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Versailles: Fanfic Part 1 (Teru x Hizaki)

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Summary: Teru seems to be interested in Kamijo after Kamijo broke up with Yuki. Hizaki doesn't agree and wants to seduce Teru back.

Status: Complete

Warning: There's lot of sex and a bit rude language..If you don't like it don't read.

Author note:

Hi, there... I'm so glad I'm back xD So...I thought I may post a fanfiction here~. :hamtaro-005 (44):


Sorry if there are some mistakes, my engrish is not very good -w-


:hamtaro-005 (10):



Chapter 1~


-Eh..uhm...K-Kamijo...Ahhnnn...said Teru with a lower voice.

-What is it, Teru-kun? Kamijo got closer to Teru who was laying on his arm.

-It’s just that...ngh..ahh... it’s embarassing... Teru slowly blushed.

-What? Kamijo got closer to Teru, like their lips almost touched.

-You...ate pizza again, didn’t you? Teru said looking at the other way.

-Eh..? Kamijo’s face has turned all white and his eyes were wide opened staring at Teru.

-Your breath smells. Teru giggled.

-Oh, come on, Teru.

Kamijo sighed and went to the other side of the couch.

-What? It’s true. Teru continued smiling.

-It’s not that. I was trying to be just a little more romantic. *sigh* Just try to cooperate, please.

-Kamijo, you are not good at romance and you should admit it. Teru huged Kamijo just like a giant teddy bear.

-Don’t “You are not romantic and you should admit it” me. At least try to realise that i’m doing this only for you. I’m trying.

Kamijo sighed and rose up from the couch. He grabbed his bag and went out the door. Teru was left lonely on the couch thinking about what Kamijo said.



Kamijo arrived home, shutting the door out loud. A tall, long dyed-haired man came to him.

-What with these nerves in the middle of the day? Yuki asked giggling.

-Just don’t say a word, Yuki. Kamijo passed as Yuki was a ghost.

-What happened in the happy lover’s world? You had a fight with Teru?

-Yuki, you are my brother and I always tell you everything, but please...get your pretty fucked up butt outta my business. Kamijo said in the most calm way he could.

-Ouch, that was rude. Or have you forgotten that this pretty butt was the one that you once enjoyed very much? Yuki got closer to Kamijo looking at him straight into his eyes.

-This is really not the moment to remind me that, Yuki. Kamijo turned as he didn’t cared.

-Then when? Have you forgotten that once I was the one you used to hold and say “I love you” after we were doing it? Yuki’s voice turned serious.

-Enough. Really, this is enough. Why would you remind me this everyday?

-Because I still love you, Kamijo! Yuki’s voice was slowly shivering.

-...Go to sleep, Yuki. Kamijo said as he hadn’t any other door to escape.

-It’s 3AM!

-Then go and get drunk and then find a stupid guy to have sex with and, again, get your ass outta my business! Kamijo yelled.

For 3 minutes there was a dead silence which was suddenly broke by Yuki.

-Kay. Well this is exactly what I’m going to do. Yuki said and went straight to the door, shutting it loud after he got out.

Kamijo stayed as a stone for several minutes then he went to the bedroom. He put his bag aside and jumped in the bed with his pillow strongly hold in his arms.








At Teru’s house several seconds after Kamijo left...

Teru rose up from the couch and went to the kitchen to make some coffee. While he was pouring the coffee in cups somebody was knocking at the door.

-Who’s? Teru asked.

-Me. A familiar voice answered.

-Me who?

-Just open the door already! The voice said.

-Just enter. Is open.

The door opened and then slowly closed.

-Then why did you let me talking outside?

-You know me. Teru giggled. Here, I’m in the kitchen.

The strange man opened the door. It was tall with long, blonde hair and beautiful eyes. He was wearing a cute panda-style hoodie and a pair of jeans.

-Hi, Hizaki. Want some coffee?

-No thanks. I had some in my way here. But hey, you usually drink coffee when you’re down. What happened?

-Nothing. Teru said and went to the living room.

-I know you better. So tell me what happened? Hizaki followed him and had a seat near him on the couch.

-It’s nothing, seriously.

-Was it Kamijo?

