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    ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]

    The Liar and the Masochist

    Summary: Tobio Kageyama, a struggling university student, shares a dorm room with Tsukishima Kei- his frienemy. One day, Kei spent the night with his lover Yamaguchi, Tobio borrowed his computer to browse the net and visit the porn site for BDSM enthusiast he frequents. Only to find someone close to him work as the BDSM 'queen' there.
    Tags:Romance, Gay Male characters, Alternate Universe - BDSM, Alternate universe - College life, Awkward sexual situations, NSFW, not beta read, Liars, Hurt/Comfort
    Ratings: Explicit
    KageHina, Karasuno Characters, Nekoma Characters, OCs
    Status: Ongoing
    DISCLAIMER: Haikyuu!! is not mine. only the plot is. ^^

    Chapter One

    He tried to deny what his eyes have clearly seen; he shook his head, “No. It cannot be. He's not.” he said out loud. But the evidence is clear. The queen of the porn site he frequents is none other than his lover.. Hinata.

    “Hey, Kageyama. I have that paper you were looking for yesterday. Tsukki said you left in a hurry and ask if I can give it you. He mistook it as his and brought it along.” Yamaguchi run along the hall, trying to catch up to Kageyama. “Ah, damn. I was looking for this high and low, thanks Yamaguchi.” Tobio took the neatly bind stack of papers and place it inside his bag. He heads for his part-time work now, since the submission of his papers extended by his professor out of consideration for him being a varsity player and all.. But he's really glad now that it seems it'll work out somehow and he can submit it today.

    “But still, I was surprised that Tsukki made an effort to ask me to bring it to you.. I thought you two hate each other.” Yamaguchi slowed down and walk at the same pace as Kageyama, he's headed to his afternoon class now, dragging along his props for their presentation. “Huh? I don't really hate that lanky bastard, I just can't stand him.”, with a scowl, Kageyama remembered the last argument he and Tsukishima had. It was over what kind of humidifier they're going to get. The glasses pointed out that getting the latest and newest model was the most economical in the long run. But he insists that getting the oldest model is the right way to go, since it's just a few upgrade away from the new model; the new one is not that great anyways.

    If he had the luxury to choose a roommate, he would. But he can't. He's so poor that there are days where he had to eat ramen cup raw; eating it out of the cup, chewing the uncooked noodle like crackers. The electricity's cut that time and the gas bill are unpaid, he had no choice but to eat whatever he could and manage life somehow.

    Tsukishima is his high school classmate and they are frienemies.

    Being in the same volleyball team, they always clashed and fought and bicker with each other. Who knows that even in college; much to their surprise, they'll end up in the same team again.

    “Kageyama, I'm headed this way. You take care.” Yamaguchi called out while he is zoning out. “ “Kay, later.” he said later cause Tadashi Yamaguchi kept coming to their room. I wonder what freckles saw in that glasses. He seemed so devoted to that lanky bastard. I can't even imagine it.

    “This looks okay. But you better be careful next time Kageyama-kun, you can't focus only in sports. Even if you try to pursue volleyball as a career. Education is important.”, his professor said while he checks Kageyama's submission. “You know when I was at your age, none of us even considered having a-” “Er, sir apologize, but I really need to get going to my part-time work. Thank you very much.” if I don't end it here, the old man won't shut up. “Okay, then please heed my advice okay, take care.”

    Kageyama left the office in a dash after he being dismissed, he can't help but hurry- run like the wind If you will. He had a reason to, not that he is late. But he wanted to see the guy he's been eyeing on for a few months now. Damn it, move out of the way.

    Just as Kageyama is running towards the university entrance, Tsukishima; by the window of his classroom saw the idiot and he sighed audibly wearing a painful expression because he can't stand how Kageyama acts when his classes end. He thinks Kageyama acts like a little maiden.

    “Oh, Kageyama-kun, good afternoon.” that orange hair rustle's as he sweep outside their shop. “Ozu.” he replied cooly and headed inside the bar to set up for opening. Since they are college student the law allowed them to work at establishments that serves alcoholic beverages. Even though the shift Kageyama has were to say it simply- always gets in the way of his rest, he sacrificed every bit of it for a good pay. It's better than to work with two or three different part times just to get by.

    Also, that he can't leave because of Hinata who's also a waiter there.

    “Oh, Kageyama-kun I have to go now. Since it's not a busy day today, seeing as it's just Tuesday, will you be alright being alone on the floor for tonight? I have to go to my other part-time work.” Hinata entered the crew's dressing room and hurriedly removed his apron and unbuttoned his shirt. The raven hair by this time caught a glimpse of Hinata's stomach as he slipped into his casual tee. He whipped his head back so as not to let the redhead notice his blushing. “Ah yeah, I'll be fine. Take care.”, though he doesn't usually say take care to anyone; being the stoic and unsociable guy that he is, It's different with Hinata.

    “Thanks, Kageyama. You take care too.”, he tugged Kageyama closer to his face, and gave him a peck at the cheek. “I'll message you tonight, yeah? Later.”- “Wait.” the redhead's arms tugged by the raven and his chin tilted upwards. Given the kiss reserved when they are alone, Hinata's weak knees gave in but the taller man supported his waist. It didn't end there, Kageyama caress his lover's butt and the latter gave a soft purr, enjoying the petting he is receiving. Tongues and saliva fused, and the sweat off Kageyama's back added all to the redhead's excitement.

    “STOP.” he managed to protest just in time before his penis became completely arouse. “Mou, giving me that kind of goodbye kiss. What are you trying to do?” Hinata held his chest and pat it a little louder, coming down from the high. “Go and have a good day.” Kageyama smirk to his satisfaction, seeing how flustered Hinata's face was.

    'Yeah. Yeah.”, though irritated, Hinata let out a smile and he went out of the door.

    Being new lovers is tough, when you don't have the privacy to do your business at the comfort of your own home. Especially if your roommate is none other than Tsukishima – the studious homey guy.

    They have some kind of a system to sort some privacy to jerk off like normal young adults. Or even bring a lover over. That is hang a sock by the door for when you're inside already getting busy. Though this is rather embarrassing since the dormitory will know; maybe even wait for you outside to cheer up after you went out. It's a rather tricky and painful experience one must avoid and only use if there are no other options.

    Tsukishima's family is loaded, and since he doesn't need money for tuition; thanks to academic scholarship and his varsity participation, whatever his family sends him is kept as pocket-money. So working is rather unnecessary. Unlike Kageyama, who barely scrapes by in studies. Though his school expenses paid for, his dorm fees are only discounted by half. And the rest, he just have to work for himself. He has parent who supported him throughout his younger days. However in the recent years, money has been tight on the Kageyama's and so Tobio; a one track mind kind of guy refuse to let go of his dreams of becoming pro. In reality, college is only a fall back in case fate decided to screw things up for him.

    Still, his schedule is taking a toll on his lower region as well. When he gets home at night, it's already lights out, and Tsukishima by that time, either asleep or doing something over his desk. What time can he take care of his needs other than going to the toilet and use his imagination?

    This sucks. Is what Kageyama always says. He wants a place of his own, even a 6 tatami mat room will be fine. As long as he has some privacy where he can bring Hinata over, without worrying what his roommate might see, or smell for that matter.


    Kageyama's phone that night buzzed while he is on his desk working on his homework late that night. He just got out of the bath and looked at the clock. It's a little over one hour before Hinata's shift at his other part-time is over, so it couldn't be him.

    I'm staying over at Yamaguchi's. Don't use my computer for your raunchy needs. If you do, please have the decency to erase the viewing history, king.

    Kei T.

    “Yosha.” Kageyama fist pumped in the air and went in to open Tsukishima's computer, leaving his home work for later. He's allowed to use it, Tsukishima is not that stingy when it comes to things that might help Kageyama is his studies. After all, for the sake of the years they've known each other, this much isn't a big deal. He has his personal laptop anyways, while Kageyama has none.

    “Okay, enter the password here.. And voilĂ*.”

    In reality, Kageyama is a frustrated sadist. Frustrated meaning he can't really let this freaky self out. It'll be the worst since his current lover of barely two months looks like someone who hasn't even experience sleeping with a guy. He pursued Hinata for 4 months, relentlessly at that. And he enjoyed how innocent his lover is reacting to his every word, his every action and every tease- like a virgin.

    Oh, they have a new release fresh from earlier? Nice.

    He scrolled down to get the video streaming, it seems like there's a new video out on the BDSM community he frequent at. But these videos are usually a few minutes long, just enough to tease you to buy the full video or pay the membership and get access to the full length one. He doesn't have that luxury though. He can't afford it.

    What a cheesy name, sadoqueen? Psh.

    It's been months since he saw video clips from this queen, but he didn't open it. His preference is soft core gay porn, something with light bondage and probably group orgies. Though he has a sado heart, he is not that sadistic or rather, he just haven't fully unleash this side of his, yet.

    But he got curious, since the forum speaks about this person. And so as the curiosity lead the unsuspecting cat, he opened the video clip and had the shock of his life.

    “Who told you to speak like a human? Aren't you a dog? Bark!” the raven haired man spoke harshly towards the kneeling, collared and tied up man under him. He is stepping on the bottom man's penis and grinding it with his heel.

    Though the one lashing out the whipping is black-haired man, there was no doubt in his mind that it is Hinata; his Hiinata.

    Because Hinata refused to let him know his other job for reasons like, it's nothing big just helping out a friend at a movie studio being the props man or something, he always felt uneasy. Not that he did not trust him but because he is a jealous man. And he knew his lover is a bit of an air head, so people might take advantage of him.

    He recognized his lover by the voice, and because last week; without Hinata knowing it, he marked him at his nape with a kiss. And from the angle of the video he is seeing, it's clearly HInata.

    But this is not something he expected. Hinata doing porn, letting other man touch him, choking the other guy with his own penis. Whipping.. waxing.. it's too much.

    “eh.. wait.. Why am I arouse by this?”, curious about what is going on. Unintentionally, Kageyama felt exhilarated seeing Hinata abusing the other man.

    “eh, EHHH?”

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "And? What do you need me for that? There's a personnel that can help you with whatever it is that you want. Why should I waste my precious weekend in helping you buy a computer?" Tsukishima expressed his plain disgust at Kageyama, for the first time the king ask him for something and he can't help but be grossed out.

    "Bastard, you're just going to point which one has the best specs for the budget I allotted. Will it kill you to drive me to the store, and do that?"

    "Now I have to drive you there too? What the fuck, Kageyama." Tsukishima is few minutes away from punching Kageyama but as always, Yamaguchi held him back.

    "Tsukki, let's help him out. Maybe he needed a personal laptop? Right Kageyama-kun?", still hugging Tsukishima by the waist, completely immobilizing him to move towards the source of irritation, Yamaguchi sure know how to handle his lover's moods well. He got used to the two always bickering like cats and dogs and if not for the fact that he still lives with his parents, he might offer Tsukki to switch rooms with him.

    "Huh? What are you even saying, you know what I had planned this weekend right?", the glasses held freckle face and squeezed it, irritated by the fact that he sided with the king and the latter removed his hold and grinned widely. "We can watch movie after, what do you say? After we help Kageyama-kun, he won't use your computer anymore, isn't it a win-win situation?", the freckles pointed out, making the blonde resigned himself and sighed.

    "Nice. Thanks Yamaguchi." Kageyama triumphant fist pumped Yamaguchi and before the other one can reciprocate, the blonde yanked him closer to his chest and said, "I swear if it's not for Tadashi.."

    Kageyama mumbled something and bowed to freckles. "Alright, I'll give you two some privacy as thanks. I won't sleep here tonight." He called them out and handed the blonde a suspicious bottle. At Tsukishima's closer inspection, it's a bottle of lubricant. This made him angrier, swearing out on the raven too late as he is already outside the dorm room humming victoriously.

    "Kageyama-kun, your face's red, feeling okay?" Hinata peeked at the raven's face and the other instantly jolts back, hitting his head on his locker door.

    "No, it's just, I ran from school to here so.. I'm fine.. Really.", for some reason, he can't look at Hinata's face. It's been a week since that last porn watching incident. There were a few instances when he almost ask the redhead the questions that's been lingering at the back of his mind. What the fuck is up with that video? Is he really that sadoqueen? Why is he making porn and why didn't he tell me?

    "Alright then.", said Hinata. But somehow looked a bit, sadly. "Kageyama-kun, you still coming to my place this evening?" he followed.

    "Yeah? Yes, I am.", confused with the redhead's pouting expression.

    "Oh! 'Okay then. I'll see you outside."

    Oh, now he looks relieved. What was that?

    The bar's full tonight, especially since it's Valentine's weekend. The floor was bustling with celebrating couples and groups alike, drinking the night away. It's tiring to them both, Hinata and Kageyama. Though there are other who waited the tables too, it's still a busy night.

    "Thank you sirs, please come again." Hinata called out to the leaving group of men, one of them though stood still in front of Hinata. Kageyama wanted to go to the redhead's side, but he already is waiting a table. Good thing Hinata handled the drunkard – cleverly, sending him out of his way.

    "Problem?", one of the waiters asked Hinata, and the other one just shook his head, looking a bit pale. Kageyama saw it all, that the drunk office worker whispered something to him, wearing a smirk on his face. He had a hunch on what that was but, he can't focus on that right now. He'll get to the bottom of this later he said to himself.

    "Pardon my intrusion." Kageyama said before he entered Hinata's apartment. He'd been here before, but he never stayed the night. His club activities prevented him for staying out late, since this place is a far from the university. Hinata is understanding on this part of Kageyama's life. Even though he isn't going to college now, he plans to enroll the next semester. Very big on the idea to enroll where his raven is.

    "Come in. Excuse the mess." He removed his scarf and hang his coat together with his bag on the coat hanger, offering Kageyama a clothes hanger for his as well. "What would you like to drink? I went grocery shopping yesterday so the fridge is full. I got paid for that other part-time I have." asked Hinata.

    Shit! I got nervous all of a sudden.

    "Ahm anything is fine, thanks." Kageyama pats his chest.

    "Kageyama-kun, you're being weird, I noticed it for the past few days. You've been avoiding me." Hinata surprised his raven by sitting on his lap facing him. The other one had a troubled expression on his face, a little pink under the eyes.

    Averting his eyes, he said that Hinata is just imagining it. That there was nothing wrong and that he is just as he was like before. But the other did not believe it, more so he started to get a bit teary. This made Kageyama panicked.

    "I'm so sorry. Please don't cry for me. Maybe I was just tired, yeah? That's it. Come on, just cheer up now.", he stroked Hinata's thigh. Though the tired part is partially true, the other reason was he did not know how to open up the topic of him accidentally seeing Hinata at the porn site the other day. How can he? Although it is normal for young people to watch those kind of videos, it's not normal to watch those with your lover in it.

    "Oh, her i thought that you might be thinking of breaking up with me and I got so scared.", he sniffled and burrowed his head on Kageyama's neck, hugging the raven closer.

    The raven hugged back, at the back of his mind he thought the redhead is so cute, that he might have imagine what he saw. There's a resemblance of him to that man on the video, yes. But it's better to think otherwise. Or wait for the other one to tell him himself.

    "Hinata, can I ask you questions though?" still on a tight embrace sitting on the sofa, Hinata looked at Kageyama's eyes and nodded. Although Kageyama can hear the redhead's heartbeat, clearly nervous about his sudden seriousness.

    "What do you feel about me? I am serious about you, but what about you Hinata?"

    Hinata wanted to laugh and try to pass it off as a joke, but Kageyama is serious. His brow is creased and his eyes are staring intently at him that he felt a bit unnerved.

    "Ah. Well of course I am serious about you. I you…" he twiddled his thumbs with a blush on his face.

    "And, why won't you tell me your other work? Where was it? Do you have another man there or?"

    "No! Please don't accuse me like that. That's not true. It's just that part-time isn't really much and since you lack rest, I just don't want to worry you. That's all. Please believe me." Hinata's denied it strongly, which made Kageyama feel guilty for some reason.

    Kageyama exhaled audibly and hugged Hinata tightly.

    "Kageyama-kun, what's happening?" Hinata pry himself off the embrace, but the other one just squeezed him harder. "Never mind.", said Kageyama.

    "Oh, I guess someone is needy." Hinata, at the back of his mind thought that his lover is just being insecure. They haven't had sex for a few weeks now since the exams and the practice matches interfered with them. But now that it's over, maybe Kageyama is feeling the relief of it and taking his sweet time to act all willful.

    He unceremoniously kissed a wet one on Kageyama's ear, blowing air on it a bit. The other one shuddered under him and brushed off his thigh. Hinata started planting soft kisses on the raven, tracing his lips on the man's collar-bone. He grazed his teeth on him moaning at the back of his throat when he felt the pressing groins under him grew bigger.

    Hinata likes slow sensual kisses, and so does Kageyama.

    Their lips locked together moving in sync. Kageyama was the first one to slid his tongue inside their joined mouths, swirling it inside. His hands caressed Hinata's butt that press against his lap while Hinata's fingers make a mess off his hair. He can feel it too, that Hinata is already hard since its penis is pressed against his belly.

