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M-jow's Rules

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-I use characters/NPCs, whom you can control as well.


-I'm open to play uke or seke. I can't be the big dominant seme I just can't write like that, I can do a scene or two but it's not my strong part. (course if you wanna make you're character like that it fine)


-I really like fantasy, rp's. I'm not a fan of historical (its confusing), The plot would have to take place in the now or future. But I haven't done I rp I didn't like ^^



If I posted something and doesn't settle right with you. DON'T BE AFRAID TO PM ME ABOUT IT!!! Then I can fix it. ^v^

If you are interested in a rp, and we start it. Please don't disappear without pm me the reason, from either lack of interest afterwards. Or if you are going off on vacation. It is only polite.

Help add to the story. Don't just let me make the story line alone. Throw a lot of twists into rp to keep it going. I don't like it if I'm the only one keeping the plot going



When it comes to my rp, I tend to contact players who take a lot of time to reply (like a week), or haven't been on for a while. For those people who join a rp with me only to drop out after a few posts, please DON'T EVEN BOTHER. It's rude and annoying. I prefer those players who join with finishing the rp in mind.


I'm naturally an impatient person, meaning that I have a limited attention span. Replying once a week is pushing that attention span and there's a real chance that my interest won't be as it was since your previous post, and seven days is already too long.




On rp that I like, I tend to reply quickly -in other words, as soon as I read your post, I'll immediately get started on mine unless there's something more pressing that I need to do.

I find it easier to reply to posts that are well constructed and are easily understandable.

At least, 2 paragraphs with each reply


I prefer players who can match how often I can post since the longer the reply comes, the less excitement and motivation for me. That doesn't mean though that I'm against posts that take 1 or more days before they are given, as long as they are WORTH THE WAIT since I also recognize that good and great posts take time to create.



Grammar and spelling- I need to be able to understand what you're saying fairly easily, I'm not breathing down your neck if there are some flaws. just don't leave me guessing.

[Keep It Simple]. Use simple words to construct your posts since they're a lot more enjoyable to read and would less likely give other readers headaches. I'm fine with the occasional vocabulary challenge but it's not fun if it's the only thing I see every other sentence.


Details. Don't forget about them, but don't put too much of it. It's not enjoyable AT ALL if the only thing I can read in your posts are the details of a single thing.

Make sure your post also contains enough stuff for me to work with from what you write.

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BDSM (depending on the context)


Double Penetration

Animal traits (ex. animal ears, tails, wings; special, transformation form)

Dirty talk


Multiple Orgasms

Sexual Frustration


Strip Tease




Hand Cuffs





And lots of other things...



Heavy Torture

Extreme BDSM (Pain to the Point of Blood)

Drug Abuse

Swallowing Urine


Incest between Parent and Child (Siblings are somewhat fine)

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