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Sacha's Rogue Gallery!

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Hello! Many of the characters here will be fandom oriented with an excessive amount of detail. It's less of a store and more of a reference point. If there's a character in particular that strikes your interest, It'd be no problem to start and RP. Any images seen here are not my own with credit going to the original artist.

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Satoko Kawazu



Name: Satoko Kawazu

Gender: Male

Birthdate: June 8th

Age: 20

Height: 5’5’’

Weight: 58kg

Blood Type: AB

Occupation: Hospital Nurse/ medical nin

Affiliation: Konohagakure

Clan: n/a



Ninja Rank: Chunin, Medical-nin

Ninja Registration: 49284

Academy Graduation Age: n/a

Chunin Promotion Age: 15



Kabuto Yakushi (Legal Guardian)

Urushi (Legal Guardian)


—Nature Type—

Lightning Release

Yin Release


—Tools (other than average service tools)—






As one would expect of the training reserved for the upper echelons of the Leaf's medical ninja, Satoko has a lean and supple body. He is much stronger than his form would portray, which is a deliberate effect of keeping a decent layer of fat on his body rather than just toning to the muscle. One of Satoko's most noticeable traits is his albinism and his pale blue eyes. More often than not, he wears simple clothing, which usually consists of low-hemmed shirts and plain pants. He has been noted to be rather eye catching, both because of his albinism and his prettiness.



One would expect Satoko to be shy, but they'd be wrong. From a young age, Satoko has been confident, friendly, bold, and outspoken. Not much has changed since then. For the most part, he can be a bit impatient and somewhat pushy, though these qualities only display the fact that he's ambitious. Loyalty is among his highest traits, to his village and to the ones close to him. His training as a medical-nin has taught him patience fits his empathetic nature well. At his core, Satoko will almost never turn down the chance to aid someone, even if he berates them while helping.



Even when there isn't a war, the ninja world is almost brimming with violence of one sort or another. Like many in the world Satoko was an orphan that was eventually found and taken in by Konoha and sent to it's orphanage. While there, he had a childhood rivalry with a bully that was often violent. Even so, the more he fought, the more he needed healing...and scolding. For a while, this was the basis of his relationship with Kabuto. Later on, when he was 10 or so, a group of unwary bandits attempted an late night attack on the orphanage to hold the kids for ransom. Kabuto and Urushi were out to handle it, but Satoko threw himself into the fray using a kunai, the Clone technique, and a touch-applied genjutsu.


After the skirmish, Satoko was lightly injured but nothing more than what Kabuto could heal. With their rivals too scared to actually bully them, Satoko began seeking out Kabuto's company. After Satoko finally opened up about his missing-nin parents, who were eventually killed by Kirigakure hunter-nin, which explained how he knew the basics of combat and jutsu. At Satoko's insistence, Kabuto began teaching him more, focusing on medical jutsu.


The following years, Satoko and Kabuto were master and student and soon enough he was a medical-nin in all but rank. When was 14 Kabuto sent a letter to the Hokage and made arrangements for him to live in an apartment while he underwent further training with the Medic Corps thus cementing his place as a ninja. Kabuto's unconventional medical techniques not allowed Satoko to shoot past the other recruits. At 20 he was noticed by Tsunade and Sakura, and thus offered a position on a new elite squad known as Deva Corps, a small group of medical ninja led by Sakura that had all the skills to fulfill all four clauses of Medical Ninja.



Tarazo is a highly capable shinobi and one of Tsunade's very few apprentices.


Chakra and Physical Prowress

As a medical ninja, taijutsu is Satoko's primary attack method and more often than not he uses chakra to enhance his strength to devastating effect. As a medic, his goal is to reduce his own injury so he could aid other's on his team, thus his Taijutsu style is destructively hit-and-run and highly evasive by nature. His chakra control also lends him use of the environment and he's able to fight on vertical or inverted surfaces just as well as upright.


Satoko has also shown to be a skilled sensor-nin. He often uses the ability as a second sight to keep track of allies or 'lock on' to enemies. However, it is unrefined.



Satoko's main ability is his medical jutsu,and he's quite formidiable with it. However he also has some, though much less, skill in Lightning Release jutsu. Due to his long training in Chakra Control, he can use jutsu at their max efficiency without wasting chakra. Satoko has also noted to have talent in fuuinjutsu, an art he takes advantage of in regard to his equipment. Although medical jutsu is his basis, he trains fuinjutsu a fair amount.


