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Ertal Games here introducing her brand new visual novel, A Hand in the Darkness! :Dancing:




The game follows Alex in his new stage in life at the prestigious all-male boarding school St.Michaels. He will meet new friends, but soon he will also find out his life is in danger! Will he survive his school year? Will he find true love? It's up to you!


Enjoy this Boys Love Edwardian drama featuring three love interests, with three endings each one: a good one, a bad one and a bad relationship one. You will find around 100k words (10-15 hours of gameplay) filled with love, sex, friendship, mystery and drama.


Mind you, the CGs are not explicit, but some of them are pretty suggestive *coughs* and the sexy times scenes are very detailed.


The game has already been greenlit in Steam, so you can look forward to its release there!

Meanwhile, I'll leave you the itch.io link, where you can also find the demo, in English and Spanish. I hope you like it!


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Looks good! *adds to list of things to play*


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