he just likes wearing lipstick and high heels.)

Age: 22

Position: seke

Occupation: Professionel erotic dancer/stripper.

Background: Leon is a abandoned shifter, who never knew his parents. He grew up in London with an aunt who worked was a ballet instructor. She provided him with a roof over his head and strict ballet lessons, but that was all there was to it. The woman was a snob with no warmth or love for him. At the age of 14, he ran away on what ever money he had. There he learned to make a living on his own through dancing, and got whatever form of love people would throw at him.


Leon loves the attention he gets both on and off stage. He is the type of guy who has a lot of one-night-stands and boyfriends around the clubs. But he never mixes his personal life and work together.

He is quite sassy, and can sound rather rough at times. But he has a gentle heart. Lots of people like him, but he only really got a handful of good friends.



Leon checked his phone as he walked down the sidewalk towards the park. People were staring and whispering to each other as he passed by. Wondering if he was some kind of actor or an modle. Leon was neither of those things, but he was use to getting that reacion from people. After all, he had been thorough while picking out his outfit for today.

He wore simple black high heel boots, that didn't make too much noise to notice. Tight dress pants and a beautiful green kashmir shirt with long sleves, under his gray coat.

The lipstick for the day had been between a dark brown, or the one with a hit of pink there was more natural. Leon had chosen the last one.


They had planed to go to the Aquarium for their 3th date. It was a good pick since Leon were fairly sure he didn't know anyone working there. Last time, Leon had pulled Asta with him down a emty ally just as a guy was about to call out to him. He had notice the guy but luckily the wer-lion hadn't noticed Asta.

Leon wasn't completly sure why, but he wanted to keep Asta a secret. Paranormal and humans are rarely mixed. The paranormal world was rather closed off, but crossing between the two worlds did happen often. Just not were anyone really talked about it.


As he entered the park gates, Leon thought he could smell a familiar scent in the air. Leon's steps got longer as a smile grew on his face. The second he saw Asta his brain started playing out their last dates. The human was such a cutie. Leon had thought so too even when he was just watching him and his friends playing in the park on his way to work. He didn't know why he had started to noticing the young human, there was just something about him and Leon found it interesting how much this boy could claim his attention.


Leon raised a hand and waved as he caught the other's eyes.

"Hey, did you wait long?" He asked, wondering if he should had came earlier.





Name: Sora Sato.

Height: 4'7

Appearance: Pierced in the tongue and right ear.

Age: 18

Position: Uke

Occupation: College Student.

Background: Sora is a nobody. Most people dosn't even notice him, and his parents actes like he doesn't exist since they are never at home and when they are, they fight.

Sora is an honour student with a scholarship. He is a hard working kid. But that mostly is because he got nothing better to do. He has a few friends whom he often stayed over at in the past when he aren't at the library.

Now, he got an apartment of his own, a gift from his father. Who tried to buy him over, as it came out they were having a divorce.

Sora just took it, to get himself out of the house. But he refused to let his father pay for him. So Sora started earning his own money, by working whatever job he could get his hands on.

He doesn't really have any hobbies, so in his freetime he volunteer at the animal shelter.

Which he had been doing, since he got old enough to know he loved animals, but couldn't have any himself because of his parents.

He especially love dogs, and is really good working with those who are either afraid of aggressive towards people.


Sora is the kind and curious boy who got a nose to get into trouble without knowing it. But if he sees someone being hurt or bullied, animal or human he ain't the kind who just continues on and walks, oh no.He isn't afraid to get a little bruised or hurt. He ever got a nosebleed helping out Asta. His truly best friend.




Sora was having the worst week and this morning were no exception. He had only been working at the local supermarket for four days, and he already wanted to quite. First at all the manager was a completely asshole. The man would always trail around after him on his breaks, give him shits and calling him 'a young lazy punk, who was no good'. The F*** was the man's problem!

Sora was trying to contain himself as he stacked up a tower of toilet paper. He stood on a four steps ladder and only had a few packs left to go.

Two kids were playing tag at full speed, bumping into carts and other people as they went. A lady most likely their mother, told them to stop and get back. But the two were to busy to properly hear her. The one running ahead turned his head back as he recognized her voice, but just as he did the boy bumped into the ladder on which Sora stood on.


The ladder tilted and though Sora tried to grab hold onto something to prevent it from happening. It was no use. Aside from taking a box of washing powder with him down, he still ended falling front first towards the huge tower of toilet paper.




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Guest Sosuke0549

The moment Asta's eyes fell on Leon, he could feel his heart skip a beat as the tall handsome blond approached him with a smile on his face. He's so...pretty.. The short male was completely mesmerized, taking notice of his flashy clothes and style. He really did look like a model or some famous actor.

"Hey, did you wait long?" [/Quote]

Asta quickly snapped out of it, blinking dumbfoundedly a few time before shaking his head looking a little embarrassed. "N-no..." Now that hes right in front of me.. I don't think I can do it...I'm nervous.

Asta stood, keeping his head low. The height difference between them was...quite comical in all honest, and it didn't help that Leon wore heels, which Asta didn't really understand but...he felt like he shouldn't ask about it.


Today Asta was wearing sports attire. A bright red running jacket and black shorts. It seemed to he the only thing Asta owned. He was always playing basketball so he felt no need to change and wear other stuff. Plus sporty clothing was just so comfortable.


The two of them truly looked like they were out of place, and in most people's eyes they'd say they didn't complement each other....they were an odd couple...but somehow they were making it work.

"Um..so you still wanna go to the Aquarium? I was thinking we could stop for ice cream after..or..dinner if your hungry. "


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Fang stood in the meat section of the grocery store with a cart beside him. He had a dull and dark expression as he crossed his arms debating on what he wanted to eat.

There was already quite a lot of meat in his cart already. Ten stakes, four packets of ground beef, 8 stacks of ribs and two roasts. As much as Fang tried not to draw attention to himself, it seemed inevitable. His looks and long hair always drew peoples eyes and well...he was buying a lot of meat which ment he had money. Meat was probably one of the most expensive things to buy in grocery store in Japan. That and sea food.


"He's so hot. "

"Right! Look how much meat he has in his cart. Do you think hes gonna eat all that?"

"Maybe hes throwing a party?"

"He must be loaded~"

"He's hot and can cook...sign me up~

The two females giggled as they gossiped about him just a few feet away, staring. He sighed softly, shooting them a menacing glare which in turn shut them up real quick. They tensed up, taken aback by his murders look and quickly ran away causing him to smirk misceviously.

" So annoying ," he signed again glancing at his cart and back at the meat on the self... After a few more seconds of hesitating he rolled his eyes saying, "Fuck it," tossing in two more roast beefs into his cart nonchalantly. He began to make his way to the alcohol section when he stopped short watching two kids chase each other, only to cause a huge commotion and knock over a store worker who was just simply doing his job as well as a tower of toilet paper and washing powder.


Fang was very unamused as some people laughed and others gasped. He sighed heavily. Helping the human would be a bother. Just by glancing at him he could tell that the boy was young, perhaps a high school or college student and Fang could feel the emotions radiating from his body..Anger. Embarrassment. Regret. These were emotions Fang knew all to well...Damn it...


He quickly left his cart and approached the human, offering the boy his hand. The human seemed to be mesmerized by his looks or perhaps the show of kindness...whatever the reason was, it made the atmosphere awkward as seconds went by and the human just kept staring at him! " Quit staring-- Hurry up and take it, otherwise I'll just leave you on the ground. " He huffed. His tone sounding rather cold but he didn't necessarily mean to come off rude. That was just his personality.

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Guest M-jow

Through it was clear to him the other was shy Leon still like his face better. He reached a hand under Asta's chine and gently guided his head up. Leon smiled again as he brushed his thumb over the human's bottom lip.

"Hey Sunshine" he greeted Asta again only sending him a small teasing grin. But then his expression changed and Leon looked almost worried. "Do I make you feel uncomfortable?"

Leon worried if his sens of style was scaring the poor boy. He hoped it wasn't the high heels making him feel intimidated.

Maybe Leon had gotten a little overboard with his outfit? Asta always seemed to be in more worn comfortable clothes and trace pants... Leon didn't really care for that style on anyone, but on Asta he oddly found it a part of the human's charm. Though if he could one day dress Asta up to his liking it would be better.


Leon chuckled lightly as Asta studded over his words. If he kissed him now how worse would it become? Leon wondered as he released Asta's chin, but stayed just as close.

