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Hetalia: Nine Months to Trust (US x UK)

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Alright, this isn't much of a AU, but it is in the modern world but.. twisted. The characters are mainly going to be called by their human names and there is Male Preg. With that said, Please enjoy.




Arthur's mental stability can't handle this; let alone trust Alfred. Will he learn to completely trust him though before time is up? What will America do to make England trust him completely?

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'W-wait... what?'


Green eyes glazed over the phone again and again. Who had Alfred been texting? And why was he randomly saying I miss you too to someone who wasn’t even in his contacts?


Why was he being so secretive? And if he really didn't care if Arthur looked through his phone then why was he so pissed that Arthur looked at this?


Alfred was hiding something and the brit knew it. Someone was very suspicious. If only he knew. And if it really was nothing like he claimed it to be, why was he so defensive? Why?


And could Arthur really learn to trust him? Completely? Probably not.


Tears welled up in the Britons eyes as realization hit him. Maybe they couldn't be together after all.. Even though they now both wore a ring to represent each other. How shameful and stupid.. how could he even think this?

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His stomach was turning and he knew if he moved more nausea would come. Laying still was his best bet. But he did have to get up eventually. Tightening his small hands into fists he felt the silver clamp around his ring finger. Waking up to his boyfriends ringtone, Arthur picked the phone up pressing it to his delicate ear.


"Yes?" Is all he could say before a loud voice deafened him.


"Good morning Artie!" the American on the other line practically screamed. Arthur squeezed the bridged of his nose with his other hand and sighed.


"Ahh.. Good morning America... Why are you calling me so bloody early in the morning?", Glancing at his clock that now read eight fifteen he moaned inwardly to himself, "..you git."


"Hahah! I'm going to work and wanted to talk to you! Is that okay? " The Americans last words sounding a bit concerned. Arthur knew him and Alfred had been dating but ever since yesterday with the phone incident... There was just this odd and unwelcomed wave of negativity that surrounded their relationship. In his mind anyway. Alfred was clueless to it all.


"Hey! I don't have time for your stupid shite!" he yelled in to the phone causing the Americans concern to grow into a bigger deal.


" Arthur? What's wrong?" The usually happy voice now no longer there but of sheer concern and insecurity.


"Idiot! I said nothing is wro-" The phone dropping from the Britons hand to the floor, he felt the entire room spin and next thing he knew he was clutching his stomach, laying on the floor next to his cell. his faced felt like it was on fire, as well as his ears and throat. Everything was burning. He wanted to puke. At least he thought he did. Arthur was sure he was just on the phone but his mind was waving in an out of reality, and slowly he drifted off into a deep sleep.


"England? Iggy!?", The blonde was sure he thought he heard those words after he fell his phone probably still in call.


Or not.


Who would care?


The words of that stupid nation.


But... Why would the American bother?

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The confides of where the Brit lay were messy and the room around him was soon flooded with sunlight. Arthur squinted when sunbeams danced over his face and he jerked his head away from the brightness, feeling the tightening knot in his stomach giving him trouble again.


After hearing the front door to his home slam open he attempted to get up but it was no use. He slumped back down to the floor and the American as well as a doctor was busting through the door, looking at the figure at their feet.


The knot grew when he saw blue eyes gaze lovingly down at him, He felt himself floating and he was sure he was trying to tell the American to set him down but it was not to be. Now he was sure he was back in his bed, The Americans strong arms wrapped tightly around him. The doctor was now looking at him closely and although he wanted to run, to get away he was content and didn't want to move. and soon he drifted off into a deep sleep.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +


" Alfred..." Whipping his head down to his British tsundere he just smiled to see he was mumbling in his sleep. The doctor walked into then British man’s room holding several papers, astonishment on his old features, Alfred sat up slowly untangling himself from his love and listened.



"Well the good news is that it's mostly a slight fever that is making him experience most of his pain. But, Mister Kirkland here seems to have something very peculiar. Something that is very rare from any other male patients I've ever had, But I have only seen this one other time..." The doctor continued to spat on annoying Alfred and the American loudly cleared his throat causing the Doctor to stop, realizing what he was doing cleared his throat and continued on with his hypothesis crossing his arms behind his back with a smile.


" ...But, all in all, Mister Kirkland here has a slight fever... and is pregnant and has been for a month in a half." All the American could do was gap at the news. Pregnant? His Artie? How in the world is that even possible. He was completely at a loss of words but it was what it was, England was pregnant. And he knew who's it belonged to. Coaxing the Briton awake with small nudges he saw the meadow green eyes flutter open and butterflies erupt in his stomach.


This beautiful man of his was pregnant with... his baby. How could he manage to let this happen? Watching Arthur come to life and sit up he shuffled a little seeing he was too close to the American and he gazed about the room. Now the room only contained himself and Alfred. His cheeks were red, flushing from the ill feelings inside of him and his hair was a blonde mess. It really was cute but now wasn’t the time to be all lovey dovey.


"Artie, I have some news from the doctor..." he began, lowering his head in shame at the mere thought of Arthur shooting him a filthy look for calling him that. He bit his lip knowing full well the british man would not take this well at all. One of the British man’s thinks brows raised in a questioning manner, and also to the fact that Alfred was not being himself at all.


He was the 'Hero ' and 'Nothing ever scared a hero! '.


Yeah right. Whatever Alfred had to tell himself.


"Arthur, your pregnant." As blunt as he put it the harsh tone matched nothing on his features. He looked scared and ashamed. Happy too? Who knows.


Feeling his stomach with his hand as he stood he was in complete silence. What had the American just say? He was... Pregnant? Why? How?


The Britons wide eyes now watered, both hands now engrossing themselves around his torso. How could he have let this happen to himself? He was the bloody git. This was going to be… horrible. How would the baby grow inside of a male body? How would he deliver it?


Maybe C-section? And furthermore, after it was born would it belong to him or... America?


Emerald eyes now met with sadden sapphire ones. He knew that everything that he was thinking of was what was exactly on Alfred's mind too. More tears streamed down his face even more and isolation started to slowly creep into his heart.


"Alfred.. W-what are we going to do?" He hiccupped, looking desperately at the American. All Alfred could think of what was to come. He gnawed at his own bottom lip in an attempt at finding a stress reliever. What Could he do?



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Okay, so there may be some typos here and there so please forgive me and enjoy!







About a week later after Arthur's cold...





After going to several places to learn how to 'Raise a Child' ' even more did the British man and his American lover feel themselves become more and more nervous. And soon there were now at the library, Alfred sipping at his coffee and looking over a pregnancy book, while Arthur was in the little limey's room.


" Shit..." He rubbed the back of his neck, rubbing the knots of stress already forming. He knew this was going to be a long, long, nine months. But he didn't mind; it was for his Artie.


" Well, well, well! Look who's actually trying to learn something!" a snotty sounding German accent sailed over his ears, making the American cringe and close the book he had been reading, hiding it quickly behind his back.


Directing his attention to were the voice was coming from he saw red eyes and snow white hair. It was none other than Gilbert the Awesome. Just great. Once he knew then all of the other nations would know. Everyone. He smiled, laughing it off and straying away from the topic that was already coming about that he knew would get himself and the Briton into trouble.


"Hey Gilbert! What are you doing here?"


Quickly, The Prussians arrogant smile faded in seeing Alfred hiding away the book. He knew America was not one to be shy about anything so this was definitely something worth prying into. The American hopelessly looked over the other man's figure looking for his boyfriend, hoping he had returned.


"Erm.. nothing much America.." Taking a single finger he pointed to where Alfred had hid the book and smirked, "What are you hiding there?"


Sighing, he whipped out the book, closing it slowly and showing the cover to the white haired man. His red eyes widened. No more room for humor.


"Oh.. Wow.. " Discomfort was all he could express. Completely taken back on what he was actually witnessing. The sudden urge to find Britain finally set into motion and Alfred was on his way, quickly darting to the rest room leaving the man left behind to ponder and question the situation.


"How awkward..." he laughed.





+ + + + + + + + + +



"Ow! Fuck!" British curses fill the house of the Kirklands, waking the Jones who was contently sleeping. Startled, he quickly ran out of bed to the bathroom to where his boyfriend was. The brit clutched his hips, trying to not clutch his baby bump that was already forming. Heaving a sigh he turned to the American trying to smile at the situation. He dared not touch the porcelain bowl nor his head.


"Morning.." His eyes were tired. He must have been up all night again. Why had he not been with Artie during his sickness?


"Good morning my love." The American whispered, sitting next to Arthur on the floor in front of the porcelain throne, rubbing his back and giving a small peck on his cheek, "How are you feeling?"


Thick brows knitted together and his lovely features twisted in displeasure as another shock of pain went throughout him, making him think he would toss his cookies once again that morning.


"I.. I think I ate something that the baby didn't agree with.. " He managed out, hanging his head over the porcelain bowl. Shocked, Alfred wondered how could Iggy know what the baby liked?


Maybe Arthur and the little one inside him were connected in some way. It would make perfect sense! Like super heroes! At the thought of this Alfred's little smile grew into a bright one, maybe even brighter than the morning sun that was starting to creep into the house.


His son or daughter would be a super hero! Just like him! It was perfect! Arthur pulled his head away from the toilet and sighed trying to regain his senses, Alfred helped him up and motioning him to go back to bed, He nodded and went to go flop down as well as any pregnant person could.


