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Takumi Kun: 'Through His Eyes" (a new telling of 'Pure") (Misu x Shingyoshi)

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A/N: Before asked yes this story is Pure written out in novel form but only parts that Misu and Shingyoshi appear in and it's told from Misu's point of view instead of Shingyoshi's. The dialogue and characters are not mine. The words used to describe Misu's thoughts are in a way mine so no suing or reporting me please!


Chapter 1: Where it all began


The yearly entrance exams to all boys school Shidou Academy. Misu Arata was, yet was not looking forward to it. Masumoto-sensei had requested that the second year along with a few other choice students to observe the examinees. Make sure no one was cheating or disobeying any of the rules.


During one of the tests Misu’s brown eyes scanned the students and his moving orbs picked up on movement coming from the center of the room. One of the students had dropped his pencil and was reaching for it. Considering he figured all boys deserved a fair chance into the establishment Misu was about to step forward and pick the pencil up for the boy with a warning. He stopped however when he followed the boy’s eye line. He was looking at another examinee’s paper. Okay perhaps this boy didn’t want a fair chance and was just going to try to cheat his way in.


Deciding he was going to make the boy nervous he stepped forward and picked up the pencil. “You were told earlier not to pick up anything you dropped.” He placed the pencil on the desk glanced down at the work sheet and noticed the answer that had been in the examinee’s vision was blank and still had a few lingering eraser markings on it. Looking at the boy one last time after hearing the apology for disobeying or rather disremembering the rules Misu headed back towards the back of the classroom to continue his task.


The bell rang signaling the end of one of the test. Misu stepped forward and began collecting all the work sheets before walking towards Matsumoto-sensei’s desk. He placed the worksheets down and whispered into his teacher’s ear. “Sensei, Examinee 135 doesn’t look well hey may need a trip to the nurse.” Just being called on by the teacher despite not being an actually student could make anyone sweat. Misu was curious to see the reaction Shingyoshi-he had noticed the name on the page- would have. Misu watched as the number 135 did indeed look nervous in fact down right scared but then relieved.


Once the last test had been taken Misu headed out of the classroom and into the school grounds in hopes to get to his dorm to do some studying and enjoying the rest of the afternoon just relaxing; a rarity when it came to Misu Arata. No such luck. Just as he stepped out of the classroom he was greeted by the not one but three of his senpai. He knew they would want him to ‘hang out’ so he decided to play along. The third years would be graduating soon and he enjoyed spending time with his senpai tachi even if it was for a few moments. One particular boy stood out above the rest: Sagara-senpai. He for some reason had taken a shine to not only Misu but to Misu’s rival Saki Giichi. Just the thought of the name let alone the other boy made Misu cringe.


Almost as if fate decided to toss salt into the wound Sagara moved from talking to Misu to stopping Saki in his tracks. Outwardly Misu said nor showed no response towards the attitude Saki had towards his senpai, but inside he was fuming. Did Saki have no respect? Just because his background was different didn’t give him permission to act the way he did. Deciding he was just going to drown out the ‘conversation’ between the other two he looked away then changed his choice of vision again. That had been either his best idea or his worst mistake ever. Standing only a few yards from him was that same boy; examinee 135. Misu couldn’t help it his eyes stared at the boy almost as if he wanted to draw him in, or was he the one being drawn in?


It was the boy who broke the eye contact. Misu was surprised when he noticed number 135 had started crying. Had his little joke gotten to him that badly? No there had to be another reason. Misu stepped forward just as Sagara-senpai had been trying to figure out the reason behind the boy’s tears. “Sagara-senpai?”


Sagara glanced up at the sight of his kouhai, “Misu. He suddenly started crying.”


Misu looked at the boy. “What’s wrong?” he wasn’t sure of the boy would answer but it was worth trying to ask. No one just burst in to tears out of nowhere for no reason. “Are you okay Examinee number 135; Shingyoshi-kun?”


