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Haunted Fate

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He decided to rebuild his life, far from anyone he knows, far from his ghosts. The road is long, especially when others much more real wait for him.


Status: In progress


Warning: well it's a warning for me, my english might not be too good, so maybe sometimes i can write something weird sorry, enjoy your read




The weather outside looks cold, cloudy sky gives a rather sad appearance in the city of Busang in Korea. Taehyung is on the road since last night, his affairs in the back seat of his old Ford Mustang. He may be acquiring this house two months ago, but he had decided to leave the night before without anyone's knowledge..ah yes the concierge of the building knew, but it's not like anyone was coming to get him, these last few days nobody cared about him.


He knows it was coward of him to be gone without warning but who would care? nobody wanted to be near him and honnestly it's was okay. it was hard for him to reject people and he just wanted to be alone.

Alone with his guilt.


He finally reach the street from his new home. thirty meters fifteen meters ... five meters. Arrived in front of his driveway, he stopped his car and put the handbrake. Taking a deep breath, he opened the door of his car, his bag in hand and headed home. He heard leaves crunching under his feet and the sound of his breathing in the air when he notices the house. She seem to need a bit of work. Paint is cracking, plants have invaded the walls, and faded leaves adorn the ground hiding his eyes the grass under his feet.


At the door, he turns back to look at the garden.

Now it was his home.++


Taehyung has finished climbing the stairs to finally open his new bedroom. The first thing he notices is that it's dark. White sails are on the furniture and the light enters only through the holes of a damaged component. He removes the veil that covers an antique desk near the door, and deposits his bag carelessly passing . Advancing to the window, he opens it and before he managed to grabit ,the blue shutters falls and smashes in front of his door.


A new thing to repair.

Loud child's cry from the street made him look up to them. It has to be the children of his neighbors, a child of ten years and one not exceeding fifteen. They started to have fun, when the biggest of the two refuses to give the ball. the second one jumps to take it back but he was too small. He feels a nostalgic smile to his lips and when he takes account, he looked away.

Returning to his first goal, he turns to look at the light illuminating the room somewhat old, it would need to be decorated, but it can wait.


He will have to settle his affairs now.

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A cold beer in hand, Taehyung passes his door and sat on the stairs. He notes again that they are far from clean, but it was not as if anyone was going to yell at him to put his ass there. The night is not completely dark, he see the half-moon over his garden illuminating his vision, leaving him to see what he was going to do tomorrow.


First a blow blower. Autumn leaves covered entirely his garden and this for a while apparently. Then comes the corner of the house. he has to cut too high grass where snakes had to be. He did not fear them, but he did not like them either. In the afternoon if he had time, he would go to the supermarket to buy something to brighten his garden, his wife Kate loved roses before...


Taehyung took a good sip of beer thinking that it was the thorns she loved rather than the rose itself. The hell, he will buy tulips.


Returning from his thoughts he saw a shadow in his garden. It is not properly speaking in front of him, it was not a silhouette, it was on the ground, reflected in the high grass, like walking under the sun, and our shadow follows us. He looks up to see who is in his garden, fearing to be already found, his new life lasted for as long as the flowers. but there was no soul in there. He took a deep breath, the shadow has to be made by one of the objects in the corner, that's what he says while drinking a new time.


But he knew very well that if there was no one in the garden, there was no object either. He put it under the influence of alcohol.++



He wakes up in the middle of the night.

He does not know if he just opened his eyes now or if it's been a while he stares at the ceiling. He raises his upper body playing his elbows to look at his room. It was silent in the dark, the only thing he noticed was that the door of his room was open, but he was sure to have closed it.


Must be a Lock problem.


The clock indiqued it was four in the morning. The day was about to get up, and it was almost sure that he will not manage to fall asleep,it has already tried, it's always like that since that famous night.


Then he sits on his bed, in the dark, waiting for daylight to come finally shine.

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The sun was high in the sky that he had already taken a bath, took a croissant in mouth and was in his car. Now he was at the entrance of a supermarket that seemed empty expect for two cashier. he takes a basket in the corner and head for fruits and vegetables.++


It is when he pick apples carefully, that he feels observed.


"It is red" said a women voice.

He see over his shoulder a woman of forty years,floating curls on her shoulders. He frown a little lost, what did she say ?


"I beg your pardon ?" he ask.

She look at the apple in his hand.


"This apple is red. The otehrs are green in your bag."

It takes a few moments to understand the meaning of his words. he looks at the apple he hand realizing that lost in thought, he'd pick in the wrong box.


"Oh look at the apples so you have young man they are all so ugly !" she takes her bag from his hands. "Let me pick them for you."


It was Kate who buy apples in the past, was what Taehyung was thinking while the woman was looking for good apples.

"Do not bother please, it's okay for me." he said raising his hand.


She looked up at him slightly surprised.

"You are the one who moved to the house of the family Cheng right ?" she asked.


He just nods.

"So here to welcome you."


She hands him the bag, he take it a few second later.

He does not say thank you, neither goodbye.


He just leave.++


He is mowing the tall grass that adorns the garden when he feels someone behind his back .Since he returned from the supermarket, dozens of neighbors came to him wished him welcome. When they asked what he was doing in his garden and he replied that he was going to plant flower,he had almost all the same reaction; doubt and terror, as incredible as it may seem someone even fainted. But none had said what shocked them as they wished him a good day with a big smile, so convincing that he would have believed it if they had at least pass the portal of his house. Apparently the person behind him was not so easy to scare.


"Mr Taehyung Murakami?" asked a man's voice.

He grimaced when he heard his name pronounced in full. This should be a courtesy visit. He turns off his mower slowly, in time to tackle a smile on his face and turns. The man before him was definitely a police officer . In his thirteen, he was wearing a uniform with a badge of the police,something was off about him...but what ?


"Mr. Agent." he said while bowing his head.

The agent merely nodded.

"We do not expect you before the Spring."


"Is it a bad thing that I have come earlier?" asked Taehyung.

Why the police officer looked so ... bothered ?


"I did not say that Mr Mu ... e .."

"Taehyung is enough" he cuted off.

"Taehyung" repeted the officer. "I was just curious, I welcome you."


Taehyung simply nodded, waiting for him to leave, but the policeman looked at his home.

"you're properly.. installed ?"

He nodded his head.


"Theses neighbors .." sighed the policeman.

"I have a feeling that they don't really like my house." Taehyung said amused.

"This is because all the owners before you said that this house chassed them."


What ?


"Excuse me..the house chassed them ?" He repeated incredulously.

The policeman scratched his neck.

"I was asked to not talk to you about it, but this house ... how do they say, have the mark of the devil."


"What do they mean by chassed ?" Asked again Taehyung.

"I do not know, they have never really been able to explain, no supernatural manifestation, just the feeling of being watched ... discomfort, inconvenience, feeling that they should not be in this place .." he looked at the blue iced eyes of Taehyung. "Really all right?"


"Yes, officer," Taeyung looks up to look at the window of his room, "All is well."


The policeman looks at him for a moment before nodding.

"Good then..have a good day."

"You too."


He turned at the mower when somene patted him gently on the shoulder.

"Anything else sir ..." he began, turning around but stopped.


Because the garden was empty.

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It's 2am and as always since two months ago, Taehyung has his eyes wide open lying on his bed. Yet he had a long day, his first day at Buszng was to take care of his garden removing weeds. Now that the place was completely clear, he thought to check if the shadow he had seen on his steps last night was still there.


Taking the decision, he gets up slowly, putting his feet on the wooden floor and goes to the window to look down.


The garden has nothing but grass and bushes at the ends.

But the shadow in the form of a man was still in front of his door.++


Taehyung takes his coffee leaning against the edge of his kitchen dressed only in his boxer briefs. It is not particularly hot today, but he was too the lazy to put on something. He looked at his new at home sipping his coffee, a few strands of his black hair covered half of his view. Hm ... he thougt about having a cut. His hair was far more longer that he would have liked. Even though everyone said that it suited him when he was younger.


He wanted to go to the hairdresser , going there means seeing people.

And it was the last thing he want.


So he comes back to his first idea, to look at his garden.++


Taehyung begins seriously to think that he likes his own company more than anybody when he bumps the little finger of his feet against the edge of a cupboard. He sob and laughs, saying that it doesnt not hurt, but it really does holy hell.


It was there that he decided that some things of the house needed to disappear.++


Mr Jeong closed the door of his truck with a sigh of contentment.

"I'm happy to finally have these pieces of furniture, if you knew how long I wanted to have them! he said, rubbing his hands.


"You're welcome," said Taehyung raising a hand. "I am delighted to have been able to get rid of it."


" You will not regret it ?" Asked Mr. Jeong.

Taehyung shaked his head. Oh God no, his feet was more than happy to get rid of it.


"I'll leave you all the same until tomorrow to decide if you're sure." He handed him his card. "Call me if you ever change your mind."


"I do not think it will happen but ... thank you."

Mr Jeong nodded and headed to his driver's seat.


"Well I wish you a good end of the day Mr. Taehyung ! Mu .. k ..."

Taehyung smiled with understanding , which made the other man blush.


"Please,call me just Taehyung," replied the young man.

"Taehyung." repeats the trucker loving how the name of the beautiful blue eyes man rolled on his tongue, he immediately recovered by giving himself a mental and physical slap. "Well I'll go!"


Taehyung looked at him with round eyes like saucers as Mr Jeong gets into his truck and starts off.


"Is he also afraid of this house?" Taehyun asked aloud to no one.

He finally shrug and goes home.

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Taehyung climbs the stairs to his room at the same time he read the city newspaper. Busang apparently has its share of problems. A serial killer strangled his fift victim last night at barely six kilometers from his home. There was also a small chronicle that speaks of wild beasts roaring at night in the forest, it does not make him want to walk under the stars.


In front of his mirror cupboard, he continued to read engulfing in one of the passages of the text "The few testimonies we were able to collect talked about large hairy beasts with sharp teeth and howling icy, wolves have disappeared from Korea for two hundred years , did they come back ? " it made him remember somes fragments of the past during which he and Jackson were inseparable.


Jackson ..


He decided to put down the newspaper and forget the memorie of the night that transformed the rest of his life in hell ,when he looks at himself in the mirror. An old man in his sixties wearing a pale blue sweater and dark pants was watching him, Taehyung did ask himself who the man was but did not pay more attention. It is by understanding that this man was at his home and in his room that his heart begins to beat twice as fast. He looked again at the mirror to look this time only at his reflection. He did thinks that he completely imagined all, but incase , he looked around him in search of the old man.++


He returns from his evening jogging when he sees the glimpse of a person in his garden. Specifically he sees a silhouette with a dress? He shakes his head breathing loudly mentally treating himself an idiot and go in his house. Avoiding passing over the shadow that is still on his steps, He goes to his kitchen taking off his shirt and takes a glass of water swallowing it in one go.


Taehyung begins to seriously doubt his mental health. Since he has settled in, he thinks there is a spirit on his steps, feel eyes on him when he's sleeping, see an old man in his mirror, and finally he thinks he just seen a woman dressed in a white dress in his garden. Taehyung did believe in spirit,he came from a long medium lineage. Some were even more powerful than others in his family, called Shaman. His grandfather was the only one who could speak to them and order them, but he always said that living or not, everyone has his free will.


Taehyung's father and brother could feel the spirits in a piece and even how many they were. Taehyung had been bring to a shaman when he was a child, and the man had told his parents that he was born without a gift because he had the human side of his mother. He still remembers how the other members of his family looked at him that day, it was like everyone wondered why he was born, that he has no right to be the grandson of Rain Murakami.


