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Masquerade [azuneko&Hideki] (Private)

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Cole Stoneworth


Gender: male

Age: 24 years

Height: 1,81m

Eye colour: grey

Hair colour: blond

Sexual Orientation: homosexual

Occupation: law student


Cole whose father died while his mum had been pregnant with their third kid grew up in a household with an alcoholic abusive mother who thought that he was cursed and at fault for what had happened to her husband. Mistreating and neglecting her kids Cole and his siblings got taken away from her by the government when the boy had been five years old.

Not only got he separated from his siblings but it followed a history where he was passed from one home to another in the foster care system, had to spend time in an orphanage, then got into foster care again and with this circle establishing itself in his unstable, unsafe life without a home or someone to care for him the boy formed other bad habits too, many of which as protection mechanisms.


At the age of 13 he was rebellious, had bad grades in school, skipped school altogether and regularly got into fist fights, got caught stealing things because he wouldn’t get them from his foster parents and was on his way going down the wrong path in life.

It was a blessing for the boy though when he had to attend an appointment with his social worker because she had to find him another family once more as he had been thrown out of his current home for having beaten up his foster brother. He had too been lucky that she yelled at him with an open door as to why he made them trouble all the time and him shouting back at her that it wasn’t his fault when this prick of a foster brother had verbally and physically attacked him for being gay and that he had merely defended himself because this had been overheard by a gay couple, a neurosurgeon and a policeman, who had wanted to adopt a baby originally but then decided after some reconsideration that they’d give the mistrusting, foul mouthed, troublemaking teenager a chance.


And although Cole had cost them a lot of nerves at the beginning it was getting better as the teen who had moved into their large, beautiful home, a home in a way the boy had only ever seen them in movies, was starting to trust them more when he realised they indeed had good intentions, meant no harm and wouldn’t mistreat him. His grades got better, his behaviour and attitude as well and although the trauma he had suffered remained he tried to be a decent son and deserve the care and love he was suddenly shown unconditionally and he felt a lot of pride when he was able to tell his dads that he had made it into the elite university in their city what was also practical because he could still comfortably live at home and there’d not be any additional expenses for an apartment or a place in the dorm.


•▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஐ۩ ⚣ ۩ஐ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬•


There was a faint, pathetic blow of wind entering through the ripped open window of the large, neat house in the wealthy part of the city. A grunting noise came from the young man who was sitting behind his desk lying face down on his law book. He startled, taking his blond head up rapidly, the sweaty pale skin sticking on the pages of the book making an icky noise when skin and paper was separated. Cole Stoneworth rubbed his light grey eyes and wiped his mouth realising that he must have collapsed onto his book from exhaustion. His eyes wandered to the clock immediately, seeing that it was already late afternoon. It was Sunday. A hot Sunday. Damn it why did it have to be that hot outside? It didn’t make focussing and learning and being energetic any easier when your boxers were sticking onto your arse and your arse was sticking onto the chair.


The law student had studied and done work for university all Saturday until he had granted himself some hours of sleep but as soon as he had gotten up again he had disappeared in the bathroom for his morning routine and had then gone back to the books and the studies. He hadn’t done his hair, which was a complete mess for that reason and he had even turned down his dad’s blueberry pancakes, not having the time to have breakfast with his fathers. Ultimately the pancakes had magically appeared on his desk anyway and were now taking away quite some space but when he had seen them it had made the blond smile widely nonetheless.


And now his eyes moved back to those pancakes knowing that it wouldn’t lead anywhere if he tried to continue without a break at that point. Having passed out on his book definitely was prove of that. He needed a break. And he wanted to change residence into the refrigerator. Seriously, how had he ever survived without air condition before? Theirs had been broken since three days now and it was driving them crazy. His dad had made an appointment with a technician who had been supposed to repair it but his father had gotten impatient and had tried to fix it himself and by doing so had fucked up the thing even more, thus when the technician had arrived he didn’t have what he needed to fix this disaster with him anymore and they had to make another appointment with him because he had to order the correct items first. It had been a mess and now they were roasting in their own home, brilliant.


Cole got up from the seat and went to the window for a moment, leaning outside. It didn’t help one bit. Just that the bloody sun was burning on his skin additionally. Disappointed he turned his back on the view into their garden with the pool, the barbecue area and the summerhouse and not to forget Cookie’s dog house. Stepping away from the window he turned on the TV and grabbed the plate with the pancakes letting himself fall onto his bed wearing just his boxers and some tank top which, considering how hot it was, still seemed too much. Sitting there eating his breakfast in the afternoon the blond allowed his brain a break for a moment, following some dumb show that was playing on the TV screen sloppily, feeling a sting of guilt for not forcing himself to keep studying.


His ambitions were high. He wished to become a judge one day and if he wanted to achieve that, to play a part, to make a difference, to have an impact, he had to do the best he could. This however wasn’t the main reason as to why he was being over the top, he too didn’t want to disappoint his dads, he wanted that they could be proud of him. Wanted to become a man worth of the chance they had given him, worth of what they had and were investing into him. They were paying the bills for him to go to university after all and he was incredibly grateful for that hence he shall not only give 100% but 150%. But it was taking a toll on him. Not only the sleep deprivation but his social and private life too! He hadn’t gone out in …. well… when had he gone out with his friends the last time anyway? While his friends were enjoying themselves, attending one party after the other he had been declining one invitation after the other until no one had asked him anymore assuming that his answer would be ‘I’m sorry, I’d love to but I need to study.’ as usual.


And then there was another thing he too hadn’t done in an eternity, leaving him kind of horny and pent up all the time not to mention that he had nowhere to take out the stress. Heck, he hadn’t even properly jerked off in a while. If he did it was more like:”I have no time for this shit, let’s get it over with so I can focus on my work again.” As if drawn by the realisation that he was probably the most sexually frustrated guy in his class he was putting away the empty plate where the pancakes had once been on which had disappeared in his stomach in no time and was picking up his phone from the bedside table, opening that app he had downloaded eons ago.


He saw that he had had some notifications and quickly brushed them over. It wasn’t as though Cole thought that anything would come from checking that app again nor did he take that dating app kind of thing seriously. The blond man just had his moments, mostly when he was sitting down in front of the TV, where he grabbed his phone and casually swiped and scrolled through that app.

This had never led to anything and between dick pics, empty small talk, offers to pay him for sex, offers of having sex and hilariously awkward dirty talk he knew that nothing was to ever come from that thing but at least it was entertaining.


Maybe if he had been different this would have actually gotten him what he needed right now. Some rough fucking session, to leave out his stress and frustration on some bloke’s luscious arse but there was a problem, Cole was not the type for anonymous sex or one night stands. He couldn’t do that. He mistrusted people he didn’t know too much to be that close to them physically, to have them touch him. It would freak him out. Alarm him internally. Set him off. Even if he knew nothing bad would happen. He had to know the person he slept with. Know who it was and consider him trustworthy enough to be comfortable around him. Hence what he actually wanted was a real relationship, a boyfriend, a connection again. Well, that was the ideal. It’d also be enough to have a friends with benefits type of situation, really, he just needed to fuck.


