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Another great author who's been missing and been missed.

Here are his works.

You'll definitely love.



Original Fictions

*Sorted by date of creation of the story*




Status: Complete

Chapters: 9

Genre:Yaoi, Shounen Ai

Synopsys: Have you ever though of having just some pure relationships with the ones you love. Diaries are what accompany us through our ups and downs but do not forget, it could reveals secrets, the good and the bad ones. 2 young adults, 2 diaries, through their journey searching for the love they wish for. If we put them together, everything comes clear.



[An Autumn Tale]

Status: Discontinued

Chapters: 1

Genre: Yaoi, Shounen-Ai, School Life, Comedy

Synopsys:What is the most probable thing that you could think of in an All Boys High School? Friendship. Love. Hates. Detest. Competition. What could happened, if everything happens on you? How would you have taken the stress? Or maybe, was everything really a stress?




Status: Complete

Chapters: 10

Genre: Yaoi, Shounen-Ai, Comedy

Synopsys: It was the first glance that seals everything, creating an impression in the mind,or even, in the heart. What would you do to hold on to something you want? How would you react, when you're about to lose that 'something' you wish to hold on to?Would it be the end? Or will it marks a new beginning...


[Haru's Amai]

Status: Incomplete

Chapters: 6

Synopsys: *There was no synopsys this time, however, we were pleased with this*






*To thank please do so on the authors works, thank you :)*

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