~Medical Jutsu~

Satoko was taught medical ninjutsu by Kabuto when he was young and immediately displayed a natural talent for it, which was honed further by the sage. He can heal most injuries without difficulty, even performing the ordinarily close-contact Mystical Palm Technique from a slight distance. He uses chakra scalpels quite extensively outside their intended surgical use, either to cut through defenses or augment his physical strikes, severing muscles on contact in order to disable opponents.

His medical skills were enough to get the attention of Tsunade and Sakura, earning him a spot in the Deva Force, a small squad of medical-nin with the skills necessary to break Tsunade's rules. Like the other few elite Leaf medic-nin he can use chakra to enhance his taijutsu. He's in progress of creating his Strength of a Hundred Seal, although it's still incomplete. So far, the group has only 5 people, including him and Sakura.



Satoko has made a summoning contract with an Island of Lizards, which he had come across as a result of training with Kabuto by using a summoning jutsu without a contract. He was stuck on the island for a time, and although the venture nearly killed him, he made it out alive and with a contract.



As usual for medical-nin, Satoko possess a high intellect. As a part of the intense Deva Corps training, he's also capable of multiple medical procedures, both standard and those that require ninjutsu. This medical expertise is broad and goes over anatomy, herbalism, and toxicology.

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Yuki Kori





Yuki Kori -- 雪氷






December 10





Blood Type:







145 lbs // 60kgOccupation:

Spymaster of the Kirigakure Revolution (Formerly)

Leader of the Kirigakure Revolution (Formerly)

Head of the Yuki Clan

Land Lord


ANBU Captain (Former)



Kirgakure, Kiri Revolution Team,



Yuki Clan—Rank—

Anbu Hunter-nin (Formerly)

S-Rank Missing-Nin (Formerly)




Yuki Haku -- 雪 白(Deceased/Clan Member)

Yuki Kanrei -- 雪 寒冷 (Son)

Yuki Konka -- 雪 今夏(Wife)

Yuki Tsumetai -- 雪 冷たい(Nenja, Godfather)


—Chakra Natures—





—Tools (other than average service tools)—






Text Description:

Kori Yuki's most noticeable trait is his overall androgyny. He's a young man with long black hair, pale skin and red eyes (a mark of his noblility in the Yuki Clan), and a slender frame while being of average height. He's usually regarded as quite beautiful and his attentiveness to his appearance only bolsters that. Outside of battle, Kori usually wears a plain white shirt and plain pants that only reinforces the usual ambiguity. He does keep other clothing in a scroll as well as a small pouch for housing senbon. His sword is always near his person.



At first glance, Kori is the perfect woman. He's kind, courteous, and respectful and looks like a girl (despite lacking in the chest department). Kori is a serious, shrewd, and mature ninja. Well known as a fearsome ninja from his time as a hunter-nin he is feared by many, having earned him the alias "Snow Devil" whereas in truth, he is very calm and calculated, only engaging in violence when necessary. When fighting, Kori can become fierce and determined, taunting his opponent while fighting and goading them into anger, but will be quick to stop when victorious or no longer in danger. He is a natural leader, is decisive and focused being one of the captains and leading figures of the Kiri Revolution. Even so, he's slowly tiring of the violence and is becoming more and more pacifistic.


--After the Revolution--


Kori has become something of a martial pacifist after the revolution. After a finishing the last of his opposition, he then went from being a spymaster to a businessman, using his name and his intimate connected with the new Kage and Dyamo to aid in the reformation efforts. Many remark on him being even more driven to do what he had set out to do. For the most part, he was unchanged still an instrument of his fierce ambition and fiery spirit. With the birth of his son and wife, he's become less serious and formal, being more open with his range of emotions. At the same time, now that he has something to protect, he's been seen to fight more cautiously on his part, and more ruthlessly if the situation demands.



Kori was the highborn example of what an aspiring clan head should be. From a young age he proved to be natural prodigy in the ninja arts and his talent was quickly tempered with training from his parents and other clan members. He spent much of his childhood honing his skills through carefully crafted games and contest and much of the early mentoring is responsible for his skill currently. However, at the age of 5 the Yuki Clan compound was attacked by livid and fearful. Him and his nenja, Tsumetai were forced to flee and hide, becoming the last bearers of the Yuki clan before they hid among the lowest caste society and the clan scattered to the winds.