    "Hold on tight." Kageyama held that legs as he stood up and the other one coiled on to him like a vine. He placed Hinata on the bed, making him land with a thud.

    "Take your shirt off." Hinata said in a whisper and Kageyama obliged. He parted that leg under him and threw his shirt off the bed.

    "I like these." Hinata traced with his fingers that abs Kageyama is sporting. He even went ahead and touched the V-curve above his lovers pants hem line. Kageyama's body is really his type, long and lean.

    The raven hovered on top of his lover, planting kisses on its face. He then unbuttoned Hinata's shirt, just enough to expose his front. "And I like these.", said Kageyama, tracing his finger tips on the pink nipples. Making Hinata's voice quaver when he called the raven's name.

    "Kageyama-kun." He breathe out, while the other one skillfully licked and sucked his nipples. He can't help but feel the heat rising and this made him wet his under pants from his arousal.

    "Hinata, can you face that way please." Kageyama lifted his lover's hips near his face and parted that plump ass. "Kage… no that's dirty." Hinata protested but the other didn't listen. He stretched that ass cheeks to part and gave it a lick, concentrating his saliva and spitting on the hole. The other one started to pant and moan. Quivering like mad and calling out on his raven. His hands are almost white, clenching the sheets tightly. More so when Kageyama inserted his fingers in while simultaneously giving him a good rimming.

    "I think it's ready." Kageyama said making a slurping sound. Reading himself to enter when Hinata flipped himself to lay on his back.

    "No, you made me worry about you so you have to do something else for me." Hinata said, opening up his legs and folding his knees to for a letter M from it.

    What is it? What's he asking me?

    "Kageyama-kun, please give me a blow job too. You gave me a rim job right? Please do the front as well." Hinata said, he licked his lips and wriggled his fingers inviting Kageyama closer to him.

    Damn that's hot. Kageyama admitted and went for it without being coy.

    He's used to giving the red a blow job now and then. After all he is the one penetrating it, It's only fair that Hinata gets the other service from him, however this is the first time Hinata requested it himself. The raven felt a bit happy about that.

    "Ah.. yahh, Kageyama-kun.", he knew that the other one is enjoying it cause he felt the tangy taste of its pre-cum inside his mouth. He didn't mind, he like how dirty sex is; and hot like this. He decided to play with Hinata's hole as well, giving him no time to relax. "AHH!", the redhead quivered when Kageyama hit that harden spot inside and pressed it till his partner got all teary.

    Still busy with blowing him off, Kageyama taste that the pre-cum is over flowing and that Hinata is cumming real soon. Before he had the time to stop, Hinata pressed his head, plunging his penis at the back of Kageyama's throat, effectively gagging him. "Uhn!" he tried to wriggle out but it was too late, Hinata came inside him.

    It didn't stop there, the redhead devilishly pressed his nose, making him drink a few of the semen before releasing him and letting him cough the rest out.

    "What the hell was that." Kageyama turned eyes on him and Hinata just giggled. "Ah, sorry I don't know what came over me. Are you mad?" Hinata's feet is poking on Kageyama's erection. It seems he is saying that Kageyama enjoyed it too.

    This made the raven blush some more. He felt embarrassed by the fact that it is the case here. He parted that thigh once more and roughly entered his shaft down that hole.

    Hinata cried out, clawed his back and bit his lover's shoulder. Begging Kageyama to slow it down, but he can't deny that even though it was rough, he likes how Kageyama paid attention to his needs. Every thrust angled at the right spot and the kisses showered all over his sensitive spots. He like this part of his lover. He always think that Kageyama is so kind.

    The bed creaks and quake loudly, now their bodies and joined with a tight embrace. Hinata's arms are bracing for the wall, knees on the bed while Kageyama pound him hard at the back. The both called out each others name as they emptied themselves throughout the night.

    "At least treat us to some drinks. What kind of guy is this?" Tsukishima's irritated again when Kageyama said he is going home to start browsing on his new laptop.

    "I don't have money now. You know that, I already spent my savings here.", he shrugged off the blonde's valid point.

    "Let him be Tsukki, I'll treat you, ne. Come on, the movie is about to start and we haven't had tickets yet.", Yamaguchi dragged the blonde with him and bowed to Kageyama and the other one did so as well.

    Just as he suspected, there were at least 10 video clips of the said sadoqueen from the said porn forum. All of which redirects you to the full movie access with the warning that it's very graphic and not for the faint heart.

    Again with the curiosity and the aching need to know the truth, Kageyama clicked the site and registered himself. With heavy heart he registered the credit card he is saving for emergency use and access the latest movie released.

    There it was, the sexy sadist lashing out his antics on the poor perverted masochist tied to a ceiling, dangling from above. There's a reason for it, why Kageyama bought the latest one. The time when Hinata said he got a call from his other part-time, Kageyama again marked him, but in a place no one would even suspect.

    It's only a tiny dot on that silky smooth skin. A tiny dot that will eventually save him from his suspicion.

    But he was wrong.

    Clearly that mark is there on the man who is fisting his knuckles on the poor masochist's ass. The mark he placed on his beloved's side, at the back near its rib cage. For some, it might look like a rash, a bite of a mosquito or maybe just a redden part. But he knew other wise.

    Kageyama folded his knees closer to his chest, paused the wretched video and closed the laptop shut.

    Covering his palms on his face, with heavy heart he muttered.

    "Hinata,.. you liar."

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]

    a/n; not beta read, sorry i used spellcheck that's available in my country. but just to be sure, be advised that this is not beta checked. thanks


    "You're so damn annoying. Drink, date someone, go out, focus on volleyball! I don't care, just don't get all gloomy here. I can practically see molds seeping out of you." Tsukishima said, throwing pillows on the gloomy Kageyama.

    It's been three days since Kageyama suddenly got into the gloomy mood. They have no idea why. Tsukishima expected that Kageyama at least will bother him for a month, asking about his new laptop. But when he got home later that night, he just saw Kageyama sitting on his bed, staring blankly at the ceiling.

    He didn't mind it much at first. But it has become a bother when Kageyama sighs every fifteen minutes, It has brought him to a depressed state as well. Plus, this is the king. The idiot whose head is full with volleyball. And it's unusual for him to skip practice for a day. Worst is that he attended practice after a day of pretending to be sick, but basically sucking the whole time.

    "Kageyama-kun, are you feeling unwell? Maybe we should go to the nurse's office." Yamaguchi sat at the foot of Kageyama's bed, concerned because Kageyama didn't retaliate to Tsukishima after being thrown a pillow to the face.

    "You! You even made Yamaguchi concern for you! Get up now. Get up!" Tsukishima stood abruptly as well, swiftly dressing for warmer clothes since it's so cold out from the snowing last night.

    "Huh?" the raven hair looked at Tsukishima and showed that scowling, he always do when irritated.

    "We're going out, being in here is making you extra stupid. Must be the weather that's making you all depress. Get up." Tsukishima mouthed to Yamaguchi that he should get ready as well. Today, they only had classes till lunch. The practice got canceled due to the weather and since gym heater broke, it'll be worse if they continue. Just to be sure, their captain locked the gym. Since there are idiots who will pour themselves to practice regardless of what its condition.

    Instead of getting up, the gloomy brat went ahead and lay down, covered himself with the blanket, "Enjoy.", he said to the two.

    Before they drag king out of the bed, the blonde gave him a good smack in the head and Yamaguchi as always stop them from fighting.

    "Still, this is such a surprise that you guys are asking us to drink. Are you guys even allowed to? You're just first years, right?", asked their highschool former Team Captain, Daichi Sawamura is now their new VIce-Captain, and the one they go to when there's trouble. At first he was reluctant to hear their excuse for asking a drinking session with them, but when he and Sugawara saw the state Kageyama's in, they agreed eventually.

    Tsukishima sipped his, he has no intention to tell the vice that there was a time where he made Yamaguchi drunk before, so he pretended that this is all their first time and it can't be helped.

    "Still, what's gotten into you?" Sugawara asked as he poured alcohol to Kageyama's empty glass.

    Good thing Sugawara and Daichi live together, and had this kind of privacy, otherwise it'll bring bad reputation to these players. Only Daichi continued studying together with the three, but Sugawara is enrolled in Physical therapy school his relative owns. In a way, this is Suga's help for them. Give them free massages.

    Kageyama didn't answer. He just looked at the bottom of the glass, feeling the burn of the drink sliding down his throat. He isn't used to the taste, and apparently, it hurts like hell to cough when drinking cause it also seeps out of your nose. He realizes that people who drinks are tough, but he understands why they do, two glasses of it and he's already feeling hazy.

    They just looked at him, Sawamura even gave him an encouraging pat, he doesn't know what happened, but he said hang in there, and the latter nodded.

    "Disgusting." Tsukishima said, but Yamaguchi knew otherwise. Tsukishima isn't really feeling like that. He hid his smile behind his glass. He knew that his Tsukki is concerned for his friend, and this is his way of showing his love.

    "Will I forget?" Kageyama asked, but not to his companion, he asked himself. This is his first time loving anyone, and the hurt is unparalleled.

    The four of them looked at Kageyama and turned questioning eyes to each other. Almost saying "AH! So it's heartbreak."

    Few days back…

    "What's up, it's late, anything wrong?" Hinata is freshly bathe and his hair is still wet when he opened the door, he Kageyama when it came barreling down his door late at night. They didn't agree to meet tonight, but this is still a nice surprise, the redhead thought.

    "I won't stay long." Kageyama stood firm in the entrance way, looking red in the face, and Hinata thought it might be because he ran all the way to here. "This sounds so serious, um, maybe we should sit?" Hinata's heart is beating madly. He might feel scared a bit.

    The raven shook his head, and gritted his teeth. This made Hinata step back and assess what's happening. He nodded that he understands Kageyama and that he should say what he came in here for, preparing for the worst. The break up, he is feeling that's coming.

    "Hinata, why did you lie to me?" Kageyama said in a whisper voice, almost choking at the end of that sentence. "Eh? Lie? What do you mean?" the redhead's answer.

    "Your other job. You're doing porn." Kageyama simply stated. "No, not just porn. BDSM porn." he added. He even gave a disgusted look to his Hinata.

    "Eh?", the redhead is beyond shocked, his face paled and he braced himself to the wall.

    "You're not going to deny it?" Kageyama was hopeful even for a tiny spark that he was mistaken. That Hinata will deny it, fight his innocence, prove that Kageyama is an idiot and that he will never do it. But the other one just gazed down, shook his head and hiccuped. Maybe even holding his undeserving tears.

    "Shit!" Kageyama slammed his fist into the wall, startling Hinata, even made him jump back. "Oh? Why are you stepping back. Aren't you used to this? Oh wait, you're used to being the one doing the whipping." Kageyama taunts.


    "Don't! Don't fucking start calling me and apologizing. You liar. I'm done." his own words hurt him so much that he even consider taking it back.

    'I'll stop. Please, I'll do whatever you want just please don't go." Hinata held the ravens hand, shaking. His palms are cold as it can be, and his face looks like he's going to go over any moment.

    Seeing this made Kageyama's anger dissipate a bit. He sighed and held Hinata's face and the latter sigh with relief, but this isn't the case here.

    "Take Care of yourself. " Kageyama said while he stroke that lips one last time.

    "Eh? No, no.. Please, no."

    He freed himself out of that desperate hold and walked out the door with a heavy heart.

    "Yoh, it's good to see the improvements that you made, I'm glad." The team captain said to Kageyama, nodding contentedly when he saw that monstrous jump serve. And the vice-captain, Sawamura agreed with a pat to his junior's head.

    "After winning the winter tournament, I just felt pumped up. And I've already dragged the team down when I had some problems a few months before. Sorry about that." Kageyama bowed a bit and the two laughed a bit. Indeed, he's been difficult, but they were just glad that the he bounced back. That's all the matters now.

    "Disgusting." Tsukishima butted in and angered Kageyama, and the two started arguing like before.

    After breaking up with Hinata, Kageyama has been a mess. His usual focused self no more, he even failed one class. Lucky for him that the professor took his attitude as stress from being the first year main setter for their team. Everything is riding on his shoulders and that made him take pity on the young man, giving him a chance to take specials exams. Of course out of desperation from the club, they all helped him study, review, get him out of his slumps, one member is even in charge of making sure Kageyama eats on time.

    It's been hard, but he manages to pull through. Now working at a different restaurant thanks to his former teammate Asahi, he now rids himself of anything that reminds him of Hinata.

    Even that laptop remained untouched.

    Every once in a while, Tsukishima see Kageyama going back and forth, seemingly debating whether he'll open that laptop or not. He didn't mind it as much as he could. He's not that heartless. But he knew that there's something that Kageyama saw in there that made him crazy, even break up with that lover of his that's been occupying his time of rest. He thought it was for the best, since the Kageyama now is top of his game. Focus only on his goal. But still, at the back of his mind, he wonders who is that person who broke the king. He must be one hell of a lady.

    "Eh? What's with the new uniform?" Yamaguchi asked Yachi and the blonde patted her lower back from the heavy box she pulled all the way from the clubroom. "Someone is joining us today. A new member that registered yesterday." she said.

    "New?" Yamaguchi asked and that piqued the interest of the blonde giant boyfriend of his. "Is this person replacing Mino-San? Is he a middle blocker?" Tsukishima asked, this is good since his fellow blocker dropped out from school due to some inconvenience and transferred elsewhere.

    "Yeah, he is. But he's short for the position. You didn't see it yesterday, but man he was all "swoosh" when he jumps. I was like, 'fugwahhh" it's so intense." Yachi started her animated story telling which the two are used to. Since they knew her from high school and that she's always like this. By this time the coach asked them to gather up. And introduced them the newest member of their team.

    "Man, I'm already fifteen minutes late. Shit, that teacher doesn't shut up." Kageyama hurriedly wore his jersey and ran toward the gym.

    "You're late."The vice-Capt pointed out, he bowed his apology and started warming up at the end of the gigantic gym.

    "That was a great spike Hinata."


    Kageyama dreaded to look back, but he did what was inevitable. When he looks back at the people playing on the court, there he was. That redhead. Not only that, that redhead performed a beautiful broad attack, an attack that seems to call the setter inside him.

    No way.

    The whistled signaled the end of the first set and the team with the redhead won it. As they were on a break, the redhead noticed Kageyama is frozen in placed. He dropped his towel on the bench and walked towards him.

    "Hey." Hinata bowed.

    "Hey." Kageyama greeted back.

    "So, I enrolled here like I said I will do. I hope that this won't be a problem for you. And I promise I will try my best not to get in your way." Hinata said, his smile is a little hopeful that at least Kageyama can be civil towards him.

    "Yeah, no problem." Kageyama manages to say that out smoothly.

    It's a lie. It's not okay

    "That's good. And you look good, Kageyama-San. It's nice to see you again. I hope we can put the past behind us. I already quit that job to start my life over." Hinata looked apologetic again. He did not have the chance to apologize, but looking at Kageyama, it seems that he has moved on.

    "That's in the past. And I'm happy to hear that.", the raven answered.

    This is a lie. I'm not happy to hear that. What do you mean start over? Does this include forgetting me? Wait, what am I thinking?

    "Enough with the talking, are you done warming up Kageyama? Go with your position!" Vice captain Sawamura bellowed.

    "Okay, let's go." Hinata said to Kageyama, turning his back to him and walks back to his place.

    What am I going to do? Seems like my stupid heart still belongs to that idiot.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]

    a/n: lemons... not beta read..NSFW

    disclaimer: haikyuu! is not mine


    "Stupid! You're suppose to receive it using your arms! Not your face! Dumb ass!" Kageyama came charging to Hinata, when the other one seems to suck at everything in volleyball, if you exclude his amazing jumps.

    "Ah, sorry! I'm sorry!" Hinata cowers behind the team Captain, and he managed to separate the two. It's only been a few hours since the two met and it seems like they won't get along that easily.

    "Kageyama is a perfectionist Hinata, so please don't mind him much and just continue with your practice. You won't improve if you cower every time he scolds you. And it's not like he will punch you for no apparent reason, right?" Sawamura tried to ease the newbie's discomfort, and the redhead shook his head as a response.

    "I know Kageyama-kun isn't like that, so don't worry Sawamura-san." Hinata said, calming down when Kageyama lost his initial anger and went on to practice like usual.

    "Eh? You know each other?" Sawamura asked, it just so happens that Tsukishima is there as well so he heard what Hinata had to say next.

    "We work together in his previous part-time job, so that's where he and I met." Hinata seems like he is trying to end the conversation, added, "Ah, but we weren't close or anything. We just knew each other since we have same breaks and stuff.. Yeah, just like that."

    This made the tall blonde more curious. More so when he sees Hinata shoot glances over the tyrant king from time to time.

    "But, did you know that Kageyama is a varsity here?" Yamaguchi asked, and Tsukishima is silently happy that he did. A part of him wants to know this as well.

