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Sabishii Hito No Hitorigoto

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Summary: Yamamoto is inviteby Kakkun to his birthday party. What looked like the beginning of a nice friendship turns into something else as soon as Yamamoto is taken to Kakkun's bedroom.

Status: Discontinued



Well now... o-o I'm a young, lazy goose-person, so please pardon my lazy style of writing and editing ^~^;; I really have a weird way of writing, I think 9o9" I just hope that you can enjoy what I put down, regardless of my mistakes c: Thank you very much, and please enjoy~


As the popular boy passed out his birthday party invitations to certain kids within the class, I simply lay my head down and tried to take a nap. I knew he wouldn't invite me, anyways. But, that's not to say that I directly disliked him...per-say. I mean, even I wouldn't invite 'the new kid' to my birthday party. Plus, it only took one day for me to be known as 'the reserved kid'.


Sure, there were a lot of girls who said they thought I was 'sexy', which—in highschool—directly translates to a clear path into popularity. But, I didn't want that. Even if I had chosen to start a knew life as the cool kid, I would get caught up in the worst of places. And, even if I wasn't, I'm still an awkward person. With all that in mind, I simply decided to drag my personality from my old school, all the way to this one.


Suddenly, I felt a tap on my shoulder.


"Yamamoto..." a calm voice called out beside me. I lifted up only my head at first, but found myself staring at someone's pants, so I lifted up the rest of my upper body as well. There beside me stood Kazunori Saitou; the popular boy. Without a word, he handed me a folded square of paper. Dumbfounded, I just stared at it in-between his fingers.


"Here" he smiled, jiggling his hand a bit.


As I looked around, I noticed the whole class staring at me, so I nodded at him and took the piece of paper out of his hand as casually as I could, in hopes that I could redeem myself.


"Maybe I can be the first to know the new kid" he said quietly; walking away with a grin.


Already knowing what was on the inside, I unfolded the paper and observed the contents. In big, bold letters at the top, it read "Birthday", which I found sort of blunt. Everything else under it was in a soft-edged font that gave the details about the party. After I finished reading it, I folded it back up and put it in my blazer's pocket.


Why would he want to be the first...to meet the new kid?




"Be careful Shuuji, honey! It's cold outside today!" I heard my mother say from the other side of the house.


"Alright mom, I'll be fine!" I replied even louder.


"I love you! Drive safely, please!"


"Okay, okay! Bye!"


And with that, I put on my long-collared jacket and boots, and headed out the door.




As I drove up to Kazunori's house, I instantly noticed how nice everything was. Clean paint, flowery yard, and so on. No wonder he would do such a thing like inviting so many people over for a party!


I hesitantly got out of my car and walked slowly up to the door, even despite the freezing cold weather. Just as I was about to knock on the door, Kazunori opened it with a bag of garbage in his hands.


"Yamamoto!" his voice rung out. "Hey! Quit hugging yourself and come inside!" he insisted. I nodded with a smile and did just as I was told; following behind him.


"You can sit down" he said as the door closed behind us.


I looked behind me and sat down on a green, fabricated chair; watching as he walked away to talk to some friends. I looked around me and saw all the people who were familiar with each other, chatting and laughing. Meanwhile, I just watched them and felt uncomfortable.


Waiting and sitting for what seemed like 10 minutes, Kazunori finally came back toward me.


"Kazunori..." I said, trying to get his attention.


He turned around to hear what I had to say.


"You can call me Kakkun~"


I looked up at him and nodded understandingly.


"What'd you wanna tell me?" he asked.


"Well...I don't really know anyone here..."


"Oh, you want me to introduce you to someone?"


"No no no..." I blurted out "I'm not...a 'people person'."


"Aaah I understand...follow me" he said in a comprehensive tone.


I stood up and trailed right behind him as we navigated through all the people. Eventually, we ended up in a small room.


"This is my room~" he told me, closing the door. After that, everything became quiet.


"Oh...I like it" I replied, still looking around at everything. "Your house is so organized...inside and out"


He gave me a small chuckle at that "Yeah, well my mother likes everything to be this way"


"Ah..." I said, making everything awkward with such an unexcelling word.