He was made to go through Kirigakure's bloody graduation ritual when he was only nine, being the last one standing in a brutal battle royale of sixty graduates. Not even a month later he was sent into Kirigakure's war effort against Konoha, quickly rising in rank due to his skill. His skill with Ice Style (specifically Demon Ice Mirrors) was even comparable to Konoha's Yellow Flash, where sudden snowfall was always regarded as a bad omen. Even after the war's end, he was still sent on high risk missions by the Nin-commander and when he was 14, he was recruited into the village's ANBU ranks.. There was no amount of training that tempered him the way war did. When he was 16 years old, he struck a monstrous blow against Kumogakure, single-handedly fending off an invasion force with his crystal ice mirrors, earning him the moniker, Snow Devil.


After the war, Kori's feats were noticed by Yagura, who made the boy became the leader of the ANBU unit known as Team Ko at the age of 19. He served loyally until his unit received the order to hunt down any Hozoki clan survivors. From there he defected, rescuing the survivors. The young captain was nearly killed by his former teammates, but was rescued by an unlikely ally; Zabuza Momochi. With his prior experience in tow, Kori took on the mantle of becoming the Revolution's spy master.


From then on, Kori worked with Zabuza Momochi, the Demon Brothers, and other missing-nin. It was well, until Zabuza found Haku and bought him. The two of them trained him together -- Kori helping mostly with his ice abilities. Before long, the group launched their first attempt at a coup d'etat which failed and weakened the group. After escaping and recovering they decided to split up to gather funds for another coup.


Kori wanted Haku to come so he could finish his training and to have a fellow clan member. However, Haku chose Zabuza and though Kori respected the decision he was bitter towards Zabuza. Yuki devastated when he heard about their deaths at the hands of Gato and Kakashi Hatake. After convening with the other advisors of the group, Kori was eventually made the new leader, with Ao taking his place as Spy Master. Eventually, Kori went to Haku's body and gave him a Yuki Clan burial, encasing him with a layer of ice (alothugh both graves were robbed by Kabuto years later). Even so, Gato's death and broken monopoly gave Kori the edge he needed to pick up the other's contacts, granting a large pool of resources to the revolution, whereas the completion of the Great Naruto Bridge allowed an easier time to make contacts outside of Kirigakure.


--After the Revolution--


After assuring Mei Terumi's seat as Mizukage, Kori had decided that he wanted to move on. For about another 3 years Kori led a small ANBU group that was responsible for finishing off the most extreme of Yagura's supporters that didn't wish to silently accept his defeat. After all the dust was cleared, at the age of 23, he disbanded the Kirigakure Revolution, leaving the most dedicated members as the Mizukage's honor guard. With Mei Terumi taking the Hokage's seat, the two of them began to pool their resources, to begin a mass reform of the village. Meanwhile, Kori used some recovered fortune to buy multiple properties and renting them out, supplementing his already vast income.


Kori is currently a proprietor and/or leader of many reform organizations, including a non-ninja school system, a organization meant to look for scattered Kekkai Genkai holders, and multiple hospitals and clinics some of which even have retired Konoha medical-nin among it's staff.


However, for Kori himself, all of these achievement pale in comparison to the both his wedding to Konka -- the chief medic of the Kiri Revolution team-- and the birth the birth of his son, Kanrei. The three of them travel often, while Tsumetai is content to live his twilight years in peace continuing his role as Kori's father and Kanrei's grandfather.


In general, Kori is highly proficient in almost every possible category, as well as one of the strongest ninja Kirigakure has produced. A weak area he has is genjutsu; he doesn't have any in his possession, however he is adept in escaping and recognizing it due to the Uchiha and other genjutsu users he had to fight during the Third Ninja War, as well as the Hozoki Clan's prodigal genjutsu skill. Kori's skill in taijutsu allows him to take various approaches in close combat; his time in the Anbu enables him to suddenly approach enemies from behind and is just as comfortable attacking form the front, striking with debilitating precision to quickly defeat multiple opponents. His fighting style depends on speed, and taking down enemies quickly, thus he learned to use one-handed seals to the fullest potential.


In battle he uses mainly the Yuki Clan Ice style jutsu, and uses senbon to attack from a distance to kill or sedate targets. His primary attacks utilize his ice style to create various weaponry, affect his surroundings or building aggressive structures, as well as creative use of his Demonic Ice Mirrors technique. During wartime, he shared the same tactic as Minato, although in his own way. Using a clone, as well a massive amount of his ice mirrors, Kori was able to single-handedly ward off an invasion from Kumogakure.

When he was younger, he had a severe lack of avaliable chakra, but after specialized training he's increased the pool to match that of a Kage.