    "Yeah, I did. This school is more for a plebeian like me, since I have no one to support my studies. So I asked Kageyama about the fees, the dorm cost, the regulations, how can I get discounts and stuff like that. But you see, Hehe, I'm not really smart nor worthy to become a varsity scholar, so I need the coach' recommendation or something to get at least a discount on this semester." He scratched his face, being shy in being the center of attention all of a sudden.

    "You won't get a scholarship when you don't even know how to serve, stupid." Kageyama butted in and Hinata fires back. "You're not that smart too, Kageyama-kun, so don't call me stupid!"

    The two seem to argue a lot, from Tsukishima's perspective, it is more than meets the eye. He has his suspicions earlier, but now it seems like it has resolved itself somehow. Kageyama isn't the type of person to be rude to an acquaintance. They knew each other on a more personal level, and what's pretty obvious is, Hinata went to this school for Kageyama.

    "Tsukki, why are you grinning?" Yamaguchi asked, "Nothing. It was nothing." he schooled his expression and sigh.

    "Eh, Hinata, you're not staying at the dorms?" Yachi asked, when they were having a break before they jog around campus that afternoon.

    Hinata gulped the last few ounces of his drink and shook his head. "Ah, no, I'm staying at my old apartment, I have at least 6 months worth of lease there. And also, the dorms are kind of full now." he stated.

    "But, it'll be hard on me, I admit. Since living here would pretty much be easier. The practice takes a lot of my time and the energy and, well, the times I spent on traveling could be used on resting or additional hour for my part-time work." he added.

    "Eh? What kind of part-time work are you doing?' Yachi asked again, passing the towel to Yamaguchi and Tsukishima besides him.

    "Right now I am working as a waiter where Kageyama-kun and I met. I get a few hours extra since we are under staff, however, I think I might quit that too, and focus on studying." Hinata stood up and did some stretching when his thirst is quench..

    "Will you be able to survive without working?" Kageyama couldn't help but voice out his concern. He immediately regretted it though, since Tsukishima is eyeing him weirdly. Even grinning a bit.

    This bastard knows something, from his smirk. Damn, he irritates me. Kageyama thought.

    Hinata is shock by sudden question from the last person he expects, but he manages to smile for him, showing his happy face and nods. "Yeah, I've saved quite a lot selling my soul for a few years, so that I can get my life together."

    This made the people who are near them a bit surprise. Hinata sounded like he was joking, but the sadness from his voice sounds so real.

    "Kidding! I found a new job near here, but the interview is on this weekend. So hopefully it'll be alright." he said and Yachi made some nervous laughter, she senses something was off from that exchanged the two had but couldn't put a finger on it.

    "Don't be so nervous, Yachi. Some say that my humor is a bit dark sometimes, so you'll get used to me eventually." he followed this one with a chuckle and the rest laughs with him.

    "You're a character, you know Hinata. You want to play volleyball, but man, you suck." the happy yet a bit easily angered senpai named Tanaka, butted in.

    "Haha, I get that a lot since I joined, so please spare me." Hinata laughs.

    "Good work today, see you tomorrow!"

    The sun already set, giving the sky a color of deep orange, it's beautiful and it's Kageyama's favorite time of the day. Before, this always reminds him of Hinata's hair. Reddish sometime when the noon sky light hits it, and often times when they had to walk at night, that hair reflects a bit of the lamp or the moon light and the color comes off darker.

    He likes it.

    Whenever he and Hinata made love, his fingers ran through that hair. Even at times when Hinata sleeps on his chest or his stomach, he lost count of how many minutes or hours he spent on just staring at it.

    And now Hinata is in front of him, but out of reach. Somehow an unidentified feeling is welling up inside him again. Its ache is familiar. He really does love Hinata, but he did not expect that it is up to this extent.

    "Kageyama-kun, you're riding bikes too? Aren't you going to the dorms?" Hinata asked him when he unlocked his bike too, just a few feet away from Hinata's.

    "Yeah, I'm headed to my work. How about you?", asking him without looking at Hinata's face.

    "I'm headed home. I need some preparing to do for my class tomorrow." He said, mounting on the bike seat.

    There are many things Kageyama would like to say, but it seems that he can't find his voice. Hinata waited, which was awkward for the two, but he did. Cause he can see that Kageyama is restless and wanting to say something to him.

    "Ah, never mind Kageyama. I didn't mean to trouble you. Have a good night." he said, starts pedaling, but Kageyama swiftly grabbed his bag, tangling it to Hinata's neck. The latter coughs and stares at Kageyama. "What?!" with a coarse voice he asked the raven.

    "One question, can I ask one question, Hinata?" he said, his face wore a serious look, and Hinata nodded.

    "Did you loved me?"

    Hinata startled by the question, he thought this was a close page for the both of them. But apparently, it is not. He shook his head and gaze down.

    "No. I'm sorry." he whispers softly.

    Kageyama let go of his hold, and reached out to Hinata's hair. The other one flinched, but he continued, smiling, he said "I've always loved how your hair feels on my hands, Hinata." Kageyama said.


    "This is for the best, I guess." Kageyama added, and let go. He turned his head back and mounted on his bike. Without looking back, he pedaled away. When Hinata saw him passed him by, there was a hint of tears on Kageyama's cheeks. And Hinata's chest aches.

    "What do you mean loved? Bakageyama, I still do, I still love you.." Hinata mutters.

    "Eh? So you mean you're not available, Hinata? Wow! So you're dating someone?" Tanaka's voice over the club room is so loud that Sawamura can't help but ask him to be quiet.

    "I am sort of, not available." Hinata was vague about it.

    Damn, I mean what can I say? I am in love with someone so count me out of goukon? It'll make me look like a complete virgin.. no, I won't let that happen.

    "How about you, Kageyama? You coming?" Tanaka asked, moving his target on whoever is closer. Well, Tsukishima is closer, but it's pretty much known that he and Yamaguchi is dating now. From what he heard, Tsukishima, Kageyama, Yamaguchi, Yachi and Sawamura are from the same high school.

    "Kageyama-kun?" Tanaka asked again, and the other one slammed his locker closed, startling everyone inside. "Yeah, I'm coming." he said, but his eyes were looking at Hinata.

    Not available? So is he saying he is dating someone now?

    "Great! Now, only one left." Tanaka browsed his phone, but Hinata tapped his shoulders.

    "Actually, senpai, I am a bit okay if all I have to do is be there. Can I come?" Hinata asked, looking at Kageyama with a pissed expression.

    What the fuck am I doing? Tch!

    "Won't your lover be mad at you for coming on a group date?" Kageyama started and Hinata snorts.

    "I hope he* will. I love to see him riled up." He fired back.

    "Oi, can Yamaguchi and I come too? It looks like fun." Tsukishima butted in,

    "Eh? Tsukki, you already have me, what gives?" Yamaguchi panics and asked.

    "Well, it's fine, right? You guys can just drink and sing at the karaoke then."

    Tsukishima wore a jubilant face and smirked at Kageyama.

    "You're drunk. So rest." Kageyama said to the redhead and the other one just snapped at him, continuously sipping his beer.

    "I am not." Hinata said and quaffed.

    "Hinata, although it's the weekend tomorrow, I did promise Daichi-san that we won't drink. So please control yourself." Tanaka worries about Hinata, but at the same time, he is busy on his own world. Since there are at least two girls near him. He's just glad that Kageyama seems uninterested in the girls from the other university and that the girls gave up on him. He's also glad that it seems like Kageyama is concern about Hinata that he is looking after him.

    "I'm going to the toilet." Hinata stood up and wobbly exits the door, with the raven behind him, looking closely at him. When they entered the rest room, he whipped his head back and ask Kageyama. "Why are you following me?'

    Instead of an answer, he questioned back.

    "Who is it?"


    "Who is this person you are dating now?" Kageyama slammed his hand and Hinata on the wall and inched his face close to him. There is at least one guy using the toilets, but he whistled and went out after he washed his hands, almost saying he didn't see anything.

    "Kageyama, it's none of your business." Hinata tried to pry out of his hold, but the taller man secured himself to him by holding on his waist. The raven then burrowed his head on his shoulders and Hinata's heart almost leap right out his chest.

    "You're weirding me out Kageyama. Let me go."

    "I won't."

    "Huh? Stop letting the alcohol do the talking for you. Now please let go." he wriggle out some more, but Kageyama is now a bit forceful, holding his arm tightly.

    "Ne, you said you love to make your lover riled up, right? How 'bout I fuck you right here and leave marks on you.."


    Before Hinata could say anything else, the raven sealed his mouth with a fiery kiss. Plundering his mouth with that hot tongue, he moaned through it, tears roll down his cheeks as he accepted more of Kageyama. He miss this touch and now with lowered inhibitions, he gave in quite easily.

    The two are lock in embrace, mouth to mouth, and panting heavily. Kageyama's hands wrap around the redhead while Hinata holds on to him tightly, one hand, making a mess on Kageyama's hair.

    "uhn.." moans Hinata, when then raven haired slid his hands down his back and snake it down his underwear. "Kageyama, let's get in the stall at least." Hinata said and Kageyama dragged him to the nearest toilet stall, slammed the door open and barely locking it before Hinata sat down and unzipped Kageyama's pants.

    Hinata whipped out Kageyama's weeping erection and ran the tip of his tongue at the slit of its base. He tasted some pre-cum off it and Kageyama shivered as Hinata licks its side. Hinata slowly took it inside his mouth, moaning as he goes, while Kageyama gaze down on him, feeling so good just from the visual stimulation.

    The redhead deep throat him, coughing a bit and stroking him whenever he pause to catch his breath. He took it one last time, letting its base touch his cheeks. Kageyama has had enough of foreplay by now and he yank the redhead to stand up and face at the wall. Hinata knew what was coming then, so without being coy about it, he braced his hands on the wall while Kageyama yanked down his pants for him.

    He heard Kageyama spits on his finger and inserted two at the time inside him, giving him new heights of pleasure that his penis leaks with ecstasy.

    "Damn." Kageyama said, spitting on his swollen member as well and positioning himself at Hinata's entrance.

    "Eh, wait not yet! ARGH!" Hinata cried out when Kageyama entered him, holding on his hips as he thrust.

    "Shit, Hinata." Kageyama cursed out, groans and pants and this made Hinata wants to look behind. But he was too busy from the pain and the pleasure that he just jerked off his penis, wanting completion too.

    Kageyama abused the spot he knew over and over, forcing Hinata to cum before him, so he can have him sit in the bowl. With luck, it seems like he is going to get what he wanted. The tinier man shuddered and moaned, spraying his cum all over the toilet.

    "Heh." Kageyama smirked and pulled his penis off, catching a glimpse of that pinkish inside before it closed off to him.

    "Hinata, sit down." He said and Hinata flushed the toilet before he did, holding out his tongue when he saw Kageyama is jerking himself to completion.

    He decided to help him, licking the tip off and soon after he heard that grunting and the creamy liquid oozed out. Hinata gulped it all, and looked at Kageyama. He didn't realize that the man is wearing a pained expression.

    He paused for a bit before he tilt Hinata's face to look at him.

    "You're really a cheat, Hinata." Kageyama said.

    He closed his zipper off and walked out, leaving Hinata as if nothing happened. Hinata just took a deep breath and wipe himself clean with his handkerchief.

    "Yeah, been cheating myself a lot." He mutters.

    He didn't know how many minutes have passed, but all he knows is that he cried himself till he feels better. When he got out, he saw Kageyama is still there, leaning at the lavatory.

    "I'll take you home." Kageyama said, still wearing that pained face.

    Hinata smiled and nodded.

    I'm such a masochist.
    Kageyama thought.

    While Hinata thought the same thing towards himself.


    *he - japanese language sometimes is gender neutral so Hinata is actually saying "I hope THEY will" but of course i made it a he so it won't be as complicated.

    anyways.. going somewhere without wifi for two days or so. i'll update when i can. ^^

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]

    a/n: long chapter, sorry about this ^^


    "Hinata, headed to class?"

    "Oh, hi. Yeah, you?"

    "Yeah, I have an economics right now. Afterward, my chemistry got canceled so I guess I'll drop to the club room and clean." The cheery blonde walk along Hinata, trying to match his pace, though the redhead is matching with hers as well, slowing down since he still have time before his first class start.

    "Good morning." Yamaguchi came from the left corridor greeted them and the two nodded. "Yachi, I heard you're headed to the club-room? If you find a knee pad that has a K written in it, please give it to me so I can wash it. That's Kei's." Yamaguchi pleads and Yachi gave him the 'okay' sign.

    "Alright, I'm going here, you guys have a good day." the redhead bowed at the two and Yachi waved at him with a tinge of blush on her cheeks. Yamaguchi just stared at her for a good one minute and she gave up.. "Yeah, I have a crush. Big deal!" She stomped her feet, walking away from the snickering freckled face.

    "What are you snickering at?" Tsukishima rest his chin on Yamaguchi's shoulder, making the latter blush. "Ah, good morning Tsukki. It's Yachi, she has a crush on Hinata. I caught her just now." Yamaguchi said.

    "Oh? Seems like Yachi has a rival, then." Tsukishima said, walking towards their class while Yamaguchi followed him, a little worried by that remark. "Tsukki, do..does this mean you like Hinata too?" he questioned and Tsukishima whipped his head back and flicked Yamaguchi's forehead. "Stupid. Not me. What're you so worried about? I was talking about that annoying king."

    Tsukishima, like always, opened the door for Yamaguchi and lets him in first. They choose the seats farthest to the teacher and drops their things on the seat. No one bothers them anyways, at least the guys do. However the girls occasionally glance at them when Tsukishima is being naughty, making it obvious on Yamaguchi's face.

    "Kageyama likes Hinata? Wow, did he say this to you Tsukki?" Tsukki hands Yamaguchi a candy bar and the other one accepts, inspecting the wrapping before tearing it up and he gives his blonde a piece too.

    "Hmm, just a hunch. Geh! Hmph, this is too sweet. Eat the rest for later." the blonde wipe the chocolate stains off Yamaguchi's lips and the latter nodded, wrapping it back and placed it inside his bag. The other guys around them feel embarrassed more than anything, cause, though Tsukishima is popular, he's pretty much known to be indifferent to everyone except Yamaguchi. And though homosexuality among varsity players is kinda frowned upon, Tsukishima doesn't care, which is something worthy of respect.

    "But still, I imagine Kageyama still heartbroken about that girl who dumped him. I mean, this is Kageyama.. He has a one track kind of mind most of the times." Yamaguchi spoke in a whisper since the professor had already come in.

    "I think he is the same person that broke up with him, this is just a speculation.. But those two are oddly close to each other. And often times they fight about nonsensical things, that is so unlike the king, don't you think?" Tsukishima leaned his chin on his wrist, while he rests his elbow on the desk. Yamaguchi didn't answer him, he just silently thinks that Tsukishima may say he is not interested, but he cares about Kageyama. He hides his smile behind his handkerchief, pretending to cough from what he ate earlier.

    Hinata eats his bento behind the gymnasium, there, a single tree started to wither its leaves for the fall. He sat under it, using the piece of cloth he prepared so he can eat without hassle. Today is a little cold, but doesn't mind, he likes this kind of weather and enjoys his solidarity. It's been days since he discovered this place, and usually, the only person who comes here is the janitor, because his shed is near the place. Aside from him, this place is always peaceful.

    His lunch is simple enough, he's been clever over the years in bento making. Cooking over the weekend or any break he got, freezing the food and he's good to go for the following week. Just re-heating it carefully in the morning and letting it cool down to room temperature, while showering, so he can pack it without it spoiling in the afternoon. Today's lunch, however, was a little fresher since he just went shopping yesterday. He's currently enjoying a pan-fried salted salmon, tsukemono, egg rolls and rice with furikake sprinkles on top.

    "Hmm, I think I need a deeper silicon separator for the vegetables." he made a mental note, since he feels he isn't eating veggies compared to meats or proteins. After he finished eating, he tidied the bento and place it on his sides. While Hinata leans on the tree with minimal shade, he looked at his wrist watch and decided he could still nap.

    His phone has a different set of playlist songs. One is for the mornings, where he plays songs from slow to fast, to indicate that he has not much time left. One playlist is for times like this, where he wants to relax without being late, playing loud music, just enough to let him rest without letting him sleep.

    He pressed the song 黒い雨 among the songs he has and plugged the earphones. He closed his eyes while that violin started.

    Folding his knees closer to his chest, he tapped his fingers on to it, while humming to the song, totally zoning out. He only realizes that he isn't alone when one figure sat beside him and pulled one of the ear plug and wear it himself.

    "Hey." Kageyama said, handing him pocari sweat in can. Hinata nodded to him and graciously accepts the drink. They sat there, side by side, shoulders touching each other. Listening to that music which Hinata thinks is silently killing him cause it seems like it's right to them. However dark it may be.

    Kuroi ame uchitsuketa kanjou

    Nakitai hodo mabushii sora

    Minareta uso kurikaesu hibi uzuku kizuato

    Oite yukanaide

    Warainagara fuan na hito wa "daite daite"

    Nemurenaku natte yuku

    "Kageyama, do you mind if I change the song? It's kinda loud and I wanna nap for a while." Hinata said and Kageyama held his hand, just enough to stop him from pressing his phone, letting go immediately afterward. "Just leave it, I kinda like it." Kageyama said. That is his true feelings, aside from his serious personality, he always like this kind of songs.