Scrolling through the app he stumbled upon some man’s profile and he just randomly clicked on it. He was hot, no doubt about that. He seemed to know that he was too judging by the picture that he was seeing there. It was the profile that actually managed to spark an interest though. It was witty. Witty and rather charming. He honestly had not expected that. The blond had expected something flat and shallow. Well, that much for one shall never judge a book by its cover. He almost felt ashamed for thinking this guy was all about the muscle but not brain just by looking at him. Grinning at rereading the profile he figured he could at least try. There was nothing to lose after all.


And then he waited laying the phone next to himself on the bed looking back at the TV show where some shy high-school guy was asking out a pretty girl and was turned down with a hysteric laugh. Talking about signs of destiny? He felt and it left him chuckling, shaking his head. Then there was a sound coming from his phone though and he took it back up, staring at the display – it was a match!

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Character X



Name: Eithan November

Gender: male

Age: 23 yrs

Birthday: Nov, 3 1995

Height: 5'5''

Eye color: opal

Hair color: brown

Sexual Orientation: homosexual

Occupation: Clinical psychology student


Eithan was born into a household in which his parents were never around. They were married to their work more than the family they had together. His father always traveled and his mother was consistently in the office. As the oldest of four siblings; Eithan had to become an adult a lot sooner than most. He quickly learned and honed his skills in the kitchen, household chores and even seamstress. When he turned sixteen his parents had a divorce. His mother taking his three younger sisters and he was stuck with his ghost like father. Once he was old enough he found a part time job and then moved out.


While living on his own, he still was highly involved in his sister's lives. He knew his mother was highly unreliable. Thus he kept in touch with them and would assist with anything they needed. Whether that was money trouble or just someone to talk to. His place had a spare room in which at times they would seek refuge there whenever they didn't want to feel so alone at home.


To be sure he could still provide for his siblings; Eithan made sure to get a excellent education and later entered a prestigious college to study. His secret about his sexual orientation has forever been a secret within. He had yet to come out about it publicly. However his one good friend Sean knew.



Character Z



Name: Sean Smith

Gender: male

Age: 24 yrs

Birthday: April, 21 1994

Height: 6'1''

Eye color: dark grey

Hair color: jet black

Sexual Orientation: bisexual

Occupation: Medical Sciences student


Sean is your average good boy with all the best grades and very well liked. He has lived with is parents until his mother gotten ill and passed away. His father left him with his grandparents while he continued to work to provide for him. It was while living with his grandparents that he met and befriended Eithan. The two shared many interests to the bond an inseparable bond was formed. Sean was a huge motivator in Eithan's life and vise versa.


▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ஐ۩ ⚣ ۩ஐ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬


The sound of the osculating fan was the only sound currently being made withing the small but comfortable house in which Eithan called his home. He was laid out upon the floor as it felt so much cooler to be that close to the ground. After all scientifically speaking heat does rise. So he assumed the lower he was the cooler it'd be. Somehow it was effective enough to keep him from sweating more than he was. The fan was a bit of help even if it had felt as though it was only blowing out hotter air. He groans softly as he hears the sound of his cell pinging. It was a very distinctive ping compared to others. This particular ping was linked to an app for single men looking for other single men. He glanced at the screen and the notification that popped up. It said he had a match.


Any normal person would be full of excitement and even joy to have a potential love interest on the horizon. However this was not the case for Eithan. He slides his phone open and clicks upon the little heart icon on the screen. As the app loads he was trying to be hopeful in the recesses of his mind but not too hopeful. This app after two months of being installed on his cell had proven to be the ultimate level of click bait. Not to discount the app in all. It worked as it was described and one could easily get matches so long as some with interest clicked upon it. However it fails to mention you have the high level risk of meeting jerks who only wish to crush your hopes. As well as those who are only looking for a one night stand or sex friend. So far Eithan had yet to find a single person on here looking for an actual romance. It was the twenty first century and it seemed as if everyone only ever thought with their dicks instead of their brains. It was utterly repulsive. Nevertheless he was still holding out hope as he hadn't deleted the app as of yet.


The screen loaded and the little envelope in the upper right hand corner showed the number three. He smiled as he clicked upon it and pressed the first match. A deep sigh escaped his lips. The screen read,


'Hey cutie! Want to meet up for a quickie?'


Eithan rolled his eyes and rejected. His gaze moved to the second message. It started out sweet so he decided to reply. The message read,


'Hello good looking!'


Eithan replied with a simple,


'Right back at ya handsome. How are you?'


He decided to keep it simply casual just to slowly reel in a catch or a dud. As he waited for a reply he got up off his floor and headed to his kitchen for a snack. Entering his kitchen he opened the fridge and pulled out a bushel of grapes. He just loved the crisp taste of grapes fresh out the fridge. As he snacked on the fruit his cell pings once more. As had gotten a reply to his message. He slides to unlock the cell and not all that surprising the reply was nothing he hadn't seen before. It read,


'So sorry man! I accidentally swipe you by mistake. Not to be rude but no one in their right mind would match with you.'


That was the last straw. Without even considering the last match; Eithan deleted the app. He couldn't stand such rude or horny matches. If dating in the real world wasn't so damn difficult he would have never considered using this app in the first place. However the real world was a tinge more crueler than online. Having someone say that kind of thing to your face was a million times more soul crushing than online. For the time being he would ignore the cloud of loneliness that forsaken him and go to bed.


-One Week Later-


Lucky for Eithan, he had the wonderful piles of text books and pop quizzes that kept him rather preoccupied from his loneliness. It wasn't until the weekend that he felt the most alone. Sure he had friends and mere acquaintances he could spend time with but it was no fun since they would usually bring along their partners. Being a third wheel was becoming his signature trademark. He decided to check his Instagram. It was something he downloaded on a whim since his sisters used it to post photos and he could even follow his friends. As he looked at the last updates from those he followed; one person in particular stood out to him. His best friend Sean. He had posted some photos of himself from last weekend. Sean had taken a trip to LA to visit his family out there. The photos were incredible. As he scrolled through the thought crossed his mind. 'If he was gay I bet he'd have no trouble getting true matches...' he chuckled as he set his cell down and turned on the television. While flipping through the channels his brain began to hatch a rather interesting yet deceptive plan.


-An hour in-


After contemplating mentally on what to do, Eithan reinstalled the app. Staring at the screen as it loads his thumb hovered over the sign in or sign up buttons. Taking a deep breath he clicked on the sign up button. He inputs in all the details on the profile setup page. However instead of using his actual information it was a blend. A mix of his own information along with Sean's information. The only thing he kept as his own was his status as homosexual, his educational status, and his age. Though he didn't use his birth month or day, just the year. As for a profile name and photo; he used a photo of Sean's from Instagram and then used a the ending of is last name and thus E. Ember was created. He stares at the cell screen and the profile he had just created. 'Its just a harmless experiment.... after all knowing this app I am sure I won't match with anyone credible.' he thinks to himself as he clicks confirm. Now was for the inevitable waiting game.


While he left his cell upon the sofa, Eithan went and prepared himself a meal. After eating he picked up his cell and noticed he had at the very least ten notifications from the dating app. He wanted to smile but he had to be realistic. He knew what happens whenever he got too excited. Sitting down he unlocked his cell and opened the app. It wasn't long before he had entered the match list and looked over them all. So far the first few were as he had seen before however the fifth one from the top seemed somewhat legit. He clicked on it to confirm the match. The profile of this person somehow felt interesting. He noticed he was a law student and thus he couldn't help but decide to take his little test a step further. "Any budding law student should be able to answer this. If I am rejected then I can officially declare cupid as my arch enemy." he said aloud as he sent this message,


'Hello and thanks for swiping right on me. Q&A: Can you tell me what a demurrer is?'