"Alfred this is just getting to be too much. I'm two months into my pregnancy and I'm miserable..." He knew Alfred wouldn't understand but he was happy that the American was being so understanding. Crawling into bed with his lovely British man, he placed a single hand on his lovers stomach and smiled. Arthur never saw him make this kind of smile but somehow he knew it was good.


"What's on your mind Alfie?" he asked tiredly, brushing a few strands of hair from his forehead. Knowing he was caught he didn't even bother to move though and look into Arthur's brilliant green eyes.


"I love you..." He knew he was too, and he kissed the love of his life. Arthur was filled with joy. this had never been something he would ever expect to happen. But, even though the whole situation was kind of weird and un-natural, he really was truly happy. Something more was also building within him too. Something he couldn't even name but.. whatever it was.. he knew he could trust Alfred...


"I hope so Al..."



+ + + + + + + + + +


"Whoa! Look at that!" Alfred awed as he saw Arthur step out of the shower, Holding his very pregnant belly. A shite eating ear to ear grin was on the American's face as he approached the british man. He never expected Arthur, or any man for that matter, actually, anyone in general to look as sexy as Arthur did while being a big ol' prego. The older nations face lite into a light shade of strawberry covered the brits face as blue eyes washed over his naked form. Alfred, aside from France was the only one who had ever seen him fully naked. But now, even though him and Alfred had only done it twice, he didn't mind. He was actually happy that he was pregnant. In a very strange way it really just made him happy.


Pecking a small kiss on Arthur's cheek, Alfred made his way out of the bedroom, fully clothed and looking as though he were about to go to a World Conference. Then it hit him..


"Oh my god! Bloody fooking hell!" He stressed, yelling and turning to his closet to retrieve something of gentleman accord to wear. He had completely forgotten about the meeting today! Alfred just stood in the door frame, watching his pregnant british beauty stress and struggle into something suitable to wear. He never knew what Alfred the elder nation to spaz over the silliest things.


"Honey, it's six in the morning. I've got a long ride to France. Trust me when I say you don't have to come. Stay here and rest." Alfred reassured, ruffling iggy's messy hair. He paused.


Did.. Did Alfred just call him 'honey'? Thick eye brows knitted together sharply and the slight tint was a full and vibrant shade of strawberry. Why was Alfred being so compassionate?


Now that the little British man thought about it, ever since Al and himself found out about his absurd development, it's made the American more and more passionate about things. Especially when it came to him. And the baby.


"I'm still going to go Al..." He snarled, letting his hormones get to the best of him. Alfred smiled, grabbing his bomber jacket and headed out, " Okay Arthur, I will be downstairs waiting on you. Hurry up!" he laughed.


The green eyed brit pouted and began buttoning up his shirt, the fabric stretching over his growing belly. And this is exactly the sort of thing he was afraid of.


"Shite..." His curses grew as he managed to snap the last button, slipping a hand through his messy hair, and headed out of his bedroom.


Wait.. He paused and continued down the stairs slowly. This had not been just his room in the last several months..


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +




Typing away at the notes and other things he witnessed at the conference he jotted down into hs labtop, reporting everything that was discussed. A loud grumble came within his stomach and he smiled, leaning back into the softness that was his favorite couch, strocking his own belly and looking longingly down at it.


"Hungry? " He chuckled and made his way to the kitchen but stopped only to find something very interesting. Walking in but making sure he had been unseen he listened as Alfred quietly continued whispering in the phone. A thick brow raised and a screwed up frown formed on the brits lovely features. Violently pulling the door of the contraption, Iggy looked inside to choose what his meal choice would be. Startled, Alfred turned and gave a dirty look to Arthur, whispering a few more things and then ending the call, shoving his phone into his pocket, safe from any prying eyes. The smiled he had been wearing all day was back. It made the small British man very uncomfortable now. He was stupid for believing that America was actually happy. How could the American player want him? And the thing within him.


"Alfred.. Do you want me to get an Abortion?" Arthur asked casually, not thinking of anything else. All he could think was that the American just wanted all of this to be over and maybe he would dump him. He thought anyway.


Blue eyes widened at Arthur's sudden question. He couldn't believe he had just said that.


"What? Arthur.. No.. I just..." The American was at a lose of words, and if he said the wrong thing, he knew he could lose Iggy,"I didn't expect all of this to happen 'now'. I wasn’t 'ready' and frankly, neither were you. But it is what it is," He smiled, "Okay?"


Now it was Arthur's time to be surprised. Alfred, actually wanted his child? He was completely astounded. And maybe a little out of character but it didn't matter. But still...


"Who...were you on the phone with just now?" The brit said coldly, not even bothering to make eye contact with the American, waltzing out of the room casually and sitting down on the couch. Alfred followed behind him and watched, seeing that Arthur was not in the best of moods. Was it jealousy?


"Does it matter who I was on the phone with?" He questioned, watching Arthur twiddle with his thumbs.


“Slightly. We are together so I think it shouldn’t be a problem if I asked."


Arthur then remembered and knew full well who the American had been talking with. A heavy flushed covered his face. He was completely outraged. He couldn't believe this at all.


Alfred sighed, knowing that if he didn't explain himself now, the Briton's trust for him would become nothing more than nothingness. Besides, as of now, and by the look on Arthur's face, he kind of figured he knew already. Maybe now it was just the pleasure of making Alfred admit his crime that made him persist.


"I was talking with Francis about something important. He is the only other person who has delt with Male pregnancy! I was asking him some things.. and... "


Arthur's eyes watered over.


"Iggy, please, let me finish. I've been keeping this from you and I know I was wrong but please listen.."


Arthur didn't bother to look up, He knew was was coming.


Alfred smiled, something very unexpected at the moment and he clasped his hands over England's.


"Go get ready to leave." He motioned to the room at the end of the hall. Arthur shot him a cold look, angered at the demand, but nodded.


What the hell was going on?

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Oh gosh. Again, ignore the typos if there is any. Thank for reading. (=




Alfred smiled wickedly, walking out of the confrence room to see Iggy in the hallway holding his very pregnant belly, looking down at an ero book for the first time in a long while. He never noticed at Iggy's hair was so layered and lovely, thus making him smile even wider. Arthur was so cute and today.. Today would be the day that he would explain everything to Arthur and finally make him the happiest person in the world. He only hoped anyway.


Arthur look up at his American partner and sighed.


"How did it go...?" He sneered, now crossing his arms to show his displeasure and bordum. He had been stuck outside in this bloody hallway for about two in a half hours waiting for America's world conference to end. He had been ordered to wait outside, aside for the fact that he was a nation and need to join, everyone insisted he wait outside. Thus, making him think that they were all up to something now. And he knew full well it was all in the American's favor.


Kiku approched behind America, peering around him at the pregnant nation. He smiled, taking a photo and then hiding the camera, not wanting the briton to take it away in anger and smash it to pieces. He approched Arthur with a sinsere smile, holding out a single sheet of paper with all the 'things' they discussed at the conference. Minus the fact that they mostly probably talked about America's plans about England. He shivered, but took the single sheet anyway, forcing a pained smile.


"Thank you Nihon." He looked at it. As he suspected, it was just some dumb cat scribble that they always wrote. Italy appeared next to Arthur, gazing down at the nations stomach in awe, pressing a single finger to his bottom lip as he continued to stare at it making the blonde extremely uncomfortable.


"Ve, Britain, Can I.. Feel your stomach?" He asked innocently. He had never saw this ever. Britain never seemed so vulnerable. He couldn't explain it but Arthur seemed more emtional, if that was possible. Arthur was baffled, how could he want to touch him? Was he really that interested? What did he hope to gain?


"Umm, sure, why not... " The briton stood, his palms going to his hips for support as he stood, he felt all of his weight in the front and doing this was one of the many ways he could balance out the weight. Italy's eyes widened shined at the sight, and ear to ear grin forming on his face. Smoothing his hands over Arthur's stomach, pressing lightly for a sign of life. After a few times of repositioning his hands, he and Arthur both felt a thump come from below.


Arthur's eyes widened. What the hell was that?


He had never felt something so strange within him. Italy pranced around his hands cupping his face as he squealed at the feeling of the little bit of life still growing inside of Arthur. He awed and giggled, complaining to Germany that he wanted to be pregnant too, making the blonde man blush fiercley. Japan had left with France, Russia, China, and Canada, all not paying much attention to Arthur, trying to be as descreet as possible about their plans.


Arthur was not so dumb as to not see the suspecious actions the alilies and axis countries were displaying but at the moment that didn't matter. Right now, he was still gawking down at his abdomen, placing a single hand on himself. Italy clung to his Doitsu and they walked away, leaving only America there, watching. Watching as his Iggy finally realizing that he was falling in love with the life inside of him. He smiled, completely happy and knowing now that this day was about to get a lot more better. He was the hero, so, it was all up to him to make Arthur his. Mentally, Physically, and Spiritually. He wanted all of him. And together they created life. Now, even though he was scared, he could finally, maybe after today, have the long awaited family that he has always wanted.


"Arthur..." He whispered, placing his hand atop Iggy's, pressing lightly, and kissing the Briton's forehead lovingly. He felt so full of love. Now, all that matter now was if Arthur felt it too. And indeed he did, he just ...knew.


