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Personal ID


Name: Talbot

Nickname: Tal

Sex: Male

Position: Uke

Race: Merfolk

Years: 18

Height: 5'4"

Weight: 110 lbs

Eyes: Black

Hair: White




Talbot had always been a clumsy merman, swimming into things, and often getting into trouble among the other merfolk and fishes. But he always had a good heart and tried to not mess things up for the others (though he would often fail), and he always had the best intentions. When he was young, however, a ship had crashed into a coral reef and destroyed his home, killing his parents and most of his friends and family. At the time, it was a miracle that the ten-year-old merboy had managed to survive with minimal damage, and he was forced to live on his own after his parents' deaths. He often resented pirates and sailors, who had done this to his family and often liked to capture merfolk, but even still he tried not to be too hostile toward the human race. Even if he often acts mischievous or grumpy around them, he's mostly forgiven what had happened, though of course he is weary of them...



Random information


Talbot, like most merfolk, will die if he's out of water for too long and dries up. Unfortunately he cannot turn into a human on his own unless a spell or potion is involved, though he claims that he has magical scales that can grant good luck and perhaps even a wish to someone...

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Name: Lovell

Nickname: N/A

Sex: Male

Position: Uke / Seke (if paired with another Uke he can initiate small acts but is mostly uke)

Race: Human

Years: 19

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 117 lbs

Eyes: Black

Hair: Black




Lovell was an unwanted child, born a bastard into a broken home where he suffered from domestic violence on a daily basis. Growing up, he had always been very shy and quiet, afraid of doing or saying the wrong thing and getting punished for it. He was afraid to make friends in fear of being bullied, and always tried to go unnoticed in school--his only friends being the stray cats that he would feed and take care of without his parents knowing. When he turned eighteen, however, Lovell was kicked out of the house and forced to live on his own, which he obliged. Since then, he's worked at a library and pays rent in a small apartment with his black cat that he'd rescued from the pound.




Lovell is a very meek, kind-hearted young man who tries to keep to himself but help others if he feels that he can. Due to his childhood, he is very submissive and doesn't wish to harm others, and is slowly learning how to open up more to people he meets, though it certainly takes time... Lovell has a soft spot for cats and will often do whatever he can to help one, whether it be offering treats, getting one out of the road or down from a tree...



~ Cats

~ Reading

~ Quiet Places

~ Long walks

~ The beach



~ Loud noises

~ Violence

~ Swimming

~ Parties

~ Sweltering Heat


Random Information


Despite his small physique, Lovell is actually quite active and has a well-toned body. He enjoys getting exercise, and prefers to get around on a bike or by walking, not usually taking a bus or train. Because of this, he has pretty good stamina and is great at running. He is also very deft, and can quickly scale a tree with little effort, and is very nimble with getting around obstacles because of it. However, he doesn't know how to swim...

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