"Do you play sports?" he asked soon after; clearly noticing the awkward feeling just as I had.


"Yeah, yeah! I play two sports, actually"


"Sport number one?"


"Mmm...sport number one is tennis"


"Oh, tennis! I heard it's really a workout for your arms, right?"


"Yeah, yeah..."


"Show me" he said.




"Let's see those tennis arms!" he encouraged me in a sort of friendly way.


I took off my jacket and put it on his bed. I lifted up my shirt sleeve so he could see my arm. "There isn't really much there...I haven't had an opportunity to play whatsoever this winter"


"Are you kidding? For a lanky person, you really do have muscles!" he ooed; coming up do me and squeezing my arms.


"It's so hard, too!" he added. I smiled—almost shyly—at his remarks.


"And what would be sport number two?" he asked me as he continued to feel my arms.


"Sport number two is soccer"


"Neeee! Soccer is my favorite sport!"


"Really?" I asked right after he quit touching me.


"Yeah! And I heard it's really good for your legs, too!"


"Oh, yeah, it's really good for the legs. It's a sport you can play despite the weather outside"


"Show me..."


"My legs??"




"But...I'm wearing long pants" I laughed.


"Just take them off; I don't care!" he said like it was a completely normal thing.


"Well...where I come from, people aren't as hands-on or personal or...showy with each other" I explained nervously.


"Ok, I see~" he ensured me as he headed toward his door. He locked it, then came back over to me. "Now, you can remove your pants"


I laughed at the unintentional inappropriateness of his sentence, then promptly unbuttoned my pants. Unexpectedly, this took me quite some time.


"The zipper is stuck..."


"I'll fix it, then~"


He kneeled in front of me and tugged at my zipper...in a sort of feminine way...which kind of caught me off guard. Many of the popular guys in the school had a slightly more feminine aspect to them. Perfect hygiene, perfect hair, perfect clothes, and so on.


"Nnnyuh!" He grunted. "It really is stuck!"


"I-It's fine..." I stuttered, suddenly becoming uncomfortable. "You don't need to see my soccer legs!"


"Once I start something, I must finish it!" he replied in a half-joking voice.


His violent tugging had soon resulted in me getting pushed back so that I sat on his bed.


"Maybe if I just pull it back up..." he said to narrate what he was doing, "and then quickly back down..."


After he did so, I let out an accidental grunt.


"Uugh! Stop stop...please!"


He diverted his attention from my pants to my face, not realizing how close he was. His face quickly became serious as he stared at my shocked expression.


After a few seconds of exchanging no words whatsoever, he laughed nervously. I couldn't really say anything...


Out of nowhere, he pushed me back gently onto his bed.




"I said to call me Kakkun~" he told me in an alluring tone.


My eyes shot open as he quickly removed his shirt. "You're joking! You aren't serious!" I blurted out.


He lowered his face down to mine.


"No, no~"


"Please stop..." I said, looking away.


"Yamamoto...I invited you here because I thought you were sexy...and I wanted to see your body~"


My heartbeat increased to a pace faster than I could count.


"You can't-" but, before I could finish my sentence, he turned my face back toward his and kissed me...


For one reason or another, I was lost. I didn't defend myself, jerk back, hesitate, or anything like that. I just...let him kiss me, even though I didn't do anything back......at first. After only a few seconds, my eyes fluttered close and I returned what he was giving me.


One he'd finished, he backed his head up a bit to look at my face. Our eyes met for only a second before I looked the other way shamefully.


"Kiss me again..."


I bit my lip hard; not wanting to shake my head or say something or do anything but just look away. He kissed my cheek impatiently, trailing down to my neck.


"Uh~" a moan slipped out completely on accident. I blushed in embarrassment at the noise that I'd made.


"I like that~ do it again~" he commanded as he feverishly kissed my neck. I shut my eyes tightly.


"Nnnnngh~" I wined. "This is...w-weird"


He slid his hand down my torso slowly "Just pretend I'm a woman...with a cock"


I nearly shuddered at that thought, not wanting at all to see a boy do things like that to me.


His hand soon found it's way to my crotch, which he began fondling soon after.