"Mmm, dinner would be lovely" Leon said. Had this been a simple hook up he would had said 'I know a few places' but since Asta was human he doubted it would be a good Idea. His date might find the menu a little weird.

"I don't know a lot of places though" He kinda lied. "Hope you know a good one?" The shifter send the boy flirty smile and loved the color that blommed in his cheeks.




Sora groan as he lay face down in soft paper packes. At least he wasn't towering glassed pickles or cans, now that would have hurt.

The packed of wash poweder he had accidentally brought with him down in the fall. Had exploded as it had hit the floor behind him. Covering everything in a fine layer of white.

He head people buzz about around him some even found amusing and was giggling. ~Great~

A layer of white powder fell off his head as he sat up. He made sure he hadn't broken or hurt himself in the fall when Sora felt a presence and looked up.


For a moment Sora was confused as to why the man was holding out his hand like that. He looked up to see the persons face and stilled. Wow, such deep eyes. The man was so handsome that Sora seemed to loss himself for a second.

" Quit staring-- Hurry up and take it, otherwise I'll just leave you on the ground. "

Sora snapped out of it and lowered his head to stop staring. "I'm sorry.. thank you.." Sora bite his lower lip embarrassed as the man helped him up. Oh god, now this day couldn't get any worst.


"..." Sora embarrassment vanished as he heard the store manager call out for him from behind. His jaw clenched up tight like he wanted to break something between his teeths.

Sora's forced a tight smile to his lips as he thanked the man who had helped him up again with a small bow, before turning to his raging manager.

"How the hell did you make such a mess in less then just five minuts as I turn my eyes off you! Anything broken will be taken out of your paycheck boy. Now get this mess cleaned. We are lossing sals because of you." The manager rubber his almost completely bold head annoyed as he stood lecturing Sora for being a klotze and a lazy bum.

Sora's eyebrow twerk as he held himself back from smacking the guy's face right there and then.

Had it been any other than him a scolding would had happened back in the back room. Not in public like this.

The voices of people around them grew louder. Sora clicked his tounge took in a huge breath to calm down and reached around his back to untie his apron.

"Don't bother firing me, I quit" Sora said with a cold posion to his words that finaly made the manager shut up. Sora's eyes were cold and so full of hate towards the man that the guy even seemed to avoied them.


Sora let go of the apron and walked from the scene not carring one bit for leave in a mess. The second he was outside he kicked a cane just laying around.

"Asshole!.. grrrr" Sora squatted down to a small ball as he tried to think of other places to work.

"Arr, and it didn't bother with my school either. Maybe I should try working evening hours instead?" He thought out loud to himself and sneezed as he accidentally inhaled some of the powder from before.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Asta blushed feeling Leon raise his chin and run his thumb across his bottom lip. He felt his heart skip a beat as there eyes met and the other male smiled at him, calling him sunshine. Hearing that made the human blush a shade darker!

"Do I make you feel uncomfortable?"[/Quote]

Asta's eyes widened slightly, taken aback by the question. He quickly shook his head stammering. "N-no no...I like you and I wanna be around you.." He tried to reassure his partner. Asta was just nervous. This was his first relationship with another male and he wasn't always quite sure how to act. He also was really starting to like Leon so he didn't want to say or do anything that might irritate him. They havent gotten in a fight or arguement since dating and he wanted to keep it that way.


The shorter male seemed to light up hearing Leon agree to dinner. However his partner didn't know where to go but that didn't matter. "Really! Well then in that case let's go to Oragami. it's a little out of the way but it's my favorite restaurant and I know the owner so we'll be able to get a discount. " He chuckled eagerly taking Leon's hand, he started to pull the other along. "Let's go! Let's go!"


It was about a 25 minute walk to the restaurant Asta wanted to go too, but once they got there they were immediately seated and given drinks. It was a all you can eat Buffet restaurant were you pretty much get up and help yourself to whatever you wanted to eat, from fried American food, Chinese, and Koren BBQ to even Sushi. It had it all. "I use to come here alot with my parents when I was little or when my team won a game we'd all come here to celebrate. " He said softly. When the waiter came for there drink order, the blond simply ordered water before getting up on his feet to check out the buffet.





Fang raised an eyebrow at the human as he sensed his demeanor change slightly. The human was quick to apologize for staring and took his hand, covering it in powder. He stared at the other, looking him over to see if he was injured, after all humans were extremely fragile and weak beings but he seemed perfectly fine dispite the hard fall. He was about to tell the human something when he heard someone yelling from across the store.

"SORA SATO!!"[/Quote]

Sora Sato? Who was that? Was it this humans name? He glanced at the human once more watching his embarrassment turn into anger. Usually Fang wasn't interested in other peopels problems much less entertained by drama but Fang couldn't help but watch with a dull expression on his face the drama that played out in front of him. It started with Sora's manger yelling at him and quickly ended with the shorter male quitting his job and storming out of the store. Hm... The kid had guts.


Without giving the boy or the situation another thought. There werewolf grabbed his things and made his way to check out.

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Guest M-jow

Leon smiled again. "Then it good cause I wanna be around you too"


The shifter chuckled as Asta pulled in him. It didn't hurt him and it was nice to see the young male look so exited. It was so adorable.

Leon stepped up so he was walking beside Asta instead of behind and held the other's hand tightly.

"I've never heard of it but I think it could be fun to try" Leon said as he let the human lead the way.


Once the got there Leon immediately noticed this place wasn't the kind he was use to. He of coures knew about such family restaurants but never been in any himself.

He looked around taking everything in. The staff working on the floor taking peoples dirty dishes out, while others served drinks and filled food on the buffe.

"This place lookes livly" Leon comented as he and Asta was lead to a table.

He ordered a cola without lime when a waiter came to take their drinks order but after that Leon had know idea what to do.

Taking notes that Asta stood, Leon followed the young man over the the huge gathering of food.

"Wow it smells amazing" Leon's teeths watered as his hungry eyes got a look at all that gressy meat. He could properly eat all that and more. Shifters had to eat more that a regular human because of how fast they burned it off. But being surrounder in a human establishment ment Leon would have to hold back his eating habits.

Although it didn't mean he couldn't enjoy it.


Following what others were doing, leon picked up two plates and handled one to his date.

"Now tell me, what dishes do you prefer?" Leon asked as he scaned the table. "For me, as long as there is meat I'm happy" the shifter smiled as he got a bit too big of af beef BBQ steak on his plate with room for.. more meat and topped it up with a single carrot.


(Okay I am just gonna come up with something here)


Sora got sick of feeling pitty for himself and got up. He was just about to start walking away from the store when he hear a sound of something tearing apart and something heavy hit the ground behind him.

Sora turned his head and saw the guy from before. The male who had helped him up from the floor just now stood in a just as an embarrssing sceen.

The bags he had carried were all torn by their handle. 'What a bad luck' Sora thought as he noticed no one offered to help the guy. Huh.. being handsome dosen't make a difference.


"Looks like you need an extra set of hands, here, let me help you" Sora said as he walked up the guy with a small friendly smile. "You helped me just now so let me give back the favor" Sora didn't wait for the other to turn him down before he already stoop with two bags, one on each hip. "Goush they are heavy!" he said amazed how one person could carry all of those on his own.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Asta's eyes wondered over the huge selection of food, wondering what he should eat. He stopped though when his boyfriend handed him a plate being very polite and saying he loved eating meat. The short male couldn't help but chuckle watching the blond grab a ton of meat and simply topping it off with a single carrot.

"I'm guessing you dont like vegetables?" He snickered, moving down the line of food and deciding on Chinese food. He got rice, vegetable chowmein, orange chicken, honey shrimp, two egg rolls, two dumplings and a scoop of steamed broccoli. His once empty plate now looking like a mountain of food. "Oh make sure you save room for desert. They have chocolate covered fruits, cakes and ice cream. "

The shorter male quickly made his way back to the table and only started munching away, when Leon joined him. He was taught to always wait or everyone to be at the table before eating, otherwise it was rude to start eating. Asta grew up learning the proper manners for everything so he was rarely ever rude to anyone.


When it came to talking. Asta, of course waited until he was done chewing his food to speak, he did however have a tendency to cut people off, especially Leon when he was excited but when he caught himself doing so, he quickly apologized, scratching the back of his head awkwardly.


He was almost like an energetic child. "So um..How's work? " Asta knew that his boyfriend worked at a club but he didn't necessarily know exactly what he did. He just assumed that his partner was a bartender or something. He also wasn't even old enough to go to a bar so he couldn't visit Leon. Actually, he didn't even know where the club was even located.

