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Summary: Jail had a hard childhood and youthood. Now works as a bartender in a luxury hotel. Feeling used by the hotel's doctor, he meets Andreas who will show him what real love means

Status: Complete



Again, I want to share a true story…

this is my second fictions here...

I’m not a good writer, but I tried as much as I can to describe the story.






My name is Jail. Since kid, my mother always put a skirt on me. Do you know why? I have one older sister, whenever her clothes not fit on her, she will give it to me and my mother will not spend much money to buy new clothes for me, so easy. Even dress or whatever it is, as long as can cover my body, she doesn’t mind at all. But she never thought that I will changes my mind too into girl feelings.

When I was 8 (third grades in Elementary School), I stared have a weird feelings. I always play with girl friends, playing a girl toys and even study team at home. I feel not comfortable and shy playing with the boys.

Once I’m telling one of my colleagues that I like him, but…he didn’t accept my feeling, he started to stay away from me. He felt disgusting when saw me and all of my male friends won’t be friend with me. I’m very easy to cry, moreover when those naughty boys bullying me. They even pee on my shoes. Three years I’ve been experience those bad stories. “Bastard boys…I want to kick their ass.” But all I can do is cried at the corner of my class room.

Junior High School, for a second time I tell my feeling to my senior. But shame on me, he had a girlfriend. I’m feeling hurt and…CRY again. I hated myself being this kind of person. I want to be normal, but I can’t.

Skip about my Senior High School and College. Now, I worked at one of five stars hotel in the city. I am a Bartender. At first, all of hotel staff is very welcoming. But when they know I am gay, they started to look down at me. They always mocking at me, they asked each other to be careful with me because they will infect a virus or HIV AIDS or whatever if they closed to me. But again, only female friends want to be friend with me.


This early morning I feel paint on my teeth, I went to see Doctor Specialist for Hotel staff. I saw him, Dr Andrew for the first time. I just knew his story from one of my girl friends. He got two sons, but after their marriage…he becomes a gay again like he used to be. He gave me his phone number. I’m confused, what should I do with this number? I just keep in my pocket. As usual I’m working with fun. Being a bartender it’s have so much fun, doing juggling with bottles and sometimes listen to the guest problem. Hmmm…I feel so tired today. After reached my rent house, I stare at that number again. I want to call him, but…doubt. May be I should to call him, yes…finally I called him and he asked me to meet him at one of cafe in town. When I arrive, I saw him seat just near the bar. He smiles at me with his glasses on. He tells me that he was separate with his wife since a couple of months ago. After one hour, he got drunk…how comes Doctor can be drunk? Oh God…I don’t know where I suppose to drop him. It’s no way to bring him to my house. But that’s OK; I’ll bring him to my house.

I opened his shoes and put him on my bed. He just half drunk, because he can walk and talk. When I want to leave, he pulled my left hand and exactly I fell on him. He brushed my hair and my cheek. “Can I touch you?” he said. I just smile and feel my heart beat getting fast. This is the first time my body been touch. He kisses my ear down to my neck and now on my lips. I feel his smooth lips and his tongue on my mouth. Oh, this is so good…and my thing down there was hard. I opened his clothes off. I kiss him back, I just heard his groan. I’ve never been do this before, but I saw the porn video sometimes, so I can do this easy. And I really want to do this. I hold his thing, I pull up and down…he enjoyed it. I started to suck his big thing and play with his ball. I opened my clothes by myself and let him to hold mine. He did the movement really well, I felt so good. Now, He is on me…he pull my leg up and lick my hole. I feel really hard right now, I can’t stand. He put one finger into my wet hole, that’s OK…he added one more fingers, I feel a little bit hurt…but now, he put three fingers in…yeah, I feel so hurt…but I feel good too. He pulls out the fingers and tries to put his thing inside. Ah…God, I feel so hurt…he can put the whole thing in mine, and he starts to make a movement while his right hand holds and shakes my thing. “Are you OK?” he asked me. I just grimace and nodded”Yeah”. I feel that creamy thing will come out from mine, and finally…it’s come. He still doing his job to make his cream out, and doesn’t take too long to get his top feelings.


The sunrises brush my eyes and time to wake up. I found myself still naked and Dr Andrew wasn’t by my side, He is gone. I feel so lazy, I do afternoon shift today. So I can sleep another few hours.

This afternoon it’s full of sunny…very hot outside. But accidently I meet Dr Andrew pass by in front of the bar. I want to greet him, but he was with other guy. I smile at him and he just ignored. Aw…what this all about? Again, I feel my heart so pain. I don’t know there was one of the guests who seat in front of me watch every single of my face’s shape. I can’t stop thinking of him, why he did this to me? Why I always been bully. I’m not focus on my work so that I give a wrong cocktail order to the guest. “Oh shit…” I want to hit the wall right now, and I can’t hold my tears.

It’s almost 11PM; I get ready to finish my shift. But that guy still on his chair. I just left then. When I stopped and turn my head back, he was behind me. He follows me. He smiles and raises his right hand. I just ignore him; I don’t want anybody to hurt me again. I walked faster and he blocks my way. He mentions his name, Andreas. I just say “OK” and then walk again. And he called my name “Jail”. Yeah of course he know my name, he saw my name tag. He asked whether I work or not tomorrow, but I have my day off tomorrow, so I can sleep till evening.

The day after my day off, I work morning shift. And he come again, he order the same cocktail as before. He smiles at me, and I start to feel nervous. He watches me out, shit…why this guy keeps watching on me? A few minutes after finish his drink, he left. Oh, I almost finish my work today, but he doesn’t come again. Hmm…now I feel want to meet him. When I leave the bar, I found him stand it’s like waiting somebody there. I smile and he comes closer to me. He asked me to drop in his room, of course I won’t. The hotel staff are not allowed go to the guests room. But he took my hand and brings me to his room. He locks the door and put ‘don’t disturb’ sign in front of the door.

“I was a regular guest, so I know all of the staff in this hotel. I know you are new here and I saw you are different with the other guy.” He explains to me that. I know what he means. He wants to kiss me, but I push him. He hugs me and I push him again. “I don’t expect somebody to fuck me and leave me alone the next morning.” I said. “No, I wouldn’t do that stupid thing” He please to me and his face looks honest. I give up and let him to hugs me. He kisses my forehead and moving my body to the bed. He opens my shirt and kisses my chest. This time I feel different, I feel more relax…he was very careful. I hold his head that still on my stomach, slowly he go down and open my pant. Oh…he licks my thing over and over again. I feel so hot; I stand up and open his clothes. I sit on his thighs and let him to lay down. I hold his hard thing; I make a smooth rub and suck it. His eyes closed and his breath was gentle. I kiss his breast and tried to kiss his lip. We were kissing so deeply, till our teeth meets and clench. His left hand searches my hole down there. We swap the position and he stopped “I love you”. For the first time somebody told me that words. Now I really sure that he loves me. He put on a condom and pushes his thing into my hole. Ah…ouch…I feel hurt, faint…His sweat fall on my face. He really did a great job and I was meet expectation. We both get on climax together.


He kisses my cheek with his smooth lips the next morning. Oh, he still by my side…he didn’t leave me alone. “I want to do that again and again with you, because I love you and I am your Boss…single heir of this hotel. So, you have to obey my instructions! ”

“Eh…?” how come no body tell me? I feel shock and fainted.

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