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Piece Of Cake (ongoing/chapters inside)

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If I'm just a piece of cake, then you're just a piece of meat.....


I. Just One Slice......







A/N: I have always wanted to try something like this and this being my first Yandere attempt ever.......please be gentle with the comments and only give constructive criticism. I hope you like you ^^ *giggle*~


~this story was inspired by the song above~



The smell of cake batter fills the shop as I finish pouring strawberry short cake into the pans. Feeling proud of my accomplishment, I place the pans into the oven and wipe my face with my cake covered hand. "Oh wow Ivvy, you just smeared cake all over your face!" That's my business partner Katy, she's so pretty, popular, and let's not forget a stick figure Barbie doll type. Her blonde hair is always perfectly placed, she is always wearing what's trending. If this were high school, Katy would be the cheerleader and I would be the thick girl wearing pigtails, plaid pink skirt, stockings, white shirt, penny loafers and eating a cupcake, while thinking of ways to dismember the cheerleaders. "Oh god! I forgot I had it on my hand, damn it!" I spat as I ran to the sink to wet a towel. I wipe my face and put the towel in the sink. Somehow, even though we are two different people from two different worlds, we get along exceedingly well. I check my blouse for any fallen batter as the bell to the front rang out. "Come on, we got a customer." Katy said with a giggle as she walks toward the door. I take one look in the mirror and fix my already flat hair. The curls fallen from the heat of the oven, just lay almost flat on my shoulders. "Remember to smile Ivvy!" I say to myself as I point my fingers to the corner of my mouth, as if to turn on a smile. A quick turn and I saunter to the door of the kitchen. "Welcome to Ivvy's Cake Shop-" I felt as if the wind had been knocked out of me as my gaze met two icy blue eyes. As if time had stopped and nothing remain but myself and this blue eyed God before me. "Ivvy, hello? He asked for a German chocolate slice?" Katy's voice brought me back to my reality as I stood there with my mouth gapped open. "A slice......G-German....ah, yeah we are all out of that." I said as I nod, smile and point. I ran my fingers through my hair as I let out a giggle. 'Oh my god what am I doing?' I thought as I lean on the counter. His soft jawline twitches as he smiles. The curvature of his shoulders roll off waterfalls of arms that look strong enough to hold anything. His chest and abs weren't* too muscular, but who needs muscles anyway, right? And oh my damn his hair, his long shoulder length black hair cascades around his neck, making me stare at the vein that throbs against his hair. "Ivvy, you made some this morning, remember?" I mentally slapped myself as I walk behind the counter, to find the German Chocolate Cake I indeed made early this morning. "I'm sorry, I forgot." I said with a smile. Katy tries not to giggle as she no doubt knew my conundrum. She was eye fucking him the moment he walked in. So was I, but respectfully so. I slid open the case, pull the cake from the countertop, and set it on the table above. "Just one slice?" I said seductively as I pull a knife from the drawer. "Yes" his deep voice send shivers down my spine as I began to slowly cut the cake. "Who is the order for?" Katy asks as I finally finish cutting the cake slice. She pulls a box from the shelf to write a name as she waits for his response. "Hikari" he replies. Katy wrote down his name and hands me the box. I set the cake inside the box and look up at him as I seal it with a sticker. "That will be $6.95!" I said as I smile and hand him the box. He reaches in his pocket and gave me a $10. "Keep the change ladies!" He said with a smile as he turns to walk away. Let me tell you, the boy had an ass that just..."Damn" we said in unison as he finally left the shop. I fan myself with a stack of cupcake cups and gawk at the image in my head. "Who was that guy?" Katy said as she walks toward the window to see if he was still nearby.* "I don't know but, can I have a slice of that cake?" I said with a laugh. Katy scoffs as she stretch to peek out of the window. "Oh come on Ivvy, he was so looking at me!" Katy replies as she finally walks away from the window. "Really? You don't think he would like a thick slice of cake over a cupcake like you?" I said sarcastic as to joke around. Katy laughs as her devil horns were starting to show. "Of course he would want a cupcake like me, one bite and he's mine." She said in a seductive tone.* If anyone else said that to me, they would be in a pool of their own blood, but Katy isn't just anyone. "Why have one bite of cupcake when he could slowly devour a strawberry shortcake." I said with a laugh as I walk over to the window to close the blinds. "Oh my god, listen to us? Getting hot and bothered over someone we may never see again? Besides he's not my type." Katy replies as she let out a playful laugh. "What do you mean not your type?" I question as I turn the sign to closed. "Ivvy, he looked like he just left a Blue Veil Brides concert or something!" She exclaims as she turn up her nose to the sentence. I scoff at her failure to say the band name correctly. "Uh for one it's Black Veil Brides....two, you were eye fucking him the moment he walked in and three, just because he dresses that way doesn't mean he is into that particular band." I state feeling proud of myself for correcting her grievous error. I laugh as she glares daggers at me. "Well, either way, he isn't my type. He doesn't have any muscular tone at all." Katy replies as she begins to grab cakes to put on the roller cart. After we shut down the front part of the shop, Katy took the cakes to the refrigerator as I clean up the mess in the kitchen. "Blue Veil Brides....Ha!" I mumble as I wipe the counter. I check the strawberry shortcakes and as I thought, they were done baking. I put them on the cooling rack and cover them for tomorrow's icing. Taking one last look around the shop as Katy puts the roller cart away, I make sure that there is nothing left out of place.


After closing up shop, Katy got into her little pink car and drove off, as I rustle my keys from my bag. Finally getting my keys free from my bag, I get into my car and leave the shop behind me. I turn on my radio and put a cd in the player as I wait for a song to play. "My friends don't walk they run, Skinny dip in rabbit holes for fun, poppin' poppin' balloons with guns, getting high off helium" Mad Hatter blares through my speakers as I drove my way home. I kept thinking about the guy that came in my shop today. "The normals they make me afraid, the crazies they make me feel sane" Singing along with the song, I turn on the next road and continue down the street. Passing cookie cutter houses that all look alike.