It may have seemed like an odd way to start off a conversation but he was not planning to go with his usual approach. He had to think more logically and on his usual intellectual level of thought. After all this was a whole new profile thus he had to be more like himself and yet as a fresh new start as well.

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Chances that Mr. Male Snow-white meets supermodel would actually find Cole to be to his liking as well had been 50% to 50% and now that he actually got a match with this man the blond was thinking about what would be a good opener for a conversation. The blond didn’t like small-talk and he wasn’t good at it either, then again he was also not exactly brilliant when it came to starting conversations. He could have deep and decent conversations but he had difficulty getting to that point with people, to get anywhere with them, for them to warm up to him and vice versa. Although he was not shy and fairly confident he was reserved around strangers so he didn’t really have much practice when it came to opening conversations.


It seemed as though he wouldn’t have to because almost immediately after he had gotten the match he got a message too and it wasn’t just a random ‘Hi’ that one didn’t know what to reply to other than to say ‘Hi’ back. What he read there left him staring at the screen blankly though. What. Was. That. ?. Well, it was a conversation opener which was more than he had come up with after all but at the same time it was peculiar to say the least. He read the question that seemed like something his professor would have asked back in the first semester and this time he began to chuckle shaking his head slightly looking over to the law book that was still laying on his desk and that he had forced himself to back away from for just a few hours. It seemed though that the subject of law was hunting him, was clinging onto him like his best friend Seth’s ex-girlfriend Linda had done. Law was his Linda. Just without the obnoxious high-pitched voice, the nose that seemed too tiny for her face after the nosejob she had gotten done and the obsessively straightened hair.


>>Professor Chang? Is it you in disguise?


He typed back to the unusual flirting technique of this astonishingly handsome bloke who seemed to have a thing for quiz shows or was really interested in knowing whether Cole had done his homework. Maybe he was a law student too and wanted his validity to be proven or was about to start a pissing contest, some form of competition. The blond however decided to go about this rather humorously because this guy really gave him some serious professor or teacher vibe right now.


>> I hope it’s you. I had a thing for you ever since I entered that lecture hall. Smart older men turn me on. I wished you’d forget about that hag of a wife and come around eventually professor.


Stoneworth joked. While he was into smart men indeed he had never lusted over or had any inappropriate feelings for his law professor who was a man in his fifties who always wore cargo pants and a colourful shirt with a bowtie and was married to a woman and a father of four, he just fooled around due to the nature of the question this man had asked him. But as he read over what he had written it sounded less hilarious as it had seemed to be on his mind but gave more of an impression of some pervy student who had the hots for his professors and got a kick out of seducing married men.


>> It was supposed to be a joke.


He added quickly.


>> Just wanted to clear that up.


It followed not even a second later.


>> Admittedly not my best joke ever….


Cole typed and let the phone sink, rubbing the bridge of his nose. If the guy thought he was a perverted moron like all those other countless perverted morons on this app now he maybe wasn’t that wrong or was he? He was a sleep-deprived, clumsy moron who even came up with stuff like this not considering that many people didn’t find this to be funny or even found it to be offensive.


>> I don’t prey on my professors. Or married older guys.


Why the hell didn’t he just stop writing? Just kept his fingers still.? Stopped typing? Stopped making himself seem even weirder?


>> A demurrer is a response in a court proceeding in which the defendant does not dispute the truth of the allegation but claims it is not sufficient grounds to justify legal action.


Cole actually answered the question now as the last resort to distract from his clumsy jokes, getting the conversation elsewhere, to actually get it to turn into a conversation and not to end before it had even started. Say what you will but this was an unusual approach and not a ‘Hi’ , no ‘Are you hung?’ and no uncommented dick pic either what made this a lot more interesting than every message he had gotten on this app so far and thus he wanted to see where this was going if anywhere.


>>And there I thought that I was just taking a break from my studies for once.


Cole let him know.


>> I hope you aren’t asking me this to test my knowledge because you are guilty of a crime and want to see how competent I am. I’m not into guys who are known to the police.


He commented and while this was a joking remark it was true. Although maybe a little hypocritical because as a boy and a teenager Cole had been sitting at the police station quite often. He vividly remembered the last time he had come into contact with the police. He had already been adopted by his dads although not for long at that point back then and instead of asking them - he had not even considered this an option - he had stolen sneakers he needed for gym class. The clerk had caught him, called the police and when the clerk and the policeman had been talking about what had happed the blond teen had fled and run and the office had run after him and had been a lot faster, hence, Cole had gotten an “Aren’t you Stoneworth’s son?” and an embarrassing ride and a lecture in the police car home to his adoptive parents one of which was a cop himself. The blond had expected them to be mad, to yell at him, to hit him, to insult and threaten him to get him back to the orphanage but none of that had happened. Instead his fathers had looked at him incredibly disappointed and to see that expression had made him feel guilty, unlike the yelling of his former foster parents what had only made him more stubborn and angered him himself. It had led to a long conversation where he also was told by his father who was a policeman that he shall never run from the police again, that they weren’t his enemy at all.


>> And if it’s just free legal advice you want, you’d at least have to invite me to a tea though ;)


The law student was jesting, trying to get a more flirtatious and playful vibe responding to the incredibly endearing message that could have been written down like that on a paper of one of his earlier exams. How had he not been able to see that his law exams were full of incredible pick-up lines all this time ?


>> Now, how about you tell me something about yourself?


He asked hoping the man hadn’t ghosted him long since the first line he had written finding the blond too weird.

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Eithan now had to see where this would go. In all honesty he wasn't expecting an honest reply. He knew one of many possibility awaited him for sending such a opening conversation starter like he did. For one he could have easily been laughed at or called a nerd. After all there was no guarantee that this person was truly a law student. Secondly if they did respond it could be that they looked the answer up online. That was also a potential effect of starting out this way. The slim chance that this was legit then the reply should sound it. He had a small lingering hope that he might find an intellectual hiding among all the horny pervs on this dating app.


His gaze drifts from the cell to the television screen as he awaits a reply. He hears his cell ping and quickly picked it up. Sliding to unlock it Eithan had left the app open to avoid having to consistently log in and out. Seeing the reply to his message through him through a little loop. "Who does he assume I am?" he mumbled under his breath as he replies feeling a bit awkward now.


'Sorry but I believe you think I am who I am not.'


As he sent the reply, Eithan noticed his question wasn't answered right off the bat. This made him wonder just what could the other be avoiding it for. Was it too hard of a question? Where they not truly a law student. Could they be stalling for time as they google search for the answer? The number of endless possibilities ran through his mind like a flash of lightening. He was still trying to be hopeful. Although doubt was sinking its cold unforgiving fangs into his core being. 'I guess this could be....' His train of thought was cut off by a series of replies. The first one tossed him way off course for an actual response to it. The short replies that followed had him slightly skeptical but he decided to reply nonetheless.