Green eyes sparkled, anxiously waiting for another kick from his stomach. He wanted to feel his son or daughter. He knew Alfred was holding him and he knew he would be safe but.. maybe something this wonderful was just a trick. Nothing like this could exsist. Could it?


"Arthur?" America asked again, wide green eyes now looking up into his. Alfred held his breathe, completely taken back at the look in Arthur's eyes. No, Alfred saw right into his soul. Arthur was completely and utterly in love with the life inside of him. He was happy. Completely. Alfred felt his eyes water. He felt so lucky, so happy.


"Yes, Al?" Arthur breathed, breaking his vision from the blue eyes still staring him down, sitting back down into the chair he had been in, once again finding it comfortable for the time being.


Wiping the tears away from his eyes, Alfred resumed, " Are you ready to go?"


Arthur nodded and with that the two left for the streets of France, or... so Arthur thought.



+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +




After an hour of driving in the American's car, Arthur thought he was going to explode from the suspence of not know where the hell they were going. Everytime he asked the American got a smug grin on his face and shrugged, insisting it was just nothing. But when Arthur persisted that he wanted to go home, Alfred would just smile.


"Don't you wanna know why I'm so secretive with you?" He would say leaving Arthur at a loss of words. So of course the conversation would end and he would have to sit with his baby and ponder on everything. The way Alfred made it all seem.. it was like a game to him.


Alfred felt those green eyes pinning him again and he shivered. Soon, they would be at their house. Hesistant on saying the wrong thing to the British man, Alfred stuttered and sighed.


Arthur raised one thick eyebrow at him. "Yes?"


Sky blue eyes filling with passion turned to him but nothing was said. Arthur blushed at the lovingly show of affection and stared out his window. "Drive.. git. Don't look at me."


Arthur's nose wrinckled in disqust. But Alfred only laughed, holding out a single hand to Arthur. Without even looking down to see the offering hand, England took it. Entertwining his fingers with the larger one's and sqeezing firmly. Arthur hated the smile forming on his features but he allowed it. Maybe all of this wasen't a game after all. Maybe Alfred really was someone he could completely trust. He swore he had never felt this way about anyone else but America. But still. Something was missing.


The car came to a stop and again England questioned the American.


Stepping out of the car, America closed his door and swiftly came to the other side of the car, opening the door to help his significant other out. Arthur sighed and saw where they were.


Home sweet home. Goodie.


Upon entering his home he felt something...different. Something was up, he just knew it.


Alfred walking in behind him, shutting the door. Not bothering to lock it. Guiding Arthur to the couch to rest he smiled lovingly.


"Can I get you anything to drink or eat love?" He kissed the Briton's forehead, watching the door from across him open. Spain, France, and Prussia all sneaked into the house smirking at the American's affectionate toward the British man as a distraction. Arthur, annoyed now at every little thing shrugged.


"Eh, I'll have some tea.. and.. a hamburger.. " The briton blushed, shocking the amused American but simply ignored, picking the remote up to the T.V. and turned it on.


Alfred left the room and met the three men that had just entered into his home. The all chuckling at the Englishman's strange tastes at the moment. Alfred simply rolled his eyes and pointed to where he wanted everything and were everyone should be later.


"Amigo, what time should everything be ready?" Antonio smiled, peering over to glance into the living room, seeing the briton's attention soley on the program he was watching.


Alfred pondered the question for a bit. He had been planning this for a while now but planning and doing where two completely diffrent things as he now knew.


"9 pm. Sharp." He smirked, seeing the three men's face gawk in horror.


"Pour l'amour de(For the love of).. Alfred.. why!?" Fransic complained facepalming at the American's poor choice of time.


Prussia chuckled, playing with Antonio's hair making the Spaniard shiver, "Fein. Wir werden es alle vorher getan haben(Fine. We will have done all before then).." The white haired german smirked, "Right.. Antonio?" Spain shivered again but was pulled away by the frenchman.


"Arrête! Sauver le sexe pour plus tard Gilbert!!(Stop it! Save the sex for later Gilbert!)" He demanded, America quickley covering the Frenchman's and German's mouths from furthur discussions adding a 'SHHH!' expression to his actions.


All three men nodded and headed quietly upstairs to star their diobolical plans. Alfred sighed, the stress finally simmering down and he made the Briton's lunch.


+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +




After hours of the bad friends trio working together to make the America's evil plans come to action, along with help for other nations, the time now read five fourty two. Happily, everyone left in a hurry, knowing full well England would wake up soon from his afternoon slumber and be extremely pissed to see everyone in his home, aside from America.


Letting out a sigh of relief Alfred smiled content with the entire setup and happy that he no longer had to depend on everyone to help him. With all his strength, he lifted Iggy from the couch and up to their room, heaving a sigh when he set the pregnant man down on their bed.


Arthur's eyes fluttered opened to see Alfred staring down at him with a warm smile. Arthur could feel the life within him kick. He looked away from Alfred and frowned. This was his room.. Alfred must have carried him up here for the millionth time again.


"Arthur... I want to tell you something... " Alfred's voice was warm and serious. The green eyed briton nodded and sat up to the best of his abilities, trying his best to seem comfortable and the American continued.


"Yes, I've been keeping something from you.. and yes.. it was and some what still is a suprise. But over all, I want you to know.. I do love you.. and I'm happy you are carrying something we made together.. but.. ", The American saw his hands shiver, this was harder to do then he origionally thought.


"Arthur.." he smiled, trying to stay calm, pulling them both to the edge of the bed, Alfred stepping onto the floor and getting down onto one knee, staring into the eyes of the love of his life, "...Arthur I want you to trust me when I say I love you and would never do anything to hurt you at all. Or our child.. ", He smiled, a wave of nausea, excitment, anxiety coming over him.


Arthur was at a complete loss of words. What was Alfred trying to express to him? The man was infront of him on one knee. He did trust the American but.. what was going on?


He blushed furiously when Alfred reached into his coat pocket and pulled out a small box. Green eyes widened in absolute shock at what was happening, already feeling his eyes water, his hands gripping the sheets of the bed, his only thing to hold onto and he held back the tears.




Alfred, taking a deep breath to steady himself, held the box out to his love and opened it slowly, smiling, and watched Arthur happily.




"Arthur Kirkland... Will you marry me?"

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...Marry him? He had to be kidding. But he knew better. Arthur knew the answer. He wanted this to happen for so long. This really was a surprise. All of these anxieties were melting away rapidly. All he could think was to answer the American. But still, he was so nervous but he knew they were perfect together and it only made since that Alfred would want this. He too, wanted a family, and also wanted to be with Alfred. He never knew that this would happen though he had no idea it would be now.


Arthur covered his mouth completely awed at the America. Tears streamed down his reddened face, violently shaking his head. It was all he could bring himself to do.


Pulling the British man's hands away from his face Alfred kissed the salty, soft lips of his soon to be husband. He was happy.


Alfred smiled; sliding the expensive ring in replacement of the ring Arthur was originally wearing but took off due to the pregnant man’s swollen fingers.


“We will resize it again after the baby and your fingers are back to normal. Okay?" he smiled, lifting Arthur's hand to his lips, kissing the new ring on his finger.


Arthur just timidly smiled, grasping the American’s hands in his, kissing the tops of his in return for the ring. HE was in sure bliss and knew whatever happened now, well, they could get through it. He was sure he was the luckiest guy in the world right now.


Picking up his pregnant fiancée after another sweet kiss, Alfred carried him to the room that had been dolled up by the three bad friends and pushed it open with his foot, the room coming to life with lights. Yes, Gilbert, Francis, and Antonio had been re-doing the couples bathroom and adding a few things here and there for the two to have a lovey dovey evening together.


"T-That thing is huge!!", Gazing down at the brand new tub in place of his old on Arthur gawked.


The American smiled wickedly. "Now I think I heard that before...", Arthur's innocent comment turning into something he now regret, Flustered now he wiggled for freedom but the American only held him tighter, purring lightly, "Iggy you dirty boy..."



+ + + + + + + + + +



The soft glow of candles lite the entire room, the tub now full with hot water and bubbles. Arthur clutched at the shirt and tie he was still in thank goodness. He had to admit, this was nice. There was a nice aroma of sweet lavender and chamomile and something else he just couldn't explain. It was definitely soothing though. The temperature outside was lovely so having the window open was great also giving the two a lovely view of the full moon.


Arthur smiled lovingly at the American who now knelt down in front of him, slowly kissing his British love's legs. Arthur winced at the small nips the other gave him. Even though he knew nothing tonight of that sense would happen between the two of them though, Alfred was doing a wonderful job of arousing him and showing his love. Gazing up into those emerald eyes he smiled wider.


"I love you Arthur.. " He whispered, spreading the Briton’s legs, stroking his inner thigh, planting a loving peck on the pregnant belly. In what felt like years, Arthur's entire world melted around him. All the things that had worried him were gone. He knew nothing could end this. The love of his life was his. Arthur smiled, feeling the sin turn into sensual love. No, this wasn't sin. It was passion. It was love. This is what it really must feel when you are loved, and feel loved in return. A small moan escaped Arthur's reddened lips, wanting more.


Alfred continued his dangerous, lovely attack of sweet nothings, disrobing the Briton. Arthur stood, wanting a breath of fresh of air before he completely drowned in the sweet touches that the American purposely let the Briton lose him into. Oh god how he wanted to be taken by the American now though, "I love you too Alfred.."


