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1999 Shanghai by Mizushiro Setona [Eng]

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Original name: 1999 Shanghai

Manga ALT. names:

1999 年七の月~上海

1999 July in Shanghai

1999 Nen no Shichigatsu


1999-nen Shichi no Gatsu - Shanghai

1999nen 7 no Tsuki Shanghai

July 1999 - Shanghai

The Seventh Month in 1999 - Shanghai

Original run: 1996

Description: "1999" is an angsty and widely varied series about a

bunch of teenagers. One of them is the son of a drug lord and so as you can imagine, all sorts of shit

goes down, surrounded by a backdrop of convoluted and fluctuating interpersonal relationships.


This is a plot heavy manga with some mildly-explicit sexual activity.


Manga-type: Manga

Written by: Mizushiro Setona

Drawn by: Mizushiro Setona

Published by: Houbunsha

Group(s) Scanlating: Beautiful Soup

Status: Complete

Completely Scanlated: Yes

Completely Translated: Yes

Genres: Action, Romance, Yaoi

Categories: Drama, Tragedy, Angst, Yakuza

Recommendations: Ansatsusha wa Sakana wo Kirau



Download 1999 Shanghai Manga



Download link for non-members


For download re-upload requests, post here so the staff notices them.

Note: Please only ask for re-upload if none of the download links work after checking ALL the pages of the thread. Thanks!

YO Staff

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