'Well I guess you aren't the jokester of the crowd. I am glad as I normally can't take those who tell jokes too much too seriously. I am just a single intellectual hoping to find a match of similar likeness.'


He sent his reply as it seemed the other person realized how their joke could mislead or turn someone way. He was kind of glad the other wasn't serious about it or at the very least said they weren't.


'I appreciate that sense of honesty. Changing the pace of things did my opener freak you out?? I apologize if I was being a bit much. I just was curious as seeing you study law is all.'

Eithan's reply to the other not chasing after married men or professors was followed by the definition to his very first message. He smirked a little as he looked at the response and wondered how he would reply back. It was a minute before he began typing. As he types a message comes through and he laughs as he knew that very feeling. He decided to reply with a lighthearted response.


'No need to worry so much. I am not looking for legal advice nor am I looking for avoidance from the police. Thus you have nothing to worry about.'

He replied as he wonders what else could become of this conversation. So far it was simple and rather light. Completely different from the many hungry men only looking for a good time. He was feeling really confidant about the man on the other end of this message board. 'This could be the one... the perfect man or at the very least someone who is searching for more than sex..' he thinks feeling a bit happy. The nagging feeling that he felt at the start of this all had faded. Eithan had forgotten this was just a trail account and not his true account. Thus he was able to feel relaxed and more so himself without holding back. He glanced at the screen as his cell ping with a message once again. "He wants to know more about me. I wonder where I should begin." he said out loud as he sets his cell down for a second. He wanted to be as honest as possible without breaking the illusion this new account was creating for him. Thus he would have to be vague but truthful. That was definitely harder said than done. As he thinks deeply on how to respond; Eithan turned off the television making his way to bed. He would reply before getting some well deserved rest.


'Let me say I am an aspiring young clinical psychology student. I am in my early years of university. I enjoy reading murder mystery novels. I love walked through the parks or on the beach. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I enjoy the occasional creepe' as well. I do hope you'll tell me a little about you as well.'

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Cracking up in a fit of laughter he let his phone sink, grinning widely at the way too serious response he got there that indicated that the man on the other end who called himself ‘E.Ember’ didn’t only find his joke not to be funny or inappropriate but that he had not gotten that it had been a joke in the first place. This told him that he probably was a rather serious fellow and not the playful type in general which meant that Cole had the potential to really annoy this guy with his odd sense of humour and unfunny puns. Was it weird that he was picturing himself and this guy as an unequal couple attending a dinner party with friends? Probably was. Most certainly was. At least his mind wasn’t given more time to get too imaginative right there because his phone buzzed another time as he saw the man’s next reply that led to one side of his lips tugging up into a grin.


It confirmed that the other was rather serious and that the blond man had the potential to seriously annoy the shit out of him and lose all his credibility with his desire to be funny and have a good laugh with his friends and if he wasn’t single with his boyfriend. However had the conversation opener of the man been rather far off was he now expressing what he was looking for, why he was on the site. Getting down to business right away! Just that it wasn’t the usual business. The man didn’t tell him what his kinks were, how he wanted Cole to ravage his arse or what he wanted to do with him and he wasn’t asking him his turn ons or offering him money for sex either.


>> And you’re searching for that on here?


He expressed his surprise and the fact that this was definitely not the place where one could expect an intellectual match who wanted a relationship. The law student himself didn’t even quite know why he had those moments where he opened that app and scrolled through it. It was probably mere boredom and the fact that it was entertaining even if nothing else but he knew not to hope or look for finding an actual partner on this ‘dating app’ that would be a lot more honest if it was called a ‘hook-up app’ instead because that was what it was. What had been secret spots in the public parks at night or in public toilettes, what had then later been fetish clubs was now this app. Or so it seemed to Cole at least. This app was about quick, uncomplicated anonymous sex. He had never heard of someone who had found the love of his life on that app.


When something that sounded like half an apology was send the man looked at his phone rather questioningly. Why would the conversation opener freak him out? Why would anything on that app seriously freak him out? For something on there to freak him out he had to take it seriously didn’t he?


>> Not at all. It’s fine.


The blond man quickly responded.


>> I just found it hilarious as it could have been a question my professor had asked back in the first semester.


He pointed out.


>> Thus the joke. Due to the vibe you gave off with that question.


Cole explained and maybe now that the other got the joke he’d understand the intent behind and maybe, just maybe even find it a little funny. That would be great as he liked making other people laugh and having some fun banter. It hadn’t always been like this. Back as a teenager with an attitude he had seldom laughed much less made any attempt to joke. He had been unapproachable, with a frowning face and a hostile aura. How to have a good time and share a laugh with other people he had learned after his dads had adopted him.


>> Good. Because I don’t like to convict a guy I have had something with one day ;)


Was his reply to the other man assuring him that he didn’t need legal advice and didn’t contribute to the crime statistics. Again it was only when he read the remark he had made that the other might interpret it as coming off too strongly or that he was after a hook-up after all, what he wasn’t, so he decided to add to it.


>> If something will ever happen between us that is. We have to have this tea and maybe more tea first.


Upon asking the other man to tell him something about himself he eagerly started to read the response but got stuck at ‘clinical psychology’. Cole had only made bad experiences with shrinks so far. They had treated him unfairly, had twisted and misinterpreted everything he had said, had painted him negatively. All the appointments he had gotten forced to have with psychologists had ended badly and with Stoneworth feeling as though he’d explode from anger what had led to a deep mistrust of psychologists.


>> Psychology huh….


He commented realising that this sounded less than thrilled.


>> Why did you pick this subject? What motivates you to want to be a clinical psychologist?


Cole inquired. Maybe this man had good reasons for this. Maybe he wasn’t some asshole who thought he was all mighty and could read everyone like a book jumping to conclusions, creating a distorted image of a young boy who acted out because he got mistreated in the fostercare system, attesting the boy ‘sociopathic tendencies’ that he absolutely didn’t have but that he then had to disprove and that had only furthered his mistreatment.


But ‘E.Ember’ wasn’t at fault for the doings of the psychologists in Cole’s past and thus he decided to focus on the other parts of what the man had written about himself.


>> What do you like about murder mystery novels? Trying to solve the cases on your mind?


He was interested in knowing. Whenever he watched crime shows that was what he did. Trying to solve the cases before the detective in the movie got it.


Learning that the other man didn’t have a sweet tooth was unfortunate. Cole didn’t have much of an issue with sweet stuff, nor with sour or bitter things but he couldn’t handle food that was too spicy. It made his mouth go numb and his gastric acid erupt like a bloody volcano.


>> Too bad you aren’t the sweet type ;)


>> But I think if you’d ever taste my dad’s blueberry pancakes you’d change your mind. I just had some and they are amazing. I never stumbled upon someone who didn’t like them.


The blond guessed and when the other expressed that he would like to know more about himself the law student was thinking. What was there to say about him other than that he studied law? Studied law until he passed out and slept?


>> Well, I’m Cole first of. What’s your name?


He asked because E.Ember certainly wasn’t his actual name.


>> I am a law student, live with my parents, make clumsy jokes, am actually into intelligence but don’t chase after married men; I am an awful person who neglects all his hobbies and going out with his friends since a long time now because I spend most of my time studying but I want to be the best I can in university and make my dad’s proud.


He shared with the other and paused for a moment before he completed it with his hobbies.


