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A Godlike Creation (Exellda and Zombie) [18+]

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Zombie's character:





Name: Adrien Astrophel

Age: Unknown

Race: Muse

Appearance: His hair and eyes change color depending on his mood and surroundings. If he is in a particularly creative mood, his eyes and hair may begin rapidly changing colors.

Height: 5'10

Skin: It tends to have a soft pink hue, however is pale otherwise. He has two moles under his right eye, and freckles may appear over his nose and cheeks if he was to spend a longer time in the sun.

Body: As a model, he maintains a flawless, skinny body with just the right amount of muscle where necessary. He prides on his collarbones being especially prominent. He's never had trouble with being too skinny, however.

Bio/Personality: He doesn't quite understand personal space. He's incredibly clingy and adores any and all physical contact. If he hears music, it is without a doubt that he will stop to listen to it. A particularly great work of art may even bring him to tears. All in all, he is quite an emotional being, although that comes both in happy emotions and sad. He dislikes settling in one place for too long.



Adrien curiously peeked into an antique shop. He was absolutely certain that he saw an absolutely adorable little mirror through the window - he wanted to have it. The muse walked through the shop, gleefully humming along to the music playing on his earphones as he let his fingertips skim over what he deemed was alright to touch. He could already feel the cold gaze of the shopkeeper on him. Of course, he didn't intend to leave the shop until he found what he came here for - ah, there it was.


His lips parted with a soft gasp as he took the tiny mirror into his hand, carefully brushing over the little gemstones that adorned the handle. Adrien reached up, pulling out his earphones to turn to the shopkeeper. "How much for this?" He asked with a voice that rang through the shop as clear as a bell. After getting the price - and deeming it to be acceptable, Adrien turned to leave, however, of course, something else had to catch his attention. It appeared to be just a simple scroll, however the muse felt drawn to it.


Walking up to the object, Adrien carefully picked it up, his tongue peeking out to hastily wet his lips. "...And this? What even is it?" He turned around, however the shopkeeper didn't have a good answer. Apparently it was simply some old scroll that no one knew any actual use for. Well, since it was rather cheap, Adrien figured it wouldn't hurt. It would certainly fit in somewhere.


Only when he was back home did the muse actually unroll the scroll. Dear Lord, it was long... However, the wording was intricate and peeked his interest. There was even a rule about holding a flower to your chest while saying it... Well, so be it. Adrien took a rose from the vase, holding it gingerly against his chest. Nibbling on his bottom lip, Adrien began pacing around the room, reading the scroll aloud.


Adrien couldn't help but chuckle quietly from time to time while reading it, however he tried his hardest to say it all with certain dignity, as the words did call out for a God. He mused to himself about how fun it could be if this spell - or whatever it was supposed to be - actually worked. The muse chuckled softly, looking out the window before finishing up the last lines of the chant, a smile lingering on his face. Even if a God did appear in his flat, he wouldn't be too surprised. After all... He was a God as well.

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As the muse read from the old scroll, little did he know he was reading a god's scroll. Not just any scroll...


In the mystic, deep, flourished, lush forest lies a shine.

Hidden from many mortals, the shine belongs to a god known as Shizen,

or Shizen no Kami. He is Nature's God. All plant life blossom within his



Oh-- How the God of Nature blesses unfertilized soil. Nothing left

unripe... The gracious god, one of pure kindness, grants life to any

flower that wilts...




...Shizen no Kami's true form is rarely seen. Some mistake this for

shyness around mortals... However, that is not so. The Nature's God

changes appearances during different seasons, weather conditions,

and even in sunlight. He is seen mostly in florescent violet kimonos...



...there is a saying, to have your garden blessed by the great God

of Nature... To have everlasting beautiful flowers. Ones that may

bloom all year...


...a sacred chant must be said... Whom ever calls out to the god

shall be blessed...


Bring a Precious Flower to your bosom, one that will please a





Shizen no Kami...

Bless the Garden

Of which Flowers



Fertilize the Soil

and save the

wilting Plants...

O God of Nature...


May life grow

from a Seedling

and Blossom...


May the

Nature's God

hear my call

and resurrect

the Flower...




If the god hear's your words, the flower shall bloom again...