He suddenly releases his glass on the floor after the scar on his left temple begins to burn . He has the impression that he touched with a hot knife that makes him utter a cry that echoes throughout the house. As soon as the pain ceases, Taehyung begins to blink his eyes and looked around. What happenned? His heart beats abnormally, he breathing exhaled even though it was not cold. He passed a hand in his hair filled with sweat and looked at the glass that fall in front of his feet.


He stretches out his hand to catch it, when the glass suddenly rolls to the corridor in front of the door. He look at the glass stunned,certain not to have touched it. He take a step slowly, cautiously to the glass that has stopped moving, then picks it up from the ground. It is on hearing the door knocking against the wall that he realizes that it is wide open. He raised his eyes to the door and froze in terror.


The man he saw in the mirror was now on his steps, simply looking at him, while over his shoulder an old woman in a white dress hurried to his house screaming to death and brandishing his hands. Taehyung does not lose a second to think about what happens and rushes to slam the door violently and lean against it. Still having his eyes hurting, he expects to hear her banging againsnt the door, but everything was quiet. As if nothing had happened.



So either he was crazy or he was not so human after all.

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"No, it's Mr. Jeong J.E.O.N.G ! he came to buy me some of furnitures that i sold from the house. No, i don't want to think aboout it, tell him to bring me all the furniture without quickly !" Taehyung hangs up, releasing the breath that was stuck in his lungs since he'd dialed the buyer's number.


Yesterday night had been a particularly chaotic. After having witnessed supernatural appearances, the old bell of the entrance sounded all night. How the hell did he not received a call from his neighbour ?


It was like the bell was trying to tell him something, but what ? what changed since yesterday ? then he understood.


The furnitures.


He sold them and anyone whoever had lived in this house before him did not particularly appreciated it. He knew that these things existed, but he though that he would never see them. Why now ?++


Several days have passed since the furnitures has found its place, and since then all was peacefull, ordinary. Too much to the taste of Taehyung whothough some things were more strange than before.


His white nights have ceased at all since the furnitures have returned. When he put his head on the pillow at night, it was to wake up the next day whis his stomach completely empty, his eyes puffy as if he had not slept the night and cried. Was he somnambulist ? did he go to a bar or insulted thoses who passed in front of his house ? Possible, it would explain why when he crossed his neighborhood two days ago they looked at him in a funny way. He needed answers to his questions.


What did he do then? He set up a little camcorder facing his bed last night and let him film all night. Now was the time for revelations. He put the SD card in his pc and waited.


The image shows him first heading to his bed after he has set the device, and put his head on the pillow. At first, nothing happened, the room was calm. He seemed to be in a deep sleep. The minutes passed and Taehyung began to doze in front of his computer when he saw his silhouette sitting all of a sudden on his bed on the screen. He looked straight ahead, the moon illuminating his blue grey eyes. They seemed elsewhere, still in a deep sleep, when a word no louder than a murmur was pronounced from his mouth.



Taehyung in his seat froze. watching himself on the screen saying that name with a neutral expression, he couldn't contain the tears that flowed inexorably, he did nothing to hide or wipe them. Even if he wipe them they always come back.


"Jackson was my childhood friend the Taehyung in the computer said "he trusted me with his secret and I kept it preciously. I was afraid to tell him everything i felt for him and I chose the easiest solution, i ran away. He hated me from then on, he cursed me, bit me, hunted like the wolf he was. "


Taehyung looked at himself admit his worst secret livid.

"He chased me, he chased me, did you know that a wolf devours their enemy to the point of gnawing the bone? I could have given him everything, i sacrificed everything for him and he wanted me cut in pieces. " The Taehyung in the screen put his hands in front of his face, looking at his palms and fixing them as if to ask them for an answer.


"Why was he doing this, why did he look at me this way? like i betrayed him, I could have given him everything ! He was my life, my reason for living, why was i not enough ? if he did not find me that famous night would it be different today, would he be alive if i did not have theses feelings for him ? If i had made the right choices would he still be at my side ? If i not existed would he have children with Kate? If I was not born would he have been a man happy ? WHY AM I NOT DEAD,WHY HIM INSTEAD OF ME ?!"


It was too much for Taehyung to listening himself admitting all what he had forced himself to shut all his life, all those fears, those regrets, all was naked in this dark room. Tears streamed down his face at the same time of himself in the video. He went to close the pc when he noticed himself in the screen looking in a corner of the room.


"Others questions ?"

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He's still shaken by what he has seen in the video when he climbs the stairs that leads to his room. When he reached the top, he went to one of his jacket pockets to get a box of aspirin and swallowed three pill of them. There he could finally breathe. He opened his eyes and looked at the room in the silence he has been used to for a week. The stress began to rise in him without being able to prevent it, which was ridiculous.

He live here alone.


Right ?


He exhales a deep breath feeling himself looked, and he lets his thought out of the moment out loud.

"I'm not crazy."


His discomfort grew feeling even more oppressed. As if something was trying to reveal itself. But couldn't.

"I'm not crazy and i'm not alone." said Taehyung absolutely sure.


It is at this precise moment that he sees from the corner of his eye a hand coming out of the mirror of his wardrobe. He does not try to check proprely.


He runs away from the room.++


Taehyung is relieved to finally see a car parked in front of his driveway. He goes to meet her as the driver leaves her vehicle.


"Youare the medium Lisa Williams?" He asks.

She look at him meticulously in the eyes ignoring his hand.

"I was not told my client was blind." She said in a dull voice.

He watched her confused "I'm not."


She raised her glasses with a grin before finally shake his hand.


"You have to be the owner," she says. He nods his head to say yes.

They both turn to look at the front of the house.

She looked before saying "So this is the house that is said to have ... the mark?" She asked aloud.

Taehyung will nodded again when he takes into account what she has just said.


"Have you heard about this house?" He asks.

She lets out a little snicker.

"Who did not hear about it? You've been here for how long ?"


"One week." He replied, embarrassed under his gaze.

"Stay a week longer and you break the record." Thirteen days was the maximum time an acquirer lived in this house. They all left half crazy, saying they should not disturb them. "


This caused a drop of sweat to flow down Taehyung's back.

He finally admits, "I feel that i'm not alone. I sometimes feel like I'm in the middle of so many people that I feel like I'm suffocating."


She does not seem surprised "Well we'll see if we can fix it." She goes to the house, Taehyung on his heels.

"Why did not you inspect that house before, if you knew about it?" He asked curiously.


"Because I need approval from the buyers, and unfortunately for a first anomaly, they refuse to return." Arriving at the door, she turns to face him. "What have you witnessed ? You heard laughter, shouting ? objects were moved, disappeared, blood traces, appearances in the mirror ?"


Taehyung choked with his own tongue.

"No, if it had happened to me I would not be here anymore ..." something made him tilt for a second, "that's what happened to the others ?" he asked as he was in front of the door of the house.

"Generally for the most part." she said, with a gesture of disdain.

He shook his head serious. He was going to trust her at least for the moment.


"I think there is a silhouette on the steps of my door every night and I saw an old man in my mirror two days ago" he opened the door of his house letting her in "and before i called you, i also saw a hand appear out of the mirror but now I'm not very sure."


"Let me judge the situation" She was already in the living room when he joined her after closing the door. She looks at the surroundings without letting her eyes land on a fixed point.


He suddenly has a bad feeling. "Are you sure of what you are doing, they are not going to get angry ?" He whispered, twisting his hands.

"You bother me with your negative waves, go away!" She said to him suddenly, with a gesture of the hand telling to him to leave.

"Sorry ?" He asked more than stunned.


"They can not show up because of you, go to another room!" She said, raising her voice. Without another words, he goes into the kitchen.


Why should spirits break their pipe in order to not appear before him? They were not so shy when they made him talk about all his past secrets ! Deciding to leave it aside for now, he wondered if the dreadful medium would accept a cup of coffee.


He suddenly hears a cries coming from the other piece, and he'd ran in there. Arrived he sees the medium passing in front of him barefoot looking wild, livid and moored.

"This house is the evil reincarnated and you live there as if nothing is wrong ?!" She shouted.


Before Taehyung could answer, she shouted to him to go and consult an exorcist before slamming the door violently.

Leaving him alone.


"We really did it this time," said the voice of an old man.

Having heard the voice behind his back, Taehyung feels his blood freeze. But forces himself to keep his eyes on the door.


"It was a liar we had no choice. Taehyung was going to be robbed right Karl ?" now it was a little girl's voice "if we had not decided to show up, she would have never seen us."


Karl replied "It's true that what this lady did was not good, but today we showed up at Taehyung for the first time, and not friendly way."

"Oh no please no, tell me he will not leave!" the little girl moaned. Taehyung heard tears in his voice. He don't know if he should be touched that the spirit of a little girl was crying for him.


"Taehyung is a human Leila. It's normal for him to be afraid."

"But you told me you feel his powers as a shaman, he can stay!" she replied.


His powers of shaman?


He feels the old man shake his head.

"He has powers. I can feel it flowing through his veins, but it's strange. He don't even seem to know he got magic. A lot of magic"


Taehyung gulped loudly heading toward the kitchen pretending to go get a drink.

"He will never see us then, is he going to leave?" Leila asked in a resigned tone.


"As long as he does not use his powers, it will be impossible for him to see us, and I fear he decides to move." Hearing the girl cry, Taehyung resists more than anything to turn around, he hears the old man take her in his arms to comfort her, then the second after the complete silence.


He does not dare turn round, the fear tying his entrails. He waits another 20 minutes with a glass in his hand in the middle of the kitchen to be sure then will not come back and then climbs the stairs leading to his room in the dark.

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Taehyung is trying to keep his immobility at his maximum since several minutes.

Lying in bed, he tries to let his breath relax. This is not easy with the strange discussion happening in front of his bed.


"We should wake him up, Jaeshin." Said a little voice.It was perhaps Leila.

Damn, he's gonna have more trouble than he thought to pretend to sleep.


"Old Karl said he can't see us. And we can't definitely ask him to go there in a half sleep like the nights he is questioned right ?" This time asked a voice of a younger but serious man.


"Karl said he could be a Shaman!" Said Leila amazed.


"We're going to have to try to get in touch with him, it's tonight." Said the young man.

Tonight ? Said Taehyung to himself.


"Their meeting begins in an hour," he continues. "They're going to talk about this serial killer, we have to send Taehyung!"

"WHAT ?!"

Taehyung rised himself so quickly that the spirits in the room gasped. He did not believe he could see them, but their appearance was as clear as if they had been alive.


They were not like what he expected.

They were dressed differently. The man named Jaeshin was dressed like royalty with dark hair and blue eyes and the little girl was brown from eyes to hair with a white dress embroidered as we see on the porcelain dolls.


He makes sure that his vocal cords work well by clearing his throat before speaking.

"The serial killer?" He repeats, trying not to let fear precede himin front of them.


The young man,Jaeshin was still open mouthed, his eyes wide try to form words "You ... you ... this is not possible .."

"It seems you can see us finally." Said someone to his right a smile in his voice.

Taehyung turns him and see Karl. The old man looked at him in his mirror.


"Only since the visit of Lisa Williams ." He replied sheepishly.

Karl nodded. "It's good that we have been able to get in touch with you, we've been trying since the day you settled in. We all felt your power call us, but you had no idea."


That's what Taehyung did not understand why he sees these spirits there? He scratched the back of the neck thinking about it .

"I'm not afraid of you all because i come from a medium family, but you're the first spirits I see." He said looking at them in turn "I am not supposed to have inherited the gift."


The spirits looked at each other and then turned their attention to him.

"Tell me Shaman, do you know the existence of Werewolves ?"

