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The Gazette: 「a n t i q u e m e m o r y w a r d」 (Ruki x Miyavi)

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Summary: Ruki rents a hotel room. He suddenly hears a male voice singing under the shower, coming from the room that was connected to his. He goes to the other room to ask the male to stop, but he finds himself locked in the room and decides to hide.

Status: Complete


Author notes:


so, I wrote this quite a while ago yoyo7

I found it just recently, and laughed at it yoyo5

I think it's pretty childish, nonsensical, and whatnot :8yoyo31: (and hella-long...like, this is less than half of it) O-O

But, there are some OK parts in here, and I think I'd like to make another one with a similar story line :5yoyo34:

Here goes it! :0



「A N T I Q U E M E M O R Y W A R D」




Ruki calmly entered the Memori Byoto Hotel with two luggage bags. He was cold, drenched, and tired.


"Ah! Hello! D-do you need a towel or something?" a voice rang out.


Ruki looked up and saw a tall man standing at a desk.


"No..." Ruki replied coldly.


The man watched in anxiety as Ruki walked up to the payment desk, leaving behind a large trail of water.


"How much for a large room for 4 months?" he asked the lady at the desk.


"Uh...4 months? Wow...that's ¥10,000,000!" she timidly replied.


Ruki handed her ten ¥1,000,000 bills. She took them in shock, observing them very carefully to see if they were fake. Nope. Ruki took key #901 and went up the elevator to his room. ~*~*~ Ruki was a 26 year old man with no middle or last name. He doesn't know how he was born, all he knows is that he grew up in an adoption center. They traced his blood, fingerprints, and DNA, and still could not find his parents or his name. He grew up alone and decided to have something change. Now, on his 27th birthday, he decided to move into the Memori Byoto Hotel and secretly live there; trying to find love and life. It was his destiny to make something of his life. Something better than everyone else's. ~*~*~ Ruki set down his things and decided, being 11:30, he had no reason to unpack for now. He lay on his bed and turned on the TV. He watched it groggily.


"Anata wa watashi no mono! Anata wa watashi no mono! Kyoooooo nooooo!" Ruki heard a voice sing. It was coming from the room that was connected to his; a person singing in the shower.


'Nice voice, but quite irritating..' Ruki thought to himself. He pounded on the wall.


"Please keep quiet!" he commanded.


The voice stopped for a moment, then continued with "Aaaaaaishiteruuuu! Watashi o aaaaaishiteee kudasai! Bebi! Wo! Bebiiiii!"


Ruki pounded harder, but nothing. He got up off his bed and peeked out his door. There he saw his loud neighbor's door cracked open. 'I'll simply walk in, scream louder, get out, and he'll hopefully stop!'


He approached the bathroom door. Right as he took in a breath to scream, he heard the shower stop. Ruki quickly headed for the door, but found it had locked behind him and he could not open it without the key. He tried opening it some more, but gave up. He panicked.


'What should I do? I'll hide! Then find the key and sneak out after he's asleep...it's late anyways, he can't stay up that long!'


Ruki went in the closet and sat on a large metal box. The man in the shower came out with a towel around his waist and head.


"Watashi wa. A-anata. No kokoro. ni i-iru yo...Watashi wa chikaimasu!" he sang.


Ruki sat there admiring his voice. It really was wonderful! The man removed the towel from his head and threw it on the floor.


'He has cool hair...it's multicolored! It looks really soft...' Ruki's thoughts continued.


Suddenly, the man removed the towel from his waist. Ruki quickly looked away.


'Wait, what am I doing? He's just another guy, why should I care? Why should I be forced to look the other way?'


Ruki turned his head back and was shocked to see this man's length! He stared a little, then looked away.


'ok...maybe looking isn't the best idea either...'


He forced his head to take another glance. He looked back and saw nothing.


'Where'd he go?'


All the sudden, the closet door opened. Ruki's heart stopped. 'I'm in trouble now!!'


The man looked in and saw Ruki sitting there with a surprised expression.


"ROBBER!" the man wailed.


"No! No, I can explain!" Ruki blurted out.


The nude man covered his waist with a towel once again.


"Then do it! Before I whip out my Kung-Fu skills on your ass!"


