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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    The supermarket that afternoon was filled with mothers like NanamI, struggling to catch some discounted products to make ends meet. She went in line for a cheap one-carton-eggs deal. Silently, she was already thinking of what to prepare for the next three days. It's not like she has a lot of options.

    Looking down on a pathetic half-filled supermarket basket, she sighed and went ahead and picked the prized eggs when it was finally her turn. The check out counter was especially long. Just to save a few yen, she went in line for almost an hour. While she dazedly held her basket, she looked at some family who happily shopped as part of their Sunday bonding. Unintentionally, she snorted and thought it was kinda funny.

    Her home was little, old and cramp. With two starving children waiting for her, she diligently prepared her kids their dinner, or more of their first meal of the day.

    As a mother, it was heartbreaking to hear the loud grumblings of her children's stomach, but she has no choice. For a middle school graduate like her, she can't find work that pays well. So she has to joggle three just to put food on the table and send her kids to school.

    "Mom, we got a school field trip next week. My Sensei said she will pay for my fare. I just have to bring my own lunch with me." Her eldest child said a little timidly. She answered with a smile and the child knew that her mom understood, making his face lit up a bit and showed a little excitement.

    She set the warm rice at the table and placed the egg soup and egg rolls in the middle of it. "Itadakimasu." With a clasped of their hands, the family of three started to eat in silence.

    As her children slept through the cold small apartment, she look down on her purse's bottom. It wouldn't be enough for the next three days. These harsh times reminded her about an argument she had from her friend who suggested to give her children to an orphanage.

    I'm being obstinate and keeping you with me. But is my love for you guys enough to make you happy? While your stomach protest in hunger, and your body shivers in cold? Nanami pinched her brows and heaved a sigh, before she decided to take cover from the cold and sleep besides the two.

    Nanami's husband left them for a younger man. A gay lover who she admits was more beautiful than her. Though she said she was happier when he left because he was abusive,if she's being honest about it, she was devastated. She hated the man who took away the father of their sons. The love of her life. She stalked her enough to know how shameful the man was. He works in a gay bar as a waiter, sleeping with the customers on the side. Yet his husband crazily follows him and give him everything she herself didn't received from the bastard.


    I heard from your friend about he living situation you are in. While you are at work, I took the liberty to get the kids to have them move in with us. I'm sorry. I have a stable job now somewhere outside the city. And gradually, I will make the kids understand my relationship with Iku. I'm sorry for doing this to you.

    Live well. We'll write again after things have settle down. Don't even try to call the police. I know you've been taking drugs to keep yourself awake for more working hours. I am going to use that against you. Among other things I'm willing to do.

    Just accept these for the sake of the kids.

    I'm sorry.


    Nanami read the damn letter once again as she chuckled loudly before she drank her last glass of drink. It's true, she did everything she could to provide for the kids. Yet her husband had the audacity to take them away. Her tired eyes showned how much she cried. She was beautiful back in the day, but all that beauty was wasted away. Now she was no more than a weary soul--lifeless.

    As she placed her last money on the bar stand, the letter that was crumpled on her skinny hands trembled. I have nothing, she told herself one last time, pretty much decided to end her life.

    A single tear rolled down the side of her cheeks and for some reason, she felt something brushed against it.

    It was a handkerchier, to her surprise, she jolted backwards, almost losing her balance against the bar stool. Luckily, the man who wiped her tears caught her waist and set her firmly.

    "Are you alright? Mirai-san? " The man with long black hair tucked behind his ears ask her with a deep resonating voice. She felt her mouth agaped at how handsome this man is. For a second, she lost the gloomy mood she had earlier. "Ah yes, I'm alright. Thank you. How did you know me? " she asked, still very much confused at what was happening.

    "I knew your husband for some time now. Because he came in between me and someone I'm.. well you could say someone I am-targeting." The handsome man who wore a black suit pulled the stool next to her. As he sat on it, it made a squeaking sound. The bartender awkwardly asked for the man's order. Nervouse it could be something that he isn't capable of making, or something that was not available since it was obvious he did not belong there. He is like a diamond in a sack of potatoes. Too perfect to look at.

    The man smiled at the bartender and order something she didn't even heard. To her surprise there was one for her too.

    As she nursed that glass between her palm, Nanami asked herself what was she doing sitting to that oddly dangerous looking man. She sipped the drink and rest it again at the counter with a big thud. "So you mean to tell me that Iku was a love interest and that my ex-husband made a move on him. So.. what does have anything to do with me, Mr. Himmel?! her voiced showed her irritation. But she can't leave.

    The dangerous looking man beside her, had the whole bar vacade and had his bodyguards standing beside him. It does not matter whether or not she would be killed; she planned on dying tonight anyways. What annoyed her was that this Aoi, looks like he wanted to take his revenge against Ryouhei on her.

    "I'll get straight to the point. I'll give you a chance to kill Iku and your husband, and make your chidlren move back in with you again. Though on these condition, i will have you work for me. I'm a man of specific needs you see.. " the man slid his long fingers on the rim of the glass before slowly picking it up and tipped it on his lips.

    For some reason, Nanami thought it was sensual. The kind of seduction devils perfected to lure their prey. This Aoi is beautiful, he stared at her eyes and every now and then, touch her hand. He smelled wonderful, expensive and irresistable. She thought that must be what devils smelled like.

    More than anything, the bait Aoi gives her excites her. The chance to kill those two who ruined her. The chance to take back her sons. But how? How can she kill?

    "What if I refuse you?" she asked, trying to move her gaze away from the man.

    The man besides her chuckled and slid his fingers to her hair and down to her ears all the way down to her neck. He pulled himself closer as she tried to pulled back. And with a soft whisper that send shivers down to her spine and gave her goosebumps.. the gray-eyed devil said -

    "I'll kill everyone you love in front of you. And I'll do it.. slowly.. "

    Nanami was woken up by the splash of cold water to her face. She wanted to scream in protest but her mouth was gagged by a cloth. She wriggled and squirmed. But the rope tightly bound her to the bed. It has been a day since Hibiki captured her, when she tried to flee for the night. She heard from the other guys she had work with, that someone was going on a mission to hunt them down and kill them all.

    What irony, she thought.

    The children she cared for were safe and sound at the orphanage she didn't want to send them. Though she gave all her savings to the institution, she wondered what kind of life would they have after she was gone too.

    "Hello, you little pig. So I see that you woke up. I'm going to remove your gag. But if you scream, who knows what other things I might 'accidentally cut'."

    She nodded.

    The man she remembered was named Hibiki - irritatingly resembles Iku.

    "Why won't you .. kill me already?" She snarled.

    "Don't be so cold. We already fuck right? I even put my dick on your ass. So why not have a little foreplay, hmm?" Hibiki dragged a chair besides her and grabbed her chin. Tilting to look at his face.

    "But I can't believe it at first, to think that sleeping with you as you lure men was a set up. Then here comes the 'pretend husband' ... tying up the prey, beating him. Then somewhat letting him escape. Because of seclusion, the only place he can find refuge is Aoi'a hangar, inside Aoi's car." Hibiki paused to laugh, " guys are really... haha." Hibiki breathlessly wiped away a tear while she look at Nanami.

    "Who told you? Did someone rat us out?" She asked.

    "Well someone did; yes. But not someone in on your secret. He was someone who lost a love one because you decided to be Aoi's grim reaper." Hibiki squeezed her cheeks to tight forcing her to cough because her jaw hurts.

    "I had no choice! Aoi.. he will kill my sons!!" She shouted and thrashed about, trying so hard to flee.

    "No dear, you had alot of choices. One, you could have killed your husband's lover, or Ryouhei or both of them at the beginning. Two, kill yourself without agreeing to Aoi. It's not like he will go all the way to kill your kids after you're gone." He waved his hand dismissively. "And what does it matter if Aoi really kill them. You're gone anyways." Hibiki leers.

    "You.. you liked the idea of killing both of them don't you? Granted the freedom of being able to dispose of their bodies without any evidence pointing at you! Don't be so selfrighteous as to say it was for the kids. Come on, the revenge sounded so sweet and you couldn't resist. Because you hated it. Your husband traded you for a guy." Hibiki taunted her. He knew she hated his face, and he knew well how to rub it.

    Angry that Hibiki struck a nerve, she decided reverse psychology.

    "What about you? You're killing us out of revenge for that man who rat us? What would you gain from all these?"

    "Hmm? What you say.. " Hibiki leaned back to his chair and brushed a his hair back.

    "Let's just say I am you..and now I am killing all the motherfucking Iku's that stuck on my Ryouhei. To bring my husband back, I'll kill all of the mistresses. And make him love me once again." Hibiki snickers.

    "You know - and this is coming from a woman like me - but you're crazy Hibiki. Aoi-sama won't forgive you. And that person who you work with, doesn't have an idea what's your real intention." She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. She already saw Hibiki holding a knife, slowly standing above her.

    "No. Aoi wants someone to love him unconditionally. Make him the center of their world. I intend to do so. A woman like you wouldn't understand. He is like the devil.. and I cannot escape anymore. He already devoured my soul." Hibiki said in a whispered voice.

    She chuckled making Hibiki a little bit startled.

    "Ahh I understand.. I tried to escape him too." She smiled as she open her eyes and saw Hibiki's face loomed in on top of her.

    "Funny... you really are beautiful."

    Those were her last words.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    "Aoi-sama we can't let this go on."

    "Why do we have to endure it? Let the police investigate this."

    "I'm sure that Hibiki left a lot of evidence anyways. He will be in jail in no time."

    A man wearing a ballcap slammed his hand on top of the desk and inched forward, his face almost reaching Aoi's, but he just disinterestedly rested his elbows on the arm rest of his chair.

    "You guys aren't thinking straight, hm? If we didn't cover for Hibiki, making it look like just everyday murder case, then I suppose someone will already figure out what you guys have been doing under the light. Are you okay with that?" Still with the bored look, Aoi stared at the one who protested and the latter slowly sit back with a click of his tongue.

