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    Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)

    ~Posting this as promised. Contains changes from the original story, might add a few scenes here and there, ending's going to be different too, not to mention I am now well enough to focus on grammar correction. ^^"~

    SUMMARY: Ueda Hibiki, is a 20 year old, beautiful androgynous man and freeter who enjoys the life of being a hedonist. His promiscuity led him to the world of trouble, being chased by the husband of the woman he slept with. In his attempt to escape, he broke inside a car thinking it was empty. After a few minutes, a man emerged from the shadows and said, "I'll hire you as my Stalker."
    STATUS: On going (finished story titled - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ])
    DISCLAIMER: I do not condone the act of stalking, nor intend to make light or fun with the subject. This part is necessary with the story that I wanted to convey.
    WARNINGS: Explicit contents, violence, abuse, non-con, gore, fetishes, stalking, crimes,


    Shit! So it comes to this huh? That wench said she's single!

    What do I do now? I can't come home and bring trouble, it's not even my house!!

    Ueda Hibiki: a freeter, currently - a dead man walking.

    3 hours earlier..

    "Nggnn, shit ~what a slut! " Hibiki was having a one-night-stand with a woman he met on a bar earlier that evening, enjoying how wild they were. She was cute, kinda old for his taste, since he usualy go for the innocent type highschool vibe. But he was a hedonist; all the pleasure he can get, he grabs without second thought. Being freeter and obviously without any money, forced them to made the deed on the woman's house. He was fine with whatever she wanted since he was getting it for free. Hibiki does not care for someone whom he'll never see again anyways.

    "Ohhh, ahh! Please.. do me harder!" The woman moaned and groaned under him.

    What a slut indeed! Allowing anal sex on the first night! Thank goodness for condoms! He said to himself.

    "Yosh! Here I come..."

    As he was pounding his way to the big 'O' moment, the bedroom door busted open.

    The joint bodies suddenly stopped like they have been poured by ice water. Hibiki, looked at the man standing in front of the door, then the woman then the man again. Realizing the situation, he pulled out and stammered.

    "Ah! Shit! You're married?!" Shouting at the woman under him.

    With a coy smile she answered, "Well, I'm touched you believed my story, but hardly anyone says the truth when on hooking up right?"

    This bitch!

    "Bro, listen I'm sorry okay?! I didn't know she was... hey, Bro!? Who are they?!"
    Behind the man whose seething with rage and clenching his jaw, were 5 burly men, who look like they were ready to kill him, slowly inching forward..

    "Aniki, what should we do with this fucker?" One guy wearing tacky clothes asked the man in front who was now cracking his knuckles.

    Aniki? Oh no! The yakuza?

    "I'm sorry honey, you never come home and...." the woman said, but it was obvious she wasn't showing any kind of remorse.

    "Get that man and bring him 'there'!" The man finally spoke.

    Being punched, kicked and dragged, Hibiki thought that this was where he'll die. The heavens haven't really forsake him, though. Eiither that or he was just a devil in disuise. Having the talent for it, he tried to seduce one of the underling who was eyeing at his bare ass and said, "Bro, if you let the cuffs on my feet lose and untie my hand, i'll let you take my ass.."

    Just to add another wound to the attack, he stuck out his tongue and swirled it around, licking his lips. He knew his strength very well - looking really tempting - and that instance, the man untied only his feet - the pervert needed some kind of restraint on him to make sure he can take his time and devour Hibiki slowly. All the while verbally abusing Hibiki that was doing his well holding back the tears from the pain of being yanked by the hair.

    "Ah, bro please be gentle it really hurts.." The tears found its way in his eye, but being raped admittedly gave the hedonist new thrills. Even for him, this was a new kind of low.

    After the man was satisfied, the man slowly lowered his guard around the tied-up Hibiki, going in for a kiss.

    "Fuck this is so good!" The man grunted.

    In that moment were the man was convulsing, almost ready to burst, Hibiki leaned in and kissed him, frenching his tongue.

    "Omph!" The man moaned just before he release.

    Hibiki bit the tongue of his assailant and the tangy taste and smell of blood rushed in his mouth and nose.

    Coughing, Hibiki almost choke. He spat a few times before grabbing a few of his clothing.

    "Arghh!" The man writhed in pain and rolled on the floor, trying to call for help.

    "Hey, that was fun but I don't intend to die here," Hibiki said casually as he tried to balance himself. As one would expect, being bound for a few hours took a toll on him. Wobbling towards his things, Hibiki tried to sort things out. Where to go? What to do? Where was his phone and who to call?

    "Tch," he winced.

    Running as fast as his numbed legs could with slight wobbling, bare feet and injured all over, Hibiki pushed open the gate and escaped without a definite direction. Stumbling a few times, he groaned and tried to get up, but he caught the sound of hurried footsteps chasing him.

    "Get that motherfucker!"

    He was instantly spotted.

    Adrenaline rush took over him, forgetting the fact that he was leaving trails of blood, he crawled, stood and ran like the wind.

    His breathe and heartbeat was the only thing he could hear. Suddenly everything was deadly silent.

    Minutes of chasing and they were closely gaining distance.

    Where is this place. So dark!

    He was panicking. He was running a dark road for ten minutes or so without a sign of house or life nearby. Could this be the end? He dreaded the answer.

    Luckily, there seemed to be a warehouse at the end of the road where he was. Thinking he could ask for help if someone see him tattered and covered with blood, he ran through the garage looking for some kind of life.

    "Anyone! Help me!" He pleaded, already near the limit of his strength.

    Although lit, the garage was seemingly lifeless. Not one soul present.

    He can already feel them closing in, and he was crying in desperation. He was trying to prop open the cars one by one, looking for a place to hide.

    He has no luck; all of them was locked.

    Well of course it is! Gee!

    He was already accepting death.

    The last car he haven't tried was at the far end of the garage, the part where it was not covered by light. With trembling hands he tried to open the driver seat.


    He was momentarily stunned. It opened!

    "Search everywhere! That guy must be hiding somewhere..." he heard the voices approaching, stopping his stupor.

    He climbed inside and silently closed the door. He bent himself and made himself small under the seat as he could, hyper-aware about the fact that his breathing was really loud.

    Calm down, stupid. You'll die here! He told himself.

    A few seconds later, he realized that he has not locked the door, just when he was about to try to manually lock it, it made a clicking sound.

    Huh? It locked?

    The door rattled a few times, making him almost whimper. Scared to death, Hibiki actually soiled himself.

    Frozen in place, the door goons tried to open the passenger door as well, "..this is locked too! Shit! Check around the warehouse, maybe he is hiding in there! Go!" His pursuer said to his companion and ran. The footsteps sounded far away from him, and he was relieved.

    Thank goodness this car is heavily tinted like shit!!

    Realizing that he was safe for now, he heaved a sigh of relief, and sat at the drivers seat. Touching his chest trying to calm his heart, the car reverberates his muffled sobbing.

    He was; however, startled by a rustling sound behind.

    Shocked by it, he looked left and right, but saw no one.

    A clicking sound.

    A light behind him suddenly flickered, and he heard someone inhaling and exhaling smoke. Freezing in place, Hibiki took a peek at the rear view mirror, and saw a figure slowly emerging from the back seat, inching forward, just enough for the figure to be seen from the dim of the light outside.

    A man with long black hair wearing dark, sharp suit was gazing at him through the mirror. He took another drag of the smoke and exhaled. While smirking at him, the man spoke with an eerily cold voice -

    "Na, cornered rat.. I'll hire you as my stalker."
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