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My Characters~

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Status: Always Usable

Name: Lyric

Nickname: N/A

Sex: Male

Position: Uke / Seke (leans more toward Uke)

Race: Human

Years: 18

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 116 lbs

Eyes: Black

Hair: Short black hair that is usually a little messy and unkempt.




Lyric grew up in a violent household, quickly becoming a victim of domestic abuse. Because of this, he grew up very quiet, and very cautious--too afraid of getting hurt to ever dare trying to fight back. As he got older, he began to like school more and more. It was an escape from the chaos at home, and even if he wasn't extremely popular, he still had friends that gave him emotional support. When he was fourteen, he began working part-time at a library, giving him more excuses to stay away from his home, and he loved it there. It was quiet, and he always enjoyed seeing what books people were checking out.


Romance, action, fantasy, intellectual, and anything else. The library became his safe place, and he got to see all kinds of people walk through every day. People that fit the "nerdy" stereotype, trendy people, single parents, even muscular people covered in tattoos.


Around the time Lyric was to be graduating high school, his parents got into an even greater fight than usual. When he returned home that night, he was welcomed by the sight of police cars circled around his house, and his mother's corpse in the back of an ambulance. His father was arrested, and Lyric was put into a foster home for the last year until he turned eighteen.


The people who took him in were nice--much kinder than anything he was used to at home. But still he felt too old to be "adopted", and knowing he was only one year away from being a legal adult and probably kicked to the streets, he grew no attachment toward them. The couple, to him, was not family. But then again, did he ever really have one?


When he was of age, Lyric moved out and got an apartment not too far away from the beach. The community was a fairly good one, and getting another job at a coffee shop was enough to pay rent. With the additional money he had saved up when he was younger, it wasn't hard for him to make the down payment and get a place to stay. He usually used his bike to get around from place to place, since everything in town was fairly close, and it was healthier and better for the environment that way.


Even now, Lyric still suffers from PTSD from his traumatic experiences in his youth, but spending his free time reading or sketching helps him cope with unwanted thoughts and feelings.






Lyric is a kind-hearted person who is always willing to put others first to help them. He's very sweet, gentle, and softly-spoken. It's uncommon for him to ever raise his voice (and even if he does, chances are he's just trying to be heard over loud noises), and he never gets into fights. Most people like his nice behavior, and he doesn't have too many enemies because of this.


He is also very motherly in that he's often there with emotional support and gives advice to his two friends. He'll tend to their wounds if either of them ever get into a scuffle (since they're more aggressive towards other people but have a soft spot for him), and when at home he often does chores just to keep himself busy. Plus he likes his home to be neat and orderly (yet he rarely ever remembers to brush his own hair!).


A little over a year ago, Lyric adopted a black cat from one of his neighbors, who had a pet who got pregnant and needed to find somewhere that the kittens could go. Lyric was happy to help out and adopt one of the kittens as his own. His pet is mainly an indoor cat, but sometimes will get out and stay in the area for a day before returning to the apartment. Lyric named his cat "Gizmo".


Lyric is also a bit of a romantic. He likes sappy, fluffy romantic interactions though surprisingly never cared for the romance genre in books or movies. So even though he's a bit of a lovable dork in that sense, you'll almost never catch him reading or watching any of those things.




~ Cats

~ Reading

~ Sometimes writing

~ Quiet Places

~ Sketching / doing artwork

~ Long walks

~ Listening to Classical Music

~ Music in general

~ The beach



~ Loud noises

~ Violence

~ Big parties

~ Being touched without consent


Random Information


Lyric has glasses that he wears at work and outside of the house, but since he's near-sighted he doesn't often wear them at home~

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