    "But Walter-sama, we are just doing for you.. couldn't you do something to make--" Another one stated his opinion but got interrupted by the tap of Aoi's fingers on the desk and the raise of his eye brow.

    "For me?" Aoi chuckled and crossed his legs, leaning back and placing his hands in his thighs. "Don't tell me you didn't benefit one bit to the things you've been doing for me." Aoi slowly stood up, poured himself a glass of whiskey and leaned by his office window. The atmosphere in the room was heavy and you could almost hear the gulping sound Aoi made.

    "Ne, tell me.. When have I ordered you anything one by one? I only ask you one time, didn't I? Yet all of you liked the benefits. The money and probably the thrill." Aoi rested his glass on the windowsill and frisked his suit pockets for cigarettes. When he found it, a man in dark suit standing besides him lit it up for him.

    Puffing a huge blow of smokes, Aoi loosen up his tie. "You were the ones who assumed I need to do this often. Searching for targets on your own, proposing the time how and where will I pick them out. Proposing when I could kill, what time you'll dispose of them. Arranging hotel bookings.." He snickered before he continued again. "Don't get me wrong.. I do enjoy it. It gives me thrill. But you did not do this entirely for my pleasure. You took something from it as well." Aoi finished his glass and faced the four men lowering their heads on the table. They cannot refute what Aoi had said. They are all in this together and they cannot blame anyone but themselves.

    "But.. Walter-sama what shall we do? Nanami is dead and she took great lengths to hide!"

    "Simple. Go ahead and find the rat and kill it. This would put Hibiki at disadvantage. Hibiki is a man moved by passion. He isn't capable of thinking for himself. He is easy to manipulate and his emotions are easy to be use. Someone - maybe one of you is helping him."

    After Aoi said this, the room feels like it grew a few degrees colder. He sat back and dragged his chair to place his hand at the table. His grey eyes smoldering, looking like he was going to snap someones neck if they said anything further.

    "You have three days. Bring me the traitor or I would personally see to it that the next meeting we have is held in hell." He said this in an eerily cold voice.

    That night went incredible long. Aoi finally finished the rest of the reports he needed to read through. It was horrible.

    Somehow the efficiency Charlie showed at the beggining slowly dimished overtime. Charlie wasn't asking to stay anymore whenever Aoi went for overtime and the things Charlie does to settle on his own, were all left untouched now.

    Aoi is smart man.

    When the killings started, he already knew it was Charlie who was pulling the strings on Hibiki.

    On a few occasions before, he saw Kaname and Charlie having tea and talking. So he always have suspicion on who might have asked Kaname to betray him.

    And so a few days back, Aoi hired someone to investigate Charlie.

    The investigation showed that Charlie had a half- brother who left home because their parents discovered he was gay and disowned him. That time, Charlie was still a student and couldn't do anything to object his new father. When his brother left their home, he went all the way to search for him every break and weekend he could, and discovered his brother was living a shameful life of prostitution.

    Penniless and desperate, Charlie sold his parents land - a piece of property he will inherit someday and contacted his brother to give him the money so he could start over.

    The man named Ikuya or Iku for most people happily introduced him to the man he was dating. A family man named Ryouhei Mirai.

    This triggered Aoi's suspicion even further.

    If the man working with Hibiki really just wanted revenge against him, they could easily target Aoi and show all of his shame under the light.

    Aoi is a murderer, and has a lot of illegal businesses. These could all be enough to put him to jail for life, but no. Hibiki and his accomplice took the other road and kill everyone who worked with him.

    Then a few days ago, Nanami was killed. Out of all the killings, Nanami's death was the most gruesome.

    Aoi opened his drawer and took in his hand a picture of Nanami's corpse. She was heavily mutilated. The COD was a stab wound to the stomach. From the looks of it, she bled to death. However, even after her death someone stabbed her again - 9 times to be exact - and chopped both her arms.

    Hibiki had all the reason to hate this woman. She lured him to sleep with her, and then started all these ordeal. But it wasn't enough to make him crazy and stab her again few hours after her death.

    It was clear. It was a Charlie.

    Revenge for the brother huh? How lovely.. and you had the nerve to use Hibiki for this.

    Aoi snickered and held a toast in the air before he gulped down the liquor, letting the burn down his throat.

    Though the toast seems like a gesture out of nothing, Charlie - through his monitor at home saw Aoi looked directly at the hidden camera he installed at Aoi's office.

    Now, tell me.. Who is being hunted by who?

    Aoi thought with a glint of excitement in his eyes and he continued his drink.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    It felt like it has been a long time for Hibiki. He got a year older today and just recently, he didn't mind much what happens this time of the year. Though now he was in the middle of waging war against the man he loves, the more he realized that he should have been celebrating this day with Aoi instead.

    It's true - deep down he knew what was Charlie's intention. Nothing is free in this world. So he basically smelled the bullshit the man was handing him. The first time they met after he discovered Kaname's death, he knew Charlie used the poor soul's feelings for Aoi. Using the bait as Let us help him change.

    Fuck change!

    Aoi cannot change. He has been enjoying this for years. And not the intervention of some people and giving him advice will get Aoi to change his mind.

    No. Hibiki knew Aoi needs to cut the ties to the people who helped him made all these possible.

    For a few days, Hibiki was sleepless and restless. He pukes every morning and drowns himself with alcohol every night. Killing wasn't easy and he did not take pleasure in it.

    But why was he doing it then? Was it for revenge? Was it for the fact that Aoi planned his death too and he wants to strike first?

    It's not really that. It's just because of the stupid thing called love.

    Funny as it may sound, Hibiki loves Aoi to the point of murder-suicide drama. He wanted all of him, as he was willing to give all of his. He wanted Aoi's attention as Aoi wants all of his attention as well. It's basic instinct of monopoly. He wanted Aoi for himself.

    Can they blame me? Them who kills for food on their plate, or something called pleasure. I kill for love. Even if I die, I know Aoi won't be able to kill anyone else. I'll be the last.. and he'll forever remember me.

    He looked straight into the mirror at his bathroom as he convinced himself that what he was doing was just and righteous.

    Conscienced be damned.

    After he washed his face, he tried to eat the left over food he had early on. It was a black tray of sushi with soy sauce and ginger as dip. Some wasabi paste and greentea in can. He forced himself to eat the cold rolls of fish and rice but his stomach wasn't really agreeing with him.

    This must be how pregnant ladies must feel during their nausea. Ugh.

    Taking the cue, Hibiki just went straight into the bed.

    The apartment he was renting wasn't much. Just 1LDK*. With computer and desk and an old bed. A fridge and stove with one pot. All of his clothes are either on wash or inside his bag. He didn't left it at the drawers. The place was basically rented so that he can have a place to stay the night. The rent was payed in cash and the landlord is druggie who didn't mind what kind of business you have. Perfect for someone like him on the run.

    As he rolled to his side, he felt some bulge under his thin pathetic pillows. It was the disposable mobile phones he bought in case he needed to call someone.

    He had four in spare.

    Hibiki sat down at the bed and it made a creaking sound. He leaned his back to the wall and opened up one mobile from it's case and dialed a number he memorized like the back of his palm.

    I wonder why people say 'like the back of my palm' when I clearly don't remember how my palm looks like.

    He mused for a brief second while the number on the other line is ringing.


    He felt his heart raced a bit as he heard Aoi's voice at the other line. Glancing up the clock, Aoi is probably already asleep since it's fifteen minutes to four AM.

    "Hello, Aoi. You missed me?" He jokingly said. There was a lump behind his throat. Almost like he was on the verge of tears.

    "..What's wrong with your voice Hibiki?"

    Heh, the bastard is so sharp.

    "Nothing much. I just felt like you could use a little call and hear my voice. You must have been sad to see all of your partners in crime drop like flies one by one." He answered smugly.

    "Aren't you the one who needed to hear my voice?"
    Hibiki heard a chuckled and a flick. A second later, there was a blowing sound. Maybe he light up a smoke.

    "What are you doing now?" Hibiki, over flowing with emotion let it all go and put a hand in his pants. He slid his palm through his pelvis and whipped his weeping erection out. His voiced became ragged as he closed his eyes. "Aoi..." he weakly whispered onto the receiver.

    "Having fun without me?"

    "Yes... I miss your cock though. When your long hair dangled... my face.. right when you hovered.. above me.. and.. ah..ha.. when I see your face .. grunting in pleasure.."
    Hibiki turned into a mess, imagining Aoi. How his skin smell. His touches must have felt like. He misses everything about him. Even that cold mocking glare.

    "Tell me what are you doing.."
    Hibiki heard Aoi slid something. Maybe a chair and heard a little soft thud.

    "I'm.. holding my penis shaft and stroking it... up and down. I'm wet a little and I'm aching inside my ..pre..pre cum is amazing.. and I'm playing with my tip.."
    he answered truthfully.

    "Then bend over and do it on speaker.. remove your bottoms and play with your ass. Let me hear you lick your fingers first.."

    "Are you...ah.. touching yourself too?"

    "I am.."

    Hibiki lost it and decided to do what Aoi asked. He pressed the loud speaker option and placed the phone on the pillow. He swiftly pulled down his pants and underwear threw it on the floor. He dropped his body, front first on the bed while his mouth was almost licking the phone receiver. Ass sticking up, he licked his fingers to wetness.

    "Uhmm.. let me hear more" Hibiki closed his eyes as he imagine Aoi speaking behind his ears. Breathing onto his neck. He did as he was told and stuck a finger inside his butthole.

    "Ah... ahh Aoi!"

    The moaning was a little heavier.. his legs trembled a bit as he was already three fingers inside. He can also hear Aoi's raspy breath.


    The sexy grunts turned him on more and Hibiki stroked himself too. Completely pressed against the bed.