>> I like travelling, good food, playing at the beach with my dog, I am a cineaste and prefer watching movies over reading fiction and I regularly go to the fence club. That’s my sport. I’m into swords ;)


Cole just couldn’t leave it be with the stupid jokes could he? No he couldn’t.


>> So tell me, how does a handsome fellow like you imagine his future to look like?

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After sending that almost lengthy reply, Eithan sighs. He was starting to doubt that anything would become of this conversation. He was being too serious and this app had proven that the more serious you are the less likely you are to match with anyone. However he had this small nagging feeling that this could potentially work out in his favor if he treads carefully. He sighs softly to himself as a new message pings. He was hesitant but after a deep breath he unlocked his phone to read it. He wasn't surprised at all by the message. it was exactly what he was worrying about. He decided to reply now.


>I know its a little silly to think I'd use an app like this but I've grown tired of the mundane way of dating in real life. People are too quick to lie or cheat. Online like this I am just a name and a photo. This gives others the sense of being honest without fear of judgement. If they don't fully know you then they can't honestly judge you. At least that's how it seems to me.


Eithan chuckled a little as he got another message. He was glad his opener wasn't a put off. He really went out of the box with that one for sure. He was also glad that the other was still responding to him. He would have guessed he might have found him too serious or too smart to waste time on.


>Well I apologize if I caught you off guard. It was a surprise you came up with such a joke on the fly like that. You must really be the life of any party. That's good to know. I do enjoy a good joke or random humor from time to time.


Eithan laid upon the soft comforters which had cooled down now that the sun was no longer in the sky. It was feeling a bit cooler now which he was glad for. As he was relaxing upon the bed his cell pings once more. He picked it up and looked over the messages coming in. He smirked a little as he noticed the comment sent. 'So he likes tea... or that could just be just a thing he's saying... either way he wants to get to know me which is a first ever on this cursed app...' he thinks as he replied back.


> Haha, I am more of a cappuccino type of person but I don't mind going for tea either. A decent cup of earl gray is definitely delicious when paired with a snack.

He was smiling gently as he he held his phone. However the next sent message caused him to sit up in his bed. He could easily tell just from how the reply looked that this person was no fan of psychologist. He was nervous now but would push though if he needed to.


>I became interested in the study as I happened to see this one person on the news. He committed a serious crime that left many injured and a few dead. Many said he was such a kind person and it was out of character but I could see the signs simply by the home videos they played. I want to help those who believe that psychology is just a bunch of head games. I genuinely want to listen to other's problems and assists them through times other's would usually brush off as nothing. One can't simply blame the individual for their actions. There is always an underlining pieces to all puzzles.


Eithan hit sent and then instantly regretted it. That was way too deep and almost too personal. He scrambled to send another message before the other might respond to him.


>At the very least that's my take on the subject. I don't expect others to view it as normal.


He lets out a sigh hoping he hadn't failed yet again at making a match. Though he still had a lot of other hits on this new account. If this failed he could always try again. Though he was sure he wouldn't as the devastation would be far too great. 'Please oh please don't get scared off...'


The sound of the pinging cellphone alerts him that this was far from over just yet. He was far too nervous as he looked at the message. He was about to answer this one with a bit more confidence.


>I enjoy more so trying to figure out why the killer committed the crime. Its very rare to find that out in the novels I have read. Knowing who did it is usually a process of elimination and who had motive.


He replied feeling a little more at ease. The following messages that came in gave him a little bit of insight into what this person might be like in person. A person who enjoyed trying to solve a mystery was kind of cool. He could picture watching a movie with them and guessing the identity of the killer. Almost like scooby doo. He watched as another message pings on his cell. He had left his phone unlocked for the moment as he was enjoying the sense of panic this was giving him.


>Oh well if its that good I'll consider trying them. That is if you're willing to feed them to me!


He laughed to himself as he he sent the message. He added to it just to avoid sounding like so many on this app.


>I jest... unless you really are alright with that :p


Eithan sat there as he was now given a message that was about the other. "So his name is Cole. Wonder if that's a real name or an alias." he mumbled as if he could talk. He was using an alias right now. The whole profile was exactly that but he wouldn't dwell on the subject for now. He currently had to think of a way to avoid spilling his actual name. He was nervous about giving his friend's name since it matched the picture oh so well. So he had to think of something and fast. After what seemed to be the last message ping in he had his answer. He knew how to avoid giving up his name without it being a total lie.


> You caught me I suppose. My name is Ember. I use E. Ember as a pen name whenever I write important documents. Also you sound like a truly cute person. I am enjoying this exchange of messages with you.


He smiled as he laid back seeing as he had calmed down now. He sent another message before he was starting to feel his growing weak. "Guess its almost time for me to sleep." he mumbled while typing.


>I never had a pet but I do like animals. Oh I noticed you said something that stood out to me. You said dad's so if its not too personal of me to ask. Was that a typo?

He grunts a bit as he thought on how to answer the last thing asked of him. He replied with;


>I guess for now I just plan of getting my degree in my field of study. My curious mind is interested in what your future plans might be. Though I hope you don't mind if we cut this short for tonight. I have a lecture in the morning and I don't want to fall asleep. My professor can be a real witch.

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Cole read the explanation as to why this man was trying to find an intellectual committed partnership on the most superficial sex app one could think about and it frankly made no sense. Had he just said that he supposed that he was searching for the needle in a haystack, the golden ring in a pile of shit, he would have found it na?ve but cute. This however was illogical to the blond and odd on top of that.


>> But isn’t that the actual purpose of dating, to get to know and to love the persons authentic self for who they are with all their quirks and mistakes when you want to find something stable, something functional and worthwhile?


The blond man pointed out and continued.


>> Aside from that I think do you really think that this is more honest. People might be more blunt and forward when it comes to their sexual motives but all you see is a picture and a profile as well. They might catfish you, they might have a double life, are married or whatnot. This place is superficial and yes, people will only judge superficially but you too only get to judge who they might be based on the same criteria for the most part.


He paused a moment after pointing that out and looked at the TV screen where the nerdy high-school boys was plotting with his friends how to win that cheerleader over while the only girl in their group of friends with horn-framed glasses who had won an international price for young researchers and engineers actually liked him but was too afraid to reveal herself and her feelings for him. ‘A shame.’ Cole thought and turned back to their conversation.


>> I think the actual issue isn’t with dating in real life but with you being scared of being judged and seen for who you really are.


The law student pointed out and while this was his honest observation he regretted his brutal honesty when he had send it.


>> I didn’t mean to go too far or to cross any boundaries. Sorry if I offended you.


The man said and was glad when the next message popped up and they could focus on something else. This let him raise an eyebrow sceptically now and the man who wrote to him made the impression of that nerdy teenager on screen who was waving and bending like a flag when talking to that cheerleader. It was odd. Why would someone like him, who looked like a bloody model, certainly better than Cole, have such an underlining insecurity in his behavioural patterns?


>> Oh, really?


He questioned.


>> So let’s summarise, you can’t take people who make too many jokes and are the jokester of the group seriously but you still enjoy humour and random jokes and thus like those type of people at the same time? Is that some low-key form of dialectic right here or are you changing your opinions based on who you’re talking to and what you find out about me?