Taehyung's heart begins to beat dangerously "Where do you mean ?"


Jaeshin replied, "There's a meeting of wolves tonight and we need you to go."

"What do i have to do in there with you all ?" he asked.

"We can not leave the house except to follow the owner." said the little girl with a big smile.


Have they already followed im outside? "Is it important that i go?" He asked the question but he already puts on his pants. If spirits asks him to go somewhere there must be a good reason.

Karl explains to him "They'll talk about things to do about the city and the Serial Killer."



"The Serial Killer?" Repeats Taehyung "what is there to discuss?" Something in him made tilt "... is he a wolf too?"

Karl began "No .."

"We do not know," corrected Jaeshin. "for sure he's surnatural."


Karl corrected "We do not know, we just know we have to stop this killer before it's too late, and wolves may have important information."

"Excuse me for asking, but what's this important to you, I mean you are .." Taehyung let the word hang in the air.

"Dead?" Suggested Jaeshin, "that does not stop us from worrying about this city, especially since if they continue to kill supernatural we will not be visible to anyone."


Taehyung does not argue, he knows how much it hurts to be ignored.

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Somebody run.

Trees are out of sight.

His breath is jerky.


He is already tired and wants to rest, but the one who pursues him doesn't heard it that way.


He is being chased.


He tries to go faster, but he only manage to trips in the ground full of leafs.


For him it's the end.


Why couldn't he stop dreaming about Jackson? Why his conscience did not want to leave him the fuck alone?


He turned in time to see a wolf rushing at him.


A Cub.

With a white heart-shaped spot on the muzzle.


He heard himself laughing. His voice not yet turned into a man.

Taehyung was a child in that dream. Stretching his hands towards the wolf as if to take him into his arms.


He heard to himself say with a laugh "You caught me again ####, here let me kiss you. "




He awakens with a start hearing his name and realizes that the taxi had already arrived at the wolf's meeting place.


"What are you doing ? pay the driver and let's go !" say Jaeshin.


Taehyung nodded, giving the money for the taxi and asked himself why he was so happy after having a dream so weird.

He never knew a wolf when he was a child.++



He finally managed to reach that damn window.

Taehyung passed a leg through the small entrance trying not to think of the six meters that separated him from the ground.


"You can do it !" Encouraged Leila already inside the building.

"I can't believe it, are all humans that also slow or is it just him?" He hears Jaeshin ask.

"Shut up." Whisper furiously Sven, aware that wolves must be nearby. He finally passes through and finds himself in a corridor.


It was dark except a small light in the distance and a red carpet that runs along the way.

He was not sure anymore that was such a good idea "And now?"

Karl passed first"Here, come."


Stepping forward in the dark corridor, he still distinguishes paintings representing famous personalities, he believed to recognize Abraham Lincoln, Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte.

"Are we in a museum?" He asked at the sound of his steps.

"Well guessed Sherlock." Railed Jaeshin.

Taehyung didn't look at him "This place belongs to the Alpha of the pack?"

"What does not belong to him in this city rather." aswered again Jaeshin


Taehyung turned to him "You mean he controls the city?"

"And how do you think he's protecting his pack?"

Karl frowned "I'm surprised that you have not yet received his visit."

Jaeshin aswered "They must be aware of his lack of magic, they must find him harmless."

Aoutch. Think Taehyung about to get down the stairs. Somehow that thought hurts.


Jaeshion seemed to realize it and looked at him contrite. "I did not say it in bad."

Taehyung would have told him that he was used to it, but at that moment he got his foot in the carpet and went down the last steps in a loud clatter.


"HOLY MOTHER OF HELL !" He immediately covered his mouth after his voice echoed in the great hall.

Leila joined him with a voice of anxiety. "Taehyung, are you okay? you didn't join us on the other side, huh?"

He frowns at the darker room than the previous one "I do not believe ..."

"At this rate there will not be all gone, i'm sure they have already begun, we must hurry!" pressed Jaeshin.


Karl looked silently at Taehyung groping the floor, eyes lost.

"Taehyung ?" He asked.

"Yes ?"

"You are blind ?"

The silence which followed this declaration was heavy.


Taehyung finally raised a hand to his eyes laughing softly "Yeah, something like that."

The spirits took their breath. Which was funny as they did not breathe.

Jaeshin shakes his hand in front of Taehyung without having reaction. "Karl, he's seriously blind !"


Taehyung breathes deeply to gently announce "I'm ColorBlind" they all turned to him simultaneously "from as far as I can remember, I've only seen black and white" he shakes his head in front of their surprised faces " I do not know what the colors look like, I never saw them then ... "he casually raises his shoulders pretending to be disinterested" it's plausible that I fall again. This happens to me at least once in a place that i don't know. "


Jaeshin raised his hands to heaven as if to ask for help.

Karl nodded his head, looking at Taehyung. "I'm sorry for bringing you in, you hurt yourself falling ?"

Taehyung nodded touching the stair bar to get up. "I have only a small pain in the knee, let's go."


He walks straight in front of the spirits, but if we look closer, we would have seen that he put all his weight on his left foot.

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Irritated voices and inhuman groans were heard as they approached the meeting room.

The spirits asked Taehyung to remain as silent as possible. The wolves had a developed hearing and often reacted on their instincts.


If they discovered him, they would think of him as a threat to their territory, so kill him.

"I did what i had to do !" Shouts a voice down the stairs.

Taehyung half crouched looked down at the room through the bars of the staircase where a score of mens were gathered and two of them had teeth ... more than sharp.


"You left before David took over, you left your post!" Roared the other man.

"There it goes again," replied a mocking tone of voice among those he presumed wolves.

The two wolves stood face to face and it was as if the first one who turned him away lost.

"Ben, Simon enough."


At this order the two men simultaneously lowered their eyes and turned to a corner of the dark room.

A man Taehyung had not seen before was sitting on an armchair. Darkness hiding his face, he could only see his overpriced shoes.

Jaeshin looked curiously Taehyung "Aren't you uncomfortable by their presence?"

Wondering why the spirit asked this question he shakes his head silently.


"Wizards and wolves can't bear to be in the same piece. It is in their nature to hate each other." precised Karl.

Why did he call Sven sorcerer instead of shaman? was it not like that ,that we called person who can see ghost ? In short, he promised himself to know more about this information later.

"Aaron." Said the hidden man that Taehyung considered like the alpha. He had pronounced the name as if his interlocutor already knew what to do.


A man of about fifty years advanced. He wears large glasses and his curly hair is a huge tuft above his head. "The serial killer this time had a 68-year-old Fae, very young. She had already told some of her relatives that she felt spied, they thought she was paranoid with all the supernatural murders."

Taehyung was not subject to other supernatural when he was young since he had no gift at the time, but he would have to get on with it as soon as he could,if he really has abilities.

"The perimeter has been closed?"

"Yes Alpha," said the man with the glasses called Aaron "although a subway is not easy to curl, we closed it for a week."

The alpha didn't respond but signaled the man to return to his place.


"What should Alpha think we should do ? Are we continuing the patrols?" Asked the one called Simon.

"It's useless, whe should kick out species dangerous of the country !". said Ben.

"If we listen to you, we will banish ourselves, we are just as dangerous as them if not more" after a while the Apha sighed resigned. "Yes, continue the patrols in town and make sure that there is no panic in the town. We will find him. "

The certainty in his voice made -10-


Irritated voices and inhuman groans were heard as they approached the meeting room.

The spirits asked Taehyung to remain as silent as possible. The wolves had a very developed hearing and often reacted on their instincts.


If they discovered him, they would treat him as a threat to their territory, so kill him.

"I did what it was needed !" Shouts a voice down the stairs.

Taehyung half crouched looked down at the room through the bars of the staircase where a score of men were gathered and two of them had teeth ... more than sharp.


"You left before David took over, you left your post!" Roared the other man.

"There it goes again," replied a mocking tone of voice among those he presumed wolves.

Two wolves stood face to face and it was as if the first one who turned him away lost.

"Ben, Simon enough."

At this order the two men simultaneously lowered their eyes and turned to a corner of the dark room.

A man Taehyung had not seen before was sitting on an armchair. Darkness hiding his face, he could only see his overpriced shoes.


Jaeshin looked curiously Taehyung "Aren't you uncomfortable by their presence?"

Wondering why the spirit asked this question h shakes his head silently.


"Wizards and wolves can't bear to be in the same piece. It is in their nature to hate each other." precised Karl.

Why did he call Sven sorcerer instead of shaman? was it not like that ,that we called persons who can see ghosts ? In short, he promised himself to know more about this information later.

"Aaron." Said the hidden man that Taehyung considered like the alpha. He had pronounced the name as if his interlocutor already knew what to do.


A man of about fifty years adavnced. He wears large glasses and his curly hair is a huge tuft above his head. "The serial killer this time had a 68-year-old Fae, very young. She had already told some of her relatives that she felt spied, they thought she was paranoid with all the supernatural murders."


Taehyung was not subject to other supernatural when he was young since he had no gift at the time, but he would have to get on with it as soon as he could,if he really has abilities.

"The perimeter has been closed?"


"Yes Alpha," said the man with the glasses called Aaron "although a subway is not easy to curl, we closed it for a week."

The alpha does not respond but signals the man to return to his place.

"What Alpha think we should do ? Are we continuing the patrols?" Asks the one called Simon.

"I say that it is useless, it would be necessary to leave the species dangerous!".


"If we listen to you, we will banish ourselves. We are just as dangerous if not more" after a while the Apha sighed resigned. "Yes, continue the patrols in town and make sure that the Supernatural community leaves no room for panic, we will caugh him. "

The certainty in his voice made Taehyung shudder. Whoever was this murderer, he had made a great enemy.

"We know more about this killer?" asked the Alpha generally.


The man with the glasses talked again "My colleagues and I have discussed about it and we ended up suspecting that it could be a Ghoul ."

Taehyung Scoffed. as if Ghouls existed .

"They exist." Confirmed Karl as if he had read in his thoughts.



Taehyung suddenly noticed that the wolves were silent and looked around.

They heard him shit.

"We better leave now" suggested Jaeshin, was his voice shaking?


The man with the glasses continued to speak as if nothing was happening, he surely wasn't a wolf. "My personal theory is that it kills supernatural to appropriate their magic essences."

After a moment's silence the Apha speaks again "Is it possible?"

"Taehyung we need to leave." Said the little Leila.


"Yes Alpha" confirmed the informant "Ghouls can generally take power from others supernatural by eating them."



The Alpha scratched his neck "That would explain why some body parts were missing."


Taehyung swallowed without being able to hold back, noisily.


Monumental error. The shadow of the Apha's head seemed to lift up the stairs where Taehyung was hidden. The wolf named Ben had apparently also heard because he also turned his head to where he was . Taehyung's heart beats to break and the scene that followed looked hundred pourcent worse than the chase Jackson given him months ago.

Ben smiled. His mouth widened, and inhuman fangs lengthened followed by a cacophony of grunt that made him shudder.



He didn't look at who said it, He escaped to the dark corridors.

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He turns at each intersection of corridors without knowing exactly where it goes.

Taehyung is running away from the wolves since what seems to him to be hours but must actually be a handful of seconds. He escaped one of them - called Ben - turning at the right moment, and nearly escaping bloody claws. He did not have the courage to turn around to see his aggressor and now hewas walking down the stairs of the hall as if the devil were on his heels.


It's there that he feels like an icy breath on his neck "I got you a little rabbit."


Taehyung is so surprised that his feet tangled. He gets ready to go down the stairs head first when he is supported by two hands before his knees hit the ground.

"I've got you." Murmured a voice.


Good God,it was the Alpha.