Teru coulnd’t say any word. He couldn’t say that was not something wrong about them two.

-So it really was Kamijo. The reason why you’re down.

-It’s not him. Teru put the cup of coffee on the table near them.

-Then who was it. You know, you shouldn’t take his side everytime.

-I’m always by his side because I really love him.

-But does he love you? Did he really said something like that to you?

-He...tried today... but...

-But...? He couldn’t right? It’s not that easy to say “I love you”. Even if I make it to be easy.

-Hizaki, please don’t remind me that thing again.

-“That thing”? You are saying it just like it was nothing. Don’t you feel the same feeling for me again? Hizaki got closer to Teru who was shivering.

He caressed Teru’s cheek with his hand and came closer and closer and softly brushed his lips on Teru’s waiting for a reply.

-Just get off. Teru pulled the blonde man back as he fell on the table.

Hizaki was laying down speakless. Teru was looking at him with tearing eyes.

-Hizaki, I’m so sorry.Teru burst into cry as he was hugging the blonde man tight in his shivering arms. Sorry sorry sorry.

-Don’t be sorry. It’s okay, calm down. It was just me. Hizaki huged back Teru with a hand and with the other pet his soft hair. I love you, Teru.

Teru rose his tearing eyes up from the ground and looked deeply in Hizaki’s eyes. He just couldn’t resist and got closer as he softly kissed his lips. Hizaki kissed back and hugged Teru tight with both hands. They parted to take a breath.

-Can’t we be just like before? Hizaki asked and kissed Teru again.

This time Hizaki parted Teru’s lips and put his tongue in his mouth. Teru sucked the saliva from his little pink muscle. Hizaki purred and went with his hand a bit low on his lovers back.

Teru felt the touch and sucked Hizaki’s tongue faster making the blonde made sounds of pleasure.

-Does it feel good? Teru whispered in Hizaki’s ear.

-Nghh~, Teru, you’re still so good. Hizaki said and took Teru in his arms and went to the couch.

Teru lay on his back and parted his legs as Hizaki was standing on him kissing him in french style deeper and deeper.

Hizaki moved his hips as their cocks were rubbing trough the cloth and continued to kiss. He moved the kiss lower to Teru’s chin and his neck and softly bit it then licked the place. Teru moaned as he was really excited by the blonde’s actions. Hizaki moved lower to Teru’s blouse annd took it off. He continued to kiss his soft, snowy-white skin upon his nipples that were already hard.

-Nobody took good care of those two? What a loss. Hizaki said and kissed Teru’s right nipple and the other nipple was tickled by Hizaki’s hand.

Teru pet his blonde hair and purred.

-Does it feel good, Teru? Hizaki asked.

-It really is.

Teru’s face turned in a cute pink. Hizaki smiled and continued to lick, then suck his nipples hard. Teru lay his head back and enjoyed the pleasure given by the blonde. Hizaki moved a bit lower to the silver haired’s tummy and kissed it. Teru’s body reacted, his abdomen muscles contracted.

-Your body missed me? Hizaki said.

-Ngh… ahh..y-yes…Teru said with a low and shivering voice.

Hizaki continued kissing his lover’s tummy and went a bit lower near his pant’s belt. He unbuttoned his pants the pulled them off. Teru softly purred.

-What is it, Teru? Hizaki asked and got closer to Teru’s lips brushing his on his lover’s.

-It’s embarassing. Teru buried his head in Hizaki’s chest huging him thightly.

-We did this before. Just stay relax and enjoy... like we used to. Hizaki kissed Teru and moved his hips again on the silver haired’s underwear. Their cocks were rubbing through the cloth. They both were very hard.

Hizaki moved very low this time to Teru’s underwear and kissed his tights then licked them slowly.

-You’re so sexy, Teru-kun. Hizaki whispered.

He slowly brushed his hand on the silver haired’s underwear.

-You are really hard, aren’t you?

Teru nodded and bit his lower lip.

-This little boy missed me as well, didn’t he? Hizaki giggled.

