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To put simply, I'd like a SEKE for this. Or seme. I will not settle for a uke for this rp, sorry.


Here's my character:










Name : Gareth

Nickname: Gar-bear (Only by the people he's close to and family)

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Occupation: None


Bio: Gareth was born on a medium continent called Sabbas. His people are very secluded, all having black hair and black eyes (except for him, he has crystal blue). His people have the ability to shapeshift into dragons. Every year, when the festival occurs on the continent of Traeh (the biggest continent, most populated), a select few fly around all of the continents in a race. Whoever returns first gets a grand prize. Those who simply return are warmly welcomed. And those who never return are presumed dead. Of course the people of Sabbas knew about the other people, the other continents... They were just not interested in mingling.



Sexuality: Unsure

Position: Seke

Relationship Status: Single

Crush: None

Species: Dragon

Dragon: Appears very spiky, mostly black with green highlights.

Powers: Transform into a dragon, flight, fire breath -anything that ties in with dragons basically



Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Crystal Blue

Weight: 180

Height: 6' exactly

Scars: None (Yet)

Tattoos: None

Piercing(s): None

Diseases: None


[FEARS]: Falling from the sky, getting lost, losing, small spaces.


[LIKES]: The colors Black and Forest Green. The woods. Flying.



Dragon form: Depending on his eye color determines the highlights.







The idea was that everyone would have magic powers. I was hoping that your character would have grey eyes, like the Sabbians. Although, if you change that, it's fine. Make your character however you wish.


Sabbas is unreachable by water and nearly air, unless you're a dragon (aka, someone from Sabbas). So no one really sees these dragons except for the festival. And no one especially sees the human form, under any circumstance. I would say that most people are scared of dragons, although very welcoming to them at the festival.


This will probably be my starter post:







Today was the day that Gareth would finally be able to see the world for himself. At the age of 25, that was when Sabbians (Sah- bee- en- s) were declared 'mature' enough to fly. Unfortunately, Gareth's birthday was three days after the event... So he was no old enough to participate last year. Now, he was one of the oldest that would be flying this year. On one hand that didn't bother him too much. What bothered him was the fact that many who were his age teased him because he was the only one who didn't get to go last year. After a Sabbian turned 25 they could then choose to participate in the flight event. Although after the first flight, many tend to stick around.


This event only came around once a year. It was purposely scheduled a whole day ahead of the rest of the world. So that when the dragons took flight, they would arrive when the festival on Traeh would start.


Gareth was just anxious. He was overall excited to venture out. Curiosity pulled at him and every night he wondered what the world looked like outside of Sabbas (Sah- ba- ss). As far as he was concerned, as well as the elders, he was destined to see the world anyway. Unlike his kin, his eyes were of crystal blue... While everyone else was that of stormy grey- all the way to that of the darkest black. At first, when he was little, other children would mock and poke fun at him for being different. But he could not help the way he was born. Gareth was an unhappy child, teen- well almost half of his life. A part of him cursed the fact that he was different while the other part of him felt happy to be unique... Gareth looked forward to the day he find out why he was born 'special'.


However as he got older, meaning, once he was around 15, he stopped caring about what others said or thought. As he got into his 20's he began to dream of the outside world. Sometimes he would sit on the edge, in the sand, staring out trying to see passed the fog. There were few days that he could fully see the horizon. If he was lucky, he could climb a tall tree and see even further, but that was definitely a rare occurrence. The volcano was the source of the fog that shrouded Sabbas. His people were so use to it, that they were not bothered by it.


All thoughts aside, Gareth felt uneasy about today and the rest of the night. He felt like his life would change somehow- If his eyes were anything to go by.


The day started early for Gareth. Much preparations were dealt with. The people of Sabbas had a morning feast, so those who were flying could have strength for the great flight ahead of them. And it was at noon that Gareth stood in front of the elders, about to take off along with six others, three women and three men. He wasn't aiming for the grand prize. Gareth had no intentions of being first- despite the fact that he hated losing. No, the blue eyed male wanted to take his time to see the world. Going at a slow pace he should still be back either the day of or right after his birthday. In a sense, he supposed that he would come back a different man.


After the elders did their ceremonial 'goodbyes', each participant was given a necklace, which had been made the day before. The necklace had one scale on it, a scale that belonged to the participant. In other words, a scale from their dragon form. These necklaces were served as good luck charms. They are a reminder to stay strong, resilient, and to carry on. After the necklace is placed around his neck, permission to fly is thusly granted. Gareth took no time. He said his goodbyes and ran. Almost with haste, mostly out of excitement, Gareth easily transformed into a dragon. As soon as he saw a clearing, he took off.


The air of freedom felt so good going through his lungs. His wings flapped a little harder. Adrenaline coursed through him. He would follow the tradition, like the other dragons, and go in order. Dragons always headed for Vynnaus (Vin- ah- ss) and because of the distance, it usually took the rest of the day. By nightfall they would arrive.


Along the way, Gareth saw wondrous things. Giants in the sea, he presumed as whales. A sky so clear, he thought he was swimming. It was absolutely glorious. By the time he got to Vynnaus, however, he felt relieved. Traveling such a distance was very tiresome and required a lot of magic. The 7 of them ate like pigs that night and anxiously awaited the morning.


By the time the sun had risen, the dragon were already on their way to Traeh (Trah- eh). The festival was already starting in the early morning. Amongst the people, as a tradition, the people of Sabbas maintained their dragon forms for a whole day- and then some. Gareth knew that as soon as he would arrive, or from what he was told, the people would greet him. Offerings would be shared... And basically it would be a big party across each nation.


It was almost noon when they finally arrived. Out of all the dragons, Gareth didn't realize until now, he was apparently the scariest... So none of the children were coming to him. How strange it was to see people of many different cultures come to see his kin. Yet, even as an hour had past, no one dared to get to close to him. Oh, Gareth felt left out. They were located in the central city, where the big events were happening.


Don't worry Gareth. Just lay still. The people will come to you if you allow them. Marel (Mah- reh- l), one of the elder female dragons said, comforting him mentally. Each dragon could speak to one another through telepathy.


Why won't they come near me? Gareth asked, his dragon form huffed out smoke.


Lay down Gareth. The children here are not familiar with you. As you are, you are probably scaring them. Marel was a white dragon, one that looked gentle, kind and sweet. Fiex (Fee-x), female, was a red dragon with curly horns on her head. Goran (Go- rah- n), male, was a small green dragon- about six feet tall. Klane (Kl- A- nn), male, was a light blue dragon that was covered in fluffy fur. Vin (Vine), male, was a lavender color, feathery wings. And then there was Gareth... All scales, he was mostly black with blue highlights on every sharp spike he had. His teeth were probably the sharpest. So yeah, he was the scariest. And Gareth was actually bummed that he wasn't getting attention. He did not wait a whole year just to be underappreciated...


Gareth let out a snort, which was actually a sigh and he did what he was told. The dragon just laid down and tucked his wings, trying to look as 'nice' as possible. After a minute, he snorted again, Are you sure this will work?


Marel's dragon seemed to smile at him, then nodded. So it looked like Gareth would have to wait it out.









I'll keep it short for now... Any questions or would like to rp with me, post below. It's not first come first serve. Post your bio.

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