    "Aoi.. my dick is twitching... and I'm so wet!"

    "Heh, are you cumming already? You really have no stamina."
    he heard a playful mocking and chuckle behind the receiver. After that, Hibiki gave a few breathy moans. While Aoi was cursing from time to time.

    "Shit! "

    "Ah... Aoi.. I missed your cock.. ah.. ngh!" Hibiki came and convulsed still breathing very loudly.

    seems like Aoi finished too as he was panting through the receiver as well, seemingly riding out his orgasm.

    Hibiki pressed the speaker mode off and put the phone in his ears. Closing his eyes and wanting to hear Aoi properly.





    "...Happy Birthday."

    Ah! This bastard!

    Hibiki cried until the phone line was cut off.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    It's been hard on Hibiki these days. Because he needed to be cautious, most of his transactions were done using cash, purchasing on less-traveled store and avoiding public transport. He knew sooner, rather than later - with all the heat directed at him - he would be caught. Either he left evidences that lead straight to him and the police are on him, or Aoi's henchmen will get their hands on him. Be that as it may, it was clear that he'd be screwed.

    He was prepared. It's not like he hasn't considered all the possibilities. If he didn't fight back, Aoi will kill him. If he went into hiding, until when will he survive? He's a drop out. Not having any particular set of skills to make him stand out. The only good thing about him was his looks and will probably eat and earn the money for it by marketing himself through prostitution, or a host. It won't make sense if you want to go incognito.

    He was done looking for Aoi's guys as well. The last time he has heard from Charlie was when he said they were exposed. He laughed at how cowardly Charlie was, saying things like go on hiding for awhile, or 'let's regroup first then think of a new plan.'

    Hibiki was an amateur, there was no doubt about it. But he felt that Charlie -due to his calculative nature- was lacking an important will.

    Do or die

    "That will be 480 yen please."

    The cashier behind inspect his ten thousand yen bill before annoyingly gave his change. Hibiki thought it's kinda funny and let out a small grin before schooling his expression back. He went out of the convenience store holding the pet bottle of juice and the candy bar was kept in his pocket. He stalked the waiting shed opposite of it. Waiting to past the time until he needed to move onto his desired location.

    He was wearing the red and black jacket he love so much. The fabric is warm and light and gives him mobility. His jeans was enough for warm, it wasn't a particularly cold day today. So his clothes was just fine. Still sporting the black hair, that was hidden under the hood.

    He stood in wait.

    Since Charlie seemed to be more nerve wrecked than him, Hibiki decided to move on his own. He wanted this to get over with, and we wasn't really concered about what could Charlie be doing at this very moment. Fuck him, was all he ever think about. He was disposable for Charlie too. He knew that.

    Tit for tat.

    Before Hibiki could see Aoi once more, or for the last time - he knew he needed to do one more thing. If he can't kill all of them.

    Go meet the bastard that started it all.


    Out of all the people he dealt with that surrounded Aoi; Mamoru was the guy he had deep-seethed hatred for.

    Who could blame him? Mamoru is the devil himself.

    Hibiki didn't lived he life he could be proud of. Heck, he even killed for his selfrighteous beliefs. Comparade to Mamoru though, Hibiki was a saint.

    Oh, how much he wanted to kill him very much.

    Buzz. Buzz.

    His phone on vibrate startled him. No one knew his number, except for Wild.

    "Yeah? Who the fuck is this."
    Adapting a lowered voice than his usual, he answered.

    "Hello, how do you do Hibiki-Chan? I see you've been stalking me. To what do I owe the pleasure?"

    What the fuck?!



    "How do you know who how to contact me?!"

    Whoa.. talk about timing.

    "Let's just say that Wild-San isn't so bright. Aoi has a lot of ways to figure it out."

    "..Huh? Is he serious? Am I really hearing this? What does Aoi have to do with you?!"
    Irritated by the fact that Aoi was even mentioned by Mamoru left a sour taste in his mouth. He made a tiny vomit.

    "Oh, poor Hibiki-Chan didn't you know? Aoi has ALWAYS been my number one. That boy has always been so sweet."
    He can here a sniggering followed by that sentence.

    Gritting his teeth, Hibiki felt his pulse rose and his face heated up. "What do you want?!" Looks like his plans to surprise attack Mamoru in his daily routine after work was a fail too. Guess I'm no different than that pussy Charlie. Despite the nervousness, the ravenhair managed to rolled his eyes towards his own.

    "Meet me at the hangar where you and Aoi met at 12 midnight."


    ".. and if I don't?"

    "Well let's just say your Dad and his new family hiding somewhere in south might meet an umfortunate accident."

    This butthole!!

    "..What's it to you?! Why involve them?! .. Damn, I can't keep calm! Ah, right I forgot. You're a one sick fucker."


    "Aren't you the same? Don't give me that bullshit now, Hibiki-Chan. I've been living perfectly fine, and your business with Aoi-kun is yours alone. However, a tiny bird told me you've been a bad boy recently. Taking Aoi's toys." Mamoru cluck his tongue "I can't allow that, can I? And even you... showing near where I work and live... thought of something bad towards me, am I right?"


    Something about the way Mamoru talked gave chills down Hibiki's spine. He knew Mamoru was twisted, but this was beyond his imagination. He is cold, manipulative and very... scary. Even to his standards.

    "..alright. I will come, but what do you wan't me to do? I won't be subjected to harm, I'm not into that shitty play."

    "Haha. Good choice. Well..."

    The line suddenly echoed while Hibiki dropped his guard down on that shaded waiting shed. Behind him was a rustle from the bush and he heard a voice , same as the man on the other line of his phone.,

    "..Let's play, Hibiki-Chan!"



    Ugh..Ouch! My head... where .. what?

    "Oh, good seems like you're waking up."

    Hibiki can hear Mamoru but his eyes were blinded by the focus of light towards him. Groaning, he slowly opened it and adjust to his surroundings.

    He fucking got me there. Shit!

    Cling clang.


    "I can understand why you like this one among the others. He is exceptionally pretty, Nah Aoi-kun?"




    "Hmm yeah, incredibly so."

    Aoi answered back the sensei sitting besides him. Looking down on Hibiki that was chained up on the wall. Voice sounding really cold, and distant. Eyes shooting glares at him.


    Aoi stood up slowly and walked towards him, eyes not breaking the contact. He leaned down and cupped Hibiki's chin.

    "You cost me alot more than you're worth. You little rat."

    Shit! What now?!

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)

    *Image above is mine.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)

    This happen during the couples first weeks of stalking game. Enjoy!


    Due to what happened this past few weeks, Hibiki's stress levels rose to the maximum. And why not? From a wandering playboy, now submerge in a different kind of twisted play. What's more nettling him was the fact that he was turned on by all of these said twisted things.

    How many years has it been since he felt this thrilled? Who knows. All he knows was that he does not like this part of him. That slowly imagines the handsome man under his skin. How his sweat would taste like, and how his skin would smell. How smooth would he be under the trace of his palms... How his hot pulsing penis would..

    Stop! You stop now!!

    Hibiki pulled a bit of his hair as he rolled around in the big bed of his new home. He just can't imagine him falling in love fast and hard. He always knew that somehow he has a streak of masochism in him, but he never imagined he will last this long. How long can he hold out without having sex? For a man like himself who seeks pleasure in any shapes or form, this was the longest abstaining he has done.

    I need to call that snooty Lawyer. Can't stalk his highness today. Ugh my nose is stuffed.

    "ACHOO! cough cough"

    "Hello? Why are you calling me?"

    "..can't come,. Fever. ACHOO! ache.. hurts. Bye.."

    "Oi! Hibiki! What are ya..."

    *toot toot*

    Hibiki hanged up the phone before the lawyer could protest and demand him to come. Dropping his smart phone, Hibiki drifted off to sleep in hopes of getting better when he wakes up. Honestly, part of him wanted to see Aoi too.

    I need to get better, fast! Ugh... somehow I wanna see Aoi.


    Goosebumps left in his wake as he realize what he just said to himself.

    Damn this full throttle maiden heart. What are you, twelve? Get yourself together Hibiki!!

    Without realizing, he fell into deep slumber from being dizzy.



    Bleary eyes hindered him to see the face of the person placing cold compress on his forehead. All he knew was that the hands was warm too. Stroking his cheeks gently as he felt his sweat soaked shirt being removed.

    Wha? Who?...

    His fever got worse as he cough with pains on his chest. His body droops heavily onto the stranger's arms. From what he can tell, it was a man. A man wiping his sweat off, and gingerly changed his clothes. The said man even removed his pajamas and boxers briefs. With what little power he had left, he tried to cover his penis and groaned a protest.

    Of course his hand was swatted away and he heard a bit of chuckle as the stranger continue to wipe his body with cold wet cloth.

    Sensing the comfortable feeling, he once again drifted off to sleep.


    Hibiki jolted up when he realized that what happened earlier wasn't a dream. His clothes were changed, he has cold compress on his head and some medicines and water bottle was at his bed side table.

    So it isn't a dream!? Who could it be?

    He slowly remove the blanket that was covering him securely and wandered around the apartment, tip toeing and opening the doors to rooms very sneakily.

    What am I doing? I live here now right? Shit... how is this making me nervous?!

    A few minutes more, he confirmed he was alone. And so he sat at his bed again and inspect the things that was brought to him. It's all anti-pyretic drugs, some vitamins, cough lozenges, and menthol inhalers.

    Maybe it's the geezer Takaba. Is he saying I should hurry and get better? Sheesh. Somehow I feel he's my mother-in-law or something..

    As Hibiki took the powdered drug and mixed it with the water ready for him, he saw a shiny object that does not look like it has business being in there. Along with the things the kind stranger brought to him. He took it in his hands and look at it closely.

    He knew he was doomed, as his cheeks flushed redder.

    "Oi oi oi, give me a break already!"

    He went back to sleep with his fever seemingly rising.