Standing, stroking a strong hand over the Briton's cheek, Alfred smiled. The moonlight and candle night together causing a duet of warm light to the Briton's passionate eyes. He knew this was perfect.


Also removing his garments, he and the Briton lay in the enormous tub, exchanging licks and kisses. Alfred held his love, smoothing his hands over Arthur's abdomen smiling , feeling a small thump come from the life inside. Arthur gasped, but only to be replaced with laughter.


+ + + + + + + + + +



The next morning...



His breathe was hot and still entranced from last night. He sighed dreamily at it all running through his mind again like a movie. What a night. Now, Arthur hesitated to open sleepy eyes to the morning rays, moaning in protest. He use to love mornings, but this was ridiculous. How had he ever come to love THIS?! He smiled at this own arrogance, feeling this little one inside him protest. At least that's what he thought it was anyway. Soon, he would meet the little one within him and he couldn't wait.




Green eyes flashed open, feeling around for his American love but he was not there.


"What The Fuck?!"


Arthur heard those harsh words come from the very voice who had said he loved him last night. His entire form shook in fear. He knew the American would explain later why he was in such a foul mood but to hear those harsh, vulgar words come from him in such a yell, well, it worried him. A little too much.


Then it hit him. His green eyes widened, starting to tear at the very thing he didn't want Alfred to see. The sweet feelings that hugged his soul now burned and gone.


"God damnit.. I left my phone in there.. "


The sobs he felt coming compared nothing to what he felt now. He knew what was coming.


"I'm so stupid.. I'm sorry Al.."


+ + + + + + + + + +


Sitting up from the confinds of his resting place, Arthur rested a hand on his stomach, protecting the one thing he felt was left. The only thing left he knew would go right in his world. The shivers that violently shook his body only grew hearing heavy footsteps rush up the stairs to where he was. In seconds, the door flew open and Alfred stood there.


A flush covered his features. Outraged, gripping the phone in one hand, the other holding the home phone. Alfred could only stare at the British man whom was looking away from the American. Too at a lose of words.


"What the fuck is this Arthur.. I thought..", Both phones in which the American once held, fell in pieces to the floor, "..Why did you do this!? I can't believe this. I trusted you!!".


Dangerously sea blue eyes scowled at the Briton, watering in a blind rage. Every muscle in his form tightened, ready to take out an entire Nation. Literally.


"I'm sorry Al..", Arthur's words were frail and weak. Scared even. Tears staining his pajamas and the sheets still draped over his legs.


Alfred approched the shaken figure, gripping his shoulders fiercly, rage, betrail, and hurt were his only emotions.


"Why did you write those things Arthur?! Why?!" Alfred screamed. Arthur, taken aback from the American's attack only sent him over the edge, Green eyes widened, brimming over in tears. The only things that could be seen was Fear, Guilt, and Hurt.


"I-I don't know! I'm sorry!" The fearful briton screamed back, trying to get away from the American. Arthur knew of the American's strength and KNEW if Alfred damaged him in anyway that It WOULD kill the life within him. That, and it was something he didn't want. At all. Though, even if he wasn't with child, he wouldn't have wanted it. Though, he would have taken it better. He deserved to be beaten to a bloody pulp.


More tears came. The green eyes now hidden by their lids, salty tears still covering his face.


Seeing his love tremble infront of him, he was filled with guilt. Yes, Iggy betrayed him in saying things to his French nemisis, things like, "I'll let you kiss me", and other things he dare not think of. He was still trying to keep his cool. But just at the site of his love cowaring from him, it did hurt.


Pulling the Briton into a tight hug, silent tears fell, listening to the regretful sobs of his British love.


"I'm so, so, sorry Alfred. I don't know why I did those things..", The British man stayed silent for a moment, inhaling sharply, "...I love you." Wrapping his arms around the taller nation, hoping he would never lose his love. Not after everything they have been through.


Pulling away after more pleas and begs of mercy and forgiveness from the older nation, Alfred pulled away from the british man and sighed, planting a single kiss on the man's forehead.


"... I love you Arthur. But, my trust, it will take some time.. for me to get over this.. You really hurt me..", The American bent down, on one knee no less, kissing the Briton's stomach gingerly," I do forgive you. I do love you.." Sobs erupted from the green eyed man once more.


"It will never ever happen again Alfred, I swear! I trust you!" Arthur sobbed, realizing what he just said,"..I love you..".


Standing, entertwinging his fingers with his love's, Alfred sighed.


"Why do you love me..?" He asked quietly, not bothering to look at the British man, still holding him close.


Why did he love him? Really? Arthur knew of several reasons why but to be blunt and ask so casually, it made him nervous. He didn't know how to respond. How could he? This day was already a bloody mess, he really didn't want it to go any worse, which included losing Alfred.


"You don't have to answer now.. But tomorrow.. I do want to know.. " Alfred whispered, kissing the think eye brows of his love, "I love you... I will be back later.. I'm going over to Canada's..".


And with that, the American left. Emerald eyes watched the figure get into the car and drive away and inside all he could think was, 'My god, what have I done?'.


After a hot shower and a small cup of tae, he snuggled down into the couch, inhaling the scent of his lover off of one of the American's favorite pillows and weeped.


Why do I love him? Why? Why did I hurt him?




- - - Updated - - -




Stirring around from his short slumber he felt a small thump in his side. Sighing, he knew the baby was hungry. He knew he had to get up and get something for the both of them but it was pointless. It seemed that way anyway. His son or daughter's daddy was gone.



Sitting up and tredding to the kitchen, he lazily look about. Nothing peaked his interest. Not even tae. He didn't even want to make his famous and delicious scones. Satisfied that nothing here was worth anything, he tredding upstairs and pulled on a coat over his collared shirt and pull over vest, grabbed his keys and headed toward the door. Figuring Alfred had his key he wouldn't worry about the bloody git getting locked out. This was his house after all, so of course it didn't matter.



The weather matched his mood. Gloomy, depressed, and lonely. His pride and joy stood in mint condition in the drive way. Usually a lovely sight to see before a long drive. But not today. Stepping into his 1957 Rolls Royce he sighed, he loved his car but even now, nothing seemed to perk his happiness. All he wanted was Alfred. Wanting all of these feelings to go away.



Starting the car up he pulled away, ignoring the fact that he had no cel phone now so contacting the American was out of the question. Though, if Alfred were to come back, things wouldn't be good. At all. Arthur figured he would just grab something to eat and then head back home.



Driving around he noted at all of the fast food places that normally he would have turned his nose up at. He had no such desire for the fake food but now was different. He wanted something with an inhuman amount of salt and possibly chocolate.


Mcdonald's, Wendy's, and Burger King; None seemed to peak his interest. Feeling the life inside him stir and protest from the lack of nutrition


Arthur moaned, one hand holding his side, his breath hitching from the pain. He breathed, concentrating on the traffic. The red light seemed all too bright as sure enough delicate droplets began to plummet to the windsheild of the car. Sighing, Arthur turned off the already low radio and concentrated more on the road, trying to ignore the pain, massaging his sides for some ease from the pain.



"Please.. give mommy a minute to find something.." he begged, hoping his child would spare him the growing pains. Now that he thought about it, He would love some ice cream.

Placing both hands back to the stering wheel he frantically looked around trying to mesmerize the route in which he was taking, hoping to remember where the Dairy Queen was. He was pretty they surved fries there so that covered his salt craving too.

When he finally got to the small fast food joint, parking, and headed inside quickly paying no mind to the rain. Once inside he approched the counter to a man with glazed over eyes. Arthur smuggly grinned at the stoned teenager, his eyes going from him to the menu up on the wall behind him and then back down to the nerd.



"I want a big ass chocolate fudge ice cream with extra fudge. And a large order of fries.." The briton blushed at how demanding he sounded, and at the fact at what he had just ordered, but right now he didn't give a damn. The nerd rung up his order after payment and it was in his clutches not long after. Taking his things, he headed over to the door, happy he could go home now, Food in hand.





A tall german said in confusion, along side him was a blissful Italy, both of them lightly covered in rain water. Feeling ashamed at himself for being caught, he averted his eyes from blue ones.



"Hello Ludwig.. How are you?" He mumbled, the pains rising to his sides again but only gritting his teeth and pained a smile.


Seeing the British man in a mess of pain, the German, not even slightly affected by the older nation's attempt at being happy and healthy, watched with stern eyes, "Do I need to escort you home Kirkland?" He voice as stern as his eyes.



The blonde shook his head frantically, wanting no more help from anyone.



"No, I'm fine..", Stalking past the two Arthur gave one final glance over his shoulder, smiling, " You two take care."



Once he was safetly in his warm, dry car, he dived right into the cold delisiousness of Chocolate, the hot fudge clashing in his mouth with the cold milky sweets. His eyes rolled in the back of his head and smiled, the head rest now holding his head. He always knew he would never love sweets as much as Alfred did. Not bothering to open his eyes he took another large bite, moaning at the goodness. He remebered one time, when the two of them would sit on the couch before all of this and share a bowl of this delisious treat, using it in ways to fill thier lustfilled fantasies. Licking the spoon clean of sicky sweetness, he started his car up and headed back. He would rather not think of Alfred at the moment, but damn him for creeping into every thought, Every dream, every memory. Now that he thought about it, Alfred was in all of his memories. No one else.


Damn the little twat for making him this way. The once powerful pirate now reduced to This.


