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  1. The idea to start slow with the board games instead of a performance at Harrison’s was well received by Daniel who announced that Hutson needed to be prepared to lose implying that he was unbeatable at board games. That unexpected boasting coming from the brunette made the former soldier grin widely. “It depends on the game. We’ll see.” the blond commented. When it came to card games or the average games that depended on luck, Rex had never much cared about winning or losing them nor had he been specifically lucky with those. The military man however was particularly good at strategy and tactical games such as chess, go, draughts and of course battleship. Being asked if he had ever seen a storm that bad that crocodiles had appeared in a city he was pausing and thinking. “I have seen many different kind of storms on different territories some of which had an unspeakable destructive force. However I have not witnessed one in a city where it had been possible that a crocodile would suddenly walk down the shopping promenade.” he told the other. “Growing up I had my fair share of contact with alligators though which is different but similar.” he told his boyfriend. “We have even found some in our back yard some times.” Rex said. “But I didn’t live in a city. My family owns a large property in a village in Mississippi that’s really close to nature.” he explained. “My father also was of the opinion that learning to handle, hunt and defeat alligators was an important skill to have for every guy. If you can’t wrestle a Mississippi alligator and win you’re not worthy of being his son.” the man remembered showing a wide smirk, laughing at the memory, almost fond of it, as though this was something everyone could absolutely relate to when they were thinking about how they had been brought up. “There even is a town called Alligator in my state.” he informed Daniel with a smile. “That’s true.” Rex agreed when the other said that learning a foreign language wasn’t a hindrance. “Learning a language isn’t the hindrance. I speak Russian, Arabic and German and while I am not saying that I liked to learn them or that I was good at it I had to learn them during my career and thankfully had a lot of help from Sebastian.” the blond man let his boyfriend know. “It’s just that I want to live among my own people who speak my language. I wouldn’t want to live somewhere surrounded by foreigners who spoke foreign languages and I wouldn’t like to be the foreigner where I lived either.” Hutson explained his perception to Daniel. When the other male talked about how he had never felt at home anywhere or had never thought about ever staying at one place this baffled Rex who was the exact opposite as he couldn’t imagine to not feeling attached to and to not identify strongly with his homeland. “Have you never wanted to have a place that was your home? That you felt you belonged to?” Rex asked sounding rather sorry for the brunette. “A place where everything resonates with you, that you know you are from, where you know every stone, tree and lake, the animals that are around, where you have grown up, where the air, the nature, your house, everything smells familiar and where every place is connected to you as a person and a memory. Where the people share your culture, your costumes, your dialect and where the populace has a grown history together?” the former Major General wanted to know drifting more and more into his state’s dialect before he was doing something he usually didn’t do as he talked about his feelings without being made to. “I miss it! I miss my home! I wish I’d never had to leave! I wish I could have lived in my home town together with Sebastian!” the blond admitted. “I was already opposed to only moving to Jackson!” he let Daniel know, chuckling. “But Sebastian and I, we couldn’t keep up the hiding game and we knew we’d be in trouble if they figured out that we were a gay couple. We wouldn’t have been able to live there anymore in peace.” he told him. “But Jackson was one thing, it was still home, still Mississippi, you know.” Rex said. “But I don’t feel at home where I am now. It’s still my nation but it doesn’t quite feel like it if you know what I mean. I actually think that not even the Northerners who live there feel at home there anymore. I don’t think anyone can! The entire identity and shared culture aspect of the place seems to not exist there! If I would live on a Hallig I’d at least know why there would be a disconnect because I was a foreigner but in that city you are a foreigner in your own nation and that is just messed up.” the blond man explained himself. He sighed when Daniel described how interesting the contrast between different places was. “I have seen many places. And not the ones staged by the tourism industry or a fancy hotel for celebrities, no, the real deal!” Rex stated. “While nature is astonishing and there is a lot of great architecture all over the world most nations on this planet are dumps, absolute hellholes due to how they are governed and how their ideologies that form their current cultures are and those places aren’t worth the risk for civilians to go there and I wish certain types of tourists would understand it because if they would and kept their arses in the civilised world such as the US, Europe even Canada less soldiers had to risk their lives saving them and getting them out of the hands of terrorists and corrupt dictators.” the soldier spoke and it appeared he spoke out of experience. “Whenever I sat in those shitholes what kept me going was the thought of home! That I was there to protect my home, my nation and my people and their freedom. If it had not been for that I’d not have spend a single second there.” After that conversation a moment of silence followed and it felt as though something heavy was sitting on the former soldier’s chest. Thinking about those places brought back feelings and memories many of which weren’t that easy to digest. But the more the storm they had left behind was catching up to them the more he got back into the here and now, the more earthed he felt and the more he relaxed and enjoyed driving again. He wasn’t so sure how long the silence lingered and the only thing that was to hear was the stormy weather outside and the country music playing in the background when Daniel finally asked him what his favourite country songs were. Surprised he looked to the side to where his boyfriend was sitting and then thought about it. He hadn’t ever thought about which his favourite songs were and he wasn’t so sure whether he had some. What songs he liked to listen to the most strongly depended on the situation, the atmosphere and the mindset he was in. However there maybe was an artist whom the man had always loved. “I really like Dolly Parton’s music.” he told Daniel. “‘Comin’ for to Carry Me Home’ might as well be one of my favourite songs. And ‘River of Happiness’!” he answered. “My mum often listened to ‘River of Happiness’ and sang along in the kitchen while backing and cooking and the food always smelled great. I usually was playing in the garden and heard the song play and my mum sing before she’d tell me that dinner was ready.” The blond remembered. What he didn’t say was that the last times he had listened to Dolly Parton he had listened to songs like ‘Just When I Needed You Most’ or ‘I Will Always Love You’ in his living room ending up punching the table in half and drinking himself into oblivion. At first he found the question as to whether he liked to listen to music a lot because he didn’t seem like it weird and then he shrugged. “I do listen to quite some music, yes. I like to listen to music in the gym or when I am walking or driving.” he stated. “And when you are stationed in some dump, fighting, you want to listen to the tunes that are connected to your home. I always liked country and folk music, it’s like the spirit of a place and culture captured in sound.” he explained. “Whenever I got homesick, I would listen to the songs that reminded me of my home.” Rex said. “So, yes I do like music. I just don’t like modern pop music and I don’t acknowledge horse dung like hip hop, rap and how is that other new garbage called, trap? and the like as music.” he let Daniel know. When he heard that Daniel found it interesting how different folks reacted to different music genres he looked to the side into the green eyes. “What does it tell you though? What would you conclude from me liking country music and loathing bullshit like rap, hip hop, r&b and trap?” he was curious to know. “Of course.” Rex answered when he was asked whether he had had other hobbies as a young man than chasing and photographing storms. “Hunting, camping, fishing, hiking, things like those.” he told Daniel. “I also liked working on engines, cars, tanks, weapons. I collected models of historic tanks and aeroplanes.” the man added. “And when I moved to Jackson with Sebastian and I couldn’t do the entire outdoor thing anymore I started carpentering.” the blond told Daniel. “I really liked to create useful stuff out of raw material such as wood. It was highly relaxing.” the former soldier found, remembering the smell of the wood and how he had created something from scratch while drinking whisky and listening to some music in the background. The man grinned to himself as he could basically see the large living room in their apartment in Jackson with the furniture put aside and the floor covered with a tarp where Rex had spread out the materials and had placed the toolbox. It had been less than ideal, it had also been obvious that he hadn’t been someone made to live in the city centre and he remembered how Sebastian had always asked him if he had been for real right now, had rolled his eyes and had disappeared into the bedroom to read a book, watch TV or paint something while Hutson had occupied the living room, being pissed about the blond but only until he had seen what Rex had built for him or for them. Since Sebastian had been murdered he hadn’t built a single item anymore though, he hadn’t done any outdoor activity nor had he created model tanks because everything had lost its worth and meaning and had felt incredibly pointless to him. His boyfriend wanted to know whether he would consider picking up another hobby than the gym, taking care of raging Roger and hanging out at Harrison’s and Rex was a little confused by the question. “Those aren’t my hobbies.” he stated. The blond went to the gym because he felt like he had to and he’d probably go insane if he wouldn’t because there was nowhere else to work out, no forest, no alligators to wrestle, nothing, he tried to help Roger for a reason he didn’t quite understand himself because the guy often seemed like a hopeless case and he went to Harrison’s ….. …. He went to Harrison’s because it was the home he had lost! While Daniel had said that he had never felt attached to a place and thus it didn’t matter where he lived Rex was the polar opposite of this. When he had come to the city, a city he had never liked on top of that, the first thing he had searched for had been a piece of his home state in this city and thus he had gravitated extremely towards Harrison’s. Harrison wasn’t only from Mississippi too, it also had his home states flags, the costumers were types of people he knew from back home as well and the entire bar looked as though it had been cut out of a small-town in Mississippi and had been pasted right into that awful district in that metropolitan area. One could say that the only place in that damn city the man liked was this one bar! “I never saw a point in picking up any old or new hobbies again. I haven’t even thought about it yet. It never seemed like an option that I would do so.” he realised while he answered. “Those things had just suddenly seemed dull and meaningless and the idea of me partaking in ….” he searched for a word to described what it had been and while he thought about this he noticed what it had been and when he spoke the words he frowned and looked quite thoughtful. “… amusement and fun, it made me physically sick.” Why? The question was why! Because Sebastian had been dead and thus he should have been dead as well. Without Sebastian he shouldn’t have continued to exist! He had failed to protect the best man in the world, the person who had made his life worth living and there was no way to ever enjoy something again and even if there was, he didn’t deserve it, now did he? The frown got deeper and deeper before he shook his head trying to shake them off. “Hobbies!” he reminded himself what they had talked about by saying it out loud. “Did you have any other hobbies than music? Anything you’d like to try doing in your life?” he asked. They left Virginia behind and reached North Carolina when the Morning was slowly starting to dawn. “You said you have never thought about living at one place before but if you think about it now is it something that would have any appeal to you at all? To settle down somewhere and find a home?” Rex was interested in learning. “And if you imagine it, how would you imagine that home?” he couldn’t help his curiosity.
  2. As the classical music was playing, Ashfield was calming down from his outburst and Sven who was following the instructions of the navigation system to get them to the zoo chuckled when Kario expressed how ridiculous he found it that people had felt the need to sabotage his car due to his nationality. “Most definitely but still more common than one would imagine. I alone know several people to whom that happened as well.” the man told the other while fully understanding that it was one of those things that were a thing but sounded too stupid to believe that they were. After Devon had decided to switch from the bashing of his family and ancestors on the media to discuss Kario’s family tree the mood got a lot lighter and it appeared that the black haired male was quite excited to learn about his heritage despite the fact that he hadn’t taken an interest and had never asked his parents about that subject before. “For what it’s worth my family knows some genealogists and historians who could help you with reconstructing your family tree. We have some ties to the local department of history.” the blond offered and then got reminded of how his father had used those ties for himself and how he had used his influence at his old school to get rid of that one teacher and to have her replaced by a historian he had known from the department of history who sold the version of history Andrew Ashfield approved of. When Sven had asked his questions regarding the headdress the Governor sat back and relaxed as Kario was answering and explaining that he’d not get a headdress by belonging to a native tribe. “A bummer!” Sven found but listened closely to what the other had to tell him about the tribes. “Which tribes had the headdresses then?” the man asked. “I always thought all tribes had those. In hindsight that’s probably like assuming that all Germans would wear Bavarian Dirndls and Lederhosen – what we certainly don’t.” the man remarked. “These pants are heinous. Bavarians may claim that I am just saying this because I am from the North but that’s not the case. They are just objectively hideous.” the artist stated. The time to relax soon passed for Ashfield when he learned that Sven and Ben had taken the liberty to upload a picture from a party back in their university days onto the drag-queens Instagram page that not only featured him next to Sven’s British ex-boyfriend dressed up like a native American woman but much to the Governor’s dismay also a Dutch friend of theirs in a Zwarte Piet costume painted entirely black, with red lips and a wig. With all the tension and the riots and the uproar currently happening this was a scandal Ashfield just couldn’t afford right now or ever at all. This may as well turn out worse than the brothel thing under the particular circumstance they were already in, that could either lead to him having to chain himself onto his chair in the government building or resign and move to the Netherlands. Sven who couldn’t understand Devon opposing the picture once more listened to what Kario had to say about the matter and when the other expressed a lack of knowledge about the holiday of Sinterklaas and what a Zwarte Piet costume looked like the man felt inclined to explain the holiday to him. “Sinterklaas is the Dutch Saint Nicholas Day celebration, celebrated on the 6th December and it’s a holiday in the honour of the Saint who was known for giving food to and caring for the poor.” he started. “In the traditional Dutch holiday celebration Saint Nicholas arrives with a ship from Spain together with his helpers the Zwarte Pieten. Upon their arrival by ship (which is also performed) people cosplaying Nicholas and the Zwarte Pieten then walk in large, joyful parades throughout the cities with the Zwarte Pieten giving candy to the kids and it’s a really nice and inclusive celebration.” he further explained. “The character of Zwarte Piet in the story itself is a Moor from Spain and depicted as such while wearing the clothing that resemble the clothing of Dutch servants that was common in the 16th century. Zwarte Piet is said to be the helper of Saint Nicholas and he is the one who hands out candy to the nice and well behaved while he beats the bad ones with a birch or outright kidnaps them and takes them with him back to Spain.” Sven added. “In Germany we celebrate Saint Nicholas day too but a little differently. In Germany one places one’s boot in front of the door on the 5th December, goes to sleep and if one awakes and has been good one will find candy and goods in the boot given by Saint Nicholas. If however one is bad we have an equivalent of Zwarte Piet called Knecht Ruprecht in the North which translates into Servant Ruprecht. He’ll put coals into one’s boot, beat the shit out of the bad with a birch as well but he at least doesn’t kidnap anyone and ship them to Spain.” Sven said. “Our version also doesn’t resemble a Moor but some versions are believed to have ties to Wotan the Germanic god more commonly known by the Norse name of Odin and sometimes he’s depicted more like the devil just like Krampus who is basically the version of Zwarte Piet and Knecht Ruprecht in Southern Germany, Austria, Lichtenstein and so on. My ex who is Bavarian told me that he used to be scared of Krampus.” he told the black haired and it seemed as though he was finished before something else came to his mind. “You don’t want to confuse Zwarte Piet with the card game Zwarte Piet, also called Schwarzer Peter where I am from. That game got its name after an infamous bandit born in the 18th century. “ the artist stated. “It’s a fun game though. A set has 31 or 37 cards. Each card has a pair except for one, the Schwarze Peter, the card with the black figure or animal or whatever on it. The cards will be distributed amongst the players, when you start you drop all the pairs you already got and put them in the middle. The first one to start then takes a card from the person next to him, if he can build a pair he lays it in the middle too if he can’t he’ll keep the card, then the person next to him will take a card from the person next to him on the other side and see if he can build a pair and so forth. If someone however has the Schwarzen Peter he wants to get rid of the card and hope someone takes it out of his hands because the one left with the black card at the end of the game has lost and will get a line or a point of black paint or coal smeared onto his face. The more one loses the more black paint will be on one’s face. We even have a saying based on the game that says ‘jemandem den schwarzen Peter zuschieben’ which basically means ‘to pass the buck to somebody’.” the man remembered the game. “Schwarzer Peter is great fun at family gatherings or a dorm room full of drunk people for that matter, Devon can tell you all about the latter.” Sven smiled. While at first a smirk was appearing on Ashfield’s face remembering that night which had been absolutely hilarious and fun the smile soon dropped thinking about how he had ridiculed one of his friends for having lost so often that he had looked like a Dalmatian so much so that his friend had then felt encouraged to wrestle him down and smear his entire face with the black paint. “You didn’t upload any pictures of that night by chance did you? I hope there are none but I am not so sure, I was pretty drunk and it’s been a while.” the Governor expressed his concern leaving Sven to sigh. “No. But even if I did… What’s the matter with you today? You’ve never been like this. You liked the costume party, you enjoyed playing that game, there has never been an issue and you never complained and now you’re acting as though there was something wrong with those things. Why do you have a problem with this now?” he wanted to know feeling like they had lost touch so badly that he didn’t quite know Devon anymore. “I do not have a problem with either the costumes at that party nor the game! I don’t care but I am the Governor, not a university student or a businessman anymore and if any of this goes public I will get chased out of office with torches and pitchforks. Too many people think it’s racist to paint your face dark and frankly I think that right now not even the best written apology would suffice.” he expressed. “Bollocks! Racism is seeing a group of people as inferior and another as superior on the basis of real or alleged biological difference often going together with the discrimination and persecution of the group deemed inferior. Painting your face whatever colour or wearing a costume