    Meanwhile at Aoi's office, there was a sudden frenzy earlier. He disappeared without even letting his secretary know where he went. So when they finally got in touch of him, they sighed a bit of relief.

    Aoi exited the elevator and was greeted by Charlie's question of where did he go and why did he disappeared for an hour or so. To other peoples shock, Aoi just smiled as an answer.

    He fixed his loosely tied pony tail and tighten his tie up his collar, working on the papers he neglected. Needless to say, he is handsome and composed as ever. Naturally, people didn't pry much on the details and just let Aoi's negligence go.

    "Charlie, have you seen my lighter? I think I left it here..." Aoi said, still immersed into typing and sorting out the materials on his desk.

    "No sir, I believe it was on your suit pockets when you went out earlier. Maybe you left it on your car?" Said Charlie while he place a cup of coffee at his boss desk.

    Aoi froze for a second, scratched his face a bit and let out a snort.

    "Heh... never mind. I remember where I left it off."

    Somehow throughout the day, Aoi seems to be in a good mood. Charlie can practically hear him humming a song.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    How long has it been since I’ve been here? I don't know anymore. Been chained to this wall for so long, ugh. I can't feel it anymore, too. I wonder what's taking them so long? They don't even come to me, just left me here to starve! The fucking nerve of some people.


    Well I’m not an exception to them. I'm the same as they are.

    I've sunk to the bottom of this pit, and this hell I'm in is all because I did not know when to stop.

    Stupid heart messed my life.

    Hibiki, very groggy and weak kept looking at that door in front of him, hoping that there's someone who'll open it, freeing him of his predicament. But there was none. It's been exactly three days since he's been their captive - Aoi and Mamoru.

    He's not as ignorant as he seems; he knew he might be caught. As to who and when, he had hope that it's by Aoi's hand when he accomplished all of the things he ought to do.

    He thought that there's a possibility that's he's dissociating himself from reality, because these past few weeks or months even, the things happening around him are too painful to assimilate with his conscious self.

    Don't worry Hibiki, you'll wake up soon. And you'll see how all these are just a nightmare. He said to himself. Trying to convinced himself all will be over soon

    The place where he's at was dark and cold, Aoi was nice enough to close the window, securely covered the crevice a few feet away from him with a rag. Even so, the cold was unbearable.

    After he's been captured, Mamoru kept asking him things that Hibiki knew he already knows. He laughed at the thought that Mamoru was acting like a jealous wife. He can't see himself resembling any of him in any way. The thought that Aoi thought at least was an insult to himself.

    And though he was acting territorial, Hibiki knew that's not the only case. The way Mamoru spoke to Aoi was that off a doting parent to child. The cooing, the coaxing even the way he held Aoi, stroking his head.

    Hibiki barfed when he saw it. It's disgusting. He tried to think of as to why Aoi molds his target off this man's image. He just can't. There's no way- in any way- they are similar. Physical appearance aside, the crazy way Mamoru acts will drive any sane person insane. He's a sadist in a sense. Giving you the stick and the carrot

    He didn't give the man what he wants and kept his mouth shut. Of course, he got the beating for it.

    The physical abuse he received from the jealous wife was not much compared to how Aoi looks at him. It's like Aoi was somewhere else. Looking down on him with blank eyes. The tiny tiny kindness he saw at the mocking grey was no more. Aoi just look like he did not belong here.

    Hibiki can't stand it.

    While Mamoru was having a blast - hitting him at places that was gonna be extra painful; thighs, legs, face, his lower regions, he called on to Aoi. Just repeating his name. Not really begging for mercy or salvation.

    Hibiki just wanted Aoi to wake up.

    Back when Hibiki's at Germany..

    "So you see, Ueda-san it's better for you to stay away. Get away as far as possible." Zelig crossed his fingers and furrowed his brows when told Hibiki all the things that he needed to know about Aoi.

    "What kind of monster are you?" Hibiki couldn't contain himself pounded the table and exploded.

    "Aoi is my only son. I will do whatever it is neccesary to make him safe." Zelig was stern in his reply, either from saving his own skin, or being serious--that Hibiki was not sure.

    This fucking family! Twisted sons of bitches!

    "I will save Aoi! If you won't then I will!"

    This damn father, putting on airs and washing his hands off this mess.

    “The only thing I can do for him is cover up his tracks. Whatever kind of person he turned out to be, I'll take the blame for it and support him throughout.” Zelig looked at Hibiki, unfazed by his sudden rashness.

    “Yeah? Well, fuck you and your support! The people who surrounds Aoi milked him off his money, and not give a fuck, in, oh I don't know, maybe really fucking help him? Ha, and you didn't even bother to investigate it? Just believed Kaname and everything he told you? Just a heads up old goat, Kaname is in love with your son. You know, the kind of disgusting feeling where you pin that person's picture at at pedestal and beat your penis off it.. he do everything Aoi tells him to. And if there are other people whose worth are bigger than him then all the more, you know, feeling threaten that Aoi will replace him so he helps him too?” Hibiki pants a bit after saying all these.

    “Milking him off his money, that's rich coming from you, the person whose job it is to stalk someone.” Zelig pointed out.

    “Yeah I am, and what of it? Do you think that your son is a hoot to work for? Heh, did you really think I did for money?' Hibiki arrogantly leaned back at the couch.

    Zelig felt the need to smoke, he didn't know someone like Hibiki could make his composure crumble.

    “And? Why did you work for him if it's not for the money?” asked Zelig.

    “It's because I'm like Kaname, the disgusting person who paste Aoi's picture somewhere and jerk off to it. Wishing he would look my way.”

    Normally this would send Zelig into rage, but this isn't the case. He likes Hibiki's guts. Truth be told, besides his son, he haven't met anyone like Hibiki.

    “And? How do you plan on helping him?” he puffed the smoke out, and looked at Hibiki.

    “Don't worry about it. I just want to know that when the time comes, if I give you a call, you'll come.. You will wont you?”

    “Is that a threat?”, Zelig asked.

    “Yes it is.” bravely he answered.

    “What can you do to me boy?” he chuckled.

    “Not me, no. Aoi..”

    “Aoi? What about him?”

    “Hibiki.. Oi, Hibiki wake up.” cold hands tapped Hibiki's face. Waking him from his exhausted slumber.

    “Hm? A..”

    “Shhh.. Don't speak., You alright?”

    What is this bastard doing?

    “You're very reckless. I thought other wise..” the man spoke followed by a chuckle.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    ?I'm not sure what're you trying to do here, Hibiki. Just what are you trying to accomplish by doing all this stuff.? He spoke so gently to Hibiki that the latter felt it was rather uncharacteristic of him. Hibiki snorted and chuckled a bit while he shook his head off that cold fingers' touch.

    ?You're going to kill me anyways. What are you so pissed off now?? Hibiki said with a raspy voice as he gazed on him. It has been a long time since he'd seen Aoi up close, but there's really a big difference from then and now. Aoi is looking like a tamed sheep under that Mamoru's care and Hibiki felt the urge to kill that man all over again.

    ?Then why didn't you run away? From what I understood, my father placed you under his protection, yes? So why didn't you stay there and protect yourself.? Aoi let go of him and knelt in front of the bound Hibiki, contemplating what to do with him next.

    ?What about you? Who will save you?? answered Hibiki.

    ?Me?? Aoi followed this one with a laughter. He shook his head and touched Hibiki's cheek. ?Why do you think I need protection, hmm?? He asked

    ?Don't you? Look at yourself!? Hibiki coughed from being sore at the throat, but he continues, ?You're so scared of Mamoru that you've turned soft. It's disgusting in fact.? he added.

    Aoi however, looked at him confused and tilted his head, eyeing Hibiki weirdly. He opened his mouth and then closed it again. He then leaned in closer to Hibiki; his long, soft hair rustled through his trench coat and whispered something to Hibiki.

    The other one was shocked, he had a hunch, but he did not see it coming. He stared at Aoi a few more minutes after Aoi stood up. ?Hibiki, there was a reason why you're alive despite all of your blunders towards me. Please think about it... Before he kills you.? Aoi said, his gaze was distant again, and his gray eyes sent shivers down Hibiki's.

    Well, fuck it. It's not like I'm scared. It's just fucking cold here. So yeah, that must be it.

    ?Well Aoi, if death is inevitable, why not kill me instead of him??
    Hibiki asked, he managed to show a little bit of a smirk to taunt the handsome face in front of him.

    Aoi just smiled at him, a smile Hibiki didn't see before.

    ?I would have killed you, if I could.? Aoi said and turned around, closing that creaky wooden door behind him.

    ?Damn, what does that mean?? Hibiki's poor beaten heart pounds through his chest.

    ?I'm asking you, where is Nanami's body? And where is she??
    looking really deranged, Mamoru paced the floor while whipping out on Hibiki using his belt or whatever he can find. It's enough that Hibiki full of hate and jealousy of this man, but this man is keen and smart that he is pissing the hell out of him.

    ?Where is she?!?
    Mamoru shrieked and lashed out another batch of hitting, making a ?plish, plash? sound every time a blood spurt out of Hibiki.

    ?Dead..mangled..corpse..? Hibiki snickerd and received some more lashing.

    He grunted in pain while Aoi just stood afar.

    Damn, even though I'm dying here, I can't help but think that Aoi looked handsome as always.

    As always, Aoi looked rather dashing. His long sleek hair was kept neat with a ponytail, however there's a few strands on his face maybe it got loose from driving, but still neat. He wore a gray coat, with three piece stripe suit inside. His shirt was white and the tie was black and silky. He wore a leather driving gloves or something similar to it since Hibiki can't really say what.

    ?Where are you looking??
    Mamoru crouched down and pressed Hibiki's face, forcing him to look at him.

    Hibiki got so irritated from being denied his guilty pleasure of gawking Aoi that he gathered what little spit he could and wait when Mamoru was about to speak. When the latter opened his mouth, Hibiki aimed for it and shot his spit in there.