His eyes remained obstinately lowered, refusing to cross the gaze of this dangerous man. His heart beats to break and his breath jerky.


I'm going to die I'm going to die I'm going to die I'm gonna die


"Alpha!" The wolves eventually found themselves in the same room while Taehyung was still held by their leader, his legs trembling.

The Alpha speaks before the silence becomes more troublesome. "Cedric."

The man with the glasses responds again of himself "It seems to me that he's the young Murakami who moved into the house built under the cemetery."


Under the what ?! Taehyung was almost imperceptibly started, but the man who held him seemed to have felt it.

"Alone ?" asked the Alpha

Cédric noded "Yes Alpha, that 's what his record says, he divorced his wife two days before he came to Busan."

Apparently they were well informed. Though Taehyung somehow tired.


"I thought our informants were meticulous." Calmly observed the man who holded him.

"Alpha?" Asks Cédric curious.

Taehyung sees the man turning him toward his pack "This young man is blind."



"Impossible !" Cedric cried.

"It's true, did you at least see his eyes?" The Alpha turned Taehyung towards Cedric holding him by the shoulders while the Taehyung keeps obstinately his eyes riveted on his feet. He feels the man with the glasses called Cedric take his breath shaking subconsciously the head.

"I did not know Alpha, really."


"He's blind so what ?!" said the wolf call Ben "he was spying, he may very well be a spy for the wizards' advice or whatever he is !"

"A spy would have an invisibility spell, and this one is known to be without magic." Cedric replied.


He felt the Alpha squeezing his shoulders while Cedric spoke, he was the one who spoke again. "He had to be locked in the museum by mistake. Benjamin, asks one of the cars to wait for us at the entrance."

Without looking, Taehyung heard one of the wolves open his cell phone and do what the Alpha had asked him.


"I bring him to the entrance wait all here." The Alpha begins to move towards the door when several wolves protests his decision "Silence!" His tone was so dry that they obeyed immediately (even Taehyung who froze like a statue).


He continued his walk toward the exit, not leaving his man from Taehyung's shoulders, and holding him firmly against him. Taehyung feels like the red hood: if he made a single wrong step, he would be devoured by the evil wolf. The body the Alpha was burning against his left arm, was this characteristic in wolves?

He jumped when the Alpha talked into his ear. "You do not have to tremble Mr. Murakmi, I'm sorry if the few grunts you heard frightened you, it was ... guard dogs."


Taehyung had giggles at that it was a good one.

The Alpha went on, "I'm sorry about what happened to you, the guards did not do their job, they should have been sure that the place was empty before closing the museum, and if I can do anything, Do not hesitate I am the mayor of Busan. "

Taehyung was not trusting his voice,so he nodded his head. He was all the same confused when he felt the Alpha bring him more against him and sniffed his hair.


It must have been one of those weird wolf-like tricks to sniff out, go find out.


A black car with tinted glass, stopped in front of them and the Alpha encouraged Taehyung to climb. Once installed, Taehyung burned with desire to meet the man eyes who was standing by the door and who did not seem to be hurrying to let him go. Studying him minutely as if he felt like missing something.

"Alpha?" Asked the driver hesitant.

"Bring him in front of the house under the cemetery, and make sure that he is inside before leaving."

Taehyung saw the driver turn pale at the mention of the house but quickly lowered his eyes again.


"yes Alpha," the driver replied.

Let's go let's go!



Taehyung suddently giggled, but immediately stopped when the Alpha turned to him.

"Hreum," Taehyung hesitated.

"You're cold I understand, bring him back." Said the Alpha to the driver before finally closing the door and Taehyung quietly picked up his breath as they left the street.


Fucking spirits who disappeared.

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"For the thirty-one time we apologize!" Pleads Jaeshin.

Taehyung ignored royally the spirit accompanied by Karl and continued to tear up the bad plants, on all fours in his garden.


"We did not think in the moment, we panicked, do you know that the wolf are sensitive to our presence even if they do not see us?" He continued.


Last night, when he discovered he could see the spirits that haunted his house, Taehyung agreed to spy on a wolf pack meeting to to find out who was the serial killer of Busan. Unfortunaly he had been taken by them and the spirits had flown away (in the true sense of the word).


Finally by an incredible miracle, he came out of the museum in one piece thanks to his eyes too light, too clear to have the sight for the Alpha.


Yes he survived, but that did not stop Taehyung from feeling like a idiot. He risked his ass for them shit ! did they have to leave him like that ?!


In an excess of anger he snatched a rosebush.

"Oops." He whispers.


"Taehyung Murakami ?"

Hearing the somewhat familiar voice behind his back, Taehyung looked at the spirits who were scared.

Karl took his breath "It's one of those wolves Taehyung, be careful."


Taehyung nodded his head imperceptibly and stands up ready to turn to his visitor. But he made sure to look at the ground pretending again to be blind. how long he could make them think that he didn't know.

"Yes." he said.


The wolf Ben in front of him seemed to observehim attentively.

He tilted his head to look at Taehyung's eyes hidden beneath his thick lashes and did a sort of snapping with his tongue.

"You are beautiful. Very beautiful, I would even say too much to be human, I would have sworn that you did not look like that yesterday while you clung to our Alpha."


What the hell was he talking about?

"I wanted to tell you too," whispered Karl, Taehyung sees the wolf jumping abruptly "Your powers amplified since yesterday, they have modified you somewhat physically ... Oh nothing blatant but..it's here."

Cool. Better and better.


He noticed that Ben looked at the garden with anxiety.

Ah yes, the story that a cemetery was under this house almost escaped Taehyung.

The wolf seems to take hold and leans over to meet Taehyung's gaze and grab the wrist "I came to give you a warning." the hand on his arm became more insistent "blind or not, does not put your nose in the pack affairs it's clear? I do not believe for a second that you accidentally locked yourself in the museum, so stop it. "


He growled ,a sound so familiar that Taehyung's legs dropped, making him fall to his knees, at the same time a voice interrupted them. "Is everything okay?"

Ben and Taehyung turned to the sound of the voice, the son of the neighbors - Taehyugn didn't know the name - was in front of his hedge a balloon in his hands and expression inquisitor.

them.Taehyung nodded his head frantically not trusting his voice.

"I would not say that twice wizard" whispered Ben in his ear "stay at home talking to the walls if you want to live in Busan peacefully."


The wolf turned around, ignoring the teenager who was entering the garden and now heading for Taehyung. "Are you OK Mr. Murakami ?"


Taehyung doesn't answer, too shocked watching the wolf go away.

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Taehyung enters in his house helped by his young neighbor - he learned that his name was Matthias - and comes into the living room.

"You should sit down Mr. Mukami." Matthias said.

"I'm fine thanks, please sit down and you can call me Taehyung."

What Matthias did after Taehyung took a chair across.


"Are you sure you're okay?" persisted the young man.

Taehyung Shrugged "I fell by myself."

"But he clearly threatened you, I saw it by the way he took you by the arms, by his look!"

"It's only a slight misunderstanding, thank you anyway for helping."

Matthias blushed under the bangs that covered half of his face.


Taehyung gets up from his chair to go to the kitchen "Can i get you something to drink ? no alcohol I want to clarify, you're too young."

Matthias chuckled, Hands in his pockets "Then a lemonade please."

Taehyugn noddd "It will not take long, make yourself like home."


He goes into his kitchen, letting his guest wait and fetches ice in the fridge.

"They have more audacity than I would have thought thoses beast." Murmurs a voice behind him.

"Jaeshin." Karl growled.

"there was a time where threats between wolves and shamans would have turned into a war between the two species!"

"I'm a sorcerer or a shaman?" Asked Taehyung dropping ice cubes into the mixer. He speaks softly, no louder than a murmur for fear that his voice will carry up to his neighbor in the living room.


Karl looked a Jaeshin confused.

Taehyung goes on "Only the shamans can interact with the spirits, why did Ben the wolf call me a sorcerer, and now that I think of it Jaeshin, you asked at the museum how as a sorcerer I could bear 'To be near wolves.'


Taehyung mixed the ice cubes with the lemonade while Karl talked "Well..you are rather contradictory, Your capacities tell you shaman but your aura tells you sorcerer, you have a lot of magic to simply know how to speak and see spirits."


"And why have not I got this power before?" Taehyunng asked, it did not make sense.

The spirits shrugged their shoulders synchronously.

"Is it possible to be two species at once?" He asks again.

"It would have to be the 50/50 two-party family on both species." Answered Karl.

It was impossible in his case because his mother's ancestors were all human.

"An Hybrid?" Suggested Jaeshin. " it's really rare."

Taehyung scoffed "To be a Hybrid as Karl said, one of my parents has to be a sorcerer but in my family there isn't."


Jaeshin reflected. "Anyway, one thing is certain, you're not just a shaman, even the wolves have felt it."

"What then?" he poured the liquid into two glasses. He disn't hear or seen Matthias coming slowly behind him.

"We should consult Nikolai." said Karl . Jaeshin nearly choked.


Taehyung frowns taking the glasses in hand "Nikolai?"

"Who is he ?"


Taehyung turns abruptly as he sees Matthias so close to him and knock down the two glasses on the ground in a huge crash.

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Taehyung backs away eyes wide open fixed on Matthias.

"Taehyung ? are you that okay?" Asked the the young man, looking worried.

No he was not okay, what was he doing in the kitchen? How long was he here? What did he hear?

Matthias continued "I came to see if you needed help .." he advanced further making Taehyung Back away, "but I heard you speak ...and i thought i heard a debate on species of supernatural. "


The spirits who were beside Taehyung looked at Matthias attentively, as if they were waiting to help, but what could they do? These were spirits, souls without a body. Taehyung was alone on this one , and this time no Alpha to help him.

... Why was he thinking of the Alpha all of a sudden?


"I knew it as soon as I saw you in the garden the day you moved in, you are not human, your eyes ..." he reaches out like mesmerised "it is as if they contain the Secrets of the universe in them. "

"Amazingly good speaker that one." mumbled Jaeshin.


Matthias took Taehyung's arm, insisting, "What are you? A sorcerer, a Metamorph, a Fae, a Succumbus, something else ?"

Taehyung had a violent flashback of Jackson taking him by the arm "L ... let go!"

Matthias stroked Taehyung's left cheek with his other hand. taehyung was seriously going to panic when a knife suddenly went flying between them and planted against the opposite wall.


Taehyung and Jaeshin looked at Karl his hand still lifted "Yes Taehyung" said the spirit " the more older are the spirits, the more their presence grows and develops Telekinesis. And don't be affraid, The little beast will not eat the big, he is 100% human. "




Matthias' eyes went between Taehyung and the planted knife. "I did not expect you to hurt me i... i got a little carried away. I'm sorry."

"Carried away ?" Taehyung repeats sarcastically.

The young man blushed "I am what is called a fan of the supernatural, I am only human."++


Taehyung finally takes two glasses of water in the living room and places it in front of Matthias. Then sits right in front.

Matthias looked at him from beneath his lashes. "Again, sorry for a while ago, I must have looked like a maniac."

Taehyung nodded.


Matthias cleared his throat " I discovered the existence of the supernatural when I was still very young, eleven years old to be precise."


Sven looks at the door still open the cup in hand.

Roland spoke softly. "So either he had an urgent urge, either he left before jumping on you or we got our Serial Killer."


"And if not," said Hardwig after a long silence "we'll greet this dear Nikolai?"

"Eleven years old ?"


"Everything started on a street in Manhattan when I spent the holiday at my grandmother's house. A big cat, a Jaguar was in the middle of a discussion with a tall blond man in front of me,when they saw me, they tried to make me believe it was his an Halloween disguise. "


Taehyung chuckled, but immediately stopped.