without dehumanising and believing or claiming that this group of people is inferior to you isn’t racism.” Sven said, shaking his head and then turning to Kario again. “I absolutely understand that stuff that has bad historic connotations can be difficult in a nation. People in my nation are extraordinarily sensitive to certain topics. So much so that specific symbols for instance are outlawed. But there is a major difference between getting offended by someone waving the flag of the Third Reich or getting offended by someone wearing a headdress because he likes said headdress and thinks it’s beautiful. The former is a sign that is connected to hatred, eugenics, oppression, suffering and genocide and the latter is simply appreciating something from a culture that isn’t his and is a part of cultural exchange that has always happened between different cultures and people throughout history and often led to great new inventions and innovation and thus brought the species forward.” the artist argued. “I absolutely get the thing about the ghost costume because in your nation there is a terrorist hate organisation using ghost costumes making them a symbol of hate here. My brother, who is lazy and not so fond of dress up and had used that costume for years in a row, had simply not considered it and I hadn’t thought about the existence of this group in the US in this moment either and just got reminded of it this way then and realised we had messed up and should have thought about it. So I think the reaction towards it was justified even though the eggs and tomato thing was pretty nasty for us back then.” he stated. “I however would have not understood a reaction like this towards Ben because he had nothing synonymous with hatred on himself. I honestly have never known anyone who would see that as a bad thing either. I’ve never heard about a Bavarian getting pissed and offended because Africans and Asians were wearing their traditional clothing and wanted to celebrate the Oktoberfest or as a costume, I never saw a Chinese person getting pissed because Europeans bought traditional Chinese clothing at their stores or a Japanese person getting offended because someone wore a ninja or samurai costume and my brother’s wife was actually happy to get my cousin dressed up the same as herself when she took us to the temple to show us her culture. To me this is a positive, appreciative thing not a bad thing and I don’t get why anyone would find this bad! You know what I am saying?” Sven tried to explain his perspective to Kario. Not only Sven learned something new about Kario, Devon did as well when the black haired told them that Halloween was his favourite holiday of them all and that he liked the idea of costume parties. That the other didn’t like large crowds however wasn’t news to Devon but it certainly was to Sven. “You don’t? The two of you seem to be really different huh? Maybe even polar opposites! Devon is an attention whore!” the artist said laughing amused. “And back when he was younger he was an awful bragger as well.” the man added with a grin. “Come on now, I am just rather extroverted.” Devon corrected, knowing that when he had been younger attention whore wouldn’t have been missing the mark entirely and he had definitely bragged a lot as well. Suddenly a phone was landing on Ashfield’s lap. “Just call Ben and tell him to take down the photo. Maybe he’ll pick up the phone, no clue what time it is over there right now.” Sven told Devon as he was busy driving and couldn’t contact the man himself right now. Devon took up the phone but said:” I?” in disbelief. “I should ask him? If I ask him he’ll spread the picture around the world. Ben wasn’t exactly fond of me for how I treated him back then and I doubt that he’s forgiven me.” Ashfield said knowing full well that the other man loathed him because the blond had been a dick to him back then. “I told him that feminine men like him were an embarrassment to the gay community, that he was a walking talking stereotype and that it was his fault the world would laugh at us.” the politician reminded his friend and forgot to mention that he had also told Sven to get an actual man as a boyfriend and had generally been participating in the masc4masc culture, discriminating against femme men in the gay community in general. And while Devon had changed and didn’t believe what he had said back then anymore at all he knew that Ben would still hate him and would certainly not delete the photo to help him. “I don’t think he holds a grudge against you…” Sven guessed. “But he isn’t a fan of yours either.” he admitted and Devon looked at the contact profile of Ben. The man who was older than Sven was wearing a rainbow beanie, had no make-up on, was missing eyebrows as he had shaved them off for convenience purposes and was drinking a coffee from Starbucks on his profile photo and this photo was already transporting a flamboyant vibe. In the contact description Ashfield found a link that led to the Instagram profile and when Devon clicked on it he saw a completely different profile picture where Ben was in drag, dressed up like a glamorous high fashion medusa with a rainbow boa slung around his shoulder the head of the snake looking the drag-queen right into the eyes. Scrolling further through the profile the Governor noted that Ben didn’t merely own multiple LGBT bars where drag shows were performed, had a make-up and perfume line but that he was apparently also on TV and friends with famous American drag queens too. “The guy is famous? He’s on bloody television and has over a million subscribers! ” Devon stated in shock, looking at the picture of Ben from a television set next to the offending picture from the party that had taken place in 1999. “Sure.” Sven answered calmly having thought that Ashfield knew this. “And Richard is an important judge in the Netherlands now.” Sven informed him of how the dude in the Zwarte Piet costume was doing these days too. “Good grief I’m done for. This picture will be found well before it’s deleted. Maybe someone already has! Why on earth did he put this online?” the Governor seemed desperate. “Because it had been a fun memory, we had drunken quite some brandy and he had wanted to share a memory from the old days with his fans.” the man explained and Devon buried his hands in his face. The drive to the zoo didn’t take them that long and since they had been lucky enough that no one had stopped them due to how fast they had been going they hadn’t lost time due to that either. Upon arriving Ashfield realised just how excited and happy his boyfriend was to see the animals what made him happy in return even though he didn’t care all that much about most animals. Most of them made good hunting trophies and would taste well if grilled in the Governors opinion. It was something he wouldn’t say when Sven was around though. The two friends had had quite some arguments about the topic in their lives and had decided that they wouldn’t discuss this with each other anymore as it had risked their friendship each time. Sven was vigorously opposed to hunting as a sport, especially trophy hunting and had massively lashed out on the Republican Governor when he had found out that the man had gone on a safari in Africa and had shot an endangered elephant for which he later had had to pay a fine. Devon being a sport hunter was something that Sven outright hated about his friend. He only approved of strictly regulated and limited hunting of sick animals and for food purposes because it was more humane than the meat industry which the man boycotted, only ever eating bush meat very few times a month while Devon had deregulated the entire meat industry and had gotten rid of as many animal protection laws in his state as possible. So while Ashfield was glad that Kario felt excited about this and was taking an interest in Sven’s animal shelters and his work for animal protection the Governor was mentally logging out of the conversation, just listening in sporadically. “I’m doing this since a long while now and although the usual animals we care for are dogs, cats, rodents, birds, fish and the occasional iguana, gecko, ball python and corn snake there are some occasions where people keep exotic animals, partially illegal to keep or illegally purchased and taken out of the wilderness.” he explained. “We’ve saved a jaguar, an endangered orang-utan, several kangaroos, a koala, a lynx, a panther, venomous snakes (there was one case where a dude held 55 venomous snakes in a 40m2 apartment and lost a black mamba leading to the street in the neighbourhood to get evacuated until the animal had been found), alligators and crocodiles, a hawksbill turtle and other endangered turtles and reptiles taken out of the wilderness, a chimpanzee… let’s just say many over the years. Unfortunately the trade with exotic and wild animals is profitable business and it’s difficult to stomp out. My organisations help as good as possible but the government is doing too little. There aren’t enough resources going into animal protection in my opinion.” Sven stated and Devon who had heard this on the sidelines was biting his lips to keep himself from disagreeing as he found that animal protection laws and regulations were already blocking a lot of business and construction and that he wanted less of those and not more what would cause another of their infamous arguments. “If you’re interested in the work of my animal shelters as well as what my organisation and my partner organisations do all over Europe you’re more than welcome to visit us!” the artist invited Kario. “If you are interested in that important workfield there might be an option you can consider since you mentioned that you wanted to discuss school and career options with Devon earlier on.” Sven started. “You could start a dual education in animal attendance if you’d visit and I saw that you’d be right for the job. You’d work at my animal shelters and in animal protection in the different projects we have and get paid and go to school one or two days a week for three years and the education in the school would cost you nothing so you would be able to keep the money you make. After you graduate you’d be a professional animal attendant and have an education that would be equivalent to a three years degree from an average American college, plus the three years worth of work experience in your field and you can always build on all of that whenever you feel the need to.” the man suggested. “Just think of this as an option. It’s a really popular job many people want to learn. The zoos and the shelters run by the state in my nation have waiting lists and no places available for years to come for this education because so many people want to become animal attendants. Being a private enterprise I personally don’t keep lists like those. My organisations and I choose the people we give the chance to learn this job and we want to qualify usually from our volunteers and from how the people interact with the animals. So this would be an option and an opportunity for you, if you would actually like to work in that field at all.” he explained to the black haired man who seemed so excited about animals and so interested in the work Sven’s animal shelters and animal protection organisations did. When they entered the zoo Devon looked at the map he had taken from the counter. “Where shall we go first? It’s divided by continents and maritime and terrestrial animals?” the blond asked Kario where to go to first.
  3. “I sure am happy that you’re working now and are doing something in your free time I am just struggling to understand as to why you chose a job in the service sector over something that would actually make an impression and would be valuable for your r?sum? .” the billionaire phrased it more diplomatically this time. Devon however soon realised that his reaction had probably been uncalled for to start with seeing how his lover reacted to it. It seemed as though Kario had really seen this as something positive and had actually liked to do this whereas Ashfield had always looked at the entire service sector as something that people forced themselves to work in because they somehow had screwed up or as a starting point if they didn’t have a chance to start out from a higher position. He had always respected and been extra nice to his house staff and people in the service sector as he found that they were doing an important but terrible job he wouldn’t ever do and would have never thought about doing. When he had been speaking of getting a part time job or a traineeship he had been imagining entirely different things. But to Kario a caf? was probably an obvious, normal choice and his perspective seemed to be worlds apart from the Governor’s, showing that they came from completely different places even though they had been born in the same city. The blond pressed his fingers against the bridge of his nose and sighed. “No. You don’t have to quit your job if that’s not what you want. If you like to work there by all means work there. I don’t understand it but I don’t have to. Your choices are your own.” Devon made sure to tell his boyfriend when he was stating that he could quit if it was such a big deal, huddling himself together on his chair what made Ashfield feel terrible because his words had apparently hurt the other male and rather embarrassed particularly because Sven was witnessing it and his friend was already engaging with Barney, feeding him something from the table because the situation had gone this awkward rather quickly. The politician was actually grateful for the change of topics to horse riding, something that he knew nothing about, that he didn’t care for and that bored him to death but was much more welcome than their dispute over career choices. Sven at least seemed incredibly interested in Kario’s riding career or rather learning that the black haired male hadn’t had much of a riding career so far because he was a beginner. “Barrel racing? That’s an actual discipline in horse riding? With tournaments and all that jazz?” Sven asked. “Well, when I was younger we used traffic cones to do similar kinds of races for fun.” he added thinking back on how Jens had thrown a tantrum when he had lost accusing everyone else of cheating. While it didn’t shock him that the other had just recently started horse riding – many may discover the sport for themselves later in life – Sven’s jaw nearly hit the table once he heard that Kario hadn’t ever seen a horse growing up. “Seriously?” the man wanted to make sure he wasn’t fooled right there. “You’ve never seen a horse before? Where did you grow up?” Benninghofen asked finding that nearly impossible. “Didn’t you even – I don’t know – go on vacations on a farm or something? You ought to have seen one.” he stated and Devon felt like he wanted to stop Sven right there in his amazement about the fact that someone could live over twenty years without ever seeing a horse. But the billionaire thought that: ‘He’s grown up incredibly poor.’, while an accurate explanation might make Kario uncomfortable and make himself seem more arrogant than he had probably already seemed earlier. So he chose another approach. “Well, I wish I had never seen one.” he jested and Sven waved him off. “You!” he said. “I have never seen anyone worse in equestrian sports than you and I doubt that I ever will.” The Governor understood where Kario was coming from and he listened to all the complaints the other had to get off of his chest. But the fact of the matter was that he couldn’t not stay at work if the situation demanded it and that his influence on his schedule was little to none. It was simply impossible to just stand up and say ‘Well, I am aware that there is an angry mob looting out on the streets and another mob throwing the head of a statue through the window of the police department in their area that’s under attack but I’ll have to go home and spend a lovely evening with my boyfriend.’ Thus he couldn’t say nor promise much to his lover in response to this other than:” I know and I hope that it’ll soon calm down and that we’ll be able to spend more quality time together again as I’ve been missing that as well.” All the more happy he was when his boyfriend approved of the plans for the evening and then suggested the zoo in regards to what they could be doing before that as it had always been a wish of Kario’s to go there. It was actually something where Devon was certain that Sven would not disprove since much like Kario the German man liked animals and was really concerned with animal rights and such things. “You’ve never been to the zoo either? That is unacceptable and we’ve got to change that.” the artist laughed. “I’ve always loved to go to the zoo. I actually have friends who work in zoos and I cooperate with some zoos in regards to the work of my animal protection organisation and my animal shelters as we sometimes save illegally held animals we can’t keep at the shelter and whatnot.” the man told the other something about his charity work. “I also like to go to the zoo and animal parks to take walks and think. Looking at the animals and observing their behaviour can be really fascinating and inspiring.” he stated. And with this it was settled that they would spend the day at the zoo together. Ashfield showed Sven the floor on which he would be living while he stayed with them and after that they took Barney and went into the garage and chose one of Devon’s other cars now as they wouldn’t all fit into the Lamborghini. Instead they were sitting in a royal blue Rolls-Royce. The blond had decided to let Sven drive in favour of sitting on the backseats together with Kario while Barney was occupying the passenger seat. While he was driving Sven turned the radio on tuning in at the end of some song before the news coverage. >>…. Only a few people have gathered in front of the Governor’s office unannounced today…. The police states they’ve got everything well under control and that it’s been majorly non-violent…Some protestors are holding signs showing the Governor’s face in one line with Mao, Stalin and Hitler, some are calling for an end to the police state and others are crying out that the Governor got his way into the upper class and into the position of Governor on the shoulders of slaves but that’s nothing compared to what this woman has to say: “Governor Ashfield needs to resign now! He needs to be disowned as none of that wealth is his, none of it! I am sick of him, I am sick of this shit! He’s oppressing us! He’s a dictator! His ancestors were devils and he’s a devil too! The guy is a bigot and a racist and what he’s actually trying to do is installing fucking feudalism and a covered up form of slavery with his racist police! He wants to make himself and his family rulers over the people of this state for eternity, he thinks he’s a fucking king or something but I say, no Sir, not with us! He has to go, now and the police too!” “You think that the Governor wants to overthrow democracy and install a tyrannical dictatorship?” “It’s obvious isn’t it? The police is trying to shut us up and he’s encouraging them. His racist family is openly doing that. I mean the man’s father is completely out of control. He’s letting a bunch of armed racists waving confederate flags loose who are trying to shut everyone down who is protesting the Ashfield family and their disgusting history and goes out of his way calling those redneck hooligans a private police. Andrew Ashfield has also called for his son to give green light to use massive violent force against the protestors and make their lives a living hell in prison as they deserved it, so that no one would dare to riot in this state ever again and dare to befoul the proud history of this state, the nation and his family. That this man, from this family has been elected Governor is a disgrace. No one with such a family history should ever be allowed to hold any kind of power ever again! He’s probably a secret member of the KKK too! Down with Governor Ashfield!” “Turn this off!” a sudden scream coming from Devon rang through the car and one could see that Ashfield had difficulties to stay calm as his carotid was pulsing vigorously. Finally one could see how irritated the past weeks had made him and how this actually effected him. “Huh, why?” Sven asked completely unbothered as though he had come right out of a long session of meditation and the entire stuff said on the radio couldn’t get any other reaction from him than an elaborate yawn. “Oh, I don’t know!” Ashfield started in a sarcastic tone of voice. “Possibly because it’s awful having to listen to such insulting bullshit and being painted like an evil super villain who is somehow cursed by birth over and over again.” the blond added. “Has someone ever bashed your family history publically and announced that your family actually doesn’t deserve anything they’ve got and that all you own shouldn’t be yours because you basically stole it?” he asked his best friend. “Most definitely. My family owns a German steel empire, the business produced arms which were actually used in wars and thus my ancestors were financially benefitted from these wars.” Sven nodded calmly, neither proud nor ashamed by this, with distance in his voice, just stating it as a fact that had been in the past. “Have you ever been called the ultimate evil, racist, oppressor, dictator, slave driver, monster and so forth because of something that people have done who’ve long lived before you, who you have never ever known or met and what you obviously couldn’t have done anything against because you haven’t even been born back then?” the blond yelled and what he had held back for too