Where is my mind...?


Pulling up into his drive way he saw what looked to be Alfred's car, and also the front foor slightly opened. Arthur's breath hitched, unsure whether to pull up, park and go in, or pull away and fine somewhere to stay for the evening. But, as luck would have it, Alfred saw him.



Bolting out the front door to the british man's car that was now saftly parted next to the American's he didn't even bother opening the door. He didn't move. He just sat there.



The American called out to him, the sound of his voice muffled by the car and window. Emotionlessly, he ate at the fries he had yet to touch, entised by the salty, potatoey goodness. He couldn't help but enjoy the flush that covered the American's face as he ate.



He knew the American was mad at him. Probably for leaving without completely resolving this problem of theirs. But it was for what? The sake of clearing the air between them? Right.



Arthur chuckled at his thoughts, opening the door with what things he had left that he hadn't feasted upon yet. Not even giving the American a glance he headed inside, holding his head high to show he was no longer phased by Alfred's presence.



Speechless, Alfred watched his love enter his home. Did Arthur not know what was going on? Or did he just not care? Tears began to brim over, fogging up his glasses, tredding inside from the horrible weather.



"Arthur...?", He asked knowing the british man, whom was already upstairs, would not hear him, "Why are you so stubborn?"



The evening dragged on and not a word was spoken between the two nations. Though, over the last few hours, Alfred has made progress in approching Arthur slowly. Evil glances, and nice motions were given but not a sound to be hear from the british man. Now, they sat in their room, Alfred in a chair watching Arthur watch T.V. He knew soon England would be asleep and then He himself could crawl into bed and caress his love. Unable to take the silence anymore, Alfred made small talk, short and simple.



"..How are you feeling?"



The british man's green orbs stared a hole through the American but replied, "I'm fine."



It was clear that the Briton didn't want to talk but Alfred digressed, putting another approch to the test, now joining Arthur on the bed. Arthur didn't move. To be honest, he wanted to lay with the American and cry, beg for forgiveness and kiss him till he fell asleep. But how?



He betrayed Alfred. Right?



"Arthur.. " Bringing the man from his thoughts, Alfred stared him in the eyes. He knew now that Alfred knew. Feeling the sadness overflow him, staining his cheeks from the sudden show off affection and emtion, Alfred pulled his lovers' face close with a single finger, licking the tear away.


"Don't run away from me. Talk to me. Be open with me. Please, or we can't grow. Don't push me away love..Let me be your Hero.." He advanced, pulling Arthur into a firm hug, "I love you Arthur Kirkland..I really do."



Feeling his child move within him, no pain to be felt at all, his heart beat in a new wave. All of the pain now gone. His mind, his body, his heart, everything, wiped clean by his childs movement and his future husband's powerful, earnest, and loving words.



The smaller nations hands wrapped around the American's frame, holding in an equally firm hug, kissing blue eyes shut. "I'm sorry."


Being laid back down into the matress, Alfred kissed his love, passionately, long and sweet. When the two broke from the kiss, Alfred smiled.



"Your new phone is next to mine down stairs. Just so you know", Stealing a kiss he continued, " So if I find you gone because you wanted to go get snack I will know."



Blushing, Arthur pouted, wrapping his arms around the man's neck above him, "Shuddup you bloddy wanker.."



Laughing Alfred only kissed him again, "Ah, my England. I love you. "



Running a single fingner over Arthur's eyesbrows, kissing each one after he touched them, Alfred plopped down next to the pregnant figure, still holing him close.



".. And I you.. Alfred.. "



With that, the snuggled together and drifted off into a deep sleep.



+ + + + + + + + + +



Waking up to moaning was definitly something Alfred was NOT use to at all. Blue orbs snapped open, glancing down at the still sleeping blonde whom was cuddled up by his side, panting, sweating, stirring in his sleep. Smiling, Alfred lightly kissed the britsh man's forehead, nuzzling the blode forelocks with his nose.



"Good morning Angel.." He loved they was Arthur looked when he was asleep. He looked so innocent, so fragile in a way, so vulnerable. It was cute.



Another moan escaped the man, again he nuzzled at Alfred's side.



Today.. Today Alfred would finally put the rest of his plan into motion.

He only hoped that now, with Iggy seven months, almost eight, into his pregnancy, that he wouldn't flip out anymore.



For now though, He had to slink away and prepare for things for his Angel and his Child.



This was.. exciting.

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Stirring in his sleep the American felt all of his muscules stiffin, stretching his tired body he motioned over waiting any moment for the warm body of his British love to come into contact with him. But alas, Arthur was missing. Ocean colored eyes, snapped open, throwing the covers off of himself and looking around the room.



"Arthur?" He asked to the empty bedroom. Slightly dazed the American rubbed his tired eyes, climbing out of bed and running to the bathroom.



"Arthur?", again he asked the empty medium sized room, briefly ruffeling his hair and pulling on a shirt with his boxers. Out the door of bedroom and down the stairs swiftly he went, turning sharply into the kitchen, still no sign of his lover.



"Arthur?!" He asked, now a tad worried, confused on how now his love could have just disappeared. Whipping around he looked into the lvining room, seeing a arm drapped over the couch, waving. A smile cracked over the American's face, trotting over to the sleepy body on the couch. Looking at the tele that the Briton was watching his faced screwed up in amusement to see him watching Monty Python.



"Really dear?" Alfred cooed, leaning down and kissing Arthur on the cheek startling the blonde, green eyes flashing open up at the smiling man.



"Alfred?" Flashing pearly whites as he sat up, pressing a warm hand to his tummy. A wave of nausea came over him, Arthur almost tempted to toss his cookies so early in the morning. Sliding around over the couch, the American picked up his fiance and headed to the hall bathroom, letting the Briton be ill.


Running back into the Kitchen Alfred put on a pot of hot water for them both, Arthur for his usual tea and himself his usual cup of coffee. Smiling, he ran once again back into the bathroom, helping his pregnant partner up and assisting him with getting back into the kitchen.



"I'm such a bloody mess.. " He smiled, walking over to the stove and pulling the whisteling pot from the heat, the American next to him pulling down a frying pan and several things from the cubbard and refrigerator.



"Oh hush Iggy. We're going to have a lovely breakfast!" Alfred cheerfully grinned, handing the box of PG Tips to his lovely who was reaching for the phone that was ringing.



"Hello?" The british man answered, plucking a single tea bag from the box, settling it down on the counter while the petite bag of herbs went into a cup of boiling water.



"Hello, Is this Mr. Kirkland?", said the monotone voice on the other line. Arthur's heart jumped into his throat at the voice he was growing so familiar to.

"Yes, This is him...", He set everything down, turning toward the American who was also frozen looking at his groom to be with much concern, "..Is something wrong?"



The voice coughed, apoligized, and resumed his reasoning for calling, "Well, Wouldn't you like to come in and see what gender your baby is Sir? Also, we want to make sure everything is okay with the both of you, The baby and you that is.. ", The man coughed again, also apoligizing for the second time like he had done something wrong and resumed, " Just so the baby is growing right and is nice and healthy. Would you be able to come in around two this afternoon?" The old, gruff sounding man suggested, hacking up another lung.



Green eyes just stared into blue ones. Excited, Alfred nodded. A sheepish grin broke into the Briton's features, "Yes! I will be there at two! Thank you doctor!" Arthur replied with a cheery tone and hung up the phone. A large sigh of relief came over the both of them for reason but it was interupted with the frying pans bubbling from the butter Alfred had put in to make eggs.



Resuming his cooking, Arthur prepared both of their beverages, setting the table, and cutting on the news to check the weather. Setteling down at the dining room table, still able to see the tele, Arthur read the subtitles on the screen as the forecast was being displayed, sipping at his earl grey. Alfred walked over with two large plates of food, setting one down in each of their spots and plopping down in his seat with a nice dramatic 'Thud'. The two exchanged a loving smile and the American sipped at his coffee.



"It's been.. quite a while.. Since we started living together like this.. " Alfred mused, muching on his bacon and eggs, eyes glued to the tele screen. The blonde looked up from his meal, watching a lovely shade of pink dance aross the American's lovely tan features.



"Yeah.. It has.. " The Briton lowered his visions to the now almost empty plate, trying to his scarlet grown face behind blonde forelocks.



"Oh it's too late to be shy Iggy.." Alfred laughed, pocking the Briton in the forehead when he snapped up to give Alfred a filthy look. Arthur simply stuck his tongue out at him in defiance.



"Better put thatback into your head or it's gonna get sucked.." The dirty blonde mused, giving a wink to his lover and retreiving their plates and to the sink for the wash.



For the follow hour the two love birds finished the dishes, showered, dressed themselves, and where now headed to the doctors office. Exciting. Anxious. Happy.





"Well, now that your all changed I need you to sit up here Mr. Kirkland.." The doctor calmly stated patting the little uncomfortable looking bed. Arthur, placing his hand in Alfed's for support pulling his pregnant self up onto the bed, laying back and sighing. At least the doctor was female and strangely he was happy with that.



"You know you should have come in a lot soon then now.. " The doctor went on, but it didn't matter to Arthur, still holding his hero's hand and staring at him ever so lovingly. Alfred, on the other hand was sweating bullets. He had prayed and prayed, for Arthur to not be pregnant with a girl. Being a father also was nerve raking but he could do that, but night after night he would pray he didn't have a girl. He didn't want to have to fight anyone off of her when she got older. He knew if he had a son that he would be alright. Though, with both of his father's looks.. Alfred shivered, hoping his son wouldn't wind up homosexual.