Sagara glanced up. “What, do you know him?”


Misu deciding details weren’t important looked up. “I’ll take it from here senpai.”


Sagara nodded. “Okay I”ll leave him to you. Oh here.” He reached into his coat pocket and pulled out some yen. “Use this to buy him something hot.”


Misu took the coins and led Shingyoshi towards the cafeteria. Sagra had given them just enough money for a bowl of ramen. After ordering the food he ordered himself a coffee and walked over to one of the empty tables were he had instructed him to sit and wait for him. He placed the ramen in front of Shingyoshi and took a seat opposite him. “It’s Sagara-senpai’s treat so go ahead and eat.”


Taking a small sip of his coffee Misu observed the daylight outside and knew even without looking at a watch that it was getting late. Shingyoshi would have to get home soon and he voiced that fact. “When you’re done eating you should go catch a bus. If it gets too late, the last one will have already left.”


“Ano “Misu” how is that written? “Shingyoshi suddenly asked.


Misu placed his coffee mug on the table. “What’s that all of a sudden? Didn’t you hear what I just said?” this boy had a one-track mind it seemed like and it was to get on Misu’s nerves.


Shinghoshi nodded. “Yes I did. When I’m finished I will run to the bus stop.”


“Why should I tell you something like that?”


“Because I’d like to know.” Shingyoshi answered. Out of nowhere the examinee stood up fast nearly knocking his chair over. ‘I’m Shingyoshi Kanemitsu. Using the characters-“


Misu was getting irritated. “Did I ask for your name?” He couldn’t read this boy and it was starting to drive him crazy.


“Please! Please tell me I beg you!” Shinghyoshi pleaded bowing his head low.


Misu inwardly smirked. He was that desperate to know how his last name was written? Mentally he gave the boy credit for not giving up but he wasn’t about to give in to the boys pleas though. “You’re stubborn.” He rose to his feet. “When you’re done return the bowl at the counter.” He started to walk away only to be stopped by a hand on his wrist and three words he almost didn’t want to believe he heard.


“I like you.”


Turning around he looked down at the smaller boy. “Taken by first sight you mean?” Misu knew he was handsome and had an aura that could draw in and scare away the male and female population of those who knew him so he almost didn’t blame the boy for saying those words. What got to him though was the fact he too had felt something towards the boy, something he couldn’t describe. “How can you believe you can say something like that?”


“I cheated but- No I didn’t! I saw it but I didn’t mean to! I left that part blank!” Shingyoshi protested.


Misu turned to face him. “Even if you really mean that who’d believe you?”


Shingyoshi looked down breaking eye-contact , “Why did you stay quiet about it, then?” He asked.


“I didn’t really.” Misu answered wanting to see how far the young boy would go to make things right. “I’m off to report it now.” He headed towards the exit but stopped when he heard the plea again.


“Um please don’t tell!” Shingyoshi ran in front of Misu and bowed low. “I’m begging you!”


Misu looked amused. This boy really was desperate.


“I want to enroll n this school no matter what.” Shingyoshi said keeping his head down. “I-“ he was cut off by the sobs that were threatening to escape from his throat.


Misu smirked deciding enough was enough. He had teased the kid enough to satisfy his amusement. “I was kidding.” He then proceeded to fulfill the boy’s wish, “’Mi’ is the character for ‘three and ‘su’ is like “Nakasu’. That’s how you write ‘Misu’” He watched as Shingyoshi raised his head up and finally made eye contact. “My first name, I’ll tell you when you get into Shidou.” Considering Shingyoshi had freely admitted he liked him Misu decided to give him a little motivation to work harder tp get into the school.” He placed a hand on Shingyoshi’s scruffy hair and looked him in the eye. “Stupid crybaby.” With that he headed out of the cafeteria with one thought in mind, find out more about this Shingyoshi Kanemitsu and see if he was Shidou Academy material. One thing was for sure if Shingyoshi did enroll and Misu saw him on a regular basis, Shidou Academy would never be the same and neither would he.