The two of them continued to talk and carry on the conversation. As it changed from Leon's job to Asta's schooling and basketball to him volunteering at the YMCA.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, youth basketball will be starting next month and the basketball coach for the kids wants me to assistant him in coaching since the kids really like me. He said he'd even pay me a little. I checked my schedule and most of the practice times and games dont really affect me especially since basket season hasn't started for me yet, so I wanna do it but...that means I won't get to see you as often...Satuday afternoons are usually when they have the basketball games. They only run for about two hours..." He shrugged a little. He wasn't quite sure why he was telling his boyfriend all of this, maybe it was because deep down he wanted his approval. This decision would be effecting Leon and the time they spend together so naturally he wanted his boyfriend to know...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


The only thing Fang had in his cart was a shit ton of meat, beer cans, and pack of water bottles. The female who was ringing him up gave him a awkward smile. "Wow...this is a lot of meat. "

He shrugged. " Barbecue party. " The women blinked at him, looking confused. "Oh really? That's sounds like fun. " Fang smiled a little, seeing his total and paying for his groceries with his credit card. "Yup..." He muttered, keeping his interaction with the female short and brief. Once he was finished paying he quickly left, walking out of the store with his cart. Damn human..so nosey. He quickly grabbed his 8 bagged groceries, slipping them on his arms with ease before tossing his packet of water on his right shoulder and the two cases of beer on his left. Now that he had everything, he started to walk back to his apartment. However to his discomfort, people began to stare at him in utter amazement. He wasn't scrawny sure, but Fang wasn't extremely buff either and to think he was carrying all that stuff with ease?! It didn't even look like he was struggling. Hm...maybe I shouldn't have bought so much...I'm drawing way too much attention to myself.


Suddenly he heard a tear and immediately after some of his meat fell and hit the floor. Fang sighed heavily. You have got to be kidding me... He was just about to set down his stuff and retrieve his things when a familiar voice filled his ears.

"Looks like you need an extra set of hands, here, let me help you" [/Quote]

Fang blinked a little surprised. Hm, its that's human who quit a few minutes ago... what was his name again....Sora?.. Normally Fang hated recieving help, nor did he want this human following him but given the situation he was in and all the people staring at him, he really didn't have a choice.

"Why," he asked. Looking skeptical.

"You helped me just now so let me give back the favor" [/Quote]

Fang stared at the human as he reached down and grabbed his groceries putting bags on each hip. To be hoenst it looked like the younger male was already struggling. "So you feel Indebted to me...all because I helped get you up from the floor? " He scuffed.

"Goush they are heavy!" [/Quote]

Fang sighed once more, rolling his eyes as he began to walk. "Dont offer to help if your going to complain. "

He said bluntly. "Its a 10 minute walk...you think you can survive until then.."

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Guest M-jow

"Oh I can eat them alright, I just prefer other things in my mouth" He said like it was nothing, but a man standing in the line beside him started to stare at him with a deep frown while his lady friend started coughing and giggle at the same time as her cheeks turned red. Leon just rose a eyebrow at the par before turning back to Asta and waited to see what his human would pick.

'Ah, he likes chinese' Leon thought to make sure to remember that. He smiled innocently when Asta looked at him, trying to hid the fact that he had been staring.


Another fact he noticed was how Asta didn't just dig in as he got seated. Though it was obvious the boy wanted to he held himself back.

"You don't have to waite for me sunshine." Leon chuckled as he took his seat. But it was still sweet to see him doing that. Leon grew up eating each of his meals alone so seeing Asta like that made the little kid in him really happy.


They ate a bit. Leon enjoyed the meat in nice bite size pieces as their conversation went. It was amusing how much could come out of Asta when first he was comfortable enough to talk freely with him. It often meant the human was in a good mood and to be honest Leon didn't mind listening to the other's voice. Leon chuckled and shook his head when Asta caught himself and suddenly stopped.

Leon would then tell his he didn't mind and that he often liked to listen more that taking.


But when Asta asked about his work Leon's smile twitched for a second. The shifter leaned in over the table and gently took Asta's chin in his palm as he gaced into the young man's eyes. "Hm it's nothing out of the ordinary" Leon answered simply as he ran his thumb along Asta's mouth and caught a rice corn. He released the boy and licked his finger.

"Hm do you alway eat that lewd, are you inviting me to kiss you?" The shifter send Asta a teasing smirk. Hopfully that would make him thing about something other that his job.

"Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, youth basketball will be starting next month and the basketball coach for the kids wants me to assistant him in coaching since the kids really like me. He said he'd even pay me a little. I checked my schedule and most of the practice times and games dont really affect me especially since basket season hasn't started for me yet, so I wanna do it but...that means I won't get to see you as often...Satuday afternoons are usually when they have the basketball games. They only run for about two hours..."

"That is great Asta. And it's good that coach finally realise he should pay you for helping hom out. But are you sure you wouldn't be to stressed? I mean you got school to think about too. Ah and with all those games coming up you proberly wouldn't have much time to go out with me.." Leon said not liking the last part one bit. Luckly Asta was quick ti invite him to come to his games.

"Satuday..uh" Leon dragged it out on purpose just to tease him a bit. Even if he had work those days Leon bet he could still be there for a few of them.

"I would love to see, if you want me there" he smile with a nod. "And if you need it I you can even come over a my place to study if you miss me too much"



Sora zipped his mouht shut. He was starting to wonder if it really had been all that good of an idea to begin with. But now here he was so he might as well just suck it up.

"If you live that far why don't you get a bag with wheels? That way you don't have to hurt your back.. look you can borrow mine for the water. I only got a bit of clean changing clothes in the bottom, so there should be room."

Sora pulled the bag infront of him he had grabbed from the changing room just before.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Asta smiled softly hearing Leon tell him that he didnt have to wait for him but he simply shrugged saying, "But..I want too.."


He blushed a little, before quickly digging in and conversating. Even though Asta was a charter box he had excellent table manners. He didnt talk when his mouth was full...although when he was really happy or passionate about something he could get pretty loud. After apologizing for talking so much, his partner just smiled and told he it was ok but when he asked about his work he didnt give Asta much detail about it and suddenly took his chin, gazing into his eyes and causing Asta to fall silent. He couldn't help but blush with Leon being so close and touching him in public.

"Hm it's nothing out of the ordinary"[/Quote]

He felt his thumb run along his bottom lip, apparently Leon was whipping off some food stuck to his lips, only to release him and lick his thumb. Why was that so...arousing?

"Hm do you alway eat that lewd, are you inviting me to kiss you?" [/Quote]

Asta's head immediately fell, he couldn't even look at him. He could feel his heart racing, as if he just made the winning shot for his team for a championship game. "I..um..Y-you...uh..." Asta was completely flustered.

S-stay clam! Stay calm! D-dont get nervous...

"N-no...but- i...r-really like kissing you.." He spoke honestly, glancing up at the white haired male and frowning slightly seeing him smirking. " S-stop teasing me..."

He huffed. He then told Leon about basketball and coaching the kids at the YMCA and honestly. He was relieved to hear that Leon supported him.

"But are you sure you wouldn't be to stressed? I mean you got school to think about too. Ah and with all those games coming up you proberly wouldn't have much time to go out with me.."[/Quote]

"Oh...well...yeah but I'm doing ok in school but...I guess your right..I won't get to see you as much..." His voice softening. He was really enjoying spending his time with his boyfriend. "B-but...I just couldn't say no...when I see those kids faces...its just...hard..." He sighed heavily. "There just...so cute..And a lot of them have so much potential. I wanna help them...you know?"

"Satuday..uh" [/Quote]

Asta nodded sitting on the edge of his seat hoping Leon would maybe come to a game or two and help support him.

"I would love to see, if you want me there..."[/Quote]

"Really?! You'll come?" He smiled. Looking over the moon.

"And if you need it you can even come over a my place to study if you miss me too much"[/Quote]

Asta blinked his smile fading a little as that soft pink blush returned to his cheeks. He awkwardly rubbed the back of his neck, a habbit he had when he wasnt quite sure what to say or when he was embarrassed or flustered. " Y-yeah?" He had never been to Leon's place before. "Um...ok.." He didnt know much about being in a gay relationship...his only source of research was yaoi manga and occasionally watching gay porn...so when he heard Leon's offer to spend the night...he immediately thought of them possibly...doing it...and well...that worried him a little. I...I dont think I'm even ready..I'm scared its gonna hurt and...I dont know what I'm suppose to do....But..I bet Leon would know...