Physical Prowess

One of Kori's defining battle-traits is his sheer speed and honed reflexes. He's able to quickly close distance's and retreat with deceptive bursts of speed. Like Haku, he can use one-handed seals and use ninjutsu in tandem with Taijutsu. As an Anbu he is skilled in Silent Killing though falls behind Zabuzu and Haku so he often uses his abilities to supplement. He's also much stronger than he looks, able to provide a match for Zabuza Momochi in tajutsu while being comfortable with multiple weapons, though he is most deadly with his senbon.



Kori's most noticeable power was the utilization of water and wind natured chakra to create Ice Release. His power over ice granted him special techniques, like the Demonic Mirroring Ice Crystals, which creates mirrors that he could travel between and attack from, even if his opponent is in the sky. He's not only capable of the jutsu he taught Haku but due to his training while the Yuki clan was still assembled he is on of the last carriers of all the Yuki Clan jutsu from the most basic to the most advanced. He is also capable of using each of the chakra natures of their own, as well as being capable of one handed seals. He is also adept at most water jutsu, though is completely inept with Wind Style due to having no practice.



Kori possesses a very detailed knowledge of human physiology, thanks to his ANBU training. His knowledge is great enough that he could disable an opponent with acupuncture by hitting a precise point on the body with a senbon, to cause immediate death or a temporary appearance of such. However his knowledge is put to a more medicinal use currently. Kori was also very keen-minded, as he had been shown to have great observational and analytical abilities, capable of quickly determining a way around an opponent's technique or strategy.


Clan Information

Clan Name: Yuki

Clan Symbol: S%C3%ADmbolo_del_Clan_Yuki


During the Warring Clans Era there were two ninja clans that reigned supreme above all others in Kirigakure. One was the ice wielding Yuki Clan and the other was the Hozuki Clan. After the Warring Clan Era was ended the two clans put their bloody history aside in Konohagakure's example and made up Kirigakure. Even so, it's creation was flawed and Kiri was riddled with conflicts, both internal and external. After the Battle of Karuga, an historically bloody campaign, users of Kekkai Genkai were prosecuted against. The Yuki Clan in particular was branded a cursed clan, and even in the times of Shippuden it's still referred to as such. Eventually, this caused a dissolution of all the Kekkai Genkai holders, and after a violent struggle just before the 3rd Shinobi War the Yuki Clan's home was destroyed, scattering the clan and leaving all of its survivors dead or hiding in society.


Specialty: The Yuki Clan were famous for their Ice Style Kekkai Genkai, most famously the Demonic Crystal Ice Mirrors. When the user releases their chakra, the surrounding vicinity becomes cold enough to cause snow to fall. Being a highborn society, they were also famous for their winter festivals and culture, mostly including graceful dances and Biwa players. Of course, there's an unspoken fame for the beautiful women and equally beautiful men. It was often joked that the only real sign of a Yuki Clan member's true gender was under the kimono.


Kekkei Genkai: Ice Style


Status: Scattered/Disassembled


Clan Appearances:

Skin Tone: Pale to fair-skinned

Markings: None

Hair: Straight black hair was the norm.

Eyes: Brown, though blue also often occurred. Red eyes were the mark of Yuki Clan noble family.



+Many people assume he's a female due to his androgynous appearance which is the (debatable) Yuki Clan's second most famous trait after their kekkai genkai. Thus many assume he's female. Nor does it help that one of his guilty pleasures is crossdressing.

+Kori dislikes most things related to extreme sunlight and hot rooms, sauna's and spicy food are things he dislikes as well. Oddly enough he dislikes dealing with blood and dislikes sugary things. .

+When the Infinite Tsukiyomi ensared the world Kori dreamed of the Yuki Clan's Snowfall Festival. Haku and the many other deceased Yuki Clan members were alive and celebrating with him. Even their bitter rival the Hozoki Clan had joined to celebrate. Of course, seeing his dream, even as a genjutsu, strove him on to do even more to achieve it.

+ "What we've done-getting people to pick up their scythes and fight against a regime that wanted to see you made an example of- seemed impossible. But you did it anyways. And you didn't just fight...You have won. We have won. But that was only the first step. . We need to build a state with healthy commerce, manufacturing, solid alliances, progressive science and fair, independent courts that hand down just judgements. Now we need to do just that, and it's going to take years of work, hard work, to turn this into a land we can be proud of. A land that's worth the people who died trying to build it." -- An excerpt of from Kori's disbandment speech.

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