long now seemed to finally erupt. “Yes.” Sven answered again still calm. “And is it that when you go somewhere, people hear your damn accent and assume you’re evil and racist and associate your entire heritage and your state, your home with something inherently bad and evil and only reduce it to this one thing about it and come at you with animosity not for who you are but for where you’re from?” he stated but already calmer. “Constantly.” his friend said giving him a comforting, warm smile that now finally seemed to calm Devon down too. “So, then you should know what this is like and how irritating it is and that at one point you can’t hear it no more and are unwilling to let yourself be judged by that shit and you don’t even care to distance yourself anymore because you have done it over and over again and at this point people should understand that you’re not a racist and that you do in no way shape or form condone slavery. But they don’t! Because they are morons with the same IQ as fucking crispbread!” Devon ranted and Sven turned the radio off and sighed. “Listen, this will not stop, never. Probably not in our lifetime anyway so you’ve basically got three options dealing with this. You become self-loathing, hate yourself and feel guilty for something that you haven’t done, that wasn’t your fault, that is history and that you’ve got nothing to do with and had no influence on whatsoever and bash yourself. That would be you doing it for them, making their comments obsolete. Then you can defend yourself or even the basis you’re attacked on but there is a chance you’ll end up relativising that glimpse, that part of history that actually isn’t justifiable and defendable alongside. You then project the hate they express towards you back onto them, to counter attack and actually become hateful. Or you stop giving a shit! You stop caring about what they are saying because you know it’s untrue about yourself and you know that you don’t have anything to do with what happened almost 200 years ago, that time is linear, history is in the past where it belongs, it won’t come back and in the end it doesn’t matter anymore in the here and now because what matters is the present and the future and what you actually do and think and feel in the present.” his friend explained. “The two first options aren’t healthy and will damage you one way or the other over time. To stop giving a damn is the best option you have and you’ll realise that it’ll make you feel a lot better once you truly flip them the bird whenever they say shit like that.” he stated. “I mean, when I noticed that when I went abroad some people liked to stab the tires of my car due to my country code plate, I installed cameras I always turned on whenever I left my car parked somewhere abroad and whenever some arse spontaneously decided that he’d like to demonstrate I wasn’t welcome and wanted me to suffer even if it was only effecting my wallet and how to get back home again I took it to court and always won due to the evidence I had.” the man said with a delighted smile. “And that conspiracy theory about your father trying to build a dictatorship with private police and acting as though you were royalty is not even worth debunking.” Sven found shrugging. And Ashfield sighed. “I wish it was entirely bonkers but part of it… well. My dad is actually building a private police having it patrol in front of monuments and he’s totally escalating.” Devon told Sven and Kario and he sounded almost desperate there. “It’s like he’s giving me two fronts to worry about and to try to get under control. He’s dividing the people more, pouring shit tons of fuel into a wildfire. I repeatedly asked him to withdraw the private police, to stop announcing that I was going to use massive violence to cleanse the streets from those thugs by all force if needed, he encouraged the people to protect our culture and heritage against the thugs on their own merit and he’s declaring that he would build giant statues on his private properties across the nation for every smeared historic monument of the South and all that stuff but he’s obviously not listening at all and his social media account is releasing statements at second intervals. I think he fired his spokesperson too. And to me he said:’If you don’t have the balls to do what it takes, I will do it for you so that you won’t ruin the reputation and the name of our family, you’ll thank me later.’ In other words, he’s gone completely nuts and I fear that he’s gotten Police Commander Mahler onto his side.” It was a difficult situation and after weeks of this shit and it not really calming down again Devon felt so worn out, stressed, frustrated and tired by all of this. He didn’t want to hear about this anymore at all and he didn’t deny that he had moments where unprofessional thoughts crossed his mind, especially when he heard the voices of protestors like the one on the radio, where he wished to do what his father was threatening them with. To send the police and the National Guard out and fight the protesters like they were at war and have them all arrested and brought out of his sight. But he wouldn’t ever do this because the right to protest was sacred to him and not all protestors were criminal elements, looters and rioters. And although their views appalled him, he would defend their right to speak their wacky, inane opinions and theories. So he was still dealing with an angry mob of people shouting ‘All cops are bastards!’, ‘Throw the Governor into the river!’, ‘Defund the police!’ and ‘Disown the Ashfields!’ and many other phrases after weeks of turmoil. Since he wanted to speak about something more delightful he remembered what Kario’s mum had told him again and he turned to his boyfriend. “Your mother told me something interesting about your heritage at election day but I haven’t gotten the chance to tell you about it yet.” he started and then proceeded to tell the black haired male about his ancestors and that he had Egyptian and also Native American ancestors and said that his mother had thought that Kario might be interested to get into contact with the tribe of his ancestors. This was something that actually interested Sven who had turned on some classical music instead of the radio. “This sure is interesting. If you go to that tribe, do you get one of those impressive feather headdresses?” the man asked genuinely interested, not knowing much about Native American culture. “One of my ex-boyfriends, who is a drag-queen, actually wore one of those together with a self-made dress to a costume party and on stage once, it looked amazing.” the artist remembered. “The party was great too. We ha d a lot of fun, didn’t we Devon?” Sven spoke feeling happy at the memories. “Ben and I found the photos from this party just recently.” he added and Devon nearly stood up from his seat before he realised that he was in the car. “Where are the pictures? You got to burn them! Instantly!” he expressed feeling his stress level rise again. It wasn’t only the feather headdress although knowing the current political climate and sensitivities in the US that would already be enough. No! Richard Van Deursen one of their friends from the Netherlands had spontaneously decided he would go to the costume party as well but he hadn’t had any other costume than the Zwarte Piet costume he had made for the traditional Dutch Sinterklaas parade in his home town later that year, so he had painted himself completely black and had worn that costume to the party what hadn’t bothered anyone at that time at the party full of Europeans who could not understand why this was a big deal for Americans if someone painted their faces another colour as the perspectives and histories differed. And while Sven had been dressed up as Julius Caesar and Ashfield himself had been dressed like a fighter pilot because he had thought he had looked hot in it a photo like this one wouldn’t only be like fuel in the wildfire, it would be like kegs full of gunpowder in a wildfire. The headlines would title:”Governor attempted racist party in university!” or “Confirmed: Governor Ashfield is a racist with racist friends!” Sven however seemed honestly confused by the reaction as he would have sworn that this had been a great memory for his friend also. But of course Sven wouldn’t understand, nor would Sven’s ex-boyfriend understand. Sven was a forty-one years old European man. And the Europeans had a different view and history and weren’t as sensitised about this - other than Generation Z who had picked this perspective up from the US maybe – but Sven, Ashfield and the other folks on the picture belonged to Generation X. “Why?” Sven asked confused. “ We scanned and digitalised them and Ben uploaded them on his Instagram page. If you have Instagram he could link you.” the man offered instead, thinking that the reaction might have been a joke because Devon thought he didn’t look good on the picture. “No! Don’t you dare do that! Tell him to take them down immediately!” he ordered and Sven frowned. “You are way too easily irritated and stressed out today. You have to relax. Maybe we should go to a wellness temple instead of a zoo, jeez! Yes, we might have looked all silly on the picture but we had a lot of fun and that shows. It’s a really positive picture and even though we don’t look serious I think that it’ll only make you seem more approachable and human to your voters. They sure can relate as most people have been to costume parties before.” the man totally missed the point. “I mean, you were so drunk and excited and wanting to impress this guy you’ve gotten to know there - what was his name again, I don’t know - that you actually at one point found it was a good idea to literally try to colour Sean’s pool red and threw buckets of paint into it and that was when the party just seemed to get started. It was an unforgettable night.” he reminded Devon and the Governor sighed. Yes, Sven was right, the politician actually loved to remember that party, it had been great but this photo would be yet another exposure like scandal he couldn’t use right now or ever at all. Maybe it would be even worse than the entire brothel thing. “It’s not about the party or looking silly. It’s the headdress ! Well, and the Dutch people’s Sinterklaas traditions!” Devon said. “What’s wrong with the headdress? When I asked my brother’s wife to wear one once because I found the idea of one of the Indians – you know the ones with the dots on the foreheads - wearing a feather headdress of the other Indians really amusing, because both are called Indians you know, and she actually found it was really beautiful and liked to wear it as a costume too and she found the idea funny too. And what is wrong with Dutch people’s Sinterklaas parades and Zwarte Piet, those parades are super fun and friendly, I have been there a few times as a kid.” Sven shook his head in disbelief, not getting it and Ashfield rubbed his hands over his face. “Sven, if you are ever asked anything by an American journalist don’t say anything! For the love of god, don’t open your mouth! Ever! “ he pleaded, took a deep breath and then tried to explain it differently. “Do you remember what happened when your brother recycled the ghost costume he had worn at European Halloween parties before when we celebrated in New York? While the Europeans saw a normal ghost some people here did not see a ghost at all and they threw stuff at him and then he got pissed and got into a fight beating that dude who had thrown an egg at him into a pulp and then we had to find Jens another costume because I assured him he wouldn’t get into any bar with the costume as people would misunderstand it and it had been stained with egg, tomato and blood and the only thing he got in the store was a banana costume and then he was even more pissed the entire evening because he was, well, dressed like a banana?” Devon asked and Sven nodded. “Yes! You were incredibly amused about his misery the entire time!” the artist noted. “Yes, I won’t be denying that.” Devon said and a wide smile appeared for a moment. “Anyhow, same with the feather headdress and Zwarte Piet! It will offend and trigger some people here.” Ashfield explained. “But why? It is obviously not comparable. I mean, I get the misunderstanding with the ghost costume but that? Or is there a terrorist group wearing feather headdresses or curly wigs here as well? Doesn’t make sense to me.” the man said and then shrugged. “But if it bugs you that much I can ask Ben to take it down for you.” he assured his friend and then turned to Kario. “Do you like costume parties or Halloween celebrations too? Any favourite costumes?” Sven then asked the black haired male trying to lighten the mood again as they were reaching the highway and as soon as they were on it the car was going 250kmh.
  4. When he heard his boyfriend say that he got a part time job at a little caf? Ashfield nearly choked on the coffee he was drinking, trying to not forget the etiquette and to not spit it back into the cup. “You work where now?” he asked. “Why didn’t you tell me?” The billionaire wasn’t thrilled about not getting told important things from his boyfriend’s life like these, nor was this a career or rather job choice he could understand at all either and he would have liked to give his opinion about Kario doing something that wouldn’t grant the black haired male to get his foot into the door somewhere where it mattered, somewhere with influence, somewhere that would get him further in life. “What are you doing at a caf?? Are you a waiter now?” the blond wanted to know. “You know that you don’t have to do this right? It’s a badly paid job for people who don’t have any other options. You have all the options you want, choose anything I’ll get you there. You don’t have to work in the service sector. And what if the media finds out about this? “ the Governor spoke. “’ What will the headlines read again? Governor Ashfield, billionaire and heir to the Ashfield corporation, let’s his boyfriend carry dishes for the middle class? Doesn’t he care about him? Is he stingy? ‘” he expressed his concern as he really didn’t want his private life bashed on the media again additionally as he was under fire again enough for his liking already. Especially after some thugs had tried to destroy the statue of one of Ashfield’s ancestors and the police had felt declined to protect their patron’s honour by throwing the riot down with ultimate force protecting Devon’s ancestor from being smeared , destroyed and torn down. It had brought Andrew Ashfield to the front lines who had asked that the arrested rioters be punished with full vigour of the law and had promised on television that the Governor, his son, would end those riots in their state once and for all and had then announced that he would build a giant, glorious monument of his ancestor on his private property that would shape the skyline of the city anew and that he would hire a private police to protect the historic statue that was already there twenty-four seven and that people could apply for that job. And there had been people applying for that duty who were now proudly patrolling in front of the statue and needlessly aggressive as the protestors were, their presence having the effect as fuel in the fire. That had made the media folks go nuts and had brought Ashfield’s ancestors and his family history back on the table and even more protestors and rioters out onto the streets advocating to kick the Governor out of office because someone with such a family history shall not be allowed to partake in government. Some people even screaming for Governor Ashfield to be thrown into the river together with the infamous statue! It certainly hadn’t been and wasn’t an easy time right now for the blond man but he already regretted his reaction to Kario telling him about his job. If he was mad about someone or something it was himself and that he didn’t have enough time for his relationship and that he realised how they were already drifting apart after such a short time. “Well, I wouldn’t see it that negatively. I worked at a pub for fun once. I wanted to experience a pub from the perspective of an employee instead of the guest’s perspective. It was totally worth it and a great experience that I don’t wanna miss.” Sven declared with a smile towards Kario. “You didn’t actually work there. You paid the owner to let you run the bar for a week and in the end you had to pay for the renovation because that one party got way out of hand.” Ashfield corrected but the smile on his friend’s face didn’t die. “Exactly. Worth every cent! It inspired quite some of my artworks.” the German man found making it unintentionally very clear that his upbringing had been just as privileged as Devon’s. Hearing Ashfield’s boyfriend mentioning horse riding Sven listened up. “You’re a rider? Which sport exactly?” he was interested. “Dressage? Show jumping? Derby? Vaulting? “ Devon’s old friend wanted to know. “Me, I always found vaulting to be very elegant and I envied those who were good at it as I wanted to be good at it too but I evidentially sucked so I gave it up at one point. However I was quite a good dressage rider back in the day. I have won stuff.” the man let the other know. “My uncle owns riding stables where I own a few horses but I am barely there to ride them as I live in Hamburg you know.” he explained. “When did you start riding? Did you grow up around horses too? Does your family own stables? Or did they just buy you a horse and rented a place at someone elses’ stables?” the ash-blond man asked Kario and it was obvious that Sven unlike Devon shared the black haired male’s interested in horses and equestrian sports. The Governor was glad that his mother apparently visited Kario and took the time to bond with his boyfriend and actually cared. That was a lot and nothing to be taken for granted with his mum. On the other hand he hoped that she wasn’t going on Kario’s nerves and didn’t try to press him into a modelling career or some other career revolving around the fashion industry. “Ah, Devlin comes by? She is a remarkable woman isn’t she?” Sven found and this time it really was difficult for Ashfield to not spit his coffee across the room and as he repressed it the black liquid nearly found its way through his nose. “Last time I saw her was at the Berlin Fashion Week some years ago. A friend of mine who is a designer had invited me there. It was a pleasure meeting her again. She has a great sense for bold fashion and the arts and an impressive knowledge about the subjects as well, for a lawyer that is.” the man explained with a cocky chuckle. And Devon was just pouting about his mother having seen his best friend while he hadn’t for years and no one having cared to even tell him, when his lover delivered the final blow stating that he saw his mother more than he actually saw him. “Autsch!” Sven said, which was the German equivalent of ‘Ouch!’ and the politician’s face was blushing in a rosy red, looking at his best friend from university who was looking at them interestedly, as though he was studying the dialog and situation that was to unfold what Devon didn’t like as he didn’t care to end up an inspiration or reference in one of those popular LGBT novels the artist wrote under a pseudonym. The blond man decided to pay Sven no mind though and sighed. “I know and I am terribly sorry about this.” he finally said after he had felt sorry for it since weeks now. “I want to change this but these times are crazy. Considering that you lack interest in politics I don’t know if you’ve followed what’s going on out there. I am under attack from all sides. Left, right and centre, then there are the riots and the usual political business also has to be done in addition to that. “ he explained and it sounded like a justification. “Anyway, I’ll try to make time for the two of us. As today for example.” he nodded towards the table around which they were sitting and then looked at Sven who was… well… there now and whose presence demanded a change of plans. Although it didn’t have to mean that Kario and him would get no time for themselves. “Well, how about this…” Sven chimed in. “We could all go to that awesome club that Devon and I used to go to back when we spent the semester break at his parents’ mansion.” he suggested. “It was awesome.” the man was obviously remembering the time they had spend celebrating in that club. The Governor however looked at the other as if he had a screw loose. “We aren’t in our twenties anymore and I am the Governor of this state. And that club isn’t what it used to be anymore either. The music they’re playing now is awful, I don’t understand why anyone would listen to that crap.” the billionaire wasn’t fond of the idea. “I booked a table for me and Kario in a five star restaurant for tonight and after that I had planned to spend some time together in my Roman bath house here at the mansion.” Devon spoke. “I see. So you are over clubs now. What will you do next? Marry a bloody dentist ?” Sven stated cynically and Devon raised both eyebrows. “Sven!” he exclaimed. “Yes, yes, I know. I am sorry.” their guest sighed deeply. “I will accompany you to the restaurant and then you will go home and I will go to the club.” the man decided and Devon was more than fine with that. “What will we do prior to that though?” Sven asked. And Ashfield hadn’t planned anything other than that he had wanted to spend the day with his boyfriend and ask him what he would like to do. And now they were three people but that didn’t mean that he couldn’t ask Kario what he’d like to do. “I have nothing specific planned before that. Any suggestions?” Devon turned to his boyfriend.