    ?Ha ha! Serves you right!? He said and Mamoru raged on. He choked Hibiki as hard as he could. Aoi was about to save Hibiki when the lights flickered and they heard a rustling sound from the back door.

    ?Wha..What is that?? Mamoru's nervous question.

    ?Ohhh!! Maybe it's Nanami's ghost! Scary!..? Hibiki coughs and taunts Mamoru, laughing crazily all

    There was a missing body in the morgue. However, I think it was a homeless prostitute's body. It was cadaver for medical use anyways. Do you think we'll get in trouble?

    Stupid! Don't say that out loud! I'll take care of the paper trails while you do your very best to keep your mouth shut!

    This was the problem that arose one day at a funeral home. A body that was supposed to be sent through a medical school was missing and that they covered it up with a story that a distant relative--not willing to share his personal info--claimed the body of the deceased. By then, the school have no other choice but to let it go. They were given another cadaver anyways so it'll be alright somehow.

    There were no news or files against the crime because that day; the two attendants from the funeral home was dead drunk. And because this particular body has no one that actually came forward with a formal complain--not as much as claim her for real--they went on with their lives, not caring about the poor dead person's rights. Usually dead person without families or next to kin were taken care of by the Government or donated for medical purposes. However, these should go through extensive screenings. By whatever reasons these were not fulfilled, the funeral homes that processed such bodies would have to answer to a law. If losing one body was due to a negligence, then their license and permit to operate would be revoke. Not to mention jail time.

    This prompt the funeral home to just cover the whole thing up with the relative claiming it. No harm, no foul.

    It wasn't a random loss though. A certain criminal mind was behind it.

    Hibiki, for a few weeks tapped on police car radio dispatch. The plan wasn't really set in his mind. If ever the time comes to confront Nanami and he still can't find what he was looking for, then chances are, he'll just make her disappear.

    But luck was on his side. There was dispatch call for a dead woman in her early forties that match was close if not match to the description of Nanami's appearance. He followed the case, leading to where her body would be placed. Usually dead bodies like this will be placed in a crime lab. However, the autopsy showed she slipped while drunk and that's her cause of death.

    Hibiki carefully planned the next few days. When her body was sent to the homes, he stalked the routine of the people there for two days. He knew he has not much time and so he went there pretending that he was one of the relatives of their previous client and that he was happy with the service. He gave them alcohol and food and fatten them up through the night.

    He felt the two were incredibly stupid to fall for that one.

    Either that or Hibiki was a good liar.

    "Huh? You! What're you doing?" Nanami opened her eyes when Hibiki cut her face a bit, and then cut her stomach just a little.

    "Nanami, there is something you can do to redeem yourself. If you say you are willing then you won't die here and will live to see another day. You in?"
    Hibiki asked, hovering on top of her, and looking really crazy around his eyes.

    Nanami was scared, she can't say no now. Even if she did, she will be dead. It looks like it's going to be a horrible one.

    The truth was that she wants to live even one day more. One chance to hug her kids again.

    She nodded, agreeing to another devil to free herself from another one.

    "I will make it seem like you died. I have here with another body that looks like you. Well, she doesn't but well just chopped her up real nice."? Hibiki said nonchalantly.

    "What?"? Nanami asked and Hibiki answered her again. "I stole another body that resembles you. I'll chop off her hand, we'll mangle her face, stab her a few times. We'll spill her your blood and that'll be it. From what I gathered from the few men I killed, Aoi and that lawyer of his interfered with the investigation and shut all of the cases concerning it. I'm sure for a nobody like you, they will also do the same thing. Letting you die like a beat-up dog that you are."? Hibiki said grimly.

    "You! you're fucking scary,
    "? Nanami pointed out. By this time, she knew there was more, and that she can't escape this now. She's been in too deep.

    "Thanks, going crazy is like my thing now."

    Nanami laughed so hard that night, she thought she might be crazy too.

    "I'm going to take pictures of you. So you have to look like you're in pain." Hibiki flashed his Polaroid cam and she nodded.

    He sliced her flesh on her arms, that she didn't really need to pretend that she was in pain. She grunted as the flashes of the camera blinded her for a few times.

    "What's the picture for?" she asked when it's all over.

    "For the idiot who wanted to burn me after all these."? Hibiki said, slowly undressing her starting from her pants.


    "Aoi's secretary wanted you for himself, but I said I'll take care of you so that after this he can resume his life like nothing happened. So to say, I extracted revenge against him. Cause I know he's a coward and he'll rat me out eventually."? Hibiki then tied her feet once more when he changed her pants, even her underwear.

    "I'll remove your hands, but I'll kill you if you resist here. If I don't call that idiot secretary after, he'll fuck up your kids, so be good okay?"

    She nodded to Hibiki's demands.

    He stripped her again and changed her clothes. Then he gave her some plastic suit and she looked surprised.

    "We're going to fake your death, so wear this and brace yourself." Hibiki said.

    "Wait, are you telling me we're really going to mangle someone's body?"
    She asked with shock on her face.

    "I'm known for my dark humor."? Hibiki said, smiling a bit.

    "Smoke?"? Aoi took his handkerchief and covered his mouth and nose before he opened the door and saw the nearest barn was engulfed in flames.

    "Sensei, There's a big fire. We should get out before the authorities come here." Aoi coughed and dragged Mamoru out, while the other one kept shouting.

    "That's not Nanami! Nanami is not that body!"? Mamoru shouted hysterically as he was being dragged out.

    "I'll get you out of here."? Aoi came back after a few seconds when he securely placed Mamoru inside his car. Hibiki gasped when that cold chained was off of him, finally. It left a mark and it looked like his left shoulder was dislocated.

    Aoi, scooped him off and carried him like a princess. Grunting as he goes; Hibiki was a man and by far heavier than a woman.

    "Ah, damn, it looks like our honeymoon is too hot to handle."? Hibiki joked when he saw the fire already spread madly because the wind was strong.

    Aoi gazed at the man in his arms and laughed. "How can you joke at a time like this?"

    The both of them started laughing that they were momentarily oblivious to their surroundings.

    Even though it means that their deaths was looming near, the two seemed like they did not fear anything. Just happy to plunge into hell as long as they are with each other.

    Not knowing there was another car not far from them.

    After that, a gunshot was heard.

    If you read the previous chapters, there's a part there where Aoi described Nanami's supposed dead body. it was said that she was heavily mangled, and that her hands were cut off. [believed for the reason of revenge, since her hands were guilty of killing charlie's brother.] she was stabbed after death and bled to death. in a funeral home, if you are not familiar, they extract all bodily liquid for preservation. since she was for medical use [the body] they did not gave her formaldehyde.[all was added fictitiously by me. I'm not sure if they use it, but for the story's sake, let's assumed it is not added yet] and since it was so, Hibiki had the freedom to manipulate the evidence. dressing her up with anami's clothes and all. also, Aoi indeed ceased all investigation.. how? MONEY.. that's how. so they believed it was indeed Nanami. but where is she? find out next ^^

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)


    The sound of the gunshot rang through a certain limped man and he felt that his side is a lot warmer.

    What? Who.. Ugh. Have I been shot?

    Hibiki pressed the side of stomach while Aoi who carried him in his arms crouched down to lay Hibiki at the safety behind his car.

    ?Hibiki, open your eyes. Can you understand me?? Aoi tapped Hibiki's cheeks to wake him up. From the blood that's been leaking out of the tiny man, it wasn't much. There's a possibility that he's only been grazed by the bullet; or it got through, but there was no exit wound. He caught a glimpse of what has happened. It was his trusted secretary who shot fired at them.

    ?Aoi.. I'm.. dizzy.? Hibiki muttered, trying to stay awake but, his eyes are clouded with smoke from the nearby fire. He also heared the hysterical laughter from Mamoru inside the car.

    ?Of course you will be, you haven't eaten in days. Wait for me here. It'll be over soon.?
    Aoi's voice was softer than usual and Hibiki felt strange flutters in his stomach.

    ?You're disgusting, Aoi. Don't start being sweet now.? Hibiki joked before he coughed a mouthful of blood and Aoi flinched at how deathly pale Hibiki looked like.

    ?You should all burn in hell! You and that crazy doctor! Hibiki too! The rat framed me up!! He fucking left evidences on all the people he killed? He left my hair and blood there!! I have nothing left to lose! I'll drag you all to hell with me!!?

    The shouts from Charlie not so far away can be heard clearly and Aoi chuckled at how funny everything was. Not so long ago, he thought Hibiki was just like the rest of the people he hired. Yet he defied Aoi more than once and now the people who tried to frame him got stabbed in the back by his criminal genius stalker.

    ?Heh. I thought you were just a regular rat. I was wrong.. We've been underestimating you. Seems like you're going to give me a run for my money.?
    Aoi checked his guns and cocked it before he leaned down on the gravelly floor and gave Hibiki a well deserved kiss on the lips.

    ?Don't die on me, Hibiki.? Aoi said while he stroked the man on his cheeks. Hibiki chuckled as well, ?I won't unless you told me to.?, he said.

    Aoi circled back to his car, ignoring the crazy doctor inside. He knew he needed to focus on Charlie before he gets to them. Defending himself was not a problem, but he has Hibiki to take care off; crazy doctor aside.

    As much as he hates to admit it, Aoi is irrefutably in love with Hibiki.


    Another fire of gunshots was heard, it was a feet away from the handsome raven haired man.

    ?Tch.? With a clicked of his tongue, Aoi returned fire. He needed to finish this soon or Hibiki won't last long. Not to mention the fact that the fire has already spread through the second barn and authorities might come soon.

    ?I fucking hate you. Everything you asked of me are disgusting. You should all burn in hell!? Charlie fired nonstop. From what Aoi counts, he's down to his last three bullets. He might need a few seconds to reload, and that's when he'll attack.

