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Takumi-kun: The Beginning (Chapter 1, Gii x Takumi)

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Summary: Takumi is attending an all-boys school. Here he meets Gii, a popular rich guy that everyone respects, but who appears to be interested in Takumi.

Status: Complete


Author notes:

So, I decided to see where this would take me. Not a clue what I'm doing but hopefully you'll like it.. or hate it, but I'm hoping for the first option.. All mistakes are all mine.. Enjoy!


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Takumi-kun: The Beginning

– Chapter 1 -

Moving in


The usually clean room was now filled with big brown boxes, spread across the floor marked with things like ”books” and ”cloths”. Apart from that it looked like a normal student room, if you just ignored the all too well made bed where a big black bag was lying on the covers on the made bed. Everything in the room was messy with things scattered across the room, that belonged to the other person who was currently in to hurry of moving out, and hadn't still bother to pack, so apart from the not so messy bed. apart from that little detail it looked like normal.


Usually people wouldn't have noticed, they would have shrugged and moved on, but in the now messy room the all to well made bed, it kind of stuck out a little bit. Not enough to be noticed if you weren't looking too closely which none really did when it came to this room, at least not Takumi Hayama's part of the room, none really put any effort into noticing. Just like the boy who was sitting with his back against the plain white wall, with his hand in his head. His usually blue jacket was thrown over the chair and his hair where not even the slightest hair would normally be laying out of place was now sticking in all directions, like someone had been pulling and pulling and the hair was not sticking in protest.


Takumi sighted as he look across at the mess his room mate had created, and his glance travelled to the boxes and the fell on the made bed in what used to be his door room. Soon someone else would be rushing in and unpacking all of their stuff, scattering them over floor and the bed and even the desk and soon there would no longer be any trace or even the smallest hint that this room used to belong to him. Soon even that little detail, the made bed would be gone, that seemed to sticking out too much. No traces would be shown of the fact that he had been here a whole year now, all thought it felt a lot longer then that.


This had been his place, his spot, his safe heaven, until now. Until that note had been place on the board, saying that they would all change room this semester, that he would be moving to the wood cottage on the north side of the school, until the little note had said two small words, one tiny name that would change his life, even in ways he didn't know. That damned note that said, Giichi Saki.


His quite school day had quickly, in a matter of hours, been turned into not so quite The gossip had been spread after then he had thought, and for some reason, everybody soon knew about the strange, quite and almost angry young boy that none had any notice of being friends with, the boy who would soon move in with Gii. All where he went people seemed to be whispering about him in the hall ways, in the class rooms, even the library seemed to be unable to stay quite. He had seen a couple of them point at him and whispering Among all of those whispers and looks that name had keep coming back and back, almost hunting him,Gii


He knew how Gii was, he had seen him a couple of times in the corridors, crossed paths with him on his ways to his classes, always with a book clued to his hands, with a small smile on his face has if he knew some big secrets that none else knew, every time he had seen him. And there was something about the way he walked, straight, with steps filled with so much confidence. And yet, he was one of those people who scared Takumi the most, the ones who seems like they would reach out to him at any moment,


“It's time” a voice came from the door, making Takumi jump. His old room mate was glancing at him oddly. He knew that look, he always got that look from everyone and it was one of those looks that people had quickly learn meant to just leave him be. And yet, his room mate was behaving strange.


Takumi remained silent as he stood up and picked up´ the black duffel back on the bed. Someone would come and move the boxes to his new room, that much he was aware of. Quietly, without saying a word and not glancing at the boy who was starring at him, he left. Just like that. There was no point in pretending to be something he simply wasn't and he knew the guy has just wanted to get him out of there. Why pretended to care when he simply just wanted to be left alone, they both knew it, and as Takumi headed towards his new room, there was no sadness of parting that lingered in his heart. No feelings of goodbyes or pain. Nothing, and perhaps that was for the best, as it always had been.


* * *


The old wooden door shrieked loudly as he opened it. Okay, that was defiantly going to annoy him for the rest of the year, and all of thoughts of how to sneak in and out quietly vanished into thin air. Somehow he doubted that this door would co-operate with him on this, and if he started trying to fix it, Gii would certainly start to wonder what he was up to, and for some reason, he felt the need not to make himself seem even odder and stranger at least his new room-mate.


He put the thoughts of the loud door away only to almost drop his the bag he held in his hand as he stopped in front of the beds. The beds that where hardly a meter a part from each other. This was going to be a problem a too. He scanned the rest of the room quickly, two desks stood at each separate corner next to the beds with a closet next to them, and not closet the door meet both of them. Too close. The idea of redecorating and moving his bed away started forming in his head as but quickly got irrupted as the door shrieked once again. He quickly moved away and started to pack up the things he had in his back, hasty.


A tall, broad shouldered with dark brown hair stepped in, smiling. As if he belonged right there he brushed past Takumi and took the bed closest to the window and started unpack. “ We meet at least”


Takumi glanced at him but didn't reply, as he picked up a book and placed it on the desk.


“I'm Giichi Saki” He went closer to Takumi, as if to say hello.


“I know” Takumi said shortly, and stepped over to his closet, turning his back towards Gii and started hanging in shirts and jackets that he had in his hands.


Gii seemed not to take offense by the cold gesture.”I guess the rumors where true after all” The smile was back again and even thought Takumi didn't move an inch as a gesture that he had heard, it was still there.


“Rumours?” He raised an eye brown that he knew Gii couldn't see.”You're going have to be a bit more specific then that, since there seem to be a lot of those going around at the moment”


“The Human Phobia” The words seemed to have left Gii's mouth so soft and quickly, and he made It sound like it was the most normal thing in the world, like everyone had it, and that smile was still lingering on his face as it looked at Takumi's back.


Takumi froze in his place, and suddenly he was all to well aware of how small and tight this new room was, and how close Gii was standing. “Human Phobia?” It took almost everything he had not to stutter but there was so mistake in the shaky breaths that was leaving his lungs.


“Oh just a little word I made up. Most people have a phobia of some sort, some are hardly aware of it, and there are even them with those types that simply don't have names. “ He strolled back to his bed and picked up his own back”


“How nice” Takumi muttered under his breath, too low for Gii to here,that feeling of suffocation was getting worse by the second and his thoughts quickly travelled to the shrieking door. ”Sorry, but I forgot something in my old room” He turned around and in a couple of seconds he had opened the door and rushed out on the trail, away and even as he came closer to the school grounds near his old door room, he didn't stop.


His breath was coming out in white puffs and his legs where screaming in protest but he didn't stop. He couldn't, not until that feeling went away. Suddenly, out of nowhere came a rock, and he fell to the ground, hard. Last thing he could hear before the darkness overtook him, was a younger boys low voice, whispering to someone.


“Is this Him?


“Yup, that's Saki's new room-mate”


The boy who had thrown the rock nodded and a smile crept creepy across his face.”Good, now let's make him regret that, shall we?” Together they lifted the lifeless Takumi, and carried him across the school yard, quietly in the dark and out into the night, away from the school, away from the noisy eyes that could come across, away where none would find Takumi long enough for the boys to do their unfinished business, and just far enough where none would hear them...



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