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This, it's a connecting flight.

A red eye till morning and there wasn't enough coffee to begin with

Not a crossroads,

Not a junction focused on seconds you didn't realize were missing at two AM on tuesday


It's still a long walk to home from here,

We, we're breathing air hoping it'll crystalize and keep our lungs from collapsing

Because we haven't had the taste of 'I love you' on our tongues

Since our mothers spit it into our mouths, hoping something would stick

Hoping we would grow roots

And we're drowning without the serenity of how to push the air past our lips to form those words


This complication is an annex that the schools didn't provide a glossary for

Because they want us to learn on our own

What it is to fall from grace

Till we can't feel the crystals pressing against our chests

Can't feel the words falling from our lips


Its not a crossroads

Its a precipice leading to the questions we asked when we were children

Ones that never got answered till we glitter glued the responses in ourselves


We're still five AM rush hour traffic zombies

We're still so far from home

And these crystals are pushing our lungs out

And these I love yous get stopped at the line of our teeth

Failing to fire off the taste of freedom


Because we're scared too scared to jump the precipice

And see if we can fly.

Too scared that the crystals will shatter our lungs, so we never breathe out confetti

Never offer our I love yous past the line of guns in our mouths

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