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i like it.

there are some details but that would only be nitpicking so i won't do that. you're following the storyline of the movie as i can see. :)

bottom line this is your story and you call the shots.

i like the atmosphere you created and the flow.

i would suggest though that since this is going to be purely from Misu's POV then it would be better to expand more on what exactly is he thinking through the whole time and perhaps add more vividness to it.

this is an ambitious undertaking and i'm sure you can handle this very well.

all the best, tat-chan

you have my support. :)

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If you put it that way I'm debating whether or not I should continue this. I'm starting to see that this was a mistake and a waste of forum space. I'm going ot ask key to take it down tomorrow.

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ne??? why u wanna delete it?? i dun think itz juz a waste...

try to specify more bout what Misu thought bout hus first meeting woth shingyouji...like 'kyun' feeling or something more...

dun juz delete it...i think itz quite interesting to read Misu's thought...^^

ganbatte ne!!! (>.

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I agree with yojichan and jun... The story is interesting...

Since the movie is basically from Shingyouji's POV, having it in Misu's is a great deal!

Thanks for sharing this!

Keep it up!

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Chapter 2 "Ignore the Craving"


Misu rolled over in time to see his roommate Hayama Takumi sling his backpack over his shoulder. "Ohyaou."


Hayama turned around and smiled. "Oyahou Misu-kun. You barely beat curfew last night. And you slept through your alarm."


Misu looked at the clock and sure enough it was nearly twenty minutes past the time he had set his alarm. Luckily for him it was Sunday so there were no classes for him to be late for. He eyed Hayama's backpack , "Where are you going? Isn't it a little early to be visiting Saki? It's been a while since you two have been alone but I'm sure even he likes to sleep in."


Hayama blushed faintly "No it's not that.. I need to check out a few books from the library and I also have a few I'm returning so I'm using my bag to carry them."


Misu only nodded in response before rolling back over on the bed. "If you happen to see Shingyoshi tell him I will be in the executive room for most of the day."


Hayma only nodded as he excused himself from the room.


Misu groaned as the face of his kawaii kouhai appeared in his mind, wait what? Where in the world has that come from? Okay sure he admitted Shingyoshi was attractive but still… Oh who was he kidding? He was attracted to the younger boy but no way was he going to admit that. He pulled Shingyoshi along by the invisible chain he had hooked to the younger boy's collar. Shingyoshi was his and whether the younger boy understood that or not nothing was going to change that fact.


As the third year student changed out of his nightclothes into his uniform he couldn't help but remember that day he found out Shingyoshi Kanemitsu had indeed passed the exam with highly exceptional grades despite that blank answer.


He remembered when Shingyoshi had approached him and in the most respectable way possible asked him if would keep his promise and tell him his first name.


Misu had obliged and told him also allowing him to address him by it as well. Why? He didn't really know. But when he heard Shingyoshi use it the sound just filled him with a sensation he couldn't describe. Of course he would never tell Shingyoshi that.


He told Shingyoshi he would be allowed to address him as 'Arata-san' as long as he was aware there would be consequences.


Once he was in his uniform save his jacket Misu gathered a few files from his desk and headed out of the room. He had to make a stop at one of the classrooms then he planned to grab a quick something or other for breakfast. Lunch was going to be out of the question since he had a lot of work to catch up on including information for the upcoming music festival. He also had to make that call but that could be done later.


Later came sooner then Misu expected and despite being stuck in the executive room for most of the day he still had several tasks to fulfill. He had used most of the evenings after classes to take care of his homework and studying so his 'day off' wasn't really a day off unless one considered it a day off from actual classes and homework.


Just a few more calculations and-


"Konnbonwa!" The door to the executive room opened and in stepped Shingyoshi.


Misu had been surprised his little shadow hadn't tried to see him earlier but in all honesty he was grateful the younger boy hadn't. He needed all the time he could get to finish his tasks. Luckily for him he did had have help. The secretary of the student council; Ooji Taimosu (guessing on the name and the position if it's wrong gomen).


