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FIASCO 7 | The Bogeyman

| November Shausa |

“Maan this is so not cool at all.” I protested while trying to pry away his hands that stuck at the back of my head like a gum.

It took me a damn minute to realize that it wasn’t a prank the moment his hands slid at my thigh. Pranks does not go beyond south and I'm sure the thighs aren't involve at all. The entity was obviously a man since no woman can pin me to a tiled wall with just one hand. Hell, despite all the panic in my head, I dared not to plea for help. It was a foolish bravado but it keeps me motivated to swing my uninjured foot at the culprit, causing a robotic hiss at the assailant.

If this was a leisure moment I would finally laugh out of exhilaration to outsmart the guy but he recovered fast as he slammed me back towards the tiles. Despite the harsh movement he managed not to injure me along the process.

“Wait who are you? Bogeyman!?” I faked gasped despite the situation. With my head tilted, I caught a glimpse of a firm jaw, traced with light stubble that clenched and relax behind my peripheral vision.

“Don’t give me the lip Nova.”

“Okay criminal, what’s your motive? I swear I didn’t stole the goods.” Notwithstanding the possibility that he wanted to kill me, he’d better not do it while I am naked. I don’t want FBI hounding my corpse and eye-raping it, call me narcissistic, yeah you get it.

“I really like taking a guy like you down a peg or two.” He said, hands sneakily managed to get into my pants through the ordeal.

Okay this is stupid, why would I let someone do this to me? Frustrated, I get to throw a quick kick at him but again, it’s as if I’m kicking a wall. Wait why is this situation familiar again?

“Testy-testy, move or I’ll crush this.” It was not an empty threat as he magically squeezed his huge hands at my beloved sperm-making balls. With my thoughts and movements caught in abrupt end, I stilled, breathing even.

“Okay gay Zorro what’s your motive?” If I’m not going to get away from this situation by force, better try to get away with a conversation.

“Nothing important, just here to give your sword some bit of love. “Humor me, this guy is completely crazy.

“Wait are you the ho at the party?” Despite him not answering my questions, I kind of get the idea that he really was that glasses wielding dude judging how he expertly caressed my shaft as it started to bubble a dose of hard-on.

Is it just me or he’s trying to get me to the dark side---gay side at that. I don’t know what ran through my head past the frantic desire to protect myself but I instantly relaxed the moment I know that this was the same guy at the party.

His hands slowly wrapped at my member, motioning it upwards and downwards. The confused words that I was supposed to spew was trapped at my mind as I slowly thrust to shift the pace.

It’s official, I’m really a man-slut. Despite all those gay jest I hurled at Jeremy it seems that the jokes are all apparently on me. This notorious guy just can’t rape the willing and he knows that as I groaned in pleasure the moment a blinding light flashed and I dump my fluids at the white tiled wall.

I’m a simple guy and when someone tinkers my thing, the thing which wasn’t shed with TLC for a couple of days, it would probably burst almost instantly.

“hey wh—“ This guy is dangerous, I thought as I gather my wits and turned behind but I was just greeted by a dark surrounding; no shadow, no person, nothing in sight.

“That’s free of charge.” I heart the robotic voice echoed at the huge shower room before the lights returned.

--What the actual fck.

“Trev, I really need to know who the fck is that guy at the party.” The first thing I did was call Trev after I hurriedly wore my clothing, my eyes guarding the surrounding on what entity might jump onto me.

“I won’t tell you that.”

“Sht who was that guy!? He, he---fine forget it, I’ll find him on my own. And when I find him, I’m going to rip his balls and nail it to your door-frame like a mistletoe.”

Trev’s laughter boomed at my cellphone as I paced like a cage animal in between the locker rows. “November, what’s gotten into you? It’s just a one-time thing you need not know his identity.” One time thing my ass, that guy assaulted me earlier. Yes I kind of like it but that’s not the fckn point. And right now I’m a millimeter away from wringing Trev’s head for not disclosing the answers I needed.

Frustration was an understatement, I know I’m really of an average mind but things like this doesn’t occurred normally in my daily life. It might happen in a B-plot pornography but it certainly won’t happen twice in my life. Analyzing things aren’t my forte, this is beyond me.

“Jeesus, I’m not even Sherlock Holmes.” And with that I ended the call.

Clearly someone’s screwing with me, literally and whoever he was or they were, they’re going to experience a slow and painful death. Judging from how Trev manage to evade the truth, he certainly know what’s up. If my close friend was involve in this, they’re clearly up to something and trust me it isn’t some scheme where I would fall in love with the assailant as he romance me with his mysterious fcks escapade.

With all those thoughts jammed at my head, I slammed my locker and marched towards my mother’s Ford Escape. Conjuring all the possibilities as to why this was all happening to me, I reversed and drive home.

“Stupid’s here,” I heard August shout, her head peeking at the wooden cabinet beside the doorway. I’m in no mood to retort, marching my way directly to the room.

“November, dear. Come have dinner with us,” my mother, Rachel blocked me as I was about to enter my room, her eyes hinting that there’s no room for opposition. I raised both of my arms lazily and followed her. As much as I loved eating together with them, I was not just in the mood to eat but Rachel had something in mind as she ushered me to the crowded dining room.

“What is this?” My mood took a dive as I saw Jeremy and his brother comfortably locating themselves at our dining table. As much as I was loved and smothered, no one answered my question as everyone was busy talking to themselves.

Jeremy gave me a droll stare before pushing his glasses while his brother may not be eyeing me as he was eyeing the roasted chicken my mom placed at the table.

“Now seat and say grace.” My mother smiled at me, it sounded a threat more like a request. She kind of knew that I don’t stir well with Jeremy’s brother and our kinship isn’t harbored with common trust but mutual intent to kill each other.

If my days could’ve been great! I rolled my eyes after I grab some piece of drumsticks, trying not to join their lively conversation. I was emasculated and I needed a therapy in a form of a porn magazine but no they won't let me as they drag me at this mess of a civil dinner.

“It’s really delicious Mrs. Shausa.” Older douche enthusiastically chow his food while my mom blushed at his compliments. August and Jeremy were talking in a nerd language and I just sat on my chair trying to enjoy my food, trying to channel the inner peace in my mind not to flip the table and stab someone’s eye with a fork.

“Two-faced.” I mumbled to myself but clearly my mumble wasn’t unheard as I saw him glare at me.

Great. Inner peace here we go.