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Hetalia: "Someday..." (Russia X England)

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No one has ever consider the possibility that Ivan (Russia) and Arthur (England) could ever have an afair of sorts- but, why not? Russia and England have an indepth history together, but neither ever speak of it- nor do they talk often. But, what would happen if Ivan actually implanted the idea of a partnership more than friends between the two? Would Arthur go along with it? Would he give him a chance?


Continue reading to find out if this pairing could stand the test of love and time...



Chapter One: The things I will leave unsaid...



ressing the white porcelain to my lips I take a swig of the bitter nectar that my British friend had served to me. It was delightfully depressing, the tea, Earl Grey I believe it is called. How could Arthur drink this so often? One would think that drinking this all the time would make you depressed. A single sigh lingered in the air as my eyes trained on seeing through the window. I could see lavender growing in the garden that the British man had planted, it took all I could do not to go smell it. But, this did solve my previous wonder as to why this particular man always smelled of lilac and lavender. The combination so mellow and pained- it was entirely alluring. Well, in my senses it was. The smell mixed well with the winter wind that chilled my bones, even when I'm inside I can feel that scarring cold wind rushing past my cheeks- but this was for reasons I have so tried to forget. Shock was suddenly the expression on my face as I heard the clashing of a pot against the floor. I relaxed as I came to stand, moving at an alarmed pace to the scene that had shot adrenaline through my veins. I came upon the kitchen passing through the door way to see the British man juggling between standing and grabbing the pot. A grin rose to my features as I tilted my head against the door frame. "Need any help?" My lips played a smirk as my voice created a light chuckle. The expression the man gave in reply was priceless. Both annoyance and insult were laced in his eyes. "No. I don't bloody need yur' help!" He declared a sheen of pink covered his features as he regained his balance placing the pot on the stove. He really liked cooking for me even though he knew he was no good at it. My amethyst eyes settled on the adorable sight. I was at ease, for once. It had been along time since I was calm and happy all at the same time. The Englishman with blonde locks turned to me with that flustered look of his emerald eyes," What is et?! Nevar seen a man cook before…?" His growls only made me smile more. "Stop staring at me already won't yu' ?!" Arthur protested as his pink cheeks grew darker in color. "What are yu' doing anyway?!" His inquiry was as cute as his flustered attitude. "I'm just enjoying the view…" My eyes settled again, this time half-lidded, as I awaited him to say my name, to here it with his accented words. "Ivan, won't yu' leave me be already?!" Arthur jolted his head back to the stove trying to hid the obvious blush that laced his cheeks. "As you wish my king." I teased. One could almost hear his heart stop right before he drop another piece of cookware to the floor. "Bloody Hell!" Echoed from the kitchen. "Oh how I love you Arthur…" I whispered to myself. I knew that the green eyed gentleman would never give me a second look- but, it was at least nice to have tried so subtly… "Aye'O! Arthur I'm home!" The obnoxious sound of an American accent polluted the air. A sigh once again lingered in the once quiet air as I took my place back on the seat I once sat in, sipping the bitter nectar. "EH! Arthur! Let me help you make food!" "Oh! Bloody Hell! Fine! Yu' do it Mr.Top Chef!" I watch the lavender flowers once again. "Maybe one day, Arthur. You'll understand..."



Chapter Two: Out of all those things, Can I really hold my tongue...?


t had only been a few days since I had last seen Arthur. Sure, I admit that it is lonely. But, when am I not lonely? There was another meeting today, where everyone would gather together, this is where I could see him again. Bracing myself I walked up the steps of the meeting house, almost compelled to turn back, and just hide at home, away from the winter’s breeze. I truly almost turned around until I saw the green eyed blonde walking out of the building with Alfred, that American boy he was always around. One would believe this make someone want to run away even more, but not I. It compelled me to push onward, to try harder. After all, if America can be so close to the Englishman, then surely I could as well. Biting my lip, I continued up the steps of the marble UN building. “Oye, Ivan- There yu’ are. Everyone is waiting for you- hurry the bloody hell up, will you’?!” Shouted the blonde angrily. A single sigh of joy floated off my lips as I smiled wide. “Ivan! Ignore him! He woke up on the wrong side of the bed today is all!” Alfred yelled apologetically. The smiled dropped as his accent pierce my ears. That was right, I had forgot that they were already together. In that kind of relationship. “Shut the bloody hell up will you’?! Yu’ dimwit!” The criticism from the Englishman was hushed and demanding. The blush on his face gave way to all the pervy things that had caused his disjointed mood. The aura that dragged behind me resembled that of a think black fog, and my expression was that of jealous anger. “ If you two plan to be there on time I suggest we all leave now…” My voice practically making Alfred and Arthur tremble in there combat boots. “Uh-uh I-Ivan… Y-you seem scary all a s-sudden…” Spoke the American shuddering. “Just… Let’s go, Alfred…” Spoken the green eyed Britain pushing the other. Only moments later did our trio walk into the room where everyone else was gathered. The room silenced at my horrid aura, the one caused by my jealousy. They were so frightened that they actually gave me a seat that had five feet between me and other people on each side. My eyes drooped as I took my seat, melancholy hanging over my head. I still don’t understand why it bothered me so much seeing the American with Arthur, everyone knows they’re together. So, why does it suddenly drive me insane? Raising my amethyst eyes I focused on Arthur, watching his every movement as him and the American reminisce in their relationship. Ludwig’s voice sliced through my thoughts as he begun to speak, my eyes being drawn to him.




The meeting was now over, the clock’s ticking seeming to be right in my ear as I awaited for the dismissal of all Major Countries. Standing ever so slowly, my shuffling feet brought Arthur’s attention to me. A voice of British velvet spoke my name, quickly making me wish that the one whose voice it was could be my muse for a time if at all. The acknowledgement of his call was answered by my head turning towards him. If there was an expression on my face it was plain, faintly depressed, but for the most part plain. “Are yu’ okay? Yu’ seemed… Rather gloomy today…” His statement was full of worry and concern, it gave me butterflies. My only reply was a nod of the head, Arthur did buy it. “Why don’t I believe you’, Ivan…?” Questioning me, my eyes lightened up a bit. Giddy with joy he was so concerned. “Yes, I’m fine Arthur… Thanks for asking… It makes me hap-” The voice I made was meek and kind, but quickly ignored the moment the American spoke. “Hey, Arthur, we can go now, we have been officially excused.” So casual was his tone when talking to Arthur, that American I mean. Arthur turned to Alfred, smiling, “ Okay, well, we better get going then. Bye Ivan, we’ll see you’ around.” Said the Britain waving to me as he walked away arm-in-arm with Alfred. “-py… Yeah… See you…” My voice now low and weak, lower than a whisper. At this point I truly want to give up, say to ад* with it all. Just then, I remembered the revolution, and how Arthur interfered when he was still young. He may have rescued me then. Clinching my fist I gained a determined expression, I was not about to just give up after all of my efforts. “Out of all the things I leave unsaid, how long can I really hold my tongue, Arthur?”



* Means hell, Hades, inferno, pandemonium, Gehenna, Abaddon, etc. in Russian



Chapter Three: Coming Soon.

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