He continued to eat, finishing up his plate and quickly moving on to desert. However he was a less talkative now...his thoughts elsewhere. Just how many guys has he dated before me?



Fang sighed hearing the human speak. Telling him that he should have a bag with wheels and that carrying all this stuff could hurt his back.

"I'm not weak." He simply said, stopping for a seconds as he turned and watched Sora use his own bag to help carry his groceries. There was no point in arguing with the human, so Fang simply did as he was told and allowed Sora to put the majority of his items into his bag not to mention doing so drew less attention to himself.


"Thanks." He muttered, counting to walk and staying pretty quite. He didnt really talk unless spoke to so the walk over to his place was...awkward. Its about to rain

The werewolf glanced up at the sky taking notice of all the dark clouds rolling in. By the time they made it to his small house it started to sprinkle.


Fang didn't live in the nicest of neighbourhoods since his building was very old and looked like it was starting to fall apart. It wasn't all bad tho, with a little TLC, he could easily make the place look nicer. He quickly made his way to the front door and pulled out his key, unlocking it and kicking the door open. He glanced back at the human seeing the hesitation written all over his face. "Do you want to get soaked ?" He rolled his eyes moving his groceries inside and immediately started to put them away. He put most of the meat he bought in the fridge as well as his beer and the pack of water on the kitchen counter.


"Just set the rest of the stuff over there. "He pointed to the table and chairs he had tucked away in a corner. His house was small and pretty empty. All Fang had in his house was the necessities. No pictures or home decor, no plants or pets. His walls weren't even painted. It was almost like no body lived in it. It was clean but so empty. Next to the kitchen was a meat fridge that was large enough to hide a body. He had a tv and couch in the living room and a coffee table, and a single door that led to his bedroom.


Once Fang was done putting everything away including throwing the groceries bags away he turned his gaze over to the human who was still in his house. "Your still here...Is this the part where I'm suppose to be courteous and offer you something?" He said, raising an eye brow before sitting on the table, and crossing his arms. He glanced out the window seeing that it was now pouring outside. I guess it would be pretty rude to kick him out in the rain after he helped me...god damn it.

"Well...its bothersome but I guess you can stay until it stops raining..."

He pointed over to an open door saying, "Go clean yourself up...Bathroom is too the left...And don't do anything weird in my room pipsqueak."


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


"BEAT YOU!" Asta huffed, laughed hysterically. Once they had left the restaurant it started to pour, and rather than calling a cab, Asta had the bright idea to run in the rain, wanting to race Leon back to his apartment. Saying "I'm sure we won't get too wet..."


He was wrong.


The two of them were now drenched from head to toe, not a single part of there body was dry but even so...Asta looked quite happy. He couldn't stop smiling, he hadn't played or ran in the rain in years! It really made him feel like a kid again...not that he ever really grew up .

"You okay? Haha.. I'm surprised you were able to keep up with me." Asta was extremity fast for a short person, and could of easily been a track star if he so wished not that he'd ever do so since basketball was his passion.

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Guest M-jow

Leon smiled as the other started to studder. He had gotten the young male's thoughts off his job and onto something else rather easily. And that something was the feeling of his lips, so it worked two ways to his advantage.

'Ah, and now he was blushing, how cute. But I shouldn't tease him to much' Leon thought to himself as he enjoyed the view and meal.

Their talk turned over to pleasantries, small talk about Asta's training, movies and so on. When they got to the desert Leon picked a plate with fruite and berries to pick at.



Sora shook his head "I'm not saying you are, just trying to helt you out" he said not taking the other's tone personal. But he kinda had to smile when the man gave in and followed his advise.

"Well isn't it easier" Sora smiled. He had the feeling the guy was the type who was hard to get through to and understand.

Just as they had walked quite a bit, he felt raindrops on his skin. And glanced up to see the dark gray sky above them. He kinda jumpen suprised when the got under the half roof and the rain thrumped down loud and suddenly.

'Great.. i should have brought a jacket' He thought as he stood in the man's doorway with the bags infront of him.

He must have looked rather lost to the other as he bit him inside. Sora nodded and stepped insid the long emty hallway and followed him out in the kitchen after taking off his shoes.

He placed the bags over beside the other once but after that he folded his hands behind his back. He wouldn't know where to put any of the stuff anyway and he thought it would be weird to ask. Instead Sora looked around from what he could see from the kitchen.

"So.. did you just move here?" Sora asked cause of the lack of personal marking on the place. Well there were a tv, sofa and a small plastic table with two chairs. But nothing else, no photo, pictures, nothing zero. It reminded him of one of those movies, where a serial killer lived. Well the guy could fit such profile. He was deathly handsom anyway. But Sora wasn't the type to be easily scared.


Sora turned his head at the word pipsqueak. "I'm not that small, you are just terrifying tall so you know" the human huffed slightly annoyed and put his hand on his hips.

"I'll borrow you bathroom thankyou, and do my best to stay out of your drawers. Then when the rain lighten up I'll be sure to get out of you hair" Sora turned on his heels and walked the way the other had pointed. He grabbed his bag with his spar clothes and closed the door to the bathroom after him.

Okay now he was annoyed again.. well after what had happened back at work, it didn't take much to piss him off.

Well so what, he would just take a shower, wait the rain out and head home. There wasn't all that much to it. It wasn't like he regretted helping out, he had needed the help. Even if the guy wouldn't admit it himself. And Sora had nothing better to do anyway

.. Oh aside from a bit of unfinished homwork for tomorrow. He remembered as he pulled off his sweaty clothes and stepped into the shower.


"So were does he hide the towels?" Sora talked to himself as he looked around the bathroom dripping wet. But every closet in the room was emty.

Covering his crotch with his shirt Sora opened the door just enought to speak out od it. "Excuse me, do you have any towels?" Sora called out seeing as he didn't have much else as a choice.



Leon noticed the scent of rain coming in through the door before he actually saw it.

He raised an eyebrow When Asta started running. Like that would ever work he smiled and took off after the other in a sprint. To be fair Leon could have run from Asta, even.with the young male's fast speed. Even with heels he was still holding himself back. He made sure to stay close but not too close since that would properly alert Asta.

He liked seeing Asta smile and laugh. And though he was getting soaked all the way through to his skin, Leon was laughing too.

"I workout often..Are you sure that this was so a smart thing?" The shifter chuckled once they got under a roof. He slide his wet hair back, looking rather sexy in his wet clothes with the rain in the background.

He winked with a smile.still playing on his face as he wrapped a gentle arm around Asta's shoulders. Leon's body temperature was higher and he thought that could help the other from catching a cold.

"Come, we should find somewhere dry and warm" Leon said as he guided Asta into the building.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang smirked a little seeing just how uncomfortable Sora looked as he just stood there and watched him put his things away. Which was fine...he didnt know where everything went so he couldn't really help, not that Fang wanted or needed it.

"So.. did you just move here?"[/Quote]

"No.." He muttered. He leaned up against the counter, finishing up. Fang couldn't help but roll his eyes hearing Sora complain about being called a pipsqueak. He was...kind of cute.

"I'll borrow your bathroom thankyou, and do my best to stay out of your drawers. Then when the rain lighten up I'll be sure to get out of you hair"[/Quote]

Fang simply shrugged, pointing over to his room.


His eyes following after the smaller male as he left with his spare clothes. Once he was gone Fang grabbed a beer and threw himself on the couch, flicking on the TV.


"Excuse me, do you have any towels?"[/Quote]

Fang glanced back towards his room hearing the humans voice. He sighed softly setting down his beer and standing.

"One sec.."

He walked into his room and went straight to his closet where he retrieved a towel and handed it off to Sora with a rather blank expression on his face. Why is he so nervous ? Or is he embarrassed? Immediately after handing off the towel the human partially slammed the door in his face. Fang couldn't help but grin, finding the humans characteristics interesting.


Werewolfs not only had a excellent sense of smell but Fang could read people's emotions...not that Sora was very hard to read... his facial expressions often gave him away.


"How old are you..." He suddenly asked propping himself against the wall near the bathroom door.

"Its still raining...Are you hungry?"



Asta couldn't help but smile hearing Leon laugh. He hadn't heard him laugh in awhile. He liked seeing him happy.

"I workout often..Are you sure that this was so a smart thing?"[/Quote]

Asta blinked looking at Leon and himself drenched and soaked all the way through. Perhaps it wasnt the smartest idea but...at the time he just wanted to have a little fun.

