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Nate's Preference in RP

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So there are some things I would like to keep clear in mind as in mine and my partner's about the do's and don'ts during roleplay with me. So before we start anything else, please kindly read this one.


  • No one liners
    Try reply in only a single sentence when I shot you with a few paragraphs long reply, you'll make me end up sad. I will certainly lose interest in continuing rps like that. Be creative. Even one thought that slipped into YC's mind could be delivered in many sentences if you try and add more feelings into it. Like you could write about how they feel, describe even the tiniest body gesture, and even environment or surrounding details. Besides, detailed story and plot line is a lot more fun and interesting to write!
  • Build the plot with me
    I've had some roleplays that ended up really boring for me because I always be the one doing all the thinking and the twisting in the story. I do all the plot steering, not because I want to, but because my partner was being too passive. It's like they swallowed raw the food I fed them without even digesting it. Only took what I gave without
    trying to spice things up a bit.
    I mean, I agree that sometimes we should go along with the plot our partner is building, but I would love nothing more than a reactive partner, who could come up with twisted ideas of the plot even when sometimes I was in the middle of it. It happened once with my longterm partner, my best one, and it's really challenging and fun! We should share our equal amounts of thinking and plot steering. So please feel free to do so (a beforehand discussion should be there first, though!)
    Build the plot with me, add conflicts, be as creative and wild as your imagination lets you!
  • Realism
    Ah this is related to the previous rule. I mean I don't mind fantasy but it needs to be rational and realistic. There has to be logic at the least. For how characters act and how the world works. Especially in a real life setting, if you don't know much about how something works then you can at least google it.
  • No god modding
    Ah, nobody likes this one, right? Not only in battlefield and fantasy stories when there are physical fights and YC beats the shit out of MC before I could even react, this also includes things like this: when MC nd YC get into a fight, YC yells at MC and within the same post you make YC storms out of the house and drives away, accept that I can't do anything with MC about that. Like if you expect MC to try to stop YC from leaving, give me time (and post interlude) to reply and react.
  • Grammar, spelling error, and writing style
    I do narrative roleplays, which means nothing like: *kisses you and blushes* thing, and I expect my partner to do so. Instead of using script-style, you could expand your capacity by writing it into narrative sentences~
    I don't mind minor grammar and spelling errors. Don't worry, I'm also still learning how to do a good writing. so we can learn together! Just at least I need to be able to understand what you're writing.
  • Communicate to me about anything
    About major plot twist idea you have in mind, or wanting to talk to me about something that had been bothering you in the rp, or even just want someone to talk to, please just talk to me and let me know. By doing this we can try to find the solution and sort things out. Or even if you want to end the rp then tell me so I'm not just waiting.
    I think that should be all for now. I might add something later though. Thanks for taking the time and read!

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