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    I see you

    [I]It’s getting so late…[I/] Owen thought as he caught a glimpse of his alarm clock.
    He’d been looking through hundreds of photos all day, his eyes were drooping, and his back was sore, and his legs felt like they had gone numb.

    “ Just a few more and then bedtime…” He mumbles and looks back to the screen. Each photo showed a normal scenes. One of a couple at a cafe, another of a family at the park. A woman sitting in front of the pharmacy waiting on the public bus. On the outside looking in, one would think Owen was going through pictures for a newspaper or magazine story… But no. Owen was looking for something else entirely.
    For years, Owen has been chasing down and studying paranormal activities all over the country. Ever since he was young, Owen found ghosts and myths fascinating. He’d buy or check out every book he could get his hands on and study from cover to cover until he had it memorized. When he was in middle school, his father had bought him a camera to document and record any discoveries the boy would come across.

    Once he was in college, Owen spent his days studying to be a photographer, then his nights were used for his paranormal hobbies and observations.

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    Re: I see you


    Since he hasn’t crossed over to the other side a floating spirit or poltergeist as he likes to be known from the other end would haunt his prey and do harm to them or their family. Few families were targets of his haunting and would be dead by his hands. A specific family he kept his eyes on since they moved to his family’s home ended up dead except for one.

    The soul survivor was a young boy he’s watched grow up from the mirrors keeping himself hidden as he watched the young one growing up from boy to a man. He let him survive as he’d wanted to scare him when least expected and show himself to him when taking over a body that’s worth taking over. Alone at the home he had a new family moving in and after few days he’d killed them by pushing the parents down the stairs and taking control and over of a young man whom would headed to the same college his target currently resides in.

    With a new body he was making sure to make himself comfortable and used to the human body as he wasn’t in a human body for a long time and leaves the house looking behind him. "We’re coming together here, Owen my targeted human man." He laughs as he just flew to where this Owen was staying at.

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