A think eyebrow raised, pondering on what the American was thinkning but with the sudden motion Alfred came out of his intense thoughts, returning his loving demenor.



"Alright, now, this is going to be a bit cold.. " The doctor warned in a soothing voice, and with that Arthur's midsection was exsposed, the doctor sqirked what looked like blue lube onto his stomach. He features twisted in dismay at the slimy cold goo that was now on his skin. The doctor smoothed it out on his pregnant abdomenal section and smiled, watching the British man and the American both watch in silence.



When she was done she wiped her hands clean, picking up a small device and pressed it to his goo covered skin. All eyes where now on the screen infront of the doctor in anticipation.

Smiling warmly, she pointed to the screen and speacking softly, "Well, congragulations Mr. Kirkland, Your going to be having a boy!"



She watched in sheer happiness as the two men's faces both lite up with joy. This was her job and she was use to seeing this sort of thing all the time, but somehow, maybe because it was two men, who knew, but this time it was special.



She lightly clapped, and trying to supress a squeal seeing the two kiss heavily. She stood, wiping the blonde's stomach clean of the now warm, slimy stuff, and congratulated them once more, leaving the room with a scarlet face.



Once alone, the two were in silence. Awestruck.



"W-where.. Having a boy!", Alfred grinned blue orbs shining with a new spark. He couldn't believe his prayer worked! Clasping both of Arthur's hands into his the American kissed all ten British digits, "I'm the luckiest man in the world, Arthur, my love."



Light streams stained strawberry kissed cheeks, overcome with joy Arthur just laugh cried. He knew the word was probably over joyed? Who knew. All he knew was he was completely happy. He knew now he was having a son. He as getting married. and Everything seemed right.

Helping him out of the doctor's office and into their car, the two road to the closet resturant to celebrate.


"So, what do you want to get honey?" Alfred smiled, lightly squeezing at Arthur's smaller hand, bouncing on the ball of his feet.



"Umm, the McChicken?" he asked, sighing, a smile also still plastured to his features.



Why did the git always choose Mcdonald's to dine at?


- - - Updated - - -


Night after night passed after the two men discovered the gender of their baby. Two weeks had passed and all things were at peace in the Kirkland household. Alfred, when he wasn't working was always cleaning, which was a rare occurance and Arthur always sleeping, or eating. The two however were happy as ever, ecstatic that in just a few months, Arthur would be going into delivery with their son. Every night, the two intertwined lovingly, in sure bliss, recieving and giving each other little nips and kisses of affection as they lay in bed.


"Al..?" The Briton asked, rolling over to the lump of sheets next to him.


The American moaned, fumbling around in the sheets, poking his head out to see Arthur staring at him, blonde hair messy with green eyes shining in the moonlight.


"Yeah...? What's wrong honey?" Alfred whispered, pulling his glasses from the bedside table to his eyes. Arthur was closer than he thought, he could feel the smile on his face grow. He loved when Iggy stared at him wih such a cute face.


"Well, I was thinking in the morning.. .after the world conference meeting and all I thought we could.. go.. Pick out baby clothes?" Arthur felt he cheeks warm. He never, in a million years he thought he would ask Alfred F. Jones such a question!


The American smiled, laughing at Arthur's rediculious request, ruffling his own hair, pulling him completely from his half conscience self. The English man huffled at his attitude toward the innocent question, turning around completely to somewhat 'avoid' seeing the America.


"Of course!" He smiled wrapping his strong arms around England's chest, his belly too large to reach around. He hotly breathed down the slender neck, planting soft kisses along the older nations neck. Arthur shivered, but at the same time annoyed him to no end.


"Al.. quit.. " He muttered, unamused, reaching behind him and holding the American's member in a threatening way through his briefs. At once, Alfred's tongue was back in his mouth, lips zipped shut.


Giggling at the cooperation, Arthur turned back to face his hero. Pressing his hand to Alfred's cheek, running his thumb over the rose colored cheek.


"I love you Alfie.. " He whispered, kissing the dirty blondes pale lips. The rose colored cheeks darkened. He loved, absolutely loved, when Iggy said that to him. For the longest, the Briton haden't even said so much as 'Hi', then they'd come to know each other again. Both as grown men and as their own nations, after that, the two started dating. And now..


The heros smile widened, intertwining his fingers with his loves, both falling to the hex of slumber, "..I love you too Artie."



Everything was perfect.



+ + + + + + + + + +




[ The Next Morning ]





"AAAGH!!! Bloody Fucking Hell It Hurts!!"




British obsenities and short pants filled the long white hallway he was being pushed down. Three followed behind, The American, The French man and the Japanese man all hurried along, trying to sooth the British man's stress, rage, and pains with their words.


A nurse lead the way, going on about some sort of paper work to the Doctor who directed the wheelchair the pregnant man riding inside, into the delieverance room.



"God Damnit!" He swore, heaving breathes as he held his stomach, his body twisting and turning to get away from the pain within him. Alfred ran beside him, helping the Briton ontop of the bed, Kiku and Francis helping as well. The doctor walked beside the man, looking down with a few things in hand.



"Ready?" He asked, looking down at the panting man covered in a cold sweat nodding.


Alfred, and the other men were escorted out of the room, away from their British friend.


The nurse was nervous, and excited all in one, but nervous over all. She fumbled with some more paper work, coming to the French man with questions about Arthur personal information. Shaking his head he laughed, "Non. Ask the American over there.. " He winked at her, pointing to Alfred. Avoiding the seductive attempts from the blonde, she stummbled over to Alfred.


"Mr. Kirkland is going to be knocked out for the Caesarean section. We need to clearify some other information for his records and billing of hospital precedures.." She pulled the professional talk off but her face was curious, dying to watch the male go under the procedure. Never had she seen it done to a male.




He nodded, taking a form into his hand, peering once more into the room before they sat down in the waiting room. The nurse walked back into the room, closing the door behind her.



The curses silenced.




'Please be okay Arthur..'

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The beams of light over head were too bright. Arthur felt like he was dying. This is what he thought he would be seeing before he passed through to the other side, but alas. The cold table he was just on top of made him hiss. It was too cold for flesh. The child within him was stressing for it's first breathe of air, tired of it's home in the British man's womb. It fought in the darkness, stretching a small foot into Arthur's side, a fist following close behind striking violently.


The man clutched his side, slipping from the table back to the bed in his new ugly teal dress with no back. They had to do those fucking checks, getting him set up for the deliverance. Several IV's were suck in his arms. He hated these. He just hated hospitals period. Lying back, trying to ignore the pain.



But, It wasn’t as bad now.



As soon as he had come into the room, away from the America and long bloody ass hallway, he had been given a shot of some sort. Now, the long it had been the more the room swayed. You would had sworn he had just hit a blunt but not this time. He was sure he saw the same douche doctor come over to his side, covering his face with some sort of mask, saying something to him. But it was whatever. All he cared about was the baby at the moment.


Glazed over emerald eyes closed, relaxed. The British man fell asleep, not sure if he would wake up again. At least, he thought he was sleeping.



Damn doctors.



Oh that night was nice.. A good way to make a new life I guess.. Yeah..



I can still remember it... so vividly...



Blue eyes looked over the pale figure underneath him, his tongue trailed over the smaller nation's thigh, nipping at the sensitive flesh leaving a fresh hickey. He crawled higher on the man, looking down into his flushed face. He hated being made fun of. Especially during passionate times. He wanted to be closer to the fool but all the American.. all the stupid American knew was to make fun of him.



"Let go idiot.. " The British man growled, no longer aroused. Mentally anyway. The American huffed, leaning down for a sweet kiss. It was granted. The ease and tenderness melted into a deeper, more passionate show of affection. Alfred pressed his bare torso to Arthur's, intertwining his fingers with the blondes. Ocean eyes met Evergreen ones. He knew if he let the younger nation get away with this, things wouldn't be the same. But nothing would come of it, right? He knew he couldn't trust Alfred.



Not Alfred F. Jones.



Not America.



The dominate tongue glossed over the petite mouth, trailing down the nape of the older nations neck, again gracing it with nips and kisses. Arthur cursed himself.



'I love you damnit..'



Tired arms wrapped around the American's shoulders pulling him closer if even possible anymore. He needed to feel loved. No more one sided loves, no more one night stands, no more of trying to being something he never wanted to be.



He needed a hero.



A sudden gasp filled the room, a small red mark formed on the slender British man's chest. It was beginning to become too much for the older nation to handle. He wanted and needed more. He found that not only was the passion almost at its limit but the love growing within him needed to be deeply written within him. So he would never forget that this was real. Love was real. It was okay to trust. It was okay to love and be loved. He longed to feel loved. Strong hands wrapped themselves around the smaller man's frame, lifting the Briton, Alfred positioning himself before the sinful spot before penetrating into his love.



"America.." Arthur whispered, resisting to finish, 'I love you..'



One day he could say it though. But for now, Alfred was the one showing him love, saying he loved him. All he had to do was accept. That's all Alfred wanted; acceptance from the Kirkland. One day, things would be.. better?





Arthur didn't want that.



He just wanted to belong.




And be loved.



