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Please can translate these stories into English? Please. I love this author: "Buchou wa Bukabusoku TAMAQUIS Wren [JP]" (http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/35192-buchou-wa-bukabusoku-tamaquis-wren-%5Bjp%5D) ; "Nikushoku Ryuu-chan ✼ TAMAQUIS Wren [JP]" (http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/36938-nikushoku-ryuu-chan-tamaquis-wren-%5Bjp%5D); "b-BOY Chou Kichiku ♔ Elite Ryoujoku Tokushuu" (http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/29425-b-boy-chou-kichiku-elite-ryoujoku-tokushuu); "Shiiku to Odoriko by Tamaquis Wren (Chn)" (http://www.yaoiotaku.com/forums/threads/20024-shiiku-to-odoriko-by-tamaquis-wren-chn). Thank you in advance.

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