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Oni ni Hatsujou by AMAGI Reno(eng)


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Original name: Oni ni Hatsujou

Manga ALT. names: 為鬼發情, 鬼に発情 Please Love Me, Super Sadistic , Sexual Teacher!

Original run: 2009

Description: When Tanami Riku's father died in a traffic accident, he was left all alone. Then suddenly a guy named Onikubo Nagi came and demanded to be his guardian in place of his father, who was actually Nagi's former teacher. Then he applied as Riku's homeroom teacher! He pushed himself into Riku's life without even asking for permission. Living with the Super Sadistic Teacher was unbelievably harsh. What exactly did Nagi want with Riku?

Manga-type: Manga Series.

Written by: Amagi Reno

Drawn by: Amagi Reno

Published by: Kaiousha

Group(s) Scanlating: Shinmakoku Scanlations

Status: Completed

Completely Scanlated: Yes

Completely Translated: Yes

Genres: Comedy, Romance, School Life, Yaoi

Categories: Older Uke - Younger Seme; Megane; BDSM; Teacher - Student

Main Characters: Tanami Riku, Onikubo Nagi

Adaptations available: N/A

Recommendations: Dorei Kyoushi!!, Boku no Kawaii Hito, M no Retsujou, Suki to Itte, Goshujinsama to Wanko


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