    He was being careful not to approach, they say you should be careful of an animal with nothing left to lose.

    Aoi fired one shot towards Charlie, who was hiding behind a black, heavily tinted car.

    ?I'm right here, Charlie. Weren't you going to kill me? Come on.?
    Aoi decided to razz him out. From the looks of it, Charlie's already going to skip town on them. He hid behind a thin concrete wall. Since that part hasn't been caught by the fire yet. But the smoke somehow got through him as well, and he can't help but cough at it. His eyes are also being affected, Aoi tucked his hair that has been undone with the pony tail behind his ears. He admits that the sadistic part of himself also enjoyed this chaos.

    ?Fuck you!?, he fired another shot at Aoi, almost hitting him. Luckily for the long haired man, Charlie's not used to guns, since from where Aoi stood, it was fairly easy for Charlie to get a shot, at least at his foot or leg.

    Click. Click.

    Aoi heard Charlie's gun finally cocked and it sounded like he ran out of bullets. He seized the moment and ran straight to Charlie.

    ?Hiii!!? Charlie panicked when he saw the man running towards him with two guns in his hands.

    He tried to come inside his car, but he was too late. Aoi fired one on his leg.

    ?Argh!? Charlie collapsed on the floor and desperately reload his gun with a new magazine but Aoi shot his hand too.

    The long haired man walks slowly towards Charlie, while looking down on him with such hate. ?You should have killed me when you had the chance.? Aoi told him and stopped in front of him, those gray eyes are scarier than anything Charlie has seen. With fire in the background, it really seems like Aoi is from hell and he is already welcoming Charlie in his damnable embrace.

    ?Wait! I won't do anything anymore! I-I'll surrender myself and admit all the things I've planned against you! Spare me!? Charlie pleaded while he backed away slowly, dug his nails on the floor and Aoi walked slowly towards him, with a gun still in his hand pointing at the desperate man on the ground.

    ?There is one thing you shouldn't have done--something I won't forgive. You harmed Hibiki and planned his demised. For that, your life won't be spared.?
    Aoi shot Charlie in his stomach and the man groaned as he collapsed.

    Charlie saw the sky in a burning orange light and saw his life flashback right in from of him. A tear flowed from him, remembering the brother he loved so dearly.

    He judged Hibiki of how crazy he loved the man who planned his own death, yet somehow he can understand him as well.

    ?Love.. make us.. crazy.?
    Charlie muttered and smiled when he saw Aoi on top of him, looking down as if the man wanted to bash his face or mutilate him for the things he have done against Hibiki.

    ?I'll take care of your family, so go to hell soon.?
    Aoi said and pointed the gun at Charlie again. This time it was aimed at the man's head and Charlie nodded with ease. He knew no matter how evil Aoi is, he is a man of his word. At least his family will be okay after he was gone.

    The ever reliable secretary closed his eyes and received his last payment.

    As Aoi was running towards Hibiki, he heard a car screeched against the gravelly ground and saw Mamoru driving away. His eyes darted to the blood filled ground.

    ?Fuck it!? Aoi ran towards the car and tried to shoot its wheels but he missed. Mamoru has taken Hibiki away and there was no car in sight he can use.

    Seconds after, there was a deep blue Lamborghini driving towards him, and Aoi recognized the car as Kaname's. He immediately aimed at the car and as he was about to shoot it, the window rolled down with Nanami inside.

    ?You? But why?!? Aoi was surprised, but Nanami got down on the car and moved to the passenger seat.

    ?I'll explain in the car. Get in! Let's get them first!? She said and Aoi lowered his gun and entered the driver's seat. He has no time to doubt her.

    He closed the door and put the seat belt on. The smooth engine purred at him when he drived it, chasing after Mamoru.

    ?I'll kill you if you try something funny. I'm not in the mood to deal with other things right now.? Aoi warned Nanami and his eyes are scary that Nanami gulped.

    ?Boss, I've already been spared by Hibiki. Plus, I owe him a lot of things. I just want to fulfill my end of the agreement.? She answered.

    ?He just gave me a GPS tracker. The one in his ear...? she paused to point at her ear. And Aoi recalled that there was indeed a small earring in Hibiki's ear. He chuckled again at how Hibiki kept surprising him. ?Hibiki said I should offer him some help when he doesn't call me within a day. So I tracked him down on the second day. I considered leaving him for dead, but the man has contingency plans like when he dies, he will expose all my involvement in your businesses. He said he has connections where he left all the evidences. The scaredy cat part of me can't risk it. So here I am.? she said with a smile.

    Aoi remained silent and focused on driving. He still can't see Mamoru's car, since the road spiraled, but he knows he was just near since the road has fresh tire tracks.

    ?Boss, do you have to rescue Hibiki? Everything will be fine if we leave him be. The police will tie all evidences right back to him and you will continue your life like before.? Nanami said, and while what she said holds some truth in it, Aoi can't help but be irritated at her.

    ?I told you I'll kill you if you try something funny. Hibiki just spared your life, isn't it? I have to save him. I'll throw you out of the car if you don't want to.?

    ?Can I, boss? My work is done and I have kids who need me. Please, boss.? Nanami pleaded and Aoi sighed before he brake.

    ?Get out.?

    Nanami did so, and bowed her head while the car drove off. When it wasn't on her sight anymore, she fished out her phone and made a call.

    ?Yeah, it seems like Aoi is in pursuit of Mamoru now, and from the looks of it, it's kill of be killed. Yes, it looks as though there was one casualty. I think it was Aoi-sama's secretary. Uhm. Thank you for the money. I'm headed to my kids now, and I'll dispose of this phone and leave everything behind. I pray for you and your son's peace. Thank you for everything, Walter-sama.?

    Nanami's tears flowed and she cut the line afterwards.

    She wiped the phone with her handkerchief and stomped it a few times before she dumped it in the bushes. She walked away with her hands in her pocket, headed towards her new life.

    ?Live long, Hibiki, Aoi.? She muttered.

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    Re: Stalker for hire (includes alternate ending)

    [FONT=Courier New][FONT=Courier New]

    [SIZE=3][SIZE=3]Hibiki breathed shallow and short breaths through his mouth. There was ringing sound in his ears, and his eyes were turning white, despite the lack of light.

    "What.." he wanted to asked the man - Mamoru - what's his intention for taking him. But that itself seemed like a useless thing to do. The purpose was clear, Mamoru knew Aoi was going to kill him, and he'll be framed for every little thing Aoi did.

    "You think you can take me down easily?! Hah! That's a hoot! I taught you everything you needed to know, brat! I made you who you were. A killer, a wolf in a sheep's clothing, a God!"? Mamoru drove evasively. The car behind, or so Hibiki thought there was, was firing gunshots at them.

    "Ugh!" Hibiki groaned and held his sides. With what left of his energy, he pressed his wound. From the looks of it, Hibiki can sense that it was a superficial one. Though heavily breathing from the gaping hole, there was not much damage internally.

    But the exposure from elements he had a few days ago; the cold, the bone-chilling wind and the hunger was the deciding factor, it seems, for Hibiki's survival.

    Mamoru laughed like crazy at the moment. For an instance, Hibiki wondered what his endgame would be. He chuckled low and throaty. He wasn't expecting that in the end, he'd see Aoi being sweet. That was uncharacteristic of the gray eyed man, Hibiki thought.

    If he's going to be honest, Hibiki thought that cold and a little sweet Aoi suited him more.

    I just wish I could be with him, even for a bit.
    Hibiki told himself, thinking how far he'd fallen for the man. It's almost as if everything was predestined.

    He had fell into slumber for who knows how long, when the car engine stopped and the passenger seat door opened.

    "Ahh!"Hibiki winced and his eyes opened wide when the crazy man, AKA Mamoru, grabbed his legs and pulled him out.

    Hibiki tried to fidget and sat up, to no avail. When he wasn't able to dodge the man's assault, the doctor laughed as he dragged Hibiki out, pressing the limp Hibiki at his legs, hurting him further so there's no escape.

    "Get here!" Mamoru shrieked. Hibiki gasped and coughed blood again. From Hibiki's calculation, he won't last even an hour or two. He needed to do something, or have Aoi save him.

    Heh, since when did I count on Aoi to save me? What am I, a maiden?

    "Why are you laughing? What's so funny in your situation?"? Mamoru, still dragging Hibiki, paused for a bit and looked around. Hibiki tried to raise his head and looked at his surroundings. They were perfectly hidden from the tree lines near the road. If the crazy doctor was careful enough not to make any skid marks, Aoi would have crossed them without knowing they were there.

    "Let's see." Mamoru fished his pocket and took out a flashlight. He opened it and dropped in on the soil, illuminating the surroundings just enough to make out their faces. He looked down on Hibiki and lifted the man's shirt.

    "Oh? Looks like you won't die from this. Quickly, that is." Mamoru crouched down and inserted his thumb inside Hibiki's gun shot wound.

    "Argh!! Damn it! Stop!!"? Hibiki convulsed and wriggled with all his might, however far his little power would take him. He managed to land a punch on the doctor's face but the man just laughed and licked his lips.

    "You know why Aoi picked people like you who resembled me? Because he loves me dearly, that's why." Mamoru inserted his finger further in, and Hibiki's consciousness almost faded away.

    "Isn't it.. Because...He hates you.. So much.. And he kill you... over and over?"Hibiki snickered after and Mamoru punched his face repeatedly.


    The gunshot was loud and it rang Hibiki's ears.

    "Oh? Welcome Aoi. Ah! Don't you dare step forward! See here?" Mamoru lifted Hibiki up, and hugged him close, forcing the weakened man to stand up. There was a gun held at his head, and the heavy breathing of Mamoru almost made Hibiki hurl. He can't accept the fact that Aoi modeled him after this lunatic. But to think that he was a loon himself was a joke he can't laugh at.

    "Drop your gun, Aoi. Do as I say like a good little boy." Mamoru said in a sing-song voice.

