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The Start Of Something Wonderful: A One Act Play/ Part One [18+]

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The Start Of Something Wonderful :A One Act Play/Part One


Jazmine “Jazz” Straite has had her fair share of teen problems:Bad boyfriends,bad parents and bad teachers,and by now she’s used to it. But all that changes when she meets the new girl at school,and gains something she’s never had before: a friend.


Warning: Attempted Rape;Explicit Language;Violence;Adult Themes;






Jazmine “Jazz” Straite: A rambunctious and rebellious teen who carves her own path.


Natalie Guiles: The new girl,very aloof and cold. Doesn’t seem to be interested in anything other than studying.


Strife: Jazz’s boyfriend. He is easily angered and gets jealous all the time.


Jason “Jay” Straite: Jazz’s twin brother,who is more calculating,but still just as reckless.



Mr. Straite: A proud policeman.


Mrs. Straite: A small,timid looking woman


Mr. Chris Hartfield: Jazz’s teacher who tries his best to look after her best interests.





(Setting: A classroom. All the desks are facing the front of the room where the teacher’s desk is clean and messy all at the same time. In one particular desk,a student, Jazz, sits looking lazily out of the window.)



Jazz V.O: There I was. At the beginning of something wonderful,and I didn’t even know it yet.But I know now. Boy do I know. (Beat) I used to get in trouble a lot. Just doing stupid shit,talking back,fighting,the usual. So,on more than one occasion,I’d be sent here,to detention,where there existed one of the only adults in the whole world that I felt could understand me.


(Mr. Chris Hartfield enters,running his hands through his hair in an exasperated sigh. Jazz shifts her gaze to him as he sits down beside her.)


Jazz: So..what’s the sitch?


Chris: They...really really want to expel you,Jazz.


Jazz: Go figure.


Chris: I’m serious.(Placing a hand on her shoulder) I don’t want to lose a stellar student like you.


Jazz: I can’t be that stellar if they’re tryin to give me the slip.


Chris:The only reason why you haven’t been booted yet,is because of your grades and your GPA. It stumps them,leaves them confused.


Jazz: And why’s that?


Chris: Despite frequent suspensions and frequent absences, you’ve managed to keep your 3.6. And your grades match. It’s...unreal to say the least,and it confuses them. Your grades should reflect your actions and yet they don’t. (Sighs) You’re an amazing girl,Jazz. You’re better than this.


Jazz: Better than what? Some fuck up? (beat) And maybe I am. So what? I can’t change what I am. No one can. I am who I am.


Chris: People can change Jazz. You just have to believe.


Jazz: Bullshit.


Chris: I’ll remember that when you’re president.


(He stands up and leans down,kissing her on the forehead before turning to leave.)


Jazz:I guess..I’ll try. No harm in trying, I guess.


Chris: I’m looking forward to a brighter you. Stay gold, Jazz.


(He exits as the lights go down.)




Scene One:


(Setting: The same classroom.It’s the lunchtime and Jazz and Chris are sharing a lunch.)


Chris: Y’know..I think you’d look real great with short hair.


Jazz: That’s the most random thing I’ve ever heard you say.And you’re my english teacher.All that shit is nothing but gibberish and nonsensical words.


Chris: (lightly hitting her shoulder) Hey! English is the language of fools in love and romcom wars. It’s absolutely beautiful and abysmal all at once. I love it.


Jazz: (Giggling) You are SUCH a nerd,oh my god.


(Chris watches her eat for a moment,before reaching his hand out to stroke her hair.)


Chris: ( Muttering) You are so beautiful…


Jazz: Huh? What’d you say?


Chris: Nothing. (His cell rings and he gives Jazz a look. She nods and he answers it,getting up and walking away.) Hey...Yeah, I’ll be home late again. Yeah. Yes,I know…


Jazz V.O: Looking back now,I suppose...I should have realized Chris was acting strange. But I didn’t care. He was my friend and an adult who was on my side for once.That’s all anyone ever wants as a kid,as a teen. Isn’t it? I don’t think I’ll ever really know.


(Jazz saunters over to the trash can and throws her lunch away.He walks back to her.)


Chris:Yeah,yeah..Alright. See you tonight. Love you,bye. (He sighs,putting his phone in his back pocket.) What a time to be alive.


Jazz: Wife?


Chris: Yes. She hates when I come home late,but thems the breaks.


Jazz: (Teasing) Maybe you shouldn’t stick around here then.


