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Uzaki Rules

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Hello, I'm new to this place although I have RPd a little before. I have looked around at rules and 'how to's' and here's a few basic rules that I'd like to have:


1. No God-modding

Don't use my character, he's mine and I write what he feel and do. You're of course welcome to advance plot and such.


2. Acceptable English

Understand basic english, such as their/there, your/you're and so on. My english isn't perfect (not my first language) and I can't expect yours to be either but try to avoid simple errors. A good way of reducing grammatical or spelling errors is proofreading and spellchecking. Also feel free to correct my english.


3. Post length

No one-liners. Use descriptions and put some effort into the post. I do understand the length will vary due to different situations/actions and that is ok.


4. Frequency of posting

At least once or twice a week and I will strive to do the same. If you have to go away for longer than that, do let me know.


5. Ask

PM me if you have something specific in mind like ideas or questions.


6. Have fun

Let's have some fun :)


I might add more later.


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