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The Wind No Longer Touches Your Skin


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A Short Story


There was a guy named Nicolo

Future was was so clear on his mind when he was young

Now that he got old. He ended on a blocked road

as he dreamed of it.


Somehow he found himself sitting on a bench

In a park far from home

That was it. He couldn't believe it

He'd traveled on his own at last


Taking a deep breath

He smelled the cool air

mixed with the scent of the cherry blossom around him

Dancing to the blowing wind


That was one of his dream

To reach the beautiful land of Japan

No one noticed him though

The people just walked with the smile on their faces


Even if he tried to talked to them

They couldn't understand him

He knew a little of their language

So, he stayed watching their whole being


He's jealous to the group of friends near him

He has friends but still he felt like he didn't have

A couple held hand

His heart melted thinking why he couldn't have someone


Suddenly, he felt this void on his chest

The surrounding made him sad

It couldn't no longer draw a smile on his lips

A tear fell from his eyes as he stood


He was pulled by this feeling

That he needed to get back from where he's born

In one step he's already on the front of their house

It didn't surprise him at all


What surprised him was the people

Sitting on every table, holding cards and cups

Just like from the park

He's like an invisible as he walked in to the door


He saw his father sitting on a chair near a coffin

Nicolo wandered why his father was crying

Did someone died that he didn't known of?

Curiosity struck him so he walked closer to the white box


As he looked down to the glass covered casket

Tear fell down again on his cheeks

Why he was seeing himself?

He couldn't utter a word. It was really him.

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Bathe on blood

Soak in tears

Torn to death

Drawn by fears

The day ends

New night starts

Joy is killed

Saw no stars

He seeks ports

Same as old

Mind on wrath

Die on the spot


it sucks


no hacks


jump high


sing right


write well



No words can tell

Chaos he is in

Sleeps in pain

Life ends in its own way

Please, stay by my side

Who would say that to him?

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Believing There's A New Day and Not


You were nine when you're mom died

She was your best friend and your guide

You cried because of guilt and pain

tears on that day

fell like rain

Drop out twice in fourth grade

for you

it was a good choice you've made

You realized it's all wrong

back to school

you went on


First year on your highschool as a


You liked this girl with

the beautiful smile and hair

Unfortunately, you've got busted

like a mole caught on a snare


College came and on your

third year

illness did hug you

this illness struck you like

a bolt of lighting stopping the world to spin

around you

You've got rid of it but

after a year

preparing for your graduation

It struck you again

Oh, how ironic was that

you didn't get your diploma

standing on the stage with your

father on your side

That day never happened

A dream just like back from highschool

Silly you, you didn't felt that

light feeling as you accepted the sign of

finishing your course


Who would you blame?

Of course, it's on yourself

Who else it could be.


The same scenery with the illness

eating you

kept on repeating

It was then you discovered something

to your silly self

Something that the world hated

with that you're a dirt


You're trying to accept the whole of it

but you're also trying to forget


You often asked God

if He does really exist

why would He hate you?

giving those sorrow

thinking it's because you're different

from normal

Gay, am I right?

Who knows? You can't ask God that.

But aside from that you

wanted to believe

asking for a sign

It never happened now


Maybe it's because

you're really a sinner

a sinner



you always kept on repeating


You're a sin

and you're waiting

for your life to end



- - - Updated - - -




Trees fall down

water turns to dirt

sky's fill with dark clouds

tomorrow it will change


Going somewhere

leaving the place where you are now

can't see

Tired of waiting for the sun

tired of them

they will come

The next day

they will be


Wanted to go far

if only there's a way

Sadly, you can't

find one


Can't stand



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We live by the beach


I've been living with it since I was born

The sea is calm during summer

I remember as a child chasing my playmate on the blue water

It gets rough at times when there is a storm

Got used to it though

In my eyes it's still wonderful

To look at

We even swam even when it's like that

It's great when the water is a little warm

And a bit colder wouldn't do harm.

What I missed now

I rarely dip on the sea water

I just don't feel like it

I can say the sea is a constant friend


- - - Updated - - -




Looking through the mirror

I see my face mutating

Today, I do look so handsome

And tomorrow I will not be longer

See, it really changes

As if I am drinking a cup of coffee



Or both

You'll tell me to be confident with yourself

How can I?

When you have a look on your face

That mutates

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Don't Give Up On Us Baby




I knock myself on the floor


While the loud metal rock song plays on my whole room


Eyes covered in tears


The word he said still ringing in my ears


Four words that explodes like a dynamite


I can't fight it with all my might


It is painful and yet I am happy


Then, what's with the tears soaking that memory


I've said the words that I wanted to say to him


But what I got back, he put me on shame


What hurts me more is that we're no longer friends


Just because of my heart that for him bends


I'll try to forget him even it's hard for me


But for now I'll drown myself in licqours and be merry


Be happy


And be ready sweetie


Someday I'll say it to you crazily


Don't give up on us baby!

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