    It was just a coincidence that he discovered that Hinata eats here, because Kageyama spends his breaks on practically practicing every day, and eats at class, Today however, he decided to sit beside him since the weather is cool.

    "Hinata, how are you adjusting to your lessons?" Kageyama folded one knee too, and lean his arm there. "Are you my mom, Kageyama-kun?" Hinata snickers and the other one pinched his nose. He chuckled and swatted the raven's hand off him. "Doing just fine.." Hinata sighed and closed his eyes, showing disinterest to Kageyama, since he just wants to relax, that's what he is trying to do.

    Kuroi ame wa kitto boku no sei da

    Nante koto nai you na kao wo shite

    Hontou no koto wo iwazu ni nani wo

    Boku wa iitakattan darou

    Kimi datte hontou wa

    Warainagara fuan na kimochi

    'Shiranai shiranai shiranai yo sonna koto wa!'

    Kageyama is also feeling a little uneasy, and removed the ear plug and placed it on Hinata's ear. The redhead, when he felt that- opened one eye and felt surprise when Kageyama placed a kiss on his lips, before he stood up and left Hinata for himself.

    Hinata touched his moisten lips with his finger and felt a tiny vomit coming behind his throat. He rinsed the feeling with the drink. It's not that he is disgusted, it's his nerves. He's been confused with their status in more ways than one. Is he and Kageyama dating? Or are they fuck buddies? They slept one time on their drinking session and Kageyama is kind enough to not question him further after that. But what are they really, is something he would like to know as well. Hinata thinks it's clear that Kageyama misunderstood him for having a new lover.

    But he has no strength, let alone-courage to ask him. He hurt Kageyama, and maybe that man is still hung up on him. He had pursued Hinata for months before Hinata gave in. It's not really like he hates him, it's more about Hinata's life circumstances. He's doing porn at that time, and while others may think that is just his job, it's cheating no matter how he slice it.

    Itsuka owaru to shirinagara boku wa

    Akashinbou watarenai no sa

    Kuroi ame

    "Stupid song! Shut the fuck up!"

    Kageyama's day went by like a breeze, after his encounter with Hinata at the back of the gym, he immerses himself with reviewing his previous lessons, the afternoon with practice and the night with a few hours of job. He went back to the dorms, took a bath, opened his book and read a while before he head to bed.

    He's been diligent enough to pass the exams, surprised quizzes and stuff like that. That is his distraction. He went downhill when he and Hinata broke up, which up to this day makes him scratch his head. He's been stupid, and probably still is. For all he knows, Hinata forgot about him already, and he realized that Hinata is just someone who plays with sex and relationship easily.

    Does he judge him? Pretty much, but he lost that privilege when he held Hinata again in his arms knowing he has a lover. His momentary weakness opens up old wounds.

    In all honesty, Kageyama wanted Hinata gone. Move to some school and be gone in his life. It'll be so immature of him to say this to a person who wanted to change his life circumstances, studying for a better life. But the man is sadistic enough to join the volleyball club as well. He thought about it, that it is possible that Hinata is genuinely interested in volleyball, since no matter how much he suck, his jumping ability and crazy reflexes are an arsenal.

    After his anger dissipated when he learned about that porn gig, he thought hard about why Hinata would accept the job. Aside from the fact that Hinata is poor, even worse situation than him, he does not see the redhead's logic. Is he in his right to judge, not really, that's what he honestly thinks if they are friends or anything similar to that.. However, it is clear, Hinata slept with someone other than him and lied about it while they were dating. Now that is a different story.

    This may come a slap in the face for Hinata, but Kageyama went ahead and have himself HIV tested. He was paranoid of everything, even went and be all cranky when Tsukishima use his things. He knew that if in case he went positive, he won't transmit it to the lanky blonde like that, but paranoia works in a different way.

    He is happy enough to know he's free of any diseases, and that is a load off his mind.

    "You're still awake?" Tsukishima asked him, getting back at the dorms a little later than usual, seeing Yamaguchi behind him as well.

    "Yoh." Kageyama greeted Yamaguchi and sat on his bed, he realized he forgot to turn off the lights, this is why the glasses is surprise why he is still up despite that he's been tired today.

    "Mind if Yamaguchi sleeps here? We're kinda late and his place is far." Tsukishima removes his jacket and handing his boyfriend hanger for his clothes too. "I don't mind, you guys should probably move faster though, the bath is already close and you might be able to use the showers, but I doubt it if the hot water is still on."Kageyama said.

    "It's fine, we already took a shower." Tsukishima said, removing his pants and getting under his covers, waiting for Yamaguchi to join him in the narrow bed. "Then, excuse me." Yamaguchi is not ashamed of Kageyama since he has had sleepovers like this in the past, but Kageyama is weirdly looking at them for some reason.

    "What is it?" Tsukishima finally asked and the raven sighed audibly. "I mean, if you guys already did it somewhere, then you guys should have slept there. Aren't you uncomfortable sleeping in a narrow bed?" he asked.

    "It's expensive to sleep overnight in a love hotel, and this bed allows us to snuggle. You do understand that, right? Since you and Hinata dated.."

    Right after that named left Tsukishima's mouth, he already regretted it since he saw how Kageyama flinched and visibly looking hurt.

    "I'm sorry." Tsukishima is not as a jerk as he appears. He shouldn't have said it and he knows he over step an invisible boundary.

    "Yeah, I think you're right on that one." Kageyama simple said.

    His relationship with the redhead isn't as hidden as he thought it would be. And as expected of his roommate, he's the first one to know.

    "Ah, sorry, I forgot to turn off the lights, let me." Yamaguchi felt the awkwardness so he tried to stand up again but Kageyama beat him to it.

    "Where are you going, Kageyama-kun?" Yamaguchi asked, a little worried he might be angry with Tsukki.

    "I need a drink, and maybe a fresh air. You guys go ahead and rest, I'll be out for a while." He wore his track suit over his lounge wear and zip it all the way up. He carried only a few bills and his phone and head on out the door.

    "Don't stay out too late, idiot." Tsukishima called out and he didn't answer.


    "Kageyama-kun, it's already late, where are you going?" the friendly night guard of the dorms around the campus saw Kageyama walking in the dark pathway and stopped to nod to him.

    "The match is coming up, so I was a little restless, I need some air and cool down a bit." he said.

    "I just finished my rounds, you wanna borrow my bike?" The old guard is well liked by the students' cause he is not so strict, in exchange for his friendly attitude, the students are kind enough to respect him and not break the rules that'll get him in to trouble.

    "Would that be okay?" Kageyama is hesitant, though the offer sounds nice. "Yeah, go ahead." the old man chuckled and mounted off the bike. "Be careful, make sure you don't wander too far and open the signal lights." He went ahead and showed Kageyama how it works and a few minutes after, then raven drove off with it.

    The night felt breezy, and after a few rounds of circling the dark campus, Kageyama decided to spin the bike out on the streets. On his phone, it's already 11:45pm. Though he did not care, since he needs a change of pace. Driving the road racer bike through the road, he eased up when he saw someone familiar near the convenience store.

    "Great! Of all the people I have to meet, it really has to be him." he mutters when he saw Hinata coming out of the convenience store, with meatbun in his mouth.

    "Hinata." he called him out, since Hinata saw him as well for a second and tried to look away, pretending not to see him thus effectively irritating the raven even more.

    "What're you doing? It's so late, why aren't you home?" Kageyama break in front of Hinata and stand up, still on the bike to balance himself.

    "What about you? You're still awake. Going to the convenience store?" Hinata asked. Eyeing Kageyama since his shoes mismatched. He snorted and pointed it out, "The fuck is that? A new fashion statement?" Hinata laughs and wipe away a tear at the corner of his eye.

    The embarrassed Kageyama decided to lie about it, and cover up his stupidity. "I was in a hurry, sorry about my fashion mishap."

    "Why are you in a hurry though? Hungry?" Hinata offered one meatbun to Kageyama from the plastic bag he is holding and Kageyama shook his head.. "Err, well you see, I was trying to buy..Condoms. Yeah, condoms." he stammered.

    Though for Kageyama, he was just trying not to sound like a loser. Irritated by the fact that Tsukishima figured him out earlier, and irritated by the fact that Hinata moved on with his life while he remained sulking about what happened, still.

    Hinata's chest almost gave out, he felt himself sweat at the idea of Kageyama buying condoms in a hurry. Remembering a similar scene when they were making out in his apartment. He made a nervous and awkward laughter, scratched his face and looked at Kageyama, who is acting awkwardly as well.

    "Don't worry about it, I also bought mine, see?" Hinata said, showing two boxes of condoms inside his black plastic bags.

    "Eh?" Kageyama felt a punched in his gut when the redhead showed him.

    "Anyways, wow, it's kinda hot huh? The air, I mean, whew!" Hinata fanned his face with his hand and bowed to Kageyama. "I'll go ahead Kageyama, good night!" before Kageyama could say something, the redhead went on mad dashed and run towards the crossing street. Effectively hidden from Kageyama's sight.

    "Ha.. Ha ha. Well, I can't say I didn't deserve that. I started it." Kageyama gritted his teeth and even bit his lip, tasting the tangy blood. He spits on the ground, not minding his manners at all. Pissed at everything, including himself.

    "Hey, I'm back." Hinata called out when he opened that glass door and saw the doctor picking up the glove boxes she knocked over.

    "Ah, Hinata-kun, I'm so sorry for letting you pick up the condoms for the Trans-vaginal machine! It's embarrassing, right? I'm sorry I forgot to stock up! I'm terribly sorry!" the Gynecologist that Hinata work for is a bit young and nervous lady, but Hinata is happy enough to work for this clinic since it is close to his school and the pay is good. This was the job he's been talking to Yachi about.

    "Haha, it's really okay sensei. Don't worry. I know it'll be extra hard on you if I don't buy it. And plus it's already very late, we should close up soon."

    They've been late tonight since they had an emergency patient. The lying in clinic supposedly close at 9pm, however, there's a pregnant lady who had a fever that came around that time, so they had no choice but to attend to her needs before her husband pick her up.

    The doctor forgot that she intended to order for condoms earlier, but now that it's late, she asked for Hinata to pick at least two boxes of it till she can ask for deliveries by tomorrow afternoon.

    "Anyways, you should go Hinata-kun, I'll be fine right here. My sister will come and pick me up. So it'll be alright. I'll see you tomorrow." she smiled and took the receipt from Hinata.

    Hinata smiled and nodded, but soon after he went out that door, tears from his cheeks flowed out.


    He knows he has no right to ask who is the person Kageyama is seeing, but he can't help how he feels.

    He stopped to catch his breath, continuously crying and not giving fuck who can see him.

    "I hope tomorrow never comes." he pounds his chest with his fist and weeps.

    Little did the two know, both of their lies that night caused a ripple effect in their lives the succeeding days.


    tsukemono - are Japanese preserved vegetables, as an accompaniment to or garnish for meals

    furikake - is a dry Japanese seasoning meant to be sprinkled on top of rice. It typically consists of a mixture of dried and ground fish, sesame seeds, chopped seaweed, sugar, salt, and monosodium glutamate.

    transvaginal machine- is used for Transvaginal Ultrasound. an examination of the female pelvis and urogenital tract (kidneys and bladder). It helps to see if there is any abnormality in your uterus (or womb), cervix (the neck of the womb), endometrium (lining of the womb), fallopian tubes, ovaries, bladder and the pelvic cavity. It differs from an abdominal ultrasound as it looks at the pelvic organs from inside the vagina, it needs condoms for sanitation and to avoid cross contamination.

    黒い雨 – Kuroi Ame in romanji or Black Rain - is a song from the Japanese artist named Shigi. It is not owned by me, all rights reserved to Shigi.

    Song translation:

    Kuroi ame uchitsuketa kanjou

    Nakitai hodo mabushii sora

    Minareta uso kurikaesu hibi uzuku kizuato

    Oite yukanaide

    Warainagara fuan na hito wa "daite daite"

    Nemurenaku natte yuku

    -Black rain, a feeling like I've been hit by something

    A sky so brilliant that I want to cry

    An accustomed lie, repeating days, an aching scar

    Don't leave me here

    People laugh, but I'm actually anxious, thinking "Hold me, hold me"

    And become unable to sleep-

    Kuroi ame wa kitto boku no sei da

    Nante koto nai you na kao wo shite

    Hontou no koto wo iwazu ni nani wo

    Boku wa iitakattan darou

    Kimi datte hontou wa

    Warainagara fuan na kimochi

    'Shiranai shiranai shiranai yo sonna koto wa!'

    -This black rain is surely my fault

    I made a blank face

    I didn't tell the truth

    What did I want to say?

    You're the same

    You laugh, but you're actually feeling anxious

    Thinking "I don't know, I don't know, I don't know this stuff!-

    Itsuka owaru to shirinagara boku wa

    Akashinbou watarenai no sa

    Kuroi ame

    -Though I know it's going to end someday

    I can't cross at the red light

    Black rain-

    a/n: i'm sorry for the many errors. i hope it is tolerable enough. As you can see, i am not a native english speaker. ^^ even though i use spellchecks, sometimes [most of the times] it has error/s still.

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]

    a/n; not beta read, sorry about this.
    disclaimer: haikyuu! is not mine.. bummer.


    As much as he wants to stay at home today, Hinata knew that if he does, it'll only bring him more troubles. He got up and start his day as usual with re-heating his frozen food for his bento. After, he showered and got dressed and though he went to bath every night before he sleeps, he just can't leave the house without showering.

    He packed his food and gathered his things, going out of his door with a very heavy atmosphere. He didn't want to see anyone he knew today. He's just not in the mood for everything.

    Months ago, he said to himself that he will be more than happy if Kageyama find someone to love, and be with only him. From the bottom of his heart, he thought that's what he wants.

    He thought it wrong.

    That lingering feeling that Kageyama is touching someone else and that his kisses and affection are for someone new, just kills him. But what can he do? He's been a shitty lover. And even if he is changing himself now, it's already too late. Kageyama moved on.

    He hopes that his day would turn out great somehow. Luckily, his morning started off fine, he's thankful that nothing annoying so far happen. Greeting his taciturn seatmate during his first class; Hinata likes how this guy always minds his own, not really caring for small chatters. Hinata thought that the guy somehow has an unusual hair color, close resembling to a pudding. He doesn't speak much, but when he does, it's always about reminding Hinata about the upcoming test, or something along these lines.

    "Hmm? I thought I brought my pen, tch! Where is that thing?" Hinata mutters under his breath, rummaging his stuff but can't find it. Great! This professor never shuts up! I need to jot down his lesson!

    "You can use mine, I have extras." the pudding-head seatmate said which startled Hinata. "Ah! Okay, thank you.", he smiled at him and took the pen. Hinata wanted to say more, but the silent guy besides him ignored him afterward.

    Guess I'll thank him later.

    "Hey! Wait, please!"


    "Your pen, thanks!" Hinata stop the pudding-head, holding him by the arms, returning the pen that he borrowed and the other one looked at him confusedly. "You need it for your second class." his gaze was never on Hinata's face and Hinata realized that maybe because the person in front of him is the shy-type.

    "It's okay, I'm going to buy one at the campus store. I still have time before my second class starts." Hinata smiled and placed the pen on the other guys hands. "My name is Hinata Shouyo, first year. And you?"

    "Kozume. Kozume Kenma. Second year." the pudding head answered. "Ah, so you're a senpai, huh. Sorry about my attitude!" Hinata panics. Gladly, Kenma just shook his head and said- "It's fine. I don't mind it."

    The two continued walking slow on the hallway, going to each of their classes. Seems like Kenma is not the type of person that is hard to get along with. Though Hinata thinks Kenma speaks too little, he does not mind hanging out with him, since he talks too much, anyways.

    "Kenma, you know what're you majoring by now?" Hinata asked, since they have the same class. "I just took that class cause I need a unit in social studies. I'm currently studying law and politics." he answered in a timid voice, very confuse why Hinata is suddenly attached to him.

    "Oh, planning to become a lawyer? A policeman? Something that involves politics? Aren't you too introvert for that one?" Hinata chuckled and his easy-going nature somehow lightens up Kenma as well.

    "How rude." Kenma smiled a little with him as they walk along the corridors, chatting to one another.

    "Why are you standing there Kageyama-kun?" Yachi peeked at Kageyama whose gaze was fixed on the smile he knew so well.

    "Who are you looking at?" the little blonde traced where Kageyama's glare is fix and saw that reddish-orange hair, "Ah! Hinata-kun? Who is with him?"

    The redhead is animatedly chatting up with an unfamiliar guy, and Kageyama felt sick in the pit of his stomach. He did not like how those two are acting really cozy with one another, or rather, Hinata is sticking close to him like a lovesick idiot.