Chris: (Pulling her into a hug from behind) Then I wouldn’t be able to see my favorite student before,and after school. And that’d be a crying shame.


(Resting his head in the nook of her neck,he breathes in her sweet scent,gently swaying the two of them. Jazz is unaware of how inappropriate this may look,and rubs his arm as they sway. The sound of several footsteps breaks Chris from his embrace,and he reluctantly pulls away from Jazz. A boy, identical to Jazz,Jay enters with a very blank faced girl.)


Jay: Jazz! I need your help!


Jazz: What?


Jay: (Gesturing to the girl) This here is Natalie Guiles. She just transferred here from..?


Natalie: I was homeschooled.


Jay: Right...anyways,she has the most classes with you. So I figured that you could be her companion for the week. Just show her around and stuff.


Jazz: Sure,nothing better to do.


Chris: (Sadly) Guess that means you’ll be missing our lunchtime rendezvous for awhile.


Jazz: Sorry about it.


Jay: Thanks a bunch,Sis.


(Jay exits, followed by Chris,after dumping his lunch.Leaving Jazz and Natalie alone.)


Jazz: S-So...um..Why’d you decide to come here.


Natalie: Parents.


Jazz: I see. (Beat) How do you like it so far?


Natalie: It’s fine.


Jazz: Do you always act like you have a stick up your ass? I’m just trying to be friendly.


Natalie: I don’t. I’m in no need of this pointless facade.


Jazz: “Facade”? More like “more pointless words I don’t fucking care about.” What are you talking about?


Natalie: You being “friendly”. Jay showing me around. It’s all a nice gesture,but it’s pointless. All of this is pointless.


Jazz: Nothing in life is pointless.


Natalie: How stupid. If it’s not something used to further yourself in life then It has to be pointless. People aren’t nice to be nice. It’s because they want something.


Jazz: And just what the hell do I want from you?


Natalie: I don’t...I don’t know!


(She runs out the room.)


Jazz: I can’t believe them..


(She looks around and spies a locket on the ground,she picks it up and examines it.)


I just don’t understand.


(She shakes her head as the lights go down.)





Scene Two:


(Setting: The school roof. Jazz, is laying down and basking in the sunlight. Strife, enters in looking somber.)



Strife: I’ve been looking for you.


Jazz:Yeah. Why?


Strife: You haven’t been answering my calls. Or my texts.


Jazz: I know. So?


(Strife storms over to her and grabs her violently by the arm.)


Strife: Because, when I fucking call you, you better fucking answer. That’s why!


Jazz: Ouch! Strife..You’re hurting me! Stop it…!


Strife: You are MY girlfriend. You will love,honor,and obey me. Do you hear me?!You belong to me,Jazmine! Don’t you ever fucking forget that.


Jazz: Strife..! Please..I promise...just...my arm..It hurts...


(Strife relents and releases her arm.He then kneels down beside her.)


Strife: Why’d you make me do this,Jazz? You know I love you. I would never want to hurt you. You know that.


Jazz: (Whimpering) I-I know...I’m sorry...I’ve been meaning to text you back..I’ve been busy, baby…


Strife: I know. I know. But you’ll need to make time for me.I’m going to be your husband, y’know. You’re gonna have to take care of the home while I’m out.


Jazz: B-But..I’m gonna be a cop. We can get married,no problem. But I’ll be working too..


Strife: (Shocked) What did you say?


Jazz: I’m going to be a cop...I’ve told you before that I-


(Before she can even finish her sentence,Strife smacks her,making her head knock into the wall behind her,with a sickening crack. He then grips her shoulders tightly shaking her so she doesn’t lose consciousness.)


Strife: You wanna become a fuckin pig? Well?! You wanna be such a damn pig,huh? Then you gotta squeal. I’m gonna make you squeal,little piggie. Squeal for me!


Jazz: N-No..!


Strife: I told you to fuckin squeal! (He moves his hands to her neck,choking her.) Squeal! Come on,SQUEAL!


Jazz: Someone help me! Please..p-please...help me…!


Strife: That’s right! And when you’re done squealing I’m gonna bend you over like the pig you are.


(Strife continues to choke her as she begins to run out of air. Shouting and footsteps can be heard coming towards them,and Jay,Chris and Natalie run on to the roof. Natalie throws herself into Strife,sending them both flying. Jay runs over to Jazz and Chris goes over to Strife and begins to beat the shit out of him.)


Chris: I will fucking kill you,you piece of shit!