The blond man analysed a little disappointed throwing the phone onto his bed letting himself sink a little more into the mattress, running his hands over his face. Maybe he should get back to his books, the bloke probably wouldn’t reply anymore. Of course he wouldn’t. Why would he after Stoneworth had pointed that out to him but he really didn’t like dishonesty and people who were pretenders. It was unattractive and he liked to point that out when he was suspecting it or something sounded contradictory. That might as well have been a result of his general mistrust in people he didn’t know that he had never managed to get over.


However to his surprise the phone was buzzing again and the man did reply to his suggestion that for something to happen between them they had to go out a couple of times and grab a tea or something. For the other it was probably the ‘something’ because he learned he was more of a fan of coffee products.


>> I like to go to decent caf?s and a good caf? offers both tea and your coffee with a shit ton of milk in it ;)


He assured the other that drinking something else would absolutely be no issue whatsoever. Heck, even at Cole’s place they had everything. His father drank black coffee and espresso, his dad was all about smoothies because as a medical professional he deemed coffee unhealthy and tried to get his husband to drink less of it, who only moaned that it wasn’t the other who had to deal with criminals and felons the whole day and that he should leave his coffee addiction alone and Cole drank tea because he didn’t really like coffee or those vegetable smoothies with the unsavoury colours for that matter, he didn’t mind the fruity ones though, those actually tasted good.


Upon his question why the man had picked psychology as his major the blond man read carefully and thought about the motivation for a moment. It wasn’t a bad motivation but he ultimately disagreed with the conclusion the other man had come to. ‘Fair enough’ he shrugged at the man sending another text that marked what he had previously written as his own personal stance on the matter.


>> While it is true that a person is a product of their environment and experiences, that their situations influence their behaviour, that their actions are often reactions to something and that how a person reacts depends on their circumstances, experiences and personality, I would strongly disagree with you when you take away the responsibility for their own actions from the individual. Everyone has their own brain and everyone always has different choices and they are to be held accountable for their actions and choices and no one else because they are the ones making them and not other people or society. To learn to take responsibility for oneself, that one is responsible and should carefully decide on what paths to follow and what actions to take and that every action might have consequences, that it causes another reaction and that one has to face and deal with those consequences in turn, is an important thing for people to learn and to understand when they grow up as that’s the only way they will grow into reasonable, independent and responsible adults who will and have to be held accountable for what they do. Suum cuique! – I’d say.


Cole expressed his own view of the subject that was on the borderline where psychology and law met and thus what the blond man dealt with as well and what he certainly had an opinion about. Yes, the blond had acted out as a kid and a teen because he had been mistreated. His experiences, his situation, they all had led to him stealing, committing felonies, getting into fist fights, acting like an arse but had his circumstances and personal issues and suffering justified what he had done? Had it made what he had done the right choice and should he have gotten away with it without consequences? Certainly not! He would have never learned. Granted, the way his foster parents had and the system had handled him and what consequences he had been shown – more coldness and violence – had made the kids behaviour worse, he had not been an adult after all and a kid was to be treated differently if it acted out as an adult even though but there still had to be consequences, boundaries, lines to be shown, right told from wrong.


It had taken his dads to teach him the important lesson of responsibility, of reasoning, of weighing his opinions with what was right and wrong on his mind, understanding the consequences of his doings and how society would not get better but worse if people resulted to committing wrongs and crimes, that two wrongs didn’t make a right. And they had done it strictly, with reason and with empathy and Cole remained forever thankful for that. If he had not learned this, he’d probably not be a law student at a renowned university right now but in prison.


Talking about crime and murder stories the blond man sucked on his own bottom lip. “Mmmh…” he made reading that the other man liked to figure out the motives and the reasons of the murderer most and that he found figuring out who did it was merely an elimination process considering the people’s motives.


>> Spoken like a real psychologist ;)


Cole found.


>> It’s a little more complicated than an elimination process according to potential motives. One has to take into account every piece of the puzzle. The situation, the evidence, how the crime was committed, with which intend it was committed to find the one at fault and put them to justice accordingly.


The law student said.


>> I think it makes sense that you are studying psychology and I study law judging based on our perceptions on things and how we view stuff.


A laugh came from Cole when the other man replied to what he had said about the blueberry pancakes and he really liked it. ‘So you can be a little playful and flirtatious too, good, I like that’ he thought typing up another reply.


>> I certainly won’t mind to feed them to you in bed in the morning and share the taste with you ;)


He responded and if they were to get along, if there’d be a spark between them after they met in real life he absolutely wouldn’t mind doing so. He wouldn’t mind putting some blueberry on his tongue and kiss the other man, letting it travel into his mouth lying naked on his bed together.


>> Well, I suppose I answered that didn’t I xD


Stoneworth replied when the other had told him that he had been jesting unless he’d actually be alright with that.


Cole raised his eyebrows when the other answered the actually simple question as to what his name was. ‘A pen name huh….’ He thought. ‘I’m not buying it.’ The story sounded made up to him. Especially since an alias usually didn’t consist out of the real given name as the last name and it made zero sense to use an alias for serious documents, nor if one actually did that to use what one used for official stuff on a hook-up app.


>> An unusual name you’ve got there.


He commented. And although the blond knew it was unisex it sounded female to him. Reminded him a lot of the name Amber actually.


>> I know a girl named Amber. That name reminds me of her. Ember!


The blond texted because he wasn’t happy about most probably being lied to by this dude! He hated liars and being lied to. Apparently the other man didn’t want him to know his actual name. This was alright. Legitimate. But why the heck didn’t he just say so. ‘I am not comfortable with telling you my name just yet’, there, that would have been an honest answer and Cole would have respected that. Why was honesty so damn hard for people? Why did they rather make up a story with a dozen logical flaws? Did he think that Cole was a moron? Because he was not! He was a smart man, he’d see through badly thought through stories like that. He had to have this ability if he wanted to become a judge after all.


>> Thank you. I enjoy our conversation too.


‘Except for the lies that is’ he thought replying to the other man finding him cute and saying that he liked to write with him.


Cole stood up from his bed and walked over to the window, leaning out, seeing the dog play in the garden, smiling at the sight. His phone buzzed once more and the law student chuckled when the other man asked about his dads and if that has been a typo.


>> No. My dads are my dads, not a typo xD I have two fathers.


He let him know.


>> Considering the app we’re on and that you are looking for a relationship with another male I assume that you don’t have an issue with gay men being parents do you?


Cole expressed but he wanted to know. There were all kinds of people with all kinds of opinions out there and he had heard and seen gay people arguing against marriage equality and the right of LGBT people to adopt kids. So he’d better ask the other to confirm.


The answer he got when he had asked how the other imagined his future to be like completely went past the intention of his question.


>> I figured you’d like to get your psychology degree but that was not what I wanted to know. I didn’t want to know your concrete plans for the near future but how you imagine your ideal life to. How you see yourself, your life and even the nation in twenty years or so if everything would be how you wished it to be. I want to know you personal utopia!


The blond explained as that certainly said a lot more about the person than that they wanted to finish their degree and all that basic bullshit everyone asked and talked about on the first date. Well, apparently “Ember” or how his actual name was, wanted to know just that from the blond though.


>> I plan on becoming a judge. An influential one who makes a difference!