"Be quite when you enter the room." Ooji scolded his kouhai.


Shingyoshi nodded in apology, "I'm sorry."


Misu pretended to ignore the 2nd year and continued adding up the numbers in front of him. But when Shingyoshi walked over to him and greeted him he returned the greeting out of habit.


"That looks hard." Shingyoshi commented.


"You know it doesn't look hard it is hard." Ooji argued. "What do you want with Misu?"




Misu knew what Shingyoshi wanted. He wanted to just be in his crush's presence. For now that seemed to be enough for the younger boy and in all honesty Misu didn't mind it and when he was in the right mood he was happy to oblige.


Speaking of wanting Misu wanted something sweet. It had been quite a number of hours since he had eaten. But with Ooji in the room the best way to cure that craving wasn't in reach, yet. So he opted for choice number two. "Shingyoshi your bag." When Shingyoshi didn't respond he tried again, "Put your bag up here."


"Hai." Finally catching on Shingyoshi did as a he was told and placed his bag on the table.


Misu unzipped the front pouch and sure enough there were some chocolate bits. Two but that would suffice for now. "I'll have this."


"Hey that's my-"


Before the other boy could finish protesting Misu unwrapped the sweet and put it in his mouth. He put the wrapper in Shingyoshi's shirt pocket then turned back to his work.


"Arata-san trash goes in the trash can." Shingyoshi said as he proceeded to throw away the wrapper.


"Sometimes you're really helpful to Misu aren't you?" Ooji pointed out, out of nowhere.


Misu inwardly sighed. He knew Ooji wasn't very fond of Shingyoshi. So in hopes to get the two of them separated he finished up his current task and removed the sheet of paper from the clipboard. "Sorry Ooji but could you give this estimate for the Music Festival to Shimada –sensei as quick as you can?" he knew if he asked Ooji to do something he would. He knew Ooji liked him too and although he wouldn't admit it freely he knew Ooji was jealous of Shingyoshi. So the best thing to do to avoid any more awkwardness was to get the two of them separated.


Ooji accepted the paper, "Okay, I'll be back right away. Then we can-"


"Do you still have something to do?" The estimate had been the task that he had wanted to take care of more then the others and now that it was done. "Here, I'll give you the key for the room." He wasn't going to need it. "I'll finish up here so see you tomorrow." He waited for Ooji to exit the room before turning back to his work, taking care of some last minute calculations for his next task.


"Wow…He's really diligent." Shingyoshi said out of nowhere.


Misu fumed for about half a second. His Shingyoshi wasn't focusing on him. That wouldn't do. Knowing the best way to get the other boy's attention he reached into the messenger bag and pulled out the last chocolate bit. "I'll have the last one, too." He popped it into his mouth.


"Oi, Arata-san, that's mean! I'm starving you know!" Shingyoshi protested.


Misu thought for a moment. He wouldn't have been surprised if Shingyoshi hadn't eaten anything that day. He looked up at the boy with a sincere look on his face. Only to be greeted with this almost non-resistable puppy dog eyes. Perhaps he could- "Then you can have it." But I'll give it to you the way I want to. He reached for Shingyoshi's violet tie not once breaking his gaze on the other boy's eyes. He had wanted something sweet earlier and with no one to interrupt them he was going to fulfill that craving.


Sure the chocolate bit sufficed but it just wasn't enough. No he wanted more. Pulling the other boy closer to him he locked lips with him for a brief second before opening his mouth and using his tongue he transferred the barely sucked on chocolate into the other boy's mouth. Their tongues intertwined for a second and it send a jolt straight through him. The taste of the chocolate bit and Shingyoshi gave him a heady feeling if only for a minute. That's what I would consider a genuine 'chocolate kiss' Once the exchange had been made he wait for Shingyoshi to pull away which surprisingly he did only to be reconnected with him by a sudden embrace.