Jay: Jazz! Jazz! Can you hear me?


Jazz: (Faintly) Hey baby bro…


Jay: Oh my god the bruises..Don’t talk,I’m going to call the police.Stay here.


(He exits)


Jazz:..N-New girl…?


Natalie: (Kneeling down) Why are you still breathing? Normal people would have died already.


Jazz: (Pouting) Y-You sound like...you wish I had died.


Natalie: (Smiling) I was just making observations. Like..your eyes are really pretty.


Jazz: Speak for yourself,You’ve got eyes bluer than anything I’ve ever seen. (beat)

Is this your idea of flirting?


Natalie: N-No way! Why would I?


Jazz: Chillax, I’m joking. But seriously,why are you here?


Natalie: I actually came to apologize for yesterday.I’m...going through some things and...I’m sorry...Jay told me you usually skip class up here. I heard you scream and I went and got Jay and Mr.Hartfield.


Jazz: Is this part of your “facade”?


Natalie: No...this is just me talking. I’m so..so sorry…


Jazz:Apology accepted.(She fishes around in her pocket,before producing the lost locket.) You dropped something...


Natalie: (Taking it) Thank you….


(They softly smile at each other as the lights go down.)





Scene Three:


(Setting: The same classroom as before,around lunchtime. Natalie and Jazz are seated next to each other laughing and carrying on.)



Natalie: (Laughing) That is too funny,Jazz! You should be a comedian,I swear.


Jazz: Nah, my jokes aren’t hot enough for that,Nat.




Jazz: Yeah,everyone in my family has a nickname.Jazz is short for Jazmine;Jay is short for Jason and so on. So,I figured I’d give you one too.


Natalie: Thank you. I love it,


Jazz: I know, I know. I’m such the ladykiller. I got all the right moves and all the right words.


Natalie: You sure do.(beat) About you and Strife..


Jazz: What about it..?


Natalie: Jazz. You can’t stay with him.


Jazz: But he loves me.


Natalie: That was not love. I have seen love,and that’s not it.


Jazz: Love comes in very different forms,y’know. Can’t judge a book by its cover.


Natalie: Even when its cover is covered in bruises?


Jazz: Bruises fade away. So do scars. It’s no big deal.


Natalie: It is a big deal! He was trying to kill you. He was going to kill you!


Jazz: He was not! He was just...punishing me for not doing as he says.


Natalie: Which was?


Jazz: He..um..He expects me to be a housewife when we get married.But I can’t do that very well if I’m going to be a cop.


Natalie:Jazz..don’t you see? He will end you before that happens. You need to leave him.


Jazz: (Yelling) You don’t think I’ve tried?! (Pause) I have been dating Strife since the eighth grade. He was a Junior in high school when he asked me out. I know that that’s probably a little weird,but I thought it was the coolest thing.


Natalie: Jazz...you…


Jazz: He used to be so nice,Nat. So sweet. He would buy me flowers,take me to dinner. I felt like a fucking princess every single day. And then,I don’t know, something changed when I was going into my sophomore year. He got really jealous of anyone who would talk to me and was always angry if I didn’t message him back. It really was my fault though.


Natalie: No,no,no! That is not true! None of this is your fault,Jazz. Strife is sick! He needs help...and jail time.


Jazz: But..If he leaves me,I’ll be alone..


Natalie: (Placing a hand on hers) No,you won’t. Because I’ll be with you. I will help you,Jazz. But will you let me help you.


Jazz: (Sniffling) I can only try,right?


Natalie: (Smiles) That’s the spirit.


(Chris suddenly storms into the room ,lunch in hand looking flustered.)


Chris: Sorry I’m late,Jazz. Meeting ran longer than...What is she doing here?


Jazz: If you had been here on time,I would have been able to tell you that Nat here was joining us.


Chris: I-I see.(Sitting down on the other side of Jazz) So Natalie,how are you liking our school so far.


Natalie: (Narrowing her eyes) Oh yeah,It’s real nice. Everyone here is a charmer for sure.


Chris: I don’t know what you mean.


Natalie: I’ll bet you don’t.


Chris:What are you implying?


Natalie: You know damn well.


Jazz: Guys! What the hell are you talking about?


Natalie: You don’t know about..?


Chris: (Putting an arm around Jazz) She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.Right,Ms. Guiles?


Natalie: Yeah.It was a misunderstanding.


(They continue to eat in awkward silence as the lights go down.)



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can I be in the story

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