"You didn't hear me telling you to keep your voice down, so I planned on walking in here and telling you so you could hear, but I got locked out so I hid here before I was found out"


"Well that was a shit-job idea if you ask me! Bro, it's alright...just think these things out before you end up hiding in my closet and seeing my schlong next time!" the man told him jokingly. "Oh yeah, by the by, name's Miyavi. You can call me MYV or Meev or Meevers or somethin' like that if ya want"


"I'm Ruki...please call me Ruki..."


"Alright RuRu-Chan! Nice meetin' ya!"


Ruki pursed his lips madly at the pet name that Miyavi had given him. He slowly walked out of the closet and to the door.


"Can you open it please?" Ruki asked.


Miyavi tossed him the key. "I jack off with that key by the way.." he said.


Ruki digustedly dropped it.


"JK! Jk!" Miyavi laughed at the top of his lungs.


Ruki picked it up madly and stormed out of the room and into his. He lay on his bed once more and fell asleep to the TV, having odd dreams of the weird man he had just come in contact with. ~*~*~ "Ruru...RUruuuu....RURU!!!" a voice rose.


Ruki opened his eyes and saw Miyavi on top of him.




"The one and only!~"


"Alright...why are you in my room and why are you sitting on me, one and only Miyavi?"


"To wake you up, silly!"


"...But WHY would you wake me up?!"


"Cuz the fumigators are comin' today!"


Ruki paused in confusion




"Yeah! You didn't hear? They're fumigating and blocking rooms #901 through 1,234 in, like, one hour! I didn't think y'alls were gunna wake up yourself so I woke you up so you can move into...drumroll...MY ROOM! Yippee!" Miyavi explained and cheered.


Ruki felt instantly stressed. "How long exactly??"


"They said like only 12...days" Miyavi grinned.


Ruki rubbed his temple. "Okay...well I'm already packed...I suppose I'll just-"


"LAST ONE THERE IS A ROTTEN EGG!" Miyavi yelled. He grabbed one of Ruki's luggage bags and ran into his room. Ruki slowly followed.


Miyavi sat on the bed anxiously slapping his knees. "We're gunna have soooooo much fun I swear! We'll have pillow fights and tell stories and order room service and jump on the beds and play dress up and breath and sing and dance and snuggle and watch TV and maybe make coffee and-"


"Be quiet. I'm not going any of that stuff. Just leave me be...please"


"You're not even gunna breath?" Ruki gave Miyavi a blank look.


"Ok fine...what DO you wanna do?!"


"I just wanna have breakfast..."


Miyavi stumbled over to the phone and dialed a few digits. "Rooooom serviiiiiice. Pick up. Pick up. Pick up pick up pick uuuuuuup...pick--oh hello room service? Yeah I want some fancy chocolate flowery thingies and w-...huh? Oh that really cool flower thing made of chocolate...oh that was fudge? Well yeah THAT and miso soup and a potato and...hold on...RuRu what do you want?"


"Eeeeh...eggs and toast with pickled plums and tea..."


"God you're boring....okay RuRu-Chan said he wants eggs and toast and pickled plums and tea and champagne and cake...yeah vanilla....okay thanks bye!"


Miyavi slammed the phone down. "This is gunna taste like magic!"


"Why did you order me champagne and cake?"


"Oh I just ordered it for you because I forgot to order it earlier is all" he replied in a cheery voice.


"A-Alright..." ~*~*~ "I have to admit, this is pretty good!" Ruki perked up.


"Yeah! It's like what mom used to make except like 100 times better!"


Ruki took another bite of his eggs happily. His secret high was food. Good, flavorful, spirit-lifting food. He finished his food savoringly and joyfully. "Thanks Mi-Chan...for buying all this! It must have been expensive!"


"Yeah but my aunt runs the hotel so everythings free" he explained with a mouth full of food. Ruki was suddenly uplifted by this.


'I'm living with the one person here who gets everything free? Maybe I should be nicer to him...' Ruki pondered.


Ruki looked down at his plate. 'Wow...I'm already done...I'm not even full!'


Ruki looked back up and saw a fork full of vanilla cake in front of his face.


"Open wide! Here comes vanilla thunder~!!" Miyavi said.


Ruki just stared at the cake.




"Make me..." Ruki mumbled.