"I love you Arata-san." Shingyoshi said quietly.


Misu allowed him to stay close for a few moments before pushing him off. "That's enough. You're so annoying." And Shingyoshi was. He was tempting him and it was getting on his nerves.


"But it's because I really like you. Shingyoshi answered.


"Say what you want. It's not like I like you in particular." And that was the truth Misu still wasn't sure about is feelings for the other boy. He knew there was something but to put a definition to it was next to impossible at this point. He still had a lot to sort out when it came to something like love. The only other person he had developed feelings for had already graduated.


Shingyoshi only smiled. "I know."


Misu closed up his books. "Let's go before Ooji comes back." He stood up and headed out of the room with Shingyoshi trying his best to keep up. As he headed towards the main hall of the school he noticed Shingyoshi right on his tail, once more. "What?" he asked adding a tone of annoyance to his voice. He honestly didn't' mind the other boy following him but he wouldn't tell him that.


"Nothing." Shingyoshi said still with that same smile on his face.


Misu patted the other boy's scruffy hair, "You're still such a brat, huh, Shingyoshi." He turned back around covered his mouth in hopes to mask in oncoming yawn. "It's getting late. I think it's best if we return to our dorms."


Shingyoshi offered no argument, "Okay I need to grab a shower before bed anyway." He bowed respectfully going into Kouhai next to his senpai mood and headed off in the opposite direction.


Misu headed back to his and Hayama's room with every intention of changing out of his uniform and relaxing until lights out. Once he was dressed in a more casual attire he fell back against his bed.

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"Attention Misu Arata-san you have a phone call."


A phone call? Who would be calling him this close to curfew? There was only one way to find out. Slipping on his shoes he headed down the stairs to the phone and picked up the receiver. "Moshi moshi?"


"It's about time Misu."


When Misu heard the voice he allowed a smile to dance upon his lips. "Ah gomen Sagara-senpai." This was perfect. He had been meaning to contact his senpai the following day so now that could be checked off his to do list. But that wasn't the only reason he was glad his senpai was calling. After sharing that embrace with Shingyoshi earlier the senior couldn't help but notice he still had that craving for something sweet. If anyone could get his mind off of it, it was Sagara-senpai.


"How are things going?"


"They're fine for the most part. I'm president of the student council this year." Misu answered.


"That doesn't come as a bit of a surprise to me Misu. You are quite the talented one."


Misu could feel a faint blush fill his cheeks but luckily for him no one was near to witness the facial expression. "I'm in the same boat you were senpai. Wasn't it tough studying for tests and being in student council at the same time?"


"To be honest I enjoyed the challenge."


"As expected." Misu said.


"Did I ever tell you how I won the race for president for student council?"


The same story huh? It was a favorite "You've already fold me that story so many times. How many times do you have to tell before it's enough?"


"I haven't told it that many times.. Come on Misu, please?"


Misu chuckled deciding to cave in. After all he still had a small crush on the older man, "Fine I'll listen." Besides hearing about something that didn't relate to his current problem was probably a good thing and he was going to take advantage of it while he could. But he knew it wouldn't last long. He was going to have to find those answers. The only thing was he wasn't too sure what the actual questions were either.

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Chapter 3: All work and no play that's the Misu way.


Misu headed to the cafeteria in hopes to grab a quick lunch then head to the executive room where he could get some work done. After ordering his choice of lunch he sat down at his favorite spot near the window and quietly enjoyed his meal. A few other students joined him but he paid them no mind as he finished his lunch minutes later seeing Shingyoshi out of the corner of his eyes attempting to approach him. Sure he liked the boy's company but her had too many things to do that day including his Spanish class assignment.


