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Reflection of Crescent (BL Anime 2011)

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I'm so dissapointed that they dropped it. It looked really good, I'm sure it would have been successfull, but uhhh!

Let's pray that they will restart the project and hopefully we'll get this anime eventually.

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|| UPDATES 2014 ||


Hmmm. Hello there! My last update was ages ago (2012). I kind of put an end to this thread updates with the information I could gather around the web (Chinese,Japanese, Spanish, Russian and even some Vietnamese sites). The rumored 'Reflection of Crescent', that got the web space of fujoshi and fudanshi fans burn up with passion and excitement, was announced to be (at first) a doujinshi BL anime; the first Chinese BL anime project that ever was, kind of, allowed to be started in the Chinese animation industry. That was back in the beautiful 2011. However, no release nor information could be found about it. So it was assumed the project was dropped; after all the official site of the project was shut down (well, at least wouldn't load anymore).


Alas, in 2012 suddenly the characters from 'Reflection of Crescent' appeared (surprisingly) in a new Chinese vocaloid project trailer. The information was changed to 'the rights and the project has been sold to another company that decided to turn the anime into a vocaloid project'. But yet, even in 2013 there was no information about it. I mentioned a few possibilities in my last update. That there were some limited copies released and that was it. But you know nowadays even fans can release ''vocaloid trailers' and what not. So the thing is, was all that official after the dropped project or some fan decided to fangirl/fanboy? XD


We are 2014 already and today I decided to look around though not really hoping to find anything at all. But, I stumbled upon some very interesting pictures showing something like...manga/novel? and I suppose it is an OST disc or...soundtrack? Might be the OAV? I have no idea, but it really looks like a disk. Also, not sure if it was fanmade or official, but there are two types of pillows, lol.






So, the question remains. What happened?



Hello I wanted to know if you still have some of the reflection of crescent stuff I really really what to buy it... I know it's late but I hope I can. Still buy something from this bl anime/game

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