And so, as the muse read aloud the words to summon the god of Nature, the rose of which the muse carried was beginning to bloom again, slowly and unnoticeable. Once the last words of the chant slipped out of the other male's lips however, the rose stopped- Then suddenly there was a creaking of the floor boards, a small vine started to sprout right out of the floor. The vine manifested, growing and growing until it became a gigantic flower that stood from a few inches off the floor, to the ceiling. At first the flower was a vibrant green, much like a newborn seed that had started to sprout- but then it turn a light pink, then fuchsia, followed by a dark violet, and eventually the flower became a lush red, just like the rose in Adrien's hand.


The flower slowly started to peal open from the top and eventually a face was revealed. There was indeed a god inside the flower, sleeping soundly. The flower pealed more and more, slowly revealing his naked body, his long, beautiful purple hair, all the way until the flower was at full bloom. For a moment, nothing happened, up until the god moved suddenly. Firstly, his eyes fluttered open slowly, his eyes hazy with sleep. It appeared to take him a moment to actually wake up. Once the god realized that he was in his human form, he pulled away from the flower- vines still connected him until he tore away. Unfortunately he felt like he had sea legs, and so the god fell down to his knees.


Feeling the cool wooden floor beneath him, the god inhales slowly. It had been a long time since he last felt the physical world. With that glorious thought in mind, the god raised his head, looking up to the other male, flower and scroll in hand. "You summoned me?"



Exellda's Character:






Name: Exellius Nickolas Gabriel Exen

But humans know him as: 自然の神 Shizen no Kami

Age: ???

Appearance:The most noticeable trait is Exellius' purple hair, which at certain times of the year grow different length, much like plants do in the summer and winter time. He has striking violet eyes. Where ever Exellius travels, all varieties of plant life will grow, especially flowers.

Height: 6'4

Weight: 128 lbs



Skin: In certain hues of light, Exellius' skin appear to be either a greenish tint or violet. On his back lies a scar that reaches from his right shoulder blade stretching down in a cut towards his left hip.


Legend: Legend has it that Exellius was stabbed, betrayed by someone he held close to him and that's why he has a scar on his back. It is also said that if the god gives you a 'special' flower then you'll be blessed, he trusts you and that he's loyal to you. Many also believe that Exellius can talk to plants.


Body: Exellius has a relatively slender body with a medium build. His skin is porcelain other than when his skin tints violet or green.


Bio/Personality: Exellius is a loyal companion, regardless if he is in a relationship or not. When he cares for someone, he'll devote himself to them. Exellius is easy flowing, calm, and loyal. He is known to be a kind god, gentle. He is easily friendly with anyone. Exellius can be flirtatious at times.


Personal: It is said that Exellius' favorite flowers are; Red/white rose or Lavenders.






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Adrien flinched at the sound of his floorboards cracking. He stared down at the sprouting vine, a soft sigh slipping past his lips as he stepped back, leaning against a cabinet. Really... Why did summoning someone have to ruin his apartment? If someone summoned him, he wouldn't wreck their house just to show off. Rude.


The muse waited patiently for the other god to come out of the apparent flower. He let out a soft sigh, tilting his head to the side once the question was asked. "Apparently so." He muttered out, setting away the rose and scroll to crouch down in front of the other male. He was really beautiful. Adrien didn't hesitate for a single moment to reach out and lightly grip the other's chin, curiously swiping his thumb over his bottom lip. "So... What are you? Do you have a name?" He asked before slowly standing up, offering his hand for the other with a charming smile. "And are you going to fix the hole you created in my floor?" He added, but the teasing smile on his face showed that he was, at least partially, joking.


"By the way, I'm Adrien. I'm a muse." He introduced himself, reaching over to lightly run his fingers over the other's hair. "Even for a God you're gorgeous. Are you related to Aphrodite?" He continued his questioning, letting his eyes wander over the other's body. He looked like he was sculpted by a God - well, that was probably the case, so it wasn't really a surprise. Biting down on his lip, Adrien allowed his gaze to wander over his curves and muscles, his hair slowly changing from a plain brown to a rosy color. Beautiful people always inspired him. Or aroused him. Though it was usually the same thing.


"Oh, oh, one more thing. When was the last time you were summoned? Who put you back in the scroll? Why? I know these are many questions, but I want answers." Adrien spoke quickly, excitement slowly taking over the man. Reaching behind him, he turned on some music, letting the sound fill the room. "Oh, and do you want some clothes? Or can you make them yourself? Because as beautiful as you are naked, I think I'm getting a tad distracted here." Adrien laughed gleefully, showing absolutely no signs of confusion or irritation over a naked God being in his apartment - aside from the hole in his floor, of course.