"I wanna feel you get harder and harder~"


With a lack of things that I could do in this situation, I simply crawled backwards on my hands in an attempt to move out from under him.


"It's okay~" he cooed as he crawled right back on top of me "I won't hurt you, baby~"


He moved a bit down my body—to my waist—and pulled my pants and boxers down together, but not all the way. He ran his lips down from my stomach to right above the waist of my pants, and kissed and sucked at the skin lightly and wetly.


"aaaah~" I moaned, trying to be quiet. I made a pained expression as I moved my head to the other side. "K-Kakkun..."


He moved his head away and pulled my pants and boxers further down so that they rested under my length. "Say my name again~"


"I won't..." I groaned in protest.


He stroked up and down my length with just his fingertips, making my heart beat speed up in my chest.


"It feels good~" I moaned quietly to myself.


"Mmmm~ please talk to me~"


I opened my eyes and watched him touch me. "I don't...I don't wanna talk..."


He took my dick in his hands and messed with the head.


"You're getting so hard for me~"


This time, he didn't stroke me, but jerked me off slowly.


"Nnnnnn~!" I whined.


"Shhh~ Shhhh~ just concentrate on the feeling~ close your eyes~"


I did as he said; having no desire to watch what was taking place, anyways. As he touched me and played with my sensitive organ, my mind went slowly but surely into a trance-like state. Perhaps he was right to tell me to concentrate all the feeling, because all I could feel was sheer pleasure banging at my body.


But, as I heard a loud noise seem to shatter the silent air, my eyes shot open.


"Kakkun! You in there??" a muffled voice spoke up. Once again, my heart beat became extremely fast; this time out of panic.


"Yeah, I'm getting changed!" he replied in a surprisingly-casual voice. His blasé tone sort of threw me off.


My numb mind began thinking things like 'did he just use my body?' and 'does he think I'm trash?' but, as I began evaluating the situation, I simply brushed off those feelings. Why should I care what he thinks of me? He's just a boy. And, this whole situation was a mistake caused by him.


"Yamamoto..." he whispered closely to my ear "hide in the closet"


"You're the one who belongs in a closet!" I complained "Especially since you've been hiding there so long!"


"Hey, I'm sorry~ just please go there, and wait for a few minutes. I'll make sure you go home safe tonight. Again, I really am sorry~"


I pulled up my pants and headed quickly into the nearby closet, locking it behind me. As I listened to the sounds of Kakkun shuffling around in his calm and collected manner, my body and mind became confused with mixed feelings.


On one hand, my body felt rotten with shame, confusion, and shock. On another hand, it was pleasured beyond explanation and still craving more.


On one hand, my mind was buzzing with thoughts of 'what's going to happen, and what just happened?'. On the other hand, my mind was reconsidering everything that I was thinking only moments ago.


"Tatsuya, hey! Sorry about that" I heard Kakkun say. I could tell he was grinning, only by listening.


"What where you doing in here? I heard yelling!" he other boy laughed.


"Yelling?" Kakkun asked, sounding believably bewildered.


"Yeah! It was coming from here...right?"


"Hm...I didn't hear it, but maybe someone else had! Let's go ask, ok? I wanna make sure no one got hurt!"


For a moment, it sounded like they had walked away, but I then heard the other boy begin to talk once again.


"Hey, on your bed, isn't it that new kid's jacket? I truly thought I saw him walk in with it..."


"Hm? Over on my bed? Yeah! Eeeh...there's no more room for it anywhere, so I told him to leave it here."


At his words, I let out a silent sigh of relief, feeling as though it'd be quite easy to be found out.


"Oh...where is he anyways?"


"Yamamoto? Hm...I'm not sure! Maybe he's the one who screamed" he laughed.


I smiled to myself, finding it ironic that I was the one who'd made the noise.


After that, they really had walked away. It took me several minutes to collect myself, and to really understand what happened. In a short time, my eyes began adjusting to the darkness of Kakkun's closet. Out of curiosity and boredom, I decided to look around. Which...I soon found out wasn't the best idea...