    "Ne, Yachi. Do you know that person who is chatting up with Hinata?" Kageyama clenched his fist, a lot of things are running in his head by now and he can't contain his anger.

    "Hm? I'm not sure, but Captain wanted to recruit him for the setter position. He repeatedly refused, though." Yachi answered and asked why is Kageyama interested in him.

    "Setter?" by now the vein in his forehead is popping and Yachi felt herself sweat, nervous from Kageyama's indescribable behavior.
    There was a slap on the back of the head of Kageyama followed by Tsukishima and Yamaguchi passing them by.

    "What the fuck was that for?!" Kageyama came charging towards the tall blonde and the blonde sighed, "I don't care what you do, but don't go scaring Yachi so early in the morning." Tsukishima answered, pointing Yachi who is sticking so close to Yamaguchi.

    "There, there." Yamaguchi awkwardly pats her head and Kageyama realized what he has done wrong and apologize to her.

    "Anyways. Let's go Yachi. Leave this idiot alone." Tsukishima said and Yachi bowed to Kageyama. "See you later." She said with a soft voice.

    Kageyama left too, going on to his own class. He sat farther back, unusual for him cause he always sits in front. He's not in the mood to pay attention, obvious from the frown he is wearing on his face. The people surrounding him kept their business to themselves, not minding the aura permeating around the popular varsity player. Kageyama has always been somewhat unapproachable, but now he's that and more.

    The fuck is that? Does this mean that Hinata went to this university for that guy? Is he the lover he is talking about? Setter? The fuck is this shit!

    The more Kageyama thinks about it, the more he is seething with rage. His finger taps the desk and he clicks his tongue more than the people surrounding him could count.

    "Err, Kageyama-kun, your lip is bleeding.", the girl sitting near Kageyama notices it and gave him a pack of tissues. He accepts it and wipes it off, not realizing sooner that he has a habit of biting it when he is so angry.

    Damn it, when are you going to learn? Hinata is not the right person for you! Leave him be.

    "Eh? Kageyama-kun? You have a wild partner, huh?" Tanaka points at the lip wound Kageyama has, insinuating that it was bitten by a lover and Kageyama's face instantly felt warmer. He's put on the spot since they were having a break, and his teammates' eyes were on him.

    "Ah, this.. Well, it's not really that. I mean, I did it. I bit my lip." he said.

    "Oho? So it's that good, huh? Who is it, huh?" Tanaka further embarrass him and asked. "Hey! Let Kageyama be, continue with your stretches!", the team captain called out to them, and the raven is thankful that he's saved..

    Hinata by this time is trying all possibilities to drown what he heard and try to ignore it, but he can't. He thinks about many things right now but he has no say in this. He already cried so much last night, and now his tears are threatening to well up again. Now that he thinks about Kageyama's habits in bed, it always involves biting somehow, whenever the raven is lost in passion. And that biting his lips from it, is somehow slowly killing Hinata.

    "Restroom." He said when he tapped Vice Captain's Sawamura's shoulder and the latter nodded. He slowly walked out, and fished his cell phone from his jacket's pocket. "Hmm, let's see. Which one should I call.", he muttered. His fingers are trembling and he accidentally dialed the recent one he registered on his phone book.


    "Ah, shit! I dialed by accident…" Hinata cried out and placed the phone on his ear. "Hello, Kenma? Sorry for suddenly calling you.. I just.." Hinata's voice broke and he started sniffling, feeling an odd relief hearing someone's voice to drown his thoughts. He now understands why people usually pour their hearts on total strangers and not someone they know. It's hard to talk about these things to people close to you.

    "It's alright. Are you okay?" Kenma by now, is also surprised why the cheery Hinata is acting like this, so he decided to hear him out. Since Kenma isn't good with socializing, he adapts by carefully observing them, and by Hinata's voice, he knows something is wrong.

    "Yeah, I'll be fine. Will you stay on the line for the time being, Kenma? Tell me what're you doing."

    "..Okay, no problem. I'm done for today, and I'm dropping by the pet store, picking food for my cat." Kenma sounded like he is walking cause of the commotion surrounding him.

    "Oh? That's nice..

    "Hey, who is Hinata talking to? I heard him talking outside, is that his lover? The one who is dating?" Tanaka opens his mouth yet again and all the players in the gym looked over the glass window and saw Hinata laughing with tears from his eyes and blush on his cheeks. The peeping party interpreted this as Hinata overjoyed and punch-drunk in love.
    This is how Kageyama sees it too, thinking how Hinata and Kenma humps like bunnies, that they needed two boxes of condoms. How Hinata never looks like that when he dated him, how he played the fool.

    "But still, his lover's name sounded so manly. Kenma. Or maybe I heard it wrong." Tanaka ponders and everyone looked at him.

    "The jealousy of a single man is terrifying." Yamaguchi commented on Tanaka, he got a good headchop for it though, which irked Tsukishima up to no end.

    "Eh? Kenma? Isn't he that guy we saw happily chatting with him this morning?", the little blonde turned to Kageyama and since the raven can't take what he is seeing anymore, he just added coolly - "He can see whoever he wants to, why are we peeping anyways?" he turned and head of the court, while the other players joins them. Yamaguchi feels sorry for Kageyama though, he knew him for quite some time now and he can see that this is hurting Kageyama. His frowns are different from the usual.

    "Hey, Hinata, cut the chit chat. Let's go!" Sawamura opens the gym door and shouts at Hinata who forgot they are in the middle of afternoon practice.

    "Ah, sorry!" Hinata called out to the captain and said his farewell to Kenma, a little relaxed since the other one was kind enough to distract him. He entered the gymnasium with a smiling face and one particular raven is glaring at him.

    "What?" Hinata asked Kageyama with a scorn.

    "You piss me off." Kageyama said and turned his head away.

    "Sorry I can't come with you guys. Maybe next time, yeah?" He waved to the group and heads to the bike racks. Before he unlock his, his phone buzzed and see that he got a mail from Kenma. Earlier, he ask the man if he could see his cat and Kenma promised he will send a picture of it. Kenma sent two pictures of his black cat, one wearing a red bow and one with it eating.

    "Aww, how cute." Hinata said and got a smack behind his head for it. "Ouch! What was that?"
    Seeing the raven once again with that frown on his face, Hinata is suddenly filled with the urge to give Kageyama a punch or two.

    "You look happy. Is your lover treating you okay?" Kageyama asked with nonchalance. He is busy unlocking his own bike and checking the tires, not even bothering to look at the person he is talking to.

    "Lover? Who are you talking about?" Hinata asked, tilting his head like he always does when he gets confuse.

    "Isn't that Kenma your lover? You two were pretty cozy early morning; you can't even stop yourself from calling him during practice." Kageyama turned around and stared at Hinata from head to toe. His looks are unnerving Hinata and he instinctive steps back. "Wha..What's it with you if I am? You have yourself a lover. Apparently he or she is so good you can't even keep yourself from biting your lips." Hinata fired back.

    Since Kageyama is not saying anything, Hinata got fed up and check his bike swiftly. He wants to get out there fast.


    "What is it? You're annoying me, Kageyama-kun." Hinata mounts on his bike and looks at the raven.

    "What does it feel like to cheat?" Kageyama asks.

    "..Huh?. Ha-ha, you're not going to let me live this down, aren't you?" Hinata is feeling his face burning up, "Do I have to kneel and beg for forgiveness? I'm not above doing that, if that will make you feel better." Hinata is not lying, though his tone is a bit hateful.

    "I don't care about that, I'm just asking a real question here. How does it feel?" Kageyama repeated it, slowly walking towards Hinata. The redhead wanted to shout at him or maybe even make a scene, but they were not alone. Some people are passing by and he knows Kageyama; he will be chased down by him if he escapes now.

    "Horrible when I got caught. And terrified every day, fearing I will be caught." he simply answered.

    "Then why did you do it?" Kageyama asked another sore question that pierced through Hinata. The redhead chuckled and tousled his hair with one hand while the other gripped the handlebar, firmly.

    "I don't really know. I was doing it long before I met you. I was in a contract and I could get out, but I don't have the money to do it. It's something dark and shameful, I didn't dare tell you, for fearing that I might lose you." He paused and added, "..In the end, I did lose you."

    Kageyama grabbed Hinata by the arms and the other one shot a glance at where he is being held. "It does not matter now, does it? You've moved on and I did as well." Hinata said and yanked his arms free.

    "Sleep with me again."

    "Huh?" Hinata's shocked face was imminent with what he heard. "Did I hear you right? 'Sleep with me again,' did you really said this?" Hinata's mouth is wide agape seeing Kageyama dead-serious.

    "Why? Did it not hurt when you learned what I did? Why do you want to do it with the person you're dating? Can't we just move on already?" Hinata said.

    "Sleep with me. Let's see each other behind our partners back, else I will tell Kenma what you did."

    "Are you threatening me?" Hinata got appalled by what he heard. "This isn't like you, Kageyama."

    "People aren't what they appeared to be. You knew this better than anyone else."

    "Ha-ha, this is rich." Hinata laughed for a good minute and he wiped his tears off. "And? Do you think I care? Go ahead. Tell anyone, see if I care." Hinata is sure Kageyama is not the person who will tell on him, which is why he is so sure with challenging him.

    The raven gritted his teeth and clenched his fist, he inhaled and spoke in an angry whisper.. "Why? Why did I suffer from you when that irritating pudding-head deserves your faithfulness? Why do I have to see you having sex with two guys? Why do I have to suffer that torment when you're smiling so lovingly with that punk? Why, Hinata?" Kageyama didn't realize that he gripped the redhead by the arm so tight that it bruised.

    "Kageyama. Are you saying I should cheat on my lover? And are you also saying you're willing to cheat on yours as well? So that you can extract, whatever kind of revenge? Is that it? I may deserve it Kageyama, but you're lover is innocent in this, and so does mine." By now, Hinata's head is throbbing really hard. He expected that his blood pressure must have risen a few notches higher.

    Kageyama paused for a while and let go, he tousled his black hair and sighed, "Yeah. I that's exactly what I want. Let's see each other behind our lovers' back."

    No, this isn't what I want. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. I need to stop letting jealousy get the best of me
    . Kageyama knows this deep down, and keep berating himself inwardly. Hinata's silence is unbearable for him. It was not his intention to show this pitiful and disgusting side of him, but he can't help it. He just can't accept the fact that Hinata is happy while he is not.

    Kageyama was about to take back what he said, after a few deep breaths and seeing how Hinata is silent all this time. He calmed down after and talks again.. "Listen.. I'm so." - "I'll do it." Hinata interrupted him.

    "Huh?" asked Kageyama.

    "I'll do it." Hinata said.

    "...You sure?" Kageyama's heart pounds so loud, he's pretty sure Hinata can hear it too. He got his answer when the redhead nods to him.

    "However, I have conditions." Hinata added. This confused Kageyama but he said go on, and that he'll hear what Hinata would have to say.

    "My lover will be my priority, not you. This is only sexual relationship, we have to be clear on that one. And since we are going to do something crazy anyways, I want you to read up on the know how's of BDSM relationships." Hinata said with a straight face.

    Seeing as Kageyama could not grasp what he said, he chuckled and smirked at the raven.. "It's not like you have no idea, right?
    Since you saw me at that site, it means you're interested in that type of play, too." he pointed out.

    Kageyama gulped his saliva and nod a very tiny yes. Curiosity with a mix of desperation on his part led him to agree to Hinata.

    But he has no clue what to do, or say.

    Hinata breathes out and smile.. "Kageyama, I'm super late for work. We'll talk tomorrow."

    "Ah, yeah. See you." he replied.

    Shit, shit, shit! I can have Kageyama again? This is so fucked up! What the fuck
    ! Hinata said as he pedaled hard towards the street way. At the back of his mind, he is more than happy to share this with Kageyama, even if he has to lie to get there. This way, Kageyama can extract his revenge on him, and Hinata can satisfy himself, being back to Kageyama's arms, even if Kageyama went back to his lover by the end of the day.

    Shit.. I'm acting really stupid right now.
    On that, Hinata agreed to himself.

    Meanwhile, Kageyama is having a mini-panic attack.

    "Ha-ha, what the fuck did I agree myself in to." Kageyama braced his knees and laughs like he lost his mind.

    There's too many things running in the mind of these two.. But one thing is for sure.. Their misunderstandings brought on another layer of irreversible lies, and their imaginary and made-up lovers are going to suffer from their idiocy.

    *continues watching Gintama

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "I did agree to Hinata, but I have no idea what to do?" Kageyama pulled his hair a bit on the restroom of his new part-time job as a cashier at a convenience store at the gas station. He's on a break, or rather, he's forced by his manager to take an early break cause he's been so out of it.

    The idea's been plaguing him since yesterday, and the biggest question of all was will he be the bottom?

    Kageyama did see some of the things Hinata have done in the video. It was clear that Hinata was the top, but when they dated before, Hinata bottomed for him.

    "Wait, did I just assume he's a bottom because he's smaller than me? But he didn't object when I lead the first time. I mean, he did seem like he was in pain.. Wait, wait, wait. He did bled a bit. Is it because I suck at it?" Kageyama started to get dizzy. His face got hotter and he felt himself sweating heavily. He acknowledged that he was having a panic attack so he removed his cap and splashed his face with water.

    The most logically thing to do was to watch the video again, and probably read up on the know how's of BDSM. Honestly, he'd rather read some article than watch it again.

    After a little self-reflection, he knew for a fact that he's still in love with Hinata. It's like a complicated feeling. Now that Hinata was done with porn, it's like he doesn't want to take him for himself, but he doesn't want him for anyone else. He wanted Hinata to beg for him but doesn't.

    He was sore that he's been played at--will Hinata stop voluntarily if he didn't happen to discover it? He wondered.

    What it is exactly that I want to do? I'm about to cheat with Hinata. Wait! I don't actually have a lover, so I'm not cheating. However, I forced Hinata to cheat with his.

    Kageyama clutched his shirt, he felt sick so he opened the restroom door. He went back to the break room and called on his manager. He didn't need to say anything else, cause his face was all shades of pale. His manager called on to Tsukishima, since he was on Kageyama's person to contact to in case of emergency.

    Soon after, Tsukishima arrived together with their Vice-Captain Sawamura and Sugawara. They were in a panic to be honest. Kageyama doesn't get sick, so they wanted to take him to the hospital. But he said he will be fine with some rest, he was just tired. They all believed him, at least a little.

    Sugawara let him rest at their place for the evening. Him and Sawamura cooked Kageyama's favorite pork curry with egg on top. He did eat it, but not too much. The pit of his stomach hurts from stress due to over thinking about him and Hinata. Maybe because he has not eaten anything filling right after that confrontation with the redhead. Kageyama retired for the night and the two concerned senpais had no choice but to let him. They had a suspicion that Kageyama being the only setter from their team has taken its toll on him.

    Their guesses couldn't be more off the mark.

    As Kageyama stared at an unfamiliar ceiling with a softer bed on his back, he kept repeating the stupidity he blurted out then. He was even more surprised about the fact that the redhead accepted his condition and that he was willing to go that far to protect his relationship with Kenma.

    At this point, Kageyama thought he dug a deeper grave.

    He wanted to escape from it, and maybe just accept that Hinata's happy now, or accept that Hinata's trying to change himself and leave the past behind. However, a little thing has bothered him too - Hinata was willing to cheat - again.

    Purely sexual, huh?

    It's true, some people cheat because they simply fell in love with others, or unhappy about their current lovers, or just simply fell from lust. But why the redhead accepted him was to protect his current love life. And though Hinata did say that they should enjoy it a bit, it might be purely for revenge. Revenge at Kageyama for messing with him.

    The raven-haired young man shuddered at the thought.

    Honestly, I don't think I can escape this anymore. I should, but I'm fucking curious. This was Kageyama's excuse. By some lingering pride, he just won't admit that he loves Hinata too much, he's willing to go as far as manipulate the situation to have a chance to sway him. Or least just to touch him once more.

    "Shit." With a click of the tongue, he resigned himself to fate.

    Kageyama stood up and opened the bedroom door, there was Sugawara, who is laying down their futon in the living room. The gray-haired man asked if he needed anything and he said he wanted to know the WiFi password cause he's going to watch some YouTube videos to relax himself. When he got it, he went back inside the bedroom, right after he apologized for causing them inconvenience.

    Kageyama sat on the bed and placed a pillow on top of his lap, his phone has a little screen, but that would suffice for now. He researched the know how's on BDSM and skimmed a few blogs and post.

    It's not like those he heard from the girls about a movie of a famous billionaire who likes kinky sex. He has seen a lot of BDSM hardcore or soft-core videos. Most of them doesn't really involves penetration of the sexual organ. Or maybe because he has no money to watch the full movie, but still, it's not enough just to copy from a produced adult video, those were professionals. He needed to know what he was getting himself into.

    Kageyama felt the churning in his stomach again. Either way, he really has to read, or he will not at peace.

    Kageyama opened up a blog about BDSM for beginners made by a gay guy. His blog page was linked to a clinic and support group who likes to ask them further about human sexual behavior.

