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Mooshkie's Big Book of Cinna-babs

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Io Mizataku


General Information


Age: 21, going onto 22

Ethnicity: Asain/Caucasian

Height: 6 feet 3 inches

Weight: 124 pounds




Io is kinda a fuckboy and is very....aloof, he's laid back and very much a tease, in more ways than one. His long list of ex's can tell you he'll mess with you hardcore. He almost takes everything as a joke and is always ready to play more. He is very talkative and would probably talk your ears off if he didn't have a short attention span.






Being indoors

Having a significant other


Curling up in a blanket for a Zac effron Movie Marathon

Bubble baths

Dancing (the kind you do when your home alone)

Fall/Winter, good reason to stay inside



Summer, It's too hot for him,

Being sticky and sweaty


His bare feet touching the floor

Having to do chores



Sexual Information



Peen Size: 7 inches, he's mighty proud of it

Vrigin: Never

Position: More so uke, but he loves giving and getting

Fetishes: Biting, light bondage, exhibitionism





Io doesn't really have much to say about himself. He grew up with his single mother and 7 siblings in a small apartment. He went to highschool, barely passed and now is getting a medical coding license.He lives n a uber small apartment next to a market. Food!


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Lawlet "Lawly" Blun



General Information



Ethnicity: French

Height:5 feet 7 inches

Weight: 119 pounds





Lawlet is very skiddish, he doesn't really talk too much to people he doesn't really know or has an attraction too. Though, when he does like to talk he is very blunt and honest, which is another reason he doesn't have many friends.








Popping pimples

Small animals

movie marathons




talkative people

winter, waay to cold




Sexual Information



Peen size:8.5 inches

Virgin: sadly

Position: Seke, even though he has no idea what he's doing

Fetishies: toys, food play (whip cream, strawberries etc), roleplay (elves, vampires)



Back story:WIP

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