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TiCkS BoYs~!!

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Hey~ I'm putting some Character Idea's here, none of my Characters will have a strict role & will be quite flexible :3 Please PM me if you find someone you like ;3





Name || "Aamon....that's it." // Aamon

Age || "Hm...Good question..I think 23...Yep~ 23!!" // 23?

Gender || "I have a Penis." // Male

Race || "I'm a Boy pretty much." // Boy? Demon? Mermaid? Spirit? Rhino?

Position || "It feels really good when a Guy sticks It in my Ass. " // Uke

Height & Weight || "20000 Kilograms!! Okay you caught me~ I have no clue how the measurement system works in this country." // 5'9" & 164 lbs.

Hair & Eyes || "White &...why am I even telling you all this if you're looking right at me?!" // Snow White & Grey

Unique Features || "I can't think of anything off the top of my head right now....Sorry Dude, I'm pretty average." // Has a Horn that sits at the front of his Head

Personality || "I'm pretty relaxed but I can be too chldish sometimes...or at least that's what all my Ex's said." // Aamon is quite easy-going & excitable but also tends to enjoy being mischievous towards others

Likes || "Cocks!! Ya know~ Roosters? Kidding! I mean I love dick but more importantly I love video games." // Water; Video Games; Noise; Shounen & Seinen Manga;

Dislikes || "Girls! They're really scary~ Especially those girls from Pretty Little Liars." // Spiders; Girls; Extreme Climates;

Skills || "Oh! I can hold my breathe for a really long time~ Wanna see Man?!" // Literally can breathe underwater & has some other skills that he doesn't talk about



More Boys To Come~!! >:D

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