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Soul Bound/Chapter Eleven

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Chapter XI: The Third Diary




July 30~


Subaru returned today. He keeps begging me not to make a deal with Tsuzuku, but if I don't then I will lose everything. All I have done lately is drink. Trying to forget Harina's harsh words, staring down at those bills, and trying to make my decision. If I make the deal I can get my wealth back all while losing my sister or even my niece, but if I listen to Subaru.......I will be destitute. I don't want to live like a street urchin!.....



I take another drink of sake' and a drag of my cigarette, as I stare blankly at the paperwork on my table. 'Here is your choice, your sister or Nami.' Tsuzuku's voice replays in my head as I poor more sake'. I exhale the smoke as I drink it down. "Don't do this!" I hear Subaru's voice behind me as I turn to face him. "I have no choice Subaru!" I slur as I take another drag from my cigarette. Ash falling from the cigarette as I stood up from the couch. "I will lose everything! Sacrifices must be made in order for me to survive!" I stumble across the room as Subaru stood before me. "SO YOU ARE WILLING TO OFFER THE LIFE OF YOUR SISTER?! He won't stop there! He is fixated on Nami and once he has made his decision, nothing you can say will stop him from taking her." He shouts as I turn to face him. I exhale smoke in his face as I turn to sit back on the couch. "How do you know this?!" I scream in anger. He put his palm up to his face and exhale as tears began to fall from his glowing blue eyes.


"I heard a conversation between him and my brother. I-I don't understand it! We Chevalier are good natured so why is my brother helping a Lemaegus? It makes me question how he obtained the thrown from our previous king." He explains as he cups his jaw. He is silent for only a moment and then continues speaking. "Did that Lemaegus help him and now he's helping Tsuzuku? I'm only telling you these things because the previous king..........was Nami's father." He said calmly as he paces the floor. I could not believe what I was hearing as I drop my cigarette from the shock. "Shit!" I shout as I step on the lit cigarette trying to put it out. Subaru just glares at me as I inhale a breath. What does he mean about Nami's father? "Wait! It makes sense now..........the reason he decided to help you! Why he wants me to stay out of it! She is suppose to be...." He stops speaking as he took a breath. What was he talking about? I didn't understand. "I beg you don't make this deal with him! He is planning something big, I just know it!" He pleads as he moves quickly to the balcony. Before I could ask any questions, he disappears.


August 5th~

Just ten days until Tsuzuku comes back. I have tried to call my sister to make amends but she will not speak to me. I even showed up at her job and she had security throw me out like some criminal. I tried to call Nami but her number has been changed. If I can't get in touch with my sister then my decision will be easy to make. I have no sister so it will be easy to condemn her!


August 15th~

7:30 am

I have made my decision. When he comes back tonight I will tell him what I want. No more hesitation.....


3:00 pm

Subaru came back again. Begging me not to do this. I have made my decision and no one will stop me.........



"Go AWAY Subaru! I have made my decision!" I shout at him. He rushes to me and pushes me into the wall holding me by my throat. "You pathetic excuse for a human! If you make that deal, you will condemn your blood to death! YOU and your GREED!" His eyes full of tears as he screams in rage. "Nami is human too! What about her!" I cry as he holds me against the wall. "Only by half! Her father was killed by that LEMAEGUS! What makes you think he won't kill her or you for that matter! She is descended from a royal bloodline of Chevalier! My brother was a low ranking Chevalier and he made a deal with that Lemaegus! Now he is after Nami!" He screams as he releases me from his grasp. "Why her? Why now? Why not when she was a child?" I question as I gasp for air. "Because she is weak right now. Her Chevalier blood is dormant, yet on the verge of awakening and they are using this opportunity to get to her. Keep in mind that you will be the cause of her demise HUMAN!" With that he was gone. "YOU CAN'T STOP ME SUBARU!!"


8:00 pm

Tsuzuku came back tonight! I told him my decision and that's when things became strange. He changed our deal up and made me an offer that I almost said no to. She'll be okay, I don't have to worry about her. Everything with work out fine for Nami.........


"Have you decided?" He asks. "Yes,...............I choose my sister!" I reply hesitantly. He smiles and sat on my couch as he crosses his leg over to the table. "On second thought, I have another deal to make with you........I will take the life of your sister, no doubts there, but if you somehow begin to feel guilty about what you have done.........Nami will be mine.......FOREVER." He said calmly. My hands were shaken as my eyes widen at this new proposition. "W-What?! Y-You can't do that! We had an agreement! You can't just-" he stops me from speaking as he glares at me. "Fine, I guess you have resigned yourself to being poor then.......I will be on my way." He stood up and turns toward the balcony preparing to leave. "Wait!" He turns with a smile as I said that. "Yes?" He replies. "We have a deal." I said softly as I sunk in the chair behind me. He walks toward me and took a small blade from his pocket. Grabbing my hand, as he cut my palm. The blade glows red as it takes some of my blood. I wince from the pain as the wound forms a Sakura flower shaped scar. "It is done..." He said as he disappears.....



March 5th~

It has been almost a year since my sisters death. I feel the pain and sorrow only guilt can bring. I am going to take these books to the bank and put them in a safety deposit box on the 14th of August. I am also going to make a will today.......when it's done, I will pay for my mistake in pain and blood.


August 15th~

It is only fitting that I die on this day. By now I am already dead. So I leave this to you....


I am so sorry that you had to find out this way. I am so sorry for my greed and my hatred, but now you know the truth. Subaru will always be there for you love. He has been trying to protect you from my mistake. Don't give in to Tsuzuku. Become what you were born to be. I don't know what that is exactly, but you must claim it. I loved my sister very much and even I didn't know about your legacy, I doubt she did as well. You are my sun and my moon. I wish I had never made this deal because now you suffer for it I am sure.

This is my goodbye. My sweet Nami-chan!

I love you so much,

Aunt Mimiko




Hope you enjoyed this one!

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