He laid out his concrete plan the other man had asked of him. Cole too planned on adopting an LGBT kid or teen and give this young person a home and a chance when he had settled down and had found a man who’d become his husband just like his dad’s had done for him. It had to be adoption though and a kid or a teen and not a baby. Babys had it way easier than the older kids in the foster care system to get adopted. No one usually wanted the older kids. Much less a gay trouble maker known to the police like Cole had been. But although it was a concrete plan of his too it was rather personal and not only that, it too was difficult and thus maybe wouldn’t ever happen because he had to find a man who was not only willing to built a family with him but to be up for adopting and raising some disadvantaged, complicated teenaged brat like the blond had been in favour of a baby or having their own offspring created in a lab and with the help of a host mother that shared their DNA.


Cookie, their dog, had just humped into the pool, fetched the ball in it which exploded when he grabbed it with his fangs, leaving the animal a little confused, barking, for a moment and the law student chuckling when he sighed reading that the other man wanted to head to bed due to an exam…. At late afternoon.


>> You don’t have to find an excuse like going to sleep in the afternoon if you aren’t interested anymore. Just say so, I’m a big boy, I can handle rejection.


He told him, moving away from the window, looking at the law book again.

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Eithan thinks deeply as he reads over the replies sent by the other. He was a little pissed that he was being called out so instantly. If this was how this person felt then it would also be strange for him to be using such an app as well. After all there was zero intellectuals to be found here. The was a looking for a fun night kind of app. He was tempted to reply with a sarcastic come back. Though he refrained from it. He felt it would only ruin any possible if any left chance he might have with this person. Though he wouldn't forget how this really did turn his attention the opposite way for a second.


>>"One can't reverse the hands of time. What's done is done. What's said is said. I'll however accept your apology. Thank you."


He pressed send as he let out a sigh. He was now curious as to how things would turn out from hence forth. After all it wasn't like this person had to continue a conversation with him. Though he was now not so hopeful as before he was willing to continue so long as the other continued to respond back. "Who knew getting to know someone with an actual brain would be so...." His words cut off by the sound a another message coming in. As he looked it over a sigh escaped his lips. 'Here I thought he was a law student... I feel he's more suited for my career choice...' The thought crossed his mind as he tilts his head.


>>My opinions are mine and mine alone. I don't pick and chose them based off of anything or anyone. I simply said how it is for me. Those who overly joke about everything are quite annoying in my eyes. However I don't dislike those who can tell a joke in a tasteful yet playful manner. If my words confuse you don't hesitate to ask me to explain more. I don't mind at all making myself easier to understand. I've been known to talk in circles whenever I am nervous."


He sent the reply but was starting to doubt everything he had done. Was creating this account truly worth it. He would have preferred a public shut down than a typed one. Somehow it stung a lot worse in a message than he thinks a verbal would have. Even so he was starting to feel as if this was yet another failure to add to his books. "If he continues with the conversation it would be a downright miracle. I guess I have nothing to do but wait and see how it goes." he mutters to himself.


He watched as another shot fired reply came in. He put his cell down as his energy level was at an absolute low now. He found it meaningless to continue replying to this person. It wasn't as fun as it had started out but he had nothing else to do. He read reply after reply trying to think of what to say. "This guy is like night and day. One second he's highly critical of my every letter and the next he's finding my words fine. How do I respond to someone like this? I am at a complete lost. I should have thought this through a lot more. Maybe he won't realize the time and I can end this now. Then regroup and try again tomorrow." he says to himself as he was alone in his home. Just as he was hoping to skate on by with that good night ploy he was once more called out on it. He took a deep breath and the Eithan of everyday was on the surface now. His imitation of Sean for this account was fading as he replied to the other.


>>"Well I am glad to know it wasn't a typo. Also I have nothing against it. It just means I have a lot to prove if I plan to court you one day. Though let me not get ahead of myself. I have quite the hurdle here alone to get through as it is. Doubt I'd make it that far."


He lowers his gaze as he was prepared to reply once more to the messages.


>>"Ah... I am glad you are enjoying yourself with this conversation. So that's what you meant. My ideal life is to one day travel the world with the person I plan to spend my eternity with by my side. Well that's an idea for much later in life. I just plan to focus on the hear and now of accomplishing my current dream."


He twirled his cell as he noticed he had to say something for his clearly avoidance of the other.


>>"Please don't take it the wrong way. I know that comes as an odd thing to say considering the replies I have received due to my responses. I am not trying to evade you out of rejection. I feel a deep sense of shame is all. I am sure you can tell why without me having to spell it out. You'll definitely make an incredible lawyer with how you can slice through anything and dissect it to the core. My true desire is to continue speaking with you and getting to know you better. Though with every reply I feel I am getting further and further away from making that happen."

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His lips curled up into a smile when the man on the other end of the line confirmed that he got nothing against two men being married and raising a child. While he tolerated that other people saw this differently and he stood behind their right to voice it 100%, being the ‘live and let live’ type of guy he was, he couldn’t say that he found people who held such a view likeable or that learning this about someone would make him want to associate with the person in private and make friends with them. It was definitely more of a turn off. Hence it was good news that the other man stood behind gay men having the same rights as everybody else what made the man who called himself Ember appear more congenial to him and he was more eager to get to know him further than he would have been had the man answered differently.


However there was one thing that he didn’t quite understand about the other’s answer and that was the connection between him having two fathers and it meaning that the other man had all the more to prove if he was trying to court Cole one day. Would he have to throw less into the ring if the blond law student had heterosexual parents? He doubted that but maybe he was wrong. Maybe if the other could explain to him why he thought so and what he meant by that he’d see it too.


>> I’m glad you’re on board with equal rights for everyone ;)


He pointed out first.


>> I don’t quite understand why you’d think the fact that I have two dads will make it more difficult and you’d have a lot to prove if you court me. Why do you think that and what do you mean by that?


Stoneworth asked interestedly wanting to understand the other and his reasons, his type of thinking better.



And he got another opportunity to get to know the other better, to get some more insight into whom he was dealing with when the other man attempted to answer the question about his dream future. For one “Ember” told him that he wanted to travel the world what told Cole that he was probably an open minded person, that he liked to see and experience new things, that he liked to learn from others and their ways but it also made him more curious. The other thing he learned from it was that the other was apparently monogamous too. That he wanted a committed long term relationship. To built a life with one other person and this was where Cole’s and his ideal futures met or at least could meet, had the possibility to based off of the compatibility of the visions of their futures.


>> So you’re an old-fashioned, monogamous, hopelessly romantic dork?


He asked in a rather teasing and provokingly.


>> I like that, I am like this too ;)


The law student then revealed to the other light-heartedly, chuckling as he was looking at that phone-screen, shaking his head amused.


>> What do you think about marriage?


Cole asked and then went over to the other part of what the man had said that had interested him, the travelling.


>> I find it interesting that you want to travel the world. Which country and place would be the first one you’d visit if you could decide out of all places on Earth? And although you said ‘traveling the world’ is there a place where you wouldn’t go? If so which one and why if not, why not?