  5. Turned out that Daniel was seeing the subject completely differently when he told Hutson that he liked sex toys. And for a second Rex asked himself whether the final sounding judgements he always stated about things and people were exactly inviting and encouraging for someone else to express an opposing opinion to him or if it was more likely to actually scare people off to do so and that only those without any fear of confrontation who were just as confident about their own views as he was would consider to argue against him. In the end the brunette offered the former Major General another viewpoint, a perspective from which he had never looked at the stuff before. “That’s another way to see it I suppose.” he acknowledged although he couldn’t quite think of anything those toys could add. “Ropes and chains though?” the blond man raised an eyebrow. “I think that’s something I’ll never see the appeal in.” he stated. “To me that’s what you use against your enemies.” the security guard said not thinking that this stuff would ever lose that connotation to him. It was nothing that he would want to do to someone he cared about. The harsh judgement was something the blond man turned off when he asked Daniel why his career had gone down the drain as it had, destroyed by a massive drug problem. Rex had condemned the other man for that enough before; he had insulted and degraded him a million times in the brothel once he had figured out who the brunette had been. That was probably another downside to being a celebrity: If you fall you fall publically and the world will watch and judge you and they will recognise and know you and a new start will be more difficult than for a person no one has ever heard of. Daniel’s story was known not only in the US but all across the Western world. If one would mention his name to the right generation in Ottawa, London, Paris, Amsterdam or Vienna, people would know about his music and junkie career. And while Hutson had judged him a lot and had called him unfavourable things before he had never actually taken the time to ask Daniel how it had come to this and why he had ended up taking drugs and throwing everything away. But it was better to do that later than never and he found that now was a good time to speak about this. He listened intently to his boyfriend’s explanation and his story and in the end he could break it down to the basic aspects. One of which was self-abnegation and neglect to fit the tight corset someone else was providing, to being a fellow traveller with a tendency of opportunism who did and said what he was told and what would get him further and would make everyone else happy and like him and not disappointed in him what ultimately had led to the feeling of constriction and not being able to breathe freely as well as a major emptiness. While the other aspect apparently was loneliness despite having had masses of fans worldwide and having been surrounded by people all the time. It was that mentality to just accept everything as it was, to bend over and to agree to everything and to hold back with the own viewpoint, to not assert oneself and the own wants and desires that had broken Daniel’s neck and had led to an emotional state where he had turned to alcohol and drugs. “You should listen to yourself, your own opinions, ideas and wants more and assert them more often.” Hutson said. “If you just follow along and never speak your mind, if you try to fit the corset someone else is trying to stuff you into, it doesn’t matter what you’ll do, you’ll always end up at the same point again in the end.” the man stated. While Rex might have to work on being a very judging and maybe too dominant individual, Daniel had the opposite problem. That grin came back onto the blond man’s face when Daniel was coming up with reasons as to why he couldn’t perform at Harrison’s anytime soon after the former soldier had offered to help him to get over his anxieties about the connection between his addiction and certain activities. “Don’t search for excuses.” he then said the smirk still prevalent on his face. “Business or no business, I will hang out at Harrison’s anyway, I practically live there.” Rex told the other and it was true. He had been at Harrison’s bar almost every day the past years and starting off a business would certainly not change him being there from time to time even though it might not be as frequently anymore. “It’s also not like you would play a gig there and would get hired there or whatever. There’s never been live music at Harrison’s, the old man couldn’t afford that and the location isn’t made for this either. No. You accompany me, we hang out and if the mood is right you pick up the guitar and play and sing a random country song everyone knows and trust me they won’t give a shit about missed notes or a rusty voice because they will sing along with you in their drunk heads and not even notice. If there’s some place with an audience where there is no pressure it’s Harrisons.” the blond described as he found that the other was thinking too much into it and stressing about it too much while it would be as casual as it could be. “But we can just start with the broad games anyway.” he added chuckling a little amused. When Daniel answered his question as to where he would go right now if he could go anywhere in the world he laughed when the other was talking about the illegal pets people in Florida where known to keep. The answer itself, a fancy hotel, was quite fitting for the brunette in Rex’s opinion. And while it matched the other perfectly, luxurious hotels had never done anything for him and he had never cared to go to one privately. Whenever he had stayed in one of those it had been work related and it fortunately hadn’t been often. “Fitting.” he stated. “I can imagine you there quite well.” Hutson said. “That said it’s totally not for me.” Being asked where he would go if he could pick one place in the world it only took a small moment of thought. “I have spent my vacation together with Sebastian staying at his grandfather’s house on a Hallig one time. It was great, staying on that tiny island in the North Sea to be exposed to the forces of nature. I remember the storm and the storm surge that hit us after a few days we had been staying there, it was majestic, awesome. The untameable, uncontrollable power and strength of the flood and the waves, I wanted to run right into them but Sebastian stopped me and didn’t allow it. So while everyone on the Hallig was worried and concerned I stood at the window and watched the storm unfold and devour the entire island under the clashing, raging waves of the sea except for the terp the house was build on. You could hear and feel the power of the wind and the waves, even taste the salt and the storm in the air. It was amazing. Absolutely amazing how close the water had come to the house! And how fast the land of the island was flooded and where you had walked only hours prior was only the sea now. Even the aftermath of the storm was fascinating. How the people dealt with it and how the water was giving the land free again. Astonishing!” Rex was raving on in an almost romanticised tone thinking and speaking about the Hallig. “I have never once seen another place quite like that again. It was very unique. I could imagine living like that. If it was our territory and the people would speak English that is.” the soldier said.
  6. Two months later It felt like the two month after the election day had gone by in a rush without ever resting. There had always been things on Devon’s table and he had barely spent any time at home or with Kario. And when he had been around the other there had usually been other people around as well like when they had gone out with Leilani and his boyfriend’s parents before the Hawaiian woman had left again. But while he had been sorry for the lady to leave them that soon, he had been glad when Jens had finally left after some weeks of having to deal with the other man on a level that felt as though he was back in economics and business now. Not to mention that Jens wasn’t the most pleasant person to deal with for Devon. Thus he felt a lot better with the contact person he was left with once the man had gone back overseas. In addition to his duties as the Governor the aftermath of the Election Day party had left him with other stuff to deal with. He had gone to check for Jason to find the man happy and in good company with the dude from ICE whom he was dating now, meaning that Ashfield and Kario hadn’t exactly been that interesting to the stylist when they had visited because he had only had eyes for his new boyfriend. It had been a little more annoying to untangle the mess Valentina had made when she had signed Kario up for an internship in the IT department of Ashfield Corporation though, what had been the first time Devon had learned about Valentina’s and Kario’s conversation about work options. Knowing that Kario didn’t want to work in his family’s business and that the younger man had no clue about and no interest in technology it had surprised him when a letter from Ashfield Corp. had been in the mail for Kario and it had not been a threat or a weird trick by his father. While Devon understood that Kario didn’t want to work for their business he was glad that the black haired male hadn’t declined the idea to maybe reach out to Jens and keep an open mind about the new business his father’s business partner wanted to open in their region. Not only were there plenty of opportunities it was an international project with people from different cultures involved and he knew how much Kario was interested in different cultures. It was a bummer that the Governor hadn’t found the time for a conversation deep and long enough to tell his boyfriend what the other male’s mum had told him about the black haired man’s heritage and the different cultures and places his ancestors had been from. He had planned on doing so but had suspended that to another time again and again because his work as the Governor had almost completely consumed him. Times had gotten quite hectic and troublesome and he had felt something boiling, an anger, but hadn’t been quite able to keep it from over boiling. Not everyone had been happy with his re-election indeed and some people, those he had previously referred to as thugs but didn’t anymore to not hurt Kario’s feelings, had been so pissed off about it and the Governor’s closeness to the police force, that Devon had had to deal with another storm of riots and aggressive protesting which caused sleepless nights and days in a row in which he hadn’t gone back to his mansion at all and an extremely close cooperation with the police force, the national guard and thus police Commander Mahler as well. Mahler had been incredibly delighted by Devon’s re-election and the policemen had been in general since he was told to be the patron of the police force. Things had become a little weird between Mahler and him though ever since the handsome Commander had confessed that he had feelings for him and had declared that he would get him and make Ashfield realise that Kario wasn’t trustworthy and now the politician had the feeling the other man was hitting on him from time to time. Not only that, before the drama in their state had started Devon had seen Mahler in the headquarters of Ashfield Corporation and his father’s office extraordinarily often. The police Commander’s presence in his father’s office had also lead to Andrew Ashfield’s secretary whom the old man had named “Dolly” to crush on Mahler who had been acting like a gentleman towards her and had defended her against Smith’s name calling, what had ultimately led to Smith making even more fun of her and her crush on the policeman once Mahler had left the building. During all of this Devon had known that he had been neglecting Kario and his relationship although he had tried to spend some time with him and to be around and he sometimes had worried that their relatively new relationship that would normally be in the honeymoon phase wouldn’t survive his job as a politician. That the other would get fed up about it and that one night Ashfield would return home and see his boyfriend standing in the hallway with packed bags and suitcases telling him that he’d leave because Ashfield didn’t even know what was going on in his life anymore and getting home, eating, mumbling something about politics and then falling asleep wasn’t fulfilling him at all. In these moments he thought that Kario at least had the stables he had had built for him which had gotten beautiful, his horse he had bought for him, the tree they had planted and the therapist Ashfield was paying for Kario to work on the man’s issues with him. He was also glad that his mother was sometimes visiting Kario and going out with him, that the gardener and the other staff were there , that Kario had his parents and didn’t sit all alone in the mansion all the time and that the driver would drive his boyfriend anywhere he wanted. Now the end of November was nearing and for once in months Ashfield felt like he had the time to relax, to take a deep breath, to not be crushed under a mountain of work and trouble and he was looking forward to spend the day together with his boyfriend alone and to go out with the other in the evening. The morning seemed perfect to him. The sun was shining brightly through the windows of the dining hall where the breakfast table was overloaded with all kinds of breakfast foods while happy music was playing in the background, Barney laying on the floor dozing in the warmth of the sun. Devon had told the staff to arrange this breakfast for Kario and him the other day as a surprise for his lover and now Devon was standing there in one of his luxurious suits waiting for the other male to join him downstairs. A smile was spreading across his face when the black haired male walked down the stairs and into the entrance hall. “Good morning.” Ashfield greeted him, stepping towards the other, embracing him in a tight hug before kissing him deeply and longingly. “Breakfast is ready and I have quite some things planned for the two of us.” he told his boyfriend in a promising way, his smile shining as brightly as his golden eyes. Devon was excited to spend the entire day with his lover. No work, no protestors, no business, just Kario and him and what he had in store for the two of them. He would finally get to ask and listen how it was going for the other, share things again as they had done prior to his re-election and the duties and troubles that had followed. “I don’t have anything else to do today. I am all yours.” the billionaire declared confidently. And then the bell rang announcing that someone was in front of the gate of his property. It took him some discipline to not roll his eyes and just ignore whoever wanted something from him and to instead smile at Kario saying:”One second.” walking towards the door where the security system was showing him who was there. The cameras showed a black Hummer apparently from a rental place and when his golden eyes fell onto the driver the blond male’s jaw was nearly falling down onto his feet. “Sven!” he exclaimed through the speaker leading the driver to grin saying:”Now open the gate, will you.” in the familiar accent. Left completely flabbergasted Devon pressed the button and opened the gates for Sven to drive onto the property up to the mansion. “It’s Sven. Sven is here.” he turned to Kario scratching his beard. How often had they tried to reach Sven now? The dude hadn’t had his phone on a single time and it had always been that same old recorded message informing everyone that the German man had taken a timeout. Not even his brother had known where the artist had gone and now he was appearing at his gate. That much for getting to know each other in Ireland first! And that much for Kario and him getting some alone time! Because Sven was driving like a maniac – in Devon’s opinion – it didn’t take the man long to reach the mansion and his old friend also managed to park the car directly in front of the stairs that led up to the mansion after driving the Hummer in a circle around the large fountain in the front yard. Opening the door before the man had left the car he stared at the image of his best friend whom he hadn’t seen in person for years jumping out of the car a small pot of ice-cream in his hand. Sven was as tall as Devon, with short ash-blond hair and a receding hairline. He looked more trained than Devon remembered him but he was still a lot wirier and less broad than the shorter Jens. The artist was dressed in a black shirt that was hugging his figure and tight black jeans with a black leather belt and silver belt buckle displaying the head of a wolf. The pale blue eyes were hidden behind large black sunglasses and a slight beard shadow was to see on his chalk white skin that stood in a great contrast to the pitch black clothing making him appear even whiter and the clothing even darker. Seeing the man after such a long period of time led Ashfield to stand there staring at him as though he was a ghost of the past and wasn’t actually there right now. Even when he saw the other male smile at him he was just standing there surprised and overwhelmed and he felt how he got torn between two different feelings. One was happiness and delight upon seeing his old friend again and the other annoyance that he would again not spend time alone with his boyfriend today. But when he heard the familiar voice say:” Devon! Long time no see! You look old.” the happiness won the battle and finally he returned the smile, beaming at Sven. “So do you old man.” he returned the favour and when Sven’s arms closed around him, feeling the ice-cream pot on his back, he embraced the other man, hit and rubbed his back before they took a step back and Sven pressed a kiss onto the Governor’s lips. It wasn’t as though this was a common greeting between men in Germany at all. There wasn’t much body contact in the culture in general. People usually greeted each other via handshake, if they were really close a loose hug, and that was it. It had actually always been Sven’s form of protest as he thought that platonic physical contact between men shouldn’t be as frowned upon as it was and Devon had considered that plausible back when they had been in university and had followed along doing the same so they had always kissed each other as a greeting. And when they had been roommates they had even cuddled although they had been just friends. “My stuff is in the car, I’ll get that later.” Sven decided, wanting to take another spoon full of the ice-cream he was carrying when Ashfield recognised the brand. He knew the brand and the company that produced it, he knew the controversy about it and he had been the one who had given the company green light despite their product being a health hazard arguing for free choices. “Don’t eat that stuff.” the Governor said, hitting his old friends hand so that the ice-cream pot was landing on the ground in front of the floor. “What the hell? Why not? It was delicious. Some nice ladies recommended it to me when I was buying sun blocker because I forgot mine. It’s November after all and I forgot that you guys don’t actually get winter here.” Sven complained, some of the ice-cream melting on his black designer boots. “Some ladies, alright. And how did they look? Did they look good?” Devon asked. “They had lovely smiles and were well dressed.” the artist said. “That wasn’t what I meant to ask. Were they fat, ugly and unhealthy?” Devon asked more directly. “Well, they had some love handles I would say…” the artist spoke and Ashfield sighed. “See. You can thank me later. That stuff is basically frozen sugar and molasses mixed with chemicals. It’s not actually ice-cream. It increases the risk for diabetes, heart attacks, cancer and other such illnesses drastically. And I would know, I had to defend the company against all accusations because they had supported my campaign the first time I ran for Governor.” Devon stated. “But that really isn’t those ladies’ fault, they were darling.” Sven said. “And you are too nice.” Ashfield found. “Can one really be too nice though?” Sven asked. “Yes. You are proof of that.” Devon stated and it was true. If Sven and Jens were twins, Sven would be the good and Jens the evil twin, or so they had always appeared to him. Once their guest stepped inside and Ashfield closed the door the man pressed a button on his sunglasses and they turned into normal ones making it possible to look into his pale eyes. “And you must be Kario!” he declared upon seeing the black haired male, approaching him, reaching out his hand, shaking it and kissing each of his cheeks as in a French greeting. “It’s a pleasure meeting you.” the artist smiled and then turned to Ashfield. “And you Sir finally showed that you’re a hypocrite.” he