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While on the ground, Exellius took a moment to fully appreciate the full breath of air that he could take in. Humans wouldn't never appreciate air as much as he did. However while he was momentarily in his own mind, a sudden touch to his chin had him focusing on his summoner. Well this was certainly a welcomed surprise as he had yet to experience a summoner who warmly, and date he say, flirtatiously greet him. Small gestures like that he quite enjoyed and was much more pleasant than other greetings he had in the past.


Violet eyes followed up the length of the body that stood before him, offering him a hand so he could stand up. This generous hand the god took into his own, pulling himself up with more ease. He felt like he could properly stand now. At the mention of the floor having a hole in it, the gods reaction was to let out a small, deep chuckle. "Usually when I am summoned, people generally summon me outside, as I am the god of nature." As after learning of his summoners name, he repeated the other males name in his deep voice, "Adrien... It's a pleasure to know my summoners name. I'd prefer to be called Exellius, if that's not too much to ask." He silently raised a brow in amusement as the other male earn his fingers through his hair, a touch he felt like he forgotten... It had been too long...


As he spoke, the flower was slowly 'dying' behind him, as if going in reverse, and therefore fixing the floor as if nothing had ever happened. "Sorry about your floor..." Exellius was able to easily reply to Adrien's quick questions. "The first time I am summoned by someone, I am birthed by a flower... After that, you can call me by name." He said with a wink, a light playful smile formed on his lips. "No, I'm not related to Aphrodite. She's far more beautiful than I, being compared to her is probably the highest compliment I've ever received. Consider me flattered." He listened to the seemingly endless questions And just as he was about to answer, he noticed something quite intriguing. The god tilted his head as Adrien's hair turned pink and at his explanation Exellius was able to understand why his hair changed colors.


"You're quite the curious one aren't you?" He asked playfully, his tone taking on a flirtatious vibe. "I can form my own clothes, yes." As he said this, what looked like small vines wrapped around him, forming a kimono- which was the last thing he wore since last he was in his human form. The kimono had various intricate floral designs, the robe was tied snuggly around his waist. "It's too bad really, that you get distracted easily, I've just seen it, but I'm already fond of that lovely pink color that your hair has turned... I plan to see it more if I can." Now that he was at least clothed, he tied up his long purple locks into one tail. "Excuse my outdated clothing style but it's what I feel most comfortable with. I felt that it wouldn't be necessary to manifest my swords, as I don't think we'll be fighting... I'll change into something more suitable if you'd like, or nothing at all if you'd like." He offered, seeing how the other male was 'distracted' by his naked form.


Going back to the topic at hand, or at least to the questions Adrien asked about, "You ask the most interesting questions. Usually, and unfortunately, my summoner doesn't really care for my past. It's usually regarded as irrelevant." He hummed as his eyes narrowed upon the rose that Adrien set aside. The god went ahead and walked towards it, picking it up with seemingly the most delicate and gentle care. "I... Haven't had a physical body for around... 600 years or so, a little longer than that, makes me feel old thinking about it because I'm older than that even... Last I was sealed away, well, to be honest, was by my mortal lover I had at the time. I really shouldn't mess around with humans..." He said, and he approached Adrien with the rose in hand. "But alas, I love to love and I enjoy sexual encounters too much to let it be." As he said this, and while looking down at Adrien, he carefully tucked the rose into Adrien's hair, near the ear. The rose was now thornless, and curling around the ear, braiding into Adrien's hair slowly.


"Long story short, the lover I had at the time was using me... I found out about it a couple of days before he attacked me, I have a rather long scar on my back to prove it... And he sealed me away... I forgave him a long time ago. From there, my scroll was placed in a hidden spot for about a hundred years, sold- sold numerous times actually. Somehow I ended up at an antique store, the one you purchased my scroll from. The reason I haven't been summoned since then it's because... Well... Many don't believe the scroll works, or they'll only mumble certain pieces of the chant and I cannot manifest unless all of it is spoken, accompanied with a flower of your choice." He said all in one go. The god seemed to be on top of it despite just waking up. Just because he wasn't in physical form didn't mean he hadn't watched the centuries go by. Times have drastically changed since then.


