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Raining Boy

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Summary: Aaron has liked Farrent for a while, the day he's pushed my his friend Emily to talk to him, he discovers there's someone else. But destiny has decided another thing for them.

Status: Discontinued




This is the first BL fiction that I wrote. Base on true story between my colleague. I do had permission to write this. If it's any similar story from the other story,it was accidently. My best friend told me everything about his love life. so,I write it down and share with yaoi lover here.


I just determined to post,it's not a good fiction.

Sorry for my bad English, I just use the simple words.




Raining Boy I

The senior class of L.A.B High School only had a month left of school. Just wait for graduation, all examination finished. Time to relax, but they have so many free activities after all. Farrent, 18 is the most popular person in the school. He was a leader of Basketball team, of course because his ability he had that position.

Aaron, 16 and his best friend Emily walk through the corridor. They heard a noise sound of singing and yelling from the cheerleaders’ team. They go quickly into the club and find a seat. Aaron was carefully watching every movement of Farrent's body. With chin lean on his both hands, he muttered “Nice movement.”

“What a nice movement?” Emily asked.

“Oh... I talk about dancing.” He answered.

“Yeah, I think so. I know you really like dancing, don't you? Why don't you join in that cheerleader club? Ha Ha...” Emily said.

“It's not funny...do you think they will be accepting me in their group huh..?”

Aaron quick answer.

“Why not? You just so pretty like them...your body is…ugh…” Emily explained.

“I am...” He looks sarcastic to Emily.

“OK...OK...don't look at me that way! So scared.” Emily's joking.

Both of them continued watching. Aaron used to be a dancer since in Elementary School. He loves it so much.

A match almost finish, Host team had four points left. All team was doing their best to catch up the scores. And finally, scores is equal. Competition is finish after umpire whistle sound out. Both of team had same strength.

Even in exhausted condition, Farrent always smile and looks so cool. Once, he glances at Aaron. Why not, Aaron had a pretty face, whoever seen his face will be stand. And now, Farrent stand at his face and smile. Emily glare at him,”Aaron...your face turning red.”

“Really? N...no...” Aaron gasped.

“Yeah...why don't you meet him?” Emily asked.

“No, thanks.’’ He answered.

“Are you sure? Since you are in this school, I know you like him. You can't hide it from me. We've been together since in Playgroup...I know you very well. If you don't tell him the truth, you will lose him.” Emily explained to ensure Aaron feelings.

“But...what I have to say Emily? It's no point, he don't even know me.”

“That's OK my beautiful Prince, first open conversation...greet and congratulate him on his fluent competition!” Emily suggested.

“Hmm....OK then. But I feel nervous, never talk with him.”

“Go on! It's time.” Emily pushes Aaron to downstairs.

He wants to open his mouth...but he feels embarrassed. He bit his index finger nail. “Hmm...Hey, I just want to say__, ah...you look so great in the game.” Aaron bumbled.

“Oh…Thanks’...what was your name?” he asked

“Aaron...” he quick answered.

“Oh...thank you Aaron.” Farrent repeat.

“You're well__” a big yawn interrupted his sentence.

“Farrent...your Chicky Darling is waiting.”

“Yeah, thanks’ Max...just a minute.” Farrent shouted and back to Aaron face.

“Oh...Chicky Darling.” Aaron said with angered smiles.

“Ah...Yeah. He is my closed friend such as my brother.” Farrent explained.

“I see...” Aaron said.

“OK then, I got a go...I'll see you next time. Bye...” Farrent twinkle his eye.

“I'll see you Farrent. Bye...”Aaron moaned with hoped.

Emily comes close to Aaron. “He seems...he gave you a green light.” Emily nodding her head

“Oh, really?”

“Why you looked not happy?” Emily asked.

“Nope, I am happy...this is my first time I meet and talk with him. Of course I'm happy.” He said.

“Then...what you worried about?” Emily asked again.

“He had a Chicky Darling...” He mocks.

“Huh...what the heck Chicky Darling? Emily wrinkled.

