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Hello darlings! It's lovely to see you here.




Down bellow you'll find my guidelines. Please make sure you read everything and that we're compatible before approaching me.




1. Please write above 2 paragraphs. The longer the better.


2. I can play any position as I'm versatile. [You know the drill I can either be seme/seke/uke and I prefer them in this order].


3. I do have a tendency to play dominant characters that end up topping. That's just a preference but I honestly don't give a damn about sexual positions and my best gig is going with the flow. If you throw some dominance struggles in the mix I will love you forever.


4. I can't play extremely submissive characters. I mean my characters would never completely submit to anyone, they might become more obedient but don't expect them to fully submit. I hate static characters that end up being predictable. My characters would always mess with other people's pace, always take on the competition.


5. I won't do shy/pure/clueless/damsel in distress/no backbone/pillow princess/any other weak stereotypes that are out there. I also don't want to see these dynamics portrayed by my partners as I find them utterly boring.


6. Me being bored would kill off the rp. I'm looking for someone to contribute to the story and keep things entertaining. I'm a bit tired of doing all the work so heads up, this won't hold up for long.


7. I have a life that I need to tend to so please don't ever pester me about replies especially if I tell you I have exams coming up or something I need to focus on.


8. I will try to reply at least 2-3 times per week. I'd like my partner to reply at least once a week/two weeks.


9. I can play S/M dynamics. But I can only portray a sadist, sorry but I'm not a masochist. This is a rather touchy subject for me especially if we go into darker territories such as torture... That being said I will be rather picky about such scenarios.


10. I'm into a lot of kinks [those that are still on the sexy side, let's just stay there and ignore all the gross stuff that's been popular lately]. This can be discussed in private or I might actually make a list or something.


11. I love to talk OOC and even discuss our characters relationship and development. I'm very friendly and open so you can talk to me. I tend to have a better rp experience with people I get along with outside of the rp.


12. I prefer plot over porn. Meaning that I'm not really interested in PWP [Porn without plot]. I like to take my time and build a story, a relationship between our characters. To watch them grow on each other, to follow their development and trail of thoughts. I love complex scenarios and feelings.


13. I adore dark mature themes. Fair warning! Sometimes I can go into deep bat crazy shit. On the other side I also appreciate the occasional fluff so don't be afraid to go there. I do have a preference for psychological approaches and complicated relationships though.


14. I think I also like fantasy/supernatural better that slice of life. Sure I can do slice of life as long as our characters are interesting enough and have a complicated dynamic. We can go into psychology... I'm just saying I'm less keen on taking up a rp that goes like this: our character are lovey-dovey all the time with no conflict, they go shopping for groceries, they do the laundry, they cook, they shower.... I mean please don't give me boring slice of life. Yes, I can do realistic approaches but not focused on doing laundry, ok?


15. Oh about dropping rps. Everyone does and I also do that when I'm not pleased with what I get from my rp partner usually. I won't hold it against you/hate you/be heartbroken and cry my whole life or whatever, you're free to drop it but please let me know. Same with you, if I'm dropping the rp please don't create a scene. Let's just be mature and understanding about this, ok? :)


16. I'm not a native English speaker but I give my best which means that I'm proofreading my replies and using a spellchecker. So please refrain for making mean remarks about my grammar and everything, no nazis allowed. On the other side I also expect my partner to provide a decent reply.




  • I think this would be all for now. Yes, I'm a picky motherfucker... But trust me once you get to know me you'll see I'm a sweetheart [sarcastic little shit]. You'll also see I'm funny and that my rps are rather fun. Now please just don't run away.



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