"Tell me about yourself, Muse, what compelled you to obtain my scroll? It doesn't appear that you summoned me to help out your gardening, although I will say that I can provide endless food supply, given that it's fruit or vegetables. I can even make you clothes. And if you wish, I can also fulfill sexual desires too." He said, his eyes seemed to turn a darker shade of purple, his skin also seemed to tint a purplish color briefly at the implication. Somehow he found himself swaying slightly to the beat of the music, "Do you dance, Adrien? Because over the years I've learned all kinds of dances, my favorites being ballroom and the traditional dances I learned back when I was young." The god of nature wrapped his left arm around the waist of the Muse, his right hand taking the others hand in his own, lacing their fingers together. "Hmmmn... I feel compelled to tell you that you're a treat for the eye, something I wouldn't mind to taste. You have an extraordinary beauty, Adrien, one that I simply cannot ignore. I hope you intend to keep me around because I'd like to get to know a rare, beautiful flower, such as yourself."

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Adrien rose an eyebrow, shaking his head. "Please, I didn't even know I would summon anyone. I thought this was just a prop for something." He smiled when he heard the other's name, letting his tongue peek out and wet his lips slightly before he continued speaking. "Well, it's very nice to meet you, Exellius." He chuckled, watching the other god curiously as his questions were answered one by one, without missing a beat. Adrien grinned lightly as Exellius "dressed up" and made a comment about his pink hair. The muse laughed, running a hair through his pink locks. "I'm fairly certain you will, if you decide to stay here. As for your clothes... I don't mind anything you wear. Beautiful creatures look beautiful no matter what."


Adrien chuckled softly, listening to the other admit his fondness of humans. "I know how you feel. Humans can be quite attractive, although I personally have always preferred something with a little bit more flare in my love life." He admitted, his lips curling out into a soft smile as the rose curled around his ear, becoming an adorable accessory.


Adrien's eyes narrowed slightly as Exellius spoke of a scar on his back. Deciding not to pry into the matter for any longer, the muse just stayed quiet, listening just as curiously as when he began, as Exellius explained how the scroll even worked. Then, it was time for a question avalanche to come his way as well. Before responding to anything, the muse couldn't help but let a warm laugh slip past his lips. With some, he could tell from the moment they met that they would make great friends - or more. Exellius seemed to be one of those people.


"I would say that I got your scroll by accident. I wanted a mirror from the shop, and your scroll just caught my attention... It's gorgeous, and I feel like it carries your aura. Of course I felt attracted to it." He chuckled, his hair turning a deeper shade of pink, closing in to red when he heard the last suggestion. "I may just take advantage of that suggestion, Exellius." He grinned, gladly wrapping an arm around the other's neck as his waist was taken. "How could I not dance? My entire existence depends on art... Music, dance, painting... I adore it all, and I do it all." He smiled rather fondly, his hair slowly beginning to return to the dusty rose color, not intertwined with strands of bright yellow.


"My, you're so poetic." Adrien chuckled, letting his body sway alongside Exellius' to the music. "What if I told you you can taste me whenever you wish to? In fact, do whatever you want. Who am I to tell a God what to do or not to do? Then again... I hope to get the same from you." After setting down this simple rule, with a soft smile lingering on his face, Adrien leaned in closer, gently pressing their lips together, allowing himself to taste the other's lips. Maybe he should start reading scrolls out loud more often? Lord, if he got such an attractive thing from the first one he did, who knows what could be awaiting him as well?

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Before the god had realized it, mostly because he had been distracted by the sudden hair color changes, Adrien had pressed his lips against his own. Exellius was quick to pick up the slack. His eyes closed, enjoying the plush lips of the muse against his own. That one kiss might have suddenly turned into two... Then three, along with his hands pulling the other male closer to him. However, Exellius decided to stop there- not before stealing one more kiss. His own tongue peaked out from his lips as he pulled away slightly. "Oh... Now you've done it. I won't be able to get the taste of you out of my mouth. You're the first thing I've tasted since awakening, I'm afraid I'll get addicted." Exellius said rather playfully, flirty even. Not once did his eyes leave the other.