said and Devon raised one eyebrow in question when Sven turned back to Kario. “When I was about your age and dropped out of economics to pursue the arts in university I dated my former economics professor who was maybe three or four years older than Devon is now and your boyfriend couldn’t stress enough how weird and irritating that was urging me to dump him.” Sven told Kario in an amused tone of voice. “Hold on, that had nothing to do with his age. It was because he was still my political economics professor and you brought him everywhere. He was hanging out with us in the bars and clubs. I basically had to witness your tongue down my strict, conservative economic professor’s throat, you getting him drunk, him reading every wish from your eyes and once I walked in on you guys when you were doing it in our room…” Sven was cutting Devon off. “Well, he wasn’t my professor at that time and I thought you were out that night.” he explained but Devon paid no mind continuing. “And I always had to face him the other morning in class again where he was treating me even worse to reinstall the image of the tough, strict guy that always got completely crushed when he was around you. It was so weird that I switched to another class with another professor.” the billionaire remembered, hearing Sven chuckle in amusement. “Right. Good times back then.” he grinned to himself and then turned to Kario again. “Anyway, I can tell you stories about this guy and all the adventures we went on I am sure you haven’t heard yet.” Sven promised Kario and then looked around in the mansion. “It looks even greater in reality than on the pictures you send me. Amazing. Truly amazing. I could have written my dissertation about this back then.” the artist said before his eyes fell through the open door into the dining hall where the breakfast table was packed full with foods waiting for Devon and Kario. ”Wow, you had a breakfast like that made just for my arrival. That is amazing actually and makes up for the lost ice-cream big time.” Sven found, entering the dining hall, where Barney was getting up, greeting the stranger and Sven was totally happy to see the dog. “Hey, you finally got a dog. What a great fellow!” his old friend said and Devon remembered that Sven had seven dogs and had then decided to found some animal shelters because he couldn’t rescue all the dogs who needed help himself. “Well, no, how would I have known that you would suddenly appear out of nowhere. You never announced your arrival to me.” Ashfield told Sven getting another set of dishes out of the cupboard. That however seemed to surprise Sven for some reason. “Well that is odd. Before I departed from the airport I turned on my phone for a sec to call my brother and tell him that I was heading here and my brother asked me to go to your father’s dinner tomorrow in his name and I said I would and he should tell your father and also tell your father to tell you that I was going to visit you. But apparently your dad didn’t do that huh?” the German explained and hearing this Devon’s face went dark and an the all too well known anger about his father was coming up again. “No. Evidentially not.” he said and let himself fall onto the seat opposite to his friend. “I had no clue that you were on your way. Kario and I actually tried to call you a few times as we wanted to suggest spending a vacation in Ireland together with you but we never reached you. Where were you? Who disappears for months turning his phone off.” the blond man wanted to know. “Even your brother was seemingly worried about you and it’s Jens we’re talking about.” Devon made it known that he wasn’t that thrilled by how Sven had handled the entire thing. But the artist just smiled. “Have you ever felt as though your life had become a black hole you were trapped in while around you life continued in all its colour and vividness but you were just falling deeper and deeper getting further away from everything until you can’t see the surface no more. The walls of the black hole coming closer and closer and closer until you finally can’t breathe and move no more and you’re feeling as though you’re buried alive, suffocating. That was how I felt. I felt like I needed to break away, break out of my life, out of the dark hole. So I found myself at the airport, leaving that message in case someone called, turning my phone off, heading to Milan and not turning it on again upon my arrival.” Sven told him. “I rented a luxurious hotel room and I was throwing myself into the pulse of the city as though it was a defibrillator that could bring me back to life after my heart had stopped beating. I was drinking, partying, I even painted stuff again and I didn’t feel like going home again. And one time when I was out and about in some club I ran into a former client of mine, we talked, had a great time and we got an idea for another project and the next day I sat in an airplane to Tel Aviv with him where he lives, where I stayed until I finished the artwork. And it took some time because neither of us were working too hard actually. We were going out to party a lot, we were spending a shit ton of time at the beach and in general together. He said he knows you back from school. He was in your debating team and he said you weren’t all too pleased with his work back then.” Sven remembered and Ashfield raised an eyebrow. “I think I know who you’re talking about but I can’t imagine that he’s become a successful businessman. He was one year older than me but absolutely no good speaker.” Devon doubted that. “No, he became a programmer. We also hung out playing some of his video games together. For research purposes for the statues I was working on. To capture the spirit of the characters.” the artist corrected. “To capture the spirit of the characters…. I see. You probably also hooked-up to understand each other and get to know each other better.” the Governor guessed getting a feeling as though those guys hadn’t primarily had a project in mind when they had met in Milan but had wanted to spend a good time together first and foremost. “How did you know that?” Sven asked laughingly. “We have been best friends since university.” Ashfield answered and Sven chuckled. “Oh yeah, I almost forgot.” “Anyhow, when I completed the statues some time had gone by and I felt like I needed to carry on before those claws would drag me into the hole again and thus I travelled to England to see how Benny was doing and I realised that it was already winter.” he told them and Devon looked into the grey eyes of his friend, knowing that Jens had been right at the election party. Sven had fallen into a massive crisis after his relationship of eleven years with Niko had ended and now his friend was turning back to the lifestyle he had known before that relationship because he felt lost upon his loss and was probably not over it while trying to pretend that those eleven years didn’t matter anymore as was stated in his philosophical self-help book where Sven declared the past as irrelevant and insubstantial, stating that the past wasn’t reality in the present anymore and thus succumbed to the same level as a fiction novel. The man was trying to ignore his loss, pretending as though he had lost nothing. “Benny as in the drag-queen you’ve been with back in university?” Ashfield asked and Sven nodded. “Yes. We always stayed friends.” the man answered and Devon rubbed his forehead feeling as though it would be difficult to fulfil the promise he had given Jens which had been to take care of Sven and help to bring the man down to earth again and deal with these issues as Jens’s methods of trying to make Niko’s life a failure in every attempt had apparently failed and probably helped Jens to deal with his anger about the guy having hurt his brother more than Sven himself. “And after having visited Benjamin you travelled here?” Devon wanted to know. “Exactly. And here I am now. All yours.” Sven smiled widely. Clapping his hands together, to then take a pancake with blueberries putting it onto his plate. “But enough of me. What about you?” the man turned to Kario. “So, Kario, what is your deal? What are you doing right now? I don’t know anything about you yet. Well, other than that you’ve apparently been a prostitute but that doesn’t actually interest me although I wouldn’t have thought that Devon would end up with a former sex worker, I thought my brother would. In the end my brother married a doctor though. It’s good that I am not a fortune teller because I apparently suck at it.” he asked and during the last sentence his voice went a little bitter and it was clear to Devon that this had nothing to do with Kario and him nor Jens and Jens’s wife but had probably been about the fact that Sven had thought that Niko and him would get old together.
  7. A lopsided smirk was appearing on Rex’s face when Daniel reacted with ‘I see’ and ‘I understand your perspective’ and ‘thanks for sharing’ after he had given him the answer as to why he didn’t like sex toys. “You do but you disapprove? You see that differently don’t you?” the blond man commented. It felt like this was another of these moments where the brunette held back his opinion and view for the sake of diplomacy and really generic diplomatic phrases one was always on the safe side with. The former soldier had noted that the other often did that, more often than not actually. One of the rare times where Danny had thrown diplomacy overboard had been when Peter and Hutson had fought about the ICE and Peter had tried to recruit Daniel for his cause. And even than his outburst had been more about not wanting to get dragged into any arguments or confrontations and to not make a stand or pick a side than the topic at hand! Daniel’s diplomacy served to avoid any kind of confrontation about anything. It wasn’t a bad trait per se, a nation needed diplomats and soldiers after all, and if everyone was as confrontational as Rex was, it would be difficult too, but when diplomacy and compromises bordered on or outright became self-abandonment it was fatal. Once they were back on the road driving towards the morning dawn the brunette male told him about why he didn’t like to have sex in cars starting by saying that he had had sex in cars a lot back in the day proceeding by telling him how it came to make him sick just as some other things. It turned out to not have anything to do with the act itself but the unfortunate circumstances and accidents, alcohol and addiction. And to avoid such situations to not fall back into old habits and to not trigger the addiction actually made sense, well at first and to a degree. “Avoiding those situations and activities was a good idea to break the circle. But after you’re clean and stable long enough you should be able to partake in normal activities without falling back into bad habits. Even if the urge is there the first few times, it will go away after you managed to go through with those things without drinking or doing drugs and by doing so disconnecting the activity from the addiction on your mind.” Hutson spoke. “I am not saying you should do any of this by yourself and without someone you can count on and who will back you up and help you not to give in to the urge should it arise at first.” the blond clarified. “I could invite David and Roger and we could play some board games. Or you could perform and sing at Harrison’s and I’ll make sure you won’t do something idiotic.” Rex suggested. Having said that, staring forward onto the empty road, the blond was asking himself why Daniel had ended up an alcoholic and a drug addict to start with. What had brought someone who had been living the dream of dozens of American citizens to do drugs? “How did it come that you started to do drugs and became a drunk by the way? Why did you need this? You were successful, your future was bright, promising and you were admired and loved by your female fan base? Despite how I see pop music and the music industry this is commonly considered a dream career many would have killed for. So what was it?” Hutson was interested to learn. When he had changed the subject to STD testing Daniel reacted completely reasonable and he immediately agreed to get tested together. It was also quite reassuring to hear that the other had made sure to be cautious and to use protection during his years in the bordello and that he had not allowed anyone to take him without a condom. Not all of the whores in that “establishment” had done so. The place hadn’t had a policy in that regards. It had had a few rules concerning behaviour within the brothel and not acting violently towards the prostitutes – and enforcing those rules had been Rex’s job – but when it came to the services offered, protection and hygiene that was on the sex workers themselves to ensure. The old lady who ran the thing hadn’t cared to provide any of that for the “employees”. Hence Rex’s joke about having HIV now when Chen had kissed him on the cheek to overplay being flattered what he had found awkward with! That stupid politically incorrect joke that he had gotten scolded for by Peter right that instant he had made it. It was good to hear that Danny hadn’t recognised anything strange during the last years but unfortunately that didn’t mean they were on the safe side. “That’s good. But for all we know you could have gotten it from the last client you served. One person is enough. Thus, theoretically I could be sick too. It’s less likely but unfortunately possible. “ the former soldier stated. It hadn’t been anything he had been concerned about or had even thought about attempting those two one night stands that had gone terribly wrong. When pursuing those he had been so apathetic about everything there was, including his own life that had felt so empty and purposeless, that he hadn’t thought about any of the risks that had come with those back then. After a while Daniel spoke about a more pleasant topic and that was their spontaneous road trip and that he liked to be on the road alone with him. “I’m glad to hear that as I enjoy road trips too.” the blond stated and paused for a moment. “But I’d rather our next road trip will have a more pleasant destination and reason.” the former soldier added not feeling thrilled about driving to his parents place, his family’s home, the home of the family he had been kicked out of, he wasn’t allowed to be a part of anymore. Going back home meant facing the past, facing his actions and facing his failure and facing what and whom he had lost. “We won’t take turns driving though. Not in my car at least.” Hutson made that clear and mused, letting his thoughts run free. “If you could go anywhere in the world, where would you go right now?” he then asked the brunette.
  8. “I doubt that I will be much help in the kitchen. I will be more likely to stand in your way but if you insist.” Ashfield shrugged, agreeing to join and help the other in the kitchen from time to time although the billionaire would probably become a massive pain in the arse or a distraction in the room he had barely ever made use of. Ashfield waited to take the first sip until he had made himself comfortable next to Kario on the sofa, feeling as though he wanted to sink right into the cosy upholstery and not move or get up from it anymore ever. While he was happy with the rewarding outcome all of this had been exhausting and this was the first quiet and relaxing moment that he didn’t spend sleeping since over a week now and sitting down like that he felt how tense and sour his body was and how much his neck hurt. The blond male grabbed the hot chocolate and took a few sips himself and he loved it. It actually tasted good as though they had bought it in a caf?. “It’s good. Surprisingly good considering that I messed with it.” the Governor expressed, taking some more sips before he turned to his boyfriend who was sitting next to him, laying his head onto the backrest of the sofa. “As for what we’re gonna do now, I suggest we relax, talk and watch some 90’s series in the background. How about ‘Unhappily Ever After’ or ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’?” he suggested, before he told the home cinema to turn on via voice control. Devon had always found the ‘Fresh Prince’ extremely hilarious and had felt that having someone like him back in their private school or at their dinner parties would have been quite hilarious and would have made stuff more interesting. When his lover said that he hoped that he had had a great birthday Devon found himself grinning. “It wasn’t a total disaster.” he answered. “Better than my birthdays usually were.” the blond man found. “All thanks to the best presents of them all that life gave me….” he stated, slinging his arms around Kario, “… You and the popular vote.” Upon the mentioning of dinner and great uncle Cornelius the Governor left out a snorting laugh. “Yeah I feared that it would turn into a greater shitshow. Maybe it wasn’t as awful because my mother surprised me with the speech she gave instead of the usual catastrophic, embarrassing one. It was actually incredible nice.” the blond found and his voice made it clear that this was quite unusual and that he had reckoned with everything but not that. “Well, it probably was thanks to Leilani calling her a bad mother and her narcissistic pride and ego that didn’t want to take that from her and needed to demonstrate otherwise and prove her wrong but still… it was a good speech.” Devon found, emptying the hot chocolate before lying down on the sofa, resting his head on Kario’s lap. His tired golden eyes looked up into the dark ones of his boyfriend and he reached out his hand and let it trail through the man’s black hair and down his cheek. “Certainly.” he answered the other male when he assumed that he was going to be extremely busy tomorrow. “Not only tomorrow though.” he told him. “There’ll be a lot to do. Things have piled up during the campaign, it stole quite some time I could have used to work but campaigning is necessary unfortunately.” the Governor told the other. “And then there is this thing with Jens.” the blond man remembered. “He wants to open a company and research centre for future and green technologies.” Ashfield told Kario. “I was confused too when I heard the word green in combination with Jens and he said the following: ‘I don’t give a ratsass about environmentalism, regulations and prohibits. If the climate is changing again as it always did since the beginning of time without humans even being around it’s on the people and the market to provide the solutions out of their own merit and not the government. Only through new technologies, science, creative ideas and adapting to the new circumstances will our species succeed and survive. And there is a market for succeeding and surviving now isn’t there? There is a demand, it’s the future and I would be stupid not to act and let this profitable opportunity pass me by now wouldn’t I.’” When the Governor had finished quoting his father’s business partner he looked back to Kario again. “I asked him why he wants to build this promising company here and not in Germany then and he said this:’You’re thinking I am not patriotic enough? Let me tell you this: Our government is going the wrong way about this. They are going against progress and against the market and the economy. They chose the way of senseless regulating, restricting and manipulating the people and if they go further down this path those politicians will govern us back into the Stone Age by banning and over regulating all kinds of shit in the name of the environment without their measures actually helping, achieving or solving anything. They are not business friendly, they throw stones over stones over stones in your way if you want to open a new business and start something. I’d rather my nation would be governed differently but that’s not the case. So until they come around and see that this leads to nowhere good I have no other choice than to take this idea abroad. And here I am, offering you this opportunity. Jobs for the high-qualified and low-qualified, a brand in your region, something that upgrades the location. You can take it or leave it, if you leave it, I’ve got contacts in Russia and China as well.’” “I had my staff check this for a possible catch but there was none. None at all. So I took the offer.” the blond stated. “And Jens wants to have the building process finished within a year maximum and the company should start to work and produce right thereafter. So this will be a project that needs some attention.” the governor spoke. “Maybe you could ask Jens if he has a career to suggest or offer there for you? I could arrange a meeting. He seemed to like you better than he liked me that’s for sure.” Devon laughed and then he turned to the TV. The pause from talking was enough for him to feel the tiredness and he was fighting against his eyes falling shut.
