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Recommend Korean Dramas


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Post your Korean Drama recommendations here!


Tell us what you like about the dramas and why you recommend them. :)

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I love love love bad guy!! Omg its so good, and even if it wasn't it has Kim Nam Gil and Kim Jae Wook, How can you go wrong?? I want to be hand raped by Kim Nam gil...





This isn't a movie, its a TV series, Don't know if that is what your looking for?

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I recommend the following for starters as they have some great looking actors as well as plotlines!



Playful Kiss ( Kim Hyun Jong oppa )

Dream High (Kim Soo Hyun)

Dream High 2 (Im Jae Beom & Jinwoon)

Boys Before Flowers (Kim Sang Bum)

Brilliant Legacy (Lee Seung-Gi)

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I do, i do

Scent of a woman

Wild romance

The musical: because of choi and the boy of flower girl

Gentleman dignity: a must see if u love want romance

Bridal mask

Ghost: all about action

God quiz: if u like Bones ( american tv show)

On and on and onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

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Pls recommend some more KDramas because thats what I'm looking for now as well


Ive seen so far :-


Playful Kiss

City Hunter

A Man called God

Boys over flowers

Take Care of us Captain

Shut up Flower Boy Band

A thousand Kisses

Brilliant Legacy

KPOP: The Ultimate Survival

Fashion King

The King 2 Hearts

A Gentleman's Dignity

My Princess

Goong (though i didnt enjoy it :( )

Skipt Beat (though it was TW Drama)

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Song Chang UI and Lee Sang Woo`s Life is Beautiful/Insaengeun Areumdawo It tells about gays love story.This movie won an award,so objectively it`s really good.The plot flows naturally,really well written,and then the acting?! Oh my gosh!

For me the greatest actings are in episode 19 and 20.It filmed in Jeju island,so beautiful! But,there is another movie with the same title.So don`t pick the wrong one!

Yi San/Lee San the greatest King in Korea.As far as I know it won the best actor and actress.Maybe even more!

Both of them have long episodes.Life is Beautiful has two versions: 16 episodes with full gay romance or 63 episodes where the family is envolved.Yi San even has more than 70 or 75? I can`t recall.

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soo many let's see

i'll give a few for now


Endless love series:

- Autumn in my heart

- Winter Sonata

- Summer Scent

- Spring Walts



also this lot:

Shining Inheritance

Stair way to heaven

Protect the boss

Coffee prince (my Kim Jae-wook is there - he's also in Antique Bakery Live action movie BL)


all of these in my opinion have a great plot lines that would capture your heart!

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These are very heartful and cute ones!! :cuteonion45:

Heartstrings (Some scenes will make you cry because it's so happy)

To the Beautiful You (It's just so good!!)

Love Rain (Their love is so romantic and cute!!)

Panda and Hedgehog (Though I haven't finished it yet, I can tell that I'll really like it!! It's very cute) :_red_fox 2

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I'm going to recommend White Christmas (2011) for anyone who likes mystery, psychological thriller and suspense...and hot guys XD

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Secret Garden

Oh! My Lady


I'm planning on watching more but this is all I can recommend so far^^




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