"Yeah exactly my reaction at that time, since then i've been paying more attention to the people I meet and in five years I've already discovered a witch, an Arachné, a Kitsune and a Djinn."

"it's impressive." Recognized Taehyung.


"He has to be very smart to recognize an Arachné. The number of times they come out of their house in the year is counted in one hand." whispered Jaeshin.


Indeed and it did not please Taehyung.


Matthias goes on: "From the very first day I saw you in the garden, I knew you were different. The first thing that alerted me was your eyes. You knew that the police officer that visited you days ago said you were blind? "


So that was why everyone in Busan was surprised that he was seeing? "Why did he do that?"

Mathias shrugs "For the neighbors to help you I presume. Sorry for the misunderstanding. "

Taehyung waved his hand, at this pointit was not he most of his worries.


He looks down at his cup of coffee and sighs softly. It had been almost two weeks that he had settled in Busan, mainly to get away from his medium family and responsibilities, his ex-wife, ...Jackson. He just wanted to be left alone, but he ends up in a small town belonging to a wolf pack, a victim of a serial killer and a haunted house.


"It was a wolf earlier right ?"

His neighbor's voice startled Taehyung. Matthias looked at him attentively.

Why lie ? He asked it more as a fact than a question. So Taehyung nodded.

"I got involved in their affairs" he replies reluctantly then chuckles "he was right, I'd better stay home to talk to the walls."


"Fucking wolf." whispered Jaeshin before Karl crushes his foot.

"In what exactly did you meddling in ? I don't insist ..."

"I attended one of their meetings without being invited. I was discovered and almost devoured by the wolf you saw. If the Alpha didn't come to my recue i would not be telling you what happened that night. "


Matthias' eyes widened. "Wow, you attended one of their meetings without an invitation and came out in one piece!"

Yes, even Taehyung found it hard to believe . "I was there hoping to have information on the Serial killer but ..."

Matthias stand up suddenly and ran away without any explanation.




Taehyung looks at the door still open the cup in hands.

Jaeshin spoke softly. "So either he wanted to pee, either he left before jumping on you or we got our Serial Killer."


"Well," said Karl after a long silence "are we going to greet this dear Nikolai?"

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"Nikolai was a wizard of the eighteenth century. Living in Manhattan, he lived for four hundred years before his powers could no longer keep him alive Some others said that he didn't want to leave anymore since he was heartbroken and let himself die slowly. He asked to be buried at his native country, Korea. The exact place had to remain secret, in case his enemy wanted to do something to his body like bringing him back to life as a Ghoul. I heard that even now a powerful Fae was searching his corpse. Only us spirits know he he's here. In your garden." Karl said.


Jaeshin smiled bitterly at Karl's explanation as they followed Jaeshin outside. "Four hundred years is not bad, I've had only twenty-six years to enjoy life."


Taehyung pretends to ignore them heading for the garden, but he though no less. One day he would like to hear their stories, how was their life before they found themselves here. But for now, he needed an answer on his inheritance, and only this sorcerer could give it to him.


When he got outside, he put on a bluetooth headset. Karl thought that he was surely going to have a good time talking alone in front of the passer-by, so he will make them believe that he was on the phone. Not bad.


"Well.." Taehyung looked aroung "and now? do i have to do some kind of incantation?"

Karl shrugged "Normally, one wizard draws another."

Jaeshin replied"It's not because he has a sorcerer's magic that he is one. He must learn to use it, and if he is powerful, Nikolai will not even open an eye. "

"if he's a spirit like you two, can't you ask him to come?" Taehyung was confused.

Jaeshin laughed "Are you serious ? He has not been out of his body for a decade. He refuses to show himself even to us, only one of his descendants can make him come back to life except that he was .. is gay."


Karl looked at him magnanimously "There's nothing bad in that, in the 21st century it has become a ..normal topic. Nikolai loves men so what ? "

Taehyung didn't see what he could add besides "Me too."

The spirits look at him without expression until Karl said "Then why did you married..Kate ?"

Taehyung swallowed the knot of bitterness that has formed in his throat "One of the stupid things i've done to not see the truth " he changed the subject feeling uncomfortable "so what shall we do ?"


Jaeshin shrugged "Call him."

Just like that? Taehyung looked at his garden and swallowed again "Nikolai?"



He called again "Nikolai? Are you there?" he takes a quick look around "I need help." after a long silence Karl and Jaeshin shook their heads.

"Need help ?" replied a voice behind him.


Taehyung turns around to find himself face to face with what it would seem to be his twin.


"Oh shit." whispered Jaeshin "I had forgotten what helooked like, no wonder you reminded me of someone Taehyung, Nikolai is like your reflection in a mirror !"

At that Nikolai scrutinizes him, more precisely his eyes.


"You were born from a powerful family of medium." begins Nikolai "where some - even if they are rare - are shaman. You are twenty five years old. You married a woman that your best friend loved, but of course you didn't know it since you to married her to deny your attraction to men, precisely this friend. "

The world seemed to tremble under Taehyung's feet.


Either Nikolai did not care that he was starting to feel sick or he was immersed in his story "In those five years of marriage you had a little boy with her, Jun. You did everything to be an ideal father and it's surely the only thing that you did good. One day you and your wife were violently quarreling, and that leads you to leave the house. "


Taehyung remembers it as if it was yesterday. Kate always talked about how he rejected her, showing no sign of affection. She had been thinking that since the beginning of their marriage he no longer touched her after she was pregnant and he was scared to hurt them both and he had let her believe that, but the years passed and Taehyung still refused to touch her.


He had come out of the closet that famous day. Confessed for the first time that he loved men, that he was gay. Even today he could not forget the expression of horror - or disgust? - on the face of his ex-wife.

He had taken the car and had gone to take refuge where he spent half his childhood playing with his friend Jackson, Ashdown Forest.



He didn't know how long he had been sitting on the ground full of leafs until he found his friend Jackson even in his field of vision, out of breath.


"What are you doing here? did you two quarreled again ?" he asked, Taehyugn remembered every question more and hard to respond.


"Why are not you with kate?"

"Why are you doing this to her?"

"Why are you doing this to me ?"

"Why are you there ?"

"Why did you intervene between her and me ?"


"Why are you alive?"


There he was beginning to change in a monster with big teeths and claws..with a look full of hatred.


Stop, Taehyung didn't want to remember anymore !


He returned to him hearing Nikolai go on where he interrupted his memory, a smirk on his lips. "Jackson was so angry that his eyes had turned yellowish, his veins standing out and his voice more and more guttural menacing. You knew what was happening only when he changed. "


Taehyung feel something inside him broke "ENOUGH !" with a cry he felt all his anger and resentment spring out of him, producing a blue sphere emanating from the electric waves about the size of a balloon from his hands and projecting it directly towards Nikolai.


For the spirits present at that moment what was shocking was not that Taehyung could do magic, but that the sphere touched Nikolai in full torso causing him to be projected beyond the fence.


Nikolai Deucius, the greatest wizard and visionary of all time who disappeared 300 years ago, had just returned to life.

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Blow exhale. Blow exhale. Blow exhale.

He's alone in front of the mirror of his bathroom looking at his reflection .

His eyes were red, his skin paler than usual. He feels like seeing himself when he arrived in Busang after long days of insomnia and tears. He passed a hand on the long brown locks that darkened his face and breathed again.


He did magic. He sees, hears spirits and does magic. He also brought back a legendary wizard from the dead, where was the quiet and solitary life he had imagined coming here ?


Taehyung was not a very friendly person . He has always been someone very lonely even with his wife or son. As a child he was not like that, he was the worst child that the earth as ever worn. He was never still, always laughing , running and moving, nothing fascinated him more than 10 minutes . Then something changed since the day he went to see a Shaman to discover his abilities. He didn't know what, he had strangely few memories, but it had changed him like a new person. A stranger. That day something important had died in him. Something he desperately needed without knowing exactly what it was.

It was stupid right ?


He tried to fill this void by going out, drinking, falling in love, marrying, having a child but nothing was doing. Taehyung was only a quarter of what he really should be, as if several parties of him were there somewhere waiting to be picked up. A horrible feeling that Taehyung had lived with for more than fiftheen years.


He returned to the present hearing some voices in the kitchen. He went down the stairs and heard Karl talk with Jaeshin.

"..Why you don't want ?" he heard Jaeshin.

"Because he 's too young and inexperienced !" replied Karl.


"But if he's really a descendant of Nikolai we really can stop the serial killer !"

"Don't be so sure, we don't what the killer is exactly, and if it's know that he's not human the pack will hunt him."

They see him at this moment and looked embarrassed.

Taehyung asked "Where is Nikolai ?"


Karl pointed at the table of the salon "Where you left him with a coffee."

Taehyung joigned the sorcere and sat in front of him.

Are you alright ?" he asked.


Nikolai was still looking at the mug "I can't believe i'm alive."

"Well me neither, nor did i know Nikolai was my ancestor."

Finally Nikolai looked at him. "Your family never talked about me ?"



"You were maybe adopted."

"Oh no, i'm pretty sure they are my parents unfortunaly."

Nikolai looked definitely lost. "But you have my blood in you veins i can feel it, just what is going on."

Jaeshin asked "Did you sleep with a women before ?"


Nikolai stuttered "I only had mens in my life..precisely just one."

The atmosphère was all of a sudden heavy.

Karl shrugged "Well the most important is that he resurrected you, you are alive !"

Nikolai looked at everyone "And how much time has passed ?"

Well the silence was there again.

Taehyung looked at Nikolai clothes, still in the fashion of the 18 Century and his long hair black attached with a blue ribbon.

"Well..you are in the 21 Century, 15 september 2017."



"Are you kidding me ?!" Nikolai definitely became insane sending the mug flying without even touching it.

The spirits and Taehyung recoiled discreetly seeing Nikolai breathing hard.

"We should take it slow." whispered Jaeshin.


Nikolai looked at him with a glare "I can hear you stupid."

"And so ? i don't give a fuck i'm already dead !"

Nikolai scoffed "Because you think that it will stop me from hurting you ?"

Jaeshin opened his eyes big.


Taehyung fronced "You said that you can hear, but you can't see him ?"

"I'm weak. My magic is asleep, it will take time to recover and for that i will need to eat...something."


"Oh.." was he going to ask for blood ?

"Say Taehyung do..is Chocolate still sold ?"

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Taehyung looked bewildered at his guest eating brownies.


Nikolai moaned obscenely with parts of the cakes in eatch hands, and a mouth full of traces of chocolate. "This is best thing ever. Why fall in love when you have this !"

Karl scoffed while Jashin looked at the plate with envy.


"So" Nikolai said "What did you call me ? is it because of the serial killer ?"

Taehyung fronced "You didn't go out of your grave but you know about the Serial Killer ?"


"I shut my eyes, not my hears. If someone discovered where i was buried i would have declenched my spells."

Taehyung nodded "Maybe you can help us but first i wanted to ask you something."

Nikolai though of it "Well your chocolate is good so i will listen your question."


Taehyung breathed "What is wrong with me ?"

Nikolai didn't even flinch "Many things. First " he pointed a finger at him "your eyes. It's not normal you know that right ?

Taehyung shook his head "It's because i'm ColorBlind, i can't see colors."






"Someone put a spell on you. A strong one at that." he took again a part of brownies and said "It was so strong that it affected your power. It was in the first place to break something. A link to what ? i don't know, i'm too weak to look in your memories. But you are lucky, i can feel how strongly the spell contain your powers, i don't know how you could survive that. Your eyes speak for itself, it's the colors of a dead man."