  9. Ashfield didn’t have any idea what’d await him opening the first present and his boyfriend had done well making this enthralling. The blond considerately and carefully unwrapped the present and when he opened the box his golden eyes fell onto a book with a leather cover and a green ribbon. It was a beautiful book indeed but there was no title on the cover. He picked it up and opened it and there was a little confusion to see when he realised that the book was empty. Sure one could always use paper but Ashfield found that the book was too nice to just scribble work stuff into it or make notes on its pages. It wasn’t like he was an artist and he hadn’t written any stories or made sketches and notes for artists and architects for them to realise his visions decently in years either. Thus the nice book was definitely rising the question what he shall do with it. Fortunately he had Kario who explained the meaning to him and suddenly there was this shine, this glimmer in his golden eyes that had already been deemed lost before he had met the black haired male and he suddenly understood the value of the book and saw it in a completely different light, not just a nice book, that looked too nice to write something into. “That’s awesome! It’s a marvellous idea!” he rejoiced with an enthusiasm that was bordering on euphoria to fill the book with memories and anecdotes, to conserve the feelings that went with them for eternity to revisit. “It’s something you put photos and tickets from events and things like those into, isn’t it? And then you can watch it together while drinking a nice glass of wine, listening to music, dwelling in nostalgia.” the billionaire imagined. It was the first time Ashfield would have something like that. His family had never randomly taken photographs, the hadn’t owned photo albums at all. They had only had professionally made photographs and framed portraits, photos from articles in the news papers and only had taken photos of achievements because those were all that had mattered. So if Devon had won a trophy, his father had taken a picture of him and the trophy to memorise a victory of the Ashfield family. But there had never been casual photos of fun moments or the like. His parents had not cared if something hadn’t been marketable or served to further the brand. Hearing that Kario found that the first entry could be connected to his mother’s gift or his own only made him more curious about those and he was more hasty when unwrapping the second gift. When he found himself looking at an apron an eyebrow shot up in question as he wasn’t quite getting it. “You don’t expect me to cook now do you?” he asked because he really couldn’t cook and he knew that Kario knew it. “Or does it mean that you’ll cook for me from now on?” he asked with a smirk, finding that idea a lot more appealing than doing anything in the kitchen himself. The black haired had something to say about the apron as well though and apparently it was his own apron and his mum was giving it to them to make some nice new memories together with it. And when his lover smiled at him that warmly and happily Ashfield beamed back at him not any less brightly. It appeared that there was another item under the apron though and it was yet another book. This one looked used though and when Ashfield took the book with the purple ribbon from the box and opened it this one wasn’t empty but filled with handwritten recipes for cooking and baking. He didn’t know what caused it but looking at the book gave him a familiar and cosy feeling. He imagined a family standing in the kitchen together preparing a meal for a holiday celebration with their own traditional family recipes that everyone had been looking forward to. And this time he had gotten it right. It was a book passed down from generation to generation in Kario’s family where everyone added their own recipes and it was not only a lovely tradition, it was an honour to Ashfield to be given that book by the other man’s mother. Not only that it also showed that they really welcomed him into their family and that they approved of their relationship and saw it as something worthwhile, something that would last and that they wished them well and to stay together. Knowing that actually left him speechless! And being a professional politician and a businessman he usually wasn’t ever speechless. He just stared at the book with glowing golden orbs before he turned his gaze to Kario who was telling him that he had planned for them to make hot chocolate together and that one of them – and he suggested Devon to – wear the apron and that this could be their first entry for the scrapbook. Devon was still overwhelmed with happiness about all of this and to be allowed to feel a part of the other’s family that he remained without words. Instead of speaking he took the other male’s face between his hands and kissed him passionately and lovingly. “I love you Kario! This is wonderful! I don’t think I’ve ever got such a sweet birthday present.” Even people like Jeff and Sven who had thought about what to get Ashfield hadn’t done something this personal and unique as they had still been holding onto the idea that the gift had to be something impressive while now what appeared to be the most unimpressive thing he had ever gotten impressed him the most of them all. “I want every page of the empty book to be filled with an unforgettable memory. And I will make sure that this year will be a remarkable one for the two of us despite my work, I promise you that. “ he assured the other, still holding his face between his hands, pressing another short kiss onto his lips. “I probably won’t come up with a new recipe but you can try new stuff and experiment in the kitchen and use me as a test subject.” he grinned. Ashfield had almost completely forgotten that this was not all. That Kario had more in store for him and frankly it would not have been necessary at all, the man was more than happy with what he had already gotten from Kario and his parents and it was already the highlight of his birthday – alongside getting re-elected as an openly gay man – already. While Devon took the apron in an attempt to wear it as the other had asked him to the dark haired male was opening the recipe book at the right page and taking the apron the Governor got concerned that this would not fit him. That he would be too broad. Kario was rather slim after all but when he carefully put it on hoping not to rip it apart he figured that aprons weren’t like shirts or trousers and that it was fitting him okay. Upon trying to read the instructions he struggled though. “Wait a second.” he excused himself and went into the living room to get his reading glasses and when he found them he looked at them and sighed. He probably would soon need glasses all the time and then look even more like Andrew Ashfield. Well, he could try contact lenses but he couldn’t stand the feeling of something in his eye. At least Kario liked him with his glasses on. Returning to the kitchen with the reading glasses on his nose he gave the other a smile. “I am back.” he said, took the book and intently read through the instructions. “I see. I guess I can give it a try.” Ashfield supposed. “I mean it sounds easy enough…. But that’s probably misleading.” he laughed and started to do as it said in the instructions, glad for the insightful tips his lover added. When everything was done, the kitchen a mess and two cups of hot chocolate were standing before them, Devon smiled. It looked a lot better than his usual attempt and he was actually quite proud of himself. Then however, he suddenly got an idea and a craving and went to the wall where exquisite liquors were stored and he took an expensive rum and returned to the counter, pouring some of it into one cup of the hot chocolate. “Do you want some too?” he asked his boyfriend, pointing at the rum. Then, the bottle of rum in his left hand, he pulled his phone out of his pocket and placed himself at one side of the two cups on the counter, asking Kario to stand at the other side before he took the first photo of them for their new book.
  10. Daniel was like an inferno. There was no restrain, no shyness, no muffled down voice, the brunette male let go completely and gave Rex his everything in return. Fucking him was like being caught up in the heat of a passionate explosion. And when Daniel came and the tight constriction of the muscle threw Hutson over the edge as well, after all that time of not having slept with anyone, cumming inside of the other man felt like all the fireworks from around the globe on New Year’s Eve were going off in his body and his brain at once. The blond was breathing heavily into his boyfriend’s ear, pressing a kiss onto his seventh cervical vertebra before he pulled out his cock, causing some sperm to leak out of the somewhat gaping anus of the other male. His mind was still mush from the fireworks in his head and he didn’t have the time for any coherent thoughts, when Danny already turned around towards him, wrapped his arms around his neck and pulled the blond man down towards himself making their noses touch. What he was told then threw him into a bit of a leap and made him ask himself whether the other was flattering him, overplaying this or whether it as actually how he felt about this, about him. Given that Rex had thought that he might be rusty as hell and wouldn’t be enough and too conservative for a former sex worker that reaction seemed almost too good to be true. The former soldier and security guard however decided to believe that Daniel had loved this as much as he said – there wasn’t a reason to lie, he could have just said nothing at all, Rex wasn’t a client, he wasn’t paying, there was no reason to act, no benefit to it – and it put those concerns he had had prior at rest and made him give the other a slight smile, that immediately got covered by his lover’s lips. Rex embraced the other, wrapping his arms around him, holding him tightly, throwing a great deal of emotion into that slow kiss as he wasn’t the type to say many words about the sex he had had after he had slept with someone. When the kiss broke and Daniel took his hand and placed a kiss onto it there was a slight expression of surprise on his face and thereafter the smile returned and grew. The blond man gently kissed the other’s neck and nudged his jaw with his nose, before whispering into his ear: “I like you Daniel. A lot.” It was undoubtedly true. Certainly odd! Maybe still baffling and the most unfitting match one could imagine – one of those dating apps would have probably, instead of matching them, marked each other’s profile with a biohazard symbol or simply the sign for death – but true. That former hooker was the first man he had gotten romantic feelings and this sort of affection for and the first with whom he could share intimacy after Sebastian had died and he felt good about it, warm, at ease, an ease that he had missed, an ease and satisfaction he could only feel when a guy meant something to him. If there was no bond, no connection it didn’t work and ought to be a disaster. It would have then made him angry and aggressive about himself and lash out as it had happened with the two attempted one night stands. But this was different. Much different. It had been a great moment, he had loved to share this with the other and he had found it valuable and meaningful. Hearing the roar of thunder near them he looked at the horizon, up into the sky and the slight smile on his face grew wide and his blue eyes started to shine. The storm had caught up on them. Could it get any better? If there was anything close to perfection it was this! However he was probably the only one who’d think that. “Why?” he thus asked when the brunette man suggested that they should get going before he realised that kissing naked in a storm probably hadn’t had the same appeal to Daniel than it had to him. Being asked about the other’s jacket and the tissues inside of the chest pocket Rex stepped towards the Jeep and got their clothing from the backseats, laying them down onto the ground for them to pick up before he got two rolls of paper towels out of the car throwing one towards Daniel to catch, using the other one to clean his dick from any remains of cum. While he was picking up his clothes, started to get dressed again his lover was curiously examining the huge box full of sex toys and condoms and the like that had never reached its destination at Roger’s wife’s place. “I suppose they wanted free shipping and to avoid ordering another time.” Hutson guessed and shrugged as he couldn’t really see a scenario where that hippy and Roger’s wife needed that much stuff in a short amount of time. Maybe they did though because they had nothing else than sex in their lives and relationship, who knew. “I drive this damn box around since what feels like an eternity now. I have thought about dropping it off at Roger’s wife’s place but Roger would probably feel like I betrayed him and I don’t actually want to get involved in that mess more than I already am, what was being the driver.” the man explained. “Roger drives me nuts sometimes. There are moments in which I don’t know why I am still friends with him myself.” Rex told brunette. But he knew. Distancing from Roger would leave him with only the tinfoil-hat nutcases he surrounded himself with and would make it worse, Rex and David were his only strings to reality and the only ones who at least tried to talk some kind of sense into him with sometimes more and sometimes less success. “We had to drive hours to get to the post office box Roger diverted her mail to. He and this crazy creationist bloke had come up with this brilliant plan. I mean I had to listen to plenty creationist gibberish throughout my life. Even from my parents but that was a whole other level. The dude thought the Earth was flat and that humans had coexisted with dinosaurs and the dinosaurs had displeased god so he killed them. It’s always an adventure meeting Roger’s online friends in real life.” Hutson shook his head. “He once brought a guest who was very keen on demonstrating that human bodies didn’t fit into ovens. So he tried to get himself into Roger’s baking oven, what obviously didn’t go that smoothly. He wasn’t stopping though, didn’t let anyone speak and when I finally got through to him and told him that crematories were built for bodies, that even most funeral parlours offered this and that while they were technically ovens they were not a kitchen oven he looked at me grimly, wanted to angrily storm out of the oven and yell at me and then realised he was stuck. We had to get him to the hospital because he had disjointed his hip, his shoulder and his ankle.” Once Rex was fully dressed in the suit he had been wearing before again he stepped over to the box to get it back into the car when the other man asked him a surprising question that he had not reckoned with. Hutson’s blue eyes looked into the green ones. “Well, I said I wasn’t a pervert.” he corrected and then added. “No, I never tried any of this stuff.” the man answered and clicked his tongue. “I never liked them.” he started, finding that his dislike for sex toys he had never tried difficult to explain especially because he had not tried them and thus couldn’t criticise them in that regards. “I find that they stand for exactly that brainless, self-satisfying hedonistic and decadent philosophy and mindset of today’s society that I don’t like. Serving only the strive for purposeless maximised individual pleasure as the goal and ‘value’ – or what one calls one - in life. In addition to that it also stands for a higher, faster, wider mentality, where everything is optimised, standardised and trimmed for efficiency through technology and everyone tries to get as much and many things as possible with the least effort and shortest amount of time just like dating apps and other such phlegm. To achieve the maximum profit for minimum investment! That is a mindset for business but not interpersonal relationships, much less sex.” Rex tried to explain it to the other. “They are one of the many symptoms of decay!” he added. “That stuff, those toys, they, to me, defeat the entire purpose and strip away the meaning, the sacredness of sex!” Hutson said. “The way I see it, sex is an act of intimacy, something that shall always mean something, that is shared with someone you care about, that is an expression of and strengthens a bond, the relationship between two people. If sex however is seen as a mere mechanical act to get off, to serve the only purpose of the own pleasure without any meaning, where it is ‘just sex’ as people often say nowadays, it becomes worthless to me. And sex toys fit exactly into that narrative of sex that is so common today and that I despise so much.” the conservative man ended his explanation and randomly took a toy out of the box holding it up into the air, looking at the bright pink thing painted on a box, looking at it with disgust and disdain in his gaze, before he let it drop back. Since the other man had asked him that and having answered he felt like he could ask a question as well. “So… You and cars!” the man started. “What is it about you not liking to have sex in a car?” the blond was curious. Back on the road, the country music playing in the background, driving through the nature of Virginia, there was something else coming to the veterans mind, something more serious and not so fun to talk about, something that some people would have misunderstood but they were both middle aged men and Rex found that they should be able to talk about things like these without feeling offended. “We should get tested.” he broke the silence. “Both of us. Together. I am sure that we could relax a lot more if we knew our status.” the blond man suggested. He had been alive during the AIDS epidemic. Not only that, he had also lived in a community where it had been painted as a disease that only gay men got, that if someone was gay he would inevitably die of AIDS because god had send AIDS to punish homosexuals for their sins. While it had terrified him as a young lad he was old and intelligent enough to know that all of this was a bunch of bollocks but the fatality of the epidemic and the potential threat of dying from an STD – even though medication and treatment was much better today – was ingrained in him and thus this was something he was cautious about. Having been in a stable, loving monogamous relationship with Sebastian for decades had made the chance of getting infected close to zero since they had been each other’s firsts and both faithful to each other but after that he had had sex – or what one called it – with those two random blokes what he had regretted so much and felt so bad about that he had kind of denied it had ever happened. But truth was that, due to that, he couldn’t tell the other with a 100% certainty that he was clean. Then again the chance was still a lot lower than Danny’s. Sex workers were at a high risk after all, especially prostitutes in a bordello such as the one Daniel had worked in. Hence this would probably be a bigger deal to the other than it was to him. “I won’t reject you if you’re tested positive.” he then added as the landscapes were passing them by and the rain was hammering against the windscreen with massive force as he wanted the other to know this.