+ + + + + + + + + +



After filling out the endless form and turning it in to the front desk Alfred stepped outside, alone from Francis. Kiku had to go home, but promised he would be back later with a few more people. Here now though was the Young man, about to become a father. The thought was exciting and frightening all in one. He looked to the sky’s, looking into the vastness. It was grey. As it always was. His son was being born on a rainy day. Not surprising at all. Then he thought, would his son have Arthur's personality?




What in the world would his son be like?




Images came to mind, but nothing visual. It was like a muffled sound, a blurry picture. He couldn't picture him looking like the American. The touches of Arthur had to be added.



The blonde hair, the green eyes, the eyebrows. Alfred smirked in amusement. If his son had those damned eyebrows, he didn't know what he as going to do. Often when playing around with Iggy, Al would teasingly stroke them. Often times, the Briton would go into a blind rage on how foolish the American was being. But, then again, times when all the Briton did was turn red, flushing in embarrassment, kissing the younger nation to take his mind off of teasing him.



Leaning back against the cold stone walls, thoughts of his family filled his head. He knew nothing of child birth, but he knew this wasn’t normal. He was also certain that it took nine months for a baby to finish developing. But it was a male giving birth. Did that make things different? Or was.. something possibly wrong?



A spark of fear ran through the American's body, mind, and heart. Was his son going to be okay? Was England going to be okay? Pushing off the wall roughly and into the double glass doors, the American ran in, coming to the French man's side. Facing the Briton's room, arms crossed, His expression was full of concern, turned to see the American, who now realized what he himself did.



"It takes nine months right?" Al asked slightly breathless, his ears hot for the answer.



The blonde only nodded, displeasure painting his features. His gaze dropped to the floor when the American felt tears come to his eyes. His voice dropped lower, quivering even, "Will they be okay?"


"I pray to god they will.. I pray.. " He earnestly said, patting the taller man's back, trying to comfort and show support to the heartbroken American before sitting down in one of the many empty chairs.


Ocean eyes spilled over, fists clenching, body shaking. He felt his whole world coming down. He wanted to burst through to the room and end the suffering and hurt either one of them were going through. But he had to be strong he had to.


He was America.



The Hero.



He had to wait.



His gaze never left the white door. He stood, still as a statue. He refused to leave. He was starving. He had been waken up so roughly at such a sudden hour to go to the world conference, but once the two nations where there, Arthur's water broke. More things were important than himself. He had to wait. Even if there wasn’t a problem, he would be here to know firsthand. He wouldn't have to worry any longer. But he knew, deep down in his heart, something was wrong. More upsetting that he didn't realize it sooner.



He cursed.



Blue eyes met the American's back, a single brow raising at the random swear.




"..What was that?" Francis questioned, rising to possibly comfort the American again if need be.



The younger nation swallowed, " Is it uncool for a man to cry?"



The French man smirked, amused at the ridiculous question but touched at the question. The hurt in the younger's voice. It tugged so deeply at his heart. He knew England would be safe with him. If England didn't trust him, he really was a limey fool.




"Non.." With the simply reply, Alfred brought his hands to his face, hiding his shameful act.


He knew this wasn't his fault but, all in all, he felt like he was to blame.

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You may or may not need Kleenex for this one. I know I did. ;3;




Alfred came into the vast room, small sobs coming from the nurse earlier who had hasseled him with insurance and other meaningless papers, her face buried in the palm of her hand, make up already washed away. The doctor stood next to her, supportivly rubbing her back to calm her down so to continue her professional act. His gaze fixated on the small body in a small plastic box like bed fixated on top of a incubator, numb, pale, and lifeless. It sat between the doctor and the bed that the presently knocked out British man was in.



Sky blue eyes teared up at the site. He knew something was going to go wrong. Moving closer from the doorway, closely following behind Francis, Kiku, Feliciano all hushed each other, peering over the American's shoulder's at the sad site. Their hearts sank at the horrible atmosphere. The room was an dark, curtains pulled closed but outside you could hear the rain pitter against the thin glass of the window. Then the doctor, the nurse, the bodies, Alfred... It was as though this was a scene from a very depressing movie.



There wasn't a single pair of eyes in the room that wasn't glossed over in tears. Feliciano stepped forward, approaching hesitently to the newborn's side. Chestnut eyes widened with horror at the site. Tubes and wires were in several spots on the newborn, keepig it alive. The whole plastic box was incased, free from all the germs and other harmful things that could inflict on the fresh and delicate skin. Small beeps came from the machine the many small wires were hooked up too.


Bringing a single hand over his mouth, Feliciano began to weep. Kiku approached behind the italian, lightly embracing him, trying to comfort the distraught man, also looking inside. He couldn't bare to look anymore, turning his site away to the American.



"Alfred.." He whispered, "Are you okay?" His dark eyes threatening to spill over.



The American felt his whole body tense, his gaze only fixated on Arthur. Stepping closer to the side of Arthur's bedside, Francis looking in. Arthur, unconscience, also still hooked to a few wires here and there, his hair a mess and his skin a unhealthy pale. Stiffeling a small cry, the French man swallowed hard, turning he saw distraught, anguish, and hurt on every feature of the American. Reaching for his mobile, Francis stepped outside the hospital room, sinking into one of the empty chairs in the hallway.



The phone dialed, pressing it to his ear, he waited, blonde locks covering his face.



"Hello? Francis? Everything alright?", a german laced accent asked, concerned, as though he had been waiting for this call. The french man could hear Antonio in the bakground, Naggin Gilbert if everything was also alright.



He couldn't hold it anymore.



"..It's bad.. " He sobbed, the called ended.



The two looked at one another, troubled. Without a word, the two quickley made their way to the hospital.




+ + + + + + + + + + + + + + +




Kneeling down between the small crib and the Briton's bedside, Alfred felt his eyes swell. He rubbed the moist away, replacing his glasses for the millionth time. He couldn't say a word. Feliciano and Kiku had already left the room, waiting in the hallway with Francis, all comforting each other, and engaging in small conversation until everyone else showed up.


The doctor informed the American shortly after the two exited the room, that Arthur had a difficult time with the surgery, and the baby was premature. 'Well, no fucking duh..' he thought sarcastically, but if anything else happened to his son, he would lose him. As for Arthur, He would have to stay in the hospital until his surgical insisions were healed, as well as the rest of his body. Shortly after, the doctor left as well, the nurse tagging along.



So, now here he was. With his broken family.



Uncontrolable soft sobbs echoed throughout the room again, his hands buried into his palms.



A soft knock came from the door. "America...?" A small voice asked through the crack of the ceader. Sky blue eyes looked over, seeing the Canadian walk in, clthing two things very close to him. One, being his bear. And the other, a small gift wrapped box. As he passed to come to his brother he looked inside the small plastic crib in which he assumed to be his Brother's new son. Looking inside, his features never changed, he only smiled lovingly. Alfred watched suspicious, but grateful. Mathew was the first person to not cry. Hell, the canadian didn't even show the slightest bit of negative emotion.


"Mathew.. What?" He stummbled up, accepting into his brother's arms, feeling the warm and loving hug. His acceptance and understand is something Alfred always loved; his only brother. He loved so dearly.



"I came to see you of course, and Arthur too.. " He smiled shyly, holding out the small package, "This is for the newborn." He smiled wider, a light blush coming to his face. Looking down again into the bassenet.



"How long.. will this be?" he asked, concerned, holding the bear in his arms, again, tighter.



Blue eyes feel on his delicate son, watering, "A few months until his organs are more stable and strong enough to support him on his own.. " His voice cracked, emvbarrassed, he covered his mouth with his free hand, looking down at the small package.



The Canadian smiled, "Open it when Arthur comes to..." he smiled, heading to the door.



The American, feeling grateful, went to speak but was interputed, "I'll be in the hallway with the others." He whispered, stepping outside the door, closing it softly.



Sitting back down in the chair next to the british man, he sighed, looking back down at his lover.



Green eyes cracked open at the above figure, smiling sweetly.




"Hey... Hero.. "

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Oh wow. I haven't really posted here in a long time. Like wise with this fic. Although, it's coming to an end I just want to thank everyone who has read or been reading this. It means a lot to me to see people take an interest in the things I write. I know I still make a lot of errors and mistakes but all in all I do the best I can. So again, Thank you. c: Enjoy.














Thank you God. Thank you for giving him back.


A pained smirk crept onto the paled featues on the briton. Alfred clung to the other, leaning to his love as close as possible. Warm streams pricked his eyes, spilling over mixing with the emerald eyed man's. Tremmbling hands cradled the tired face, a strong thumb skimming over the puckered, unkissed lips. Obliging to the British mans need, he met the untouched skin with his, needy, looking for answers. It haden't been long, but it was as though he had been seperated from his love across the universe.


The dimmed irises watched curiously, lashes fluttered from Alfred's longing sky blue eyes to the crib behind him. He arose slowly, the American pulling him up slowly, to not furthur anymore injuries, Arthur sat up in his bed, Alfred stuffing a few extra pillows behind him, and smiled faintly.


"How is he?" Thin digits intertwining with strong ones, looking deperatly from afar as any mother would after giving birth.


Alfred only sighed, his gaze meeting the floor, his grip firm at the question. The tears ceased, and he kissed the top of the others hand apoligetically.


"It will get better." He stated simply, almost whispering, pulling away only to pick up the box he was given from his brother. Placing in on the man's lap, he smiled, trying to cheer his lover up, "This is from Mattie."