“Sssstt...You spoke to loud; his friend will hear our conversation.”

“Yeah, OK...” Emily looked around.

“Chicky Darling is his friend...but they are like brothers.”

“Oh...I think his boyfriend, so...you don't need to worry!” Emily suggested.

“Yeah...you always right” Aaron smiles.

“Yes...go Aaron, don't give up to finding your love!” Emily claps her hands to gives him a spirit.

Chicky Darling (Yohanes, 18) was Farrent closed friend. He treated Yohanes like his real brother. He was very take care of him. There was a reason why. His father helped him once, when he almost die. But that was a long time ago, since kid.

Farrent seat beside him and look at his face that not smiles at all. He notices that Farrent was with Aaron after the game. He opens his shoes with sour face.

“What's the matter Yo?” Farrent asked.

“I just got swollen on my big toe.” Yo answered.

“Let's me see! Oh...that's right, a bit swollen & turning blue. Just a minute! I will get a compress.”

“Hmmm...” Yo said without looking at Farrent.

In a minute Farrent came back with the stuff on his hands. Farrent put a potion on and wrapping his big toe with a small tiny cloth.

“OK...done. Can you walk?” Farrent asked.

“Can, but...” He quiets a moment. “Could you carry me? Please!” He requested.

Farrent smiled. “Yeah, everything for you. Where do you want to go my Chicky Darling?” He asked while he put Yo on his back.

“Get the car. I want to go home. I want you going home with me! Leave your big motorbike here, tomorrow you can take it. You should drop to my house first! Later on, my driver will take you home.” He said near Farrent ear.

“Alright...at the same time I want to visit your parents.” Farrent gasped.

“Of course they will be so happy to see you.”

Aaron was waiting his father to pick him up. He saw Farrent and exactly with Yohanes on his back. He walk trough in front of the school building. He knows Aaron was there, he tried to get closer.

“Where are you going Farrent? My driver was in that side, not there.” Yo instructions

“Yeah, I know...I just want to meet him.” Farrent glare at where Aaron was standing.

“Who?” Yo asked.

“Never mind!” Farrent reach the car. “Here we go...” Farrent put Yohanes down and get him into the car. Yo looked at Farrent with curious.

“Thanks’...Yo said. Farrent smiles and glance to Aaron once.

Finally they reach Yohanes house. “Mom...” Yo called his mother.

“Yes honey...Oh, Farrent...How odd you came.” They are hugging. His mother seems happy to have Farrent in their house. It's been more than a year he never visit this family's house.

“I am sorry Aunty; I've been very busy this year.” Farrent explained.

“That's OK dear' I'm happy you looks good. Put on weight yaw?”

“No...I mean, yes... a bit only.” They all laugh.

“OK, take your time dear! I got a go...” She said.

“Oh yes, of course...” He said.

“You have to come again next time if you're not busy! Yo was never go anywhere since you're not come here at all. He's so sad you know.” She chuckled.

“Mo....m...” Yo said.

“Yes, I will.” Farrent said and smiles at Yo.

His mother brushed Yo's hair and gone.

“Don't be at home too late Mom...!” Yo shouted when his mother disappear.

“Take me to my room farrent!” He asked. Farrent carry him again to his room.

“This room stills the same, never changed.” Farrent eyes observed his room.

“Yeah, it's like you and me...” Yo said.

“That's right...we will be friends forever, never changed.” Farrent looks toward him.

“You now Farrent, I love you so much.”

“I know that, I love you too...but only as a friend, we are brothers...not more.”

Farrent explained while both of his hands hold Yo's shoulder.

Yohanes bow his head and looks upset, almost tearing.

“Hey... my Chikcy Darling.” He took Yo's hands. “Why do you look so upset? I'm not Gonne leave you or forget you. I'm still here with you, don't be afraid! I'm your brother.”

But still, Yohanes felt so pain when he heard that words... (Only friends, only brothers...not more than that). He cried on Farrent chest.