Leaving the suburbia nightmare, I turn onto another street as the song plays on. "You think I'm psycho you think I'm gone, tell the psychiatrist something is wrong, over the bend entirely bonkers, you like me best when I'm off my rocker, tell you a secret I'm not alarmed." I turn another corner this time to the right and look at the street sign that reads "Alice Lane" I smile to myself as the irony sinks in.* The song keeps playing as I pass one house after the other. "So what if I'm crazy the best people are.." I pull into the driveway of a blue house as I sit inside the car. Turning off my car, I open the door and let my foot hit the concrete. I pull a pack of cigarettes from my bag and pull one free from the pack. Finding the lighter as I toss the pack into my bag, I light my cigarette and inhale a puff of smoke. Pulling the cigarette from my mouth I stare at the red imprint from my lipstick. I let out the smoke I held in my lungs and took another drag. After only half a cigarette is gone, I put it out in the ashtray and leave it there for tomorrow. I grab my bag and close the creaking door of my car. The sound of clicking from my heels was music to my ears as I smile inwardly, I was finally home. I took one final look at my car and realize that I left it unlocked. I pull the key from my bag and lock it tight. I unlock the front door and walk inside as I set my bag on my table, locking my door behind me as I turn on my iPod.* Mad Hatter filled the house as I kick off my heels. "All the best people are crazy, all the best people are, Where is my prescription, Doctor Doctor please listen," I walk from my entrance hall to the living room as the song continues. My black cat Chloe waits patiently to be fed as I dance around the house to the music. "Come on Chloe, hungry?" I said in a child like voice as I dance my way into the kitchen. She mews and follows as I finally pour food in her bowl. "My brain is scattered, you can be Alice I'll be the Mad Hatter."


After a night of Melanie Martinez, I turn off my iPod and head into the kitchen to cook dinner. "Looks like it's just us again Chloe." I say to the cat who doesn't reply. "A hottie came into my shop today." I continue as I pull a knife from my drawer to cut up some chicken for stir fry. Chloe mews as she licks her lips after finishing her meal. "No, you had your dinner, this is mine!" I exclaim as I point the knife at her. She mews and walks away with her tail in the air. As I just put the vegetables in the skillet with the chicken, I heard a knock at my door. I set the knife down and lick the soy sauce from my hands as I made my way back to the front door. I look at the clock which read 8:35 pm and roll my eyes as I pull open the door. The wind is knocked out of me again by the figure standing at my door.


"Hi, I'm your new neighbor across the street." It was the man from the shop earlier today. "Are you stalking me?" I said aloud although I only just thought it. He laughs as he shook his head. "No, I only just moved here, wow this has to be one of he weirdest coincidences ever." He said with a smile. I realize what I said and felt the pang of embarrassment. "I am so sorry, I'm being rude aren't I? Gah, I'm sorry. My name is Ivvy." I said with a smile. "Yes, your coworker, she said your name several times. I would give you my name but it seems you know that already." He replies with a smirk. "Looks like he prefers strawberry shortcake." I whisper as I held onto the door. "What was that?" 'Oh my fucking god, please tell me he didn't hear me!' I thought as I try to recover from my embarrassment. "Oh, I said did you enjoy your cake?" I recover as I let out a breath. "Yeah it was amazing, speaking of food, are you cooking something?" He inquires as I jolt from the door. The realization hit me that I left my stir fry unattended. "Oh shit!" I spat as I turn to run into the living room. I quickly turn back as I realize I left him at my front door. "Come on in, just give me a minute." I said in a hurry as I motion for him to come inside. I ran to the kitchen and thankfully my stir fry was unharmed. I turn down the heat and stir it up once more. "I almost forgot about my dinner." I said with my back to the living room unable to see what Hikari was doing behind me. "Are you expecting company?" He asks. My stirring slows down as I heard his question. "No, just me and Chloe!" I said as I put some rice in the rice cooker. "Your daughter?" He asks as I filled the bin with water. "No, my cat!" I said with a laugh. I heard Chloe mew as I turn to see her jump in his lap. "I made extra if you haven't had dinner yet?" I said as I lean on the counter. Hikari turn around and nod as I took out two plates.


After dinner was over, we sat and talk for what seemed like hours. We had so much in common with each other. We laugh and talk all through the night as if we had known each other forever. I stretch from the couch and yawn as I look at the time. "Oh wow, it's 2:30 am. We have been talking for hours." I said as I wipe my eyes. Hikari stretches and let out a laugh as he realized what the time was as well. "We should do this again sometime." Hikari said as he stood up from the couch. I quickly stood up as I set Chloe out of my lap. "Here I'll walk you out." I said as I walk ahead of him and toward the door. As I open the door and let the night air in, Hikari stepped out onto my walkway. "Thank you for the meal, we definitely should do this again." He said with a smile. I blush a little as I stood silent for a moment. "Yes, we should" I finally reply. He waves as I smile and close the door behind me. Chloe came sauntering to the front entrance and mews at me. "What, nothing happened! We just met!" I said as I pick her up from the floor. I lock my front door, carry Chloe into the living room, and set her down as I clean up the kitchen. Lost I thought as I whisper his name. "Hikari..."



Please let me know what you think of this story thus far. It is only the beginning. I am so excited to see what my readers think so far!




I am going to put the other chapter in this thread so that they are all together. I really would like to know what you think of it, so just visitor message me what you think. That way there are no gaps between chapters. Thanks for understanding!

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