    "When you engage in BDSM plays, the first thing you need to prepare is yourself: Your physical and mental state is important." Kageyama likes to read out loud, but he makes sure he was not heard from the outside.

    I understand mental, but physical? You have to be buff and fit for it? Kageyama frowned and pinched his chin to think.

    "I made this blog to help gay couples who like to try fun stuff to escape mundane sex. This may be for vanity purposes, but I recommend both participating couples to clean their work area. It's only natural for the bottom to use enemas right before the sexual intercourse, but since you are getting in touch with your inner freak self, I advise you shave or wax the hair surrounding your butt-hole."

    Kageyama felt awkward reading that out loud and he looked at the door to see if by chance it will open, and he will be caught by his two senpais. He continued to read it, now a little quieter than ever.

    "Anal bleaching is to appease the partner. The top doesn't realize this, but he needs to stimulate his bottom through the eyes too, since the penis is not the only thing that turns on the Uke. Well, if both partners are into body hairs, then that's good too. But anal bleaching is definitely something you should try. Be warned though, porn actor/actresses use this and some medical research says it's not safe. In case you're interested and feel like it is a necessary, then you can click this link to read how to safely do it at home or go to a clinic that offers these services."

    Kageyama felt funny when reading this. He now recalls the time when he and Hinata had sex first.

    Shit! It's true! Hinata's butt seems so neat.. Should I bleach mine too? But I don't know if I can bottom for him. But it's said here that the top should consider it too. Maybe I should check my butt in the mirror.

    He caught himself being stupid again and slapped his face. "The fuck are you thinking?" he berated himself and shook his head,

    Kageyama continued to read the article. He was enlightened himself about the *Power exchange, Submissive and Dominant behavior, Various practices and Safety, Switching*. He admitted that this is all complicated, but rather interesting. For now, he will just have to ask Hinata how are they going to this.

    He remembered Kenma's face and leave a sour taste in his mouth again. He clicked his tongue and continues reading.

    "Fuck the pudding."

    "Ah, I don't feel good when we have a break from the club, it's like volleyball is essential so that I can function for the day." Hinata said to his new friend - more like agony aunt - Kenma.

    Busy playing on his game console, Kenma glanced at Hinata and went back to playing. He doesn't mind his company, rather, he enjoyed it. Hinata has no boundary when it comes to sharing stuff, and though often times he thinks he was not following what the redhead said, Kenma likes how he can be himself and that Hinata continues to talk to him regardless if he was participating in the conversations or not.

    "Kenma, since you said you were a previous varsity player, why don't you teach me how to receive, yeah? Come one, I have a ball here." Hinata opened his bag and showed Kenma that indeed he has a ball with him. The pudding head was curious about why Hinata got interested in volleyball since he saw him basically sucking even in spiking at the wall. He sighed and saved his game. He was free anyways and Hinata had gave him food for the entire week now. Somehow feeling a little indebted to him.

    "Alright. But only for fifteen minutes." Kenma said and Hinata cheered.

    The two are playing behind the gymnasium where Hinata used to eat at lunch. They got closer over the weekend when Hinata saw Kenma shopping with his boyfriend. Though Hinata didn't ask, it's obvious that Kenma currently dates that man cause he's been shooting glares at Hinata when he tagged along on the way home. Hinata decided to share his personal mess for them as they waited for the bus. It's more of a self-preservation. The man called Kuroo will surely be jealous of him if he wants to hang out with Kenma, and Hinata doesn't want to lose him. He likes how considerate Kenma is, even though he's practically annoying him every chance he could.

    "Bend your hips more, Shouyo." Kenma called out, sighing as he sees Hinata receiving his serve with a poor posture.

    "Like this?" Hinata went on and did what his friend asked of him and Kenma served another one. Hinata received it a little better than the first tries and he got so happy. Making Kenma smile with him too.

    "Yachi? What're you crouching there for?" Kageyama saw the blonde at the gym's entrance. This part of the campus was reserved for the Volleyball clubs, both men and women. During breaks, there are only a few of them who uses it.

    "I went to the back to check up on the things I washed earlier. I saw Hinata and his boyfriend playing volleyball and I felt uneasy." Yachi raised his head and her eyes followed Kageyama as he sat beside her.

    "And?" Kageyama heard it from the gossips of the club members that Yachi was crushing on Hinata. He understood this part, cause Hinata was indeed friendly towards the little blonde. He doesn't see her as rival, not because she was no match for him, but because Hinata is gay and just naturally friendly towards girls.

    "I don't know how should I feel about this. I know I like Hinata, but I didn't think I like him this much. When I saw Kenma smiling at him and playing volleyball; knowing that he said he finds it troublesome, I think they're pretty much in love..." Yachi folded her knees closer to her chest and rest her arms there. She hid her face from Kageyama, feeling so pathetic that out of all people, she opened up to him.

    Shit. Now I feel sad too.
    Kageyama sighed and patted his chest gently, which Yachi found suspicious.

    "Listen Yachi, Hinata is not someone hard to like. He's friendly, respectful, and fun to be with. Although he is stupid most of the times, he's just likeable by nature. So don't feel bad about it. You didn't know he's dating someone before, right?" The last part hurts Kageyama too, but he just rustled Yachi's hair and that shocked the blonde.

    "This is the first time we talked this long, Kageyama-kun. You're surprisingly gentle." she giggled.

    "What's that supposed to mean?" Kageyama reached for her face and pinched her cheeks; pissed at her for some reason, but Yachi laughed some more cause the raven haired man was blushing. So unusual for him.

    "Oops, sorry to disturb you guys." Hinata passed by when he saw the affectionate display between the two. Behind him was Kenma, with game console attached to his hand.

    "Ah! No! This is not!" Yachi panicked and her ears became red from the embarrassment. She didn't want Hinata to misunderstand them, but Kageyama wasn't saying anything. His gaze was on Hinata and Kenma, even hiding his clenched fist on his side.

    "It's okay, I won't tell a soul." Hinata added a zipping gesture on his mouth then he walked out there. Kenma bowed at them and walked together with Hinata.

    "Sniff Sniff"

    "Huh?" Kenma was startled by Hinata's sniffling sound so he went on and peeked at him. They were still hidden at the back of the gym; away from even the sight of the two they have passed by.

    "Shouyo?" Kenma saw Hinata clutching his shirt around his chest, looking like he had difficulty breathing.

    "Hey! You okay?" he shook Hinata's shoulder and the other one buried his face in Kenma's chest, surprising him.


    "Kenma." Hinata interrupted him, and while Kenma was tempted to push Hinata away, for some reason his hands instinctively reached for Hinata's back and he gave it a sympathetic pat.

    "I didn't know he was dating Yachi. Huu, I mean.. hic.. How can I compete with a girl? She's cute.. and nice.. hic. And they can pinch cheeks out on broad light." Hinata shamelessly cried on Kenma's shirt.

    The oddly colored haired boy had a hunch earlier, since Kageyama a few days ago has stared at him when they crossed each others path. He thought it was because Kageyama is a setter and he was just jealous because the team has been relentless in recruiting him to join. But now he has connected the dots. Kageyama and Hinata has an unspeakable relationship.

    Though Kenma was indifferent and socially awkward, he kind of feels sad for his new-found friend. He went and caress the redhead's hair and waited for him to calm down. Kuroo used to hug him too, whenever he felt down and it cheered him up. So he gave Hinata one, and the other one hugs Kenma closer. Grateful that Kenma was there with him. They were hidden from the eyes of the people so he let's Hinata be. His shirt is stained though, but he can just wash it or wear his spare jersey.

    Though this was just a simple gesture, little did Hinata and Kenma knows - the little blonde and the raven haired followed them and witness the hugging.

    For those two, it looks like Hinata and Kenma are so intimate.

    Hinata went home around eleven that night, so exhausted from his shift. He had a paper due two days from now and he knew he needed to start working on it, yet he felt so out of it.

    I'll cram that tomorrow.

    He opened his fridge, ready to make himself a light snack. Maybe a sandwich with the left over pulled chicken meat he had.

    "Ah, right, I need to email sis today." Hinata plugged his phone to charge since it was drained earlier. He can't last through this day without listening to music cause Yachi's face came to his head. He admitted that she is cute and he can't stand the fact that Kageyama was affectionate towards her. Even blushing when he touched her face.

    He took a bath and relaxed, soothing himself on the bubble bath. After he felt the water got cold, he got up and made his sandwich. The time when he checked the clock was around midnight.

    "Should be alright."

    He opened his phone to message his sister only to find Kageyama's message to him.


    Let's meet up a day after tomorrow at XX hotel, near the train station. The time is your call.

    T. Kageyama"

    "Haha, this fucking Kageyama? he already has a cute girlfriend." Hinata gulped milk right from the carton, spilling it a bit. He was annoyed that Kageyama was going through this.

    "Well, it's not like I can say I'm clean myself." He shook his head and laughed inwardly how messed up it has become. But what can he do? He likes Kageyama, so much that he feels grateful to receive any form of love from him. I didn't know how masochist I am. It's fucking ironic.

    Who knows how long he laughed, but after he calmed down, he thought of Yachi again. She was nice and Hinata knows she will be hurt because of what he was about to do. But love is stupid, and so is he.

    "Poor Yachi."

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    Only one day to go before Kageyama and Hinata meet. The two are visibly nervous for this reason, fidgeting like crazy, not looking at each others eyes. Hinata's stomach churned madly. This was like the first weeks when he and Kageyama started dating. His stress level rose through the roof, always thinking Kageyama will catch his dirty secrets. When he finally got caught, Hinata has an odd sense of relief from it. It's like he'd been free from a shackle that's been holding him back.

    During these times, however, Kageyama thought Hinata was a virgin. Every time they went on a date, Hinata acts shy and nervous. The kisses made the tinier man blush and the exchanges of sweet nothings they had made Hinata looked like he was going to go over. After he broke up with him, all the cute things Kageyama enjoyed with Hinata gpt tainted with doubt. He believed Hinata handled the cheating, wonderfully.

    While they were in practice, Hinata and Kageyama made a lot of blunders. It even caused the collision with one of their teammates. Tsukishima can sense something was up with the two, and even Yachi acted all distant to Hinata which was odd of her, since she was basically sticking to the redhead like glue.

    The taller blonde couldn't stand the tension between the two, but since it will be so uncharacteristic of him to ask Yachi himself, he just said to their team captain that it seems the two was not in sync today because Kageyama has been under the weather a few days ago, and Hinata was dependent on Kageyama's tosses, so it affected him too.

    The captain took the explanation and understood that they need to let the two rest for a while. Since they only have a few days to go before their match to the XX University; it was best that they gave Kageyama some well deserve break. He was their only setter after all.

    Though the raven got dismissed, Hinata was asked to stay. They helped him go over the basics once again. Receives was his fatal flaw, and most of the players in their team are good at it, since they have been playing from middle school. They can't lose Hinata though, since he was a good decoy after all.

    "Hinata, here's your towel." Yachi said in a timid voice when she approached him. She doesn't know how to react towards Hinata since she was basically remembering the hug she saw from him and Kenma. What she was thinking clearly shown on her face, since she was blushing a bit.

    Hinata finds her cute, and this made him feel sorry for himself. He thinks if only he has boobs, or silky hair like her, he probably will still be in Kageyama's arms.

    "Pfft. Like that's possible." Hinata remembered what cause their break up. It's because of the porn. You slut. You did porn and got caught. He acted all bitter to everyone else, himself included.

    "Eh? What did you say?" Yachi asked and Hinata shook his head. "Sorry, I was thinking how nice it would be if I become good at volleyball like Kageyama. He's cool, right?" Hinata's words was spiteful towards her, and Yachi interpreted it like he was just frustrated since Kageyama was always barking orders at him when it comes to volleyball.

    She sat besides Hinata and the latter caught a whiff of her vanilla scented cologne. Hinata made a mental note to tease Kageyama and wear that cologne too when they meet for later.

    "I think you're doing just fine, Hinata. I see you practice often and because I'm always the first to come for the morning practice, I see you jog around the campus, even on the football field. You're amazing, and I'm not sugar coating it." Yachi nodded as she said this, her face had a tinge of blush still and her eyes had a downcast glance.

    Hinata sighed. "Yachi, I'm not as good as you think I am. I have other motives why I'm doing my best at volleyball, it's not really noble, you know?"

    Now that Hinata thinks about it, Yachi and Kageyama went to the same high school, and she was the manager for their team if he remembered it correctly.

    "Then, err, Hinata, may I know what reason why you play and try hard at this?" Yachi looked at her, waiting for an honest answer. Hinata snorted and made a throaty laughter. She's not even cute, she is beautiful. Hinata thought when he saw how clear the skin on her face was, that lips are thin and glossy, her teeth are white and well maintained. Even her eyelashes are longer compared to other girls Hinata has seen.

    Damn, how I hate the fact that I can't hate her.

    "It's because of stupid thing called love." Hinata said and Yachi's face glowed red. He chuckled and finds it funny, even going for a pat at her head.

    "Break time's over. Thanks for the towel, Yachi." Hinata stood up and he left the girl, right after he saw her nod her head and stared at her foot.

    "I think Hinata looks cool too, talking about Kenma like that." Yachi mutters, as she accepted that it's time to move on.

    Okay, so I got home early, and it's my day off for today, so what should I do?

    Kageyama - for the first time in months opened up his laptop and finds himself in a predicament. He was unsure of these updates so he was just winging it and accepting everything. Surfing the net through his phone was frustrating since his fingers are too big for his screen. "Tch, when will I afford to get myself a nice, smart phone?"

    He saw an email asking for confirmation about that BDSM porn he subscribed before. He was curious as hell but doesn't have the stomach to watch it again. Since he hasn't used his promo code for free movies, he was tempted to use it now.

    He tapped his fingers on the desk and debates with himself whether or not he should use the wretched thing. After a few minutes of hair pulling, tiny vomiting inside his mouth, and heart beating in triple pace, Kageyama succumbed to the darkness and accepted its cookies.

    "Fuck this shit."

    But right before he entered the code to download the free porn, he grabbed his left hand with his right one and stopped it from typing. As if his left hand has its own soul.

    Kageyama, out of frustration deleted the email from his inbox and fingers tapped the keyboard a little forcefully.

    "This is making me insane!" the raven left his laptop on his desk and dived in prone position to his bed.
    "Fuck!" he felt something poked his ribs and he rolled to his side, seeing what the thing on top of his bed.

    It's the key duplicate to Hinata's place, still with the key chain attached to it. "Why is it here? I thought I lost this?" He jiggled that thing around. He figured that it must be Tsukishima who saw it and placed it on his bed, since Kageyama has a habit of diving to it. He's pissed at the blonde but he decided to ignore his bubbling anger.

    "I guess I have to return it to the idiot." he said. It was long overdue anyways, Hinata might not appreciate it if he kept it even after all this time.

    Now that his thoughts lingered to Hinata again, he still remembered how Kenma hugged him close that day. He went home laughing like a crazy person, unable to cry even though he felt anguish from it.

    "I'll sleep with him, till I had enough. Yeah, that's what I'm going to do. I'll be the one to dump him after I had my fill." Kageyama sat on his bed and crossed his arms on his chest. He was resolute that this was his time to get back. Yet his lips curled up into a sad smile.

    Who am I kidding. He held that key so tight in his arms.

    "Hello." Hinata was the first one to be at the meeting place. He wore faded jeans with a jacket that he usually wore when he went for a casual date with Kageyama. He never wore it for any occasion other than this. "Where to?" He asked Kageyama as the raven stopped in front of him, looking at their surroundings.

    Hinata messaged Kageyama earlier, asking him what time was he free. He said he was basically free after his class, but the two decided to meet before at 8pm. During their text messaging, Hinata can't help but feel a little excited, like they were on a date. Of course, that was shattered now that Kageyama was basically cold to him.

    "Kageyama, I know this might sound stupid of me, but I am hungry. There was no food in the house since I neglected to shop. Can we please eat before we head somewhere?" Hinata called out to Kageyama and the latter agreed. Hinata lied though, he wants to eat with Kageyama and pretends this was like their usual date; how they used to be. He's been emotionally tired these past few days that he developed stomach pains. He'd rather delude himself that he was the side lover, rather than call himself the fuck buddy.

    "Won't you order too?" Hinata looked at the menu in the family restaurant they entered. The waitress served them two glasses of water and left them to decide on what they want.

    "Nah, I ate before I left the dorms. Go ahead." Kageyama checked up his phone in front of Hinata, something he has not done before. Hinata pouted and said, "You should eat though, I won't give you breaks when we start."

    Kageyama choked on his drink and sputtered some of it, he coughed and Hinata gave him the napkin. "You.. What're you saying in a place like this?" Kageyama looked around and he was glad no one seemed to hear what Hinata said.

    "Why are we here, then? I mean, isn't this what we came here for? We're both risking something here, so let's cut the bull." Hinata started to get pissed again.

    "I can't eat. So just, finish your meal. I'll wait." Kageyama called the waitress and Hinata said his order. They remained quiet for the whole time. Kageyama's eyes were on the window or somewhere else, and this annoyed Hinata so much, he decided to play with him.

