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TEENTOP: A Bottle of Magic Called Love (Chunji and C.A.P)

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HI!! I'm Chea! And here is another one of my fictional love stories... Hope you like this!



This is a tragic one-shot story that I wrote quite a while back... This is a fanfic of the boy group TEENTOP... at least Chunji and C.A.P... Please feel free to comment after you read...





Love takes time. It needs a history of giving and receiving, laughing and crying. Love involves much careful and active listening. It is doing whatever needs to be done, and embracing whatever will promote the other’s happiness, security, and well-being. Sometimes, love hurts. Love realizes and accepts there will be disagreements and disturbing emotions…There may be times when miles lay between, but love is a commitment. It believes and endures all things.

--Barb Upham

Chapter 1


The gravel crunches beneath my sneakers as I walk on it. It was a sound comforting to me. I slowly walked across it, hoping to prolong the sounds. But, whenever I take my foot off the ground, everything, every sound, dies down. I sighed. Everything is not permanent. The only permanent thing in the world is change.


I sat down on the sparse grass I saw near a big cherry blossom tree. Every now and then a blossom would fall whenever a wind passes by. It was like rain, though, instead of the crashing and pin-like droplets, it was the soft and fragrant smelling blossoms that fall down.


I took out my iPod and put on my earphones. Listening to music alone in a peaceful place has been somewhat my normal routine. I had always been alone. But… It never bothered me one bit. That was what I thought…


Until someone came along…


It happened one cheery morning and the wind was like it was today. The blossoms, falling one by one from their branches were swiftly being flown by the wind. I was, usually, sitting near the big tree and listening to my music, when someone’s face popped out of nowhere in front of mine.


He was no ordinary kid I had seen before. His hair was like a dark mahogany tree but when sunlight reaches it, it burns fiery red. And his face was no ordinary one. It was like a girl’s but it was not. The eyes were small yet beautiful; the nose perfectly complements the dark brows that arch those pair of eyes. And the lips, red and small yet softly leave a fragile impression on an otherwise beautiful and strong face. The lips that I was looking at suddenly started to move. I took off the earphones from my ears and looked at the intruder with disinterest.


“Hey! I’m lost. Could you tell me where the temple is located?” A sweat trickled from his forehead to the side of his face. I took out my handkerchief and gestured it toward him. He only looked at it.


“Oh, no…N-no, thanks…I think I have mine, here…Somewhere…” He kept on feeling for his hanky in his pockets while many more beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.


“Take it.” Gesturing once again my hanky towards him. He looked at me and I think out of habit, bit his bottom lip.


Finally he stopped looking for his hanky and timidly took the white handkerchief from my outstretched hand. “T-thanks…” I nodded my welcome to him.


When he finished wiping the sweat off his face, he asked again where the temple was located.

“It’s just a couple of blocks from here. You can turn to that corner and you can see a big old tree. The temple is just a few walks from there.”


He nodded. “Ah…Thanks! By the way, I’m Chunji. You?”




With a broad smile he looked at me and took my right hand with his and held it in a hand shake. “Nice meeting you, C.A.P..” Those were the words that started a far more beautiful relationship I thought I’d never experience.


It had been three days since we’ve known each other. In the afternoons, we would always see each other by that big old cherry blossom tree. There was nothing special that we would do, but sit quietly together, listening to the music playing in my iPod. Sometimes, we would press our back against the tree and just look at the sky or just sleep. But, always in the end, Chunji would leave me, running towards his home.


One afternoon together with Chunji, I asked him why he always leaves me behind.


He lay there, on the grass, with his arms linked behind his head and his legs stretched. He was silent for a moment before he answered me.


“Do you know the feeling that you always wanted it to be always the same? Never-changing, never-ending…Just…The same…”


I looked at him. Without waiting for my answer, he continued… “When I’m with you…I always wanted it to be the same… the same weather, the same wind, the same cherry blossom tree, the same grass…and most importantly…the same person I want to share it with…”


I looked away from him and stared ahead of me to the sky. “But…Nothing stays the same…”




“The only permanent thing in this world is change.”


“The only permanent thing in this world is change.”


We looked at each other with surprise. Then a beautiful smile lit up that beautiful face.


Unconsciously, my heart had fallen for the same face. I thought that everything, everyday would be this beautiful with Chunji…Once again, I was wrong…


Saturday afternoon I waited for Chunji to come. Three hours have passed but still no sight of him.

I took out my cellphone and dialed his number. The number you have dialed cannot be reached. Please try again later…


I sighed, worry and fear creeping to my heart. Until, night had fallen, still there was no Chunji. With a heavy heart I went home.


Sunday, Monday and Tuesday afternoons came without a single shadow of Chunji appearing near the big old cherry blossom tree…I lost all hope that he would ever come to our meeting place that I stopped coming there for a while. A week has passed and I decided to visit the big old cherry tree.


My heart skipped a beat when a familiar figure was standing alone by the tree, looking up to the falling blossoms. With my heart beating fast, I ran to the figure. Stopping just a few feet from him I stretched out my hand to his shoulder.


“Chunji…” Softly, I called out his name.


Chunji with a smile on his face turned to look at me. My smile faltered when I saw how pale he was and how frail-looking he was.