The blond wanted to know but the subject soon changed into something more unpleasant after the other man had tried to using an excuse to end the conversation with him. What he wrote there struck him and he stared at the screen a little perplexes and he started to rub the bridge of his nose. He had done it again. He had gone too far with his overly excessive analysis of every word the other man had said, with his direct and confronting attitude that he always had when he found a logical flaw, found that someone was maybe trying to take him for a fool and he came off so strongly that he scared his opposite away or it got exhausting for the other person to talk to him because he was arguing them into a corner, against the wall, like, yes, a lawyer like the handsome man had pointed out.


>> Too bad I am aiming to become a judge and not a lawyer ;)


He jested out of helplessness as he wasn’t so sure how to reply. Then again his joke also showed the same pedantry with which he dissected and questioned everything in life wanting to understand everything that lay behind the surface, what people tried to hide from him, their actual intentions. Even though it didn’t seem like it and he himself was mostly unaware of it he was always on guard. Always trying to shield himself from the true, underlining intentions of people, from their bad intentions, from being lied to, from being exploited and be given the run around. It partially came down to all the bad things people had done to him which had led to a massive distrust of others but was also partially just parts of his personality traits.


>> I’m sorry if I came off too strongly. I didn’t mean to treat you as thought you were put in the dock. I just like to be honest and I like conversations that are deep and honest. Like stripping just not off of clothing but for the ‘soul’!


He explained.


>> I didn’t have the impression we were getting further away from getting to know each other but that we were getting closer and were starting to know more fundamental things about one another.

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Ethan looked at his cell as he was feeling a bit on edge this was going in a seesaw type of spin. One moment it felt as though he was making decent process and the next it felt he was taking several steps back. However the male on the other end of this conversation was still willing to talk to him thus he would keep his hopes up. Just for the mean time. His cell pings and he picked it up to reply to the message that showed up. He looked it over before typing.


>> "I am not saying anything strange I believe. It doesn't matter whether you have mother and father, two mother or two fathers. I would still say the same exact thing. You are their precious prince and I am like a foreigner trying to whisk you away. Its only natural to give it your all in the hopes of winning the approval of the parents to someone you like. Especially if its someone as handsome as you are."


Pressing send he sits back and waits for the next reply. He wasn't sure why but his mood was suddenly mellow and relaxed. He felt like this was slowly working out. At the very least that's how he felt.


As the next messages rolled in, Eithan chuckled being called a dork. Normally that kind of thing would irk his nerves but somehow this made him smile. He begins typing back wanting to reply to this.


>> "Me... a dork!! I have to congratulate you on being so accurate. I am indeed a hopeless romantic type. I makes me happy to know I am not alone."


He pressed send before noticing the question about marriage. He froze a bit a she had no clue what to say to this. Ne doubts naturally that he could ever get married. Though he wonders if it was a person like this then he may have such a chance.


>> "Honestly it has always been a far off dream of mine to marry someone special on the beach while the sun is setting. It would be one of those captivating white sandy beaches I would visit during my travels."


He pressed send as he tilts his head. He looked over the message sent to him next and he was amazed how fast this person was sending his replies. He smiled a little as he he noticed the replies that were aimed at his own. 'So he does realize he comes off strongly.... I suppose that's a good thing in its own way... though I am not all too sure about how this will turn out...' he thinks as he noticed the other found them to be getting closer rather than further away. This single notion was enough to urge Eithan to continue with this conversation.


>> "Oops!! My bad for saying lawyer. Even as a judge you clearly have the skills for it. Its so impressive its a little scary. But in a highly good way. You know you are getting the perfect education in the end. Also no need to apologize. This app is filled with tons of men who only look for a good one night stand. If you don't head in like its a battlefield you'll end up scammed or hurt. I get everyone has their own armor built up in their own way. I am also glad that you feel us getting closer in some way. I was worried for a moment there."

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The blond man looked at the screen on his phone and as he read what the other male had written he realised that the guy who called himself ‘Ember’ had apparently just worded what he had wanted to say badly since he now explained that he thought if his parents were heterosexual he’d say the same thing about it being difficult to court him.


Reading that he was his dads precious prince made his lips curl up into a stupid smile that looked rather cute and charming, too bad the other couldn’t see it. However soon there was some bitterness that crept onto his features as well. Yes, it was true, to his dads he was precious but to his biological mother he had been a curse, a demon, something she had blamed the death of his biological father on. To the woman he had been dirt and she had treated him as such. Not to mention that none of his former foster parents had held him at high regards either.


Cole shook that thought off though and it wasn’t all too difficult since reading further a wide, cocky, flirtatious smirk was forming on his face when he was called handsome by this guy. If they’d sit opposite to one another in a caf? or a bar now he’d shove his leg forward and let it touch the other’s while taking his hand and staring into his eyes. Sure, it wasn’t the most original advance and compliment Ember gave him by telling him that he was handsome but seeing that guy’s picture it, although it lacked creativity, was quite one regardless.


>> Wow, I’m truly flattered that someone as hot as yourself would find me that handsome!


He typed.


>> I’m sure you can have every guy you want with that face and body by merely clicking your fingers ;)


The man added and he was certain that this was true. Ember, or whatever his real name was, was extraordinarily hot. He could be a model or actor or a pornstar. Cole had definitely fapped to blokes who didn’t even come close.


>> I know I’m decent, that I look quite alright but you, you play in another league entirely.


>> You could be a pornstar or a model. You haven’t been one though have you? A pornstar, I mean? x’D


The law student asked jokingly.


When the next message arrived and Stoneworth read about how the attractive fellow was glad that he wasn’t the only romantic dork around and told him about how he had always dreamed of getting married on the beach during sunset the nerdy teenager in the stupid high-school movie that was on TV finally realised the science girl and her feelings and that he liked her as well but it seemed rather late and now he had to forget and dump the cheerleader he finally after all the struggles got the opportunity to convince and hurry to get her.


>> I always imagined my wedding to be a paintball match. One group of the guests capture my man and I have to free him with the other group of my guests and when I bravely fought myself through to him I’ll get to marry him amongst all the colourfully paint smeared guests in combat attire firing paintballs into the air during our kiss.


Cole told him.


>> But yours is romantic too. Not quite as romantic as mine but it’s okay :p


The blond laughed.


>> To talk about the subject more seriously, I respect marriage! I understand it as a promise and bond where two people decide to take responsibility for one another, to form an alliance. Through good and bad times! If I ever get married, I want it to mean something! I don’t want it to be a means to get into a different tax category.


The man explained.


>> Although I am not a fan of taxes. Are you?


Cole then realised that the other had solely focussed on the marriage part but had not answered his question in regards to the travels and that one had actually interested him a lot. So he was asking again.


>> You haven’t told me which place would be the first one you’d go to while travelling the world and I am curious. I am also curious if there was somewhere you wouldn’t go. It’s an interesting topic and interesting to know about someone. What places and cultures fascinate them and why!



After he had apologised for scrutinising the guy and coming off that strongly the man was quite understanding although he misinterpreted the reasons as to why Cole was like he was. Then again, it was only natural that he would think that because he didn’t know the man’s past which was the actual reason. The blond would have acted exactly the same in real life as he had now done on that app. Just as mistrusting of a stranger at first. Analysing everything people said to him.


>> Thank you for being that understanding.


>> As far as the app goes, I don’t take it seriously. Hence I was surprised that you do and were actually looking for a relationship on here. I don’t even know why I still have this app, I just check it because it’s entertaining from time to time. However, I am positively surprised to have found you on here ;)

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