    "Uhn.." Hinata moaned a bit and Kageyama whipped his head towards the redhead. "Oh, sorry, I made a mess." Hinata licked the sauce from his lips and slowly licked his thumb as well. He pretended he was focused on the food, but he can see Kageyama was looking at him now.

    Purely for seduction, Hinata grabbed the hotdog sandwich with his hand and lifts it up slowly to his mouth. Before he bit it, he licked off the mustard from the edge and puts the tip of it in his mouth. "Uhm." Hinata made a sound again, almost like soft moaning. He felt a little victorious when he heard Kageyama gulped.

    "You want some? It's actually pretty good." Hinata offered him a bite, innocently. He was however, answered with a no.



    "Please eat faster." Kageyama said in an almost whisper-like voice. He smirked at the raven and he nodded. Another win for me. Hinata said to himself.

    "I'm feeling nostalgic with this rabuho* Kageyama, can we please choose some other one?" Hinata decided to voice his opinion on the matter, he doesn't want his memory from the time when they are dating to overlap with this one. And admittedly, Kageyama doesn't want it either.

    The two walked awkwardly till they find a new place to stay. It was hard to find an establishment that allows gay couples, but it's not that hard to find one here since love hotels in this part of the town was abundant.

    Lucky for them, they saw a gay couple exiting a themed hotel one and the two looked at each other felt a bit embarrassed. They stood outside and Kageyama asked Hinata if he finds the new place okay. "Wait, why are you choosing shukuhaku*?" Hinata held Kageyama by the arms, confused about why Kageyama was willing to spend the night here.

    "I'll stay here through the night, since my dorms will be close and I need a place to crash, up to you if you're staying or not." Kageyama pressed the neon board of room choices and went inside the room first. Needless to say, Kageyama didn't choose the room with the BDSM theme. Hinata mused because it was not available, but the truth was that Kageyama has been just nervous as hell and was thankful to see that room occupied.

    Hinata followed Kageyama and entered the room. He was surprised to see that the theme was old Chinese room, where the bedpost has a lavished drape to it, the table near it somehow resembled a mahogany; since there was no way a love hotel will place real ones. The color scheme was red, black, and white; pillows with embroideries and silky smooth edges.

    Every inch of it mimics the setting for an old Chinese movie - a man of nobility, having the first night with his paramour.

    "Someone has a serious cash to burn." Hinata muttered as he removes his coat and hanged it from the rack. "I mean, look at this Kageyama, even the folding partition is made from paper, like in those Emperors' movies." Hinata was a bit happy since he got to share this to Kageyama.

    Kageyama ignored him for a bit and opened up the music from the knobs near the bed's headboard. The sound was a bit nerve inducing for Hinata since it was a sweet bamboo flute tune. Hinata clenched the hem of his shirt when Kageyama removed his jacket and tossed it on the nearby chair.

    "Already showered, so..."Kageyama said, and Hinata nodded. "Please give me a few minutes to freshen up."

    He went to the shower, carefully removing his clothes and folding it neatly as he placed it on top of the elegantly looking chair inside the bathroom. It's common to have lavished baths inside love hotels, but out of all the places he's been with, this one takes the cake.

    He opened up the shower, and as expected, it has mirror like one, and Kageyama outside can plainly see him inside. Hinata already cleaned himself earlier. He even went and do what he usually does, which was cleaning his insides for his partner. Though he did say Kageyama should look up to BDSM stuff, he's pretty sure the raven won't let him top.

    After his swift shower, he dried himself and wore the robe. He opened up the pack of toothbrush and brushed the smell of food off him. He left his clothes on the chair, but not before he rummaged his pocket and sprayed some vanilla scent perfume he bought just for this night. He slowly opened the door only to see Kageyama already relaxed in the bed with his back leaned against the headrest.

    Hinata gulped as Kageyama wriggled his hands to him, asking him to come closer. He nodded and crawled on all fours to the bed, closer to the raven.

    "Hinata, I don't really know what should I do. I plan on acting cool about this, but I guess I should be honest and say I'm fucking dying of nerves." Kageyama said and he gave Hinata a gentle stroke at his shoulder.

    Hinata sighed a bit as relief flooded him, he now understood why Kageyama was acting distant earlier; it's the nerves.

    "Kageyama, are you okay with playing the role with me? Or would you like the normal kind of sex?" Hinata sat on the bed in front of Kageyama with his knee folded to his chest. Kageyama caught glance of that pearly white legs and noticed how it's smooth and hair free, different from the day before. Shit, so he does in fact shave just for me? He doesn't know if he should be happy for this.

    "Since you're not answering, how about we do it? You know, soft-core bondage." Hinata whipped his head to look for that menu some toys; maybe cuffs since it's the most common type of bondage beginners use.

    Kageyama agreed; still suspicious which role he has to play. They both looked at the menu and ordered the furry pink handcuffs. When it's delivered at their door, Hinata was the one who took it while Kageyama drank water to calm a bit.

    "I think I should do it first, I'm sorry." Hinata said, it's embarrassing for him to say that he should be the dominant in this situation cause he's experienced. But Kageyama doesn't want to darken the mood, since he has prepared himself too much for this. The raven offered his wrist to Hinata, which startled him.

    "You sure?" Hinata asked and Kageyama nodded.

    "But, will you? you know, top me?" Kageyama asked and his face is so red that Hinata had to laugh.

    "Dumbass! How can you laugh at my face in this situation?!" Kageyama bellowed and Hinata apologized.

    "Kageyama, if you like to, I can top you." Hinata was willing to do anything Kageyama wants. They were both silent for a few minutes, but Kageyama shook his head.

    "Then I won't, don't worry. If there is anything that you find displeasing or you find uncomfortable, please think of a safeword and trust that no matter how I'm into it, I will not ignore when you use it." Hinata said and Kageyama somehow felt more nervous.

    Kageyama's head was so confused right now, he can't think of anything and when he did open his mouth he accidentally said.. "Nice Kill."

    "Pffft! Hahahaha!" Hinata laughed hard, even rolling in the bed cause he knows that Kageyama was a volleyball dork, but he did not expect that their safe word would be Nice Kill - the one they say when they executes a perfect spike.

    "Stop laughing, you moron!" Kageyama grabbed Hinata's legs and yanked him closer. He hovered on top of the redhead and looked at him. Hinata immediately shuts up and gulped again. "I'm sorry, okay, that's going to be our safe word. Kageyama, use it if you feel that you are within your limit and I will stop. No matter what." Hinata reached his hands towards the raven's face and Kageyama nodded.

    In the palm of Hinata's hands, he felt Kageyama's quickened pulse. He kinda feel sorry for laughing earlier so he asked Kageyama to relax a bit.

    "Kageyama, can you lay on your stomach? Arms behind your back." Hinata adjusted the lighting in the room and they both gape at how lovely the golden dim lighting was. It made the bed pop out more and that it feels like they were royalty from some olden age.

    Hinata placed a pillow in Kageyama's lower stomach so he can arched his hips up. Kageyama made a yelping sound when he heard the clink of the cuffs and his arms are restrained from behind.

    "Kageyama, is it too tight?" Hinata asked him and he shook his head. "That won't do, To-bi-o, you have to say 'yes' or 'no'."

    Kageyama shuddered when Hinata flirty called his name and ends this with a chuckle. Hinata was really a different person now, and Kageyama found himself a bit aroused at the situation. He said 'no' and Hinata chuckled again.

    Silently, Kageyama was happy he was on the submissive role, or else Hinata will laugh at him from trying to be dominant. I'm pretty sure I will suck at this and will not recover from the embarrassment. Kageyama said to himself.

    Hinata started teasing Kageyama by touching his back slowly. Grazing his nails to tickle the raven-haired. He then removed Kageyama's boxer briefs and slaps Kageyama's butt when he tried to roll over and wriggle his way out.

    "Tobio, we're just starting. Please, deep breaths. That's it, deep breaths. I won't hurt you, so you can relax." Hinata leaned in and whispered on Kageyama's ear and the latter buried his face on the pillow. This was extremely humiliating for him, which Hinata enjoyed slowly.

    What the fuck is with his cute reactions? I'm going to die! Hinata covered his mouth, suppressing his squeal and he shook his head from the cuteness overload. He took a deep breath himself and parted Kageyama's thighs.

    "Eh? What is this? Did you wax this, perchance?" Hinata saw Kageyama's ass after so long and it's hairless.

    "No! I used those hair removal creams, okay? You did say I should looked it up, so I did. Please, enough! Don't say anymore." Kageyama shouted through his pillow, but Hinata still heard it. The furry cuffs rattle as he protests and this aroused Hinata more.


    Hinata guided Kageyama to turn around, his hands still on his back. Kageyama's confused, but since he decided to be the submissive, it's stupid to refuse now.

    Hinata arranged the pillows at Kageyama's back so he can comfortably lean on the headrest.

    "Do your arms hurt?" Hinata asked and Kageyama shook his head, blushing madly since this was so new for him.

    "I asked you a question, are you mute? Let me see that tongue!" Hinata pressed Kageyama's mouth to open and pinched the raven's tongue. "Oh, I see this is still good. So why are you shaking your head like a mute?" Hinata's voice was soothing and sickly sweet, but his eyes are far from that. Kageyama can see that Hinata's face was clouded with lust, and this excites him too.

    "No, my arms don't hurt, Hinata." Kageyama said and Hinata smiled at him.

    "Lift your hips." Hinata placed a pillow under Kageyama's butt and he obeyed.

    His erected penis's exposed, and he can see what Hinata was about to do. The redhead parted his legs some more and placed both of Kageyama's legs on his shoulders.

    "Wah!" Kageyama got surprised, but he decided to ride it out. He was sliding down so his hips won't be so strained. Then he braced himself while Hinata parted his butt cheeks and dabbed Hinata's tongue on his hole.

    Kageyama made a grunt while Hinata gave him for the first time, an anilingus.

    Hinata heard the rattles from the cuffs, and he smirked, thinking Kageyama was itching to hold him. He continued licking Kageyama's hole, jabbing his finger in sometimes. Kageyama fidgeted under him, so he has to give him a few slaps at his butt cheeks. "Ah.." moaned Kageyama while he bit his lips. Hinata saw this and stopped immediately.

    "Why?" Kageyama asked and peeked at Hinata, but regretted it immediately since Hinata was wearing a triumphant smirk. "Heh.. I didn't know you like to be played in the ass so much." This remark made Kageyama blushed some more, and he panicked when Hinata rest one of Kageyama's legs on the bed and tore one condom.

    "You said you won't top me!" Kageyama protested and Hinata chuckled again. "I won't, I'll just give you a prostate massage. Relax, it feels amazing. If you don't like it, you can always use that funny safe word. Ahahaha!" Hinata can't help but laugh at the safe word again, so received a gently kick from Kageyama.

    "Okay, I'm starting, Tobio. Deep breaths. I'd rather let you see what I'm about to do, so look at me." Hinata said and Kageyama answered.. "Yes, Hinata."

    This made Hinata happy, so much that he can't help but smile stupidly.

    Hinata wore the condom on his two fingers and squeezed the remaining lubricant off the wrapper. He placed some more pillows so Kageyama can arched his hips nicely, and Hinata continued with the rim job. As the tip of his tongue inserted in that hole, he felt it was soft enough to try finger insertion. He spits on the hole and Kageyama jolted a bit. Hinata also prepared some good lubricant before hand, so he asked Kageyama to brace for the cold sensation and he poured some lube on the hole, smearing some in the exterior.

    Hinata inserted his middle finger first, letting Kageyama accustomed to the foreign thing plundering him. Since no matter how much you slice it, you can't directly touch the prostate, Hinata had to slowly insert his finger, and Kageyama writhes as Hinata goes. The finger was in by two knuckles and Hinata decided to move it around inside.

    "So.. Uncomfortable.." Kageyama said, but he did not use the safe word so Hinata sighed a breath of relief. Kageyama did not know how to react to the new sensation. Before, he heard that the inside of the anus has nerve endings and can be pleasurable, but he was definite that he doesn't like being entered. It doesn't hurt, but it feels so weird.

    "Pull your knees closer to your chest." Hinata said and Kageyama folded his knees, completely exposing his scrotum for Hinata's plain view.

    The redhead started to grab Kageyama's member and stroke it, while his finger's pressed against Kageyama's anal wall. "Damn," muttered Hinata. He really wants to stick it in, since the raven's inside was soft and warm, but he doesn't really want to bypass Kageyama's position. Hinata is reversible anyways, so he doesn't mind being the bottom.

    Hinata continuously stroke Kageyama to relax him and the rattling sounds grew louder. Hinata wass sure where was the wall connecting to the prostate gland since he felt a little harden part of it, he applied pressure to its wall and Kageyama jolted and shuddered in surprise.

    Hinata stopped what he was doing with a smirk on his face, and Kageyama looked at him. Shit, it does feel good. Kageyama admitted to himself when he felt that Hinata finally located the place for his pleasure spot.

    "Beg me to continue." Hinata said, staying perfectly still. Kageyama knew this was coming so he gritted his teeth and said "Please let me cum, Hinata." with an almost whisper voice.

    "That's okay for now." he doesn't want to pressure Kageyama further, so he's satisfied that Kageyama humored him. He added lubrication and continued to press on that part. Even though the condom's inserted in his two fingers, Hinata only inserted one, he wasn't going to put his penis in, so there's no need to stretch Kageyama.

    "Hinata." Kageyama wantonly called the redhead's name as the man pressed and swirled his finger inside him. He felt the familiar aching of his lower abdomen when Hinata pulled his finger in and out. And every time Hinata plunges right back in, he cleverly hits the spot where Kageyama felt the intense pleasure.

    Hinata did not need to ask Kageyama what he wants, he can tell from the weeping erection that Kageyama's cumming, so he pressed Kageyama's sweet spot some more and watched as the man sprayed his cum all over himself.

    "Ah..Shit..ngh." Kageyama finished with a loud moan; the first time he did in his life.

    Hinata removed his finger out and did not wipe Kageyama. He threw the condom on the floor and licked his finger.

    "Dumb ass." Kageyama muttered and they both snicker, like remembering an inside joke. Hinata stood up from the bed and walked towards Kageyama. "Since you're finished, how about mine too? You can't say the safe word with what I'm about to do. So please, if you think you need to make me stop, tap both your heel twice on the bed. Let's try it out now." Hinata turned around to see Kageyama tapped his heels twice and smirked at how obedient Kageyama has been from this short play.

    "Open your mouth, Tobio." Hinata tilts Kageyama's chin to look at him and Kageyama did so. Though his arms stared to feel sore, since he's been tugging it a few times.

    Hinata threw his robe to the floor and revealed his very hard penis. Kageyama saw this and chuckled, looking at Hinata, which made him embarrassed too. "Shut up, mou." Hinata said.

    "Okay, I know. Come here.." Kageyama snickered at Hinata and was happy that this somehow felt like a mood was light even though he's scared a while ago.

    Hinata pouted but Kageyama tried to humor him and said - "Please, master.. Let me taste your cock."

    The redhead snapped at this and pressed Kageyama's cheeks to pry it open. He then thrust his swollen member and Kageyama utter a short cry of alarm. Hinata knew he wasn't going to last long, since he's been holding since they started.

    He thrust his hips into that mouth, which was openly accepting him. Kageyama sucked the air out his mouth for added suction and swirled his tongue on Hinata's tip.

    I can't be the only one who moans here. Still embarrassed of his cries of pleasure from earlier, Kageyama tried hard to make Hinata moan too. Which he was not disappointed, cause when he swirled his tongue on Hinata's urethra, he tasted that tangy pre-cum and Hinata cried out his name.

    Hinata's thrusting became rough and aggressive, sometimes choking Kageyama. The raven as tempted to stop him, but he likes to tough it out till the end. However, Hinata got lost from the sensation when he was cumming; so much that he pressed Kageyama's nose while he thrust forward. Instinctively, Kageyama tapped his heel rapidly.

    Hinata heard it and he instantly stopped. "Shit!" Hinata crouched down and hugged Kageyama so hard. "I'm so sorry! I got carried away! I'll get you out of the cuffs now!" Kageyama coughed a bit, since his throat was itching from Hinata's cum.

    More importantly, Kageyama was surprised by how Hinata's presence of mind came into play. He basically safe worded Hinata on the height of his climax, yet the redhead stop when he was asked to. If he was in a reverse situation, he won't be able to. And might have suffered a bite at his penis from it, or effectively choking his partner to death.

    Hinata finally freed Kageyama's hands and Kageyama lunged forward for an embrace. But Hinata pushed him away and Kageyama is surprised to see Hinata was teary.

    "I'm sorry Kageyama. I didn't mean to."

    "Eh? Don't be! I tapped my heel out of reflex, but I'm not really in pain or anything." Kageyama still went for the hug and saw that Hinata did manage to finish cumming since his penis was limp and wet.