“What happened…? Where have you been?” I asked him, my heart beating twice as fast, from nervousness and worry for him.

He shook his head. “It doesn’t matter…”


I took a step closer to him, bringing our bodies a few inches together. My hand still on his shoulder, I grasped it a little tighter. “No. It does matter…To me, it does…”


He looked at me with a smile on his lips but I could not see the usual sparkle of his eyes whenever he smiles.


Somehow, something propelled me to ask him what I dreaded to ask of him…I had always suspected that he has something he keeps from me. I gulped and looked at him straight in the eye. “Are you sick? Tell me… Chunji…”


With sadness in his eyes, he told me everything. After hearing everything, my heart felt like breaking. How could life be so unfair? I pulled him toward me and wrapped my arms tightly around him. Hoping that through my embrace, he wouldn’t just disappear from the face of the earth.


I couldn’t speak for a while. I was still in shock but as I looked at that face and thought about the pain Chunji had to go through because of his sickness…I couldn’t keep the tears from falling one by one from my eyes across my cheeks.


Chunji was silent, too. But I could sense that he feels the burden too because of his sickness. I could do nothing but embrace him tightly.


A sob escaped from him and my arms instinctively tightened around him.


“C.A.P.… I-I’m s-sorry…hic… I-I couldn’t…hic…I c-couldn’t tell…y-you…I w-was…hic…afraid… I-I was afraid t-that …by t-telling y-you… I-I couldn’t…escape the r-reality…anymore of…my c-condition… I-I’m sorry…”


My heart felt like lead when he finished. I couldn’t say anything to him to make him okay. I can’t do anything…Realizing this, I just held onto him, not letting him go.





A month had passed since he told me about everything. Today, I retraced the path I had taken when I first met him. Looking down, I saw the pebbles crunching as I stepped on them. It had the same sound as it has before.


When I reached the big cherry blossom tree, I sat at the grass we often lay upon.


I closed my eyes, remembering the feel of the wind as it passes by. However, a pair of small yet beautiful eyes was slowly drawing itself inside my head. And then, the perfect nose for a perfect pair of brows above those eyes and finally, the soft, red yet small lips completed a face all too familiar and dear to me. A warm liquid trickled slowly down my cheeks.


I opened my eyes looked up and there were he was…




The lips I long to kiss, formed the words I long to hear from him…


His hands were outstretched to mine. Slowly, I stretched my hands to him…But, suddenly, like sand blown by a gust of wind, Chunji’s image quickly disappeared. My hand still outstretched, faltered…then fell to my side… it was just a memory of yesterday…


I lay down on the grass with tears in my eyes…The words I want to say to him will be forever unheard by the heart I always and forever will be cherishing.


As I looked at the cherry blossoms falling from above me, a flicker of green light caught my eyes. I squinted, trying to see what it was that was making that green light. I slowly stood up and looked up at the tree. I decided to climb it.


It was a green wine bottle hanging by a rope that was making the green light. Gritting the rope between my teeth, I slowly and carefully climbed down the tree. As I landed, I held the bottle between my hands and looked at it.


I returned back to where I was sitting, holding the bottle. As I sit, I opened it.


There were two strings that can be pulled. At the end of the string a tag was written “first” and “second”. I pulled the first string out and with it came a white hanky. Realizing that it was mine, I couldn’t help but cry silently, letting the tears flow down onto my shirt.


It was the handkerchief that was the symbol of our first meeting, our new beginning as friends…


With trembling hands, I pulled the second string out. This time it was a letter.


Carefully opening it, I read it.




Dear C.A.P.,


Hi!...Mmmm… I don’t know what to say…or is it write? Hahaha...

Mmm…Do you remember the first time we met?;) You were sitting there, by the big cherry blossom tree, quietly listening to your music and I just thought how peaceful and cool you look. Even before you saw me, I was captivated by you. And when you offered me, a total stranger, your hanky, you just made me fall for you hard. And as the days we spent together, your space in my heart just grew bigger and bigger.


I know that you must be feeling angry at me right now for telling you this…But…I couldn’t keep it anymore….I’m sorry that I love you…


But I’ll never regret that I have loved you…Never…


Live well…C.A.P.…




Your friend,



P.S. I really wasn’t looking for the temple. It was just an excuse to talk to you. ;)

P.P.S. Anyway, I didn’t go to the temple. Hehe.


Holding the letter in my hand, I looked up at the sky and…uttered, “It’s good that you didn’t go, there wasn’t any temple anyway…But you are wrong, I’m not angry because you loved me…Why didn’t you tell me when you were still alive? You could’ve known that…that…I-I…L-Love…y-you, too…S-stupid…W-why did you have to leave me t-this?…I-I…h-hate your g-guts…I hate you…Y-you’re so unfair…”


The winds passed and the blossoms rustled, others falling and swirling one by one around me. I kept looking up at the sky. Looking at the clouds as they cover the sun, and then I closed my eyes, imagining the face that had brought me pain and joy…


And at that instant, I felt a warm presence surrounding me. It was as if embracing me. I smiled.




Chunji looked at me with a smile on his face.


I tightly held the bottle with the hanky and letter inside close to my heart. I’ll always treasure this green bottle…because it was where Chunji’s love is…


But in my heart…Is where he’ll always be…Alive…

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