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*~*~*brohne works of Art *~*~*

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Before and foremost, brohne has been away and couldn't still create her own catalog.

However i think that's a pitty.


brohne wrote probably, one of the best amateur things i ever read so far.

So i couldn't let slip the chance to create her thread and make her works be known to all.


Here they are brohne works of art!





Original Fictions



Status: Complete

Chapters: 28

Sequel: Bonds




Status: Incomplete/Ongoing

Chapters: 7

Prequel: Savior




+18 Fanfic


[Tiger & Bunny] Of Blood and Water

Status: Not sure

Chapters: 2

Synopsys: A Tiger and Bunny fanfic.

AU for LJ prompt: Kotetsu's evolving NEXT powers make him a target of Maverick's schemes. Can Barnaby rescue him before it's too late or is it already too late?




-18 Fanfics


Character Essay: Naruto vs. Gaara

Status: Not sure

Chapters: 1

Synopsys: Uzamaki Naruto and Sabaku no Gaara; what makes these two characters so compelling both as a pair and separately?


*To thank please do so on the authors works, thank you :)*

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