Green eyes watered in disbelief, still fixated on the small table. He ment not to ignore the American, but frankly, all he wanted was to see his son. To hold his own child and see him. He wanted that bond. The bond that was starting to grow during his pregnancy. That was his lovely child, he wanted to feel that bond again. He tensed, trying to move. Alfred stood, pulling the small box away and stuffing it into his pocket, trying to coax the Limey back into the covers. He refused. Alfred felt that way too, Right?


"Alfred.." He begged, his eyes filled with dismay. It was pathetic. A callased hand cupped the wilted face, kissing the lightly tinted rose lips, showing the affection and understanding through the touch. He did understand. He didn't want to be in this perdicament. He wanted to be happy along with Arthur on the birth of their new son. But how could they when their only son was barely alive? Being kept alive by machines?


It was sad.


Arthur laid back into the pillows, pulling Alfred closer. Another kiss was placed on the needy lips, corressing the blonde forelocks that stuck to the thick brows. The two needed no words to conversate. Their touches were enough.


The two broke from the endless kissing, both turning to the crib at hearing a small squeak come from the plastic box. Standing, Alfred gave on quick glace at the puzzled British man, and came closer. Peering in, The American smiled.


Beaming, he removed his glasses from his face, wiping away the water that stained his face.


"Yeah.. He'll be okay." He smiled at his fiance, looking down at his newborn son squirm and start to whimper.


At the sounds and reaction of the American, the only thing holding the Brit from jumping from the bed were the iv's stuck in his veins. A wave of comfort washed over him as the American's frame shook violently, sobbing almost inaudiably.


"Al.. what did Mattie give us?" He smiled, wiping away his joyful tears, motioning for the man to come closer. In an instant, he came back to the bed side, once more pulling the small box from his pocket, looking at it. It was a simple looking gift. Just an ordinary grey looking box with a small tag attached labeled, For Alfred and Arthur~, Seemed too simple, "Go ahead love".


Shrugging, Arthur removed the lid, setting it next to him, he looked at the content of the box a think brow rising.


"Um." He cracked a smile, green eyes shining in delight.


Leaning over, Alfred attempted to peer inside, but was denied the access, Arthur pulling it away from sight, covering it's contents with the other hand protectivly, smirking.


"Wha-? Why can't I see?" Alfred huffed, feeling an unjust deed being done.


Another giggle escaped the Briton as he leaned over, giving a single peck sweetly on the American's cheek. "Later love."


- - - Updated - - -


The nurse had come in some time ago and asked would the American be so kind as to stay in the hallway for a while. He did so but against his will entirely, the only ones who were there to greet him was Francis and Mathew looking both incredibly exhausted. The American knew he looked the same way but looking at them, it just seemed worse.


After asking and pleading the Canadian to tell him why the gift was for his child but labeled for himself and Arthur, Mathew only smirk. He was pleased, in a demented kind of way, that he had one up on the American and being suprised that Arthur haden't showed Alfred the gift yet, making the man's curiousity go overboard. It was amusing even in this whole situation.


Over another hour, all three were allowed to go back into the room, Francis and Mathew deciding to take their leave but promising to come back tomorrow. Nodding at the promise Alfred headed back in smiling at the site.


Arthur had gotten to hold his own child and was in hysterics. Sobbing in joy at the little delicate bundle in his arms.


He knew it wouldn't last but Arthur made the most of it, his sons skin so soft and frail. It was almost too beautiful to describe. The feeling of looking at his child only made him stronger and softer. He frowned to himself , displeased with his own description. His nimble fingers stroked delicatly at the brown peach fuze on the small head. Another small cry came from the child and Arthur choked, trying to not burst into tears once again.


Alfred he didn't matter at the moment and he was all but happy to see Arthur like this. This would most likely be the only time he would see Arthur like this. Ever.


He sat down next to the Briton, the doctor on the other side of the bed messing with one of the IV's Arthur was connected too.


The American only watche in awe and Arthur lightly nuzzeled the infant, looking hopeful down into the innocent face.


"Have either of you decided what you want to name him?" The doctor asked softly, taking a step back and watching the men stare from the newborn to him.


The American and Briton exchanged looks of concern. Neither of them had really thought about it together and it really was something that had to be done. As soon as possible.


Smiling, Alfred leaned over to his son, stroking an index finger over the rosy cheek.


"How about Jude?" He mused, green eyes widening with suprise. Alfred knew the Briton had always loved the name and in all honestly he couldn't really see his son becoming a nation anytime soon. It wasen't possible at all in the first place.

He swore a while back if anyone or any other nation tried to turn his son into a nation he would slit their throat right on the stop.


It was out of the question.


The doctor turned his attention to the shagg blonde, waiting for a confirmation. Smiling, Arthur looked back down, nodding.




With that the doctor left to confirn the birth certificate closing the door behind him at the new family.


- - - Updated - - -


Five years Later...


A sudden noise could be heard downstairs in the once named Kirkland household, now known as the Jones. Well on paper it was Jones. It would always be Arthur's house as far as Alfred was concerned. He knew the Briton didn't care thouogh but right now the noises downstairs was something the American couldn't ignore. He sat up from his slumbering state, hair still messy from sex the night before and sleep. He looked annoyed knowing full well who was the culprit of the noises.


Feeling the body next to him stir, Alfred leaned over the covered figure knowing underneath that his husband was naked. He smiled, nuzzeling down and kissing the blonde lockes and exposed neck.


"Morning.. " He whispered, earning a small from the Briton trying to shove away wanting to stay in slumber a bit more. He knew Arthur was a morning person back then, but so much had happened that now he was always sleeping in. Usually anyway.


"Mornin' Alfred.." He smiled, trying to fall back asleep. Another bang came from down stairs, louder now, and the Briton laughed, not bothering to move watching the American sigh and slip on a tank and jeans.


"Trouble is up." He smiled and closed the door behind him hoping Arthur would join them for the day. Most likely he would though wanting Tea.


Alfred trotted down the stairs, the groggy feeling still lingering a bit from not having coffee yet. He looked at the old clock that now read nine fiveteen, recalling the call he had recieved from Mathew the day before he sighed knowing the man would be coming over shortly. Stepping into the hall he looked both ways but heard a small mummbling coming from the kitchen. His smirk grew, then headed to the kitchen careful not to make any sound.


Peering around the wall, he watching as little hands continued to hold a jar of peanut butter, using the little index fingers to eat away at the sweet sticky food. All along the floor was a few pots he figured the boy had used to reach the peanut butter.


The American casually stepped out from his hiding spot walking into the kitchen watching the small child stair up at him with big green eyes guilt written all over his features knowing he was in trouble now. His light brown hair was very similar to Alfred's but the color being darker. But those eyes he could never get mad at, them being just like his mothers.


"Jude.. What are you doing?" The American asked trying to hide the amusment in his tone failing to sound stern, crossing his strong arms across his chest.


"I just got hungry Daddy.. I'm sowwie.." Jude whimpered slightly, tears filling in his eyes his little fists coming up to meet the tears wiping them away.


Alfred sat on the floor, holding his arms out to Jude, smiling, "Come here boy... "


Obeying his Father, the small boy ran over to his Dad hugging him back with his little frame crying and apoligizing for getting into things. Alfred hugged his son back, rubbing his back in a comforting manner hoping to cheer the boy up before Arthur came down. Ever since the early birth Jude was literally a miracle. He was fine after a while but over all, from the premature he was a healthy boy aside from Asma. So, whenever the boy got worked up it was best to calm him before anything bad happened. Arthur always made Alfred sorry he did anything that scared the boy to that point. That and Jude being so young, Arthur was extremely protective of his baby boy.


Feeling Jude's breathing finally calming, Alfred brushed back the forelock, kissed the boys still soft babky skin forehead and pulling away with a large smile.


"It's okay son. Besides, Pancakes are better aren't they?" He stood, watching the once tearful emerald eyes light up in joy.


"Really?! We can have pancakes for bweakfast!" He jumped in place, so excited to have his favorite meal. Alfred nodded, pointing from Jude to sit at his spot at the table. The


"Yup! And your Uncle Mattie is coming over too!" Alfred laughed, stopping as soon as he saw Arthur standing in a collared shirt and jeans at Jude's side, ruffling the boys brown hair.


"Oh really? Mathew called, and you didn't tell me?" He looked sternly at the American, strangeling him mentally.


"Morning Mommy!" Jude chirped, standing in his booster seat, reaching up and pecking Arthur on the cheek. Arthur kissing the boy back on the cheek and forehead.


"Morning Jude." He smiled, walking over next to the American making tea for his family, "So.. Pancakes? Want to wait till Mathew get's here?" The Briton smirked knowing he sounded like an ass hole. Alfred looked at the Briton slightly annoyed but amused as well. Amusment winning over his emotions, only responding by pecking his husband on the cheek.


"Wanker.." Arthur smiled, "Love you too."


The End.





That's it! Nine Months to Trust is done! I hope everyone who read it liked it!


Kudos to The Beatles for inspiring me to finish this! XOXOX Thanks for reading!



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I really liked this story! I got a little confused sometimes. Maybe because the main character’s names are similar, but then it could just be that my brain is slow…

Anyway it was a nice story. I particularly like the ending with their child; I thought it was really cute. ^-^

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