    "We have the whole night, I mean, if you want to. We can relax for a while and go for round two? I'm still okay with being bound, to be honest. It's fun, really." Kageyama assured Hinata and the latter nodded to him.

    "How about your lover then? Is it okay for you to be here through the night?" Hinata asked and Kageyama nodded. He was too vague with the answer, that was what Hinata thoughts, but he was just grateful he can stay with Kageyama longer.

    By this fortunate accident, Kageyama discovered something he can use against Hinata. A grin is present on his face, plotting something fun he can use for the next time.


    -Rabuho-[ ラブホテル ] is a slang for rabu hoteru. Love hotel in simpler term.

    -Shukuhaku - [宿泊] 'stay' or 'lodging'. Usually on love hotels in Japan, you can 'rest' for a few hours (it is called kyuukei[ 休憩 ] or break ) - or you can choose the twelve hours stay (Shukuhaku); usually from 10 pm onwards.

    -Anilingus- (from the Latin anus + -lingus, from lingere, "to lick", and commonly, though incorrectly, spelled "analingus"is an oral and anal sex act where one person stimulates the anus of another person by the use of their mouth, including the lips, tongue and/or teeth. It is also referred to as anal-oral contact and anal-oral sex, or colloquially as rimming or a rim job, and may be performed by or on people of any sexual orientation for personal pleasure or as a form of erotic humiliation.

    On a side note: Love hotels in Japan are pretty much in, for those who wants privacy. Since most of it is done by the clients coming; choosing the room for themselves. At many places you can check in without seeing anyone at all by choosing a room at a vending machine or on a lighted board of choices. Upon check out, you can pay through the registry attached to the door, unlocking it after you settled your bill. ( Of course, it automatically unlocks on emergency situations even if you haven't paid yet :P)

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    Re: ~The Liar and the Masochist~ Haikyuu!!(ハイキュー!!) [KageHina]


    "Yeah, I'll see you at the family restaurant I told you about, I'll be there in half an hour." Hinata was having a conversation with his sister and his teammates can't help but be curious about who it was he was meeting.

    "What's with the silly grin on your faces? It's my sister. She's spending the night at my place and I'm coming with her for a medical procedure tomorrow." Hinata said to Tanaka and Kageyama - who looked like he really wanted to know what's going on, too.

    "Oh? Medical Procedure? Is there anything wrong with her?" Sawamura asked and Yachi who was behind them walked faster, looking really worried.

    "Nah, my sister is coming in for an HPV vaccine*, and I'm going with her since my mom has work." Hinata answered with a smile.

    "Eh? Isn't your sister too young to be vaccinated? I mean, how old is she? Is she even know?" Yachi said and her face says what she was thinking. Hinata laughed and patted her head, "No, she's too young for sex if that's what you mean. But it doesn't matter. Girls as early as 12 years old can get vaccinated. It's something she should do and she's at a perfect age. Plus, I have a coupon for a big discount." Hinata said.

    "Does this mean I should do it too?" Yachi muttered and Sawamura tousled the little blonde's hair. "You--this is not something we should discuss in public. How about we go to a family restaurant? Hinata, your sister will meet you there, right? How 'bout we welcome her too, if that's alright with you." he asked the redhead and Hinata agreed.

    "Yeah, she'll like that." Natsu already asked him if she can meet her brother's teammate and Hinata sent her a message that he'll be coming with his new friends.

    "You two look alike." Yachi said and found Hinata's sister cute. She had her hair tied in a twin ponytail and her face has a tinge of blush. She was happy that she got to meet the people in his brother's story. The reliable yet a bit strict Vice-Captain, the couples Tsukishima and Yamaguchi, the nosy senpai Tanaka, the cute blonde Yachi and Kageyama; her brother's ex.

    Natsu was aware of her brother's sexual preference and love life. She was lucky enough that her brother does everything for her, so the least she can do was to accept how he is. But looking at Kageyama now, she has no idea why her brother likes this man. Kageyama has a permanent scowl on his face even when he is not mad, and he doesn't seem the type to like men. He has an air that he was originally straight, or rather, he isn't interested in anyone. Natsu remembered when her brother called her and said that Kageyama broke up with him, her brother was at a loss of what to do. She even came to his apartment to cheer him up. Shouyo that time was a mess.

    "What?" Kageyama said when he realized Natsu has shot him glances. "My! Kageyama, don't scare the kid." Tanaka said and clapped his hand when he saw their meal got delivered.

    "Ah, sorry. It's just you've looked at me with a scowl on your face." Natsu said with a very timid voice and sipped her iced tea. Yachi who sat beside Kageyama poked him between his eyebrows. "Come on, you're scaring her." the little blonde said and Kageyama immediately corrected his face. This was followed by laughter from the group and Natsu giggled with them.

    One particular person chuckled with a different feel to it. He finds it funny that Yachi and Kageyama have a wholesome looking relationship, while Kageyama fucked him roughly the two nights ago.

    Must be sexually frustrated. Looks like he wasn't getting any with Yachi. Hinata shrugged his shoulders and started eating the food in front of him too.

    After they ate, they stayed for a few to chat and catch up. Natsu and Yachi was still eating their ice cream while the boys drank coffee. "Anyways, Yachi you wanted to ask Hinata about that vaccine?" Sawamura opened up and Yachi nodded. It was pretty clear what she wanted to know and Hinata drank his water before he answered.

    "I suggest a check up before anything else. I work as a receptionist and helper on an Obstetrics and Gynecology clinic. Just tell me when you want to have a visit and I'll help you out." Hinata said and Yachi along with Yamaguchi blushed all kinds of red. Hinata felt like he should have tact and say the rest for later. If he blurted out that she needs pap smear first if she was having sex, then it'll be embarrassing for everyone, including Natsu. He doesn't want to hear Kageyama's sex life with her anyways.

    "Why?" Tsukishima asked his lover, seeing how he looks silly, blushing with Yachi and Yamaguchi just shook his head. He doesn't understand why he was like this as well and he just wants to move on to a different topic.

    "It's getting late, I have to go now." Kageyama said and Sawamura agreed with him. "Eh, but I haven't finished yet!" Yachi said, she was unfamiliar with this part of the town so she wanted to walk with Kageyama since they both stay in dorms. If she walks with Yamaguchi and Tsukishima, she'll be left out because the lovers sometimes wander off on their own world when they are comfortable with their surroundings, and the two are very comfortable around Yachi. Kageyama looks at her parfait glass and sighed. He sat back down and scowled again. "Hurry up." he said and she nodded.

    "How sweet." Hinata couldn't help but voice this out and Kageyama looked at him.

    "Huh? It's only natural to walk her home, right? What's so sweet there?" Kageyama has this pout on his lips whenever he wondered about something.

    "Hm? Nothing, never mind." Hinata decided to shut his mouth before he hurts himself further.

    "Niichan, Mom asked how come you don't visit us on your breaks." Natsu dried Hinata's hair before they head to bed. She took one before him and was surprised how his bathroom has everything. From bath salts to candles and oils. He even had those hair removers she wanted, but too pricey for her allowance.

    "I need to work extra, you know I have more expenses now." Though Hinata stopped sending his mom money, he never stopped giving Natsu. If you cover his apartment and school fees, his savings won't hold much of he stops working altogether.

    Natsu shut the hair dryer and patted his brother's shoulder. She was on the sofa while he was on the floor. Hinata's laptop played an anime show they both enjoy and since it was still early, they both watched it while they ate snacks. During bathrooms breaks and drink refills, Natsu decided to open up the topic just as Hinata sat back down on the floor; since he enjoyed how Natsu played with his hair, trying to braid it up even if it's short.

    "Niichan, do you still like that Kageyama?" she asked and Hinata choked on his drink.

    "Eh? What brought this on?" He turned around and look at his sister. Natsu has a weird expression on her face, like she was hurting and she suddenly leaned down and hugged her brother and buried her face in Hinata's neck. "Eh?" Hinata place his hands on her hair and tousled it. He was used to her being all clingy and sweet, but not like this.

    "Niichan, I can see you still like him. I hope you don't get hurt again like the last time." Natsu said and she released her hold.

    "Ah, this girl." Hinata sat beside her and patted her head. "Don't worry. I'm already over him. We already put the past behind us."


    "Really?" her eyes show disbelieved at him, but he nodded and crossed his heart. "Yeah, we can't see eye to eye in volleyball though. He always barks orders at me. Under the King's dictatorship, I'm always called a 'clumsy oaf', 'dumbass', 'moron', and something along these lines. Ay! I'm getting angry again!"

    Hinata exhaled, trying to calm his irritation and Natsu giggled. "Then it's all good." she added and stood up. "Niichan, I'll sleep before you. Don't stay up too late. Good night." she called out, since Hinata gave her the bedroom and he'll stay on the couch.

    "Good night." Hinata said and continued to watch. "..Sorry to lie to you, too." Hinata added after he heard her close the bedroom door.

    "Everything looks okay, and since you had your first period a few months ago, please take this. So you'll have an idea." The doctor tended to Natsu that day, and gave her the check up right before she got vaccinated. "You're going to have to be back here for two more shots. But if this is too much of a hassle to travel, you can take the vaccine at the hospital or clinic near you that offers this. But please give me a call first, so we can check if the place you're getting the vaccine is safe." she added after she handed her some reading materials about safe sex.

    Natsu shook her head and blushed and tried to return the pamphlets, but her brother insisted she takes it. "You should not trust your boyfriend to do all the leading for you if this happens. Which I sure hope not anytime soon." Hinata added. He of all people should know how sex works and it's going to give him a peace of mind, knowing Natsu isn't stupid in bed if ever she dates soon.

    "Anyways, Hinata-kun, do you need to send her off? I can manage here if you have to, it's alright." The doctor gave them a smile and handed Natsu her vaccine record. "Nah, I can manage since it's still early. I've been here a few times." Natsu grinned a little proud and Hinata opened the door for her.

    "Next time, please stay longer." Hinata does miss her and he gave her a hug and a kiss at the cheeks; something you don't see brothers do to their sisters. Natsu was silently happy her brother is gay, cause he's so sweet to her, unlike the older brothers her friends has. "Take care of yourself Niichan."

    That day went by fast, since the clinic offered discounted vaccines in celebration for the women's month; Hinata's day was super busy. When it was already time to close the shop down, he finally had the time to check his phone and he received five mails. Five? I wonder who is it from?

    The one was from Natsu, saying she arrived home safe. The other one was from Kenma, asking for confirmation if Hinata is joining their group for the research. The other one was from Yachi, saying she wants to go for the check up next week.

    "Ah, my friend's girlfriend wanted to go in for a check, it's her first time so will it be alright if I refer here?" Hinata asked the doctor. He knew that it's better to let her know that he's bringing another referral for courtesy purposes. He knew the doctor wouldn't mind anyways if they arrive unannounced. They accept walk in here anytime.

    "Yeah, it's okay. Tell me when, okay?" she drank her coffee and handed a small envelope to Hinata and the latter knew it was his pay. Without checking it, he put it in his pockets. "Aren't you going to count that?" she chuckled at Hinata and the redhead shook his head. "No need. Anyways, is there anything you need for me to do?" Hinata looked around since he already cleaned earlier, the doctor dismissed him half an hour early. "Good work today. See you the day after tomorrow." she called out and locked the door after Hinata went.

    Hinata then fished his phone out of his pocket and called Kageyama, since he messaged him asking the redhead to call if he was not busy.


    "So I called like you ask me to, what's up?" Hinata walked slowly towards the supermarket. He decided to buy some beers cause he has class a little later for tomorrow and he can stay up late.

    "Can I come over your place?" Kageyama said on the other line and Hinata removed the phone away from his face to stare at it for a few seconds before he brought it close again to talk.

    "Why?" Hinata asked.

    "Do you really need to ask why?"

    Hinata sighed and agreed. "But I need to go to the supermarket first, wait for me outside my door. If anyone asks who are you, just tell them you're waiting for me." Hinata walked a little faster now. He hung-up the phone, his heart beating madly as he briskly walks.

    Surprised as the raven-haired man was already seated on his sofa, feet up on his coffee table, listening to music; Hinata massaged his temple and put down the beers on the kitchen counter.

    "This fucker!" Hinata walked, storming towards Kageyama, grabbed the remote from the raven's hand and turn off the music. Kageyama just looks at him while Hinata placed his arms on his waist, demanding an explanation for the raven's attitude.

    "I'm hungry Hinata." Kageyama said and stood up to greet Hinata with a kiss. The other man stepped back and slapped Kageyama's chest. The coal hair sways as he managed to dodge the attack.

    "What the fuck are you doing?" Hinata was annoyed that Kageyama was acting like they are lovers, which was something he should be glad - yet he was not. "Why are you doing this?" Hinata started to feel the rage within him, but Kageyama was still cool about it.

    "Will your lover come here?" Kageyama asked and Hinata pulled his hair a bit.

    "You're exhausting me, you know? I ask you what's the reason you are here? Didn't we agree that we are just fucking buddies? Sex, you know? That's all we share. Your penis, my penis, I lick you all over, you stick it in me up to the hilt. We fuck each other till our balls are all empty. That's the kind of relationship I share with you! This.." Hinata paused to point at Kageyama's jacket and bag on the sofa.. "--Is not acceptable!"

    "Hinata, how 'bout I live here as your roommate? That way we can fuck whenever, without them being suspicious of us?" Kageyama dragged down Hinata to the sofa and forcde the redhead to take a seat.

    "Yamaguchi's family is moving because of work, and Yamaguchi needs a place to stay. My roommate in the dorms, is his boyfriend. Well, you know about this already. I figured, it would be alright if Yamaguchi moves to my room and I move here. I can't stand Tsukishima anyways." Kageyama said nonchalantly.

    While Hinata listened to Kageyama, there were a few scenarios running in his head. Living a lovey dovey life with Kageyama, waking and sleeping with him, eating together, having sex. There will be no doubt that he will fall more in love with this man than he already was.

    "I don't want to, Kageyama. I live here because I enjoy my privacy. Plus, I don't think my lover would appreciate it if I do this without him knowing." Hinata didn't look at Kageyama's eyes when he said 'lover'. He did not deny that it was Kenma, but he didn't confirm it either, like only cowards and liars would do.

    "Well, are you going to kick me out now? I mean, I have no place to go." Kageyama used Hinata's weakness against people who pleads. "Come on, Hinata. You can do more things with me. We can try out other plays." Kageyama came in closer and breathed on Hinata's ears, which made the redhead shudder and felt goose bumps sticking out of his arms.

    "I'm not your toilet, Kageyama. Just because you any don't get any from your girl, doesn't mean I'm going to put out for you every time you want to!" Hinata barked at him and swatted Kageyama's hand off him.

    No, you slut! You're already half hard from this! Who are you kidding? Hinata crossed his legs so Kageyama won't notice it.

    "Wait, Girl? Who are we talking about?" Kageyama knew that Hinata thinks he has a lover for himself, but he was not sure who he was talking about. Isn't it safer to assume that Kageyama's lover is a male, since they dated before?

    "Aren't you dating Yachi? You were pretty close to her, pinching cheeks and waiting for her finish eating and everything." Hinata waved dismissively in the air and Kageyama snorted.

    "Are you jealous?" Kageyama scooted closer to Hinata and the redhead moves farther from him. When he reached the end of the sofa, Hinata fell to the floor, not before Kageyama caught him by the waist.

    "Wha.. What are?You. Doing, Kageyama-kun?" Hinata feltl himself sweat and he panicked when Kageyama pulled him closer and sniffed his neck. "Ah, so this is why you smell like vanilla. I know Hitoka likes this things. I noticed it last time when we checked into that hotel that you smelled like her." Kageyama nibbled on Hinata's collarbone, smirking a bit since the other one was swooning from his teases. He called Yachi by her name just now, so it would sound intimate.

    "Mou." Hinata muttered and pushed him away, with what little self-restraint he got left. He was embarrassed that Kageyama turned the teasing towards him since he originally wanted to use that scent to unnerve the guy. "I just happened to like that scent, so I went and get it myself. My lover likes it, so.."

    Kageyama got irritated by the mention of the word 'lover' again, but he decided to ignore it since he's pretty happy now that it looks like Hinata was still affected by his relationships, to the point of imitating his 'supposed girlfriend's scent.'

    Hinata looked at him and sighed again, "Fine, you can stay! Only until you find a new place. I'll kick you out after a month, regardless of your situation." Hinata stood up and went to the bathroom. He left in a hurry, he couldn't take the situation anymore so he tried to calm down by splashing water on his face.

    What am I going to do? Shit, I'm so stupid.. I'm actually happy about this. Hinata patted his chest while he breathed out and one particular idiot in the living room was grinning mischievously cause he won this round.

    a/n; *Human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccines may prevent infections by certain types of human papillomavirus associated with the development of cervical cancer, genital warts, and other World Health Organization (WHO), as well as public health officials in Australia, Canada, Europe, and the United States recommend vaccination of young women against HPV. HPV vaccination is also effective in males to protect their partners from HPV infections, as well as themselves from anal cancer and genital warts, and possibly other HPV associated cancers.

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