  11. Kario’s present was the only one he was really curious about and had been looking forward to. Presents had never been important to Devon because he could buy everything that he wanted to have anyway and in case it wasn’t some seldom antique item he had searched for and had wanted to have but not found and not gotten there was absolutely no way to buy him something he wished for because he simply bought what he wanted to have. Hence it was always about the gesture. With Kario it was different though. Kario was different. For one his present was important to him because he loved the dark haired man and second of all he was sure that the other hadn’t just bought something expensive and exclusive to give him but had put a lot of thought and effort instead of money into it. This was something he absolutely adored about the man that his world wasn’t built on money, profits and luxury goods, that he held different values and that other things were important to him. Hence it fed his curiosity when his boyfriend told him that his present and his parents’ presents coincided. The hints the other dropped didn’t really help him to figure it out much though they merely served to confuse him. Something that they both would get plenty of use out of? He mused. And then he saw that dirty smirk playing around his lover’s lips and his mind went completely off track, followed by an unease and an explosive blush on his face. What had he told his parents? He wouldn’t tell his parents about their sex life now would he? No. Had that been the case Kario’s father wouldn’t have been that nice during the party he was certain. His confusion was furthered though when the other man said that he could open the gifts on the sofa or they could go where he could receive all three gifts at once because the first thought popping up on his mind was the bedroom. It turned out that Kario had meant a room that Ashfield barely ever used though and thus wouldn’t have thought about in a trillion years – the kitchen! Devon laughed about himself. “The kitchen! Of course!” the blond man smiled, still chuckling. “Alright. Lead me into the kitchen then.” he decided anticipating to finally get to know what the other man would give him for a birthday present. And once they got up from the sofa he gave the black haired male his hand and let him pull him into the kitchen. His kitchen was shining luxuriously as always. It looked exactly the same as it had looked when it had been first built about eight or ten years ago. And although the kitchen was designed neatly and he had taken thought into it as well it was the only room that didn’t tell a story and that didn’t have any self designed statues in it. “Here we are.” Ashfield said and sat on the counter looking into Kario’s dark eyes.
  12. He found himself tempted. The noises and movements of his lover’s body, the other’s muscle clinging onto and trying to choke his fingers as well as the almost desperate, greedy way Danny pressed his arse against Rex’s hand. It was hot. It was turning him on again. So how was he going to resist and turn the other man down when he on top of that told him that he needed it harder and that what he really wanted was the blond to fuck him? Fucking Daniel! That was exactly what Hutson wanted himself! There was just that one thing though, if he went over to where their clothes were to get the keys to his car, then go over to his car, grab the box and return to Daniel the moment would be pretty much ruined. It was a bit of a hassle really. However he didn’t want to leave the other man unsatisfied and he wanted to give him what he wanted, what he probably had wanted for a while now. Hence he made a decision and in the next moment he didn’t only stand but he was also carrying Daniel as though he was his bride, they weren’t naked but wearing elegant clothing and this was their wedding night and not a road trip. Walking rather quickly and impatiently he went over to throw their clothing over his shoulders before he continued carrying the other over to the last tree that was the closest to the car where he left the other male for a moment. Rex walked over to the car, opened the door, threw their clothes onto the backseat before he searched for the box. He took the entire thing and opened it on his way back to the brunette. The former Major General gesticulated the other to grant him better access to his arse again before he spread the cheeks once more, this time, taking the bottle of vanilla lube drowning both the man’s anus and his fingers in it. The two fingers returned to generously apply the lubricant inside but were soon joined by a third slippery finger to stretch the man’s hole further. Then all three fingers abandoned the other at once, for Rex to then position himself close behind the other male. Hutson was pressing his torso against Danny’s back and his hands were starting to roam over the other male’s body freely. One of his hands was stroking from his thigh upwards, then his pulsating hard cock, after that running through the brown bush that were the man’s pubes, up the happy trail to his navel while the other hand was caressing and touching his chest, brushing over, going in circles around, rubbing and toying his nipples. He started to kiss and bite his neck, his jaw, his lips while he was rubbing and thrusting his hot semi-erect penis between the other’s round arse-cheeks to get fully hard. He didn’t only intensify the movement and the rubbing of his thick cock over the brunette’s anus though, as his own pleasure and arousal grew due to the friction, his hands became rougher and more demanding. One of it was jerking the other’s cock while the other hand was rubbing, pulling and twisting the man’s nipples to then caress them and gently brush over them and then be rough to them again. When Rex’s arousal and temperature had risen to a certain level and his cock was standing like a rod of solid steel, he slightly bit Daniel’s earlobe before licking over it. “Bent over for me a bit.” he breathed into his ear in a hot way filled with desire for the other. He had to let go of him for a moment even though he didn’t want to. He would have liked to get even closer, to be inside of him right in that instant without further ado. Rex did what he had to though and let go of the man, reaching down for the box to grab one of the condoms. He could have asked whether the other man wanted one that had knobs on it or whatever or one that smelled and tasted a certain way but he decided to just go for a normal one as he was too impatient. He had already been too impatient to ask him if he wanted vanilla or strawberry lube and Hutson himself couldn’t care less. Thus the blond put on the condom that fortunately fitted him well and then grabbed the lube and once more drowned Danny’s arse again – he found being stingy with the lube was usually a huge mistake – and then grabbed the former singer by his hips, pulled his arse towards himself and shoved his cock inside that – thanks to the preparations – went in smoothly. He buried his cock deep into Daniel and the hot, tight embrace of the man’s rectum was causing a pleasant feeling and he was taming the wish to ravage him down and at least gave the other a moment to adjust. Once he felt Danny’s muscle relax around him he started to move and made some experimental thrusts to sync his rhythm with the brunette man’s and to find the perfect angle, listening to the responses the other’s body was giving him. It only took the blink of an eye though and after the experimental brushes and pokes onto the man’s prostate he was letting go of the restrains and quickly but gradually increaed the pace and force of his thrusts until he was taking the other man without mercy, taking his everything, taking him completely, his cock hitting onto the man’s prostate like a hammer, giving him the roughness and hardness that he had craved and asked for while he was always touching and stimulating the other male’s body in one way or the other, making sure that their bodies were connected. Sometimes he stroked the other’s dick while he was ravaging his arse or he slapped his arse, kneaded it or let one of his hands trail up the man’s back. He sometimes even teased his nipples or grabbed the man by his thick brown hair, slightly pulling him back to sloppily and wildly kiss him while he was doing him like a maniac. Rex might even have had something martial in some moments but in others his touches were almost tender but no matter what everything he did was filled with passion, care, embrace and desire. The more pleasure Danny felt, the tighter and harder the man’s muscle grabbed onto his cock, the more pleasure he felt as well. Rex was breathing heavily and from time to time growling moans were escaping him, some were almost like a deep roar amongst the occasional pleasured curse. His body radiated heat as though the sun had just risen again and his heart was beating heavily, like a drum. The sparks of pleasure had turned into a wild stream that had overtaken his body and his mind where it had wiped every last thought that had nothing to do with Daniel, their fucking and the amazing feeling that was electrifying his body, while the sound of clashing skin, of his balls slapping against the other’s arse was joining the moans creating a song.
  13. At one point the only thing left in the crowded hall seemed to be him and the screen. His body was tense, his hands were getting sweaty, he felt like he had a rock stuck in his throat that was preventing him from breathing and his heart was beating like the drums in an extreme metal song. Ashfield was eye in eye with the reporter on the screen as if he was a primordial man facing a sabre-tooth tiger. There were so many thoughts running through his mind that his brain failed to compute them and they disgorged into giant puddle of nothingness leaving him unable to think clearly. During the last minute, seconds, before the winner was announced he was feeling his heart that had decided that it, other than Devon himself, was a fan of Death Metal instead of Country now somewhere in his guts and when he was finally relieved from awaiting his judgement the billionaire’s racing mind failed to process the words that had been spoken, the numbers that were shown on the screen as well as the reactions of the people around him who were tuned down and blurred and who hadn’t really reached him during the last minutes. For a moment he just stood there. Stood there like one of his statues. Staring at the screen. And then the message finally got through to him. He. Had. Won! He. Still. Was. The. Governor! And that was when the tension left him and a massive relieve kicked in, followed by a feeling of bliss that lifted him up into the air. Literally. Because he jumped up cheering like Smith did when his favourite football team was winning the Super Bowl. When Kario approached him or rather threw himself at him Ashfield was not only embracing him but he was spinning him around as he was kissing him as though he hadn’t seen him in years and was just returning from abroad and was glad to see him alive and well. “I won!” he exclaimed louder than he usually would, continuing to display a level of unprofessionalism he hadn’t displayed during his entire political career but he didn’t care. After all of this, he was allowing himself this moment without a thought. The new-old Governor was experiencing the rest of the night in a rush. Shaking peoples’ hands, hearing the congratulations of the guests, giving interviews, feeling like a hero because Claris hadn’t gotten him down! She had not managed to ruin him! He had survived this! Survived the ‘Gay Brothel Scandal’. The congratulations from Kario’s parents meant a lot to him especially considering how they thought about politics and politicians as a whole so it was definitely a highlight amongst all the people who expressed their approval of him winning. The old Senator seemed to be glad that his recommendation hadn’t ruined Ashfield’s career after all, even Jens Benninghofen looked pleased with the outcome which of course wasn’t because he had taken a sudden liking into Devon but because of the plans for international business and corporation the blond politician and the magnate from the German steel industry had made that could now continue. Maybe he was just imagining things but he had had the feeling that he had actually gained some respect from Jens for the plans because Ashfield didn’t care that it wasn’t well received in Washington because it was an active step against their current line of politics. However the man really didn’t care about the enemies he was making when it came to this. Free trade, economic freedom, these had always been values that the Ashfields had held high and sacred almost and economic protectionism by the government was the exact opposite of that and he wouldn’t stand for it. And this night not even Harvey’s face could ruin the high he felt and when great uncle Cornelius patted his shoulder saying:”Congratulations Andrew! It’s about time. About time we’ve got an Ashfield as President. I know you’ll make our nation proud.”, he didn’t even care to correct him and just smiled widely saying:”Absolutely, thank you uncle Cornelius!” to the ancient man. The mood in the hall had shifted a great deal in general. Even Stewart, despite the drama that had been going on with his wife and his mistresses, was almost smiling as he approached Kario and him and as most of them did he didn’t only shake Ashfield’s hand but Kario’s as well lacking the animosity he had shown the black haired man previously. It appeared that now, that his candidate had won, he wasn’t seeing as much a threat for his success anymore and couldn’t really care less whether he was with Ashfield or not. During the time on stage, the time of his speech, the rush, the high, that incredible feeling of victory that had his system overflowing with dopamine was continuing and not cooling down just one bit. Actually the speech just intensified the rush and the fact that he had Kario standing back on stage behind him made it even more glorious for him. Before it had always only been his parents. And his father had tried to keep the black haired man from entering the stage as it made the relationship appear more official but he hadn’t succeeded as Devon had held the black haired male’s hand when he had gone up there. And even Andrew Ashfield’s attempts of shoving the younger man back, overshadowing and blocking the view at him got thwarted by his wife Devlin who slapped his arm, corrected his posture and whispered something into his ear, what would make some embarrassing picture of the imperator of the Ashfield Corporation. All of that Ashfield Junior didn’t see and notice though, he was busy with giving the speech and oh boy was he giving the speech. The man had written two speeches, one in case he’d win and one in case he’d lose and he was so glad that he didn’t have to read the ‘loser speech’ that it made this speech extraordinarily great to hold. When he was at the end of the speech he held in for a moment to think and then he did something he hadn’t planned, he improvised to say something that felt important to him in that moment. He talked about what he had gone through during the last weeks, what he had feared and how glad he was to see that his fear had not come true and how proud he was of the people and their state and that his win was a sign, a message, that disproved the negative stereotypes that many people had against the people in their state. That the fact that he could win an election and be their governor as a – now – visibly gay man was defying those who thought they were all reactionary. Yes, he had gone off track with the speech but he felt great about it. He generally felt great about this birthday now, forgetting how exhausting he had found the entire thing earlier and the celebration got a little later after all and the exhaustion and tiredness was wiped away by the rush he felt that made him believe that he could pull out trees with his bare hands. Nonetheless he headed home before the party would come to an end. He had said his farewell to some people, including Kario’s parents, and had then left together with his boyfriend. The only presents that were laying in his car was the one from Kario’s parents, the entire rest would be delivered to his mansion the next day. The blond man was singing along to Dolly Parton in his car happily - his heart had stopped playing Death Metal for good for tonight - even though he sang as badly as he danced and he was pretty much looking forward to let the night fade away together with his lover in his mansion, not even caring about or paying any mind to the security convoy that was accompanying his car in case someone was a little too unhappy with his re-election and decided that they wanted to get rid of him at all costs. Once back in his mansion and in his living room the lights were turned on and Ashfield reliably threw his tie and his jacket onto one of his favourite statues, slipped out of his shoes which he left where he had taken them off and jumped over the backrest of his leather sofa, throwing himself down on it, taking a deep, satisfied breath, an accomplished grin on his face. He sat back up the next moment and looked at his boyfriend. “Soooo….” he said before he grabbed the man and pulled him over the backrest onto the sofa with himself, smirking as he was lying down, holding the other, pressing a kiss onto his lips. “…. shall I unwrap your parents’ presents first or would you like to give me your present first?” he asked, curious what the black haired male had in store for him, what surprise was awaiting him after the rollercoaster that had been this campaign and election day.