"No..haha...I guess not" He muttered, rubbing the back of his neck awkwardly.

"Sorry..." He glanced up at the other just as he ran his hand threw his wet hair and winked at him...and in that moment Asta felt his heart skip a beat. He blushed faintly looking away. He's so handsome it hurts my eyes...I wanna...kiss him again.. Asta tensed up feeling a warm arm wrapped around him.

"Come, we should find somewhere dry and warm"[/Quote]

The short male nodded. "Ok," he muttered following Leon into a building.

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Guest M-jow

Sora closed the door quickly once he had gotten the towel. He had expected the other to get back to whatever he had been onto, so he jumped a little when he hear the other's voice close to the door.

"Uh 18.." he answered as he started to dry his hair.

Just at the other said it was still raining Sora turned his eyes to the window to confirm that it was.

"I can eat.. can you cook?" He ask simply because it wasn't guaranteed the man could.


He got dressed quickly and stepped out. His damp hair was pulled back so all his ear piercings were visible. Normally his hair kept them covered when he were in school or on job the shool didn't much care for students to have piercings but it wasn't a rull.

All in all keeping them covered worked fine for him.

He went back out to the big room. The tv was on but he didn't feel like watching it while the other was in the kitchen. So instead he went to join his host.

"I can help if you want any?" He offered, since he didn't really know what else to do with himself.

"By the way I'm Sora, what its your name?"




Leon wore a smile as he lead the other into the hotel building. It was a bit more fancy than Asta might would be use to and people shot glances their way as the went up the man behind the desk. Leon did notice them, but simply chose not to care about what other humans though as they saw two men walking in, in a close embrace with water dripping off their clothes.

"I wouldn't ask for a room if you arn't comfortable with it. But I can't have you getting sick either. So you choose, a private lounge or a room? We can also just call a taxi?" Leon asked Asta as the walked up the the desk manager.


"How can I assist the two of you?" The man asked with a professional expression. He had to have seen s bit of everything in this line of work.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang quietly snickered, leaning against the wall as he waited for the human to finish.

"Uh 18.." [/Quote]

He's so young. "Your still a baby.." He laughed.

"I can eat.. can you cook?"[/Quote]

He rolled his eyes sighing softly.

"You insult me....but I'm not gonna cook tonight. " He muttered, he stood and began to make his way out of the bedroom but stopped hearing the door open. The human looked a little different when he stepped out with his hair pulled back...and Fang took notice of the multiple piercings on his ears. Hm...interesting.. He simply turned away and heading into the kitchen but to his surprise the human followed him.

"I can help if you want any? By the way I'm Sora, what its your name?"[/Quote]

"Its fine...I'm just gonna order pizza...And I know...Sora Sato...I guess I never did tell you my name huh...Its Fang..." He gestured over to the boys piercings curious. "Why so many? " He asked, pulling out his phone and making an order. "And what kind of pizza do you want."



Asta's face was bright red realizing that Leon had lead them to a hotel! His mind reeling with shy...mostly perverted thoughts. His eyes wondering around the lobby being stunned by how fancy this place was...he also couldn't help but notice the many people staring at them...I mean...yes they were drenched but...why else were they staring ? Did the two of them look that...odd?


Leon then turned to him saying,

"I wouldn't ask for a room if you arn't comfortable with it. But I can't have you getting sick either. So you choose, a private lounge or a room? We can also just call a taxi?" [/Quote] Asta hung his head low, shaking it. He honestly was a little touched that Leon was asking for his input and worrying about him. Asta couldn't really afford to get sick...and the longer the two of them stayed in these drenched clothes the likelier it became. "W-we can get a r-room..." He muttered. "B-but I dont wanna t-trouble you..this place looks really expensive and...I feel bad because I'm the one who put us in this..situation... I-im sorry..." His boyfriend only seemed to smile at his words, quickly comforting him and walking up to the managers desk to get a room. Asta stood behind Leon, crossing his arms, starting to feel a little cold. Were...at a hotel...and getting a room together! I...I know Leon wouldn't t-try anything...but when I think about us...doing more than just kissing..And being in a room alone together I....my heart wont stop racing... They had recently started dating and this was Asta's first time with another male...they hadn't really gotten a chance to talk about...sex or...touching each other. The only thing they have done was kissing and making out...Leon had never really pushed him any further.

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Guest M-jow

Sora frowned. He wasn't a baby, even his parents didn't treat him like that. But it was weird being told that from.s guy who looked to be in his 20s.

"I'm an adult" He clarified over the other laughter. Not very amuzed by it.


In the kitchen he stood watching the other tap in the phone number on some pizza place.

Hearing the man use his full surname though Sors had only given him, his first name. Made the male him confused for a second until he remembered the way the manager had scolded him.

"Uh, I guess you already did know then" he smirked at the bitter memory.

"Fang? Like in white Fang. That is pretty unique" Sora smiled as the topic changed quickly.

"I'm not picky, but I do like beef and peppers" he said as he reached up to feel his ear and noticed first now he had his hair pulled back.


"Uhm.. I don't know I just wanted them because I think they are pretty and fun.. does it bother you?" Sora asked as he rubbed on a silver piercing formed as a small cross. Futher up as an peace sign, a black round dot, a bird in flight and on top an howling wolf.

"I usual keep the covered for work and school" he shrugged use to people being judgemental about his piercings.




"It's no trouble really, I'm an adult with a good paying job. I can use some expenses" Leon winked flirtatious as he booked a room for them. He gently held the boy against him by his waist as they took the elevator up to the room.

Leon thought Asta was the sweetest thing so nervous and shy. He wanted to bite into those colourful cheeks but knew that would be taking it too far.


Instead he took Asta's hands in his and held them up with flat to his face and kissed each palm.

"Don't be so nervous. I would never try anything without your consent. I really just want to to get warm and dry, for now." Leon said althought it didn't mean he couldn't try to steal yet another kiss or two, he thought to himself.


The room Leon had rented were big and luxurious. There were both a tube and a shower in the bathroom. Robs and towels lay neatly folded at the feet of the huge queen sized bed.

Leon when over and picked one of the sets up and gave it to Asta.

"Go get warmed up, I'll be right here" Leon said as he leaned in to place a gentle kiss onto the other forhead.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang glanced at Sora hearing the human say he liked his name and comparing him to 'White Fang' tho he had no idea what the human was talking about he just nodded.

"I'm not picky, but I do like beef and peppers"[/Quote]

Fang frowned saying, "Peppers? Yuck.." However he gave the human a small smirk before making his order and deciding on ordering two pizzas. One all meaty (for himself)and the other with peppers and beef, he also ordered bread sticks and soda before paying over the phone and hanging up.

"Should be here in 30 minuets, so..." He pointed to the boys earrings waiting for an explanation.

"Uhm.. I don't know I just wanted them because I think they are pretty and fun.. does it bother you?" [/Quote]

Fang stared at the piercings, he wasnt botherd by the others Fascination with putting holes in his body, but the only piercing he secretly found some what amusing was the howling wolf.

"No..just curious..."I wonder if his ears are senstive... What else did he have pierced?

"I usual keep them covered for work and school" [/Quote]

"So people dont judge you and think your a good-for-nothing punk." He raised a single eyebrow, "Why get something if your only gonna hide it..." He shrugged, moving over to the living room and tossing himself on the couch. He glanced out the window seeing that the rain was coming down even harder.

"What do you wanna wat--" He had started to say, but stopped himself the moment all the lights and power completely shut off, putting the two of them in total darkness.

"You've got to be kidding me...." He grunted in irritation, he quickly stood and went into his bedroom... a few seconds later the handsome man returned with a few candles and a lighter. He placed them on the coffee table and set the wicks ablaze, filling the room with a warm and soft romantic glow. The flames danced and gave off some heat and the soft light seemed to bounce off Fangs perfect skin, giving him a eerie glow.


He sat down on the couch and pulled out a desk of cards from his pocket. This was going to be there only way to pass the time...that and...talking. Although Fang wasn't really much of a conversationalist. He mostly kept to himself, this was probably the longest time he has ever spent with a human.


"What can you play shortie."




With Leon's flirtuous demeanor Asta couldnt help but blush and smile awkwardly hearing him say that he didn't mind paying for a room. After getting the room key, his handsome boyfriend guided him to the elevator with his hand on his waist. The younger male kept his head low, feeling more and more nervous as the seconds passed.


Asta practically jumped when Leon suddenly touched him, taking his hands and gently bringing them to his face, where he laid soft kisses in the palms. The human stared up at Leon looking lost and mesmerized...

