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    Yuu Kanda Gunji Kazuma Noiz looking for new roleplays!

    *ahem* so...i usually dont post things for rp recruitment for a few reasons such as: im only good at being an uke, my ideas are thin (so im told) and its never like someone really looks at every ukes/sekes rp Recruitment threads. :hamtaro-005 (5): however, due to the fact that my normal partner for rp, Gatichan, has decided to permanently leave YO for personal reasons Gati didnt explain, nor is it my business, im trying once again to look for roleplays. since im still suffering from thin Oc story idea (due to an incident id rather not disclose), ive decied to do rps based on fandoms that i love.

    The roleplays can be cannon OR OC. im not picky, but i am picky with my partners OC.
    OC rules:
    1. You cannot be god mod. i will not stand for OCs that are 'perfect' in each and every way.
    2. you must include a one to two paragraph biography in your character sheet. i love to know about my partners OC.
    3. please do not use over dramatic or over tragic characters, i enjoy tragedy, but i really dont want the entire rp falling onto your character. this goes for my oc as well should you notice it starts to revolve around my oc, please let me know and i will change and improve. i will do the same for you.

    those are simple yes? now for my basic RP rules.

    Kuri's Roleplay Rules!
    1. please keep replies between a one to two paragraph minimum.

    2. i do not stand for rape, abuse of myself or my character, or frequent cursing. i curse a little, and its okay to use it in rp, but make sure it isnt in almost everything that is said.
    3. should you feel our rp is getting dull and un interesting, pm me, and we will discuss how to lengthing and add to our rp idea, or drop it. but DO NOT drop it without at least discussing with me first.
    4. Have fun okay? i dont have too many more rules, but these three are the most important.

    now! rabbit2 for the fandoms i roleplay:
    Inazuma Eleven (within the first few episodes, ive just started it)
    Mekakucity actors
    kuroko no basket
    Ouran High-School Host Club
    D. Gray Man
    if you have another suggestion, post here or pm me and i will tell you if i know it.

    the few OC story ideas i have:

    Good Magician x Bad Magician
    Demon x Human
    Wearwolf x Human
    Super Power Human x SPH

    please...feel free to check in and i look forward to anyone wants to roleplay. rabbit1rabbit4
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