  14. “Oh!” came from Rex rather drily when he learned that Daniel had gotten what he had planned to do but didn’t like to have sex in cars. Fair enough, he thought, although he asked himself why the brunette man didn’t like to do it in cars specifically. Were it the technicalities with the limited space, the atmosphere – even though one could argue that a car compared to the brothel the other had worked in was a romantic paradise – or had he made unpleasant experiences in that regard? He was asking himself this because he himself had made some of his most intimate and great sexual memories in cars. With a storm in their back that they had just driven out of after taking pictures and experiencing it and the wilderness around them while they were embracing each other, bathing in pleasure, just the two of them and the car surrounded by the strong forces of nature. Not that Rex and Sebastian hadn’t done it directly in nature or at the weirdest, sometimes not unsafe, threatening environments, where they had suddenly felt the overwhelming need to be close and to touch each other! Daniel was apparently asking himself something different though and that was about the box he had mentioned and the shorter man soon inquired on it. “Yeah, Roger’s toy box! Or rather the sex toy box of Roger’s wife that Roger had stolen out of her mail and then left in my car. Long story.” Hutson shrugged. “No worries, I was not planning on using those weird toys. Just the normal, necessary stuff. I’m not a pervert.” the conservative man felt the need to clarify. Right after he had declared that he would certainly not complain if Daniel gave him a blowjob at the shore of the lake he was dragged out of the water by the other and he liked how eager the man seemed to get to sucking his dick already. As soon as he stepped out of the water he felt a breeze that appeared colder than it actually was against his heated, thick throbbing rod that screamed to ravage that luscious arse of the other. Rex’s eyes were greedily taking in Danny’s backside as he was pulled behind him and peering at that bubble butt was setting his most primal needs and cravings free and made him want to get the man, jump him and take him relentlessly. Once Daniel stopped and turned towards him Rex was meeting the emerald eyes with a gaze that was filled with his carnal desires that showed when he returned his lover’s heated kiss with wild lust. The forceful separation of their lips causing the urge to protest and pull the man over again but he never got to it and there was no need for it either because the next thing he saw was Daniel drenching his own fingers in saliva before he felt them on his rock hard manhood that twitched slightly in response to the touch. Feeling those fingers brushing over his length down to his glans, up and down again, rubbing his fingers against it, the heat was starting to rise and a pleasant feeling to grow that made him long for more, actual stimulation but with the touches and the anticipation came a tension, bordering on nervousness that accompanied it and made him a little stiff and not fully able to let go and let himself be carried away by the other. His boyfriend seemed to know what to do though and when Daniel started to massage his scalp and let kisses trail along his earlobe, jaw and neck the blond male finally relaxed and granted himself to enjoy the touches he was given, even laying his head slightly to the side to give Danny more space. When the other man went onto his knees before him and got to business it gradually became crystal clear that he was sucking dick as though sperm was his life elixir, as though he’d do nothing else. There was no denying the level of professionalism and that this man had not only sucked the same man’s cock during his entire life like Hutson who only knew the taste of Sebastian’s penis. And when he had been young, a teenager, he had not even sucked his former boyfriend’s cock either and hadn’t even given it much attention to start with. It had not been that he had not wanted to, heck, he had found Sebastian’s cock gorgeous and alluring and had wanted to suck him badly, but he had refrained from it feeling like he really shouldn’t want to suck another man’s penis, that he shouldn’t be turned on by the idea. Clinging onto the thought that if he didn’t do that, if he only fucked the other’s arse, he would be less gay and thus reprehensible and more respectable of a man in his parent’s and neighbours worldview. For this to change had taken a desperate Sebastian to say “I have a cock too you know.” in a deeply hurt and rejected tone of voice that one year when they had spend the summer break at Sebastian’s uncle’s place in Europe, followed by:“Would you rather want me to be a girl?” and Rex finding his boyfriend’s sketch book a few days after that where Sebastian had always drawn into what had been on his mind back in the day and thus he had found out what the other teen had fantasised about and that he had wished for Rex to suck his dick and eat his arse really badly as he had drawn the blond doing this for him for Hutson to finally give in and stop caring what other people would think about him if he was a male who enjoyed sucking dick, because if he could not do it for his own sake he had wanted Sebastian to be happy and feel loved and show him that he loved his body and certainly didn’t want him to be girl. And he had never regretted that he was sucking cock after that and once he had sucked Sebastian off the first few times he had soon gotten really comfortable and confident doing that, liking it, losing the shame he had felt about this before. But he certainly would never suck some rando’s cock. Sucking those one night stand’s dicks had never even reached his mind; it would have been absurd to him. Well, did Rex approve of Daniel’s former profession as a whore? Certainly not! Would it piss him off to think about all the scum that had fucked him before and to hear Roger ridicule him because his new boyfriend had been a prostitute? Absolutely! But, damn, he sucked well and all those thoughts or any thoughts at all, were far away in that moment, he was just enjoying the benefits of it in what was done to him with such a skilled mouth and tongue, such expertise. Feeling that wet hot tongue sliding around his hardness, going around his glans in circles before he started to suck his tip, made sparks of pleasure shoot through him and more blood down into his pulsating dick and Rex, almost automatically, got his hands down onto Danny’s head, caressing and playing with the brown mane of hair. Having the other suck him that devotedly, his glans coated by the wet softness of his mouth, the tongue sliding around it, he wished that the other would take his length all the way down to the balls into his mouth. And as though the other could feel the growing want of Huston to fuck his throat the former prostitute let the throbbing penis slide in, taking the entire thing into his mouth with ease as though it was nothing. The tightness wrapping around the head of his cock when his dick penetrated Daniel’s throat was incredible and a strong feeling of blissful pleasure was rushing through Rex, his fingers grabbing into the other man’s hair more firmly. As Danny started to bob his head the former soldier couldn’t control himself any longer and he automatically started to rock his hips in sync with the rhythm, his boyfriend’s tight throat chocking his cock making him feel so good that the pleasure was consuming him. There was nothing left on his mind than his dick continuously forcing itself into the other man’s throat, the increasing movements of his hips and the electrifying feeling of ecstasy that it caused and that Rex wanted to feel more intensely, that he wanted to bath in, to drown in. A deep, roaring growl of pleasure was coming out of the tall man’s chest as he thrusted back into Danny’s mouth, the grip into the man’s brown hair getting stronger and stronger the better the blond felt and he instinctively pressed Daniel’s head towards himself , he couldn’t help it. “Fuck!” he moaned. “Shit!” a deeply pleased cursed came over his lips as he let himself go, laying his neck slightly into his back. He knew that he couldn’t keep that up for long anymore, he knew that he was close, getting nearer and nearer towards the edge as his muscles were tightening up and his breath a hot, laboured panting mess, his heart racing as though he was running a marathon. Rex felt like he was about to explode, he yearned for his release at this point and after a few more thrusts his muscles constricted, the veins on his body visibly popping out and he lost his rhythm bucking up into the other’s mouth. “Fuck! Yeah!” he growled, his face torn in pleasure that was making his mind go fully blank, completely ruled by the amazing feeling of his climax. His dick twitching as he erupted, shooting the first load of cum down his throat before he shot the second one right thereafter. Letting his cock plop out of the other male’s mouth he stood there, panting, his heart rate high, his hairy chest rising and sinking, the wind feeling chilli against his saliva coated dick, his blue eyes looking down towards Daniel. Not even waiting until his breath and heart rate had settled down he grabbed the other man, pulled him up towards himself, held him and entangled him into a fiery kiss, his hands trailing over the shorter body, one closing around the shaft of Danny’s dick, stroking him while their tongues danced. Breaking the kiss he looked into the eyes of the man whose body he had in his grip with affection showing on his usually strict face before his voice under the heavy breathing sounded:“Bend down for me, arse towards me, will you. You can support yourself on those trees over there.” Rex waited and when the other complied he followed him over to the trees and for the man to bend over and present him that hot arse of his. His blue eyes were closely examining the other man and when Danny was bending over his arse-cheeks were slightly spreading granting the former military man a glance onto his tempting, rosy anus and the fuzz of dark hair that was growing around it and the blond felt how the view started to turn him on again and how he wished to ravage that tight little hole. His strong hand was coming down onto Daniel’s left arse-cheek, the sound breaking through the silence and after the slap onto the other’s butt he rubbed his hand over the red skin and then kneaded both arse-cheeks, spreading them open, getting a full view onto the hole and then Rex got down, kneeling into the grass that tickled his hairy legs. Holding the arse-cheeks spread apart he leaned in, his face getting closer, his hot breath brushing over the other’s anus before he let his thumb just as much as brush over it faintly, taking it away again, spitting onto the rosy hole. The former soldier took two fingers and started to apply the saliva over Daniel’s anus, painting patterns, going in circles as though he was an artist and Daniel’s arse the screen he drew on. The man gradually increased the pressure onto the brunette’s arsehole, before he spat on it another time, then onto his index and middle finger starting to poke and prod the hole, squeezing his butt-cheek with the other hand. While he was slowly and one after the other entering the fingers his other hand was reaching for his boyfriend’s balls, massaging them at the same time before he was going over to giving attention to his penis, starting to give it some strokes, then rubbing the glans, shoving his thumb under the foreskin to let it go in circles, then going over to stroking him again, coating the other’s hard manhood in its pre-cum in the process. Having entered the spit covered fingers he felt the tight constriction of the other man’s sphincter around them and he gave him time to adjust and relax his fingers before he started to move and press onto his lover’s prostate, starting to massage it whilst giving him a handjob, casually licking, kissing and sucking on the man’s balls occasionally.
  15. The tension caused by anger and shame got relieved somewhat when he felt his boyfriend’s hand on his own. Ashfield intertwined his fingers with Kario’s under the table and the words he spoke to him were like honey in a bitter tea to him. “The thought about your birthday present is the only thing that keeps me going here.” the blond man whispered with a slight smile on his lips, pressing them onto the younger male’s cheek. And indeed all he wanted at this point was to finally know whether he had won or lost and to then go home and entrust himself to his lover, wishing the man would spoil him a little. Not to mention that he was horny for him as well. It felt like it had been an eternity since they had last fucked even though it had barely been about a week now. Andrew Ashfield however was getting incredibly pissed that his agitation against his son and his son’s boyfriend didn’t have the wanted effect. It had seemed as though he had managed to shame Devon for the behaviour he didn’t like for a moment but then Kario had taken that burden away and neither his son nor the black haired man seemed to care about it anymore, touching each other in front of his very eyes, showing affection. This, to the business magnate, was blatant disrespect of his authority and his person and he would not accept it and not be ignored. He certainly didn’t let some sissy rat gain more influence and control over his son than he had. Thus he turned to Clarence again. “Give me an hour with your son Clarence and I’ll turn that wobbly conspiracy theorist into much less of a disappointment and disgrace and a better heir than my poor excuse for a son.” Ashfield Senior stated and the chubby old man was looking at the phone and then at his old friend not thinking that Andrew tempering with Henry, who was as depressed as he was racist, would have been a good idea at all. He was too shy to say that though as he didn’t want to offend Andrew and hence said nothing when the other man continued. “I am sure that he would never be that much of a weak moron to let some stupid low class skank play him like a fiddle to rip him off and exploit him for his money because his cock does the thinking for him.” the silver haired man with the icy gaze hissed loudly, taking a breath to continue, feeling like punishing Devon for ignoring him and keeping that whore against his advice. “Oh shut up Andrew!” a voice spoke firmly and angrily in a tone that clearly showed how much the person despised Andrew Ashfield. Leilani’s gaze was full of loathe when her dark eyes stared directly into Andrew’s without giving him an inch. “Devon has nothing but been the perfect son to you and you always failed to appreciate that. You on the other hand, you have been the disgrace and the disappointment as a father. God, you’re probably the worst father I have ever gotten to know. You have been nothing but controlling, cold and cruel to your son. It always broke my heart to see this back when he was little and I always wanted to take him with me and his grandfather and give him a warm and loving home he deserved. Your father said you got this elitist coldness from your mother but frankly I don’t care, you are a shitty father and a bad person!” she stated and Andrew looked baffled for a moment because no one had ever back talked to him like that but then he got extremely angry. “What else to expect from a Taiwanese illegal slut who did the same thing with my father as to support what this immoral little shit does and how my son is acting like a blind moron.” he started but the woman from Hawaii didn’t let him get any further. “Spare me the Taiwanese thing; it gets old after almost half a century. You are like a broken record repeating the same dumb things again and again and repeating something doesn’t make it true and doesn’t make it less moronic either.” she barked at him. “I really wished that he would have had a loving and caring mother at least but instead he seemed to have no mother at all. Just an ignorant narcissist who cared about clothing more than her own son and who left him completely alone, showing him how uninteresting he was to her.” Leilani ranted. “You know what; it is a wonder that Devon has turned out this great with such horrible, incompetent parents! He is a good and successful person and none of this has anything to do with either of you!” she stated and at this point Ashfield’s father looked as though he wanted to shoot her right then and there but not even he would be able to buy himself out of that so he didn’t do it. Instead Devlin Ashfield, gulping down a lump in her throat was raising from her chair but she didn’t say anything to Leilani, she didn’t even look at her. Devon’s mother just grabbed her glass and slightly knocked her knife onto it, making the glass sound melodically through the room. Once the people got quiet and she had their attention the woman went away from the table a little so that everyone could see her well enough and the Governor buried his face in his hands. “And here it comes.” he stated muffled down by his own hands. He didn’t want to look and if he could he would have liked to hold his ears shut. His mother, year after year, searched for the most embarrassing stories from his childhood, all of them presented in a way that made her look as though she had been the perfect mother and would draw attention onto her. And this time, after Leilani had called her a bad mother, she would probably give a speech that was worse than all the previous once combined. However when his mother started to speak he was slowly removing his hands from his face since there was no childhood story. Instead she was saying how proud she was of him, addressing the scandal that had struck him lately and how he had not been letting this get him down, how he had continued to fight and worked even harder. She was talking about how, despite all that, she was finally seeing him happier than he had been for a long time, how this made her glad about his relationship and that he wasn’t hiding anymore because her son had nothing to hide. She talked about what a lovely couple the two of them were and how they reminded her of when she had first fallen for Andrew, adding the joke that the two of them had been a lot feistier though. It got more serious when she pointed out how awful she found it that he had had to take all the harassment for being gay, that she really hoped that the people would turn out better than that in the end and see that her son was a hard working and smart man who had the best interests of the state in mind. Stating that she found it appalling how being gay could still affect ones career and that it should just be normal at this point and that powerful men shouldn’t have to hide themselves for who they loved. Then she did say something about his childhood but nothing embarrassing, she referred to how he had always been somewhat different but how he had also been really talented and ambitious and how she was happy and glad to have a son like him and that she didn’t want him to change wishing him a happy birthday. Once she was finished the old senator applauded even louder than everyone else totally feeling the speech, even getting up from his chair, accidentally hitting the guy next to him with his elbow. When Devlin Ashfield returned to the table and sat down on her seat she had tears glistering in her eyes and she looked at her son, reaching out her gloved hand to pat his saying:”Happy birthday Devon.” to him another time, this time a lot less theatrical and his mother’s speech had made Andrew Ashfield go rather silent, not even complaining about her comparing their love to Devon’s and Kario’s even though he definitely disagreed wholeheartedly. This moment had been unexpectedly and utterly positive for the blond male as he had never heard his mother say that she was glad to have him or happy that he was her son and this lifted him up some more and helped him to go and face the screen to wait for the results with the other guests more energetically and positively. Standing there, looking at the screen he was growing more and more nervous internally when the reality of this hit him. If he lost it would be over soon now. He would not be the Governor anymore and his political career would be at its end. He squeezed his boyfriend’s hand as the tension grew within him and as though he could read his doubts Smith placed himself next to him, took a gulp from the beer that he was drinking thanks to Jens and Harvey who have gotten it before, looking at the screen and then at Devon when he asked:” What are you going to do if you lose fag?” Ashfield Junior looked at him with his golden eyes. “I’m going to make a vacation in Sweden.” he answered with a sarcastic smile aware that Smith would not get what he was referring to. “What? Sweden? Why would you go there? Their immigration policy was so bad that half of it is now under Sharia law already?” the handsome bodyguard stated and Ashfield raised an eyebrow. “Where did you get that from?” he wanted to know. “I read it online. The ‘Jonas Show’ reported on it first I think!” Smith let him know and Devon nodded knowingly as it was quite telling. “Aha. I mean if that fat dude yells it into the camera it has to be true. I think I’ll risk a trip there anyway.” The bodyguard didn’t say much to this though and instead asked another question. “What’s with your whore? Will you take your whore out on the vacation?” the man was curious talking about Kario as if he wasn’t there and wasn’t a real person to start with. “Don’t call my boyfriend a whore! He is not a whore, Smith and you will not call him one!” Devon demanded the other but this left Smith unimpressed. “It’s a fact though Ashfield. You might not like it but your gay boyfriend is a whore. I have seen it. He awaited us on a bed naked and your dad bought him from a brothel for you. He is basically your sex slave.” the bodyguard declared and Devon looked as though something had gotten stuck in this throat and Smith had spat him in the face at the same time. “He was selling sex, yes but he is not anymore. I ripped the contract. He is not my whore and absolutely never was my sex slave, what the hell Smith!” the politician sighed. “We are a normal couple and if he wants to go on any vacation with me he can and if he doesn’t want he doesn’t have to.” the man made that very clear. “Huh? And you really think he doesn’t only keep fucking your old arse because he wants your money and that life standard?” the bodyguard found. “He isn’t fucking my arse at all and you sound like my father.” Ashfield countered and Smith grinned. “Your father is a wise man.” he stated and Devon didn’t say anything to that. Hence Smith looked at the screen again. “I am really curious how that’ll go out. I voted for you!” he told him and genuine surprise was written over Ashfield’s face. “You did what now?” he asked completely baffled. “You voted for me?” he asked a confirmation. Smith snorted. “Yeah, obviously.” he said as though the question was completely obsolete as the answer was obvious. “Do you think I vote for that inane Commie cunt because you’re a faggot?” Smith rhetorically asked. “Hell no!” he answered the question himself and the blond still looked somewhat unbelieving. And for the first time he thought that his chances of winning probably had been a lot better than he had initially thought if even someone like Smith had voted for him.
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