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I'm a big fan of YUNJAE since 2007 and a few years ago I wrote this poem for this couple





Me and you


I kept into my heart

what I really felt for you

for such a long time

that now I don't know if

I will find the courage to tell you

How many nights I passed

thinking about you

staring at our photo together

without holding tears

we've been know each other

for many years

I know that I'm important for you

I'm your best friend

but this isn't enough for me anymore

I need something more than this

I would like that when you hug me

we would remain like that forever

I would like our kisses

to be something more

than just your lips touching mine

I would like that when your fingers intertwined mine

you would feel more than a friendship

I would like that when you smiled to me

you would understand my real feelings

I would like that when you look into my eyes

you tell me three words

that I've been waiting for all my life : I LOVE YOU!!!

Please grant my wish

my love for you consuming my heart





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