Misu didn't miss the look of disappointment on his pet's face but didn't say anything too him as he went to his and Hayama's room to retrieve his books and papers he had actually remembered to take with him the previous night. Making his way to the executive room he passed a corner of the courtyard and noticed two of his classmates Yoshizawa and Takabayashi conversing in the courtyard. He paid the two no mind and double-checked his pocket for his copy of the key to the executive room. Being the head of student council he had been given a copy so he could use the room to his leisure for studying among other things.


Absorbed in his work Misu almost didn't notice the door to the room opening and a cheerful sounding Shingyoshi greeted him, "Arata-san!"


Keeping focused on his work he answered, "Oh it's you again."


"Don't say it like that." Shingyoshi pleaded. Misu could hear him approaching the table just by the sound of his footsteps, "I've brought something."


Half my work already done? Misu wanted to ask but kept his eyes focused on the documents in front of him. He waited for Shingyoshi to show the 'something' and inwardly smiled as a bag of chocobits was place on the table. Not wanting to show he was glad for the 'pick me up' he kept working keeping his eyes down.


Shingyoshi rounded the table till he was standing next to Misu, "This. Is it Spanish? As expected from you But you're having it tough, huh? You're already busy with exams then there's student council."


Thank you for stating the obvious. "If you know that then stop bothering me." Misu requested. He reached out to grab the back of chocobits and placed him next to his books, "I'll have this." He waited and sure enough Shingyoshi protested,


"Ah wait! Not all of it!" Shingyoshi protested.


Misu ignored the other boy and continued with his work. He only had a few more days left to finish half of what he was working on. '


"Um, I won't be a bother so, can I stay here?" Shingyoshi requested out nowhere.


Misu hated to admit it but being stuck in the room by himself for this long, he was starting to feel a bit lonely. "Do whatever you want." He answered not looking up, not wanting to show he was actually grateful for the other boy's request. He could feel Shingyoshi's eyes on him for a while and drank in the other presence.


Two hours passed and Misu was finishing up his studying when he noticed the room felt quiet almost too quiet. Looking over he noticed his pet had fallen asleep leaning against his messenger back. Misu couldn't help but smile. Shingyoshi looked so peaceful so adorable. Yes he admitted he thought Shingyoshi was adorable, but only to himself. Not wanting to wake the other boy he quietly continued his work.


Pulling his watch from his pocket he sighed when he realized it was twenty minutes to curfew. Misu sighed and closed all his books before walking over and gently shook the other boy in hopes to awaken him from his slumber. When he received no response he place the chocobits back into Shingyoshi's bag placed the bag over the sleeping boy's shoulder then without waking him Misu somehow managed to hoist Shingyoshi onto his back. He knew the other boy was light so he didn't worry about the weight.


Ignoring the looks from other students Misu stopped at room 232 and freed one hand in time to open the door and walk in. Shingyoshi's roommate Katayama was already sitting in bed.


"Oh good evening Misu-senpai." Katayama bowed startled by the intrusion from the upper classman.


"Misu only nodded in response before placing the still sleeping Shingyoshi onto his bed. Turning to Katayama he said, "You'll make sure he wakes up tomorrow morning."


Katayma only nodded, "Hai, have a good night senpai."


Misu excused himself from the room and headed down the hall to room 270. Hayama was already there getting ready for bed. The two exchanged no words as Misu changed out of his school uniform into his sleep attire before climbing into the bed. Just as he was about to ask Hayama if he would get the light he remembered he wanted to call Sagara-senpai to confirm some details on the music festival. Deciding he would add that to his list of tasks for tomorrow Misu rolled over and closed his eyes allowing the image of Shingyoshi's sweet sleeping face to echo in his mind before drifting off himself.


The following day thank goodness was Sunday and Misu for once allowed himself to sleep in for one hour extra. He knew he was going to need as much rest as he is schedule could allow. After an hour passed he got up from his bed noticing his roommate had already started his morning. It being Sunday Misu knew he wouldn't' have to wear his uniform today so he opted for a pair of light tan slacks and a long sleeved blue sweater. Just as he was pulling on his shoes he heard an announcement over the P.A system.