And now that he had a moment to speak, as well as the muse's attention, not that he didn't have his attention already, "Me? Poetic? You know it. I could tell you sweet nothing's like no one else can." He said, sounding a little proud of himself. "I'd like to think that I have amazing one liners... But I'm more of the type that can woo you with a flirtatious paragraph. I feel that my feelings reach across better that way."


"I'm glad you find me to be a beautiful creature." Exellius said in a slight amused tone, referring to what Adrien said before the kiss. "I've had some encounters with other gods... But I usually do not have the chance to really get anywhere because I am bound to the summoner. It's strange, but I don't ever recall being summoned by another god. It's quite different. You're not asking me to make your garden pretty, bring you food, or perhaps to poison someone- well the list goes on." Exellius said without much thought. "Then again times have changed... But then again, you are a god. Perhaps the wants and needs differ from that of humans." The god of nature hummed in thought. "It's an intriguing thought to say the least."


"And I am glad you felt attracted to my scroll, I'm also glad you read it aloud. We might have just met but I already have the feeling a fruitful seed of companionship has been planted. You also have this... Alluring aura about you that I feel attracted to. So in short, I feel the same as you." Exellius wasn't even aware that he had an aura, let alone an aura that attracted people. Well, guess he should be thankful, it more or less won his freedom.


"Okay..." He said finally, "I shall be myself then- that's certainly strange to say and not something I'm use to hearing- well, ever actually. I shall definitely try my best." Exellius took what Adrien said as a verbal contract that he could act on his own accord and that he could be himself without the need or hassle of asking permission nor request. This sudden new freedom made the god surprisingly giddy in that moment to the point that flowers started to bloom at his feet. However, Exellius didn't even notice it right away, no, he was more focused on the cute muse in front of him. The god went ahead and pressed a kiss to Adrien's forehead. "I will surely enjoy my time here. I'm assume by the way you mentioned it earlier that I can live with you, and if that was an offer, then I'd like to take it..."


"With that being said though..." Exellius said, slowly slipping away from the other male. "I would like to look around... I haven't touched anything but you so far- not that I'm disappointed, but I'm awfully curious. I've seen things, heard their names, but never had the opportunity to feel things within my grasp. Oh! And I really want to go outside." Exellius said suddenly, nearly resembling a child in both excitement and curiosity right at that moment. "Would you come with me? Er- I don't know which way to go."

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Adrien couldn't help but smile against the other's lips at the eager response. One kiss ended only for another one to start. It seemed that neither one of them had the idea of stopping altogether. Why would they, either way? Kissing Exellius was... Exhilarating. He could taste the sweetness of fruit on his lips. When at last their kisses ended, the muse laughed softly at the comment. "What a horrible thing. I have no idea how I'll manage to live anymore!" He laughed, his hair having turned a bright pink, closing in on red.


When the other God, apparently, became excited about the thought of being free, flowers bloomed around his feet. It was magical, to say the least - although exactly as upsetting. "Someone like you should never be bound, either with rules or a cage. If you're kept locked away, no one would be able to experience your full beauty." Adrian spoke softly, gently running his fingers over the other's hair. "Yes, please, stay here. I have a feeling you may inspire me even further... And I, of course, will inspire you." The muse smiled, leaning in closer to press a soft kiss to his lips once more - this time short and gentle.


Adrian frowned the slightest bit, the color of his hair dulling as Exellius pulled away from him. "I can show you around." He replied, taking hold of his hand. "Let's go outside first... I'll be able to show you around my house when we get back." The muse smiled softly, intertwining their fingers to lead the God outside, into the gorgeous, sunny day. Adrian breathed in deeply as he stepped outside, his eyes closing as his hair seemingly began to shine. It was the perfect day for creation. Anyone near him was bound to feel incredibly inspired - including Exellius. "Come. If we go through this forest, I can show you my favorite cafe." He offered, keeping a gentle grip on his hand. He always craved for some physical body contact... Though sex was still his favorite form of it. He loved experimenting, which was why he often changed his partners. He could be faithful too, if his lover really inspired him. Though that was rare.

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Exellius simply adored his new companion. He was a delight even though they just met. "Maybe it wouldn't be a bad thing to get addicted to something- someone so bursting with color, beauty and energy." Exellius was pleased with what the other male said. "It makes me overwhelmingly happy to hear such generous thoughts." He was also pleased with the physical contact as he longed for it. "I much like your hands in my hair. I enjoy the contact." Being sealed for so long made him feel extremely lonely and contact made him feel better. "Then I'll stay as long as you'll have me." He said after he received a lovely kiss.