    Aoi was looking torn, he saw the trail of blood Hibiki left and from the looks of the said man, he will die sooner, rather than later.

    "You drop yours."? Aoi said firmed and Hibiki nodded in approval. The Aoi he knew was not the type of man to fold to anyone and he'd rather die than seeing the man in his weaker form.

    "It seems you don't understand your situation." Mamoru said and fired the gun straight at Aoi, grazing his left shoulder.

    "Aoi!" Hibiki cried out and Mamoru yanked his hair, making the younger man wince at the pain.

    Aoi clicked his tongue and dropped his gun on the ground. Their surrounding was already dark, only illuminated by the car headlights.

    "Kick the gun to your side and raise your hands. Walk towards me, slowly."? Mamoru said and though hesitant, Aoi did what was asked of him.

    After a few steps towards the crazed doctor, Mamoru threw Hibiki to the side, into the ravine.

    "FUCK!"? Aoi saw what's going to happen and threw himself towards the man to save him from falling.

    His own safety be damned.

    "Ahahaha! How very stupid of you! This is not what I taught you, dear boy! For just one lowly man? You're throwing your life for one man?"

    While Mamoru laughed deliriously, Aoi, with both hands tried to lift up Hibiki.

    "Look at me, Hibiki. Don't look down. Look at me. That's right. On the count of three, I'll lift you up."?

    Aoi's face paled, looking down on the man he held so tightly in his shaking hands, he knew one mistake and it'll be both their deaths. He needed to lift Hibiki, and soon, before the crazed Doctor came to his senses and fired at them both.

    Though, lifting up a grown man on his dead weight proved to be difficult. Hibiki was now in and out of consciousness, and he can't even speak up, yet Aoi- with all his might - tried pull him up. All Hibiki can do was look at the man's face and reel in the man's beauty.

    Aoi's disheveled hair, a messy ponytail that gave a man a wild streak on him. He was handsome under the dimmed light and Hibiki's lips curled up into a weakened smile.

    "Ah, ah. To die seeing Aoi, isn't such a bad thing."

    Hibiki didn't know he spoke this words out loud and Aoi grunted really loud.

    "I won't allow it. You can't die unless I kill you with my own hands! You understand me? Hibiki, Oi!"? Aoi shouted and groaned when there was a sharp kick at his sides.

    "Ahahahahaha!" Mamoru was laughing madly and beating Aoi up, kicking him, stomping on his back, madly thrashing on the handsome man's body.

    "What's this? You love this man more than you love me? Didn't Aoi-chan once said that he won't need anyone else as long as he can have sensei?" Mamoru bit his lips in frustration. He was mad, seeing Aoi pulling the man up with all his might and won't let go even suffering that beating from him.

    The simple truth was that, Mamoru was the one who loved Aoi first. He loved the eyes that stared at him, as if the little boy Aoi he once knew, knew all his secrets. All of his demons. He knew Aoi was going to grow up charming, lovely, beautiful and feral. Someone who can't be attained by normal humans. He wanted to corrupt the young man's soul, before it was ripe and it'd be too late for him to dye his colors onto the young man.

    He was possessed by his greed to monopolize the young boy, who greeted him so lovingly, and called out his name like a little angel. He wanted Aoi. His undivided attention, his beauty- his everything.

    And Mamoru thought he did. While Aoi was growing up, he let the man polished his fangs, letting the man thought he was free, while in truth, Mamoru kept him in a psychological cage.

    He kept tabs of the man's activities, followed Aoi's scent. He got the police records off everything the man did. All of his illegal actions, the people he had slept with, and kept in his 'payroll'. Mamoru used these as his leverage towards the man. He kept Aoi dancing at the palm of his hands.

    Or so he thought.

    Over the years, Aoi became resentful to Mamoru. He wanted to kill him and take revenge at everything the man has taken away from him. His mother, his baby brother, his innocence. During Aoi's youth, he was believed to be guilty of killing his own mother when in fact, he was not the one who did so.

    Everything that happened that night was Mamoru's doing. He summoned little Aoi to her mother's quarters and saw the man had killed her mother. Because Aoi did not receive love from his immediate family, Mamoru was the person whose importance was Aoi's everything.

    He remembered it clearly. Mamoru said "Stab your mother until someone comes. If you were asked why, don't answer them. If you tell them I did it, people will take me away. And you will have no one. Is that what you want, hm?"

    Aoi knew from his young age that it was wrong, but he can't do anything to the man. What can a little kid do? A little kid who only wanted to be loved, and be cared for. He had those from Mamoru; he thought he received those from the cunning Sensei.

    Growing up was a different matter all-together. He still had the Sensei in his heart, and he honestly believed that what he had was what humans called love.

    It was all a lie.

    Aoi discovered the man's vile doings. As if the things he did to Aoi wasn't enough. He did it to several other boys as well. Luck wasn't on the victims side, for they were a mere substitute to Aoi: The ethereal beauty Mamoru so longed to possess.

    And some of those substitute met their demised. Being inferior to Aoi was their only fault and Mamoru won't accept anyone lesser.

    His anger rose. He was blinded with rage and fury. He wanted the day to come where he can pin everything onto the man, every little thing he did. He will take away everything Mamoru own--own to his last measly possessions.

    "Guh!"? Aoi finally pulled Hibiki up, and before he can catch his breath, he pulled out a knife from his coat pocket and swiftly aimed at Mamoru.

    "Oops! You missed, ahaha!"? Mamoru laughed and dodged again when Aoi tried to kicked him and tried to slash his neck.

    "You're not the only one who's preparing for this day. Now then, come! I'll kill you and preserve your body. If you can't obey me till the end. I at least, will make you a memorial fitted for Gods." Mamoru snickered tried to sneak in a punch and managed to hit Aoi in the face.

    "Ugh!" groaned Aoi.

    While the battle started, Hibiki tried to calm his breathing. If he's going to die, might as well die with a big bang.

    While the two were busy kicking and punching, the said man crawled towards the guns Aoi dropped on the ground. As if some miracle decided to pity him, the heavens started crying and rained poured loudly.

    It didn't stopped the two from brawling. Mamoru with nothing left to lose and Aoi with something he had to protect:both were fueled by crazy passion.

    The damped, soften earth concealed his movements and helped Hibiki glide through the earth without exerting that much effort.

    He managed to grab the gun, but shooting was another matter, for he's already numb throughout.

    "Argh!"? Aoi grunted and collapsed to the ground. From what it looked like, Mamoru managed to wound Aoi's face using Aoi's knife.

    Hibiki silently thought Aoi was kinda lame and he laughed out loud, prompting more blood to gush out from him.

    Mamoru was going in for a kill, just in time, Hibiki with shaking hands, sat down and pointed the gun at the man. Before he pulled the trigger, he wobbled and almost missed the shot. Lucky for him, he managed to hit Mamoru at his leg.

    After that, Hibiki collapsed to the ground with a satisfied look on his face.

    "Damn it!" Mamoru's finger shook when he touched his leg and confirmed he was shot. Blinded by the pain, Mamoru decided to flee the scene together with his possession - Aoi.

    He grabbed the man by the hair, disregarding the fact that Aoi was bleeding from his face. From what it appeared like, Aoi was cut in his eye.

    "No worries, I can just put putty on your face and you'll be good as new, yes you are." ?

    Just as Mamoru going to drag Aoi inside the car, Aoi - with swift motion slashed his hair and stood up.


    With all his might, Aoi kicked Mamoru inside the car and shot the man at his other leg.

    While the man was bleeding fast--calling out Aoi's name, holding onto the long hair Aoi grew throughout the years--Aoi closed the door of the car and stared at the man.

    "Go to hell."

    Very coldly he stared at him. Half of his face covered in blood, and that shortened hair showed a different side to the man. Mamoru thought Aoi was the devil, and he finally came to claim his soul.

    Aoi walked slowly towards Hibiki, whose body turned cold already. The gray eyed man knelt and kissed Hibiki on the lips. Weakly, he took the gun from Hibiki's hand and from where he stood, Aoi shot the car repeatedly, until it exploded into a fiery inferno. Incarcerating Mamoru inside it.

    Aoi sat to the ground, took Hibiki's head and let the man rest in his lap, while Aoi zoned out to the rest of the world. There was people who suddenly showed up, medics, policemen, and fire trucks. Aoi saw one familiar man running towards them both.

    "Aoi! My dear boy!"? a very concerned tone came from the familiar face, and Aoi smiled at him.

    "I'm tired, Dad."
    was all he managed to say, before he collapsed to the ground as well.

    The last thing he saw was Hibiki's face, it appeared to be smiling and Aoi thought Hibiki must have remembered something perverted before he closed his eyes.

    Aoi smiled too.

    8 months later

    Mamoru survived the ordeal, and so did Aoi. They were both scrutinized and asked over and over of what has happened and Aoi's case was more believable than the other one. Evidences were gathered inside the home of the said Doctor. Evidences that was supposed to be used against Aoi so he can blackmail the man, instead were used against him.

    Aoi's a smart man. Before everything went down that night; while Mamoru was busy torturing Hibiki - he already set the trap for the said Sensei. All of the evidences were fabricated so that it looked like the doctor was guilty. And that it was the doctor's plan all along to frame the handsome businessman.

    The past evidences were also brought to light. The evidences where Aoi was assaulted by the said Doctor, where Mamoru hid the original knife he used to kill Aoi's mother, where Mamoru hid some of his victims--little boy that is-- and what horrid things he did to them.

    In the light of recent events, the direction was also pointing to Mamoru, about the death of the host and male prostitute Aoi slept with. What prompt him to do so remained a question, and Aoi could not care less.

    He had a hunch that it was just Mamoru releasing his energy, because Aoi's father got a hold of Hibiki first.

    The trial went on, and it was still on going. But the result was looking clear: Aoi was the victim, and Mamoru was the prey.

