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Takumi-kun: The Beginning (Chapter 2, Gii x Takumi)

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Summary of the fanfic: Takumi is attending an all-boys school. Here he meets Gii, a popular rich guy that everyone respects, but who appears to be interested in Takumi.

Status: Complete



Takumi-kun: The Beginning


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– Chapter 2 -


Forbidden feelings


Takumi moved slightly and a rush of pain went through his head, making him jolt back and stopping him in his movements. He relaxed his body and it sank against the cold floor beneath him. Wait, a stone floor? That couldn't have been right,last time he checked he had rushed out of his new room and away from Gii, away from that gaze that seemed to see right through him. He had ran away from his words that had been spot on, like he had been able to walk around the walls he had created around people, and with even as much as getting close to him.


Takumi closed his eyes and tried to calm his breathing that was quickly speeding up, he had to try to focus so that he could get the heck out of here. He remember something hitting him, and a voice, or maybe it had been two, talking in hushed voices over him. He opened his eyes and was greeted with almost complete darkness, apart from the window where the moonlight was casting its light into the big room. Trying, without moving his body too much, He let his eyes wander around the unfamiliar place,taking in the blackness, and soon he was able to make out a big piano standing only a few meter in front of him.


Suddenly a sound of cloths and a something sitting up hastily reached him, and before he had time to react Gii was in font of him.


“Takumi” He gasped as he rushed forwards, almost stumbling has he got up on his feet and dropped down beside him, his hands wandering quickly and before Takumi couldn't even react, Gii was touching his face, softly and gently as if even the smallest movement would break him. “Are you okay?” He breathed as he looked down at Takumi with a look of worry and as Takumi gazed into those dark eyes, he thought he saw a glint of fear in them as well. Takumi sat there, stunned. If he hadn't been so taken by suprise he would have noticed the hand that was stroking his face and the other that seemed to be searching for wounds or cuts. If he had, if would have pushed away the second they had landed on him, and now instead,he did a half a second too late as he the fear filled him up.


“I'm so sorry” Takumi said hastly and he looked at him, with a mix of worry and sincerity. The push was harder then he had intended to be and he saw Gii fell back with a thud and he looked almost as puzzled as Takumi as he feel back, leaning on his face, but it vanished as quickly as it had come and he smiled.


“Don't worry about it, and it's part my fault since I was the one touching you without permission” He smiled brightly, as if hadn't even happened.” Next time though, don't apologizing afterwards if you're actually going to push me away”


Takumi nodded but his mind had wandered off and Gii's words didn't really reach him. His hand almost unconsciously reached up to touch his face where Gii's hand had lingered only seconds ago. He rubbed his cheek, but the lingering feeling didn't seem to go away. He dropped his back back into his lap with a sight and he was determined to ignore the tingling feeling he had felt as Gii's hand had slipped down his neck and along his collar bone. There was no away he was feelings this, not a chance in hell.


But as he glance at Gii, he couldn't help but to noticing, who only sat a few meters away that for now, there was no feelings of fear, threatening to swallow him whole.

Takumi swallowed as Gii meet his eyes with a smile. He quickly looked away and focused on the grand piano on the other side of the room instead. “Where are we?” He asked as he tried to find his voice again, but even speaking seemed painful, as his throat protested.


“The Music room” Gii answered quickly as he stood up and stretched out his hand to Takumi.


Takumi glanced at the hand and tried to stand up without the offering support of Gii, but before he had time to react, his legs folded beneath him , protesting at the weight and just as he thought he was going to rush to the ground, a couple of pair of hands reached out and grabbed him. “Careful” Gii's voice was soft as he helped him stand up and as he felt Takumi start shaking, he dropped his hands and stepped away. “Are you sure you're okay?” He leaned closer but just enough that Takumi could breath without feeling to crouded.


Meeting Gii's eyes, he nodded slowly. He would be find, he had handled worse then this before. Swallowing he forced the fear away and stood up a little straighter. Willing and forcing his legs to move he walked towards the piano before reaching out to grab it, steadying himself. Okay, maybe it was a liiiitle worse then he had thought, reckoning from the loud protest from his body, and yet, beyond all that pain, the tingling feeling coming from his cheek didn't seem to disappear at all.


“Is this some kind of welcome back party to us second graders that I don't know about?” Takumi turned back to Gii, still holding the Piano, like it was the only thing holding him up.


Gii looked sad for a second as he walked towards Takumi and took a stand opposite of him.”I'm afraid this is all my fault” He grimaced.


“Is that so?”


Gii nodded slowly. “It seems” He paused for a second, carefully choosing his words”by liking you, I've pissed some people off” He said to so causally that Takumi almost missed the words, almost.


“Wait what?” His eyes snapped up and looked into Gii's to search but there was nothing but pure honesty in them.”Yo—You.. li-like...me?” He hardly couldn't believe the words coming out of his own mouth, but there they were, and they were out.


“Well, in case you haven't noticed you're sort of cute you know, and quite handsome if you ask me” He walked around and his eyes were warm as they searched for his gaze. “And yeah, I haven't forgotten about the little problem you have, but it you ask me it is was makes Takumi, Takumi, so no matter what you're going to say from now on, or even how much you try to avoid me, I'll still like you, just so you know”

Speechless, it was all he could do but to stand there. His heart were for some reason racing at Gii's words, while another of him wanted to run out of the room and avoid and forget that this entire conversation and ever even existed.


Saved by the bell, the big door into the music room opened with a bang.”There you are” A tall dark man stepped in that Takumi didn't recolonize at all. “I've been looking everywhere for you, ever since someone came yelling that they saw Takumi being dragged away and then seeing a mad Gii running after” The man smiled as if was something that happened everyday. “Back to the doorms with you, or I'll be in big trouble. “ He walked behind Gii and gave him a push.


“Oi, we where in the middle of something important!” Gii protested as he was being forced out.


“well whatever this important matter is it can wait until morning.” He pushed Gii through the door who seemed to be dragging his feet every step of the way. “You to Takumi” The man called and somehow with his legs who had clearly given up on him few hours ago he and Gii managed to make it back into the door room.


None of them spoke as they changed into their sleeping cloths and Takumi was glad for it. It gave him some time to at least try to take in the weird night that had. His heart and mind was in a inner tumult, and he sighted as he closed his eyes and tried to sleep for at least a little while. He shouldn't be feeling like this, it was as simple as that.


“Don't worry Takumi” Gii whispered and despite that it was low, Takumi heard him. “You don't have to have an answer or anything like that, but I just wanted to you to know what I feel, because I don't plan to hold back. And i'll do anything in my power to prove to yourself just how special and amazing you are. I'll show you that even if you don't believe it yourself, you are worth loving”

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