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My Adorable Boys

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[center][u][u][i][font=times new roman][size=7]THE SCHOENAUER #1[/size][/font][/i][/u][/u][/center]


[center] [img=http://data.whicdn.com/images/31310018/original.jpg][/center]


[size=6][size=2]BASIC INFORMATION

[color=orange]Kawata [b]Yori[/b] (birth name)
Tsukishima [b]Arata[/b] (stage name)[/color]

[/b] Arata (normal); Tsukki (normal); Kawa-chan (he doesn't like this one);
Yori (only the one really close to him allowed to call him this)


14th of January

Münster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany

[b]Marital status:[/b]

Gay / Homosexual

Professional dancer

Mostly Japanese, but has a little bit of German in his blood

[b]Current Residence:[/b]
Shibuya, Tokyo, Japan

lean but muscled enough around his torso and biceps-triceps,
from how often he practises dancing.

5 ft 7 in (around 170 cm)

140 lbs (around 63 Kg)

[b]Hair color:[/b]
naturally dark brown, almost black, but he paints it blond

[b]Hair Length:[/b]
shoulder-length, only styled when he performs or around public, just letting it hang freely or tie it in a messy ponytail for a more casual look

[b]Eye Color:[/b]
naturally hazel, but he plays with colored contact lenses

creamy white, fair skin, 
those little freckles on cheeks don't really matter because he always
put some make up to cover them

On both ears and two little ones on lower lip.





[b]Favorite food:[/b] 
Almost everything.

[b]Favorite subject:[/b]
Dancing class?

[b]Favorite color:[/b]

[b]Least Favorite color:[/b]
Bright yellow; "It's too cheerful for me," he says.

[b]Favorite gemstone:[/b]
Everything, mostly diamonds and pearls because they are shiny and valuable...and white, Yori says.

[b]Music Preference:[/b]
punk rock

[b]Favorite Animal:[/b]
dogs, cats, rabbits

[b]Preferred Pet:[/b]



[b]Future goals:[/b] 
Nothing particularly. He's more of that typical youngsters who focuses more on the present and let the future come by itself.

Dancing, flirting with cute boys, fooling around, 

[b]Distinguishing marks:[/b]

Yori is like as if  having that two opposite personality; one when he's working and around public, and the other when he's home.
The outgoing, flirtatious, flamboyant personality only comes and sticks to him when he's surrounded by people, the media, and his fans (or a.k.a. those perverted older man who's into young looking boys like Yori. The opposite was when he's home, with his broken family, he becomes that quiet, grumpy young man who doesn't care about his life. 
To new people or those who are important to his work, like the producer of a musical theater or the clients who want to rent for his company for the night, he will act that nice, seductive boy everyone loves. But when that guy comes closer more than the work-related relationship, Yori will deny them, although will still putting on that sweet smile of his telling that he's not interested in love and such thing.


[color=red][i][size=5]STILL WORKING ON THIS[/size][/i][/color]

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