    Exonerated from everything, Aoi resumed his daily life, three months prior to what happened. He got his new Secretary, someone his father trusted and accepted fully.

    From what it looked like from outsiders perspective, Charlie was in cahoots with Mamoru, for there was a few calls from Charlie's phone to the said Doctor. What they don't know was that, Aoi duplicated Charlie's phone and made the call. All to prepare everything in case he didn't had the chance to kill his former secretary.

    "Neh, don't you think Walter-sama became quite cold after that incident? Shouldn't he be happy because the stalker that'd been threatening him for a few years, has finally been caught?"? Two of the female staff gossiped over the vending machine.

    "Baka! Walter-sama's lover was killed by his stalkers you know? Of course he'll be sad by that!"?
    The other one answered.

    "But to think Charlie-san was one of the accomplices too. That's just too twisted. Poor Walter-sama! He must have loved his lover so much. What was his name again?"

    "Hm. I think he's that handsome man who came here a few months back. Hibiki? Ueda Hibiki or something."

    "Yeah! Hibiki! I often hear Walter-sama call out his name when he's drinking inside his office after work." One woman drank from her canned coffee and sighed.

    "But you know, Walter-sama may have that scar on his face, but he's.. How should I put it."

    "Still as handsome as he was? He's still someone who looked like he didn't belong here."? The other one butted in, and the other woman sighed and nodded her head.

    "Ahahahahah! Hibiki is not dead, I tell you all! Kaname was the dead one! And Hibiki is living as Kaname right now!"
    Mamoru inside his cell was screaming at the top of his lungs and police considered this as delusions. They already confirmed months ago that Ueda Hibiki was in fact - dead. The one responsible for killing some of Mamoru's accomplices, died and his remains were found at Mamoru's house.

    Hibiki was killing as a vendetta, that act itself, apparently took the man's life as well.

    "Ahahahaha!" Mamoru laughed hysterically.

    In the dark and cold room, here lies Mamoru, with his face half burnt and with no light to see until the day he dies. Left to be haunted by his fast, with no hope left. Only a slow death awaits, without a shred of his sanity to console him by.

    A fitting end for an ambitious beast. Contained in a small room, shouting Aoi's name. A name of the man he will no longer see.

    "Good Evening Walter-sama, Kaname-san ordered food upstairs, but he didn't answer our calls."
    The receptionist from Aoi's new penthouse called unto him and Aoi sighed. It seemed like Kaname was sick again, and couldn't eat.

    "I understand, please order us new food from The Ritz Carlton Hotel. Kaname loves their soup there."? He said and the man from the reception nodded and smiled.

    Aoi rode the elevator and punched in the codes so it'd be his floor next stop. Already loosening up his tie, Aoi was impatient to his Kaname. The new Kaname, that is.


    The elevator opened up and Aoi stride his long steps, waiting if Kaname will greet him his usual "Welcome home" greetings.

    But there was none.

    Aoi said and proceeded to go to his bedroom and removed his clothes. He was about to take a shower when a knock on the door startled him.

    "You're up? How're you feeling?"
    Aoi asked, shamelessly removing his clothes and left nothing else but his toned body, everything in all its glory.

    "Fine, now that I see you."
    ? Kaname said weakly.

    "Haha. Can you wait for me? I'm just taking a shower and then we'll eat." Aoi knew Kaname won't eat without him, for the man was like dog, or rather, a spoiled cat. Wanting to be petted, and purrs loudly at Aoi's touch.

    "Sure. Can you please open the shower room door? I want to peep." Kaname sat at the bed, Aoi chuckled low. He knew Kaname- this Kaname - is a pervert, and he likes it like that.

    So Aoi did what was asked of him. He got under the shower and the water ran along his body. He closed his eyes and rubbed his chest. He grabbed the shampoo bottle and closed the running water.

    Lathering the shampoo in his hands, Aoi then rubbed his scalp with it. Eyes still closed while he did so. He knew Kaname was looking at him, but he did not intend to act differently from what he was doing at the normal. He was just showering, and his lover was just watching him do so.

    Aoi then proceeded to lather the soap in his hands and he started from the neck downwards. The silence was punctured by a moaning coming from the outside the door and Aoi opened his eyes to look at it.

    There he was, Kaname sitting at the chair he must've dragged so he can watch Aoi shower. The scarred beauty chuckled and opened the shower so he can rinse himself right away.

    "Ohh..Ah..ha.." Moaned Kaname while rubbed himself with one hand - still in pajamas - while the other hand was stuck in his mouth, lost in sensation. Aoi gritted his teeth. He wasn't easily aroused to begin with. He knew he had a hard-to-pleased personality, yet for some reason, everything his lover does sends a direct invitation at his groins.

    He finished showering quicker than he expected and didn't even bother with drying up. Aoi then walked towards Kaname and scooped the man, fiercely hugging him in his arms.

    "Ah!" Kaname moaned, and with a loud thud, Aoi threw the man on the bed. Like a wild animal in heat, Aoi ripped off the man's pajamas and yanked the man's underwear off. He knew he cannot take short with prepping the man so before Aoi could enter him, he littered the man's chest and neck with soft kisses and licks.

    "Grab the lube, please." Aoi asked his lover, for the said man was closer to their drawers and the other one nodded.

    Kaname uncapped the lubricant bottle with his teeth and spat the cap far from the bed. He took Aoi's fingers and poured the lotion on the man's hands. Rubbing together with his.

    "I got this," said Aoi and inserted his two finger's inside. He was caught surprised, however, when he felt the entrance was soft.

    "I couldn't resist, you were gone for a two days. I thought of nothing but you."
    Kaname's face was flushed and Aoi groaned and hugged the man under him so tight.

    "Hibiki, please stop stirring me so much. You're not fully healed." Aoi said and traced the wound from Hibiki's stomach.

    "Kaname. My name now is Kaname. Please get used to it. Kaname-san gave me his identity to save me.." Hibiki reached out for Aoi's face and traced his finger on the scarred eye.

    "How beautiful."? he said and Aoi's lips curled up to a smile.

    He hugged Hibiki closer to his chest, still hovering on top of the man, and aimed his penis at the man's hole. Hibiki felt it, that Aoi was grinding his at his entrance and felt the churning at his stomach.

    They were abstaining from rigorous sex, until the doctor cleared Hibiki. But it seems their lust and passion for each other cannot wait another months, with that said, Aoi slowly plunged his penis inside Hibiki.

    "Oh God!" Hibiki cried out and Aoi closed his eyes and felt that warmth he missed so much.

    "So tight!" Aoi cried out while Hibiki clawed his lover's back, feeling the pain reducing while the pleasure rise.

    "Ah!"? Aoi grunted and Hibiki almost came, he knew Aoi was sexy, but seeing him so into sex and fucking him up - hips thrusting fast and all - was a sight to behold.

    "More!"? Hibiki begged and Aoi flipped their positions so Hibiki can ride him up, "Is that how you want it?" he asked and thrust upward while he grabbed Hibiki's hips and brought the man down to meet his slam.

    "Wah!" Hibiki's tears overflowed when his pleasure spot was abused and pressed until his whole body shook.

    He was ready to cum, and Aoi enjoyed the sight, Hibiki bouncing up and down on him. He grabbed Hibiki's nipples and tweaked it hard. Before he knew it, the insides of Hibiki tightened on him and he was caught by surprised by his own orgasm too, while Hibiki splattered his all over Aoi's stomach.

    Still connected to each other, Aoi embraced Hibiki and let the man rest on his chest. He patted the man's back and kissed him on the forehead.

    "Let's go somewhere next weekend." he said.


    "Maybe visit your family?"
    Aoi said.

    After a few moments of silence, as if Hibiki thought about it hard, he answered.

    "Nah, Dad knew I was dead. I wanted it to be that way."

    "How about you and me travel somewhere? A cruise maybe?"? Aoi asked and Hibiki eyed him suspiciously.

    "You're hiding something, spit it out." Hibiki said as he reached out for the tissues and cleaned himself and Aoi's stomach. Though he was still on top and that they were still connected.

    "Hmm. Mamoru's attorney said the man tried to killed himself earlier, but failed to do so and was saved. I bet reporters will come at our asses tomorrow."
    As expected of Hibiki, Aoi cannot hide anything from him.

    "Okay. Hmm. How about we visit Germany? I would like to tell your Dad he needed someone to design his place. The whole manor looks awful!" Hibiki slowly pulled Aoi's penis out of him and he moaned as he did so. He then laid besides the man and used the man's arms as his pillows.

    "Haha.. Okay then."

    Hibiki knew Aoi had significantly changed while they were together after that incident. But there's also some instances when the man's eyes changed and wanted some kind of release from his demons that'd been plaguing him since he was young.

    Lucky for Aoi, Hibiki would do anything for him. So every once in a while, he let's Aoi do roleplays with him, and while they do so, Hibiki enjoyed the thrill of Aoi's punishments, and those mocking eyes that looked down on him.

    He was satisfied with this kind of life. While Aoi did see some counselling, provided by Zelig Walter, Aoi never shook his habit out.

    Hibiki likes it though. After all, Aoi's his object of obsession, love - and hate.

    "Aoi-sama, your car is ready to pick you up."

    Aoi's secretary called out to him and he raised his glass of wine to his lips and looked at him.

    "Give us thirty minutes, my kitten decided he was sleepy and took a nap here."? Though Aoi's voice was cold, his hand lovingly stroked the man's hair sleeping on his lap.

    "Understood." The secretary left the two for some privacy and thought Aoi was very different when it comes to his lover. As if he would kill the whole world for him. Similarly, the secretary thought the same with Aoi's lover. Kaname sometimes have this look like he would cut anyone who comes close to his man.

    He silently thought the two suited each other. Both messed up, broken and needy. And loved each other too deep that no one could comprehend.

    He sighed and looked at them one last time before he closed the door and waited in the car.


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