“Ssstt...Don’t cry! Hey...” Farrent hold his face with both hands. He smile and kiss his brow. Yo look at him and want to kiss his lips, but farrent avoided.

“Why Farrent...? Why you don't__” Yo asked.

“I can't Yo; please...don't force me...! OK...” He said.

Yo stand up from the bed and turn his body from him. He wants to run but his toe still paint. So he fell down. Farrent want to help him but he doesn't want.

“I can do it myself.” He admits. “Now...go! Farrent still stood behind his back. “Go..! He repeated.


Farrent walked through the door and Yo's driver offer assistance to take him home, but he doesn't want. He walked alone on the empty road with too much thinking on his head. He screamed and confused, he doesn’t know what supposed to do. He loves Yo so much, but not that way.At the same time, Aaron pass by in the same way.

“Oh dad...Could you stop and goes back a little please!”

“Yes, what's the matter?” His father asked.

“I think I saw him...I mean my friend.” Aaron said.

“Here we go.” His father said.

Aaron opened the car's window,” Hi Farrent...”

“Oh... Hi, Aaron.”

“Where are you going? You just get home with your CD (Chicky Darling).”He said.

“Yeah, well...I just from his house.” He looks confused.

“Ok, let's go into the car!” Aaron asked!

“Thanks’...” He gets in the car and say hello to his father.

Aaron excuse to his father to seat at the back with him. His father just smiles, He was know what happened with his son. Lovely father...

“Where would you like to go Farrent?” Aaron asked

“Can you ask your father to bring me back to the school? I want to take my bike.” Farrent whispered.

“Dad...Could you bring us back to the school?” Aaron asked.

“Hmm...Why?” His father asked.

“I want to take my bike.”Farrent said.

“Oh...Yes son, never mind...it's not so far away, but I have an appointment soon. That's the problem.”

“That's OK dad...I’ll be back home with him.” Aaron said.

“OK then...don't go anywhere! Cause your Mom is waiting for this things.” His father passes the small bag to Aaron.

“Alright dad...” Aaron said.

“Thanks’ sir…” Farrent said.

They get out from the car and his father gone. Farrent asked Aaron to wait outside when he take his big motorbike. A minute later he came with his bike. Aaron feel so nervous, he never dreams that will be ride together with him.

“Let's go ..!” Farrent asked.

“Oh yes.” He gets on the bike and then goes.

Aaron smile happiness. Slowly his hands wrapped around Farrent waist and hold so tightly. Farrent also felt comfortable with that. Aaron was the second person who has been gets a ride with him after Yohanes. But this is the first time he looks happier with. He forgot about what happened just now with CD. Poor CD…

The next day, Farrent go to Yo’s house early morning. He just wants to check whether he alright or not. He knocks the door and his mother opened the door.

“Hey dear…what happen you came so early, Yo still in his room, I think he not feeling well. You can go into his room, the door it’s not locked.” She holds Farrent’s back.

“Thanks’…” Farrent smiled.

He opened the door and found him sleeping on his dream. He watched him in every breath. He brushes his hair and feels so sorry. Finally, Yo’s eyes are open.

“What are you doing here?” Yo asked.

“I just want to know that you’re alright…because I made you cry yesterday.”

“I’m OK…you see this? I’m really OK…” He pretends.

“No…you’re not. Please Yo…! Please understand me! I really care of you. But I don’t want to hurt you.”

“Promise me! You wouldn’t leave me alone here…whoever it’s your partner later, I want you to spend your time with me too. I know you first; I want you to be mine.”

“I’m yours…Your brother forever.” Farrent smiled.

“OK…my brother, I love you.” They’re hugging.

Yohanes smiles in desperate face. His body getting warm. He was not feeling well. He had a disease concern. But Farrent never know that.

“Oh…Yo, Your nose is bleeding. What happen to you?” Farrent worried.

“That does OK…don’t be panic! I just feel cold.”

“OK, take my jacket on…” Farrent put his jacket to wrapped Yo’s body and covering him with the blanket too.