"Don't be so nervous. I would never try anything without your consent. I really just want to to get warm and dry, for now."[/Quote]

The tension in Asta's body seemed to relax a little hearing Leon's words. He nodded once, avoiding eye-contact. "S-sorry...I know..." Asta felt a little ashamed. All this time he kept thinking of perverted and sexual thoughts when Leon just simply wanted to dry off and rest.


Asta wasnt quite sure when it happened, but at some point the male had fallen hard for Leon. He was feeling and doing things he never thought he'd do. He didn't quite understand it all himself but he knew that the man add some sort of affect on him.


When the two of them entered the room Asta's eyes widened in amazement and just like a curious and energetic child, he quickly explored the room

"Whhooaa look how huge this TV is! ...OH!Oh! There's a coffee maker in here! And the bed is so soft! " He explained, pressing down on the mattress before running to peek his head into the bathroom. "Leon! The shower is huge! Theres even a tube too! I bet you could fit 4 or 5 people in there" He laughed, returning to the others side. Leon just smiled at him and handing him a rob and towel.

"Go get warmed up, I'll be right here"[/Quote]

Asta nodded and saw that Leon was leaning in to kiss his forehead, but...Asta used this chance to gather up some courage and lift his head up, focing the other kiss his lips instead. Snatching a kiss.


It was a pure peck but when Asta pulled away he was blushing like a school girl who had just confessed her feelings to a crush. "I...I like kissing you..."He muttered trying to sound cool but...it back fired since it mostly made him sound adorable. He quickly turned and rushed into the bathroom, shutting the door behind him.

His heart racing...I cant believe I just did that...


[ 10 minutes later]


Asta emerged from the shower with damp hair wearing the robe the hotel and Leon gave him as well as his wet clothings in hand.

"I'm all done, where should I put my wet clothes? Do you think they have a dryer here?"

The young man was completely naked underneath his robe, and it was rather loose on him, revealing some of his chest. He glanced outside the window, seeing that the weather had worsened. "Wow...its really coming down.."

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Guest M-jow

When Fange yucked at his order he grined amused. "Hey it's good. But I guess each his own tast" Sora chuckled as but quiet down as the call went through.


"So people dont judge you and think your a good-for-nothing punk." He raised a single eyebrow, "Why get something if your only gonna hide it..."

Sora thought if over for a second. "I don't flash them around school because I don't want any unwanted attention from my teacher, that is true. Most people out there wouldn't think it's normal for a man my age, to want such things done to him and it may even scare them.

Though, call it a feeling but I bet you arn't the type to be scared off easily" Sora smirked as he followed Fang into the living-room.


As fang threw himself down on the couch infront of the tv he looked around unsure where to do of himself as the other caught on. But just as he was about to say something, a huge lightning struck nearby, flashing a bright white light in through the windows. The enormous energy fryed the electricity in the house and the entire block.

Sora jumped as he hear Fang curse as he passed by him in the dark. He was kinda impressed Fang didn't stumble on anything as he moved around through the rooms in the dark. But then again the guy had very little furniture as it was.

Sora didn't have the same kind of night vision and had to fumble his way to the couch and stay put as he waited.

He noticed a flame being fired on a candle stick and more as Fange came back.

He looked so stunning under the candlelights that Sora felt a little tuck in his belly as Fang looked at him.

"What can you play shortie."

Sora wanted to roll his eyes and groan at that nickname. Yeah he was short but his hight was average compared to fangs size.

"I can play a few gemes" he said as he moved a candle over to make more space on the table. "You ever tried rommy? If not I can teach you" he said as he reached out for the cards.


"I guess it's a good thing you called before the power went out I don't know with our phone, but mine hasn't got any signal anymore. Might be a storm or something." Sora shook his head and he mixed up the cards.

"By the way you got a great night vision, do you by any chance work at night?" He asked curiously and he set out the cards.




'Sneaky' Leon smiled, not minding at all that Asta stole a kiss. It was cute and he couldn't help his chuckle as the other turned on his heel and rushed to the bathroom in a hurry. "Don't slip" the shifter called out after him still rather amused with his human.


As he heard the water staring to run. Leon took of his own wet clothes and lay it on the four. Then he took the other rob set on and used the small towel to dry his hair as he checked his cellphone.

There was a few people who had tried contacting him, but no one importen he need to call back as of now.


When Asta finished his bath and came out, Leon put his phone down.

"I got it" he said as he went over to Asta and took the wet clothes from him. He took his own too and went over by the room door and opened the door.

Then he called out to the maid just down the hallway and asked her if there was a dryer they could use.


The woman looked at Leon and fixed her uniform as she went over to him.

"Sure, I can get this dryed right up for you sir, anything else I can be helpful with?" She asked as she pushed out her breast and basked her eyelashed at him.

Leon send her a kind smile. 'Better not anger the woman standing with our clothes' but still he didn't want any misunderstandings either. So he turned his head back into their room and asked Asta.

"Hey Sweety want anything warm to drink?"

He tried not to smirk as he heard the air slip out of the ballon, meaning the girl flicked her tongue and lowered he head a bit.

"Oh damn" she whisped to her self low enough for a human to notice but Leon heared it


"Okay, then one (your order) and a white coffee please" leon told the maid and as she turned away from the door he closed it.

He turned to Asta. "Wanna watch a movie?"

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang listened as the human explained to him the reason for his piercings and why he covered them, and that he had a feeling that he wasnt the type to be scared off or intimated so easily. He scuffed at the humans words, offering him a smirk but said nothing.


When he asked Sora what he could play he offered up the idea to play rommy. Fang couldn't help but chuckle, shuffling the cards. "Rommy? Not gonna lie I thougt you were gonna say something chilish like Go Fish."


He handed Sora the desk, listening as the human spoke once more. Informing him that his phone had no single and then, questioned him about his eye-sight. Which honestly surprised the werewolf.

"By the way you got a great night vision, do you by any chance work at night?"[/Quote]

Damn he's perspective.. Being a werewolf ment he could see in the dark and his sense of smell was far more superior than any other creature. I guess I better be careful around him...

"Yeah... I work a bar." He shrugged


The two of them carried on a rather chill and relaxing conversation as they played rommy. Once there food came however they decided to take a break.


It was odd...most humans never really sparked an interest in Fang..in fact he didn't really like being around them...but Sora was different. The human peeked his interest.



Asta handed his clothes over to Leon as he stepped outside ther door and asked for a maid to dry them. As he conversated with the female, Asta was busy staring outside the window, impressed by how high they actully were.

"Hey Sweety want anything warm to drink?"[/Quote] Asta turned toward the door, blushing a little hearing his boyfriend call him 'sweety'. "Um...maybe some hot camille tea.."

"Okay, then one camille tea and a white coffee please" [/Quote]

He told the maid before shutting the door. Asta seemed to light up when Loen suggested that they watch a movie.

"Yes! Can we rent one on the TV," he asked already gabbing the remote.


Once he got the others approval he immediately climbed into the bed and started scrolling threw the movie options. Asta loved superhero movies and romantic comedies (thanks to his mom)

"Leon..is there something you wanna watch? I kind of wanna see the new All-Might Superhero movie..."


Just as he asked his question there was a soft knock on the door. It was no doubt the maid again with there drinks.

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Guest M-jow

"Suprise." Sora smirked as he handled out the cards.

"My grandpa tought me to play as I started school. He and his friends would play every saturday night in the basement. When I stayed over they would tease me a few tricks and games. It earned me some extra pocketmoney so I'll say I am a decent player."


"A bar, that would explain it" Sora said as he picked up his cards. Mhn maybe I should try that for my next job. he thought to himself. He wanted.to ask which bar but figured the other might not be comfortable telling him.

"I figured I'm gonna try looking for a night job too, so I'm just warning you in case we run inti each other, that I'm not stalking you." Sora said as they started playing.


When the door rang Sora's stomach woke as the food arrived. He packed the cards aside and out of the way so they wouldn't get dirty with the food.on the table.

The smell of pizza made his teeths water as the containers opened and the warm damp meet his nose.

"Mmh smells so good" the young man groan as he picked a slice of his pepper beef pizza and bite into a huge piece of pepper.

As he opened his mouth to take the bite, one would notice his tongue piercing if looking at him. It was just a small steal ball at the tip of his tongue.

The juices melted in his mouth, he was very satisfied with his pizza. "This is the best" he said as he finished his first piece.




Leon walked over to look at the screen. He really didn't care what they saw as long as Asta was happy.