"Jesus." whispered Jaeshin.


Nikolai shrugged "Maybe you survived because you have my powers. I bet theses idiot didn't know you were my descendant." he looked so smug that Karl and Jaeshin looked at the ceiling.


"Fucking spirits i can feel you all rolling your eyes at me, do you know how much i was respected."

Jaeshin scoffed "So what ? they are all dead."


Taehyung didn't even know he was crying "What did they took from me ? i feel like i'm dead. I always knew something was missing" he feel his throat tight "..and i can't find what."


Nikolai sobered "I can't break that sort of spell Taehyung. It's the doing of a shaman, and that isn't my thing. If i tried to remove it, it could kill both of us."


Taehyugn then freely cried, a hand in front of his eyes.

He passed twenty five years with a spell that no one knew of ? impossible.

Nikolai laughed.


Taehyugn and the spirits looked at him confused.

"Don't cry idiot, didn't you attack me with a sphere earlier ? don't you see thoses stupid spirits ?"

Karl contained Jaeshin.


Taehyung didn't dare hope "You mean.."

"Too much spirits in this house. Your powers grew stronger wanting to recognize what he was feeling around you. Your power is alive, he though that maybe you were in danger so a part awakened. Didn't you hear like a snap in your body recently ?"

Taehyung though of it and he remembered something.


He touched his temple where his scar was "Coming back from a jogging i've felt like a electric shock in my body, like something was put on mode On."

"Then welcome to the world of surnatural."++


Taehyung woke up feeling observed.


He was right since Nikolai was at few centimetre of his eyes.

"I feel like looking at a mirror" he whispered ,his voice hoarse.


"I'm way more beautiful." replied Nikolai in the same tone.

"Why are you in my room ?"


"Something happened." Taehyung wake up instantly "Another corpse. I can feel his blood on the water passing under your house."

Taehyung shivered "Do you know where is the victim ?"


Nikolai shrugged "Me no, but the young guy called Matthias waiting for you on the salon maybe."

Taehyung went down the stairs without putting on trousers.

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Taehyung looked at the scenary.

Too many people.


People jostled each other in Busan subway. Phone on hands without acknowledging anyone.

It reminded him of his old life.


Taehyung felt already the headache.


"Just what is happening." murmured Nikolai behind him just as annoyed as Taehyung.


Taehyung looked at the sorcerer behind him.


He was wearing Taehyung's jean, way too tights for him because of his muscles contrary to Taehyung slim built and a sweat at neck V.


He looked so much like Taehyung that it was scary.

Even with Nikolai wearing black sunglasses, they looked enough like eatch other to people look at them.


"You could at least change your haircut. Why did you have to do the same as Taehyung." sighed Jaeshin.


Taehyung heard but didn't see the spirit.

That morning Nikolai said that Taehyung was using too much energy without knowing in making the spirits physically here. No wonder he was tired most of the time.


Now that he was only hearing them, he was feeling way better.

"I like my hair long. It's not my fault if it suit me the best. Even those pants look good on me what it's called ?" Nikolai looked at his own ass in the reflexion of a windows.


"Jean." said Taehyung looking aroound, was there really a corpse near ?

"Your friends said that the dead body was in that area..but i smell fur."

"Fur ?"

Nikolai's eyes widened "Holy hell there are Wolves ? how can you live near them ? i feel like sneezing, my nose itch so much !"


"It's like an allergy ?" asked Taehyung.

"For me yes. More the sorcerer is strong, more is his repulsion toward the wolves and vice-versa. Oh God i hope there isn't the Alpha." he sniffed.


Taehyung hoped that too. He didn't know what to say if one the wolves discovered he could see. "We should separate." he decided "Me with Karl and you with Jaeshin."


"Why do i have that stupid brat ?" Nikolai sounded indignant.

Jaeshin growled "Taehyung don't make me pair with him , i will definitely leave him meet the Alpha."


"Please Jaeshin, you want that serial killer arrested or not ?" asked Karl.


Sighing Jaeshin placed himself near a gruff Nikolai.

Taehyung nodded "I go by the left, if you find something Nikolai please call me with that thing on your pocket."


Nikolai nodded touching the phone "I will try."

"Good. I see you later."


When Taehyung took his leave, Nikolai sighed looking at all those people "Ready Brat ? let's go."




Everything smelled so BAD.


Fur, dead, sweat urgh. That century was really ..horrible.

Maybe he should have stay dead, or just never come out to meet his descendant.


Taehyung Murakami was a really rare specimen.

He had Shaman powers but he was also a sorcerer, how could a hybrid like him exist ? something was not right.


Maybe those who put a spell on him knew he was going to be powerful and that whatever was linked to him was dangerous, and so put his life in danger to break it.


Poor Taehyung, whatever they took from him seemed bad.


He followed the faint trace of blood and heard Jaeshin catch his breath "Why in the hell are you catching your breath brat, you are dead."


"Stupid sorcerer it's an habit ! and be careful there are wolves."

"How many ?"

"..More than five..And there is just one behind you."



Nikolai was way more weak than he though for not feel his presence.


"Mr Murakami."


Nikolai looked behind him and saw a wolf somewhat smug to have caugh him.

Jaeshin took a step back "That wolf is Ben, be careful he menaced Taehyung yesterday."


Menaced ? Nikolai smiled.

Ben frowned and took a step more toward him "What are doing here ?"

"I can't go where i want ?"

"I told you to stay away from the pack's affairs filthy sorcerer, do you want me to kick your ass.."

Nikolai took him by the neck even before Ben finished to talk.


"Listen you whore. i will take you dirty little claws and i will tear them off. Then i will peal you off to finally eat you, i heard the taste of a wolf was really good in the 18st Century what do you think ?"


Ben opened his eyes big ,trembling "You can see."

"I can see and you are appetizing." Nikolai licked the corner of his lips.

"Oh shit, oh shit" Jaeshin said hurrying "Please don't hurt, don't hurt him !"


His panic souded weird to Nikolai "Why do you sound so scared ?"


"What's is happenning there ?"

Nikolai turned toward the voice and went rigid.

There was in front of him an Alpha.


A very strong Alpha at that.


And eyes were green and his hair the color of Gold. He would have been struckling beautiful if his expression was not so scary.


"Get your hand off my Beta."

Nikolai took off his hands leaving Ben on the floor, people passed while looking at them.


The Alpha smiled at them "Everything is alright, i'm the mayor don't mind us."

After that, the people around looked less but still tough.


Two man advanced toward them.


"A problem Alpha ?" said tall one.

"Oh, isn't it the young Murakami ?" asked the other.


The two new wolves looked alike and different at the same tme, it wouldn't surprise Nikolai if they were brothers.


"He isn't him."

The certitude in the voice of the Alpha made Nikolai look at him. The Alpha was glaring at him his jaw somehow tight.


"He..he isn't ?" asked Ben still on the floor. He could feel that Jaeshin was near him, seeing if he was hurt but why ?


"You spirits are so weird."


Jaeshin frowned then disapeared where the scene of the death was.


When Nikolai looked toward the wolfves they were looking at him bewildered.

"Oops my bad i spoke out loud, i'm tired." he sneezed, that damn allergy to wolves !


"Alpha" said again the tall one "if he isn't the young Murakami who is it ? he look so much like him !"


"I don't know" he looked at Nikolai "but he will say it right ?"


"hm..i don't know, what do i have in exchange ?"


The wolves brothers looked shocked.

"Wow" said the small one "he really isn't the blind one."


At that the Alpha glared at the beta "Don't call him like that."

The little wolf looked at the floor "Yes Alpha."


Nikolai felt Jaeshin that came back near him.


"Hrem, Excuse me but i have to go now someone is waiting for me."


He was going to leave but Ben called him.

"Where do you think you are going !"


"Leave him go."

The all looked at the Alpha surprised, Ben stuttered "B..but why.."


Nikolai smiled "Thank you Alpha. If you want to take a coffee, you can come at Taehyung's house, i live with him."

All the wolf gasped while the Alpha looked still without expression.


Where Nikolai diseapeared, They all looked at the Alpha.

Ben touched his neck "He smelled magic, but weak."


The tall wolf asked "Alpha, how did you know he was not Murakami ?"


The Alpha didn't respond but sneezed.




Taehyung was with his phone in hands, when Nikolai came back.


"Thanks God where were you ?!"

"I've meet some fur." Nikolai sneezed.


"You mean..you didn't meet the Alpha right ?"

"Oh yes i've seen the Alpha and even talked to him. They all though i was you and that you've played them."


"Jesus." gasped Karl looking at the sky.

"Yeah right he's fucking scary, that old wizard wanted to eat one of the wolfves !" said Jaeshin.


"I didn't want to eat him, i was just scarying him."


Taehyung exhaled "I think we should go elsewhere to talk more."

"Sure." He looked at Taehyung "Did you really made them believe you are blind ?"


Taehyung was embarrassed "Maybe we could talk about that later huh."


Nikolai looked at him a long moment before nodding "Okay..can we go to the Chocolate shop we've seen before coming here ? i think there we could talk perfectly."


Taehyung laughed leaving Nikolai put an arm around him "Why not."



They didn't see the Alpha looking at them leave.

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They ordered cake and muffins while waiting for Matthias to show up at the Chocolat Shop.

Once he was there -mostly out of breath with his computer in hands- Taehyung could begin.


He repeated what Jaeshin said when he had seen the crime's scene. The victime was a young man in his twenty, apparently a young cat shifter who happenned to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. He had a huge hole in his heart and little parts of his body were missing.


Matthias made a face looking at his cake.


"Thanks God i'm a ghost, or i would a throw up." Jaeshin sighed. Then made a face even more digusted when he looked at Nikolai mouth full of chocolate "can't you act like a person at least while you're eating ?!"


"Shut up, i didn't eat for three ceintury !"

Taehyung wanted to die of embarrassment seeing all the clients looking at them.


Matthias asked "Did they say what could have attacked him ?"


Taehyung said "Jaeshin said he didn't hear very much."

Matthias opened his computer "Let me look at what is saying the newspaper."


While waiting, Taehyung looked at the windows letting out a sigh.

The weather was very bad in this season in Busan. it was mostly grey and the wind even if it wasn't cold was enough strong to make the rain fall not right.


Well he said mostly grey but he was colorBlind so what was making a difference.


"Taehyung ?"


Taehyung looked at Nikolai "We should give up."


They all looked at him.

Nikolai frowned "What are you talking about ?"

Taehyung looked at Matthias "We have an human, two spirits, a sorcerer more weak than a kitty and finally me, who don't even know what i am !"


Nikolai stuttered "A kitty !"

Matthias scoffed in his coffee.

Taehyung sighed "Yes a kitty open your eyes Nikolai you-are-weak. Too weak, you even said that the wolves didn't feel much magic coming from you !"


Nikolai looked horrified "Because she's asleep she didn't disappear ! whoever is that thing who is killing surnatural species isn't for more strong than me !"


Taehyung shook his head. He wasn't going to win this.

"And i will train you."


Taehyung looked at him, scared he heard him right "What ?"

"You are my descendant Taehyung of course i will train you, let you know how much power you have."


"I don't need to train my powers i'm fine like that !" he really didn't need it. His life was enough messed up.

"How could you be fine !" said Karl "you are no longer human !"

Nikolai nodded "He's right listen to your spirit friend. Just because you live like you are human doesn't make your magic disappear." he pointed Taehyung "You are part sorcerer and Shaman. I can't help you for your shamanic power but for the other.." he smiled somehow smug " you couldn't find better teacher than me."


Taehyung was going to say something when Nikolai talked again "They all can feel magic from you now Taehyung. You can't say no."