“Thanks’ Farrent…I hope you’ll be happy with him.”

“Ah…? Whose you mean?”

“That boy…I was seen you with him after the game, that’s why I asked Max to call you...” He smiles jealous.

“OK, don’t think about that! Now, get rest!” Farrent asked.


Farrent kiss his forehead and go.

It’s like the day before; the school was very busy with full activities toward the vacation time. Aaron was following the poetry and fast reading competition. Emily always gives him a support. When she watching the poetry competition, suddenly Farrent seat next to her.

“Hey…when is Aaron turn.” He asked.

“After two participant finish, then him.” She smiled.


“Emily…I want to ask you. What was he really liked?”

“What do you mean? Drinks? Foods? Places? Or…?” She asked.

“Whatever…” He said.

“He likes you…” She said and claps his hands when Aaron’s names are mention.

Farrent smiles like a crazy cute boy. He was listening very carefully every word that Aaron shouted. He smiles and gives him big claps.

Aaron goes to the back stage and Farrent came over, Emily was followed.

“Hey Aaron, nice voice and emotions…” He said.

“Thanks’ Farrent.”

“Oh, Aaron…I will go to the cafeteria with Mark and he will bring me home after school.”

“OK Emily, enjoy you’re date!”

“Thanks’ Aaron, bye…Farrent.” Emily said.

“Bye Emily…” Farrent said and back to Aaron’s face. “Do you have time after school? I will bring you to my favorite place.”

“Hum…” He nodded.

“OK then, see you soon.” Farrent said.

“See you.”

Aaron was so happy, he was thinking that Farrent will date him, what his thinking is dismissed; the jury was calling his name. He had a second position on poetry competition.

Farrent was waiting for him in front of the school. He gets ready with his bike. Aaron comes a bit running.

“Sorry for waiting.”

“That’s Ok…Let’s go!” Farrent asked.

Aaron smiles and get on the bike in hurry, with both hands around Farrent’s waist.

“Yes…I’m ready.” He said.

They both go to the Buyan Lake that Farrent really loves. It’s quiet far to reach that place. But they’re really enjoyed that small trip. After one and half hours of ride, they arrive at that place. It’s cloudy, very dark sky…

“Oh…it’s not a good whether now. It’s very dark here and cold.” Farrent said.

“Wow…that’s OK…as long as with you, I am really happy. This place is incredible…beautiful.” Aaron feels the winds while he closed his eyes.

The smooth cold lips touch his cheek. And he opened his eyes, Farrent face was closed to him. He smiles embarrassed. Farrent grabbed him and hugging so tightly. He took Aaron chin and kissing him so gentle on the lips. Aaron response his kissed. They both smile.

“Aaron…would you like to be mine?” Farrent asked.

“Hum…” He nodded and agrees.

“I love you…” Farrent whisper and smiled.

I love you more Farrent.” Aaron replied and Farrent kiss him again.

Rain is coming…Aaron was the person who is really like raining. He loves that…This is the exact time for Farrent to bring him there.

“Oh…I love this raining Farrent, Thanks’ for bring me here.” Aaron said.

“Really… Why you liked it?

“I don’t know, I just like it since kid.”

“We have to find a shade place…over there. If not we’ll get sick.” Farrent showed the small coffee shop.

“OK…let’s go there!”

They both go to that small shop and sit there. “Do you want to have a cup of tea babe?” Farrent pokes his nose. Aaron was shy with the other people next to him, while Farrent just to be honest with.

“Yes please! Hot one.” He asked

“Walter…gives us two cups of tea.” He asked.

“Oh…you now that man?” Aaron asked.

“Yes, I always came here. I know this place very well…next time, I’ll bring you to climb the hill, and it’s so beautiful up there” He explained.

“Oh…really? I would love it” Aaron smiled and looks into Farrent pocket. His phone was ringing.

“Hello aunty…” He just carefully listens to Yo’s mother in the phone. He shut the phone and he looks so sad.

“What’s the matter Farrent?”

