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Madd's Toy Store

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Welcome to my humble shop! Please, take a look at my boys and tell me if they strike your fancy!!~


Nakumi Arishi


Age: 24

Status: Free

Interview: Hello! My name is Nakumi. My hobbies are people watching, gaming, and reading. I am an uke in bed, with a preference of dominating semes, and I tend to be clingy in the long term. Please treat me well~

Appearance: Brown hair and green eyes, tall and lanky, with a beauty mark under his left eye.


Lapin LeDeux


Age: 26

Status: Free

Interview: Hmph. I am Lapin. I paint, cook, and enjoy hiking and being outdoors. I don't have a preference in partners, though someone to spoil would be nice, I suppose. I look forward to working with you.

Appearance: Shoulder length dark hair in a ponytail, short, athletic build. On the tanner side. Brown eyes.

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