Teru blushed deeply and hid his eyes with his shivering hands. Hizaki pulled his hoodie off. Teru touched the blonde’s snow white body, he rose up and kissed his neck. Hizaki pet Teru’s hair and kissed it. Teru moved a bit lower to the nipples. He licked around of the left nipple and caressed the other with his hand. Hizaki moaned and bit his lower lip. Teru’s saliva was all over Hizaki’s chest. He sucked all the saliva and rose his head to look Hizaki in the eyes. Hizaki cupped Teru’s cheeks in his hands and kissed him. The sound of pleasure was accompanied by the wetness sounds of the kiss.

As they broke the kiss to take a breath, Teru lay on his back and Hizaki went down Teru’s body again. He slowly pulled Teru’s underwear a bit down and his cock happily greeted him. He touched it with his hand then slowly rubbed it up and down. Teru could hardly breath with every rub on his arousal. Hizaki licked Teru’s cock from the bottom to the top then he parted his lips and sucked first the top. Then he slowly went down and got half of his lover’s cock in his mouth. He continued to suck as he moved his tongue around the top in his mouth. Teru couldn’t resist and let a sound escape from his throat. Hizaki knew Teru was very satisfied and smiled. He had all of Teru’s cock in his mouth, but he still continued to suck and lick as he was playing with his balls.

-H-Hizaki...ngghhh~~...Teru tried to say something but he couldn’t because of the plesurable feeling Hizaki was giving through his whole body.

-Wuf? Hizaki said while still sucking.

-Please...ughh... please stop...I...Imma... Teru tried to stop him by pushing his head off from that place but he couldn’t.

Hizaki just stopped for a bit.

-Come..? Hizaki giggled.

-Uhmmm, ngh~~... yesh...Teru nodded.

-Why don’t you just come, then? Come in my mouth.

Hizaki went back to what he was previously doing. He continued to suck his lover’s cock while he was looking at him straight in his eyes. He was looking just like a little kitty with big eyes, enjoying licking a cup of milk.

-H-Hi...nghaahhh... Teru bit his lip but he couldn’t take it anymore and filled up Hizaki’s mouth with his white essence, some of it pouring out from his corner of the mouth.

Hizaki licked his lips and gulped all of the silver haired’s sperm. Teru took a deep breath and looked down at Hizaki.

-Teru’s sweet. Hizaki giggled. Did it felt good?

-Yes. Very good... Teru said and tried to rise up but he slipped and fell on his back.

-Are you okay? Hizaki cupped Teru’s face with his hands.

-Hmm, I am... I think...Teru said with a shivering voice.

Hizaki gave Teru a light kiss and caressed his shoulder.

-I’m here, Teru. Everything is going to be fine. I promise you. Hizaki said and hugged Teru tight in his arms.

-I know. Teru hugged back and breathed hard in Hizaki’s neck. His hug went lower, almost reaching the blonde’s pants and grabbed his butt.

Hizaki broke the kiss and moaned.

-You wanted more...? He asked.

-How can I get enough from you, Hizaki? Teru said and kissed Hizaki parting his lips and playing with his pink muscle.

The blonde broke the kiss and slowly unbuttoned his pants and pulled them off together with his underwear throwing them on the floor.

Teru greeted Hizaki’s arousal by rubbing it slowly with his hand. Hizaki moaned and continued to kiss Teru who was rubbing faster and faster on his cock.

-It’s good, Teru... Hizaki whispered in his ear.

-And it’s going to get better. Teru replied and pulled Hizaki a bit back to stay straight.

He began to lick hard Hizaki’s nipples as he went with his hand a bit lower on his back right near the little hole he was looking for. Teru began to touch soflty the blonde’s sensible spot.

-Nghhh~...aahhh~~...Hizaki began to moan in pleasure.

-Does it feel good? Teru said and touched a bit rougher at that spot.

Hizaki continued to moan in pleasure and Teru put half of his middle finger in the blonde’s ass and grabbed his ass cheek with the other hand. He pulled the finger deeper until it was all burried in his lover’s ass.

-Ah, Teru-kun~~...ngh~~... Hizaki reacted and burried his hands in Teru’s long silver hair.

-Is it good? Teru teased Hizaki whispering in his ear.

-It is. Hizaki answered.

Teru’s finger began to move everywhere in that tight place. His finger was going right and left and in and out as he was licking and sucking the excited man’s hard nipples.