Miyavi slung his leg around Ruki and pushed him down on the bed. "Eeeeeeat it! It's yuuuuummy!"


Ruki kept his mouth closed. "I don't want cake"


"YES YOU DO!" Miyavi straddled his hips.


"Aaah...Mi-Chan!" Ruki moaned.


'His mouth opened!' Miyavi thought. He sat on Ruki's waist and bounced.


"Mi! Mi-Chan! Aaaah!"


Miyavi quickly put the fork in Ruki's mouth. Ruki ate it in high doubts.


"It...it's good!" Ruki panted.


"Good lord you're hard!" Miyavi stated.




"You're hard to control! It's just cake, jeesh!"


"Oh...yeah...sorry about that. I don't like to be told what to do. It's just a peeve"


"You better get used to it! I like to be bossy!"


'Someone controlling me? Me?! Okay...I have to try not to be stubborn and except this...my new life. I can change'


Miyavi poured some champagne in two wine glasses.


"Don't tell me I'm drinking that..." Ruki complained.


"You are! It's a celebration drink so let's celebrate!"




Miyavi handed him a full glass and chugged his as Ruki elegantly sipped his. ~*~*~ "Ru..Ru...I just realized...how DO computers...uh...like send I mean...like make websites and internets and stuff..? Like really!"


"Miyavi...you're drunk...off of champagne..."


"NO! I'm saying like really, seriously!.....Hooooooow?!" Miyavi fell on the floor.


"Mi-Chan! Are you ok?!" Ruki asked, scooping him off the floor. He put the larger man in his lap and observed his passed-out face. He brushed away his bangs and felt his forehead with the back if his hand. "He feels alright.." Ruki looked closer at his face. "He is pale though.."


Ruki looked at his face closer. 'He's so...sexy..' he thought. 'Oh what am I thinking!'


Miyavi opened his eyes a little. Ruki stroked Miyavi's face.


"Babe...you ok?"


"B-babe?" Miyavi asked in a calm voice.


"Mi-Chan..." Ruki moaned. He set his forehead on Miyavi's and looked into his eyes.




Ruki tilted his head and slid his tongue past Miyavi's lips. Miyavi reacted happily and felt a spark.


Ruki softly held the back of Miyavi's head with his palms and pulled him closer. He pushed Miyavi flat on the bed and licked his tongue more wildly.


"Aahn...RuRu..." Miyavi groaned. Ruki felt Miyavi getting harder under him. Miyavi licked up Ruki's neck slowly.


"What are you doing?" Miyavi asked.


"What I need to...my body wants you, Mi-Chan..." he panted


Ruki got harder as well and grinded Miyavi's erection against his playfully. Miyavi reached his hands up and took off Ruki's shirt. Ruki grinded up Miyavi's body faster.


"Mmmm...it feels good Ruki...I want it harder."


Ruki slid down and licked Miyavi's crotch through his tight pants.


"HARDER!" Miyavi whined. Ruki stuck his hand in Miyavi's pants and felt every part of Miyavi's cock.


"It's so hot..." Ruki moaned.


"It wants you~" Miyavi sighed.


Ruki slowly pulled down Miyavi's pants and revealed his sweet cock. Ruki's dick trobbed in arousal. He wrapped his wet lips around Miyavi.


"Ruki~!!! Aaaah!" Miyavi screamed.


With his lips around Miyavi's length, he licked the head if his cock, roughly pressing on it. Miyavi loudly panted. Ruki sucked on him now, making Miyavi trust his hips towards Ruki's mouth, only wanting him to go rougher. Ruki pulled his mouth away, letting saliva drip from his mouth, and looked at Miyavi while licking his lips. Miyavi dripped in sweat and had an orgasmic look on his face.


"Ruki...please me~" he panted harder.


Ruki cocked his head and quickly deep throated Miyavi's dick.


"RUKI! RUKI! Hhhhhnn!"


Cum oozed out of Miyavi. Ruki swallowed most of it and let the rest drip out of his mouth sexually. Miyavi pulled Ruki down on him. He put his hands on Ruki's chest and slid down to his abs.


'I want it...'


He wrapped his finger around to Ruki's back.


'Please Miyavi...make me happy'


He moved down to Ruki's ass and then to his thighs.


'Touch me and make me cum'


He went closer...and closer...and closer...and...

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