“Yohanes is in hospital.”

“Huh…what happen with him? We have to come back soon…Come on Far__” His mouth was stop by Farrent index finger.

“I just want to be with you a little more.”

“This is more important, your CD was in hospital. He might be waiting for your visit. We come here again next time.” Aaron explained.

“But it’s still raining. I don’t want you to get sick as well.”

“That’s OK…don’t you remember that I loves raining?”

Farrent take a deep breath.“OK then…let’s go.”

They both just arrive in the hospital. Farrent asked the receptionist hospital where is Yohanes’s room. They go to his room. Aaron just waiting outside, he won’t to bother him. Yo’s father was inside the room.

“How is he Uncle Jo?” He asked.

“He needs a little rest. He’s OK…don’t worry!” His father brushes his back.

“That’s good.”

“You’re friend is outside, ask him to come in! I need to go home to pick up your aunty.” Yo’s father walk through the door then goes.

“Farrent…” Yo called.

“Yes…are you alright? What happen to you?” Farrent can’t stay the tears out.

“I’m OK…” He wiped Farrent cheek. “Where do you go Farrent?” He asked.

“I went to Buyan Lake.”

“With him?”

“Yeah, He is waiting outside.”

“Let him in, I want to see him.” He requested.

“OK…” Farrent open the door and look at Aaron. “Come Aaron! He wants to meet you.”

“Hum…” Aaron stands up and goes into Yohanes room.

“Hey Yohanes…How are you?”

“Not bad…” Yo answered.

“OK…what you gonna say Yo?” Farrent asked.

“Oh, I just want to say thanks’ to you Aaron. Now…Farrent already have you. He will forget me. He will not hang out with me anymore. He just come back to me little while,…and he will go again.”

“Don’t speak again Yo!” Farrent took his hand. “Don’t you remember that I said this morning? I’ll be here with you.”

“No…you go only with him, you don’t even tell me…at least, give me a call. You’re mine.”

“Stop Yo…!

Aaron leave the room without any excuse…he run away…and Farrent come after him. “Wait…waits…Aaron!” He grabbed Aaron’s hand.

“Don’t go! At least, wait for me…I will go with you. This is just the beginning. I’ll try to explain with him. Don’t worry! Babe…”

Aaron smile and hug. “I don’t want to release you. I love you so much when the first glance. I just have you a few hours ago. I won’t let you go.“

“Yeah, I know…I notice that. I love you babe…” He smile and kiss Aaron forehead.“ Now, come to Yohanes room…I don’t feel good when his parents reach hospital without us.”


They both back to Yo’s room. They find Yohanes cried. He cried and looks into Aaron’s face. Aaron hiding behind Farrent’s back.

“That’s OK…” Farrent took Aaron’s right waist. He gets closer to Yohanes. He brushes his soft hair. “Yo…you have to understand us! Come on Yo…don’t be childish!”

“Yeah…I’m sorry, I know you’re happy with him…more than with me. I will try to understand as much as I can. Even I feel hurt…but I’m happy to have you as my brother. I have to accept that. You never leave me before you meet him. I guess, he is the right person to you. Sorry Farrent, because I love you so much…I don’t want you to be with the other guy. I’m really sorry…”

“Ssshh…don’t speak too much! You have to get rest…You’re my brother forever. Now…smile my Chicky Darling!”

Yohanes looks even more bitter. Aaron was watching them. In a few minutes his parents coming.

“OK Yo…I will go home now.” Farrent said.

“OK…take care!”

“You too”

“Thanks’ Aaron…next time, we hang out together.” Yohanes asked.

“OK.” Aaron said.

“Take care Farrent…and you son.” His mother said.

“Thank you, bye…” Farrent said.

They walked together to the parking area. Farrent hold Aaron’s hand tightly. Seems he won’t let it go.


-this is just the beginning-

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just_in CJ

I was following your thread...nice,but kissing only?

is there any part 2?

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yeah...I'll make the second part later.


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I also liked it and I'm waiting for the 2nd part! :)

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