He slowly began to pull the second finger in and then the third. The all 3 fingers were full burried in Hizaki’s butt and began to move independently making the blonde crazily moan.

-You are so wet down there, Hizaki-kun. Teru said and continued to lick Hizaki’s nipples.

-Because is Teru-kun who is entering me. Hizaki giggled.

Teru thrust his fingers faster and deeper.

-Aghhh~~…Teru…kun…I…arghhh~~…Hizaki said with a shivering voice.

-What is it Hizaki? Teru asked the blonde.

-I…want yours…in me... Hizaki said blushing deeply.

-You’re such a cute slut begging me like that, Hizaki-kun. Teru said and made 2 last thrusts with his fingers in Hizaki’s ass before pulling them out. Hizaki parted his legs and slowly sat down on Teru’s hard cock.

-Ugh… Hizaki moaned as the top of Teru’s entered in his wet ass.

He continued to go further as half of Teru’s hard cock was pulled in Hizaki’s hot body.

-Ngghh~~…aahh~. Hizaki moaned and shut his eyes.

-Just a bit more. Teru told him.

Hizaki nodded and sat down. Now all of Teru’s dick was full buried inside the blonde’s body.

-Move a bit, can you? Teru asked.

Hizaki obeyed and started to move his hips back and front. The hard arousal of the silver haired man was hitting all the best spots of Hizaki making him moving his hips rougher and faster.

-Ahhh~ this is soooo good. Teru said laying his head back and shutting tight his eyes.

He squeezed Hizaki’s ass cheek making him moan even louder. The moans, purrs, the creaking of the couch and the wetness sounds filled up the living room. When Hizaki got a bit tired, Teru helped him by thrusting deep into him up and down.

-I…lo…ve ya…T-...Te…ru-kuuunnn~~ Hizaki screamed his name after he climaxed hard on the silver haired’s tummy.

After some few thrusts Teru came in the blonde man filling his ass with his white cum. Hizaki softly purred and then collapsed on the silver haired’s body.

-Hizaki-kun…? Are you okay? Teru breathed hardly.

-H-hai. It felt so good, Teru-kun. Hizaki nodded and kissed Teru.

Teru slowly pulled off his cock outta the blonde’s tired ass. The cum was slowly dripping down Hizaki’s legs.

-What…? A voice broke the silence in the room.

Kamijo was starring at the two naked men on the couch.

-What wants it to be? Kamijo’s voice began shivering.

-K-Kamijo…Teru couldn’t explain to Kamijo what just happened. He couldn’t even explain to himself properly.

-And when you think I came back for you. STUPID SLUT!! Kamijo yelled and threw the bouquet of roses he was bringing for Teru on the floor then he ran away shouting the door loud.

For several second there was a dead silence in the room.

-I’m sorry Hizaki. Teru broke the silence and hugged the blonde tight.

-Why do you apologize for? Hizaki asked as he stood properly in his both hands.

-I…don’t know why I did it. I’m sorry, Hizaki…so sorry. Teru let go of Hizaki as he rose up from the couch and put his underwear on then got the blonde’s clothes.

-You may use the shower first. Teru said and gave the clothes to Hizaki.

-Wanna go there together? Hizaki asked as he stood up straight coming near Teru.

-Just go, Hizaki. Teru faced the other side.

-Teru-kun…? Hizaki looked confused at Teru.

-It was all wrong. I shouldn’t have done it. It was just a big mistake. I’m so sorry. Teru blushed and put his pants on, buttoning them.

-What? Teru-kun, I don’t understand. It was all good…until…Hizaki couldn’t say another word.

-Please, you already made things harder than they were. Just GO. Teru’s face turned serious.

Hizaki nodded and took the clothes then left for the bathroom. As Hizaki left the room Teru rose the bouquet Kamijo threw several minutes ago and took a seat on the couch. He was staring at the rose bouquet and one of a sudden he burst into cry. It was all wrong, what he did. He couldn’t even imagine he could hurt so much the person he loved so much.



I'm still working at the rest, but I'll be posting soon ^^

Please leave a comment if you liked it~


Here is the continuation:

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I love it !!!! ^^ Onegai Kamijo X Teru!!!>W

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