He sad down on the edge of the bed by te other's side and ran his hand along Asta's cheek. "Choose whatever you want to. I haven't watch many movies so I'll look forward to watching it with you." He said as he when over to get the door.


It was a drifferent person bringing them their drinks but that didn't bother him at all. The pour girl was surely too embarrassed to come back herself.

He thanked the maid and took the drinks inside himself. He didn't want anyother in their room. Just him and Asta.

"Your tea, careful it's hot" he said as he set the glass down on the nightstand by Asta's side. Before he went back.around the bed and sat on the other half of the bed with the blanket up over his legs.


The bed itself was big enough fir at least three people to lay in without touch ing each other, but that didn't stop Leon to sit as closely to Asta as he could so he could sit with his arm around him. Giving him a bit extra warmth under the blankets.

"Beats the cinema, wouldn't you say" leon chuckled as the movie Asta had selected started.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang listened as the human informed him that his grandfather had taught how to play rommy...and that he was quite the gambler. "I see..." When he mentioned his job he couldn't help byt raise an eye brow sending a suspicious look towards the human.

"A bar, that would explain it" [/Quote]

"Explain what?" He asked curiously. But he didn't answer him.

"I figured I'm gonna try looking for a night job too, so I'm just warning you in case we run into each other, that I'm not stalking you."[/Quote]

Fang simply rolled his eyes. Sora wouldn't even be allowed to work at his bar...let alone enter given that he was a human. The place was even hard to locate given that it was hidden in shally back alye ways.

"I'm not worried...I can handle a stalker.." He glanced up at the human...what was this feeling?


Why did he feel so...comfortable around the human?

As they played Fang managed to beat Sora once out of the three games that they played. It seems they were evenly matched and Sora was actully good at the game. When the food arrived they stopped playing and ate. However, Fang found himself staring at the human more and more, taking notice of how happy he looked eating his pizza. He also noticed the boys tongue piecing. I don't get it...Your very different from the rest... He quietly ate his own pizza wondering where else the human might have more holes and piecing on his body.


He had the urge to find out....



Asta seemed to tense up having Leon sit next to him, only to caress his cheek causing him to blush a little. He loved this man's touch...wait...loved?

"Choose whatever you want to. I haven't watch many movies so I'll look forward to watching it with you."[/Quote]

"Okay..." He said softly, watching at his boyfriend retrieved there drinks. This gave Asta a chance to once again admire the other male...He was not only attractive but Leon carried himself was such confidence. His fame was lean but slim...his hair so long and shiny, and his eyes....those eyes melted his heart every single time.


When Leon offered him his tea, Asta averted his gaze and quickly took the hot beverage from the nightstand blushing again. He hoped the other didn't catch him staring for too long.


His lover tucked himself underneath the covers and Asta quickky joined him and even though the bed was huge...Leon stayed very close to him, with his arm around him.

"Beats the cinema, wouldn't you say" [/Quote]

Asta nodded, keeping his drink close to his chest. He was actully so happy right now that he was hoping the movie would never end.


"That was awesome!! That fight at the end was insane! Did you see how AllMight punched that Villain so hard he knocked out several buildings! O-or the part where they launched missiles at the city and AllMight just flicked them away with a single finger!" Asta said excitedly as the credits rolled. He had finished his drink long before the movie was ten minutes in, and now that the two hour long film was over he seemed even more enthusiastic then before as well as happy. He turned to Leon, sitting up and facing the other. "I think I already told you this, but when I was little I wanted to be a superhero...I think I'd want the superspeed...or maybe the ability to fly...What about you Leon. If you could have a superpower what would it be?" It's late but...I don't wanna go to bed yet...i wanna keep spending time with him..

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Guest M-jow

The conversation what's light and pleasant, but also Sora noticed the other looking at him as he ate.

He chewed and swallowed the mouthful he had, before tilting his head just a bit, returning the studying glance righ back at him.


The candle lights flickered a bit and moving the shadowes around the room. Sora was once again reminded of how handsome the guy was.

Fang har a lean but still strong form and his legs were long enough to make any model jealous. His long dark hair looked smooth and perfect to run once fingers through. He lived in a soulless home and the style made it almost seem like Fang was either very por or just didn't care for such things.


Sore didn't care about money, but he himself prefered a more varm and cosy place to relaxe in.

Aside from a couch and the minimum of furnitures, Fangs home didn't tell much about him.

'What kind things does he like? what does he do in his spare time? Does he have a lover?..'

Sora was curious and wondered if the man would answer his questions if he asked.

Oh.. well maybe he wouldn't be asking the last one, thought that was the one he was most curious about.


"So aside from shopping and playing cards, what do you usally like to do?" Sora asked with a teasing smile. He wanted to know more about this guy, maybe because Fang was such a mysterious person.




He couldn't help it that he found Astra incredibly cute everytime the young male's cheeks blushed.

If Leon could have it his way he wanted Astra to always look like that but only with him.. he wasn't into sharing and Astra's cuteness were all his.

He wanted to kiss him and explore just how fare that blush reached but he was a gentleman, or at least he wanted to be with the human.


Leon watched the movie. He pretty quickly got the hang of what it was all about but unlike Astra who seemed completely zoomed in on the film. Leon was more amused with the faces and reactions the other did when something happened in the movie.


Astra seemed to swallowed up in the movie that Leon use the chance to move a bit, so that Astra was leaning more into him that the bed. He also snuck his other arm around him, so that Leon was holding him in a soft embrace.


When the movie ended Astra didn't seem to either mind or notice how he was almost sitting in Leon's lap as he spoke about the movie.

Leon smiled and nodded as Astra ran his mouth like he often seemed to do.

"If I had superpowers.. mnh" Leon held one hand to his chin as he throught about it.

True enough it wasn't something he had ever really needed to think of since he could do pretty amazing things as a shifter.


But then again human didn't have those powers.

"Hmn I think I would want the power to crontrole time." He finally replied looking at Astra with a mischievous glimt in his eyes as he smiled.

"Then I could just turn back time and we could go on this date again. Or maybe I'd just stop time so I could spent hours kissing you in under one minut."

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang glanced up at the human hearing his question. It seems Sora wanted to know more about him... He hesitated, unsure if he should entertain this any longer but...he was oddly drawn to the boy He shrugged, taking one more bite of his pizza before setting it aside and whipping his face with a napkin. "Nothing really...I'm a pretty boring guy..." His answer short and vague. He glanced out the window notcing that the rain was coming down lighter now...the storm was almost over...


- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Asta eagerly waited for Leon 's answer, completely oblivious to the fact that during the movie Leon had managed to snuggle up to him and getting him to sit in his lap.

"If I had superpowers.. mnh" [/Quote]

As impatient as Asta was, the human tried to guess for him. "Super strength? Invisibly?! Ooh! Oh! Telephony!"

"Hmn I think I would want the power to crontrole time."[/Quote]

Asta blinked at his lover, titling his head to the side, he repeated his answer, curious as to why he'd want such a power.

"Then I could just turn back time and we could go on this date again. Or maybe I'd just stop time so I could spent hours kissing you in under one minute."[/Quote]

Asta should of saw this sort of answer coming, given that his lover was a smooth talker and knew just what to say to make him blush. The blond shorty immediately felt his cheeks heat up, swayed by his boyfriends clever answer. How did he get so lucky? It was rather unfair that Leon knew just what to say to push his buttons. "Oh...well...when you put it like that...it does sound like a really cool super power. " He muttered, looking away.


He bit his lip, hesitating. Since the male had mentioned kissing, Asta was now thinking about it too...Leon gave the best kisses..and after that one make out session on there second date...they hadn't had one since...would be weird if he asked for one? He sighed softly and started to pull away from the other, deciding that it was time for bed...even though he was wide away and he didn't want this moment to end...he just kept thinking about..doing sexual things with the other. I mean they were in a hotel room for crying out loud.

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Guest M-jow

The young man smirked. He doubted that was the true but he wouldn't push him to tell him if fang didn't wanted to tell.

"Well you are good at cards, and can navigate in the dark. At least you got that" Sora chuckled in a light teasing manner.

"Can't say I'm any better either. Most I do is studying when I'm now working. Rest of my time is just like black holes, I don't know where it goes" Sora shrugged his shoulders as he turned his eyes towards the window.


It wasn't coming down as heavy as just a moment ago. There were still a bit of thunder but it was only a soft growl in the distance.

He could soon be on his way back home.