But if he said yes his life was going to change isn't it ? did he really want to do that ? he could go to his house ,take his affairs and leave the town now wouldn't it be better ?


No. Taehyung wasn't a coward. He has to know why someone has locked his powers,who was killing people and what was taken from him. He was going to fight.


"I'm in." His choice was made

"I knew you were going to say yes." Nikolai sipped his cappuccino chocolate.

Jaeshin opened big his eyes "Y...Your power of prophecy is back ?"

"No, i just knew. Now that this is settled," he looked where Jaeshin had talked like the spirit killed a squirrel "What is wrong with you ?"


Taehyung frowned, sensing that Jaeshin knew what he was talking about "What's going on ?"

Nikolai smiled "Yeah what's going on Jaeshin, for once you are very quiet."

Taehyung looked at Nikolai "No seriously, tell me."


"I'm not 100% sure because like you said i'm weak, but i have my idea of the problem and if i'm right we are in deep shit."

"Language Nikolai, we are with a minor."


Matthias shrugged "Don't mind me."

They heard Jaeshin say in a little voice "Later please, if you excuse me now i'm going home."



Karl sighed "I'm following him, see you later Taehyung." with that the two spirits disappeared.

"Well" Nikolai burped "i suppose we are only three now."


What was happening exactly ? like there wasn't enough problems.

"Hm..can i talk now ?" asked Matthias all shy.


Oh right the newspaper "What did it say ?"

"Nothing much too i'm afraid. Only that the victim was barman in a ..special club" said Matthias blushing.


Nikolai rose from his chair "I guess we have to investigate ourselves then."

"We ?" asked Taehyung.


"Of course i'm coming with you, tonight we are going to be Sherlock and Watson isn't it fabulous ?"

Oh no "Totally."

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"But whyyyyy" whined Mathias.

Taehyung seized him "Because i said so, you don't have to ask me the same thing every damn minute you.are.a.minor i will not take you to a club."


Taehyung went to the living room followed by Matthias "But you will need me !"

"For what exactly ?"


Matthias for once went silent.

Taehyung sighed passing a hand in his long hair "I'm sorry. But believe me if i could trade with you i would have did it, i don't feel like going to a club or whatever."


"We will not go dancing you know just see if we can find informations from the victim."


Taehyung toward Nikolai to say something and froze. "Where.did.you.find.that ?"

Nikolai looked at himself "In your closet why ? it's not good ?"


Taehyung look at his low-necked shirt from the jean ripped "Did i have ripped jeans ?"

"Hm ? oh i did that myself with a knife from your kitchen, people in the street weart it like that so i thought why not. It suit me right ? my ass look so great."



Nikolai glared at them "Right ?!"


Taehyung looked at Matthias.

Matthias smiled "Right, finally i understand my luck to stay here" he turned toward the door "have fun !"


When he was gone Nikolai cleared his voice. Taehyung turned toward him "Yes ?"

"You will go dressed like that ?"


Taehyung fronced "I don't go there to flirt you know."

"At least wear something suitable, i suppose it's like the old private parties from my time where from 'how you dressed you can enter' and let me say that what you a wearing right now will not do."


Taehyung sighed "Well let me find something and we can..."

"Nope. I will choose for you, look what i've found." he showed him a pair of leather trousers laced in the middle. "I would have wear it but my thighs are too large."

Taehyung went breathless "Did you really found that in my closet ?" the trousers looked so tight that they left no room for imagination.


Oh wait, he remember buying it on a website after drinking 6 beers in the middle of the night.

"I will NOT wear that Nikolai."

"Oh yes you will year it !"

"But i will look like a...a..." he bit his lips.


"A whore ? Taehyung it look like YOU are from an old Century, wear it !"

"I was going to say a pervert but my answer is the same: No !"

"You will !" Nikolai said wagging the pants toward him.

"Wait, did i imagined the zipper in the left ass cheek ?!"


Nikolai eyes turned entirely black. "W.E.A.R T.H.E.M."

Taehyung put it on.


Its after they took the car that Taehyung realised that the spirits didn't appeared.

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Two guards were in front of the doors, Taehyung and Nikolai saw a line in front of the club going until the other side of the street.


"Are you serious." whispered Taehyung.

Nikolai was silently mouth open.



"Okay Okay.. then we have not others choice than leave !"


Taehyung was going to do that but Nikolai grabbed his arm still looking at the line.

"I knew it wasn't going to be that easy." murmured Taehyung.


"Say little Shaman.." asked Nikolai.

"Yes ?"

"Why..Why there isn't womens ?"


Taehyung was going to ask what he mean until he'd seen only mens -some with glitter- waiting to enter.

He looked at the sky like talking to someone "...But why ? i mean why me ? why a gay club ? why theses pants ? why my life ? why spirits ? why wolves ..."


Nikolai patted his shoulders "Shh shh shh it's okay breathe okay ? right maybe theses pants were a little too much."

"No, really ?!" Taehyung snarled.

"How could i know it was a sodomiste club ?!"


Taehyung blushed "We don't call it like that, we prefer to say Gay club."

Nikolai shrugged "It isn't going to change the fact."


They both looked once more at the club.

Finally Taehyung talked "Then what do we do ?"


"Maybe we could flirt with the guards." he looked at Taehyung "you know how right ?"

Taehyung gave him a side glance without answering.

"Ah right, you married the first girl you've seen then lived like a virgin for 8 years after making her pregnant."


"How about you Mr i-know-everything ?"

Nikolai Shrugged "...i've only had one in my life and i didn't even need to flirt with him."


"Surely you can do like thoses who tried to seduce you before him."

Nikolai didn't dare look at him "Nope. They didn't live enough to finish their court. You see they were all spy or assassin, so i fried them with a thunderbolt . Theses mens tried to trap someone who can do prophecy aren't they idiots ?"


Sure if they tried to kill someone who could see the future.

Nikolai sighed "I suppose i could bewitch them but i am weak like a kitty."

"You are still angry about that." Taehyung didn't even ask it as a question.


"I am Nikolai Deucius the most powerful sorcerer of all time how dare you call me a kitty !"

"Oh please later, instead tell me how to enter this place !"


Nikolai exhaled then looked at people charging box and enter the club.

"I suppose we will have to work."




"We should have taken Karl and Jaeshin with us." say Taehyung.

"Impossible, every single club since my century has a sort of protection againsn't spirits. Apparently they don't want to let enter someone that didn't pay the entry."


Oh, it was because of that Nikolai didn't want to call them, Taehyung looked at the place.

It was mostly dark. Only a fews light were showing the crowd on the dance floor.

The place was already full of people dancing to the song Cheyenne from Jason derulo or making out.


No that Taehyung could see them proprely.

"Are you okay ?" asked Nikolai near his ear.


Taehyung nodded without looking at him "Just do not count too much on my sight."

"Shit i forgot ! is your view very bad right now ?"


Almost as if he was in the dark but he was not going to say that. "I see enough don't worry, we should separate, see if we can discover something."


"You're right, keep the music box near you ok ?"

It's was called a phone but nevermind "Yes don't worry. See you later."


"Sure..That song is really addicting."

Taehyung took a sideglance at Nikolai going to the dance floor moving is shoulder like some sort of dance.


He smiled before the dark covered Nikolai and hide him from his eyes.

Taehyung took a breath. Now he was alone for the first time in three days. And in the dark.


He was going to be okay, maybe he should first drink something at the bar.

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Someone near him gave him a slap on the ass.


"Hey handsome, it's a very sexy zipper that have here, you mind letting me see what is inside ?"

Taehyung turned toward the little twink with a frown.


The man blanched "S..sorry..i will go." he disappeared even before finishing what he was saying.

Shit. Taehyung must have did a scary face trying to see who was talking to him.


The barman laughed "Well poor little boy, he must have waited that you talk at least."

Taehyung blushed seeing that the scene didn't go unnoticed "Well it woud've have changed anything anyway." he took a sip of his beer.


"You are not here to pick out someone ?"

Taehyung bit his lips "Well maybe not tonight, i kind of feel..fine alone."

"Oh.." the barman smiled looking at the dance floor "Your brother look like he's having fun."

Taehyung fronced trying to see Nikolai over his shoulder "How so ?"


"He's sandwiched between two big guy and he seems to like it."

Taehyung groaned, thankful for the first time his view was bad.


Suddently the Barman said "Hey handsome."


Taehyung looked at him.

"It's never fine to be alone man, believe me i know."


Taehyung tried to smile but something in him feel hollow, he finally looked at his glass "I know too, and sometimes being alone can avoid a broken heart or a death."


The barman stopped cleaning the glasses and looked at him surprised. Taehyung just finished his beer and left the bar.



He couldn't believe his eyes, was he dreaming ?


The Fae was looking at a young men in the middle of the dance floor lifting his shirt under the cheer of the crowd.

"Are you alright Jimin ?" asked his friend.


He shakes his head. Surely he was dreaming, it couldn't be who he was thinking.


The Sorcerer was dead 300 years ago, right ?

But his corpse was never found, was he alive all this time ?

The fingers of the Fae trembled calling a number.


"It's me. I.." oh God he'd have to say it "tell the King i think i found Nikolai Deucius at a Gay club in Busan, Korea."



Taehyung followed some couple going to an vip place and was going to enter when a guard stopped him.

"You can't enter here, only those on the list can."


Oh for the shit sake, it's always like that.

"He's with me."


Taehyung feeling a hand on his waist turned toward the voice.

There was two person. The one who talked was on his thirty, with black long hair. with black pants and a white shirt open enough to see all his torso.


Taehyung felt something from him, something dangerous without knowing what. Nikolai told him to have faith in his intuitions, and it was telling him to run away. But he couldn't. He'd have to enter, he felt it.


"Would you want to accompagny me, Darling ?" asked the man smiling at him. The other boy with him, without doubt a shifter seeing his eyes, was looking at Taehyung like a meal.

Taehyung made his best to smile with promise "Why not. I feel like it's going to be fun."



Nikolai stopped dancing completely out of breath while some people praised him.


"Man you are awesome !"

"Please take me with you tonight !"

"How did you learn to dance like that !"


Nikolai merely laughed passing a hand in his hair feeling in his element being in the center of the attention. "It's natural for me, i'm strong in everything. now if you excuse me i have to go find my friend."


He was going to leave when heard someone said behind him "Damn his ass is awesome."


Right, right ! he was definitely being accostumed at this century, here it was so awesome to be yourself without rules put by the shitty society. A song even more good than the others was played and Nikolai had to restrain himself from dancing again.


"It's 'Sexy back' ! Oh i love this song !' a little blond grabbed his arm "dance with me !"

Nikolai smiled "Sorry sweetheart, but i have to go now i have something to.."


He didn't know what made his eyes look ahead, but he did.

A groupe of men came to find another one near the entry and their perfect appearance leave no doubt.

They were Fae.


The blond near him pouted "Hey, are you listening to me ?"

What happenned ? why so many ? one ok, but six ? no no it couldn't be. No one could recognize him after 300 years..


One of the Fae pointed in his direction.

He instantly lay down on the floor like a Kappa.


"What happenned ?!" shrieked the little blond "where a are you ?!"


Fuck. Fuck fuck fuck fuckity fuck !

He ramped through the crowd leaving a trail of shriek and startled people..what was that white stain on his shirt ? ugh. He didn't even want to know.


Maybe They weren't here for him, but he would never take the risk.

Right now he had to find Taehyung and leave.