The god of nature was more than excited to go outside. With Adrien's hand now in his, intertwined, he found himself being lead out. It was the moment they stepped outside that Exellius was in awe. It was more than a nice day for him, it was the first time in a long, long time that he had been outside- too long. Exellius missed the outside. Actually, he had missed it so much that without even realizing it his eyes had teared up. The happiness, the warmth of the sun, the fresh air, nature- everything, it had swelled up so much inside of him that tears just slid down his cheeks in a near 'stream'. That, and another peculiar thing happened. All of Exellius, even his hair, turned a vibrant green, as if a baby leaf just spouted.


The grip of his hand had tightened, not so much to cause pain, but noticeably enough. "S-sorry... I'm just... I feel a swell of... emotions... The life around me brings me overwhelming happiness... I... I'm not sure how else to explain." Bathed in the sunlight for the first time in the longest time, Exellius smiled despite his tears. If he had to explain the feeling, it was like a overwhelming sensation just filled him with pure happiness. Just being outside had this effect on him, but it also might have stemmed a little bit from the muse's power. Exellius was eating it up, the energy from the sun in turn provided him more energy, the god of nature could literally go through the process of photosynthesis.


Immediately when his feet had touched the Earth any plant life around him went into full bloom. The grass sprouted, flowers seemingly came out of nowhere, even vegetation seemed to spout at random, and lastly the trees, even if they were dead, came to life and in full bloom. As long as the god of nature was hanging around, anywhere he went outside would bloom... And most of the times Exellius couldn't help himself, so he just let things bloom wildly- unless told otherwise.


"Please, take me to your favorite cafe. Any scenic route is much appreciated- I love the forest." He claimed, pulling the other male's hand towards his lips and pressed a kiss to the back of Adrien's hand. As he kissed the muse's hand his colors finally seemed to change back to their original colors- this time they were all vibrant, lush shades. Exellius' natural beauty truly shined when he was outside.

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Adrien's eyes widened as he watched the god bloom - quite literally at that, too. His lips curled into a soft, sweet smile as he reached out, gently wiping away the other's tears. "Don't worry, love. I understand." He whispered softly, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek. The muse breathed out slowly, allowing his fingers to slide down over the other's jaw, gently brushing his thumb over his bottom lip. He chuckled quietly as the back of his hand was kissed, his hair shining in a gorgeous pink color.


"Let's go, then." He urged Exellius, gripping his hand just a tad bit tighter as he walked into the forest. The muse breathed in deeply, leaning against the other's shoulder a bit as he walked through a path that only he had seen before. No one else was allowed - except for his lovers, at least ones that meant more than sex. And, while Exellius was a completely new toy for him, he was already more than sex. Actually, only something other than sex. Adrien found himself wanting to change that a bit.


"Say... Once we're home, how would you feel about exploring my bed in a closer way? I'm certain we could find a nice way to play." He whispered softly, allowing his free hand to slide down to the other god's crotch, brushing his fingers over the area. When it came to flirting, Adrien was everything but subtle. Why beat around the bush? He could just say very clearly what he wanted, and then it was guaranteed that he would. "I'd love to get to know your body more. I only got a quick glimpse... Yet it left me wanting so much more." He murmured, stopping suddenly.


"Tell me, dear. Which do you prefer? To dominate others, hear them desperately moaning your name? Or do you like it when others take control over your body and soul itself?" He asked, gently gripping Exellius' chin. "Because... The thing about us muses is that we can do whatever. As long as it feels like art, my body is merely a tool for creation. It can be used in many ways, by many creatures." He whispered suggestively, leaning in close to catch the god's lips into a sensual, longer kiss. He would be lying if he said he would mind 'creating art' right there and then.

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The god found himself being lead into the forest, which obviously bloomed more and more vibrantly because of him. As usual, all plant life began to grow, dead or otherwise. The muse held on to him with a comforting grip. He too, felt a mutual attraction to the other god. He liked it when the other male leaned into him... Strangely enough it made him feel more alive. It had been a long time since he felt someone else against him. It had been a long time since he had anyone's company... However, at the muse's suggestion, he let out a dark, sultry chuckle. "My... my... someone certainly has an appetite for the fruits I bear." He inhaled slowly, breathing in the fresh air. "I certainly wouldn't mind doing some exploring." He said after he felt the other's hand over his crotch.