Sora didn't really know how he felt about leaving though. He didn't wise to bother Fange anymore or start to annoy him. But at the same time he feared he wouldn't never get the change to see the man again as soon as he walked out of those doors.


Sora took another bit of pizza and sneaked a peek over at Fang. There was just something about him that made Sora want to see him again.

"It's lighten up.. should have brought an umbrella with me this morning. Oh and here" Sora digged into his pocket and pulled some money out for his share of the food and layed them down on the table.

"I wouldn't forget my deed"




Leon smiled even wider as he watched Astra's react just as he had guessed. So freaking cutely.

He pulled the other in closer to his chest as he could whisper into Astra's ear.

"I bet I know what your are thinking about. And I very much approve of your mindset." He said in a low voice before he kissed the young man's ear.

His hand reached up to gently caress Astra's lips with his fingers as he kissed along the others neck and puling enough in his robe to expose the shouldet. Which also got a few hor kisses.


"You like my kisses don't you sweety.. where should I kiss you next?"

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang smirked a little hearing the human say that he was good at playing cards, and moving around in the dark. He shrugged .

"Can't say I'm any better either. Most I do is studying when I'm not working. Rest of my time is just like black holes, I don't know where it goes" [/Quote]

Fang sighed, leaning back into the couch. "Yeah...sounds about right...guess we have something in common. " He glanced over at the human catching him staring. He offered him a small smrik as he suddenly changed the topic to the weather.

"It's lighten up.. should have brought an umbrella with me this morning. Oh and here"[/Quote] He titled his head to the side watching the human dig into his pocket and pull out money. He chuckled a little, shaking his head.

"You don't need to do that. I already paid...besides...you helped me...remember?"

"I wouldn't forget my deed"[/Quote] He sighed. "You don't need too, keep your money...your jobless now. " He slowly stood grabbing the trash on the table, starting to clean up. He glanced out the window, seeing that it was darker now...and the moon was at its fullest. His eyes widened slightly...there was a full moon tonight? Damn...this was bad. Soon he wouldn't be able to control himself. How could he forget about his animal urges ? Was the boy a distraction?

"You should probably go now...you can use my umbrella..I got a long day tomorrow so I gotta turn in early." He lied.



Asta tensed suddenly feeling Leon pull him back, and against his chest, whsipering in his ear,

"I bet I know what your are thinking about. And I very much approve of your mindset."[/Quote]

Asta glanced back at his lover, letting out a cute noise when he felt Leon kiss his ear. He blush grew a shade darker as Leon contuied to tease him, taking a hold of his face and running his fingers over his lips as he felt Leon leave a trail of butterfly kisses down his neck. Asta closed his eyes, moaning softly and shuttering a little. The man pulled at his robe, exposing his shoulder and leaving a few kisses on his skin.


It didnt take the human long to get flustered, he now looked unresistanable as his heart rate increased and he panted and blushed, turning away shyly as he heard Leon's voice.

"You like my kisses don't you sweety.. where should I kiss you next?"[/Quote] Asta quickly turned around to face the man, climbing on his lap and throwing his arms over his shoulders, desperately kissing his lips. It was sudden but the love and passion was defiantly there. When Asta broke the kiss he whsipered, frowning cutey, "y-you jerk..."


He cupped his face going in for another kiss. He was yarning for this...

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Guest M-jow

Sora wanted to tell Fang that he still felt better by paying his share but the other didn't seem like he was gonna take the money.

"You should probably go now...you can use my umbrella..I got a long day tomorrow so I gotta turn in early." He lied.

"Oh.. yes I should." Sora replied, trying to sound neutral but the human felt ...what.. disappointed to be told off so suddenly.

Well Sora was a stranger who had just followed him from the supermarket. They weren't friends hanging out together or anything close.


Sora stood and folded his hands infront of him. He started to feel embarressed about how he had forgotten his manners in another person's home.

"Uhm, can I just use your toilet again really quick first?" ,He asked as he looked around the room to make sure he didn't forget something.


Once he got the clear, Sora went to the toilet and closed the door. Then the braced himself against the sink and looked at his reflection in the mirror.

'Okay, you go out there and thank Fang after you are off home and you will never see the person again... sucks I know, but even if he did liked men. To him, you are just some plain boy school boy. Who likes to get his skin pireced.'

Why had he offered his help again? Why did his think it would be okay to follow some hot guy home he hadn't known? And why did he feel so sad to leave now..


After a bit Sora turned the water in the zink on to wash his hands sfter he had flushed the unused toilet.

He peeked around the emty space as he walked through the house.

It was still pouring down outside but at least the wind looked to have stilled.




A wide smile spread on Leon's face as Astra mounted his lap and urged on more kisses.

He chuckled delighted as his cute little sweetheart, called him a jerk. It wasn't nice but the was Astra's face looked as he said it reminded him of a cute little hamster.

"But I am not wrong" Leon teased as the other cupped his cheeks.


This time he let Astra try and lead the kiss to let the young man get more familiar with it. And when he stopper of suddenly became unsure of himself. Leon wound guid him on to explore more.

While they kissed Leon's hands started to caressed Astra's legs. But as they bite more hungrily at eachothor his hands slowly moved futher up till one hand gropped a nice handful of Astra's ass.

And the other pressing Astra's body closer into him by the back.


Leon wasn't sure how fare they could go yet. But he still had to restrain himsel and remember this was new to Astra and he didn't wanted to scare him.

His body however didn't get the memo and was still getting turned on enought to make his cock a tiny bit hard.

They kissed so much that both their lips got slightly swollen. When Leon pulled away this time, he looked at Astra with a satisfied grin.

"Are you nice and comfy now sweety?" He asked as his fingers ran cirkles on Astra's lower back.

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Guest Sosuke0549

Fang took notice in how Sora began to act once he had asked him to leave. He seemed...disappointed, and a little awkward with his hands folded in front of him.

"Uhm, can I just use your toilet again really quick first?"[/Quote]

"Yeah, of course..."Why is he acting so weird...did he expect us to be friends or something? He watched as the other left, sighing softly. Fang was indifferent. The boy didn't seem bad at all, in fact he was rather unique and he had enjoyed Sora's company. But...he wasn't human...and them just being friends could cause problems for the young man. It would be best for them to part ways...it only made sense.


As Sora peered out from the corner and made his way to the door, Fang stood next to it, crossing his arms as he glanced out the window. Just when he thought the rain had lightened up, it began to pour again. Why do I get the feeling that I'm going to regret this...But him being here when I'm so close to my true self is a bad idea... Fang was about to go into heat...and having Sora next to him...well...The boy would ultimately become his sex toy if he couldn't control his lust. It was safer for Sora to leave...safer for both of them...and deep down who cares if he got drenched. Or a little cold...


And yet...


"Wait...just...crash here, the rains not getting any better...I'm going to bed..and uh...no matter what kind of sounds you might hear, just ignore it...and don't go in my room... got it? See ya tomorrow."




Asta was little surprised but grateful to Leon as he let him lead, allowing him to control the kiss, but as his confidence wavered so did his direction. He panted against the others lips, surrendering to his lover once he became unsure of himself. Leon helped him...taking his hands and putting them on his chest and body, letting him know that it was okay for him to explore and touch his body. And as Leon contuied to kiss him; his own hands began to wondered, creasing his legs and gropping his ass. Asta jumped at the action, biting back a moan as he grew nervous but...he didn't want to stop. He was so close to Leon. He could feel his breath and body heat. It was so comforting, scary but so...overwhelming good! His hands stumbled over Leons body, only stopping when they fell on the bulge in Leon's pants. Asta flinched, surprised but...secretly happy that he actually aroused Leon. So he wasn't the only one feeling the sparks. Getting lost in the moment, Asta began to rub Leon in between his legs, tugging at his pants and even undoing a button or two. When there lips started to become beaten and bruised by there passionate kissing, Leon pulled away.

"Are you nice and comfy now sweety?"[/Quote]

He could feel ths others fingers on his back, as if comforting him. Asta stared into those pretty eyes of his, looking rather horny and out of sorts, he averted his gaze.

He liked Leon..and wanted to make him happy...but he was so inexperienced, he wasn't sure how to do that!!

"C..c-can I..l-lick it?" He whispered gesturing down at the others hard on. He was desperate. He wanted to learn how to please Leon. The man was always surrounded by beautiful girls and most likely got hit on all the time at his job...he wanted to...keep him interested and happy...and feared his innocent and inexperienced act would cause his boyfriend to become bored of him. "I..i like you..Leon...I like you...alot."

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