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This is... a lot longer than I thought it was :5yoyo21:

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*commence stalking* ...jk


Aiii, this is good!I can't wait to read what happens :D

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*commence stalking* ...jk


Aiii, this is good!I can't wait to read what happens :D


*feels the stalking commence* 0w0

Thank youuuuuu~ ♥ (*´∀`*)

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Good story. I like your writing style. :D

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Good story. I like your writing style. :D


Thank you c: ~♪

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(sorry, this will be a little anti-climatic today xDDD)


As I looked through the medium-sized box that was placed so casually in the back of his closet, I'd soon discovered Kakkun's dirty secrets. In that box were all sorts of sexual toys, clothes, and bottles full of who-knows-what.


"Kakkun...I didn't think you were this type of person..." I whispered to myself as I observed each object in shock. After feeling through for quite a bit, my fingers ran across something warm and soft. Wondering what it was that could've felt like that, I pulled it out.


"It's a dildo..." I smirked to myself. Even though I'd known completely what it was, I was still baffled as to why it was so warm. Did it do that on purpose, or was it maybe like that for some other reason...


Out of curiosity, I squeezed it. Suddenly, I felt something ooze down my fingers. I instantly recognized the smell. Taking the clean end of the toy in my other hand, I pulled my sticky hand away, which was now covered in hot honey.


"Oh, Kakkun..." I tsked to myself.


In an attempt to prevent anything from messing up Kazunori's neat, carpeted floor, I simply licked my hand clean.


'Wait, I need to clean...this thing off, too' I thought to myself drearily. What if he's used it before? What if he'll find out what I put it in my mouth? Either way, I realized that putting it back the way it was would be worse for me. So, I licked it...


Actually, it wasn't so bad. The honey tasted really sweet, so I was nearly tempted to suck the rest out, but didn't.


To my surprise, I saw a light appear strewn across the floor out of the blue. The light got bigger and bigger, until the door was all the way open. There stood Kakkun, looking down at me.


"Yamamoto...what are you doing?" he asked.


Embarrassed, I pulled the dildo out of my mouth; a string of saliva bridging it to my lips as it was pulled away.


"I...it's, eh, I really c-can explain..." I stuttered.


"Why would you even do as much as look through my things? Please explain that"


"I-I'm sorry Kakkun! I did it out of curiosity!" I told him honestly, bowing down apologetically.


"And why is Nagai-Chan in your mouth?"


"N-Nagai-Chan? Y-You named it?"


"Yes, it's my newest addition. Please tell me why you were licking her"


'Newest...' I thought. 'At least it wasn't used...'


"A-After I'd picked it up, you see, h-honey dripped out, so I licked it up to prevent it from staining your carpet" I bowed once again.


"Ah~ well, please put it away and come out. Everyone has decided to leave so they can study"


"Study?" I asked him, putting the toy back in the box and standing up.


"Yeah, there's a big exam tomorrow. Because I already took it over the summer, I don't have to take it now. In fact, I'm staying home" he told me with a wry smile. "And, because you're new, you don't have to take it, either."


"Oh, it that true?"


"Yep! I suggest you stay home as well"


"Ah..." I nodded.


Perhaps...I can apologize to Kakkun for causing him troubles...


"Can we...hang out tomorrow, maybe?" I asked nervously.


"Ah, you're sure? I'd love to, really!" he smiled at me.


Seeing the look on his face made me all too relieved.


"Well...I think I have to head home now. I'm sorry that I couldn't stay later..."


"Hm, no problem~ I have to clean up, anyways. Thank you for coming, Yamamoto" he bowed.


"Please, call me Shuuji"




Later that night, as I lay down in my rock hard twin sized bed, I couldn't stop thinking abou Kakkun. Surely, I was only telling myself certain things to reassure myself; to make myself believe that I made correct descisions. In reality, though, I had done only the wrong things.


I shouldn't have gone to Kakkun's party. I shouldn't have avoided all the other people. I shouldn't have gone in his room. I shouldn't have let him touch me, kiss me, or feel me. I shouldn't have gone through his closet. I shouldn't have apologized to him for bothering him, when I really needed an apology from him.


Nevertheless, there is no reason to think about the past, or to regret what I've done. Now, all I could do was do. I have to do something now, to make up for everything and fix the dents that I've pounded at, myself.


Tomorrow will be the day when I'm no longer confused with myself.

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