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The man who said his same was Mael, guided Taehyung in the corridors of the Vip place, which was completely different from the club. Here the light was so bright that it was nearly blinding, letting him see the scenary around him. The mens in the area were all the same: one with a suit and another way less clothed hugging each other.Even if a fews were just kissing, others apparently were going to do more at seeing each hands in their pants.


Taehyung took a fews step back, eyes big before Mael spoke, his hand on Taehyung waist. "Please gentlemen, go to a room or somewere more private, you are making my meal scared."


Meal ?


The mens didn't say anything and took their leave. Leaving Taeyung with Mael and his sort of..human pet ? Saphir.

Mael pushed a little Taehyung "Let's go ?"


They continued until they've entered a private lounge.

The place was a mix of red and gold, looking quite expensive for a club.


While Taehyung remained standing, Mael sat down sighin on the sofa taking Saphir againsn't him "I really don't like this club."

Taehyung swing from one foot to the other "Then why coming here ?"


Mael looked at him suspiciously but finally smiled while patting the place next to him"Come here."

"Huh..." looked between Saphir and Mael "Nope. I'm good here. Near the door." Now that he was in the vip side, he had to leave them to investigate but how ?


"Come" encouraged Saphir.

Taehyung looked at them silently, then went hesitantly toward the sofa.


Ok, but did they have to really look at him like meal ?

Mael smiled and insteag of letting him sit on the couch, took his hand and put him on his right knee.


Taehyung instantly stammered feeling his cheeks bright red while the man smiled "Wh..what..!"


"Oh yes i can feel it" he breathed Taehyung's hair "you have so much power within you. Tell me my new pet, what are you ?"

Taehyung froze Pet ? no, more importantly what should he say ? he didn't even know what he was so he opted for "A medium."


"So much power from a mere medium." Saphir looked dazzled while caressing his knee, what made Taehyung very suspicious.

"Tell me medium, i smell no one on you but it still doesn't mean anything, do you have a lover ?"



"Good. You know what i am right ?"

Taehyung tilted his head "Should i ?"


They looked at him weirdly.

Ok, so he should have know.


Mael and Saphir shared a dubious look and laughed suddently. At which Taeyung frowned. He didn' like being mocked.

It surely must have show on his face because Mael shaked his head "No, little medium. I'm not mocking you it's just that you are..." his eyes seemed like burning "refreshing."


Silence. Okaaaaay


Mael's smile faded "Why are you looking at me like that ?"

"Like what ?"


"Your eyes seems to say that i am some bug."

"Oh, i was born like that so excuse me but i will go now so you can..enjoy toguether. Good night."


He was going to get up when Mael took his hands "Now, now..did you really think i would be let you leave like that ? without let me taste your ..sexual appetite ?"


What a weird thing to say.


Wait sexual appetite ?

what kind of surnatural specie could...oh.


Taehyung's throat closed tight.

A Succumbus. He was in a room with a succumbus.++


Nikolai was in mode full alert.


First he casted a spell to follow the path of Taehyung. Seeing the trail go toward a vip place, he went toward it at the same time that he cast another spell making him less noticeable by others, when he tried to enter, the guard stopped him.


"You can't pass here if you are not on the list."

Nikolai waved his hand in front of the guard "τυφλός "


The guard suddently stepped back "My eyes ! what happened i can't see !"

"They will return soon, I don't have time !" Nikolai said even as he passed the corridors with mens touching eatch others , they were blocking the path "Out of my way !"


No one looked at him, he tapped his foot impatiently lifting his chin "I said out.of.my.way !"




His fists clenched "Why are you ignoring me , you littles...μονοπάτι !"

They all flew across the walls and stayed glued on. Some were shouting in fear and others were so drunk that they didn't even know what was happenning.


Oops maybe they didn't look at him because of the spell making him unnoticeable "But still i don't have time !" He passed still following the trail of Taehyung's trap and when it finally stopped at a door he opened it.


Or at least tried because it was locked.


"καταστρέψει !"


The door flew into pieces making all the persons in the room look toward Nikolai with big eyes.

Him on the other hand looked at the door "Why did i say destroy instead of open ?" he shrugged " well i don't have time." he looked at Taehyung forced lay down in the couch with the succumbus on top of him trying to open his pants "get up of here, you will hook up later come on !"


Taehyung nodded trying to get up but Mael didn't let his left arm "I said where are you going we have to finish !"

Saphir agreed carressing Taehyung's hair.


"Let me leave or i swear this time i will get angry !" Taehyung could feel something rising inside him, and it didn't feel pleasant.

"Get the fuck outta here slutty kitty." Nikolai put his hand in Saphir's face and threw him under the bed.


Mael snarled at Nikolai's face then looked at Taehyung "Tell your twin to leave or joins us but to not disturb us" his teeth suddently went more sharp "or this time it will be me who will get angry and i will not just take pleasure in your orgasm but also in you cry and plead to stop your suffering."


Taehyung's shivered before Nikolai struck a lightning at Mael's crotch.


Taehyung gaped.

He looked at Mael on the floor whining touching the front of his pants then looked Nikolai who said kinda aloof:



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They walked in the corridors without knowing where they were going.

At that Taehyugn felt a sense of Deja-vu.


"Do you know if there is an Exit door?"

Taehyung looked at Nikolai "hum .."


He threw his hands in the air "Even a windows!"

"Erm .."


He took Taehyung by the shoulders "One of your friend could teleport?" his eyes shined with hopes.

Okay, time out "Nikolai, what happenned?"


"Huh?" Nikolai put his hands back and looked at the ceiling "..nothing."

Yeah, right Taehyung fronced "Something is really wrong, and your powers when were you going to tell me they returned?"



"Oh my Gosh my powers returned!" Nikolai looked at his hands like it was gold ..then fronced.



Nikolai shakes his confused head "I..i can not feel .."

A suddent scream startled them. They turned their heads towards the peoples who were running to see a very big creature looking towards them from the ceiling.


Taehyung was slowly going back to the same time as Nikolai without stopping looking at the "Nikolai."

"Huh." Nikolai's voice seemed off.

"Can you do something please?"


The beast was at least Seven feet 2, full black if it was not for his purple eyes.

*Mael ?


The thing growled.

"Like what?" asked Nikolai.


"Are not you the sorcerer? Do something!"

The foward making thing making them shout years run. They knocked some guys and glasses of alcohol while running the long corridors Gold and red.


"These fucking corridors never end, where are we, another dimension ?!" shrieked Nikolai out of breath.

Taehyung looked behind them and yes, the creature was still after them his claws out. Taehyung lauched a plate toward his eyes making the thing scream.


Turning at an intersection Taehyung finally sighed "What are we gonna do Nikol ..." looking beside him, Nikolai was not here.

Taehyung feel his blood run cold "Nikolai ? Nikolai where are y ..."



Taehyung looked at the ceiling.

"The left wall, idiot!"

Taehyung looked beside him and nearly swallowed his tongue.


He put his hands at his mouth "Oh my God what happened to you ?!"

Nikolai was inside the wall his body completely gold, only his eyes could be seen.


"I don't know what happened, a fews minutes ago i couldn't feel my powers and suddently i'm inside there ! i think the adrenaline awake my powers."


"Okay..." the creature shouted, he could heard her coming toward them "okay, let me come with you in the wall NIKOLAI"

"I can't ,i feel like if i get an arm out of the wall i couldn't put it back inside you have to find another hide out."

"Are you serious ?!"


"QUICK, Oh and if you see surnatural beauty go the opposite direction. Thank you."

"....What ?"

"You hear me GO NOW !"


He sprinted just when Mael clawed the carpet where he was fews second ago.


Wonderful, before it was the spirits who abandonned him, now it was his ancestor.

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Breath Taehyung, breath.


He was exhausted after running away from Mael for what it feel like one hour straight. A blond haired man who he didn't see well the face stopped Mael with only one word "Stop". What was the more surprising was the expression in the face of Mael-the creature- like he didn't have control of his body. Like he was going to die.


Taehyung didn't wait to be seen by the blond haired man. He ran until he was sure to be enough far away. But now how was he going to find Nikolai ? oh hell he didn't care ! tonight he was nearly raped by a succumbus, after that it he pursued him in version monster and to finish his leather pants torn apart in the middle of his ass when he was running ! SO he going to leave now AND NEVER OH HELL NEVER GOING BACK IN A GAY CLUB, IT WAS THE FIRST AND LAST TIME.


He was going to leave when he heard a voice.

"..for the wolves."

Taehyung fronced looking at the door next to him. His powers were definitely growing stronger if he could hear voices speaking so low in another piece.


"But still we shoudn't underestimate them. The Alpha isn't in his place for nothing, he's know around here for being ruthless."

Taehyung feeling his throat tight hearing the familliar voice, opened the door a bit. He could only see a man from the back, a cloack hiding his face, only his hands could be seen, old and grey , like the hands of a dead man.


"It's like he doesn't have feelings." the man laughed at his own words leaving Taehyung perplexed.

"You will continue our plan my dear. Next time i want you to find me a wolf shifter."


Taehyung also looked where the man was looking and gasped.

The things near the corner was way more than dead, and certainly not human. it has hands and feet but the face .. it's like someone implated a animal face on him, like a sort of..hell he didn't know how to say but it was down right scary.


Mael beside that was little cutie.


"You know what i hate more than theses stupid wolves , dear ?"

Taehyung closed brutally the door when a knife suddenly passed through the wood, a few inch of his right eye.

"The bad boys eavesdropping." the man snarled before the creature let out a high piched scream.


Oh hell.


Taehyung ran again ,this time swearing to himself to not stop until he was out of this fucking place.


"Hey Darling nice ass !"


Oh wonderful, he forgot his ass was out in the open.

Like it wasn't enough someone took him by the shoulders and cornered him against a wall.


Taehyung struggled without looking who it was "Oh please i don't have time to flirt with you, i want to go home, and rest there for at least 100 years !"


When the man didn't respond, Taehyung looked at the man and felt his breath stop.

The man was more than beautiful.


Eyes, mouth, nose, skin, body everything was down right gorgeous, so much that a little twink who passed near them took a wall in the face for not looking in front him. What could the man want from him ? Ok Taehyung heard he was not bad looking but he was not at his full potential right now, he could feel himself reeking of sweat and tabac.

Yeah right, so beautiful that he didn't look human.


The words of Nikolai echoed inside him if you see surnatural beauty go the opposite direction.

He swallowed loudly knowing that this man believed he was Nikolai. If Taehyung said that he was not his ancestor would the man believe him ? he doubted it.


"My King want to see you."

"What ?" a King ?


The man's eyes turned white and Taehyung felt a power so strong that he could have fallen if the man didn't hold him against him. After a certain time the man breathed loudly then looked again at Taehyung, his eyes still white.


"Hm..a..are you all right ?" God maybe he wanted to kill him but Taehyung still asked if the man was okay.

The stranger tilted his head looking at Taehyung and suddently seems pained.


"You look so much like him." It was so softly said that Taehyung felt bad for him.

"Him ?" he asked softly at the man.


"A mistake. I did just one mistake, and the fate doesn't want to forgive me.. doesn't want me to ask him to forgive me."

He released Taehyung's shoulders but Taehyung stayed where he was looking at the man retreat back.


The man snarled "They don't even let him reincarnate, they don't want me to see him again, they are punishing me again and again."


"Hey, are you sure you are ok ?" surely he was not talking about Nikolai right ?

"How could they ? reincarnate his body but not his soul how could they do that to me ?!" the man shouted the words looking so broken that Taehyung felt like crying.


"I'm sorry i don't know.."Taehyung began but the man touched his head and his eyes turned back like before.


"I'm sorry" the man said like nothing happenned "we are leaving." four man suddently appeared near the stranger to disappear again in the air.


Holy hell.

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