"Third year Misu-kun you have a phone call."


Misu wasn't sure who would be calling him that early in the morning but knew it would be rude to ignore the call. Heading down the stairs he stopped at the phone, "Moshi moshi?


"Misu? Gomen ne I hope I'm not interrupting your Sunday morning I merely wanted to inform you the performer you requested for the musical festival has agreed to play." Sagara said.


Misu smiled grateful at the sound of the voice on the other end, "Not at all senpai. I only just woke up and was wondering when it would be a good time to call you."


"So you don't' mind me beating you to it Misu?"


"No I don't mind it." Misu said, "Thanks to you I can pass on the news of the arrival. Thank you so much Sagara-senpai" he smiled at the sound of his crush's voice. Yes despite his confusing feelings for Shingyoshi Misu couldn't help but still feel for the older boy. It wasn't nearly as deep as it had been the year there but there was still something lingering.


"We are making the last minute arrangements and things should be finished by the time the festival is to take place." Sagara explained.


"Really? Everyone here is looking forward to it." Misu answered smiling.


"It will be nice to see the school again." Sagara admitted.


Misu felt his heart speed up a tad. Sagara senpai planned to attend the festival? Well it was only natural.


"Misu have you finished your work relating to the festival?" Sagara asked.


"Iie I plan to relax a little today and do some studying for my exams since I'm a little behind on them." Misu admitted. "I'll focus on the rest of the preparations tomorrow after classes. I'm almost finished anyway."


"You should relax today completely Misu we can't have you falling ill." Sagara said. "I'll see you in a few days. You should get some rest too you sound tired still."


Misu held back a yawn at the sound of the words 'rest' and 'tired' "Hai if you insist senpai."


"I do Misu. Get some rest and I'll see you soon. Ja ne."


Misu hung up the phone before heading up to his room where he decided to take Sagara-senpai's orders halfway to heart and set his alarm for two hours from now and closed his eyes soon falling asleep. He would get some rest but not spend the whole day relaxing.


When his alarm went off Misu felt he had only just fallen asleep merely minutes ago. Looking at his clock he groaned. If he wanted to do something productive he would have to get now. Not knowing when Hayama would return Misu reluctantly changed into his uniform and gathered his documents before heading out of the dorms and to the executive room where he hoped to get some more work done. He would take it easy this time and just work on the documents for the festival then call it a day.


That has been his plan. But things seemed to backfire whenever he had his own ideas in some cases, this being one of them. He could hear voices outside the door and he ignored him not wanting any interruptions while he was trying to work.


The door open and Akaike Shouzou entered the room. "Good work Misu. This is from Gii I came to hand it over to you."


Misu looked up to see the black folder and held back a sigh. Great Saki found some way to boss him around. Just perfect.


"And there's a visitor for you." Akaike looked out into the hallway to find it empty. "Huh? Hey Shingyoshi? That's odd… He was right here just now."


So his pet had shown up but had gotten cold feet huh? Oh well he didn't mind it. Shingyoshi did need to spend some time with his friends so Misu thought nothing of it "So? What are those papers?"


"They're for Tanabata. Gii's busy with the first years, so you get it." Akaike said handing Misu the folder.


Misu accepted it and looked over the contents. "I see."


"You seem to have it rough as well." Akaike said supporting himself on the table. "Having to study for exams the student council and planning the Music Festival."


Misu had returned to his work not wanting to lose any more time then he already had.


"Are you okay? You seem really worn out?" Akaike asked concern coating his words.


"Ah," Misu answered wanting the conversation to end there. Luckily Akaike didn't push the issue further and excused himself.


"Get some rest Misu." Akaike requested before leaving the room shutting the door quietly.


Misu only nodded in response but continued with his work. Why didn't anyone understand? He couldn't rest. Not until he finished what he had started. And he wasn't just thinking about the work currently sitting in front of him.

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Thank you so much. I like this story from the perspective of Misu. I'm waiting for the next chapter.

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