And then came Adrien's question... Which did he prefer..? And he thought about it briefly as he kissed the muse. After they separated, he licked his lips and said, "Hmmn... Well, I will say that no one has yet claimed me. I suppose I'd be open to the idea though... However... Usually it is I who plows the soil." His curious fingers crawled up and into Adrien's hair, still very interested in the colors it turned. "Actions speak louder than words... And from what I understand, you're telling me that you want to go to the cafe... Whereas, I am fairly certain that your body is telling me quite the opposite... You need to make up your mind, my dearest Adrien." There was no reason to go to a bed. Exellius wasn't just tied to a bed, no... He liked to explore outside of the bed. And he was assuming that the muse was okay with that too... Considering that he groped him just now.


Now it was Exellius' turn. He claimed the muse's lips and wrapped an arm around his waist. "I'll plant my seed deep within you... If that's what you want... Don't be so coy, all you had to do was ask... However, should you choose to continue, you'll have to wait to go to the cafe..." Exellius said while looking into Adrien's eyes, hand still in the other male's hair. There was one other thing... "No worries, love, I have plenty of seed to fertilize any amount of soil you may have... The flowers would love to hear you sing just as much as I would." He implied, his deep voice seemingly producing a growl. Quite literally the flowers would benefit from it because Adrien would produce carbon, which plants eat up- therefore making oxygen...


"Otherwise, we should make haste to that cafe before your mind clouds with the naughty little seed I planted in that lusty brain of yours..." That was it, take it or leave it... Exellius wanted to make sure of Adrien's desires. If the other male wanted to continue, he'd do his best to make sure the other male was pleasured- if not, then they would be on their merry way until they returned home. He ran his hand through Adrien's hair slowly. "So what will it be? Hmmn?"

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Adrien's lips curved into a smile when he felt the fingers in his hair. He chuckled quietly at the God's answer, lightly pushing up against his body. Oh... His mind was made up, alright. "There's nothing to make up about it. You want words? I can give you that, too." He whispered, letting out a quiet moan into the other's mouth as his lips were claimed for yet another kiss. How perfect was this? The muse allowed himself to drown in Exellius' words, his hair slowly shifting to a deeper, vibrant red as his arousal began growing. He had to admit. Never before had he heard so many metaphors about sex being told about plants. It was... Fairly interesting, and surprisingly sexy. Or maybe it was just because it was Exellius who was saying them.


"The cafe can wait. I, on the other hand, will not wait any longer." Adrien breathed out, his fingers sliding down the other's kimono until they reached his belt, slowly tugging on it. "You said you wanted words. Allow me to tell you exactly what I want, then." He whispered, pulling the God away from the road, pressing his back against a thick tree for support as he looked him in the eyes. "I want you to take me, right here and right now. I want us to make the most beautiful art together right here. I want to feel your body against mine, I need you to be hard and merciless, enough to make me cry and beg for more. I want you to take me against the tree, on the ground, against a stone - in every possible location possible until we are both too tired to move anymore. I want for you to coat me with your seed inside and out."


Adrien breathed out, gripping onto the edge of the other's kimono. "I hope I made myself clear enough, because I am no longer patient enough to wait." He moaned out, hastily untying the other's belt, still gripped in his hand. Adrien pressed his lips against Exellius' bare neck, his heart beginning to beat faster and faster as his hair turned a vibrant, fiery red. The muse was near painfully aroused by now. He was wild, like the sea during a storm. He had no time to wait, even though the two of them had all the time in the world. He did not want to wait any longer. He wanted to experience the God fully right there and then, without any holding back. He craved for a firm touch against his body.


One reason why he liked playing around with humans was because they created so many toys... He could be tied up - which could be done with vines -, he could be gagged, choked, spanked, all of which created so much ecstasy, so much excitement! He hated for sex to be boring. Sex was just another art form, and he preferred his art to be untamed. Adrien's hands easily slid off the entirety of the God's clothing, leaving him bare, just as he'd first seen him. This was the way he liked it best, he realized. Meeting the other's gaze, Adrien's lips parted with a heavy exhale. "Take me, now."

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